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■-:::'; :■ 


y todio 









volume 61 





i/miveu/itv| of illiiioiwT 



"111 11 

the illio 

James W. Fleischer Editor 

Betty J. Cook Business Manager 

Harriet A. Beaudoin Associate Editor 

Jean L. Crowley Associate Editor 

Marilyn L. Webber Associate Editor 

Nancy H. Claypool. . .Associate Business Manager 
Roy E. Heideman. . . .Associate Business Manager 

Frank V. Slepicka Chief Photographer 

Patricia C. Dietimann Artist 

Campus Leader Portraits by Illini Studio 



The beginning 


'Death of a Salesman" 

»^*wfc£t£^BC^5 | » r ■«■■ ? < 

Star ('ouisi — Italiano Quartet 

, Ac r<in/wA 

Christmas Caroling at McKinley Hospital 


Union Activities 






l f 

Military Ball 

Illinois-Purdue Basketball Game 



*jdfi ; dl 

The Broadwalk in Spring 


Mother's Day Coronation Ceremony 







The end 









i II 1- noire 
at Metier 

cWxcaao campus 


i |«yd Mori j . /'" f/rfi »t 


On September L, 1953, I was asked by the 
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois to 
accept the office of President of the University. 
On that date, in order that there might be an 
understanding of my concept of this responsibility, 
I issued a brief statement of the scope of the 
responsibilities of this office which included the 
need to secure the best staff possible, to nurture 
the interest and confidence of alumni, to respect 
completely the responsibility to the people of the 
State and to make the University a place where 
men of good will and intellect could work together 
in harmony. But the first requirement, as stated 
in full, was: To recognize that the primary obliga- 
tion of the institution is to its students, and that 
without neglecting other highly important services 
of research and public service, competent and 
adequate instruction must he its first concern. 

Stated directly and simply, this is the complete 
recognition of the fact that the basic purpose of 
the University of Illinois is to teach and serve its 


Our University pioneered in the concept that 
institutions of higher education are interested in 
the whole student, not just the student in the class- 
room. This means that we have a vital interest in 

every aspect of the student's University life— edu- 
cational, emotional, recreational, social and finally, 
spiritual. I believe no university has done more 
than this University to work with its students in 
all ol these important phases of student life. 

The University of Illinois has not done this on 
a basis of mere direction; it has gone much fur- 
ther, and has involved the students themselves in 
all phases of control and direction of their student 
life. We believe in the policy of faculty and ad- 
ministration and students all working together, 
rather than faculty and administration versus 

The Illio presents a splendid record of the con- 
temporary activities of students at the University. 
Behind this record is the tremendous amount of 
work which students, faculty and administration 
have accomplished together, in the furthering of 
the primary obligation of the University, and in 
harmonious teamwork. 

I congratulate all the students on the fine part 
they have played in making these achievements 
possible and extend to seniors and others who may 
soon be leaving our midst, the best wishes of Mrs. 
Morev and myself for your life-long and unlimited 
success and happiness. 

/';, dent 


The Board 

Members Ex Officio 

William G. Stratton, governor of Illinois 

William G. Stratton 

governor of Illinois 


Vernon L. Niekell 
superintendent of public instruction 

Vernon I Niekell 
perintendent o) publ'n instruction 

tB i' 

Wayne A. Johnst m 

Har.iKl E. Grange 

Clarence W, \\ eldon 

Robert Z. Hickman 

of Trustees 

Elected Members 

Park Livingston, president Chicago 

Anthony J. Janata, secretary Urbana 

Herbert O. Farber, acting 

comptroller Urbana 

Clarence W. Weldon, treasurer. . .Chicago 

Wirt Hcrrick Clinton 

Robert Z. Hickman Danville 

Mrs. Frances B. Watkins Chicago 

Harold E. Grange Chicago 

Wayne A. Johnston Chicago 

Herbert B. Megran Harvard 

Cushman B. Bissell Chicago 

Mrs. Doris S. Holt Flora 

Park Livingston, president of the Board of Trustees 

Anthony J Janata 

Mrs. Doris S. Holt 

Wirt Herrick 

Mis. Frances B. Watkins 

( ashman B. Hi-.mII 

I ! t O. Farber 



University of 

A great university is a collection of colleges, 
schools, divisions, institutes, bureaus, services, and 
experiment stations. All these parts must work to- 
gether as a unit, and certain services must provide 
for all. To tie this organization together, and at the 
same time to look ahead and plan for the future, is 
the task of the University's administration. 

A great university's operation is as complex as a 
great industry. Functioning in the interest of the 
citizens and financed largely by tax funds from them, 
the University must seek efficiency, yet must never 
lose sight of its purpose in education, research and 
service. It must be flexible to meet immediate prob- 
lems, yet keep focused on long-range values. 

The University's work is carried on not only in 
classroom, laboratory, and library, but also through 

Josef F. Wright 
director of public relations 

Miodrag Muntyan 
director o\ tie Univi i tit} Pi 


extension, demonstrations, publications, motion pic- 
tures, and radio. The tacts that the University gath- 
ers from all over the world through its research, and 
the new knowledge developed, go not only into 
teaching, but are made available to people every- 
where. The University touches almost every field 
of human interest and activity from the classics and 
the arts to government, health, agriculture, business, 
and engineering. 

Carrying out these policies and directly adminis- 
tering the University is the task of the President. 
He has assisting him the Vice President, the Deans 
and Directors of the various units, the Comptroller, 
the Provost, and the Board of Trustees, who selects 
the President and directs the general policies of ad- 

Vernon L. Kretschmer 
director of the Housing Division 

Charles S. Havens 
director of the Physical Plant 

Roydin Dangerfield 
director of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs 

Bureau and 

George P. Turtle 
director of admissions and records 

Lester M. Dyke 
director of the Health Services 

Robert Browne 
dean of the summer session 

Robber W l lem 
director of the Institute of l.,il>,ir 
and Industrial Ri lationi 


Edward F. Potthofl 
director of the Bureau of Institutional Research 

Wllhni Si In, mm 

dean oj tb> Division of Communications 


Rexford Newcomb 
if of the Bureau of Community Planning 

Charles W. Sanford 
coordinator of the Teacher Education Council 

William M. Gilbert 
dm dor of the Student Counseling Bureau 

Division Heads 

Herbert Kobes 
ector oj the Division of Service lor Crippled Children 

Donald E. Dickason 
director of nonacademic personnel 

V. Lewis Bassie 

director of the Bureau of Econuia.c and Business Research 

William P. Mel.ure ( , „ Robert G. Seymour 

director of the Bureau of Research and Service director of the Bureau of Business Management Service 

Marietta Stevenson 
director of Social Welfare Administiation 


H. F. Glair, pn udent 

William H. Butternekl. executive directo 

James C. Colvin, secretary 

University of Illinois Foundation 

The University of Illinois Foundation, estab- 
lished in 1935, is a non-profit corporation organ- 
ized under the laws of Illinois. Its chief function 
is to encourage gifts, from both individuals and 
corporations, for the purpose of assisting the gen- 
eral educational and research program of the 

Another function of the foundation is the de- 
velopment of patents assigned to it by the 
University. The Illini Achievement Fund is a per- 
manent annual-gift program in the interests of 
the University. It is administered by the Univer- 

sity of Illinois Foundation. This fund has set 
records among the Big Ten schools for the num- 
ber of gifts to such a fund. 

The Foundation has a membership of one 
hundred persons, most of whom are alumni of the 
University. The present Board of Directors con- 
sists of nine members. In addition to the officers 
pictured, they are: Joseph Ator, Chicago; Joseph 
Campbell, Nashville, Illinois; George Donoghue, 
Chicago; Eugene Funk, Bloomington; Park Liv- 
ingston, Franklin Park; Lloyd Morey, Urbana; and 
Leslie Worthington, Chicago. 

Amos H. Watts, i n , piesideut 

Clifton DcLong, treasurer 


The University of Illinois 
Alumni Association 

The official bond between the University and Mini alumni 
is the Alumni Association. This bond is strengthened by 
the sending of the Illinois Alumni News, which the Associa- 
tion publishes nine times a year. This group assists the 
officers ol the always increasing alumni clubs, helps main- 
tain the 1 11 i ii i center in Chicago's LaSalle Hotel, and per- 
lonns hundreds of personal services for alumni. 

The Association keeps in contact with the alumni and 
records address changes of almost 90,000 Mini. Some 2,000 
address changes are made every month. 

Public relations movies are only a part of their activities. 
The movie concerning the famous playing, marching and 
singing Illinois football band is only one of their produc- 
tions to show alumni campus scenes and activities. 

In its work to help Mini clubs all over the country, its 
executives have met with scores of Mini groups, made talks 
about the campus and its affairs, and have shown football 
movies and other films. 

Joseph B. Campbell 
prt iiJi >n 

u tistant field 

The Deans 

Fred H. Turner, dean of Jtmijnts 

The deans of the University of Illinois have a 
great responsibility in providing for the welfare of 
each student. Dean of students Fred H. Turner is 
the unifying and coordinating official. His staff 
consists of Associate Dean Harold S. Dawson, 
director of placement, and Assistant Deans Arthur 
Hamilton and George H. Bargh, in charge of for- 
eign students. 

Miss Miriam A. Shelden, Dean of Women, has 
as her assistants Miss Agnes G. Tandberg, asso- 
ciate dean of freshman women; Miss Mary E. 
Harrison, assistant dean of independent women; 
Miss Eunice Dowse, assistant dean of residence 
hall counseling; and Miss K. Patricia Cross, assist- 
ant dean of sorority women. 

Aiding Dean of Men Edward E. Stafford are 
Howard G. Neuberg, newly appointed assistant 
dean of fraternity men; Richard E. Hulet and 
Calvin S. Sifferd, assistant deans of independent 
men; Gerald W. Peck, assistant dean of student 
employment; and V. James Hampton, assistant 
dean of student organizations. Serving with the di- 
rector of the Division of Special Services for War 
Veterans is David L. Wolfe. 

Each of these deans is constantly doing his 
best to see that the relations between the stu- 
dents, the faculty, and the citizens are as friendly 
as possible and that the students of the University 
of Illinois are aided in solving any problems they 
may have. 


Edward 13. Stafford, dean oj men 

Miriam A. Shelden, dean oj women 

Howard G. Neuberg 
asststdnt »/('./>/ oj tt.ittinit)' men 

Arthur Hamilton 
tijtant dean of foreign students 

Eunice Dowse 
assistant dean of residenct ball counseling 

Dnvid Wolfe 

administrative assistant. Division 

of Special Services for War Veterans 

Id W. Peck 
tant dean of men ond 
director of the Placement Bureau 

V * 

Mary E. Hairison 
assistant dean of independt nt women 

Richard E. Hulet 
assistant dean of independent men 

Agnes G. Tandberg 
associate dean of freshman women 

K. Patricia Crnss 
assistant dean of sorority women 

James Hampton 
assistant dean of student activities 

George H. Bargh 
tistant dean of foreign students 


The "University in the Lake" was established in 1946 
by the University of Illinois at Navy Pier in Chicago. 

Professional curricula in architecture, architectural 
engineering, physical education, and a program leading 
to a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing are offered. 
Also available are complete pre-professional courses of 
study in liberal arts and sciences, commerce and busi- 
ness administration, and engineering. Both the basic 
and advanced courses in BOTC are included for men 

Students enrolled at the Chicago Undergraduate 
Division have the same status as students matriculating 
on the Urbana campus. Priority in completing their 
work for degrees on the Urbana campus is given the 
Chicago branch students. 

Dean Charles C Caveny 

Chicago Undergraduate Division 

Navv Pier 


In 1867 when the University of Illinois was chartered, 

the College of Agriculture was founded. 

The College of Agriculture lias three major goals: 
to improve the quality of the products grown in Illinois 
and the efficiency of their production, to advance the 
welfare of those engaged in agriculture, and to create a 
better understanding of the place agriculture holds in 
our economy. 

Technical courses in the fields of agriculture and 
home economics are offered as a means of achieving 
the three former goals. 

The Experiment Station reinforces the teachings of 
the College by its testing of new practices. Members 
of the staff maintain a close contact with the people 
of the state through its Extension Service. 

Den Rnbtrt R. Hudtlsmi 

College of Agriculture 

Mumford Hall 


David Kinley Hall 

College of Commerce and 
Business Administration 

Dean Paul M. Green 


Four divisions of primary importance are found in 
the College of Commerce and Business Administration: 
the Department of Business Organization and Opera- 
tion, the Department of Economics, the Bureau of 
Economic and Business Research, and the Business 
Management Service. 

Providing students with a program designed to train 
them for careers in husincss, economics, and adminis- 
tration constitutes the main function of the College. 
This program is also designed to prepare tin 1 individual 
to better play his role as a citizen. 

An organized research program is administered by 
the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Its 
findings arc published in special monographs as well 
as two journals— (1) Illinois Husincss Review, a 
monthly summary ol business conditions lor Illinois, 
and (2) Current Economic Comment, issued quarterly. 

Gregory Hall 

College of Education 

Dein B. L. Dodds 

In the College of Education students receive training 
for careers in teaching, special educational services, 
and school administration. Special undergraduate pro- 
grams are offered in industrial, agricultural, home eco- 
nomics, and elementary curricula. 

Students receive actual teaching experience under 
supervisors in schools cooperating with the College of 

Investigations in the field of education for the College 
are conducted by the Bureau of Research and Service. 
These investigations arc in the form of directing school 

The University High School, which serves as a labora- 
tory for the College, affords opportunities for experi- 
mentation under controlled conditions. 


Dean W. L. Eventt 

Nine different curricula compose the College of En- 
gineering. They are aeronautical, ceramic, chemical, 
civil, electrical, general, mechanical, and mining and 
metallurgical engineering; physics; and theoretical and 
applied mechanics. 

Collectively the College, one of the largest in the 
University, has been and is now continuing the study 
of many teaching and educational methods. 

The College of Engineering has always stressed extra- 
curricular activities as an important part of education. 
Several honorary fraternities are organized to recog- 
nize and promote scholarship. The Illinois Techno- 
graph, an engineering magazine published and managed 
by engineering students, offers a variety of opportuni- 
ties for engineers. 

The student Engineering Council serves to co-ordin- 
ate the numerous functions of the member professional 
societies and sponsors many College-wide activities. 

College of Engineering 

Civil Engineering Hall 



The College of Fine and Applied Arts consists of 
seven Departments — Architecture, Art, Landscape 
Architecture, the School of Music, the Bureau of Com- 
munity Planning, and the University Bands. Sixteen 
campus structures house the College of Fine and Ap- 
plied Arts. 

Twelve curricula leading to degrees in various fields 
of the Fine Arts are offered. Besides the College's 
formal program of instruction it offers many admission- 
fret' lectures, concerts, recitals, and a serjes of art 
exhibits displayed in the Architecture Building. In 
cooperation with other campus departments, the Col- 
lege annually sponsors a festival of Contemporary Arts. 

Rexford Newcomb, Dean of the College of Fine and 
Applied Arts, has been on the faculty of the University 
of Illinois lor a third of a century! 

Dean Rexford Newcomb 

College of Fine and Applied Arts 

Architecture Building 


Administration Building 


Dean Oswald Tippo 


Graduate instruction at the University of Illinois 
began in 1902. In 1908 a Graduate School with a sepa- 
rate faculty and administration was organized. 

David Kinley, who later became President of the 
University of Illinois, was the first Graduate Dean. 
The words of Mr. Kinley express the essential aim of 
the Graduate College, "The development of the power 
of independent work and the promotion of the spirit 
of research." 

Since its founding the College has grown steadily, but 
most rapidly alter World War II. Scholarships and 
fellowships established by the University Board ol 
Trustees are contributing to this growth. 

Many students in the ( Graduate ( lollege hold positions 
as instructors in undergraduate divisions ol their spe- 
cialized courses. 

Gregory Hall 

School of Journalism and 

Director Frederick Sietiert 

Fifty years ago the School of Journalism was first 
introduced to the University of Illinois under the spon- 
sorship of Thomas Arkle Clark, a member of the English 
Department. In 1950, the name of the School was 
changed to School of Journalism and Communications 
to describe more accurately its present functions. 

Instruction in the School of Journalism and Com- 
munications consists of a journalism division, including 
news editorial work and publication management, an 
ad\ ertising division, and a radio division. The School 
also attempts to provide services for the Communica- 
tions industry in the state. 

The journalism and communications program is 
based on the conviction that the student can profit 
best from a course of study that permits him to inte- 
grate professional subjects with general subjects. 


H?l $ 

Dean Albert Harno 

The primary purpose of the College of Law is to 
train men and women for the practice of law. In a 
broader context, the College aims to provide a part of 
the educational foundation for men and women who 
will become leaders in community service and directors 
of public thought. 

Since its founding in 1897, the College of Law has 
pioneered for the improvement of legal education and 
for higher standards of admission to the United States 

Two national accrediting agencies for law school, 
the Association of American Law Schools and the Sec- 
tion of Law Education of the American Bar Association, 
have been organized since the establishment of the 
College. From the first, the College has been on the 
approved lists of these agencies. 

College of Law 

Altgeld Hall 

»ammjL.-»:.Jj& % 


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the 
largest and most complex division of the University. 
This complexity is due to the fact that the College 
serves a great main- purposes. 

The General Curriculum of the College leads to the 
degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science de- 
pending upon the field of concentration and emphasis 
of study. 

In cooperation with the College of Medicine, the 
College offers a professional course in occupational 
therapy leading to a degree in the College of Medicine. 

The College- also functions as a service unit for 
other colleges offering fixed curricula in pre-professional 
training for nursing, medicine, dentistry, veterinary 
medicine, law, and journalism. This training includes 
such work in English, foreign languages, science, and 
social science as constitutes established all-University 
or special College requirements. 



Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee John Christian Bailai 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lincoln Hall 


The Library 

Library School 

Dean Robert B. Downs 


The oldest library school west of the Alleghenies is 
the University of Illinois Library School. Established 
in 1893, this school was located at the Armour Institute 
of Technology in Chicago until the summer ol 1897 
when it was moved to the Urbana Campus. 

The purpose of the Library School is to prepare ad- 
ministrators and assistants for service in public libraries; 
in libraries of schools, colleges, and universities; and for 
specialized libraries. 

Fully accredited by the American Library Associa- 
tion, the Librarj School is rated as one of the leading 
schools in the field. 

The undergraduate Library Science courses are 
offered as a minor in the College ol Liberal Aits and 
Science, and the College ol Education. The filth year's 
work for the M.S. and L.S. Degree is the minimum aca- 
demic preparation for professional librarianship, 

Huff Gym 

School of Physical Education 

Director Seward Staley 

The School of Physical Education serves two 
major functions. First, it provides professional 
training in five lines of service: physical educa- 
tion for both men and women, health education 
for both men and women, recreation for both 
men and women, and dance for women. 

Second, the School conducts a service pro- 
gram in physical education for all University 
students who, by University regulation, are re- 
quired to secure four semesters credit in this 

The School is outstanding for its program of 
fundamental research in the fields of motor and 
organic fitness and diagnostic fitness tests for 
both faculty and students. 

Since 1937, Seward Staley, a graduate of 
Springfield College, has served as director of the 
School of Physical Education. 


The Division of Special Services for War Veterans 
was formed to give the greatest possible help to veter- 
ans who wish to enroll in the University of Illinois. 

Veterans are offered an opportunity to reorient them- 
selves academically through refresher work, reduced 
programs, and selection of courses. The Division directs 
the educational programs of veterans whose special 
needs are not met by existing curricula, and can certify 
such students for the Bachelor of Science degree. 

In addition, the Division studies the needs of return- 
ing veterans and informs the veterans of all the many 
services of the University. 

Acting Director Frank Bridgewater 

Division of Special Services for 

War Veterans 

The Armory 


The Division of University Extension is the 
agency responsible for "extending" the educa- 
tional resources of the University to persons not 
enrolled lor study in residence. 

Like the Graduate College, the Divisions 
faculty is drawn from the faculties of the other 
colleges and schools; and it is composed of those 
members of the teaching departments who give 
such instruction, together with a small adminis- 
trative stall. 

About one hundred seven college-level corres- 
pondence courses are offered toward earning a 

The Division also attends to the Film Library 
of the University- High schools all over the 
state, as well as other Universities, rent instruc- 
tional films and old movies from the Extension. 

Dean Robert Browne 

Division of University Extension 

Mini Hall 


Veterinary Medicine Buildinj 

College of Veterinary Medicine 

Dean Robert Graham 

In 1944 the College of Veterinary Medicine 
was established, and in 1948 a professional fonr- 
year course in veterinary medicine leading to a 
D.V.M. degree was activated. 

The College trains veterinarians in the con- 
trol and prevention of animal diseases in order 
to protect the livestock industry and to sale- 
guard public health from animal diseases trans- 
missible to man. 

Other work of the College includes programs 
of veterinary research, extension, and graduate 
study. A disease diagnostic service and a veter- 
inary clinic and hospital service provide animal 
patients and specimens lor instructional pur- 

Dr. Robert Graham was appointed as the 
first dean oJ the College of Veterinarj Medicine 
in L945. 




* ma-w/av\-da 

John Bauer 

John Bender 

James Branch 

Roy Burt 

Dale Bury 

Ross Poggenpohl 

Donald Powell 

Raymond Purnell 

Thomas Rose 

Robert demons Thomas Sleeman 

Claib Cook 

Joseph Corley 

James Fleischer 

Max Hooper 

Louis Keesey 

William Shewchuk 

John Thompson 

Ronald Ultes 

Vance Van Tassel 

Richard Zimmerman 

Harriet Beaudoin 

Ann Mace 

Nancy Berquist 

Sharon Mayhall 

Nancy Claypool 

Marjorie McCormick 

Betty Cook 

Phyllis Murphy 

Caroline Cramer 

Joan Noble 

Jean Crowley 

Nancy Popel 

Gertrude Danaher 

Velma Riley 

Jeannette Gerdes 

Carol Seibert 

Jane Hayes 

Donna Simenson 

Barbara Hempstead 

Shirley Smith 

Marlene Kimbark 

Joan Solomon 

Camille Kirchner 

Caryl Towsley 



mortar board 


Karl Anderson 
Jeff Austin 
Jennis Bapst 
Rolland Bethards 
Marshall Blankenship 
Richard Branom 
Roger Carlson 
Lawrence Chapman 
Clarence DeMoss 
Theodore Dorward 
Andrew Ekblaw 
James Ellingson 
Benjamin Farnum 
Walter Faster 
Thomas Felke 
William Fewkes 
Charles Finn 
Max Fulling 
George Gfroerer 
Marvin Graves 
William Gray 

Harvey Greenstein 

Thomas Hubbard 
Richard Hull 
John Juergensmeyer 
Irvin Lawfer 
Norman Lefton 
Edward Makovsky 
Loren Mann 
John McLaughlin 
Richard Meeks 
Jack Olson 
Gordon Ropp 
Thomas Rowader 
Chih Han Sah 
William Schroder 
Robert Sewell 
Richard Sharer 
John Sharp 
Charles Shepherd 
Willard Thompson 
Walter Vernasco 
Richard Wham 


Leslie Ator 

Barbara Lindgren 

Miriam Behrens 

Mary Litherland 

Patricia Burt 

Jeannette Mathews 

Donna Cadwa Nader 

Marylou McGowan 

Joyce Chalcraft 

Patricia Moore 

Lynda Couch 

Susan Olmstead 

Carol Cox 

Sherle Olson 

Carmen Cunningham 

Patricia Pavlis 

Anne Davis 

Carol Petefish 

Sally Dillard 

Margaret Pool 

Jean Dinsdale 

Mary Rigney 

Doris Drew 

Helen Rossetti 

Dora Fishel 

Barbara Schedel 

Gail Furnall 

Lavaun Schild 

Lorraine Geittmann 

Rita Smith 

Jane Gray 

Betty Snider 

Joanne Hagnauer 

Deborah Stern 

Ernestine Hanks 

Gene Stimart 

Beverly Hill 

Nina Temple 

Diane Johnson 

Jane Thiem 

Marlyn Kasson 

Carole Truckenbrod 

Doris Knox 

Marjorie Willke 

Carmelita Konzen 

Donna Wilson 

Carole LanoflF 

Ruth Wylie 

Joyce Leviton 

Elizabeth Yanson 


IN.IIHV I'uprl 

Pit,,i,>t of Cultural A fairs, Mini I 

Sharon Mayhall 
Vice-president, Panhellenic 


pj^P^^k *1 

.. m 


*/ u M 

V^ 1 

Betty Cook 
Business Manager, lllio 

Barbara Hempstead 
Director of Social Events, lllini Union 



Warren Menaker 
Director of Student-Alumni Relations, lllini Union 


Jeannine Burnier 
Student Staff Box Office Manager, University Theatre 

George Gunklc 
Actor, University Thltltri 

Jane Hayes 
< g MtlHgtr, Stiir Course 


Roy Burt 

General Chairman, Campus Chest 

Frank Bare 
Captain, Varsity Gymnastics 

Frank Willey 
Personnel Manager, University Theatre 

Thomas Rose, president 

The Student Senate, the official representa- 
tive body of the students, is composed of 
thirty-eight members. Twenty-four of these 
are elected by the student body and fourteen 
ex-officio members represent various activi- 
ties and housing groups. 

Four main committees regulated by the 
Senate are Educational Opportunity, Inter- 
national Affairs, Student Life, and By-Laws. 
Some of the responsibilities of the Senate are 
promoting the welfare of the student body 
and working with the Committee on Student 
Affairs to exercise authority over the policies 
of student organizations. 

Any student on campus may attend a 
Senate meeting, voice opinions concerning 
the business at hand, or present and support 
a legislation. 

Student Senate 

Top row: Henry Dougherty, Stephen Speltz, Robert Armstrong, Harold Rietveld, William Graham, Richard Zimmerman, Stephen Wolfberg, Gordon Cash, 

William Swope, Julius Shapiro, Jennis Bapst 
Second row: Robert Powell, William Suter, Robert Emmons, Sue Schurman, Mary Alexander, Mary Kula, Phyllis Hasse, Gene Stimart, Joyce Chalcraft, Joan 

Noble, Barbara Bell, Patricia Burian, Marjorie McCormick, David Gray, Keith Peterson, Merle Miller 
Bottom row: Mary Geides, Joyce Adler, Sharon Mayhall, Stanford Glass, Thomas Felke, Thomas Rose, Miriam Behrens, Mr. Howard Schuman, advisor; 

Mary Danaher. Jean Huber 


Serious business 

Freshman Council 

Standing: Herbert Hudson, Vernon Petty, David Barry, Larry McKnelly, Frederick Crang 
Seated: Rebecca Koelling, Diantha Spiers, Susan Howarth, Suzanne Brunkow, Jere Stewart 
Not in panel: Jerome Tankel, Diane Prentiss 

Stanford Glass, chairman 

The Co-ordination Committee was set up 
to prevent unnecessary conflict and competi- 
tion between the programs and events spon- 
sored by various student organizations. Their 
responsibility includes the consideration of 
student petitions and the scheduling of a 
time and location for student-sponsored pro- 
grams. Among the other jobs of this com- 
mittee are compiling an annual calendar of 
events, planning the budget for many Uni- 
versity functions, and handling tickets. 

Some of the organizations which the Co- 
ordination Committee regulates are the Uni- 
versity Theatre, Illini Union, Campus Chest, 
Mini Board of Control, Concert and Enter- 
tainment Board, Freshman Council, men's 
and women's athletic groups, and various 
housing units. The committee is now in its 
sixth year of active service. 

Co-ordination Committee 

Seated: Donald Powell. Joan Noble. Robert Armstrong. Gordon Cash, Stanford Glass, Dean Hampton, William Suter, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Marjorie Mc- 

Cormick, Prof. Walter Johnson 
Not in panel: Sharon Mayhall 


.-r-r-T" 1 ? 

» f 

BjF . m 

— *M 

4. m 4 


^Tw — - m '^--^H 

l -M ml m m^> 

^m^m\ ^B^. 

»~ — 


^^^i^^^ S!T : ^r 

r i 

It - 

t i ^r ~^b 


\~^ Mmm 

^^^"^^^"" ^ja^ 



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••*&. _ E 

The Student Senate appoints nine faculty 
members to the Committee on Student affairs. 
This part of our Senate serves as an advisory 
group to the Dean of Students and, with the 
help of the Senate, writes the "Code on Stu- 
dent Affairs," a set of regulations concerning 
the operation of all student organizations. 

The purpose of the committee is to provide 
valuable services to the student body, such 
as: assisting them in setting up plans of self- 
government and in managing their activities; 
encouraging their sense of personal responsi- 
bility; preventing extra-curricular activities 
from imposing too heavily upon their scholas- 
tic progress; and helping to organize and 
maintain living conditions which are safe, 
healthful, and moral for them as college stu- 

Professor Hugh Wales, chairman 

Committee on Student Affairs 

Standing: Stanford Glass, Karl Gardner. David Day, Nicholas Britsky, Prof. Hugh Wales, Edward Stafford, Stephen Wolfherg, Halbert Gullcy, Jennis Bapst 
Seated: Thomas Rose, Joyce Chalcraft, Phyllis Hasse, Mary Danaher, Angelina Pietrangeli. Robert Shclton 

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To/> row: Eberhard Visclier, c/fe president; Richard O'Leary, Howard Gerstein, Marcia Leuchter 

Bottom row: Donald Lasser, president; F. J. Kocnig, advisor; Susan Olmstead, Gloria Andrews, Gery Stein, Elizabeth Hoel 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Council 

facilitates student-faculty relations 

Commerce Council 

provides professional, social, and 

educational services for commerce students 


Top row: Philip Flick, Robert Jorcensen, Marvin Andrews, Henry Selig, Charles Recka 

Third row: Gordon Owens, Alan Sumberg. Alice Leiman, Edward Frank, Jane Alexander, Keith Peterson, Diane Amundsen 

Second row: Arthur Nordenberg, Emerson Cammack, advisor; Diane Zaremba, vice president; Roger Baskes, president; Marguerite Oberto, secretary; 

Richard Cotfelt, treasurer 
Bottom row: Louis Carlotti, Rae Grosch, Barbara Schedel, Phylliss Kennedy, Charles Larson 
Not in panel: Sara Bergmen, Joseph Cicero, Bruce Most 

Standing: Vern Hampton, Lyle Dahlenburg, assistant treasurer; Lester Ness, Jimes Bennett, Herbert Farber, treasur 
Sealed: Fred Turner, secretary; Charles Andrews, chairman; Miriam Eehrens 

Student Organization Fund 

funds of 200 student organizations 

Engineering Council 

promotes closer cooperation 
among the various engineering societies 

Top row: Howard Hadler, Ruel Weas. Richard Martson, Edward Rzewnicki, Dwight Mahaffy, Edward Damal 
Second row: Glenn Zieman, Robert Gondry, Jack Tisdale, Wirren Brandt, William Smith, Charles Evans, Robert Anderson 

Bottom row: William Russell, Richard Wharton, Samuel Schaeffer, recording secretary; Michael Zihal, president; Dean Hupp, treasurer; Frances Watkins, 
Charles Rogers 


iP ^P 

The pause that refreshes 

Lunch from a bag 

Plowboy Prom 

"Hayloft Holiday," the 1953 Plowboy 
Prom, was held on April 24. According to 
custom, the fellows presented their dates 
home-made, real vegetable corsages, and the 
girls brought old-fashioned sack lunches, 
which were eaten at intermission. 

Apparel and decorations set the mood for 
the theme of the dance. Fellows wore blue 
jeans, and girls, cottons. One feature of the 
scenes in Huff Gym was the large hayloft 
window from which the couples had their 
pictures taken. 

This dance is sponsored annually by the 
Home Economics and Agriculture Clubs. Jan 
Garber's orchestra played this year. 

Queen Adele Haven 

Little International 
Horse Show 

The twenty-eighth Little International Horse 
Show was sponsored by the Hoof and Horn Club 
on Dads' Day this year. Over 150 horses from four 
states were entered, representing both western 
and society classes. The entertainment was high- 
lighted by a square dance on horse back. 

June Tracey was crowned queen of the show by 
the co-chairmen Dave Knollhoff and Judy Stewart. 
The queen and her court presented the trophies 
to the winners of each class. 

Top row: Vance Van Tassell, Richard Vial, John Chestnut, David Knollhoff, 
Judith Weiss Stewart, James Mawson, David Cole, Prof. Alvin Neumann, 
Prof. Waco Alberts, Terry Greathouse 

Kneeling: Raundle Ericson, Ronald Davis, Robert Lough, Marlin Stewart 

To the victor go the spoils. 


Takes two to tango 

Sitting one out 

Senior Ball 

Dick Jurgens and his orchestra played for 
the 1953 Senior Ball which was held in the 
Mini Union Ballroom. The annual dance was 
held on May 15 this year. The theme, "Mini 
Years," was intended to bring back memories 
of college days for the students present, es- 
pecially seniors. 

James Boss, who was the senior class presi- 
dent, worked with a large dance committee. 
Chairman was William Mason; treasurer, 
Charles Wheeler; in charge of arrangements, 
James Linsley; decorations, William Novak; 
publicity, Nancie McGill; tickets and bids, 
James Large. 


Panhellenic Ball 

"Mardi Gras" was the theme of the Pan- 
hellenic Ball this year, held on November 21, 
at Huff Gymnasium. Giant clown hats with 
ruffles at the top and bottom were placed 
along the edge of the balcony. There was a 
hat for each sorority affiliated with Panhel- 
lenic. Two silver and black thespian masks 
were placed above the well-known orchestra 
of Ray Anthony. The Mexican Hat Dance, 
Bunny Hop, and Hokey-Pokey were among 
the many dances the couples enjoyed during 
the evening. 

One main event of the dance was the pre- 
sentation of the twenty-six "ideal" sorority 

Panhellenic Bull committee: Helen Vinson, Glenda Grant, Mary Miller, Diane 
Johnson, Carol Spoerl, Judith Finn 

"Ideal" sorority girls 




F t * 

Mary Danaher, president 

The Women's Group System strives to aid 
independent women, espeeially freshmen, 
with their campus problems. It tries to pro- 
mote higher scholastic standing, greater activ- 
ity interest, and a general spirit of coopera- 

Some of the annual events WGS sponsors 
are Watcheka Sing, a Mothers' Day luncheon, 
and teas honoring houses and individual girls 
for outstanding scholarship or activities. It 
also joins the Men's Independent Association 
in sponsoring larger campus activities and in 
publishing their own newspaper, the Indee. 

The groups within WGS are house presi- 
dents, freshman board, and executive council. 
Their interaction creates an effective co- 
ordination of the women in residence halls 
and independent organized houses on campus. 

Women's Group System 

Executive Council— Top row: Martha Massie, president of freshman board; Nina Wilson, scholarship; Lynn Bryant, publications; Doris Krull, freshman ad- 
visor; Helen Wilson, social chairman . „ ,, . , . 
Second row: Betty Priggie, secretary; Mary Danaher, president; Velma Riley, vice president; Mary Harrison, advisor 
Bottom row: Frances Adams, treasurer; Dolores Siegert, activities; Carol Firch, publicity; Marjone McCormick, student senator 


House Presidents — Top row: Marylou Dearing, Gail Pompian, Iva Eadie, Marjorie Leach, Renee Freedman, Mary Cheze, Lillian Jenkins, Caralyn Wilkens, 

Dorothy Schlitt, Mildred Shabelrnan, Roberta McGill, Margaret Ferguson, Judith Hoffman, Amy Shoemaker, Ruth Hortin, Charlotte Ceneler, JoAnn Roberts, 

Joan Becherer, Sonia Fischmann 
Second row: Vera Diemer, Paula Tager, Joyce Morris, Charlotte Cumby, Laura Rypstat, Eugenie Jones, Eleanor Laureys, Betty Priggie, Virginia Scott, Beverly 

Chubat, Joan Potter, Carolyn Travis, Frances Izbicky, Virginia Churchill 
Bottom row: Joyce Leviton, Sandra Vlay, Avis Mishoulam, Donna Drew, Jeanne Poduska, Polly Sanders, Virginia Bohn, Carmen Cunningham, Janet McCay, 

Joan Bliss, Catherine Kay 

Freshman Board — Top row: Carole Love, Sharon Barger, Carol Boeringa, Audrey Veazie, Janet Kuhlmeier, Patricia Craig, Margaret Boswell, Barbara Johnson, 

Jeanne Fowler, Ruth Schaper, Madeline LaVezzi, Catherine Davis, Camilla Lyon 
Second row: Barbara Lewis, Eleanor Popovisky, Dona Fletcher, Merna Davis, Theodora Stavros, Mary Wall, Adrianne Motch, Carole Hickman, Floy Allen, 

Joan Cattaneo, Norma Hildenbrand, Ellen Cox 
Bottom row: Janis Steinberg, Nancy Brook, Martha Massie, Loretta Neal, Eunice Schaudt, Verdonna Pals, Joan Kunter, Wilma Libman, Nancy Dufour, 

Barbara Leskey, Kay Helde 


A /I 

Caroline Cramer, president 

Panhellenic Council furthers high stand- 
ards and scholarship for sorority girls. Be- 
sides governing and policy-making, it func- 
tions by creating close friendship among the 
Greek houses and also between them and 
the independent women. Two annual activi- 
ties of the organization are the Panhellenic 
Ball and the All-Pledge Banquet. 

The governing bodies of Panhellenic are 
the presidents' council and the executive 
council, which includes council officers, fac- 
ulty advisor, and departmental and junior 
departmental chairmen. These departments 
are social, scholarship, rushing, pledge, ac- 
tivity, public relations, and Shi-Ai. 

A division, Junior Panhellenic, is com- 
posed of the pledge presidents, who must 
familiarize the pledges with the organization 
and operation of Panhellenic. 

Panhellenic Council 

Panhellenic Executive Committee — Top row: Dorothy Martin, Gamma Phi Beta, pledge presidents chairman; Margaret Remade, Alpha Chi Omega, senior 

scholarship chairman; Joan Holin, Kappa Delta, senior rushing chairman; Joanne Hagnauer, Delta Gamma, senior activities chairman; Gail Furnall, 

Pi Beta Phi, public relations chairman 
Second row: Marlene Ungeher, Kappa Alpha Theta, social chairman; Lynda Couch, Alpha Phi, pledge chairman; Patricia Burt, Alpha Gamma Delta, junior 

activities chairman; Suzanne Cuthbert, Kappa Alpha Theta, junior rushing chairman; Judith Desch, Alpha Gamma Delta, junior scholarship chairman; 

Elizabeth Yanson, Gamma Phi Beta, junior social chairman; Carol Cox, Pi Beta Phi. Shi-Ai president 
Bottom row: Elizabeth Yeatter, Delta Delta Delta, treasurer; Sharon Mayhall, Pi Beta Phi, vice president; Caroline Cramer, Phi Mu, president; Janice 
Jordan, Alpha Chi Omega, secretary; Patricia Cross, Panhellenic advisor 


Sorority Presidents — Top row: Deborah Gollub, Sigma Delta Tau ; Patsy Hardiman, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Marian Stewart, Kappa Delta; Virginia Deeds, 

Delta Delta Delta; Mary Fishel, Alpha Omicron Pi; Joan Drucker, Alpha Epsiion Phi; Patricia Robinson, Delta Gamma; Martha Roe, Alpha Phi; Iris 

Nudelman, Phi Sigma Sigma 
Second row: Doris Netzer, Sigma Kappa; Joan Searing, Alpha Delta Pi; Jane Coultas, Gamma Phi Beta; Caroline Cramer, Phi Mu ; Patricia Seymour, 

Alpha Chi Omega ; Marilyn Webber, Pi Beta Phi ; Janet Barker, Delta Zeta 
Bottom row: Eleanor Frase, Zeta Tau Alpha; Elizabeth Mace, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Elsie Moen, Alpha Gamma Delta; Dorothy Jones, Theta Upsilon ; Carol 

Hyman, Delta Phi Epsiion ; Bernice Perry, Delta Sigma Theta 

Pledge Presidents — Top row: Coralee White, Kappa Delta; Nancy Webber, Pi Beta Phi; Phyllis Larson, Delta Zeta; Sara Bergman, Phi Mu ; Fruma 

Borowsky, Sigma Delta Tau; Merle Smedberg, Sigma Kappa; Elizabeth Thomas, Delta Gamma 
Second row: Maxine Searle, Zeta Tau Alpha; Joann Silverstein, Alpha Epsiion Phi; Carole Rose, Delta Phi Epsiion; Amy Hagen, Alpha Gamma Delta; 

Adelle Monterastelli, Alpha Phi; Shirley Bradshaw, Alpha Omicron Pi; Gertrude Wciner, Phi Sigma Sigma 
Bottom row: Jean Anderson, Gamma Phi Beta; Diane Prentiss, Delta Delta Delta; Jeanne Kreger, Kappa Alpha Theta; Susan Howarth, Kappa Kappa 

Gamma; Marilyn Smith, Chi Omega; Charlotte Crumbaugh, Alpha Chi Omega; Ann Mannhardt, Alpha Xi Delta 
Not in panel: Dorothy Williams, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Winifred Phillips, Delta Sigma Theta; Bette Hammond, Theta Upsilcn ; Patricia Brothers, Alpha 

Delta Pi 




Officers: Jennis Bapst, student senator; Robert Fosnaugh, treasurer; Calvin Sifferd, faculty advisor; Ross Poggenpohl, president; John Jones, vice president; 
James Ellingson, secretary; Gordon Cash, student senator 

Men's Independent Association 

Faculty Advisory Board — Standing: Joseph Ewers, Charles Bowman, Richard Hulet 
Seated: Herbert Farber, Calvin Sifferd, Earl Seyler 


Executive Committee — Standing: James Nolan, Michael Carson, Edwin Wolfer, Robert Waltz, Calvin Siflferd, Edward Levin, Gerald Totall, Robert DeLance 
Seated: Stuart DeVore, Jennis Bapst, James Elhngson, Ross Poggenpohl, John Jones, Robert Fosnaugh, Gordon Cash 

Men's Independent Association represents the 
men of the organized independent houses on 
campus and gives them a certain influence in the 
governmental affairs of the students. It is an active 
member of the National Independent Student 

This group, which is entirely student-organized, 
has a faculty board to advise it in its affairs. Ex- 
ecutive Council and Monday Council are the two 

legislative bodies. Representation in the associa- 
tion is composed of a student from each organized 
house of four or more residents. 

Men's Independent Association aids students in 
participation in all activities on campus. It awards 
trophies for participation in intramural sports and 
leadership in many recreational programs, in addi- 
tion to those given for scholastic honors. 

Men's Independent Association : Ronald Armagast, Robert Armstrong, David Arnold, Arthur Bader, Jennis Bapst, Glenn Berchtold, Charles Blundell, Alfred 
Bowald, Jerry Bradshaw, Eugene Brott, Robert Bucksat, James Buoy, Robert Burnett, Richard Capek, Samuel Carboneti, Michael Carson, Gordon Cash, 
David Chamberlain, Stanley Christianson, Daniel Cichy, Morton Colbert, Larry Conrad, Charles Crane, Ivor Davies, Leslie Deatherage, Robert DeLance, 
Stuart DeVore, John Dodge, James Ellingson, William Ewing, Robert Fosnaugh, Joe Goddard, Bernard Goetze, Charles Harney, Kenneth Harris, David 
Hinde, Victor Hoar, Brice Huddleston, John Hurley, Kenneth Jensen, Donald Johnson, Gerald Johnson, John Jones, Donald Kaufman, Edward Levin, 
Philip McConnell, Clarence Munie, Maxwell Newport, George Northcott, James Nolan, William Palmer, Daniel Patterson, Ross Poggenpohl, John Powers, 
William Richardson, Louis Rittschof, Dieter Rodrian, Merrill Rosenbaum, Thomas Ruzicka. Theodore Schultz, William Schrader, John Stout, Gerald Totall, 
John Trares, Francis Wachi, Robert Waltz, Martin Weiland, James Williams, Robert Wilson, Edwin Wolfer, Nelson Wood, George Zahrobsky 


John Thompson, president 

One duty of the Interfraternity Council 
is governing and supervising social frater- 
nities on the campus. Such current problems 
as scholarship, activities, house finances, 
house management, and pledge training are 
taken up by the Council, which is composed 
of two chapter representatives from each of 
the fifty-eight fraternities. 

The Illinois council holds an important 
position as a leader in fraternity self-govern- 
ment. The University of Illinois was one of 
the first universities to establish the post of 
Assistant Dean of Men for Fraternities. 

A board composed of three staff fraternity 
men, three local fraternity alumni, and the 
Executive Council advise this group. The 
members of this board form the Board of 
Fraternity Affairs. 

Interfraternity Council 

Executive Council — Standing: Burton Palmer, Pi Lambda Phi; Ronald Flores, Alpha Chi Rho ; Thomas Rowader, Sigma Pi; Paul Armstrong, Chi Phi; 
Ronald Meadows, Sigma Chi; Benjamin Borowsky, Zeta Beta Tau ; Lester Ness, Sigma Pi; Harold Rietveld, Kappa Delta Rho; Robert Jacobsen, Kappa 
Delta Rho ; Harvey Greenstein, Sigma Alpha Mn ; Kenneth West, Sigma Chi ; Stephen Anderson, Chi Psi ; William Stuter, Sigma Nu ; William Faude, 
Sigma Pi 

Seated: Donald Boruszak, Phi Epsilon Pi; John Thompson, Phi Gamma Delta; John Leach, Assistant Dean of Men 


Interjraternity Council Representatives 


James Davis 

Ronald Lemenager 


Ronald Flores 

Robert Weiss 


William Hannen 

Paul Tourney 


Byron Toben 

Lawrence Cooper 


Donald Debolt 

William Lovett 


John Juergensmeyer 

William Bland 


Emerson Brown 


Stanley Routh 

Nathan Carras 


David Dunniway 


Ronald Carlson 

Richard Carlson 


John Cartland 

Robert Hall 


John Korngiebel 

James Williams 


John Murphy 

Salvatore Grisaffe 


Donald Ferguson 

Joseph Brubeck 


Robert Goltermann 

Bryce Sides 


David Bailey 

David Jewell 


Peter Traver 


John Mecozzi 

James Dandurand 


Richard Knippel 


Robert Gasaway 

Donald Archer 


Tenney Boyer 


Raymond Duewer 

James Day 


Floyd Meachum 

Delon Hampton 


Harold Rietveld 

Robert Jacobsen 


Charles Larson 


William Albert 

Bruce Barnett 


Robert Bates 

Cato McKinnie 


Douglas Koehler 

Lyle Dahlenburg 


Marvin Lieberman 

Alvin Samuels 


Thomas Felke 

Richard Little 


Conrad Trecker 

Edward Schultze 


James Acheson 

Robert Mast 


William Coleman 

William Hester 


John Thompson 

Charles Gautschy 


Jerome Shaffer 

Bernard Winsberg 


John Elliott 

Daniel Pepper 


Richard Swanson 

Edward McCray 


Charles Nagel 

David Falls 


Burton Palmer 

Ira Lurvey 


William Manning 

John Bandy 


Thomas Dye 

William Day 


Jerome Kalish 

Gordon Bloomberg 


Kenneth West 

John Greene 


William Suter 


Ronald Vacek 

Harold Nero 


Ray Bockman 

Henry Moorehouse 


William Faude 

Thomas Rowader 


James Peterson 


Martin Brody 

Miller Kalom 


Robert Jaffe 

Stuart Musik 


Randall Cox 

Samuel Gillespie 


William Henbest 

Ronald Streibich 


George Florman 


Richard Bake 


Clarence Rogers 

William Stewart 


Robert Haven 


Benjamin Borowsky 

David Peskind 


Thomas Cannon 

Robert Bradbury 


In its first year on campus, the Junior 
Interfraternity Council had one primary ob- 
jective: the improvement of pledge classes 
in the building of character as well as in the 
strengthening of scholarship. 

A president, vice-president, secretary-treas- 
urer, and sergeant-at-arms, each with a term 
of one semester, comprise the core of the 
governing body. Their job is to keep the 
meetings running smoothly, maintain order, 
iron out financial problems, and see that 
committee heads are appointed. 

There are two main events completely 
planned by Junior Interfraternity Council. 
One is a dessert, to which an invitation is 
extended to all fraternity pledges. The other 
is the Junior Interfraternity Ball, held in the 
spring, which is only for the pledges. 

Anthony Lekas, president 

Junior Interfraternity Council 


Ronald Lemenager 


Charles Blahous 


Robert Yale 


Phillip Graff 


Roger Wenstrom 


Vernon Johnson 


Ronald Anderson 


Jerry Williams 


Samuel Erwin 


Ronald Francis 


Robert O'Brien 


Jack Thorsen 


John Bauer 


Donald Culley 


Leon Florschuetz 


Paul Womack 


Herman Dirks 


John Rithmiller 


Elmer Shaw 


Raymond Berger 


William Heydenburg 


Robert Bakley 


Robert Hirsch 


James Mathis 


Martin Swingley 


James Rohn 


William Shade 


Stanley Salles 


Richard Maxwell 


Kenneth Wilson 


Robert Mell 


James Archer 


Robert Klaus 


Lloyd Lehman 


Thomas Potter 


Wilbur Near 


Matthew Napoli 


Joel Miller 


John Wilson 


Donald Van Brunt 


David Gill 


Laurence Lee 


Charles McMullen 


William Holladay 


Robert Shorr 


William Gaffield 


Co-chairmen : Roy Burt, Mary Gerdes 

Major chairmen — Standing: John McCarthy, Joanne Hagnauer, Donna Wil- 
son, William Gray 

Seated: Stanley Peskind, Martha Rosebraugh, Suzanne Cuthbert, Jeannette 
Gerdes, Judith Listeman, Shelly Chase 

Campus Chest 

Campus Chest, a comparatively new or- 
ganization on campus, was established at the 
University of Illinois to eliminate the incon- 
venience of individual student and faculty 
donations to numerous charities. 

Each fall a general fund drive is con- 
ducted, which includes contributions to all 
of the major charities, locally, nationally, 
and internationally. The Allocations and Ad- 
visory Board, composed of representatives 
from major student organizations, represent- 
atives from the Chest, and three faculty ad- 
visors, controls the proceeds from this drive, 
as well as from Spring Carnival. 

Sub-chairmen — Standing: Jane Brodnax, Robert Maxey, Richard Carlson, Jackson Rosskamm, John Rule, James Mitchell, John McLaughlin, Fred Cresell, 

Martha Schueler 
Seated: Marilyn Reinhart, Betty Purnell, Janice Kisten, Barbara Arnold, Doris Strickland, Marilyn Beinhauer, Joan Frazier, Ruth Rust 


The Illini Union 



Ad mini s tr ation 

Directors: Earl Finder, Vernon Kretschmer 

The Illini Union was established as a center of campus life for the use 
of students, staff, alumni, and friends of the University. 

Equipped by the Board of Trustees through the co-operation of the 
University of Illinois Foundation, the Union was made possible by a grant 
of funds from the Federal Government, a separate loan, and contributions 
from alumni and friends of the University. 

Standing: Arthur Sawyer, Carol Seibert, Robert McNabb, Marjorie Arkwright, Charles Wert? 
Seated: Alice Hurt, Irene Pierson, Stella Cameron 

Union Board 

Donald Powell, president 
Cecil Worrells, assistant treasurer; Charles Andrews, treasurer 

Carol Seibert, vice president 

Union Board — Top row: Jane Hedges, Vernon Kretschmer, Charles Bowen, Ronald Flores, Irene Pierson, Edwin Levin, Janice Jordan, Donald Edwards, Nancy 

Popel, Bertil Mattson, Walter Dieckamp>, Barbara Hempstead, Warren Menaker, Velma Riley 
Bottom row: Helen Brennan, Robert Mayer, Donald Powell, Carol Seibert, Chailes Andrews, Prof. Harry Fuller 


Seated: Irene Pierson, social director 

Standing: Assistant social directors: Norma Crow, Robert Alexander, Sheila McMurray 

Illini Union Social Directors 

322 I.U.S.A. 

Department of 

^f ^ 


Above — Major Chairmen: Patricia Burt, Joseph Cicero, Mary 
Litherland, Judith Desch 

Right — Sub-Chairmen, Standing: Leonard Bettinger, Cynthia 
Dolan, Marjorie Wiegland, Richard Lockhart 

Seated: Joann Davidson, Sirella Schwartz, Patricia Hardiman, 
Donna Drew 

Lower right — Sub-Chairmen, Standing: Benjamin Ziccarelli, 
Lyman Goss, Charles Hamilton, Arlene Huddleston 

Seated: Josephine Leaf, Judith Desch, Susanne Ewing, Janet 

Below — Sub-Chairmen, Standing: Daniel O'Connell 

Seated: Charles Gautschy, Janice Kisten, Joan Lundstrom, 

Roger Baskes 
Not in panel: Lois Limberg, Charlotte Bunn, Barbara Barnes, 

Ira Lurvey, Carol Phillips 


Department of 
Student Services 

Donald Edwards, director 


Above — Major Chairmen : Rita Bishop, Mary House, Don- 
ald Lawfer, Joan Kovitz 

Left — Sub-chairmen, Standing: Leslie Hefter, William Hen- 
Seated: Helen Immonen, Nina Wilson, Joan Lundstrom 

Lower left — Sub-chairmen: Lois Havel, Phillip Taxman, 
Nancy Salkeld, Marilyn Morine 

Below — Sub-chairmen, Standing : Roger Baskes, Gor- 
don Rapp 
Seated: Elaine Kihn, Rosalie Librach, Frances Sochat 
Not in panel: Elaine Bernstein 


Department of 
Social Events 

/Major Chairmen: Michael Freeman, Norman Lefton, Charlene 
Lynch, John Strout 

Upper right: Sub-chairmen — Standing: James Mantas, George 

Wagner, David Peskind 
Seated: Janet Mockus, Barbara Mangier, Sandra Romanoff 

Lower right: Sub-chairmen — Seated: Barbara Arnold, Richard 
Magee, Virginia Davis, Enid Weinstein 

Below: Sub-chairman — Standing: Janice Lindeman, Richard 

Lambakis, Arlene Elliott 
Seated: Marjorie Wiegand, Joan Pilot, Carol Oliver, Rosalie 


Not in panel: James Moore, Marian Osheroff, Kermit Lindbcrg 

Barbara Hempstead, director 


Walter Dieckamp, director 

Department of 

Above — Major Chairmen : Lois Enright, Shirley Grant, Donald 
Maylatn, Mary Marmion 

Left — Sub-chairmen , Standing: Charles Gautschy, Daniel 

Seated: Enid Weinstein, Betty Onstad 

Lower left — Sub-chairmen, Standing: Richard Lockhart, Paula 

Miller, Salvatore Grisaffe 
Seated: Barbara Arnold, Marjorie Wiegand, Sarah Raff, Sandra 


Below — Sub-chairmen, Standing: Gaylord Spotts, Irvin Lawfer 
Seated: Dolores Brence, Joan Lundstrom, Carol Oliver 
Not in panel: Carol Rosendahl, Alexander Weaver. Elizabeth 
Shamberg, Mark Bates, Lorraine Borman, Diane Johnson 



Department of 
Cultural Affairs 

Nancy Popel, director 

Major Chairmen. Russell Bolton, Betty McDougall, John Hurley 

Upper right — Sub-chairmen : Betty Onstad, Carol Lundin, Bruce 
Baxter, Dolores Breiuc 

Lower right — Sub-chairmen, Standing: Gene Schugart, James 

Moore, Royce Masterson 
Seated: Cornelia Turner, Carolyn Miller, Joan Tate, Joyce 


Below — Sub-chairmen, Standing: Charles Gautschy, Charles 

Ouantock, Ronald Streibich, Alden Orput 
Si. ilea- Jacqualin Davis, Charlotte Bunn, Laura Lee Sutton, 

Vija Liepins 
Not in panel: Roy Kleven, Charles Hightower 

Department of 

Student and Alumni 


Warren Menaker, directot 

Ma/ur Chairmen : Stanley Peskind, 
Phyllis Wade, Bertil Mattson, Craig 

Upper left. Sub-chairmen — Standing: 
Jim Moore, Ronald Gunther 

Seated: Carol Firch, Joyce Bolton, Su- 
zanne Meloan 

Lower left, Sub-chairmen : Ivan Law- 
fer, Barbara Baxter, Carole Cock- 
erill, William Manning 

International Student Program: Dean Robert G. Bone leading discussion at the Welcome 
Week-end for international students. 

Y. M. C. A. 

The Y.M.C.A. offers a program of various activi- 
ties that will balance a student's education with a 
deeper and more spiritual meaning. A non-de- 
nominational organization, the Y.M.C.A. gives its 
members many opportunities to work on the more 
than twenty committees connected with the "Y" 
projects. Each year a freshman orientation pro- 
gram is planned and carried out. The "I" book, 

which supplies University information to students, 
is published by this organization. 

The Kaeser Room, located in the basement of 
the Y.M.C.A., is a popular place to meet for re- 
freshments. Study rooms, general lounges, and a 
craft shop are also important parts of the "Y." 
Hometown newspapers and current-issue maga- 
zines are provided in the lounges for the students' 

Top row: James Traube, George Howard, Gordon Cash, Theodore Jung, William Turner, John Price 

Second row: Delmar Wedel, Philip Mahin, John Whitman, James Davis, Robert Sewell, Carlton Van Doren, Jay Shenk, George Eichler, Jack Kerridge 

Bottom row: Harold Ingalls, Douglas Pierce, Walter Faster, Sidney Stutz, Thomas Taylor, M. I, Caldwell 

Margaret Conlin, president 

Y W camp counselors 

Y. W. C. A 

The Young Women's Christian Association 
offers university women an opportunity to do 
work in fields ranging from social service in 
the community to international affairs. 

Services reach beyond the immediate com- 
munity to Chanute Field, where craft and 
recreation groups are sponsored. Also, inter- 
national students carry on many programs 
designed to encourage understanding. 

Yearly projects undertaken by the "Y" are 
mum sales at Homecoming, a bake sale, and 
a doll show before the Christmas vacation, 
which has won state-wide recognition for its 
uniqueness and service. 

Executive Council — Standing: Elaine Skadberg, Jane Thiem, Lynda Couch, Gene Sti- 

Seated: Barbara Victor, Margaret Conlin, Sue Anderson, Doris Drew 

Getting ready for Sanh 



Doll Show attractions 

Cabinet — Standing: Sandra Maurer, Susan Koch, Ruth McNabb, Janece Tippy, Eva Woodall, Judith Marshall, Julie Wells, Janice Donagher, Martha Scheueler, 

Jean Migely, Jerry Bond, Eureath White, Yvonna Luttrell 
Sealed : Mrs. Ann Nicholson, Jane Thiem, Gene Stimart, Elaine Skadberg, Doris Drew, Margaret Conlin, Barbara Victor, Sue Anderson, Lynda Couch, Barbara 

Lindgren, Dorothy Parsons 

'J+ <**. 


A - " <->• "*' .«?*i 

Illio Editorial Staff 

Hainet Beaudoin, associate editor 

Top row: Larry McKnelly, Charles Eastman, Stanley Cooper, Jack Stumpf 

Fourth row: Roy Diesner, Barbara Hughes, James Otto, Donald Peters, Phillip Matteson 

Third row: Lois Limberg, Anr: Ridinger, Shirley Randels, Darlene Diekman, Marion Nelson, Carol Muenter, Barbara Sears, Arden Rhodes, Mary Marvel, Marie 

Mitchell. Lilo 3orchard 
Second row: Janet Jones, Sara Knodell, Maxine Searle, Joan Truckenbrod, Carol Andrews, Alice VanDyke, Patricia Speyerer, Betty Purnell 
Bottom row: Joy Kirtland, Constance Tazewell, Joan Groth, Donna Williams, Sally Fischer, Virginia Thompson, Lynne Johnson, Ann Nicholas 



Assistant editors: Vera Saline, Leroy Templeton, Carole. Truckenbrod 

Assistant editors: Carol Krause, Eric Stattin, Emily Ward 

Four senior editors guided the planning of the 
1954 Illio. The editor and three associate editors 
collaborated to make the Illio a publication of 
interest to all students. They also supervised the 
moving of the entire Illio staff to their new head- 
quarters in the basement of Illini Hall. 

The nine junior editors were responsible for the 
supervision of the six sections composing the 

Illio, which are Activities, Chicago Campus, Or- 
ganizations and Illi-noise, Residences, Seniors, 
and Sports. They delegated the filing, typing, 
copy-writing, and picture-cropping to the fresh- 
men and sophomore staff members. These fresh- 
men and sophomores learn more about their work- 
by attending a workshop held each spring in the 
Illio office. 

An stuff: Prof. William Kennedy, Patricia Claire 

Assistant editors: Susan Olmstead, Marshall Blankenship, Elizabeth Yanson 



Illio Business Staff 

Betty Cook, business manager 

Roy Heidemann, associate business manag 

Nancy Claypool, associate business manager 

Top row: Marilyn Ganschow, Carol Carlson, Steven Stroh, William Stocking, Richard Peterson, Frank Laraia, Frederick Figge 

Second row: Carol Coulter, Dolores Strode, Claire Erger, Edith Brockman, Linda Allen, Cynthia Wallace 

Third row: Betty Doyle, Diane Amundsen, Marguerite Goodendorf, Virginia Strohm, Joanne Forsberg, Nancy Mongerson, Carol McCarthy 

Bottom row: Eileen Frieburg, Eleanor Willstead, Janet Smith, Barbara Moore, Carolyn Hinton, Dorothy Wolf 


junior business managers — sales: Phyllis Birtwell, Marjorie Headley, Jean 

Junior business managers — sales: Alice Woelfersheim, Elaine Skadberg, Yvonna 

Advertising, sales, and circulation of the 1954 
Illio are the responsibilities of the Illio Business 
Staff. Registration sales, "Turkey Sales" before 
Thanksgiving, and special sales drives were 
among their responsibilities. The Illio Beauty 
Contest, held every fall, is under the supervision 
of the senior managers, who also direct the 

junior managers in their work. 

The nine junior business staff members are di- 
vided into two groups, advertising and sales. 
Freshman and sophomore staff members, who 
work under the direction of the juniors, do the 
actual selling of the Illio and much of the typing 
and filing connected with the general office work. 

Junior business manager — advertising: Rolland Bethards, Marjorie Down 

Editorial Board Members: Ruth Hall, Btrnice Finkelman, Lorraine Geitt- 

Editorial Staff — Top row: Marcia Pritchett, Shelley Goodman, Virginia Halligan, Sidney Harmell, Irvin Lawfer. James Terwilliger 
Second row: Jean Anderson, JoAnn Silverstein, Alice Potts. Mary Eversole, Joanne Sulcliffe, Diane Pierre 
Bottom row: Naomi Utschen, Elizabeth Armin, Phyllis Whitehead, Ann Frankel, Mary Jackson, Joanne Lucey 


* (ft 

n p P 

Sports stuff — Standing: James Swanson, Myles Pcmber, Sandra Dolgonos, Barclay 

Brantingham, Robert I.ahendro, Ira Lurvey. John Heindel 
Sealed '.' Louis Keesey, David Nightingale 

Lou Keesey, sports editor 

Daily Illini Editorial Staff 

All copy appearing in The Daily Illini is written 
by members of the editorial staff. Latest news and 
feature articles appear in every issue. Proof-read- 
ing of the entire paper and assigning of pictures 
is done by this staff. 

The editorial staff is sub-divided into campus, 
sports, city, and society desks. Reporters write 

headlines for all articles, select stories to appear 
in the next edition, and decide the location of 
each story. The editor, who is in charge of all the 
staff, writes editorials. A staff member "working 
on the rim" is assisting at the copy desk. 

Publication of The Daily Illini in its new tabloid 
size was a new innovation this semester. 

Staff editors: Joan Solomon, Renate Windmueller 

Night editors — Standing: Warren Wolfson, Daniel Rapoport, Clarence Petersen 
Sated; Alvin Sokolow, Irvin Lav. fer 


Lawrence Chapman, advertising dit 

Daily Illini 
Advertising Staff 

Three different groups make up the Advertising Staff. 
These are classified, display, and dispatch sections. Mem- 
bers of the display group sell space, solicit for advertise- 
ments, and plan all the lay-outs. Members of the classified 
section handle all classified advertising. Managing the 
office routine and taking proofs to be checked by the adver- 
tiser are the duties of members of dispatch. The advertising 
director is head of the entire staff. 

Junior advertising managers: Bernard Quandt. Ronald Walai- 
tis, G%ven Peterson, Donna Cadwallader, Richard Flores 

Top row: Donald Garland, Edward Streit, William Calmer, Willard Hadlock, Arthur Goldstein, lames Johnson 
Second tow: Sarah Zang, Terryl DeLong, Nancy Miller, Hazel Hall, William Yeager, William Cahill, Earl Rubin 
Bottom row: Barbara Rapp, Nancy Fischer, Lucy Breger, Ruth Coddington, Miriam Lamar, Mary Kaempfer 


Daily Illini 
Circulation Staff 

The circulation staff of the Daily Illini keeps a record of 
the sales and subscriptions of the student newspaper. Under 
the supervision of the circulation director, the staff deter- 
mines how many papers are to be printed each day. Early 
each semester, the promotion staff directs a sales campaign 
conducted by student solicitors on campus. The office staff 
handles all the clerical work connected with the mail and 
delivery service. 

Margaret Pool, circulation director 

Junior managers: Barbara Morris, Eileen Sampson 


Cue illation Staff: Rhea Peterson, Shirley Baumann, James Hayner 


Stag: Orval Kerchncr, Harnett Hutchings, Merle Miller, Teiry Wilken 

Illini Rural Observer 

This is the third year that agriculture and home 
economies students have published the Illini Rural 
Observer. It is a semi-monthly newspaper which 
replaced an earlier publication, the Illinois Agri- 

The Observer prints news of Agriculture Club 
activities and articles of current interest in the 
rural world. This publication is written for many 

people. In addition to the students and staff mem- 
bers on our campus, it is sent to interested farmers 
and alumni, and to all teachers of vocational agri- 
culture and farm and home advisors in the state. 

The paper offers the students interested in agri- 
cultural journalism and business administration an 
excellent opportunity for practical experience. 

Top loir: Ronald Clayton, Leon Bonneur. Charles Moore, Gerry Hurlbrink, John Weiden, Ted Kuhnen 

Bottom row: Mary Ann McCue, Cynthia Traughber, Carol Firch, Audrey Nelson, Carol Walker, Nancy Brown, Adele Murr, Phyllis Murphy 

Not in panel: Barbara Boyd. Marjorie Leach, Joanne Lower, William Tinsley, Donald Nelson, Paul Rieke, William Band, Vernon Albright, William Britz 


Harold Fox, circulation director 

Martin Goldstein, editor 


Any engineering student interested in obtain- 
ing practical journalistic experience can find such 
work by becoming a member of the staff of the 
Technograph. These writers, as well as the read- 
ers, benefit from the wealth of knowledge con- 
cerning current technical and industrial problems 
in our world of science. 

Engineering students at Illinois receive their 

copies of the Technograph every month during 
the school year. Some of the articles of interest 
are submitted by our own University staff mem- 
bers and by engineering specialists. 

Various activities of interest to the engineering 
department and the capable management of the 
Technograph' s business result from the relations 
between the staff and the Engineering Council. 

Top row: William Rohson, Millard Darnall, Robert Webster, Alan England, Craig Saule, Charles Foley 

Second row: Theodore Schultz, Larry Kiefling, Donald Arnold. Donna Rudig, Sandra Rains, Larry Geer, Charles Runyan, James Smith 

Bottom iow: Harold Fox, Paul LaViolette, Maurice Garnhclz, Martin Goldstein, Howard Hadler, Donald Kesler, Thomas Brody 


James Fischer, assistant photo chief 

Photographic Staff 

In their office in the basement of Illini Hall, 
the photographic staff develops and prints the 
pictures which they have taken for the major pub- 
lications on campus. The staff handles picture 
assignments for The Daily Illini, The lllio, Illini 
Rural Observer, and the Technograph. 

The Illini Publishing Company, which main- 

tains the photographic staff, provides all the equip- 
ment for the staff's use. 

The photo chief, Frank Slepicka, and the assist- 
ant photo chief, James Fischer, direct the activities 
and the picture coverage. Under their direction, 
the staff works independently of any campus pub- 

Standing: Daniel Cichy, Robert Feldman, Craig Johnson, Gustave Weber, Theodore Schultz 
Seated: James Sindt, Tucker Nason, Richard Leeds 
Not in panel: Richard Reichelt, Armand Andre 


S V 

Paul McMichael, business manager 

Prof. Frank Schooley, chairman 

Illini Publishing Company 

The Illini Publishing Company, a non-profit 
corporation, was chartered by the State of Illinois 
for the purpose of printing, publishing, and dis- 
tributing all official student publications at the 
University of Illinois. 

Four student members, who serve for a two- 
year term, are chosen by the board from nomina- 
tions made by the Student Senate. The four faculty 

members of the board are appointed by the Presi- 
dent of the University to serve for a four-year 

The board controls the finances and appoints the 
senior editors and managers of student publica- 
tions on campus. The Illio, The Daily Illini, Illini 
Rural Observer, and Illinois Technograph are the 
publications managed by the board. 

Illini Publishing Company Board of Directors—Standing: Thomas Felke, Prof. Joseph Sutton, Thomas Sleeman, Prof. Robert Mautz 
Seated: Jean Weiss, Prof. Frank Schooley, Prof. Jessie Heathman, Marjorie Willkie 


Joan Noble, general manage 

University Theatre 

Frank Willey, personnel manager 

Associate managers: Mavis Huffman, Carol McCradie, Shirley Bradshaw, Eva 

Associate minapers : Lois Moffctt, Carol Scliaefer, Lorraine Borman. An 
drew Ekblaw 

University Theatre Hoard: Joan Noble, Prof. Joseph Scott, Barbara Schedel, Prof. Karl Wallace, Frank Willey, Prof. Cameron Gullette, Marietta Brothers, 
Herschel Alpenn 


Associate managers: Barbara Schedel, Lenore Glanz, Shirley Gaghen, Ronald 
Amm<ins, Marietta Brothers 

Finishing touches 

Left — Departmental student itaff managers: Susan Brown, Richard Dysait 

The University Theatre, formerly called 
Illini Theatre Guild, each year presents sev- 
eral major productions selected from both 
contemporary and classical sources. They 
also work on smaller productions in the divi- 
sion called Workshop Theatre. This year the 
members have a new workshop in the Sixth 
Street Building, which provides a wonderful 
place for all the activity that takes place in 
such an organization. 

Working in the Theatre is a great chance 
for dramatically minded students to get into 
extra-curricular activity. Not only those with 
acting ability have a chance, but those inter- 
ested in costumes, business, publicity, and 
make-up have important jobs. 

The student staff consists of a general man- 
ager, assisted by a personnel manager, and 
eight senior "work crew" members. 

National Collegiate Players — Standing: Wesley Swanson. Mary Arbenz, Clara 

Behrmger. Joseph Scott 
Seated: Mavis Hoffman, Joan Noble, Susan Brown, Genevieve Richardson 



Departmental Student Staff Managers: Julia MacKniglit, Loren Mann 
Not in panel : Anne Davis, Betsy Byrns 

Departmental Student Staff Managers : 
Corliss Phillabaum, MaryLou Mc- 

Professional Staff — Standing: Prof. Joseph Scott, George McKinney, Prof. Charles Shattuck, Prof. Barnard 

Seated: Mary Arbenz, Clara Behringer, Genevieve Richardson, Mrs. Patricia Richardson 

Working behind the scene 



Associate managers: Lois Miller, Kevin Wheeler, Patricia Alfonsi 

Departmental Student Staff Managers: Jeannrne Burnier, 
Marie Garvey 

Assistant managers — Standing: Arthur Williams, Robert Stevens, Nancy Bowen, Adrienne Eames, Sirella Schwartz, Paul Anderson. Roger Vaughn, John Corliss 
Seated: Rose Ann Armstrong, Roxanne Kamm, Eleanor Eisenstein, Vera Jacobson, Kathleen Spaulding, Donna Dice, Betty Cavitt 

I * 

• llrwirw li MS jHI 


^B Br i^ ^BBV ' i^^ *§ w 


Playboy of the Western World 


University Theatre 

University Theatre 

Heartbreak House 



University Theatre 

Romeo and Juliet 

: > 

John Pfeiffer, president; James Nolan, vice president 

Varsity Debaters — Standing: Sam Myers, Stanford Glass, John Pfeiffer, Thomas Glatter, 

Earl Kesler 
Seated: Joyce Chalcraft, Joan Bonnell, Jewell Craker, David Gray 

Illini Forensic Association 

The Illini Forensic Association is an organiza- 
tion open to students interested in developing 
their speaking ability through participation in de- 
bate, discussion, and public-speaking events. The 
Association acts as the official representative of 
the University in intercollegiate speech events 
and sponsors many campus speech activities such 

as parliamentary debates with the YMCA and a 
weekly forum on WILL. It also provides speakers 
for demonstration debates and the high school 
debaters' work shop. 

Eight varsity and sixteen junior varsity mem- 
bers are chosen by try-outs and by the approval 
of the Varsity Debate Committee each year. 

Top row: William Robertz, Wayne Brockriede, Prof. Halbert Gulley, Sam Myers. Joan Bonnell, Thomas Glatter, Stanford Glass, Joyce Chalcraft, Francis 

O'Connor, David James 
Second row: James Downing. David Gray, Gene Mills, James Griffith, Ralph Hale, Ronald Ulm, Emil Feicht, Howard Landon. Paul John, Earl Kesler 
Bottom row: Jewell Craker, Carl Steiner, Joseph Phillips, Eva Hildesheimer, Carole Bettinghaus, Clifford Long, Robert Bense, Harvey Roth, John Pfeiffer, 

Not in panel: Marjorie McCormick, secretary 

Star Course 

Junior managers : Marjorie Willke, Richard Branom 

Concert and Entertainment Board: Prof. Dunne Branigan, Prof. C. C. DeLong, Jane Rigney, Prof. Morris Carter, Emily Ward, Prof. Sherlock Swann, cha 
man; Jane Hayes. Thomas Sleeman, Joan Holin, Prof. Edward Davidson 


Thomas Sleeman, senior manager 

Star Course, a non-profit student organiza- 
tion, presents a series of concerts featuring 
professional artists in the fields of music, 
dance, and drama. 

Two senior managers direct the work of 
the office staff, manage finances, and repre- 
sent the organization on the University Con- 
cert and Entertainment Board. Eight junior 
managers supervise advertising and publicity. 
Ushering at the concerts is the job of the 
freshmen and sophomores, who also do office 

Junior managers: Arnold Paolasini, Dora Jean Fishel 

Junior managers: John Juergensmeyer, Carol Osborn 

>K I 


w: .li.iii Handley, I .my Martin, I.ylc Dahlenbu i : Robert Helfrich, Robert Hall, Leonard Walberg, Elizabeth Griffin 
Second ■ i mis. Marilyn Smith, jane Brodnax, Eleanoi Mayne, Mary Alexander, ["obi Zwieback, Irma Shainberg, Georgia Millet 

Bottom row: Alice Stewart, Josephinx Hendricks, JoAnn Stork, Charlotb l rhompson, Marilyn Beinhauer, Rita Chanen 

Sophomore Managers 

Top row: Robert Pasnau, John Ihrig, George Eberle. Ronald Beck. Ronald Faster, Charles Riddiford. Donald Arnold 

Second row: Nancy Miller, Shirley Krull. Carole, Nancy Brown, Patricia Jewell, Rhoda Willey. Virginia Strohm, Sirella Schwartz, Jeanne Brunkow, 

Eileen Frieburg 
Bottom row: Eileen Sampson. Kenneth Windal, Pliyllis Williams. Kay Stobbs, Frances Shaw, Edward Johnson. Barbara Morris, Nancy Salkeld 
Not in pant!: David Bennett, Betty Bright, Carole Cockerill, Carl Eichstaedt, Jackson Rosskamm, Richard Selleg, Donald Snyder 


Star Course 

Joseph Szigeti 

Quartetto Italiano 


Irmgard Seefried 

Star Course 

Janet Collins 


Star Course 

Benno Moiseiwitch 

Eugene Ormandy 

Charles Laughton 


r s 

Kermit Brcen, dine to 

University Choir 

Paul Young, director 

The choral organizations on campus are under 
the direction of several members of the faculty 
of music school. Professor Paul Young directs 
University Choir, Men's Glee Club, and Oratorio 
Society. Professor Kermit Breen is in charge of 
Women's Glee Club and Junior Men's Glee 
Club. Miss Ruthann Harrison conducts University 

University Choir is the most advanced choral 
group. Rs members are selected from competitive 
try-outs held at the beginning of each semester. 

In February, members of the Choir took part 
in a tour throughout Illinois. They presented 
concerts on campus, one of which was directed 
by the Swiss conductor, Ansermet. 


Sopranos: Enid Ewing, Delores Gillan, Ernestine Hanks, Marilyn Holt, Rosemary Jordan, Wilma Stack, Marjorie Stucke, Natalie Thomas, Dolores Uebele 
Nan Jean Carver, Frances Cox, Harriett Godeke, Joyce Hunter, Glenda Lichtenberger, Evelyn McCreery, Ann Murphy, Barbara Nave, Mary Jane Paul' 
Patricia Waller, Helen Wilson, Jane Wineman 

Altos: Susan Black, Naomi Brausch, Peggy Hoover, Doris Knox. Florence Kraabel, Deborah Lewis, Dorothy Sloan, Anne Sifferd, Constance Tazewell, Nancy 
Broaddus, Merle Brown, Juanita Follmer, Roxane Kamm, Helen Lambrakis, Janet Olson, LoraLee Small, Nanette Swartz, Phyllis Thompson, Roma Under- 
wood, Doris Valenta, Anne Williams, Barbara Zizek 

Tenors: Kermit Breen, James Briggs, John Hugh, John Murphy, Donald Paul, Donald Simmons, Jack Thorsen, Brian Voth, Jerry Caress, Charles Dunn, Ken- 
neth Frederick, Richard Gillette, Franklin Gutowsky, Cortland Hultberg, Robert Parker, David Rouse, James Sokolowski, Kenneth Spengler, Paul Swanson 

Basses: Clyde Barth, Gordon Bengston. Allen Bradley, David Brown, William Burnett, Charles Cassey, John Helper, Max Howe, Socrates Photopulos De- 
wayne Richardson, Russel Smith, Ruel Becker, John Borden, Howard Getz, Herbert Gibson, Albert Holmberg, Donald Holt, Donald Moreland, Richard 
Olson, David Pease, William Perenchio, Dennis Serdahl, Bertram Williams 

Sopranos: Carolyn Bachus, June Bradley, Shirley Breidenstein, Margaret Brengle, Floweree Brown, Marna Can, Miriam Chamberlain, Constance Curtin, 
Janette Dillavou, Dorothy Elston, Diana Haskell, Pearl Helms, Mildred Heischmidt, Joan Henning, Marilyn Hoaglund, Annabelle Hubbard, Joyce Hunter, 
Dons Klausmeyer, Barbara Lee, Dorothy Lylt, Carol Marling, Jane Morgan, Ann Murphy, Barbara Nave, Marilyn Nelson, Ruth Norby, Mary Rausch, 
Mary Roberts, Jeanne Rodems, Shirley Ross, Floy Rowland, Lillian Russell, Nancy Selle, Shirley Smith, Audrey Sonberg, Dolores Ucbele, Mary Wahl, 
Julie Wells, Lorna West, Barbara Zander 

Altos: Marilyn Adcock, Linda Allen, Barbara Barrett. Elizabeth Beberman, Katherine Belleff, Sandra Berthene, Susan Black, Bsverly Bouwsma, Lois Brighton, 
Dorothy Cender, Ellen Dempsey, Olive Durham, Emma Finney, Ruth Fisher, Nancv Fuhrker, Elaine Hall, Ruthann Hainson, Roberta Hickman, Baibara 
Hill, Marilyn Johnson, Martha Johnson, Edith Jones, Sally Kietzman, Rose Marie Kinnear, Jean Kruger, Helen Lambiakis, Peggy LaRowe, Audrey La- 
zanas, Jean Lokke, Myra Lytle, Barbara McCrimmon, Dorothy Meier, Antonia Nedved, Marcia Nock, Roberta Player, Lorraine Robe, Virginia Sargent, 
Betty Shull, Ann Sifferd, Patricia Simmons; Dorothy Sloan, Doris Vogt, Sally Walker, Katherine Wellcr, Betty Yankwich 

Tenors: Stuart Devore, Carl Drumheller, James Florini, David Fricker, Donald Fricker, Gerald Fricker, Carl Fuss, Paul Hale, David Hernandez, George How- 
ard, Alice Hudecek, Edward Lantz, Robert McTrusty, Ted Morrison, Clifford Murphy, Robert Parker, Robert Price, Hal Reed, William Reeser, Oliver 
Rice, Donald Simmons, Donald Smith, James Sokolowski, Raymond Solomon, Robert Staker, Leslie Swartz, Dennis Wilkerson, Frank Williams, Andrew 

Basses: Clyde Barth, Rudolph Behar, William Burnett, Graham Bute, John Campbell, Charles Haas, John Helper, John Holt, Icko Iben, Richard Johnson, 
Robert Johnson, Richard Jones, Lowell Kelly, Robert Kidder. William Kreuger, Richard Linster, Francis Logan, Fredric Manalli. Arnold Markowitz, Don 
Moreland, Thomas Morgan. Howard Mueller, Tom Powers, Dana Pratt, James Pritchard, William Quinn, Irving Schultz, Wesley Schwengel, Russell Smith, 
Kenneth Spengler, Bernard Van Emden, Peter Yankwich 

Oratorio Society University Chorus 

Sopranos: Yvonne Anderson, Joan Babb, Joan Bellmar, Shirley Breidenstein, Rita Cohen, Dorothy Elston, Verda Good, Mariann Harper, Marilyn Hoaglund, 
Jeanette Hoover, Paula Ingerman, Geraldine Jenne, Doris Klausmeyer, Carole Kullen, Joan Lamberty, Alice McKenzie, Sandra Miller, Lillian Russell, 
Betty Ann Ulbricht, Helen Anderson, Joan Berenbaum, Barbara Bergstrom, Kama Bloomberg, Marilyn Boehme, Barbara Bowers, Jihnitta Daniel, Marian 
Davis, Marlyn Ebert, Sybil Feishtman, Joan Frank, Judith Friedman, Karen Gerhardt, Gretchen Gibbons, Carol Gruenwald, Martha Hahn, Mildred Hei- 
schmidt, Nancy Hendrix, Barbara Huck, Alice Hudecek, Theresa Kaplan, Marilyn Kerchenfaut, Audrey Laznicka, Barbara Lee, Barbara Lipke, Doris Nau- 
mann, Joy Reingold, Margaret Rippenger, Sue Schulman, Pat Sherman, Susan Sherman, Shirley Smith, Joan Stout, Janet Wolfscn, Dorothy Woodson 

Altos: Barbara Bales, Ruth Barkley, Sally Barton, Evelynne Berg, Nancy Blish, Nadean Braner, Ann Breen, Frances Brooks, Norma Brooks, Rose Burns, 
Audrey Child, Alice Conn, Ellen Cox, Jeannette Engelbrecht, Jeanne Forney, Mary Glorio, Rochelle Goldberger, Shelley Goodman, Clara Hartman, Donna 
Hawks, Elinor Hixson, Julia Huber, Emily Kampert, Patricia Kane, Sally Kietzman, Carolyn Kind, Nola Knight, Jean Kusy, Donna Larson, Donna McGath, 
Pat McGath, Mary Mahin, Alice Mahler, Nancy March, Georgia Mayer, Willa Mitchell, Margaret Oberzan. Alice Ogden, Marcia Painter, Elsie Patterson, 
Vivian Peuckert, Elaine Pohl, Arlene Polsgrove, Beverly Provo, Julie Rettko, Vicki Rosenberg, Harriet Sax, Karyl Sellmeyer, Suzanne Shaw, Clotilde 
Skates, Carolyn Sutcher, Judith Turner, Alice Walker, Jewel Wol c h, Marilyn Young, Dorothy Abernathie, Avis Ball, Connie Berutti, Virginia Dunn, Bar- 
bara Hurt, Jeanne Jaracz, Jeanne Josephson, Barbara Kudlich, Carole Reemis, Marilvnn Steward 

Tenors: George Belfi, Robert Bertoni, Robert Cowan, John DeFries, Marvin Girardeau, George James, Robert McTrusty, Adele Murr, Daniel Wax, Gerald 
Anderson, Richard Bilderback, James Crawford, Groomer Davis, James Follensbee, John Gill, Don Graham, Paul Joiner, Kenneth Kay, Charles Klindera, 
Anthony Marchione, Phillip Miller, Norwood Oliver, Benjamin Pearson, Gary Smith. Joseph Stetson, Larry Timmons, Maynard Toussaint, Elvin Warrick 

Basses: Jesse Anderson, Howard Askins, Bruce Barkley, Walter Baumgartner, Rudolph Behar, Jay Becker, Paul Berns, Uldis Blukis, Quinton Bowles, George 
Dawking, Don Filzen, James Fleisher, Allen Harper, Carl Hohman, Larry Holman, Donald Lamore, Stuart Langdon, Richard Leiweke, Wayne Little, 
Paul Londrigan, James Piper, Harold McGhee, Myron McLain, Lester Schnake. William Smith, Kenneth Stabler, Milton Young, Gary Bahr, Robert Clark, 
James Day, William Grubb, Ronald Kareken, Paul Landgren, Roger Norton, William Olson, Harold Schatz, Bernard Schneider, Thomas Siwe, Willis 
Umfleet. George Wagnei 


3 '■ 

\M ! .3 


f & 

ii.t j 



§ ft f ft 

j j * * i 



First tenor: Glen Andiews, James Brooks, Carlton Campbell, Paul Finney, Donald Fricker, Gerald Fricker, Curtis Gabbard, John Gill, Richard Koebler, Jerry 

Lucas, Thomas Maier, led Morrison, Keith Purviance, Charles Shutt, Jack Thorsen, Gene Van Winkle, Donald Walker, Andrew White, Jack Wirtz, 

Clifton Zabka 
Second tenor: John Calkins, Donald Cohan, Charles Dunn, David Fricker, Richard Gillette, Franklin Gutowsky, John Kiest, Charles King, Don Lanier, 

Roger Little, Phillip Miller, John Muerle, Robert Mumm, Robert Parker, James Ranson, Donald Smith, James Sokolowski, Robert Staker, James Steider, 

Paul Swanson, Eugene Urbaniec, Roger Vaughn, Alvin Warren, William Weber 
First bass: James Bartell, Clyde Barth, Carl Bornholt, Richard Brown, Eugene Dramm, Donald Drummond, Richard Gronquist, Charles Haas, Ray Hale, 

Roger Hoffman, Max Howe, Ronald Lange, Fred Lawler, John Minnich, Socrates Photopulos, Robert Pinkerton, Russell Smith, Kenneth Snyder, Jesse Som- 

mer, Clarence Teagarden, Len Walberg, Keith Wright, George Zuurbier 
Second bass: Donald Allen, Ruel Becker, John Campbell, Howard Getz, Burt Grant, Glenn Groth, William Brubb, Leon Hirsch, Ralph Holmberg. John 

Kemp, Frank Laraia, Robert Little, Roy Ogasawara, Richard Olson, Bertil Person, William Quinn, Ray Richner, David Rittmiller, Don Scott, Dennis 

Serdahl, Philip Smith, Ellsworth Warmbir, Ed White, Ronald Wisthuff 

Men's Glee Club 
Women's Glee Club 

First sopranos: Florence Goy, Betty Hadley, Joan Johnson, Jane King, Diane Klaxter, Karen Kusenda, Dorothy Logan, Anne Melamed, Sandra Rains, Echo 

Rhodes, Patricia Sherman, Lora Small, Audrey Sonberg, Delores Uebele, Helen White 
Second sopranos: Lillian Balazs, Ruth Behrends, Shirlee Blum, Margery Burger, Joan Duszynaki, Mary Even, Mary Gibson, Donna Glenn, Shirley Heinn, 

Mary Huntwork, Arlene Kuelher, Lucille Mintzer, Jane Mockus, Roberta Murdock, Margaret Nelson, Marilyn Petnni, Benita Telsenthal, Ann Toles, Emily 

Valentine, Penny Walker, Judith Zink 
First altos: Ruth Barkley, Barbara Barett, Barbara Ciszek, Eileen Frieburg, Mary Fulton, Abrahama Geulah, Jane Green, Lois Hexdale, Norma Linkow, 

Yvonne Love, Carol McCradie, Nancy Murphy, Alice Potts, Raval Sharp, Doris Vogt 
Second altos: Linda Allen, Archalene Amos, Nancy Broaddus, Reina Cohn, Sharon Dreymiller, Sidnetta Garrett, Nancy Hiatt, Susan Howorth, Barbara Hurt, 

Carolyn James, Deborah Lewis, Mary Oberzan, Shirley Randels, Margaret Schultz, Barbara Shilland, Judy Smith 


Top row: Richard Heap, Harold Schatz, Richard Duvick, James Ferguson, Philip Palmer, John DeFries, Robert Kloster 

Bottom row: Margery Burger, pianist: William Ekvall, Fred Vohout, Edwin Thayer, James Fuller, Thomas Dicks, William Clark, assistant director 

Not in panel: Kermit Breen, director 

Junior Men's Glee Club 

Sing, brother, sing 

Practice session for the Women's Glee Club 

The Symphony Orchestra, conducted by 
Bernard Goodman, is open to anyone who 
shows he is qualified for membership during 
try-outs. This includes all students in the 
University, townspeople, and faculty. 

This orchestra presents several concerts 
each year and includes in its programs con- 
temporary as well as classical works. 

Composing the orchestra's many activities 
are out-of-town concerts, a performance dur- 
ing the Contemporary Arts Festival, and 
concerts for organizations and high schools. 
Another function of the orchestra is to wel- 
come guest conductors. 


Bernard Goodman, conductor 

Symphony Orchestra 

First violins: Charles Joseph, Anthony Raisis, Constance Ogan, Dwight Dyer, John Whelan, Herbert Marable, Carthur Criss, Lois Post, Verdean Aber- 
njtlne, Sanford Reuning, Rosemary Thompson, Nancy Selle, Michael Eitel, Marcia Joseph. Second violins: John Shephard, Ann Winters, Catherine 
Fitch, Miriam Smith, Joyce Putnam, Jack Wirtz, Audrey Schulz, Grace Beckett, Shirley Riley, Ruth Fisher, John Shroyer, Barbara Schenck, Lois Kilburn, 
Enola Knight, Ferd Anderson, Joyce Ouverson. Violas: Daniel Barach. Lynne Belville, Edward Wilcox, Jack Ergo, Alice Beaver, Robert Neill, Frank 
Jacobs, Frank Pytlik, Judith Yafet. Cellos: Achilles Balabanis, Robert House, Rosalind Davidson, Martha Parker, Roberta Weingart, Jerry Gold, Joan 
McLetchie, Camilla Lyon, Berenice Anner, Elsie Krumpe. Basses: David Hamilton, Stephen Allfree, William Tisdall, Nancy Murphy. Edith Brockman, 
Elaine Pohl, Diana Mintzer. Flutes: Mary Rigney, Myra Bloxom. Oboes: Carolyn Hauptman, Shirley Krull. Clarinets: William Huntington, James 
Fleisher. Bassoons: Harold Greinke, Sanford Berry. Contrabassoon : Robert Koper. French Horns: Ronald Trojcak, Carolyn Foy, Joe Buchanan, 
Paul Vance. Trumpets: Richard Tolley, Robert Meredith. Trombones ; Donovan Hough, Bryson Curry, Walter Ross. Timpani: Mervin Britton 


Mark Hindsley, director 

Concert Band 

One of the finest University bands in the 
country is the Illinois Concert Band, directed 
by Mark Hindsley. Only musicians of the 
highest caliber are admitted as members. 

The fame of this organization is attained 
through various activities dining the year. 
The band participates in the University Band 
Clinic in January and in the spring twilight 
concerts. It plays at the commencement ex- 
ercises, broadcasts over WILL, presents its 
annual Anniversary Concert, and makes sev- 
eral appearances at high schools throughout 
the state. 


Gerald Anderson, Glenn Anderson, Joseph Andronowitz, David Arnold, William Bayley, Leonard Behling, Mitchell Bender, Joan Berkowitz, Sandra Beushausen, 
Richard Bilderback, Virginia Blevins, James Blood, Robert Bradbury, Mervin Britton, Edith Brockman, Barbara Brown, Jacquelyn Brown, Joe Buchanan, Wil- 
liam Clark, James Cobb, Michael Colgrass, Roy Cousins, Angelo Cucci, Robert Curry, Ivan Davis, Richard Donohoe, LeRoy Duncan, Iva Jean Eadie, Deborah 
Fay, Roger Fitz-Gerald, James Fleisher, George Foster, John Foster, Mark Foutch, Carolyn Foy, Harold Greinke, Georgia Hall. David Hamilton, Wanda Hamm, 
Bette Hammond, Carolyn Hauptman, Harvey Hermann, Donovan Hough, Richard Hull, Roger Hull, William Huntington, Roy Johnson, Robert Koper, Herbert 
Kuehne, Jacqueline LaRowe, George Lazanas, Ronald Lee, Joseph Lenart. Glenda Lichtenberger, Alice Mahler, Jack McKenzie, Myron McLain, Robert Merideth, 
Carol Michael, Milton Mojzis, Ted Morrison, Glenn Mortenson, Ruth Moyle, Robert Neill, Van Nicolai, Albert Payson, Wayne Phillips, William Phillips, David 
Pierce, Sally Pierce, Paul Pizner, Thomas Prickett, James Pritchard, Donald Reichel. Audrey Rezits. Walter Richner, Mary Rigney, Charles Rogers, Robert Rogier, 
Jackson Root, Walter Ross, Paul Rossok, Charles Runyon, James Russell. Erwin Schawacker, Donald Schnepper, Loyd Settle. Dorothy Sherrard, Emerson Shultz, 
Carolyn Smith, Kenneth Snyder, Arthur Stone. Richard Suddendorf, Richard Tolley, George Townsend, Ronald Trojcak, Leroy Tungett, Judith Turner, Paul 
Vance, David VanDoren, Robert Wall. David Welker, Franklin Williams, Charles Wolf, Clarke Woodruff, Richard Worthington, Barbara Zander, Sandra Zart- 



Regimental Band 

An important part of the University's division 
of musical organizations is the First Regimental 
Band. In the fall it serves as the nucleus of the 
famous University of Illinois Marching Band; 
following the football season it becomes an extra 
concert organization. 

The main objective of the band is to prepare 

Everett Kisinger, director 

its musicians for positions in the Concert Band. 
To give the players experience in concert work, 
it participates in the Spring Twilight Concerts 
here on campus, performs at the annual Band 
Clinic, and broadcasts over WILL. The band also 
co-operates with the military organizations by 
providing music at important ceremonies. 

Terry Akagi. Ruth Albers, David Albert, Keith Albertson, Raymond Allen, Gaiy Anderson, Richard Angus, Gerald Bachman, John Beaty. Shirley Berfield, Sam- 
uel Bleier, Quinton Bowles, James Burdett, Richard Cowart. Richard Dellert, Thomas Dentino, Roger Derby, Charles Dixon, Georgia Doak. Eleanor Edwards, 
Robert Ellison, James Erkman, Douglas Farr, Don Filzen, James Finley, James Follensbee, Lloyd Fox, Ralph Getz, Richard Gronquist, John Hall, Marshall Harris, 
Frank Heckler, John Henry, David Hernandez, John Hill, Edward Hook, David Hucker, Kenneth Kay, Jerry Kermicle, Paul Kermicle, Charles King, William 
Klaproth, Allan Kleinbeck, Douglas Kline, Claude Land, Howard Leftwich, Robert Leslie, Claude Linford, David Mann, Charles Metzel. Richard Michael, 
Henry Miller, Phillip Miller, Gerald Monroe, John Morgan, Robert Munneke, Loretta Nagel, JoAnn Neburka, Robert Nelson, Albert Nemiroff, Alan Olson. Wil- 
liam Olson, Gordon Ortlep, William Oyen, Philip Palmer, Edward Paul, Herbert Pettersen, Jack Pettis, Keith Prater, Arthur Price. Robert Resek, Karen Roeder, 
Arthur Roth, Wallace Schroth, Carl Shook, Thomas Siwe. Ronald Slonneger, Warren Smith, Jesse Sommer, Carol Stewart, John Sunday. Edwin Thaver, Nancy 
Thomas, William Thomas, Norman Thorpe, Joan Truckenbrod. Leah Truxell, Eugene Urbaniec, Robert Verhaeghe, Richard Vierling. George Votruba, Gerald 
Ward, Bobbie Weiss, Sherman Weiss, Herbert White, Robert Wilson, Charles Wolfe. Fred Zamecn.k 

Regimental Band 

The Second Regimental Band, directed by Ev- 
erett Kisinger, is an important nucleus of the 
musical department at our University. It includes 
mostly freshmen and sophomores. From it are 
chosen quite a number of male members to play 
in the Football Band. When vacancies occur in 
the Concert and First Regimental Bands, tryouts 

are held so that these younger musicians have an 
opportunity for advancement. 

Second Regimental Band plays for pep rallies 
and events such as Mothers' Day and High School 
Circus. It cooperates with the other bands in the 
provision of music at military ceremonies, at the 
annual Band Clinic, and for the Twilight Series. 

Stephen Allfree, Mitchell Bass, Ronald Bates, Shirley Baumann, Bernadine Bernhardt, Robert Bertoni, Thomas Bertolino, William Boyd, George Boyer, Charles 
Brodkorb, Clinton Brown, Carlton Campbell, Harry Coons, Richard Cridlebaugh, Richard Dannells, Seth Davis, Arlene DePesa, Harold Dreebin, Gerald Eisen- 
stein, Edwin Finch, Max Finkel, Robert Fisher, Lano Frank, Joe Giffin, Arthur Gronner, John Herschelman, Harvey Hicks, Harold Hildenbrand, Richard 
Hoffman, Jack Holt, Henry Hord, Edward Hubbard, Richard Husman, Letitia Johnson, Richard Jolliff. Peter Kaufman, Jimmie Kediner, Donald Keim, Sam 
Kirk, William Knop, David Kocher, David Komyathy, Norman Kraus, Philip Lambdin, John Larson, John Launer, Stephen Lindell, Billy Link, William Loy, 
John Lytle, Carol Marling, George Mead, Shirley Melms, Matthew Napoli, Ann Nicholas, Dale Noble, Alice Ogden, Edith Peschang, Richard Reichelt, Billy 
Riley, Sheldon Rosenberg, Douglas Rubey. Martha Serven, Stuart Simon, Eugene Sloniker, Robert Stcnberg, Richard Stone, Alan Sumberg, Virgil Sutton, James 
Swan, Laurence Tennyson, William Tschudy, Robert Vandervoort. Audrey Veazie, John Vilven, Robert Watts, David Weaver, Roger Wegehenkel, John West- 
all, Edward Wilcox, Ann Winters, William Yerkes, John Young, William Zartman 

Marching Band 

Again Illinois' 175-piece marching band, the 
oldest and largest in the nation, thrilled many 
football enthusiasts at all home games and at 
Ohio State. Chief Illiniwek's dance was an im- 
portant highlight of each performance. 

The band presented formations entirely differ- 
ent from those of other years. From "Cornhusk- 
ers" for Nebraska to the United States map 
formation at the Michigan game, the marching 
season was most successful. Because of the many 
intricate formations and hours of practice neces- 
sary for perfecting Saturday performances, the 
band must be complimented for its excellence 
both in the pre-game and half-time ceremonies. 


, 1 1 

S JH.e 

il ttlk * 


i ':•* 

• iifil 

K^T* i*-:,::: 




Georgia Hall, Nary sponsor 

The establishment of an officers' reserve training corps 
unit at the University of Illinois was incorporated in the 
Morrill Land Grant Act of 1868. Commissions may be ob- 
tained in ROTC divisions of Naval Reserve, Army, and Air 

The Army ROTC was established first and consists of a 
twenty-seven company brigade with twenty-one officers 
and twenty-two enlisted men in charge. 

Commission in the Naval Reserve rather than Navy is re- 
ceived in Navy ROTC. 

The Air Force ROTC consists of twenty-four squadrons 
and a staff of seventeen officers and eleven enlisted men. 

Jerry Bond, Air Force sponsor 

Armed Services 

Armed Forces Council — Top row: Lt. Robert Boland, advisor; Robert Juckett, Jack Tisdale, Steven Webb 
Bottom row: James Needham, John Jones, Donald Manthei 


James Needham, cadet colonel 

The Army 

Colonel Hatch 

The Army "RO" holds the prestige of being 
the oldest of the three military ROTC branches on 
the University of Illinois campus. This military 
branch has grown until now it consists of a twenty- 
seven company brigade under the guidance of 
both regular army officers and enlisted men. This 
forty-three man staff works with Colonel Hatch 
to make the Army ROTC a unit which is looked 

upon with high regard as one of our outstanding 
military branches. 

Cooperation and military efficiency are the 
words to live by for all concerned— from Colonel 
Hatch's staff through the basic corps. The cadet 
has nine fields from which to choose his special- 
ized branch. Continued training while in school 
in any of these nine fields will eventually lead to a 
commission in the U.S. Army Reserves. 

Sealed- Lee Rogers Morris Sachs, Jr., Captain Zook, James Needham, Robert Juckett, John Sutton George Hunt 

5W/«g Stfnlfy MaZez, Robert Armstrong, James Davis, John Rinedollar, Fred Steggerda, R.chard Strudeman, Porter Womeldorii 

Not m panel: John Corliss, James Durbin 




Distinguished Military Students — Top row: Charles Childers, Frank Bare, Dominic Montella, Dean Wi 

wig, Thomas Sullivan, John Warnock, James Davis, Louis Behreneds 
Third row: Morris Sachs, Herschcl Alpcrin, William Pierce, Robert Whanie, Arthur O'Leary, Rodney imhiciu, wuuaui luuxpnius, jumcs x^auic, ^mwiu 

Smitley, Howard Balson, Henry Erm to 
Second row: Robert Rehiring, James Birnbaum, Joseph Corley, Francis Walker, Donald Carlson, Kenneth Nordquist, John Corliss, Frederic Steggerda, Dale 

Bury, Glenn Reaser, Porter WorfleldorfT 
Bottom row: Stanley Christianson. Donald Powell, Richard Strudeman, Claredon Johnson. Donald Boruszak, Robert Juckett, James Needham, George Brown, 

Joseph Fribley, George Hunt, Glenn Abel 

Tli;' Infantryman's best friend 

Baker to Charlie, over 

Brigade Sniff: William Winkler, Robert Juckett, James Needham, James Jangarathis, Lee Johnson, Donald Boruszak 


A shot in the dark 

Passing in review 


Colonel Haivcy Davidson 

The Air Force 

In the future, the majority of the new officers 
entering the Air Force will be AFROTC gradu- 
ates. The United States Air Force places great im- 
portance on this source of officer procurement. 
General Vandenberg once said, "We are desper- 
ately in need of good minds, young and flexible 
minds, eager to meet the rising challenge of our 
times and determined to fit it into its proper 
place for the general good of the nation, and let 
ns hope, of all mankind. Send us your men of 

character and resolution, and our nation need 
have no fear." Illinois, as always, furnishes its 
young men to meet the military needs of our na- 
tion. It has one of the largest AFROTC programs 
in the country. Through the guidance of an experi- 
enced staff of instructors and the supervision of 
the Cadet Wing Staff, the AFROTC Cadet Corps 
has become a close knit and very efficient organiza- 

Cadet Wing Stuff — Standing,: Fred Cooper, William Seifert, Robert Buchanan, Harold Dycus, Joseph Stetson, Marlyn Gieseking 

Seated: Harold Gabby, group IV commander ; Donald Peterson, group III commander : Steven Webb, executive officer; Donald Manthei, wing commander: 
James Mitchell, adjutant; J. David Andres, group II commander ; John Kitch, group 1 commandet 


Top row: Wayne Meyeihans, Clifford Beatty, Gerald Myers, William Seifert, John Krupka, Roe Walker, Myron Singer, Dwight Moberg, Richard Evanson, 

Joseph Ecoppi, Donald Dietmann 
Third row: Lawerence Tisserand, George Lewis, John Healy, George Fox, Fred Edick, Joe Stetson, Donald Smith, Herbert Hofe'r, Armand Zaleon, Kenneth 

Reside, Richard Linsley 
Second row: Marlyn Gieseking, Bill Croxville, Jerry Carter, William Pickell, Jerry Dempsey, Harry Kariher, William Weingarz, Larry Brett, Bob Kabc-1 
Bottom row: Harold Hogan, James Scherer, James Bennett, Donald Herrington, Harold Burr, Robert Whelan, David Sauder, Ross Poggenpohl, Howland 


Air Force Seniors 

Top row: Richard Miller, Gene Philbrick, Harold Gegel, Robert Trapp, Delbert Mundt, Joseph Wilcox, Kent McDaniel, Robert Buchanan, William Mc- 
Ilwain, Harold Dycus, Richard Zimmerman, Robert Turner, John Strong, Leslie Schultz, Everett Patterson, Sheldon Baitman, Gerald Early, Walter 

Fourth row: Benjamin Harnish, Richard Stevens, George Florman, Denis Keith, Charles Johnston, Larry Ohlson, Louis Sleeper, Charles Dunn, Thomas 
_ Swanson, Norman Wingler, Richard Coffelt 

Third row: Jack Burk, Carl Schauble, Fred Cooper, Leo Dondanville, George Akerberg, Erwin Seegers, Wayne Barber, Fred Creager, Victor Isaksen, Frank 
Keck, James Jarrell, Jimmy Dates 

Second row: Hershel Post, Harold Gabby, Donald Peterson, Steven Webb, Donald Manthei, James Mitchell, David Andrews, John Kitch, Richard Stone, 
Lou Olivero 

Bottom row: Glen Robbins, Paul Cherry, John Logan, Paul Slusser, Henry Brauer, Edward Ptacek, Frank Seidl, John Jacus, Jerry Felmley 



»,1 P^L » 9 t 

kk Y/^^H m ^*^^Bl\ a# i ^Inr ^~~~w&+-. -^£1 

. :*» ^ liter; ' 




1 J 




1 c 

«n 1 • 4* 
i • i 

1* 4i 




1 J 

•Mr'' ' A '"Vb 

k (^" 

WfiW^mVGEv^^ ^ 

^^^^# »» 



Rifle Team Standing: Allen Johnson, John Kitch, Alvin Nardini, Richard Holm, 
John Krupka 



Dunn and Bugle Corps 

r . X 

" Ik 

^J ^> S*< W ^ W . B -. ^j. 

Sophomore Drill Team 
Learning from the ground up 


Junior birdman 



^4 Welcomes if 

L. Ill *<-*_» ** 43 „> < 

The Navy 

Sanation Staff: Thomas Wheeler, adjutant; Ronald Brush, executive officer; 
John Jones, battalion commandei ■ Jack Tisdale, operations officer; Richard 
Bostrum, supply officer 

Captain James Lane, professor of naval science 

The youth of America today have a 
challenge in the opportunity to serve the 
nation as officers in the fighting fleet of 
the U.S. Navy. 

Qualified graduates of the NROTC Unit 
at the University of Illinois will be com- 
missioned in the Navy or Marine Corps, 
and will join the Fleet as well-trained 
Junior officers. 

The Navy council, a coordinative com- 
mittee which is composed of midshipmen 
and regular Navy officers, is designed to 
promote better officer-men relationships. 

Navy Council — Standing,: William Ahlenius. Frederick 
Figge, Frank O'Connor, Robert Patterson, James 
Hull, Hercules Zagoras, Jack Tisdale 

Si all J: Charles Goodhue, Lenos Muret, John Jones, 
Eugene Ash, Lt. Robert Boland, advisor 



Always ready to lend a hand 

\ far > i\ from < lolumbus' days 





I n ^ ^ i 



Km ^L^ ^4 ^hI 

,3 ^v 


x. 4,j 

Which way is homo? 

Just like the real thing 


Yardarm Staff — Standing: Ronald Esper, Phillip Petty, James Davis, Le- 

roy Dawson, Eugene Curtis 
Seated: Richard O'Leary, William Ahlenius, Marvin Angus 

Rifle Team — Top row: Gerald Fricker, captain; Sergeant Robert Cornelly, 

Eugene Friederich, Royle Heyl 
Bottom row: Glenn Grosch. John Donahue, Arthur Bader 

Ready, Aim 

Senior Class 


Top row: Richard Mabry, personnel; Clifton Zabka, logistics; Vito Minerva, 

operations and training 
Bottom row: James Cline, adjutant; Robert Juckett, lieutenant commander; 

Captain Ralph Mclntire, advisor; Lee Rogers, commander ; Glenn Abel, 


Phalanx is a National Honorary and Pro- 
fessional fraternity which was established at 
Illinois in 1925. Members are chosen by 
invitation only from the Army, Navy, and 
Air Force R.O.T.C. students in the advanced 

As stated in its constitution, "The pur- 
pose of this fraternity shall be to promote 
the interest of military training, to foster the 
spirit of fellowship among military men, 
to aid in the preparedness of this country, to 
implant in its members the discipline so 
necessary, not only in a military enterprise, 
but in every walk of life." 

Phalanx has become the leading military 
fraternity on every campus on which it is 
located because it participates in and leads 
most of the military activities and projects on 
their campuses. It also honors advanced 
corps cadets who show interest in military 
science affairs. 


Top row: Irving Stansell, William Baird, Robert Alford, Elmer Hendricks, William Bosnak, Gilbert Marx, John Lignell, Armand Andre, Richard Dorschler, 

Fred Toutellotte, Richard McReady 
Third row: Ronald Ayotte, Raymond Chiostri, Richard Hangren, Robert Deere, Walter Tarleton, Vincent Berkman, Ross McNaught, Gerald Strehlow, 

Harry Maynor. William Stewart. William Sears 
Second row: Gordon Ropp, Jerry Weimann, Louis Raffel, Fred McDowell, Frederick Bercher, Henry Dougherty, James Anderson, Joseph Corbett, Clifton 

Bottom row: Donald Doty, James Cline, Glenn Abel, Robert Juckett, Captain Ralph Mclntire. Lee Rogers, Richard Mabry, Vito Minerva 
Not in panel: Ronald Benedict, Jack Kleeman, James Rudolph, Albert Saja, Herbert Schneider, William Turner, Harold Walter 


The purpose of Scabbard and Blade, na- 
tional military honorary fraternity, is to raise 
the standard of military education in Ameri- 
can universities. Scabbard and Blade encour- 
ages good qualities in officers and promotes 
friendship among the cadet officers. 

Organized at the University of Illinois in 
1909, Company F was the fifth company to 
join the organization. Today the society has 
110 companies organized into nine regiments 
with a total membership of over 55,000. 
Members are chosen yearly from the Ad- 
vanced Corps of the Army, Air Force and 
Naval ROTC. They are selected on the basis 
of their all around ability. 

National officers are elected, petitions for 
new companies are voted upon, and future 
policies are discussed at national conventions 
which are held annually. 

Officers — Standing: Lieutenant Robert Boland, advisor; Dan Eilers, captain; 
Gerald Flicker, second lieutenant 

Kneeling: John Weil, first lergeant ; John Kitch, second lieutenant; Mor- 
ris Sachs, PIO 

Scabbard and Blade 

Top row: Allan Eirenberg, Maurice Sabath, Louis Olivero, John Gerbel, Dennis Brady, Gerald Pollack, William Heinhorst, Roger Ludwig, Thomas Goad, 

Richard Anisoff, David Andrews, Ronald Klein 
Second row: Joseph Fribley, Harold Gegel, Glenn Speer, William Gratian, Roe Walker, John Corliss, Bernard Borman, Donald Manthei, Gerald Myers 
Bottom roir: Coleman Borowsky, John Weil. Lieutenant Robert Boland, Dan Eilers, John Kitch, Gerald Fricker, Larry Shpiner, Morris Sachs, Richard Stone 
Not in panel: George Brown, Bruno Bruzgulis, Jack Burk, James Davis, Dee Glueck, James Hannagan, John Jacus, John Krupka, Donald Lathrop, George 

Moore, John Norton, Ross Pohlo, John Rined.illar, Kenneth Shanklin 


Standing: Carlos Bumzahem, adjutant; Jack Burk, treasure! 
Seated: George Brown, commander; Patricia Jewell, sponsor; Daniel Rajski, 
executive officer 

Company C of the Third Regiment of 
Pershing Rifles is one of fifty-seven com- 
panies all over the nation. It is the only 
national military society that basic ROTC 
students may join. This organization was 
founded by John J. Pershing in 1893. From 
that time, Pershing Rifles has spread over the 
nation promoting the ideals of leadership 
and efficiency in military tactics. 

In 1931, Pershing Rifles established a com- 
pany at this University. This company has 
provided color guards for all ROTC battalion 
and regimental parades and for all home Uni- 
versity football and basketball games. 

Pershing Rifles' main function is drill. For 
the last two consecutive years, members of 
Pershing Rifles have won the best drilled 
sophomore award on Honors Day. 

The size of this company has varied over 
the years. Its membership is now approxi- 
mately one hundred and fifty cadets. 

Pershing Rifles 

Top row: Larry James, Denny Weichman, John Schuster, Donald Askew, Edwin Berndt, William Tozer, Nelson Wood, Gerald Johnson, David Koval, 
Ronald Kareken, Lionel Rippie, Ronald Standerfer, Rodney Mikel, Marvin Angus, Harold StrudhofT, Braden Anderson, Donald Pennington, Alvin 
Hicks, Ronald Briney, Roger Strack, Gustave Weber, John Newton, Joseph Knapp, Raymond Ratay, James Wooldridge 

Third row: Thomas Luker, Ronald Easley, Mark Creviston, John Yulven, Richard Capek, Eugene Baethke, Leland Johnson, Ronald Saucier, Allan Blue- 
stone, Stuart Jaffe, Paul Wallem. Bruno Dal Corobbo, Philip Joy, John Ricker, Erwin Wilson, Donald Woodward, Raymond Borelli, Hank Lisheid, 
George Hast, Clifford Franks, Paul Landgren. Kirk Kennedy, John Hay, Roger Derby, Daniel Wax, Allen Sutton, George Ellis, William Rich 

Second row: Herbert Kerce, Dean Hadhazy, Clarence Seyfferth, Robert Webster, Charles Luman, Jan Ryden, Joseph Bidder, Joseph Kalley, William Mc- 
Nier, Richard Malone, Richard McCready, Donald Ball, Charles Keller, William Ward, Allen Johnson, Jack Peaslee, Russell Walker, Walter Rehm, 
Charles Hruska, Norman Zeter 

Bottom row: Paul Leppert, Karl Fastz, John Jones, Charles Zimmerman, Earl Heal, Richard Fair, Carlos Bumzahem, Jack Burk, Patricia Jewell, George 
Brown, Daniel Rajski, Frank Merlo, Steven Webb, John Rinedollar, Harold Gabby, John Corliss, Albert Steffens, Raymond Wood, Joe Russell, James 
St. da 


The Arnold Air Society began its activities 
on the University of Illinois campus in 1949. 
It was then known as the Arnold Society of 
Air Cadets. In March, 1950, the society 
merged with two other national organiza- 
tions to become the Arnold Air Society, an 
honorary, fraternal organization for ad- 
vanced AFROTC cadets. 

This society furthers the mission of the 
United States Air Force. To accomplish this, 
the society promoted a better understanding 
of the Air Force, closer contact between 
AFROTC cadets and staff officers. 

To aid in this mission, a varied program of 
speakers, movies, and discussions is pre- 
sented. By the accomplishment of its mis- 
sion, the Arnold Air Society aids the Air 
Force in procuring only the officers of highest 

Officers — Standing: Howard Hogan, commander ; 

officer; Harold Gabby, executive officer 
Front row: David Andrews, operations officer; 

officer; Alice Stoik, sponsor; Haiold Burr, 

Kitch, adjutant recorder 

Donald Manth. 


James Scherer, projects 
personnel officer; John 

Arnold Air Society 

Top row: Gerald Woodcock, John DeLaurenti, David Clark, James Hinkle, Joseph Stetson, Gerald Myers, Ronald Poole, Philip Fess, William Mcllvain, 
Charles Holman, Herbert Blodgett, Gene Wallace, Charles Highsmith, Leslie Bryan, Donald Nagel, James Ciarlo, Hale Bartlett 

Second row: Merle Dunn, Thomas Harvey, Richard Meeks, Joseph Umbach, George Fox, Duane Latta, Clark Morris, George Florman, Charles Andrews, 
Charles Shepherd, Joseph Warner, Roger King, Kay Meurlott, Wesley King, Gene Philbrick, John Juergensmeyer, Kenneth Ricks, Richard Bray 

Bottom row: Harry Jamison, Torsten Muhr, Richard Coffelt, Ronald Levy, David Andrews, Donald Manthei, James Scherer, Harold Burr, Howard Hogan, 
Alice Stoik, sponsor: Major Clarence Odum, advisor; Harold Gabby, John Kitch, Steven Webb, Robert Whelan. Don Herrington, Frank Keck 

Not in panel: Major General Byron Gates, Colonel Harley Davidson, Lieutenant Colonel George Potter, Major Ernest Spitzer, Major Ronald Stewart, ad- 
visor; John Krupka, Lloyd Fray 


■1 I 

Standing: Robert Juckett, Conrad Berkman, Richard Lane, Gerald Strehlow, Roy Ganote. William Gratian, Fred Meyer, Albert Upstrom, Joseph Corley, 

William Branom, James Hartman 
Kneeling: Sheldon Simborg. Thomas Taylor, Richard Doerschler, Richard Mabry, Donald Powell, Gene Sanders, Wayne Webber, James McCoy 
Not in piintl: William Baird, Marion Baran, Ronald Benedict, Raymond Chostri, Donald Cisek, Richard Earlix, Charles Erickson, Raundle Ericson, James 

Ferguson, Raymond Ganste. Myron Hoey, Richard Hurches, Allan Jacobs, Jack Justen, Martin Kovacs, Roscoe Mitchell, Marvin Oxman, Louis Raffel, 

Jan Smid, Richard Swanson, Robert Twokey, Ronald Ultes, John Weil 

Alpha Rho Tau 

provides extra-curricular military training 
for members in anti-aircraft artillery 


Society of American Military 

fosters and develops relations among students 
enrolled in the ROTC 

Trip row: Robert Bean. Donald Kries, John Brodbeck, Lloyd Bryant, Robert Leonard, John Suedel, Frank Melka, R. M. Strand)ord, William Gray 

Second row: Joseph Devall, Edward Paliatka, Richard Magee, James Johnson, Richard Kammerer, Jack Kuncl, Dan Dees, James West, Harris Berenbaum 

Bottom row: Carl Beil, Roy Paleta, Porter Womeldorff, vice president: Leo Jasien, president: Herbert Schneider, secretary; Joseph Guyton, treasurer; James 
Needham, Charles Haynes 



On nearly every college campus honoraries play 
an important role through their recognition of 
students who are outstanding in their respective 
fields. The various honoraries of the University 
recognize students who have attained high schol- 
arship and made notable achievements in a par- 
ticular field. 

Bringing together students of like interests, 
some of these societies are chapters of national 
organizations, while others are local societies 
springing from the University itself. Among the 
purposes of the honoraries are to encourage schol- 

arship, cooperation, friendship, and achievement 
and to promote leadership, service, research, 
greater understanding of the subject, and high 
professional ideals. 

In addition to furthering the interest and de- 
velopment of specific vocations, the University 
honoraries also provide closer social and profes- 
sional companionship for their members. These 
professional associations provide opportunities for 
application of practical experiences in the respec- 
tive fields and personal friendships which prove 
valuable in post-college endeavor. 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

professional fraternity for com- 
merce students 

Top row: John Trares, Prof. Paul Van Arsdcll, Raymond Nermann, Walter Gabehart, Prof. Robert Mayer, Byron Thorpe, Prof. Harry Allen 
Second row: Louis Olivero, Ronald Flores, Richard Rowe, John Lignell, Charles Rockwood, Charles Larson, Prof. Robert Mehr 
Bottom row: Robert Palmer, Richard Davison, treasurer; Rolf Cederwall, vice president; Leiby Hall, secretary; James Trabue 

Not in panel: William Faude, David Frisbie, Robert Zalatoris, John Cartland, Bruce Palmer, William Davis, William Warren, Don Seifferth, Robert 
Thorpe, Edward Bottomley, David Ferris, Dan Eilers, James Slovick, Donald Powell, Morton Clotfelter 


Alpha Chron is the honorary for independ- 
ent sophomore women who have been out- 
standing in house and campus activities and 
have maintained at least a 3.35 scholastic 

Established in October, 1948, Alpha Chron 
has encouraged further participation in cam- 
pus activities and has participated in pro- 
grams designed to stimulate leadership 
among the students. Members of Alpha 
Chron serve as ushers for Dad's Day Stunt 
Show and as hostesses at the Women's Group 
System scholarship tea. Every year, Alpha 
Chron sponsors Watcheka Sing, the indepen- 
dent women's sing, for the Mother's Day 
weekend festivities. 

The symbol of Alpha Chron is a clock 
surrounded by a date book and wings. It 
signifies fleeting time, efficiency and friend- 

Officers: Sherle Olson, treasurer; Marlene Shephard, president; Pearl 

Hanebutt, secretary; Dean Mary Harrison, advisor 
Not in panel: Catherine Wuldman, vice president 

Alpha Chron 

Top row: Jean Kruger, Cynthia Jordan, Carol Firch, Charmian Clem, Lisa Galam, Roxane Kamm, Alice Shepherd, Joan Moran, Lynn Bryant 
Second row: Phyllis Whitehead, Shirley Erickson, Mary Wehner, Edith Brockman. Joann Neburka, Mary Davis, Helen Wilson 
Bottom row: Mary Huntwork, Gloria Andrews, Ruth McNabb, Ann Frankel, Romayne Goranson, Yvonne Seadin, Charlotte Hogan 
Not in panel: Joanne Lucey, Nina Wilson, Mary Campbell, Nancy Brown 


Officers — Top row: Prof. Frank Senger, advisor; Alan Eirinberg, vice president 
Bottom row: Herschel Alperin, treasurer; Alan Aarons, president. Robert 
Nichols, secretaty 

Alpha Delta Sigma is a national profes- 
sional advertising fraternity which provides 
a meeting ground for students actively inter- 
ested in advertising. Through close liaison 
with other professional chapters, the organ- 
ization attempts to bridge the gap between 
advertising theory and practice. 

Membership is drawn from those students 
who intend to enter the professional advertis- 
ing field and have completed sixty semester 
hours with a 3.5 scholastic average. 

The Charles H. Dennis chapter at Illinois, 
reactivated in 1947, is the second oldest 
chapter in the country. Frank B. Senger, 
general manager of the Illini Publishing Com- 
pany and regional vice president of Alpha 
Delta Sigma, is the chapter advisor. Alan 
Aarons is president of the local chapter. 

Alpha Delta Sigma 

Top row: Waltei Dieckamp, Barry Cole, Arnold Rosenthal, Arthur Shafer, Thomas Dore, Robert Leonhardt, 

Anderson, Willis Sabin, Daniel O'Connell 
Second row: William Branom, Robert Nichols, Herschel Alperin, Frank Senger, Alan Aarons, Alan Eirinberg, 
Bottom row: Richard Gentry, Hugh Sargent, John Maguire, James Fagerburg, Barry Fogelson, James Svec 
Not in panel: John Massey, Warren Menaker, Frank Vlasich 

Craig Monson, Ronald Levy, Carl 
Ira Boyar, Lester Ness 


Alpha Lambda Delta is the freshman 
women's scholastic honorary, founded at the 
University of Illinois in 1924 by the Dean of 
Women, Miss Maria Leonard. It is now a 
national organization with 73 active chapters 
throughout the United States. 

To be eligible for membership, the student 
must attain an average of 4.5 during her first 
semester, while carrying 15 academic hours, 
or during her first year while carrying 30 
academic hours. 

Alpha Lambda Delta members hold a tea 
each Christmas for all freshman women who 
have attained an eight-weeks average of 4.0 
or better. 

A scholarship assistance program is offered 
without charge by Alpha Lambda Delta to all 
freshman women who are having difficulties 
with their studies. 

'ft 1 


- ^ 


Officers — Top row: Enid Weinstein, vice president: Sally Walker, secretary 

Second row: Barbara Baxter, president: Miriam Sheldon, advisor 

Bottom row: Virginia Thompson, treasurer; Ann Keith, freshman advisor 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Top row: Nancy Cooperman, Sara Knodell, Jane Alexander, Bobbe Nelson, Dolores Strode, Nina Wilson. Jeanne Hilton, Auguste Lehman, Marilyn Gillison. 

Joan Alderson, Mary Campbell, Madonna Miller, Martha Rosebraugh, Doris Vogt, Bernadine Bernhardt, Luda Luinys, Carol Andrews, Margaret Schlaeger, 

Diane Pierre, Margaret Francis 
Third row: Irma Shainberg, Jacqualine Greenblatt, Frances Woodrum, Gloria Andrews, Audrey Kramen, Verdean Abernathie, Nancy Brown, Barbara 

Dostal, Marian Osherorl, Cynthia Jordan, Carol Weinbauer, Enid Ewing, Marion Daus, Barbara Morris, Katherine Stobbs, Margery Warfield, Shirley 

Bradshaw, Linda Hanson, Barbara Ransdell 
Second row: Gwen Suckman, Rita Chanen, Lynn Wendnagel, Constance Tazewell. Maura Richman, Ann Keith, Virginia Thompson, Barbara Baxter. Enid 

Weinstein, Sally Walker, Doris Crest, Mary Huntwork, Vicki Rosenberg, Dionne Glasser, Sondra Rosin 
Bottom row: Mary Waxier, Rosella Ervin, Frances Beyer, Barbara Zander, Nancy Lee, Meline Pilibosian, Carolyn Land, Betty Purnell, Rae Ann Starr, 

Marjorie Wiegand, Virginia Churchill, Shirley Krull, Joan Lundstrom, Sharna Susler, Helen Vinson 
Not in panel: Ina Aronoff, Jeanie Ascher, Susan Boyd, Nancy Broaddus. Susan Crandall. Cecile Creath. Verna Dushek, Arlene Elliott. Marjorie Beaver, 

Dianne Greenberg, Dorothy Hamilton, Joan Hradek, Mary Langdon, Shirley Layman, Norma Levine. Kathleen McCullough, Ruth McNabb, Shirley Mc- 

Vicar, Nancy Salkeld, Martha Sanford. Mary Sanford, Suzanne Shaw, Florence Sheehan 

s^flf^ #&®$jm$d 

>.rv r n Q.o ft ? P A o, b a 


. . -. ■ - 

' jrilyn Handrock -stafson 


Sigma Nu 

honors women in physical education 


Alpha Tau Alpha I 

evelops professional spirit among 
future teachers of agriculture 

.- I - r exas fcr, Dai 3 !<:; 

t Eubank, Donald Robots-: r :-;hler, John Line 

Second E ird Behm. I 

Bernard Goetze Ronald Fete •..' Eli :~ Anpperle, I :d-nt; James Btn- 

•: : Charles Berlin, Richard Ewbank, Frail Kubalek. Willi. . ~ -x\n Smith, Robert Lahr 

Top row: Elmer Hendricks, Robert Holloway, Donald Holt. Verlan Hebeier, Joseph Stetson 

Second row: George Lewis, reporter; Fred Cooper. James Ber.nett, president; Merritt Sprague, vice president: Donald Shretfler, secretary 

Bottom row: Richard Vial. William Wemgarz. Freeman Marti. James Meyer 

Sot in panel: Gerald Bachman, Roger Carlson, Donald Cash, Robert Dodson. David Doetzel, Eldon Greenwood, Ronald Greve, John Jacus, Darrel 

Jessen. Ronald Konzak. William Martin, Thomas Maudlin. Walter Richner, Carl Schauble, Cletus Schertz. Edward Schumann, Jerrv Stetfen. Joseph 

Umbach. Ryland Webb 


T ~¥ £±\ n recognizes scholarship and leadership in activities 
d M-J\Z> I CI among agriculture students 

Beta Alpha Psi 

honors outstanding students in 

Top row: Edward Kercher, Rudolph Schattke, Robert Dickey, Donald Skadden. Fred Steggerda, Robert Carpenter. Shayle Fox, Dennis Brady 

Second row: Henry Jachec. George Mannakis, Ronald Howard, William Firke, Christ Marinakis, Howard Dolineer, George Kaneoka 

Bottom row: Frances McCown, Marjone Boyle, Melvin Greene, vice president-treasurer; Walter Henson. p*. taint, Anna Fujita. secretary; Marilyn 

Mathison, Sonia Fischmann 
Sot in panel : Xorbert Kraegel, Robert Palmer, James Slovick, Leland Wise. Xeil Bergman. Richard Davison. Paul Gold, Robert Jaffee, Margaret 
Kincius, William Menke, Margarita Neimanas, Thomas Stein. Frank Van Overstraeten. Billy Barnes, Prof. Kenneth Perry, Prof. Robert Schlosser. Prof. 
William Thomas. Prof. Dorothy Litherland, Prof. Robert Mautz, Prof. Joseph Bachman. Prof. Heaton Baily. Prof. Edward Breen. Prof. James 
Carrithers. Prof. Charles DeLong, Pres. Lloyd Morey, Prof. Cecil Mover. Prof. Easel Dillavou, Prof. Charles Gaa, Prof. Horace Gray, Prof. Paul 
Green. Prof. Milford Kellogg, Prof. Morns Kessier. Prof. Hale Newcomer. Prof. Hiram Scovill, Prof. Edwin TIil:>>. Pt if. Pa..! Van Arsdell. Prof. 
Nelson Wakefield, Prof. Arthur Wyatt, Prof. Vernon Zimmerman. Prof. Leon Hay. Prof. Dorsey Wiseman 


Top row: Robert Koscielny, Ashley Craig, Ronald Swafford, William Schnobrich, William Pollard, advisor; John Hutchinson 

Second row: Robert Storer, Jonas Variakojis, William Mebes, Michael Gaus, George Zuubier, Alfred Bowald 

Bottom row: Walter Rowland, vice president; Robert Mikitka, treasurer; Robert Fosnaugh, secretary; Frank DiFrank, president; Glen Wilder- 

muth, Leroy Heilmann 
Not in panel: Robert Lenzini, Frank Burr 

Chi Epsilon 

recognizes outstanding scholarship in civil engineering 

Gamma Alpha Chi 

provides practical experience in 

Top row: Diane Zaremba, Nancy Blum, Dorothy Marchetti, Patricia Sievers, Clara Downs, Janice Hackbarth, Sandra Racine, Adrienne Berman, Donna 

Second row: Janice Jordan, Jacqueline Mash, secretary-treasurer ; Mary Lou Miller, president; Dr. Charles Sandage, Martha Ann Roe, vice president; 

Greta Erickson, June Mansbach 
Bottom row: Barbara Apperson, Charlene Lynch, Sandra Vlay, Jane Penn, Bonna Lederer, Ann Shilladey 


The Dolphin Swimming Fraternity for uni- 
versity men was established in 1912. This 
social organization is open to all men who 
have an interest and show superior ability in 
water skills. One of the main functions of this 
organization is to improve the all-around 
swimming program at the University of Illi- 
nois and throughout the State of Illinois. 

An annual water show is presented in the 
Fall as a feature of Dads' Day and Home- 
coming week-ends. One of the highlights of 
this aquatic carnival is the selection of a Dol- 
phin Queen who acts as sponsor for the or- 
ganization during her year's reign. 

The Dolphins officiate at swimming events, 
co-operate with Terrapin, send representa- 
tives to the National Aquatic Forum, and 
sponsor such events as swimming clinics and 

Top row George Gfroerer, secretary; Donald La Morticella, treasurer 
Bottom row: Robert demons, vice president; Robert Kramp, president 


Top row Charles Pranke, Peter Bartu, Nelson Loar, Charles Dunbar. John Farrow, Donald Keenan, David Hansen, George Sonnenleiter, Robert Mc- 

ThM^lw .^Robert Carey, William Kerns, Donald Dowd, Jacob Grossman, Arnold Cajet, John Glezen, John McDowell, Val Krukonis, Roger John- 
son, Frederick Fahey, Donald Larson, Alfred Kobak _ ., .. , , , 

Second row: Robert Porter, Ronald Pearce, Helmut Witt, Donald La Moiticella, Robert demons, Donald Sammons, George Gfroerer, David Mersbach, 
Merle Willmann, Alan Weaver 

Bottom row: Robert Miller, David Sterritt, Hal Johnstone, Marvin Lord 

Not in panel: Robert Kramp, Nicholas Karpinchek, John Moskiewicz, Donald Van Rossen 


Top row: Frank Sekera, John Strathman, Charles Kersch, James Peters in, George Kerster. Donald Nash, Milton Radant, Richard Ber 

Second row: Robert Hardin, corresponding secretary; Samuel Balden, treasurer; Porter W'omeldorff, vice president; Ruel Weas, president; Prof. Paul 

Hudson, advisor; Edward Conover, recording secretary; Robert DuFore 
Bottom row: George Lofgren, Eldon Ash. Alan Padorr, John Overbey, James Roth 
Not in panel: James Berkovec, Dean Hickman 

Eta Kappa Nu 

honors outstanding students in electrical 

Omega Beta Pi 

promotes friendship among pre-medical 


Top row: William Stone, Robert Pasnau, Charles Seibert, Charles Chase, John Finch, John Best. Margaret Francis 

Bottom row: Edwin Kerr, Jerry Farber, president; Doris Krull, recording secretary; Joseph Libnoch, corresponding secretary; 

Strelow, treasure) ; Clyde Graham 
Not in panel: Gene Trager, vice president 

Norman Taylor, Delmar 

Tab row Ellen Rhode, Judith Konneker, Mary McKinnie, Barbara Schedel, Marjorie Oathout, Carol Magnan Rae Grosch 

Bottom row: Linda Selders, Mary Most, Prof. Alice Kirkpatrick, arfwor; Barbara, vice president; Jean Harshbarger, president; Mary 

Butzback treasurer; June Weilar.d. Barbara Lowis, corresponding secretary , 

Not in panel: Conn.e Berutti, Betty Cook, Nancy Gillespie, Dorothy Grossmann, Frances McCown, Dorothy Parsons, recording secretary: Barbara 

Rogers, Theresa Ruth, Ruth Sabine, Betty Snider, Jane Sweidel 

Phi Chi Theta 

fosters high ideals for women in business 

Phi Eta Sigma 

honors high scholarship among freshman men 

Top row: Charles Conover, Michael Maksud, Emil Diewald, Bruce Lund. Don 
Bottom row: Asbury Moore. Kenneth Johnson, James Holste, Jobe Payne. 
Chester Jackson 

Simmons, Arnold Cajet, Herman Lukow, Donald Van Rossen 
James Voorhees, president Th .mas Krizan, Roger Wycoff, Prof. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa 

promotes interest in physical 

Phi Upsilon Omicron ZZ 

promotes and advances 


Top row: Betty Shelton, Harriett Hutchings, Donna Vetter, Caryl Towsley, Lois Johnson, Betty Johnson, Carol Krause. Virginia Davis. Velma Riley 
Bottom row: Jessie YX'isegarver, Joyce Bolton, Mary Rogers, Roberta Edwards, vice president; Martha Large, president; Frances Adams, Eva Woodall, 

secretary; Beverly Brissenden 
Not in panel: Mary Fishel, treasurer; Betty McDougall, Betty Priggie 


Top row: Lawrence Chanoch, Charles Janka, Gordon Lovestrand, Ronald Vacek. Richard Osborne, Thomas Goad, Eugenijus Jankus, Thomas Regul 

Second row: Bruce Cook, Robert Olson, Robert Voight, Waldemar Rawicki, Lawrence Utberg, Raymond Mueller, Garland Smith 

Bottom low: Richard Wharton, Edward Brown, rice president; Richard Brown, recording secretary; Richard Lance, president; Robert Quade, 

treasurer: Oliver Smith, corresponding secretary; Prof. Dean McFeron, advisor 
Sot in panel: John Krupka, Thomas Madden. Robert Nejdl, Roger Wadsworth 

Pi Tau Sigma 

fosters high ideals in the mechanical engi- 
neering profession 

Shorter Board 

recognizes senior women outstanding in 
leadership and service 

Top row: Barbara Victor. Margaret Conlin, Mary Fishel, secretary; Barbara Bell, Patsy Hutson, Dorothy Hartigan, Janet Barker, Patricia Robinson, 

president; Marilyn Webber, Lois Enright 
Bottom row: Renate Windmueller, Shirley Rodine, Barbara Cross, vice president; Janice Jordan, Jeannine Burnier, Dolores Siegert 
Not in panel: Elisabeth Bachman, Elisabeth Gregoric, Joan Kovitz, treasurer 


■ s 





Left to right: Lynda Couch, treasurer; Carol Cox, president; Dolores Holmes, 

tet retary 
Not in panel: Leslie Ator, rice president; Mary Rigney, sing chairman 

Shi-Ai, the sophomore activity honorary 
for sorority women, works to promote and 
strengthen friendship among the sororities 
and to encourage interest in campus activities. 
They also hold exchanges with Skull and 
Crescent and Star and Scroll, the sophomore 
fraternity men's activity honoraries. 

Established in 1920 at Northwestern, Shi-Ai 
has since worked for many service projects 
consisting of a Christmas party for the Old 
Peoples Home, a milk fund drive for needy 
Champaign-Urbana families, a Foster Child 
Plan, and donating money for the Miriam 
Sheldon Scholarship Fund. They also sponsor 
the Shi-Ai Sing during Mother's Day week- 

Every fall, each sorority chooses two sopho- 
more girls outstanding in leadership, activi- 
ties, and scholarship to represent them in 


Top row: Rhoda Willey, Marjorie Wiegand, Elaine Bernstein, Allene Brodinax, Joan Lundstrom, Enid Weinstem, Irma Shainberg, Arlt 

Alice Van Dyke, Carol Coulter, Marilyn Ganschow, Sara Bergman, Katherine Stobbs 
Third row : Helen Vinson, Georgia Miller, Carol Scherwat, Patricia Jewell, Marian Osheroff, Lois Limberg, Carol Lundin, Joan Alders 

Jackson, Jeanne Brunknw, Marilyn Perry, Adrienne Eames, Barbara Arnold 

rlene Elliott, 

:rson, Nancy 
Jackson, Jeanne Brunknw, Marilyn Perry, Adrienne Eames, Barbara Arnold 

Second tow: Betty Briney, Carol Schaefer, Dorothy Wolf, Janet Jones, Susanne Ewing, Mary Alexander, Virginia Thompson, Sara Barry, Marcia 
Pritchett, Betty Purnell, Sirella Schwaitz 

Bottom row: Arlene Huddleston, Carole Coclcerill, Eva Hildesheimer, Lynda Couch, Carol Cox, Dolores Holmes, Suzanne Meloan, Charlotte Mc- 
Donald, Elsie Krumpe 

Not in panel: Leslie Ator, Judith Eisenstaedt, Eleanor Kay, Joan Smith, Mary Rigney 


Top row: Arthur Anderson, Henry Jacliec, treasurer; Robert O'Shaughnessy, president; Dale Henning, Bruce Palmer, secretary; Clinton Spivey 

Bottom row: Prof. Merten Mandeville, Max Richards, Hassan Tewfik, Leland Wise 

Not in panel: Ibrahim Abdalla, Charles Gardner, Thomas Goad, Bernard Harris, Kaiplackel Philip, Borje Saxberg 

Sigma Iota Epsilon 

furthers interest in management 
and industrial engineering 

Sigma Tau 

promotes interest in engineering 

Top row: Robert Chandler, Gerald Slocum, Dwight Mahaffy, Edward Barsuk, Leon Roszyk, Herbert Kuehne, Robert Wold, Alan England 

Second row: Porter Womeldorff, Thomas Regul, treasurer; Marvin Ehlers, recording secretary; Winton Black, advisor; Donald Koss, president; 

Charles Kersch, corresponding secretary; Oliver Smith, Fred Laccabue, Richard Capek 
Bottom row: Dwight Noberg, Aden Lauchner, Edward Swargulski, Arnold Fieser, Donald Henning, Thomas Madden, John Strathman 
Not in panel: John Kiest, rice president 


Officers — Left to tight: Jerry Maisenbacher, vice president; Stanley Rolfe, 
treasurer; William Graham, president; Peter Tomaras, lecretar) 

The purposes of Skull and Crescent, na- 
tional fraternity honoring sophomore men, 
are to create and promote interfraternity fel- 
lowship, and to encourage freshmen to excel 
in scholarship and campus activities. Mem- 
bers are chosen for outstanding achievement 
in activities and scholarship from the twenty- 
five oldest fraternities on campus. 

Among the social events sponsored annu- 
ally by the organization are a pajama race, a 
formal dinner dance, a pledge banquet, and 
an exchange with the members of Shi-Ai, wo- 
men's sophomore honorary. Members also 
compete in an annual contest with Toma- 
hawk, independent men's sophomore honor- 

Receiving Skull and Crescent pins from 
previous members, new initiates present the 
alums with an honorary paddle each year. 

Skull and Crescent 

Top row: Theodore Filson, Donald Brooks, Ronald Carlson, Paul Hayes, Bernard Quandt, Richard Little, Peter Tomaras, Ronald Ammons, Donald 

Page, John Eure, Claude Sime, Lawrence Ginestra, Frederick Figge, Richard Flores 
Third row: Charles Rogers, Charles Seibert, Michael McCray, Dick Merhar, James Goodwine, Carl Eichstaedt, David Enright, Darrel Harter, Ronald 

Beck, Edward Johnson, William Pearre, Paul McLaughlin, Stanley Rolfe, Wilbur Zanin 
Second row: Jerry Maisenbacher, Henry Hennis. John Egan, Roy Diesner, William Graham, Richard Michalek, Donald Kane 
Bottom row: Stanley Felderman, Edward Tucker, Daniel Pepper, William Aufderhaar, James Smith, Charles Mitch, Richard Jirus, Robert Leigh, 

David Bailev 
Not in panel.' Ralph Fisk, Norman Racine, Max Penwell, John Muiray, David BartrufT, John Mason 


Star and Scroll is a sophomore men's hon- 
orary fraternity which was founded at the 
University of Illinois for the purpose of pro- 
moting inter-fraternity fellowship, raising 
freshmen scholastic standards, encouraging 
freshmen in activities, and perpetuating the 
traditions of the University. 

Membership is made up of two men se- 
lected each year from the seventeen member 
fraternities on the basis of their scholastic 
standing and potential success as a campus 
leader in extracurricular activities. 

An annual highlight is the Star and Scroll 
formal dance and the selection of a queen 
chosen from candidates representing each of 
the member houses. 

The group also participates in the student 
activity night, the Sweet Sixteen Circus, and 
a Union Coffee hour with Shi-Ai. 

Top row: William Milbratz, treasurer; Walter Kurth, president; Benjamin 

Borowsky, secretary 
Bottom row: Ira Gardner, advisor; Rolland Bethards, tergiant-at-armi 

Star and Scroll 

Top ion : Richard Vance, Beniamin Ziccarelli, Larry Lawler, Frank Laraia, Eugene Tomlin, Michael Kohn, Frank Tiley, Robert McNally, John Denner- 

lein. Earl Swett, Stanford Glass, Cecil Worrells 
Second row: Wayne Weber, Jerry Summers, Robert Jacobson, Robert Spraetz, Robert Kastelic, Paul Loitz, Paul Duffey, Walter Richner, Richard Stone, 

Stanley Peskind, Chailes Ricketts, Dennis Serdahl 
Bottom row: George Magee, Robert Haven, Ira Gardner, William Milbratz, Walter Kurth, Benjamin Borowsky, Rolland Bethards, Thomas Taylor 
Not in panel: Alden Orput, Stuart Boyle, Richard Baker. Dmald Freund, Edward McCrary, James Mawson, Robert Rashkow, Charles Gautschy, Vance 

Van Tassell 


Top row: Virginia Kinder, Joyce Weise, David Templeton, treasurer; Beverly Chubat, Prof. John Raushenbergei, advisor; Prof. Charles Dietemann, 

advisor; Carol Petefish, David Dieteman, Joan Goodmiller 
Second row: Patricia Clare, Marjorie Thompson, Patricia Smith, Shirley Stewart, secretary; Carmen Mowry, Dolores Holmes, Mary McKee 
Bottom row: Marie Garvey, Mary Young, president; Carol Brehsmer, vice president; Phyllis Haase 
Nor in panel: Janet Gronberg, Patricia Vallero, Jacquelyn Jones, Raymond Slanker, Doris Hubei, Carol Hodges, Patricia McGee, Robert Taugner, 

Alan Stacell, Joan Andrews, William Carter, Joann Pergrem, Donald MacCrimmon 

Society of Illustrators 

honors art students who 
maintain high scholarship 


is an activity honorary for independent 
sophomore men 

Top row: John Hines, John Heiken, J. C. Caroline, Larry Ten Pas, Calvin Sifferd, advisor 
Third row: Simeon Biason, Ernest Adam. Donald Reichel. Robert Bachmann 

Second roiu : Jack Wolfmark, William McNair, Sheldon Getzug, James Foresman, Richard Lockhart 

Bottom row: Robert Graeff, treasurer; Richard Shively, secretary; Jack Wirtz, vice president; Gustave Weber, president; Arnold Berkowitz, 
Richard Reichelt 


Tau Beta Pi, an extensively recognized en- 
gineering honor society, was founded at 
Lehigh University in 1885 "to mark in a fit- 
ting manner those who have conferred honor 
upon their Alma Mater by distinguished 
scholarship and exemplary character as 
undergraduates in engineering, or by their 
attainments as alumni in the field of engineer- 
ing, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture 
in the engineering colleges of America." 

Tau Beta Pi now has ninety-two chapters 
with a membership of over 70,000. Alpha 
chapter, established at the University of Illin- 
ois in 1897, was the fifth chapter founded. 
Juniors and seniors in all branches of engi- 
neering who meet required standards of 
scholarship, leadership, and character are eli- 
gible for membership. 

Officers — Top row: John Harding, corresponding secretary; John Gabor, 

cataloger ; Porter Womeldorff, treasurer; Paul Hutchinson, president 

Bottom row: Robert Schrader, vice president; Dwight Mahaffey, recording 

Tau Beta Pi 

Top row: Raymond Mueller, Eugenijus Jankus, Alfred Bowald, John Harding, Dwight Mahaffey, Robert Schrader, Porter Womeldorff 
Second row: Prof. Harry Drickamer, Roger Hudrlick, John Gabor, Joseph Yancik, Milton Radant, Prof. Joseph Barkson 
Bottom row: Ruey Liu, Tet Pang, Charles Ulfig. Paul Hutchinson, Robert Quade 

Not in panel: Joseph Bartz, Robert Boys, David Brandt, Donald Brotherson, Robert Hardin, John Krupka, Richard Lance, Robert Mieher, Phillip 
Mueller, John Quinn, Richard Romono, William Schnobrich, William Scott, Herbert Walther 


Top row: Auguste Lehman, assistant rice president; Patricia Pavlis, secre- 
tary; Diane Reich, W.A.A. representative; Elizabeth Roe, historian; Jac- 
queline Mash, treasurer 

Bottom row: Patricia Twardock, assistant rice president; Olive Tirol, rice 
president; Nancy Berquist, president 

Not in panel: Joan Alderson, competitive Humming chairman 

Terrapin, an honorary swimming club for 
University women, selects its pledges on the 
basis of swimming skill and potential water 
ballet skill. The aims of the club are to fur- 
ther interest and proficiency in aquatics, to 
promote a spirit of good sportsmanship and 
friendship among its members, and to en- 
courage interest and participation in aquatic 
activities at the University and elsewhere. 

One of the year's highlights is the water 
show which is given annually as part of the 
Mother's Day weekend festivities. This show 
consists of water musical numbers which are 
written and produced by the members. 

In September, 1952, Terrapin offered for 
the first time an Educational Service Fund 
designed to assist students in research work 
connected with aquatic activities. 



Top row: Janet Juckett, Joan Moran, Ann Babel, Barbara Calvert, Nancy Carter, Adele Monterastelli, Barbara Babcock, Barbara Steger, Joan Johnston, 
Joan Novak 

Fourth row: Rebecca Sargent, Jean Kruger, Helen Andrews, Dorothy Porter, Frances Corcoran, Beverly Bryngelson, Joanne Gernant, Frances Stewart, 
Janice Mathews, Barbara Samuels, Virginia Myers, Iris Garland, Jane Herskowitz, Marilyn Reinhart 

Third row: Letita Johnson, Mary Sterrett, Carol Coulter, Georgia Miller, Carolyn Jones, Mary Heinicke, Charlene Reich, Lois Hexdall, Bonnie Payne, Lor- 
raine Nielsen, Doris Bullock, Auguste Lehman, Patricia Pavlis, Olive Tirol, Nancy Berquist 

Second row: Marylou McGowan, Doris Lokay, Miriam Ernst, Patricia Baima, Jean Ringenberg, Jean Huber, Harriet McLaughlin, Doralie Flutcher, 
Phyllis Miner, Paula Strohl, Patricia Lawder 

Bottom roiv : Vera Jacobson, Betty Purnell, Sheila Bittman, Elizabeth Wahlstrom, Patricia Butler, Nancy Jackson, Mary Vachta, Nancy Upsall, Sarah 
Highsmith, Floy Rowland 

Not in panel: Joan Alderson, Reina Cohn, Diane Reich, Carole Scherwat, Virginia Sinclair, Carol Tetrev 

<\ a'Wa 

\^K _ 4 

president; Patricia Burian, treasurer; Donna Duerwachter 
Bo//L raw: Sheila Dalby, Barbara Wepramsky, Ruth Hall, Mary Rausch 

Theta Sigma Phi 

encourages high scholarship among 
women in journalism 

Zeta Phi Eta 

stimulates and encourages worthy speech and 
dramatic enterprises 

N „//;V^'Y d I S^?T;~"NSrfe'E7i,.SVd H a'rS k ,,.n B«k„„„. C„o,e B^ingta,. Do-.. Die,. J.di* H„.™k, J— Mo„- 

horst, Sylvia Muirhead, Carole Perrye, Rosalyn Seller, Renee Stahl 



Organizations and societies are becoming an 
increasingly important part of college life. They 
afford the student the two-fold opportunity of 
applying and increasing his classroom knowledge 
in practical situations and of developing a well 
rounded personality and social adeptness. 

By belonging to an organization whose activities 
pertain to the student's chosen field, the student 
receives the opportunity to relate and apply the 
theory learned in the classroom to the field of 
work in which he will be engaged in the future. 
He is able to meet and converse with prominent 

men in his chosen occupation, participate in field 
trips, and keep informed of the latest trends and 
developments in his field. Equally as important, 
however, is the opportunity afforded the student 
to engage in the numerous social activities held 
by these organizations, offering him the chance to 
further develop his character and personality. 

The purpose of the following pages is to famili- 
arize the student with the organizations and 
societies represented at Illinois and to recognize 
the work accomplished by those who are active 


Agriculture Education Club 

Top row: James Jeffers, Patrick Gallivan, John Nesbitt, Robert Alexander, Albert Tieken, John Rentschler 

Fifth row: James Purdue, August Kunkel, Jewel Jenne, John Line, James Ranson, Hershel Sanders 

Fourth row: Larry Collom, Glenn Bevington, William Harrison, David King, Gerald Miller 

Third row: Bernard Goetze, William Burgess, William Tompkins, Ronald Peters, John Esarey, James Esarey, Wayne Ewbank, John Matthews 

Second row: Edward Behm, Marvin Wolford, George Lander, David Stolz. Charles Morine 

Bottom row: Donald Robertson, Eldon Aupperle, vice president; Harry White, James Bennett, president; Ralph Goodman, treasurer 

Not in panel : Donald Jones, secretary 

The Mini Accountancy Club is an organ- 
ization designed to promote interest in the 
science of accountancy and to aid the stu- 
dent in receiving information of the ac- 
counting activities in the business world. 
Membership is not limited to majors in ac- 
countancy, but the program is designed for 

Normally, six meetings are held each year. 
The subjects of income tax, cost accounting, 
public accounting, controllership, and gen- 
eral accounting are discussed. A speaker, 
prominent in the branch of accounting to be 
reviewed, is invited to attend the meeting 
and comment on the present activities in this 
field. A field trip to a large industrial firm in 
a nearby city is planned and executed during 
the year. 

Officers-Top row: Richard Cole, vice president; Prof. John Garrithers, 
Bottom 'Zw: Jerome Meister. president; Linda Selders, secretary-treasurer 

Accountancy Club 

Top row: Jeanette Althoff, Mary Uffelman Audrey Laznicka Richard Cole, Fred Meyer, George Rued.ger 


Top row: John Weidert, John Carson, Irvin Lawfer, John Gill, Orval Kerchner, Robert Carlson, Robert Hudson, David McGinty, Donald Debolt, 
Charles Moore, Richard Baird, Edward Bergschneider, Gerald Hurelbrink, William Heinhorst 

Fifth row: Paul Awe, Robert Lind, Ivan Lawfer, Howard Parr, Forest Storm, Frederick Heyl, Burton Wikgren, Gordon Turnbull, Paul Larson, Rob- 
ert Emmons, Wayne Westerhold, Joe Bicknell 

Fourth row: Vance Van Tassel, John Sullivan, Wiliiam Britz, James Bennett, Raymond Duewer, John Chesnut, Eldon Aupperle, Lyle Truckenbrod, 
Joseph Umbach, Donald Garrigan, William Wentz, William Baird, Nina Wilson, Duane Swarts 

Third row: Charles Shuman, Jesse Osthus, Richard Vial, John Rithmiller, Richard West, Max Fulling, vice president; John Stewart, Wallace Rey- 
nolds, president: Richard Bell, secretary: Wilbur Nelson, Robert Hunt, Emily Beggs. Adele Murr 

Second row: Hampton Parker, Richard Rayburn, Maxwell Newport, Bobby Story, Gordon Ropp, Godfrey Bergschneider, Walter Watts, James Hawes, 
LeRoy Sauder, Ronald Fink, Walter VanWinkle, William West, Donald Denby, Jon Ellis, Merle Millei, James Mawson, Terry Greathouse 

Bottom row: Donald Rice, Leon Bonneur, Paul Rieke, Joseph Stetson, David Bossert, Vernon Hauschild, Kenneth Stabler, Forrest Gillespie, Harry 
McGhee, Roger Wenstrom, Roger Schlichting, Carlyle Greathouse, Paul Luedke 

Not in pane): David Cole, treasurer; Ronald Peters, reporter 

Agriculture Club 

promotes interest in agriculture 

Alpha Phi Omega 

assembles former scouts in service 
to the student body and community 

Top row: George VanEmden, D'-nald Lee, Bernard Quandt, Ivan Davis, David King, Allan Bluestone, Donald Reichel, Everett Faitz 
Second row: Ira Boyar, Robert Eberhart, secretary; John Launer, Prof. Leo Tenon, advisor; Jerry Wiight, president; Richard Hull, vice president; Rob- 
ert Ivers, Richard Reichel 
Bottom row: Richard Hangren, Glenn Able, Donald Hartmann, Berndt Schertzer, Fred Kraus, Robert Bachmann 
Not in panel: Bruce Huffer, treasurer; John Murray, Robert Squires, Kenneth Peart, George Florman, Ronald Rilott, Robert Steiner 


The American Institute of Architects, pro- 
fessional organization for architecture stu- 
dents, has, from its inception in 1857, been 
deeply concerned with the education of pros- 
pective architects. It establishes direct con- 
tact between the students and practicing 
architects by sponsoring lectures by practic- 
ing architects and building personnel who 
report significant projects and developments 
in the field. 

The chapter also provides a forum for stu- 
dent discussions, a medium for interclass con- 
tacts, and a means of expressing student 
opinion and needs. 

The AIA aids the students chapters by 
means of a Student Chapter Handbook, an 
annual report of the activities of all chapters, 
and by providing each member with its 

Top row: Stanley Routh, vice president; Standley Naysmith, assistant treasurer; 

Warren Anderson, treasurer; John Sotedes, sergeant-at-arms ; Prof. Turpin 

Bannister, advisoi 
Bottom vow: Barbara Buckmaster. corresponding secretary: Charles Bergstrom, 

president; Ruth Hnok, secretary 

American Institute of Architects 

Top row: Ronald Backhus, Leo Marolf, Richard Witt, John Brown, Frederic Kay, Jack Quell, Warren Anderson, Carl Hoglund, George Peabody, Paul 
Bowers, Herman Cisek 

Third row: Anne Way, Charles Ingold. James Knudstad, Newton Elder, William Wuerfel, Robert Forsythe, Robert Schultz, John Haller, James Rigsby, 
Richard Cogley, Raymond Bulinski, Bernard Krejcik, Rudolph Klepitsch, Joyce Davis 

Second row: Thomas Hooker, Standley Naysmith, Charles Gathers, John Sofedes, Ronald Dirsmith, Thomas Mizera, Joan Englis, Ruth Hook, Donald 
Rutkowski, Prof. Jack Baker, Richard Nielsen 

Bottom row: Herbert Schneider, William Shaw, Arthur Schwartz, Robert Wirth, Richard Smith, George Riley, Gordon Iverscn, Vytautas Petrauskas 

Not in panel: Glenn Abel, George Albers, Rembert Alley, James Ambrose, Sarti Armand, Robert Babcock, Archie Backlin, Charles Bergstrom, Chris Bohn. 
Barbara Buckmaster, James Carpenter, Edgar Casey, David Chow, Everett Conway, Thomas Devine, Donald Detloff, Horace Dillinger, Richard Engle, 
Edward Finneran, Hans Fischer, Thomas Flamma, Sheldon Gordon, Arthur Garikes, Gilbert Gray, David Griffins, Philip Gardner, John Henderson, 
Joel Hillman, Stanley Holat, Tom Holzbog, Harold Jahn, Cyrus Johnson, Norman Johnson, Ralph Jones, Kenneth Kania, Robin Kozelka, Charles 
Kovacs, Robert Larsen, Lloyd Leffers, James Liddell, Richard Lockhart, John Manachek, Robert Mast, David Mayer, Howard McCall, Wayne Meierhans, 
Harold Meek, Marvin Newman, Donald Olivieri, Brian Owens, Anthony Pawlowsky. Raymond Pittman, Gary Peck, Robert Proctor, Evan Rice. Stan- 
ley Routh, Norman Rudenbeig, Robert Rosenthal, Ferdinand Scheeler, Howard Schroeder, Edwin Shelby, Stanley Shigemura, Zubkus Sigitas, Delbert 
Smith, Donald Sorensen, Emil Sorensen, Donald Sporleder, Lane Swanson, Robert Teegardin, John Thomas, William Tippens, John Westerlund, Rob- 
ert Winkelhake, Leonard Wisniewski, Garv Wittlich, Pak Woo, Edward Vitkus, Vytautas Lapatinskas, Ronald Zellner, Algimantas Zemaitis, Gregorio 


Top row: Russel Bolton, Gordon Pales, John Sincere, Prof. Andrew Andrew.. Randolph Lund, Prof. Alfred Alien, advisor; Raymond Mochle, James 

Glasford, William Robson, Rogei Arnold, Clarenci Hoenig, Robert Hallse, Gilbert Cochran 
Second row- Richard Hoffman, Eugene Lynch, Prof. Ralph < oolc, Hans Muller, Robert Beats, Peter Johnson, Walter Rchm, Jerome Rosenthal, John 

Kerr, Prof. William Plankenhom. George Mc'I'aRsart 
Bottom row: I.oren Dav, William Siott, fames NeKon. Robert Cowan, vice president; Harry Carpenter, secretary; Harold Bennett, treasurer; Peter 

Shalek. president; Richard Anderson, Victor Tcnncry 

American Ceramic Society e „coura g e 8 

educational and social activities among ceramic engineering students 

American Foundrymen's Society 

acquaints students with opportunities in the foundry industry 

Top row: William Trexler, Romualdas Viskanta, David Albert, Gerald Slocum, Richard Wharton, Jesse Matheny. Gerald Griffith 

Bottom row: Norman Donze, Wilham Lahrman, Robert Gondry, vice chairman; Clyde Young, chairman; Bruce Cook, Ronald Richards, Prof. James 

Leach, advisor 
Not in panel: John Bond, treasurer 


The combined student branch of the 
American Institute of Electrical Engineers 
and Institute of Radio Engineers has had a 
total of 165 members for the past year. The 
electrical engineering division is composed 
of students from the fields of power, com- 
munications, and illumination. 

The main purpose of the organization is to 
provide a general, overall picture of how 
electrical engineering is applied to industry, 
and to provide an opportunity to become 
more closely acquainted with fellow engi- 
neers and their problems. 

Throughout the year, visiting engineers 
from various companies have presented lec- 
ture-demonstrations on various problems and 
phenomena encountered in industry. 

They are indirectly affiliated with the Na- 
tional American Institute of Electrical En- 
gineers and Institute of Radio Engineers. 

Top row: Laurel Chapman, corresponding secretary (I.R.E.) ; Prof. Ernest Reid, 

advisor; Ruel Weas, engineering council representative ; Prof. Paul Schwarz- 

lose, advisor 
Bottom row: Frances Watkins, engineering council representative ; Richard 

Bez, treasurer; Howard Hern, chairman, Robert Hardin, vice chairman; 

Robert DuFore, secretary; George Hunt, corresponding secretary (A.I.E.E.) 

A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Top row: Laurel Chapman, Robert Hardin, Porter Womeldorff, Edward Johanson, John Barnes, Leon Roszyk, James Peterson, Craig Soule 

Third row: Prof. Ernest Reid, Elmer Bailey, Samuel Balden. Charles McDonough, Eugene Selven, Anthcny Maciulus, Albert Rosanes 

Second row: Prof. Paul Schwarzlose, George Janser, David Sauder, Thomas Simpson, Miles Hlavin, Alan Padorr, Charles Haynes, George Lofgren, 

Algirdas Avizienis 
Bottom row: George Hunt, Robert DuFore, Howard Hern, Richard Bez, F ances Watkins, Ruel Weas, Dai Chang, Tet Pang, Mon Lum, Lee Adler 


Top row: Alfred Thompson, Kenneth Brandenburg, Richard Dannells, Wayne Johnson, Zeno Kopecky, Andrew Stebnicki, Saif Samedy, Ronald 

Rathbun, Allan Lieb 
Second row: Arden Weatherly, John Fortman. Elmer Leenerts, Laurence Shappert, Robert Kabel, John Murray, Roger Hudrlik 
Bottom tow: Prof. Max Peters, Richard Romano, secretary; Norman Hupp, Prof. Fraser Johnstone, Prof. Robert Finn, John Quinn, treasurer; 

Harlan Feldkirchner, president 
Not in panel: Mavis McDaniel, vice president 

A. I. Ch. E. 

widens interest in the chemical engineering profession 

_rV« >^« xm.» M-J% stimulates interest in agricultural engineering 

Top row: Byron Fortney, Alane Holz, Loren Noble, James Hoepker, Dale Noble, Charles Rogers, John Bardos, Don Kries, James Rohl, Stephen 

Third row: Charles Ulfig, James Smith, Gerald Cohron, Richard Dunavan, Wilfred Gould, Harrison Foote, Millard Darnall, Paul Loitz, Adib 

Second row: Larry Geer, Walter Richner, Peter Kanneker, treasurer; Cletus Schertz, president; Robert Kleis, Prof. Emil Lehmann, Howard Had- 

ler, vice president; Olin Dyrby, secretary; Hugh McMaster 
Bottom row: John Replogle, Frederick Crang, Leslie Maxedon, Gordon Gillette, Clyde Hogendobler, Charles Ricketts, Theodore Schreyer, 

Wayne Gruben 


Top row: Jonas Variakojis, Walter Rowland, Ibrahim Cingillioglu, Edward Rzewnicki, Donald Eddy, Glen Wildermuth, John Freeman, James 

SecalTrou,: Frank DiFrank, Richard Martson, Max Lorig, Michael Gaus Arthur Berg, William Wakefield, "^^J^S^ 
Bottom row: Alan English, Warren Brandt, vice president; Edward Damal, Robert Koscielny, president; Leonard Olson, treasurer, Ronald Sworrord, 

Dan Dees, corresponding secretary 
Not in panel: Dewey Connor, recording secretary 

J\m >0* V>4» M-Jm 

furthers the advancement of the engineering and 
architectural sciences 

AO "It/I" f? informs members regarding new developments in the 
• i^« lfj.« JUJ» mechanical engineering field 

Tab row Farmaian Farman David Hislop Laurence Moran, Paul Stephens, Lloyd Geertz, Clyde Young, Michael Chen, John McCune 

ThUTow: KbS^ffi'wS Thompson" John Kurzrock. Harold He.sler, R.chard Wharton, Thomas Regul, Antanas Dundzda, W.lliam Evans, 

^K: Hi G Vl^ Osborne, Michae, Gramme, Robert Olson, R.chard 

B^S^P^l^^^rtta/^^^UttSfkeil Perington, treasurer; Richard Brown, vice president; Oliver Smith, president; Bruce 
Cook, secretin y; William Trexler, Donald Carr. Raymond Mueller 



Top row: Prof. Henry Stillwell, James Xerikos, Winthrop Gustafson, Frank Vileta 

Second row: Prof. Zbigniew Krzywoblocki, Hassan Hassan, Dwight Moberg, Kenneth Reside, Prof. Harry Hilton 

Bottom row: Phil DeProtine, treasurer; Robert Chandler, secretary; Dwight Mahaffy, vice president; Gordon Booz, president; Prof. Paul Torda 

Not in panel: Prof. John Coan, Lloyd Gross 

Sigma Gamma Tau 

promotes outstanding scholarship 
in aeronautical engineering 


Production Club promotes in,erest in the 

field of dairy science 

Top row: Maxwell Newport, Roger Strack, Robert Mickey, Orval Kerchner, William Schaller, Donald Loomis, James Bridgeland, Irvin Lawfer, For- 
rest Gillespie, Gerald Hurelbrink, Robert Trotter. Christopher Kunkel, Leon Bonneur 

Bottom low: Ronald Fink, Robert Lind, Jon Ellis, reporter; Donald Shreffler, secretary-treasurer ; Gerald Wagler, president; Gordon Ropp, rice presi- 
dent; William Mellen, Vernon Hauschild, William Wentz, Jesse Osthus, joe Backnell 








7Vtf row Kenneth Wagoner, Ronald Young, Thomas Williams, Marjorie Hoekstra, Charles Chapman, Antom Wypych, Donald Doney, James 

r*W^V^WwSJ| ri S&th"^ C 'l£«hdl. Edward Ausmus, Leah Truxell, Bonnie Lawrence, Judith Fuiks, Doris Sutton, secretary; 

Brice Huddleston, John Calkins, Marvin Lapicola, Robert Kaloupek, vice president; Donald Swift, advuor r>nnilH Glvn Thomas Barn- 

Second row John Torrance, Perry Peisons, Kenneth Anderson, Wallace Manville, Marvin Berron, treasurer; Paul Novak, Donald Oriyn, Ihomas Barn 

B.»^ d V^ yde E^eanol'Go7nto,Tuth n Kelle r , Norma McClure, Pau.a Ingerman, Velma Snyder, Marcia Hediger, Bonnie McManus, Marilyn Dunn, 

Delta Sigma Omicron 

strives to improve the welfare 
of handicapped students 

Dairy Technology Society Z?&^™aZ^ m 

Top row: Lovell Glascock, Jack Trummel, treasurer; Samuel Lombard, Stanley Nelson, John Harris, secretary; John Hoover, Ernest Adam, Gopala 
Botto^rol: Eugene McGarrahan, Ralph Turnbull, president; Prof. Joseph Tobias, Prof. Stewart Tuckey, Richard Kurz, Bill Born, Robert Peterson, 

Lalitha Kadaba 
Not in panel: Richard Lauff, vice president 


r F|f«r 


u . John Schnitzius, Harry Newman, J.>>>n McEwen, Gunard Hans, Laurance H 
Second row: Hershel Post, tecrelary; William, via pniidtnt; John Schmidt, president; Thomas Morgan, Robert Link, John Thomas, treat- 

Bottom ion.- Benjamin DeCamp, Robert Wold, Donald Brotherson, David 

Gargoyle Society i* 

romotes high scholarship among 
rchitectural students 


Floriculture Club 

stimulates interest in the 
floriculture field 

Top row: Richard Malmgren, Carl Suding, James Cipra, Frederick Seibold, Harlan Orham, Henry Emoto 

Third row: jerry Washburne. Waldo Donaho, Carl Enge, Marvin Carbonneau, James H -use. Thomas S >derstrom, Orrin Ferris 

Second row: Gail Fosler, Prof. James Kamp, Jimmy Dates, treasurer; John Walter, secietary ; Robert Bils, Eugene Eckebrecht, president; Roger 

DeYoung, vice president; George Cannon, Sarah Gain, Charles Ackerman, Prof. John Culbert 
Bottom row: Eldon Ahner, Charles Reid, Paul Selmi, Albert Scheffler, Harold Wisneski 
Not in panel: Frederick Weinard, Ronald Armogost. John Boyce, James Bumiller, Edith Fleischer, John Clark, Dixie Daymont, Eugene Dramm, Neil 

Flynn, Herbert Hannagan, Theodore Eck, James Fairhead, Tommy Fay, James Karas, Ronald Konzak, Duane Lamps, James Litwin, Philip Luster, 

Clarence Rogers, Jan Abernathie, Harold Wilkins, James Dale, Chiko Haramaki 

r T^ 7 

Top row: Mary Alien, Margaret Birtwell, Phyllis Birtwell, Alice Shepherd, Romona Sedlacek, Susan Walters, Merle Smedberg, Carole Truckenbrod, 
Joanne Forsberg, Marilyn Hoaglund, Mary Jensen, Eugenie Jones, Pearl Hanebutt, Alice McKenzie, Lorna Hoge 

Fourth row: Velma Riley, Mary McCue, Polly Sanders, Mary Carson, Audrey Nelson, Juliann Ankenbrand, Caryl Towsley. Delores Hickman, Audrey 
Swanson, Barbara Turner, Mary Huntwork, Doris Williams, Marlys Lothson, Ima Bassler, Marilyn Huber, Martha Massie, Joanne Helms, Lila 

Third row: Margaret Perlin, Elizabeth Huck, Dorthy Figge, Carol Krause. Phyllis Stolz, Lois Bauer, Josephine Hendricks, Carmehta Karzen, Lois 
Jett, Margaret Ray, Betty Lee, Carolyn Brewer, Willa Mitchell, Betty Priggie, Ruth Behrends, Patricia Jewell, Billie Boggio, Roberta Beifoh, Kath- 
leen Deeds, Donna Meils, Nancy Bowen, Carolyn Land 

Second row: Jane Behringer, Jeannine Eston, Mildred Player, Roberta Edwards, Mary Rogers, Velma Sleight, Jean Dinsdale, Marjorie Main, Carolyn 
Campbell, Natalie Wiggers, Carol Firch, Nancy Judd, Eva Woodall, Martha Large, Adele Haven, Vivienne Huffman, Wilma Manning 

Bottom row: Betty Shelton, Joyce Prosser, Nancy Tomm, Virginia Willke, Charlotte Hogan, treasurer; Marilyn Morine, Harriett Hutchings, secre- 
tary; Lois Johnson, vice president; Betty Johnson, president; Marie Hans, Leona Webb, Romeyn Schrock, Beverly Shanle, Marjorie Headley 

Home Economics Club promotes friendship 

and develops interest among home economics students 

Horticulture Club 

fosters interest in the field of 

Top row: Prof. Charles Birkeland, Orval Kerchner, John Attebery, Gerald Hansen, Burton Wikgren, Robert Dintelmann, Paul Lueke, Prof. Norman 

Second row: Prof. Arthur Colby, Robert Hayward, George Larsen, David Bossert, S. Jayne, Harvey Hortik, Duane Schwartz, Prof. Charles Arnold 
Bottom row: Donald Loomis, vice president; Melvin Schlueter, president; Richard Vial, secretary-treasurer; Allan May 
Not in panel: Bruce Cone, Ronald Seibel, Jack Bottenfield, Thomas Oliver, Henry Kattner, Donald Keim, George Irwin, Donald Hackerson, Verlan 

Heberer, Donald Jones 



Top row: David Cole, president; Prof. Alvin Neumann, advisor; Robert Lough, 

vice president; John Stewart, reporter 
Bottom row: Waco Albert, advisor; Raundle Ericson, treasurer 
Not in panel: Judy Stewart, secretary 

The Hoof and Horn Club was founded for 
the purpose of promoting interest in livestock 
and the animal science field. It is now the 
largest student club in the Agriculture Col- 

This year some of its activities included 
sponsoring the Little International Horse 
Show, holding the annual spring barbecue, 
honoring the outstanding senior club mem- 
ber, and awarding keys to the outstanding 
livestock judges in the Animal Science 101 
and 103 classes. A large percentage of the 
expenses incurred by the University Live- 
stock Judging and Meats Judging teams are 
also paid by the club. 

Highlights of the spring semester included 
the Spring Judging Contest and the Live- 
stock Showmanship Contest. At the spring 
barbecue, a prominent Illinois livestock 
breeder was honored. 

Hoof and Horn Club 

Top row: Merritt Sprague, Verlan Heberer, Wallace Reynolds, Charles Shuman, Richard Baird, Ronald Rilott, James Stevenson, Leo Bergschneider, Wil- 
liam McGhee, Harry McGhee, Forrest Gillespie, Richard Duvick 

Fourth row: Robert Dintelmann, Raymond Duewer, Waco Albert, Roger Strack, James Williams, Daryle Tegeder, William Heinhorst, Donald Garrigan, 
Gordon Turnbull, David McGinty, Charles Lemker, Don DeBolt, Wayne Becker, Charles Moore, Gerald Johnson, Terry Greathouse, Prof. Alvin Neu- 
mann, James Bennett 

Third row: Ira Gardner, Melvin Schlueter, John Gill, Thomas Oliver, Hampton Parker, William Britz, Ivan Tarleton, Roger Schlichting, Denis Smaage, 
Richard Vial 

Second row: Jack Bottenfield, Max Fulling, Irvin Lawfer, Alan Holz, Jesse Osthus, Kenneth Stabler, Robert Francis, Robert Hunt, James Wenstrom, 
Carlyle Greathouse, Wilbur Nelson, Donald Denby, James Mawson, Merle Miller, Bobbie Weiss, Richard Bell 

Bottom row: Lyle Truckenbrod. Donald Jones, Adele Murr. Godfrey Bergschneider, Gordon Ropp, Walter Watts, David Bossert, Vernon Hauschild, Don- 
ald Rice, Raundle Ericson, John Stewart, Robert Lough, David Cole, William Wentz, Louis Schairer, Duane Swarts 




! I 


Top row: Stanley Rankin, Walter Johnson, John Peters, Frank Gadams, Gordon Tangman, Thomas Krizan, advisor; Frank Gunderson, Ronald Bloom- 

quist, Robert Myers, Anthony Pawlowsky, David Hamilton 
Bottom row. Daren Cox, Charles Smith, secretary; Marvin Carbonneau, vice president; William Croxville, president; Charles Martin 
Not in panel: Emil Kubalek, treasurer; Dwain Moore, John Whitman 

Illini Sportsmen's Club 

furthers the preservation 
and restoration of wildlife 

Illini Insurance Society 

fosters interest in insur- 


Top row: Raymond Norman, president; William Maybrook, Leo Prath, Phillip Flick, vice president; Lynn McNichols, Barnie Abelle, Walter Schoults, 

Dan Eilers, Emerson Cammack, John Westby, Robert Menr, James Wright, treasurer 
Bottom row: Joseph Corley, Sheldon Levy, Edward Frank, secretary; Fred Locher, Robert Hedges 
Not in panel: Robert Land, Clinton MacTaggart, David Ferris 




Top row: Robert Kuczynski, Joseph Koval, Edward Benecki, Stanley Roszkowski, Kenneth Arnesen, Robert McClure, James Dickson, John Sloan, 

Theodore Desch, Gerald Kipsictz, Richard Kavanagh, Wallace Feldman 
Fifth row: Clayton Torbet, John Ward, vice president; Burton Ericson, Robert Plotkin, Nerayo Issayus, Donald Skiles, William Ketcham, Joseph 

Matz, Anthony Fabiano, Sherwood Kains 
Fourth row: Harold Baker, Norman Aronovsky, Kenneth Palmer, Scherrill Weichbrodt, Edward Enichen, John Schultz, Irving Fishman, Vincent 

MacKenzie, George Mecherle, James Bostian 
Third row: Charles Fuchtman, Allan Blair, secretary-treasurer ; John Biggers, Robert Munsell, Philip Greenburg, John Desmond, Robert Beam, 

Francis Mosetick 
Second row: Stuart DeVore, Lloyd Herold, Andrew Peters, William Phillips, vice president: Marian Martin, Emma Hughes, president; William' 

Herring, Randle Johnson, Dwight McKabney, Rodney Bucher 
Bottom row: John Cribbet. Charles Bowman, Alfred Conard, Russell Sullivan, Merrill Schnebly, Rubin Cohn, Albert Harno, Nelson Young, Edward 

Cleary, Harold Holt, William Brirton, George Goble, James Thomas, G.'orge Weisiger 
Not in panel: Hollis Benjamin, Crest Popel, George Marovich 

includes the gradu- 

Law School Senior Class 

ates for the school year 1953-1954 

Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 

encourages friendship among men in aeronautical engineering 

Top row: Robert Deem, Charles Elledge, John Petersen, Robert Penn, John Kistenbroker, Raymond Kramer, Charles Venable, Kenneth Reside, 

William Loy, Lawrence Tisserand, Richard Heinz, Harry Allen, Gary Vansant, John Pharmakidis 
Third row: Richard Somerville, Russell Barnes, Arthur Hall, Roger Crump, Russell Hopps, David Mann, John Cybulski, Paul Ikhtiari 
Second row: David Hull, Robert Boscher, Raymond Siewert, Phil DeProtine, James Jackson, Fred Snyder, William Robbins, Perry Tenhoor, Alfred 

Inselberg, John Fisher, Prof. Paul Torda 
Bottom row: Maurice Garnholz, Allan Nelson, William Russell, Walter Ruczynski, Dwight Moberg, vice chairman; Prof. Harry Hilton, Frank Vileta, 

chairman; Jack Burk, treasurer; David Heibener, secretary; Robert Chandler, Dwight Mahaffy, Daniel Cichy, Benjamin Ziccarelli 


The Illini Marketing Club is a student or- 
ganization whose purpose is to promote stu- 
dent interest in marketing, and is open to 
all who are interested in general marketing, 
advertising, merchandising, public relations, 
foreign trade, transportation, credit manage- 
ment, marketing analysis, marketing research 
or related marketing fields. 

At each monthly meeting a prominent 
business executive discusses the marketing 
problems in his particular field and presents 
valuable ideas and suggestions. These meet- 
ings not only help to bring current business 
problems to the students' attention, but also 
help bridge the gap between the classroom 
lectures and practical experience in industry. 

The members also take field trips to various 
marketing centers. 

Top row Mildred Heischmidt, secretary; Fred Edick, president; Ivan Davis, 
Bottom rZ B : dalles Macke, treasurer; Jordon Teplitz, second vice Resident 

Illini Marketing Club 

Top row. 
Fifth row: 
Fourth row: 
Third row: 
Second row. 

Bottom row. 

Not in panel 

Fred Edick, Ivan Davis, Charles Macke, Robert Hancock, Jordon Teplit* Mildred He^hmudt 

: red Edick Ivan Davis Charles MacKe, -KODert, joiuou jwh", £"'"'" V V r> , c r„h- Ansrhpl 
Frank Torres, Robert Bardell, Leon Friedman Richard . Peterson, James Badgett Kent D^^'p^ Norman Wmgler 

Bernard Baskin, William Blair Jerome Wolf James R uzidc a F byd ^fl^f^f^* Ralph Symons, Gene ^ 

F ^eS SST^K &&JX£££^£ J^rShavi^^hrnp'Rosenfield/char^es Schultz, Janice Rosenberg, Merle 
Allen Freeman, Jane Zebrowski, Alice Leiman, Oscar Wasserman, Eugene, James Spierling, Frank Keck, Helen Kausic, Kathleen 

• Robert Anderson, Robert Anderson, Roger Anderson Matthew Aronson f^^^S^O^' 1ffi^^l?V&t&fc. 
Earle Bitzer, William Blake, William Block, Richard Bostrom Bruno Bruzgulg Paul Burkholder. £«£«* ^f^man, John Furman, Carolyn 
Robert Cygan, Richard Dav,s, Gerald Davis Marvin Dunn James E >ng on Goldman Grosser, Bernard Harris, Edward Harris, Louis Harris, 
Gamier, James Gillespie, Nancy Gillesp.e Norman J. Goldman Norman M. Go I dm an W "^^^ " m , DarfeI Kll Walter Kurth, Yale Lauter, 
Arthur Holtz, Charles Hruska, Marjone lies, David Jennings Jame s Jack on, S tan le, ^nt'^ ™^ Memhart, Robert Miller, Mary Moez. William 
John Lewis,. Paul Luhrsen, ^^J^^J^^Sf^J^tJ^^J^. Raymond Nermann, Daniel 'O/ConnelL Bruce Palmer, Eyeret Pa - 

John Lewis, Paul Luhrsen, Ruth Mashek, R.chard ^^,7,^^^ R^yZnd' No m nn D n? lO'Conncll, Bruce Palmer, Everett Pat- 
Moroney, Walter Moy, John Murphy, fe°U Nabo^soL^ames Stf&ffif^i&I^*^. Norman Rohlfing. Morris .Sachs, Gordon Scene- 

Moroney, Walter Moy, John Murphy. Jerold Nabonsol, James Nagel, Charles ^^g™%£^liot^tobXwg. Morris Sachs, Gordon Schie- 
terson, Robert Patton, Chester Policy . Leo Prath, Raymond Purnel D maid ^ M "San Albert Straub, Eli Streicher, Harold Tenney, Frank 
S^&SftlS^ »™^ Wellington, Diane Zaremba, Mark Zeal 


,*' fiw'i :~7,!iiM«SlflSfifll 

^. f ?"' ; ... Fra T nkl y n WiHey. Barbara Schedel. Andrew Ekblaw, Lorraine Borman, Betsy Byrns, secretary; Marietta Brothers, Daniel OConnell 

Second row: Lenore Glanz, Marylou McGowan, president; Marie Melvil] 


Miriam Behrens, Keith Hunt, Larry Lawler^lUMackTight,' HeTschel Aiperin,' Roger 6 CaHson, vice president; Jlme's Fletcher 

Bottom row: Mary Young, Anne Davis, treasurer; Carol McCradie, Marie Garvey 
at mpaneU Allen Andrews, Omille Kirchner, James Peterson, Jeannine Burnier, George Gunkle, Dorothy Hartigan, Loren Mann, Susan Br 

Mask and Bauble 

develops greater interest in artistic 


I rTV^ill^ftltt P rovi( * es for creative dance study, composition, and 
V^J. VyXJ.HyO-1-S performance 


^ '^;^ a ;^fGweSn S •Sp^in r ge^ 1 Kett ' ekamp ' Janet Moeller " ''" President f Nancy Berquist, Mary Wahl, Johna Glaze, Ruth Wylie, Virginia Lee. 

K J n,°Z 'kZIi R Q Vae Sha B P ' M "V. , Ca P e >. Mjriam Carpenter, Ronald Seidler, secretary; James Slayman, Harry Psichogios 

Not m panel: Suzanne Roe, president; Geulah Abrahams, Shirley Beaty, Richard Jones, Donald Erbach, John Leckel Nancy True 


Top row: Leon Friedman, Richard Earl.x, Martin Goldstein, Irwin Schneider, Marshall Sutlcer, Darnel Miller, Mark Zeal, M.chael, Myron 
BottTrtl: Dona!d Esarove, Ernest Rubinstein, Robert Migatt, Armand Zaleon, rice president ; Robert Neman, president; Morris S.lverman, treasurer; 

Allan Stern corresponding secretary; Robert Dreshfield, recording secretary; Leslie Morns 
Not in panel: Ronald Appel, Merwyn Dan, Maurice Sabath 


furthers the social and cultural well being of its 



increases knowledge of architecture 

Top row Richard Williams, advisor; Richard Donohue, John Schmidt, Prof. Charles Boldon, Nicholas Weber, Robert Wold, Den.s Keith, Prof. Am- 
brose Richardson, Prof. Walter KeHh, Rudard Jones Duerst, Carl Rauchenberger, John Wood 

president ; David Condon, secretary 



Juniors and Seniors— Top row: Charles Esser, Charles Josephson, Paul Joh nson, Wallace Brandt, Robert Keough, Walter Fehrenbacher Alexander 

Winter, Daniel Cohen, Ralph Holstein. Thomas Drije 
Third row: Ralph McQueen, Thomas Phillips, Allan Graham, Harold Bahe, Louis Ohlendorf, Walter Zuschlag, Donald Strombeck John Elder 

Stanley Spesard, James Finnell, Lloyd Helper, James Allison, Walker Nehrkorn, Edward Shinn, Ralph Ziegler, George Sheets John Clayton 
Second row: Walter Schwalbe, William Prusaczyk, Jesse Payne, John Lykins, Glenn Hintermeister, Ralph Hall, Arthur Bottorff, Theodore Wagy 

John Merrick, Thomas Gunhouse, Harold McCutchan, Raol Tart, Darrell Jessen, Thomas Folkerts, president; James Nadler Harold Heffernan' 

James Larsen, treasurer; Norman Jones, secretary; Jewell Schlapp, vice president; Prof. Lorenz St. Clair, advisor 
Bottom row: John Kerr, Edwin Branz, Harvey Schneider, Carl Ferrell, Donald Osborne, Russell Smith, Frederick Fricke, James Fitzgerald Denzil 

Dees, John Shiels, Robert Huff, William Searls, Edwin Wilkin, James Zabin, Frederick Hembrough 

Student Veterinary Medical 

promotes high standards among veterinary students 

Freshmen and Sophomores — Top row: Neal Nelson, Stanley Kadlub, Benton Allen, Gordon Iverson, David Warren Ira Aves Walter Mumme John 

Gerdes, Robert Kern, William Hopkins, Charles Rossi, Paul Arndt, Robert Dodson, Marshall Slingerland, Ronald West, Thomas Maudlin Merrill 

Ottwein, Vernon Cockenll, Charles Lewis 
Third row: Marlin Kleckner, Richard Brown, Richard Coster, Robert Graham, Mike Pellock, David McConnell, Gregg Taylor, Irvin Bunn Vincent 

Chaffee, Howard Hobson, Gilbert Fischer, Howard Peterson, Delano Ohaver, Eugene Nelson 
Second [row: Joan Owens, Marjorie Thompson, Lois Stansbury, Jerry Steffen, Wayne Sanderson, Paul Leondis, Warren Anderson Albert Griffith 

Walter Myers, James Meyer, Delwyn Meyer, Paul Quinn, Erwin Small, Robert Morris, Stephen McQuilkin Robert Christian 
Bottom row: Jason James, Arnold Taft, Gerald Bachman, Ralph Vinson, Jack Boar, Joe Meller, Gale Taylor, Lawrence Clark, Edwin Short John 

Palenske, Arthur Twardock, Wayne Mills, Peter Smith 

Top row: Leonard Graiff, Gerald Slocum, Gene Lewis, Prof. John Miles, Ivan Witsell, Robert Olson 
Second row: John Schneider, secretary: Harvey Patterson, chairman: Eugenijus Jankus, Lawrence Chanoch Bruce Cook 
Bottom row: Kenneth Mills, Charles Banter, treasurer; John Falk, vice chairman: John Witt, Donald Scharrner 

No/ in panel: Roger Wadsworth, William Hagemeyer, Joseph Blitt, Fred Cohan, William DeFotis, Robert Hirsch, Arthur Andrew, Frans Fryksdale, 
Wallace Gruenberg, Glenn Finney, Harold Greer, Robert Fannin, Leonard Greenberg 

Society of Automotive Engineers 

develops interest in the automotive, aircraft, and gas turbine fields 

Sigma Delta Chi 

furthers the advancement of high jour- 
nalistic standards 

Top row ■ Warren Wolfson Bernard Borson, Socrates Photopulos, Marlin Coleman, Charles Sengstock, Daniel Rapoport, Robert Blanchard 

Third row: Ronald Gunther, Harold Hooe, William Moore, Eivind Berdal, Frank Konrad, Herbert Thompson, Jerry Donda 

Second row: Bruce Micari, Oliver Colvin, John Bender, vice president; David Phillips, president; John Trebilcock, advisor; William Gruber, David 

Templeton, Gordon Williams . , , . . 

Bottom row: John Hamilton, secretary; Joseph McDivit, treasurer; Seymour Handwerker, Roy Small, Edward Jemson , 

Not in panel: Howard Balson. Carl Bornhart, Robert Buchanan, Sterling Campbell, Robert Clemens William H^olden Harry Kariher Louis Keesey, 
Deane Johnsos Irvin Lawfer, Richard Lidberg, Harold Nettleship, Arthur O'Leary, Horace Pieger, Jerome Shaffer, Sheldon Siegel, Vance Van las- 



Top row: Vincent Monaco, John Lignell, Jack Brown, Charles Francis, Jerold Myers, vice president: James Ruzicka, Norman Beabout 

Third row: Vito Caleca, Alex Sekeres, Kenneth Wheeler, William Morrison, Stanley Socol, Ronald Bushman 

Second row: George Fox, Barry Blough, William Yeager, Richard Colt, Henry Dougherty, secretary; Morris Silverman, Howard Dolinger, Charles 

Schultz, Ronald Kimmel 
Bottom row: Fred Becker, Roger Buerger, Leo Pietrzak, president; Prof. Merten Mandeville, William Vitous, treasurer; Mayford Watson, Clifford 

Heverly, Farrell Fox 

Society for Advancement of 

lfJLclJ--l-Ci.iJJ.tly-I.J.J.Vyl-l-l develops the concepts of scientific management 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

promotes high standards of performance 
and teaching for women in music 

Top row: Natalia Morrison, Marilyn Petrini, Helen Wilson, Wilma Stack, recording secretary; Ruth Moyle, Doris Valento, Marian Blakely, Iva Eadie, 

Martha Parker 
Bottom row: Jean Whited, Shirley Krull, Cherie Lyford, Edith Brockman, corresponding secretary; Mary Rigney, president; Jacquelyn Brown, treasurer, 

Delores Gillan, vice president ; Peggy Hoover, Peggy LaRowe 


The University of Illinois Flying Club is 
composed of students, faculty, and staff mem- 
bers. Its primary purpose is the promotion 
of civil aviation by making low cost flight 
time available to club members. 

Flying meets, talks by noted speakers in 
the field of aviation, breakfast flights, films, 
and hangar parties are sponsored by the Fly- 
ing Illini. The club also serves as an extra 
curricular meeting ground for those inter- 
ested in aviation. Since the time of its or- 
ganization in 1951 a perfect safety record has 
been maintained. 

This year the Flying Illini are serving as 
headquarters of the National Intercollegiate 
Flying Association. Along with this honor 
the club will be host to the National Inter- 
collegiate Flying Meet. 

Officers— Top row: Frederick Giles, treasurer; Donald Cash, correspondent 
Bottom row: Donald Manthei, president; Maryiou McGowan, secretary 

University of Illinois Flying Club 

Top row: Rudolf Frasca, William Donahue, Richard Heinz, Tom Holzbog, William Ricks 

Third row: Frederick Kruzel, Raymond Siewert, Clvde Lewis, Robert Sheldon, Bernard Johnson, Harold Weaver, Charles Drewes, Robert Mooney 
Second row: Linton Kypta, Wayne Ouska, Homer Hiser, Carl Carlson, Carl Hartmann, Richard Meadows, Dennis Wilkerson, Ernest Blatchley 
Bottom row: Donald Cash, Morton Clottelter, Maryiou McGowan, Donald Manthei, Frederick Giles, Glen Amundson, Sandra Schaub, Joseph Casserly 
Not in panel: Herald Stockton, Robert Hershbarger, James Stouffer, Vance Van Tassell, John Norton 


Top row: Sgt. First Class Clarence Hodge, t an tie supervisor; Margaret Stone, 
vice president; John Krupka, president ; Eleanor Edwards, secretary; Wil- 
liam Sears, executive officer 

Bottom row: Walter Juneau, chief range officer; Howard Katz, treasurer 

Originally chartered in 1924, the University 
of Illinois Rifle and Pistol Club became affili- 
ated with the National Rifle Association in 

Throughout the school year, members 
compete within the club in rifle and pistol 
matches. The club sponsored Pistol Team and 
Women's Rifle Team fire against teams of 
other colleges. Each spring the club conducts 
the Intercollegiate Invitational Rifle Match. 
In this match, thirty-five of the country's lead- 
ing rifle teams compete for numerous troph- 
ies and prizes. 

The Rifle and Pistol Club has taken many 
titles and trophies this year. Membership is 
made up of students and members of the 
faculty and staff who are interested in the 
sport of competitive shooting. 

University of Illinois 
Rifle and Pistol Club 

Top row: Sgt. First Class Clarence Hodge, John Royer, William Miller, John Palsedge, Richard Husman, Richard Clark, Sidney Cooke, Francis Krebs, 

Thomas Cunningham, James Ellis, Walter Johnson, Donald Anderson, Dieter Rodrian, Henry Miller, Richard Brown, Theodore Christensen, Daniel Miol- 

lis, James Smith, Karl Prunitsch 
fourth row: Capt. Richard Dahl, Edward Smith, Paul Gottschalk, Hernando Cortes, Chi-Tong Chin, Edward Kung, James Bang, Luis Cifuentes, Charles 

Hill, Robert Mickey, Alexander Weaver, Ronald Moore, Robert Gower, Stuart Tilton, Thomas Flamma, John Stratton, Charles Padden, Joe Russell 
Third row: Dominic DeCristofaro, Robert Darrah, Andrew Hemstreet, Gene Mills, Adele Murr, Hildreth Newell, Nanette Swartz, Suzanne Meloan, 

Nancy Hoover, Phyllis Rigsby, Carmen Cunningham, John Richards, Thomas Brownlee 
Second row: Toro Romero, Charles Allen, Robert Laff, Patricia Monroe, Olive Tirol, June Kuetemeyer, Donna Orr, Arlene Morris, Kathleen Schaub, 

Christine Matheos, Dorothy Stanley, Mary Ten Eick, Alan Johnson, David Randolph 
Bottom raw: John Gale, Robin Kozelka, James Cooney, William Smitley, Francis Ashland, Gordon Schneppcr, Frederick Fairbairn 


Dolphins let their show go to their The DSO girls cheering their boys 
heads this year to victory 

• V ' 

The Alpha Phi Omegas prepare 
the campus for Santa Claus 

Is the Skull and Crescent trophy Terrapins show their moms what 
worth this? they are learning at college 

Religious Organizations 

The religious organizations represent some of 
the most important groups on the campus. Their 
primary purpose is to fulfill the spiritual needs of 
the students. Each foundation strives to instill 
religious values by conducting services, maintain- 
ing libraries of religious writings, and giving credit 
courses in religion. 

These organizations also serve as cultural cen- 
ters for the students. Choral groups, forums, dra- 
matic groups, lectures, and discussion groups all 

contribute to the development of the well rounded 

Social activities also are furthered by the re- 
ligious groups. Coffee hours, picnics, dances, and 
mixers are examples of the many social events 
sponsored by these organizations. 

In the following pages of the Illio appear the 
religious foundations on campus which represent 
many religious denominations. 

Baptist Student Foundation 

Fourth and Daniel Streets 

Top row: Roger Crump, Emerson Hilker. Charles Francis, Burton Wikgren, Clarence Beatty, vice president; George Fox, president; Paul Rollet, David Weaver, 

Dennis Williams, John Hurley, Donald Smith, George Stevens, Philip Livingston, Edward Bingley, treasurer; Raymond Pinkston, John Evans, Freeman 

Marti, Jerry McClendon, Ronald Bates, Norman Olsen, Faud Farah 
Third row: Pierre Tangent, Herbert White, Roy Kleven, Rufus Clayton, Ozzie Edwards, Herbert Kerce, Conrad Kipp, Rudolph Faiss, Phillip Young, George 

Dawkins, Richard Day, James Fleischer, Marion Giesecke, Richard Angus, David Rogier, David Gray, David Edmondson, William Sparks, Hiroshi 

Terayama, Paul Trovrllion 
Second row: Lisa Galam. Florence Giy, Marilyn Petrini, Sadie Poinsett, Marlene Shepard, Beverly Blue, Bernice Perry, secretary; Mary David, Margaret Bor- 

tell, Virginia Bohn, Marilyn Spitzer, Madonna Miller. Helen Carter, Mary McKee, Margaret Boswell 
Bottom tow: Charlotte Hogan, Polly Sanders, Leona Webb, Doris Crist, Mary Huntwork, Naomi Skeeters, Phebe Setzke, Shelley Goodman, Evelyn Harner, 

Pamela Gillespie, Stella Lyman, Mary Trovillinn 


Top row: Carthur Criss, James Herget, Charles Venable, Joan Rae, Catherine Fitch, Betsy Byrns, Joseph Phillips, Abraham Fayemi 
Fourth row: Richard Schworke, Thomas Glatter, Peter Arvedson, Lynn Arbeen, Henry Dienst, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Bowers, 

Rudolph Hwa, Ann Bartlett, James Tappe 
Third row: Jane King, Mary Thomason, Patricia Sergent, Jean Toll, Cynthia Monroe, John Wysong 

Second row: Doris Wertz, Rae Ellen Grosch, Jay Pauly, Barbara Bergstrom, Benjamin Sage, Mrs. Arvedson, Fr. F. S. Arvedson 
Bottom row: Jane Arvedson, James Hood, John Kitch 

Canterbury Club «..-.-*. 

Betty Dahlstrom, 

Illini Christian Fellowship 

708 South Fourth 

Top row: Thomas Liljegren, Richard Olson, Charles Foley, Alden Linoner, Donald Reeves, Robert Fields, Robert Johnson, Gerald Miller, William 
Morrison, Milton Barker, Charles Clark, Cadet Cottingham, Harold Cook, Mrs. A. Secord, Arthur Secord, sponsor 

Fourth row: Raymond Eckman, Richard McGuckin, Fred Giles, Robert Palmgren, Fritz Larson, Marilyn Stark, Gwen Cantrell, Ralph Bennet, Mrs. 
R. Bennet, Mrs. W. Morris, Shirley Radant, Milton Radant, Ellen Masuno, Kiyoshi Sagawa, Hiroshi Terayama, Harold Warner, David Logan 

Third row: Jed Metcalf, Stanley Brandon, Arwalt Kehle, Randolph Lund, Marilyn Johnson, Gus Lofgren, Paul Johnson, Earl Lundgren, Edward John- 
son, Marion Johnson, Betty Larsen. James Larsen, John Reploge, Horace Gardner 

Second tow: Royle Heyl, Dagmar Michalova, Evalynne Berg, Phyllis Anderson, Ruth Collins, Fred Mayerle, Monte Welker, Jo Neburka, Lucille 
Bruner, Ronald Erwin, Richard McConnell, Walter Nelson, Kenneth Stone, Louise Kimberlin, Donald Kimberlin 

Bottom row: Wilma Sherwin, June Bradley, Richard Holt, John Gabor, Charles Reid. Walter Gast, president: David Mayer, vice president; Charles 
Price, treasurer; Marilyn Mathison, secretary; Ronald Carlson, Elizabeth Oakes, Doris Sutton, Bonnie McMannus 


{.W fc» -^ 

Top row: Donald Chick, Rev. Rabon Rose, Edward Hook 

Third row: Rev. William Jarman, Mrs. W. Jarman, John Caughey, Charles Shuman, Eldon Dilworth, Donald Robertson, Fred Herschelman 
Second row: Robert Emmons, Lovell Glasscock, William Roberts, John Reinerio, John Gill, James Williams 

Bottom row: Kay Schallo, Jane Daugherty, Marilyn Robertz. Helen Schafer, Sharon Smith, Dorothy Lutchka, Irma Williamson, Mary Butzback, Ruth 

Illinois Disciples' Foundation 

403 South Wright 


Lutheran Student Association 

909 South Wright Street 

Top row: Lawrence Lang, John Alford, Richard LeVon, Robert Munneke, Aryl Aldred, Harvey Weyen, Gregor Strien, Orval Kerchner, William Vanier, 

Henry Johnson, Robert Anderson, Ernest LeVon, William Tessien, Richard Hutson, Ray Roth 
Third row: Richard Carlson, Mrs. R. Carlson, Paul Borik, Laurel Reber, Mrs. L. Reber, Arthur Ahlgrim, Paul Schwarz, William Miller, John Larson, 

Thomas Soderstrom, Alden Lindner, Hedwig Ebert, James Plymire, Roger Sheik, Mrs. H. Halvorson, Dr. H. Halvorson. 
Second row: Sandra Scribano, Anida Baxa, Helen Anderson, John Lignell, Rev. Ordell Peterson, Mrs. O. Peterson, Edith Brockman, Mary Ellen Heinicke, 

Thomas Peterson, Alice Markin. Joyce Rieger, Barbara Morris, Georgine Stough 
Bottom row: June Weiland, Ivan Burgener, Nina Nilsson, Merle Smedberg, Carol Peterson, Ann Nicholas, Sara Bergman, Marjorie Main, Karen Gerhardt, 

Barbara Ransdell, Barbara Newborgh, Ruth Newborgh 

Top row: Warren Brandt, Jack Brown, Melvin Neumann, Donald Helmeich, vice president; Maurice Witte, Robert Rohlfing 

Fifth row: Edwin Friedrich, Ralph Benck, Fern Brase, Walter Heintzen, James Meyer, Paul Arndt, Paul Awe, Raymond Uucwer, Erich Heintzen, Rev. 
E. H. Heintzen 

Fourth row: Arthur Eggers, Delores Brown, Edward Schumann, Rudolph Schattke, Loren Stoeckel, Paul Kenline, William Bunte, Carl Vinson, Robert 
Heyen, Robert Cochran, Delmar Strelow, treasurer: Wayne Meierhans, president 

Third row: Judith Tarr, Bertwin Einfalt, Edward Runge, Ted Dickman, Dale Wachtel, Robert Bachmann, Gene Arrington, James Holste, Frank John- 
son, Elwin Johnson, Paul Hinrichs, Roland Schwanke 

Second row: Marlyn Gieseking, Daryle Tegeder, Doris Naumann, Marilyn Baker, Shirley Searcy, Marcia Painter, Marilyn Handrock, Lois Brandt, 
David Brandt, Frances Schiesser, Dale Gieseking, Beverly Provo, Alice Kenline, Geraldine Jenne, Jewel Jenne, Ernest Adam 

Bottom row: John Dodge, Marilyn Fris, Sharon Leisch, Carol Firch, Marilyn Mieher, Carol Krause, Janice Whitaker, Patricia Renken, Ruth Behrends, 
Philip Nienstedt, Walter Rehm, Pearl Hanebutt, secretary; Alys Verhaeghe, Donald Welge, Eldon Ahner, Alan Holz 

906 South Sixth 

University Lutheran Center 

McKinley Foundation Student 
Council E o„„ 

Top rou ] : John Kreer, Paul Duffey, Earl Taute, Rev. Harry Johns, Dr. James Hine, Elmer Ewing, Bill Tozer, Donald McMasters. Milo Illich 

Third row: Scott King, Virginia Scott, David Stolz, Lynn Hershey, Elson Sims, Doris Archibald, Paul Moe, Margie Ray, Robert Fosnaugh, Carol Hal- 

verson, David Doetzel, Phyllis Whitehead, Frances Adams 
Second row: Mary Bills, George Lander, Doris Knox, Bill Ruble, treasurer; Caryl Towsley, president; Dorothy Rosecrans, secretary; Ernestine Hanks, 

Gordon Cash, Jennis Berry 
Bottom roiv: Anna Lu Meyer, Alice Turner, Jane Poole, Ellie Rollo, Ruth McNabb, Phyllis Stolz 
Not in panel: Lorraine Kupczyk, Wilma Manning, Marjorie Hensley, Natalia Belting, Robert Twardock, vice ptesidttit 


Top row: John Fischer, Paul Schwarz, Robert Bradley, James Brown, Verlan Heberer, Richard Kinter 

Third row: Bruce Campbell, William Trexler, Charles Nagel, David Arnold, John Stratton, Kendall Fahnestock, Daniel Hyland 

Second row: John Hill, Theodore Frank, Nadynne Grundy, Mary Jane Heaton, Loretta Nagel, Ann Rasmussen, Barbara Hill, Russell Tuttle, John 

Bottom row: Robert Wilkinson, Frances Frank, Clara Smith, Ellen Bell, Shirley Berfield, Ima Jean Bassler, Barbara Mueller, Carol Tuttle, Mary Louise 


Seabury Foundation 

512 East Daniel 

Wesley Foundation 

1203 West Green 

Top row: Franklin Kuo, David Williams, Roy Carpenter, Rev. Ralph Dunlop, Robert Madison, William Thomas, John Lehmann, John Holland, Jack 

Second row: Doris Gerson, Shirley Jorgensen, Carolyn Campbell, Linda Hanson, Mary Wehner, Barbara Lowis, Nancy Gillespie, Jane Burkhart, Judith 

Zink, Verna Davis 
Bottom row: Norman Sleight, Marjorie lies, Romeyn Schrock, Pak Cheong Woo, Eva Huffman, Robert Hayward, Martha Parker, Barbara Turner, John Juer- 

Not in panel: Donald Kimberlin, Beverley Hill 


The Newman Foundation is the student 
center serving all Catholic students at the 
University of Illinois. St. John's Chapel is 
the nucleus of the Foundation's activities. Its 
threefold purpose is to provide for the spirit- 
ual, intellectual, and social needs of its mem- 
bers. It offers its members Sunday and daily 
Masses, rosary, and other liturgical services. 
Students participate in the Choir, Sanctuary 
Society, Altar Society, Usher and Nursery 

The program of the Foundation is under 
the direction of the Reverend Edward J. 
Duncan, S.T.D., who is assisted by the Rev- 
erend Edward W. O'Rourke, S.T.L., arid the 
Reverend Edgar C. Taylor. 

The Foundation conducts courses ac- 
credited by the University in philosophy, 
theology, liturgy, and scripture, church his- 
tory, and moral and social problems. 

Top row: Mary Cheze, corresponding secretary; Larry McMahon 

Joan Lower, recording secretary 
Bottom row: Diane Pierre, historian 

Edward Duncan, S.T.D., chaplain 

Fred Laccabue, president; Reverend 
Carol Magnan, vice president 

The Newman Foundation 



Don Tate 

J. C. Caroline 

John Bauer 

Coach Ray Eliot and Captain Bob Lenzini 



Illinois started the season with a 21 to 21 tie 
against Nebraska. The Fighting Illini started fast 
as they received the opening kickoff and marched 
73 yards for the first touchdown. Nebraska then 
came back in the second quarter with two touch- 
downs and scored again in the early part of the 
fourth quarter. Then J. C. Caroline broke away 
for a 73 yard run, and Mickey Bates bulled over 
for the final tying touchdown. 

Illinois recovers a loose ball 

A lesson in flying by J. C. Caroline 

In their first meeting since the 1952 Rose Bowl 
game, Illinois downed Stanford again by a 33 to 21 
score. Stanford struck first on a sixteen yard pass 
from All-American Bob Garret to end Sam Morley. 
In the third quarter Illinois tied the score at 14-14 
on an eleven-yard pass to Ryan. Stanford took the 
lead for the last time on a four yard plunge by full- 
back Jarvis Watson. In the fourth quarter Illinois 
went on a rampage and scored 19 points to win 
the game. 


Slightly surrounded. 


EIry Falkenstein 

Illini tacklers smother opponents back 

Ohio State 

At the offset of the game, it was not a question 
who was going to win, but by what margin Ohio 
would beat us. Illinois not only won, but beat 
Ohio State 41 to 20 for its worst defeat of the year. 

Kicking to the Ohio State six yard line, the 
Illini held them for downs. On the fourth play 
after the punt Bates carried the ball across the 
goal line. Illinois again kicked off. Shortly there- 
after Rocky Ryan intercepted a pass on the Ohio 
State forty-six yard line; only two plays later Bates 
was again in paydirt after a 41 yard run. Late in 
the first quarter J. C. Caroline broke away for a 

64 yard trot to make the score 21 to at the end 
of the first quarter. 

In the second quarter the Illini didn't fare so 
well. Ohio racked up three touchdowns to almost 
tie the score by the half time, but the Fighting 
Illini came back in the second half. Bauer inter- 
cepted a pass and ran it back 27 yards. At this 
point Mickey Bates took over and cracked over 
for another score. Illinois next put on a sustained 
drive of 70 yards. For the last score, Wallace inter- 
cepted Bolton's pass, and Bates made his fourth 

Bates finds an opening 

Steve X'.isik 


Caroline takes a handoff for an end sweep 


Bates and Caroline led the Illini to their fourth 
victory. In twenty-one carries Caroline averaged 
9.8 yards. One carry was for 49 yards and a 
touchdown. The game was a hard fought battle 
with the Illinois defense holding Geil to one out 
of ten passes completed. Bates showed his versa- 
tility by catching a 26 yard pass for one touch- 
down, and galloping 16 yards for another. Wallace, 
too, kept up with the pace by breaking through 
the secondary for a 22 yard touchdown run. The 
only Minnesota score was by Cappelleti very early 
in the first quarter. Illinois was now a contender 
for the Big Ten Championship. 

Caroline slowed down through off tackle 



Don Ernst 

Caroline twists to get away 


Syracuse proved to be one of the toughest non- 
conference opponents Illinois faced this season. 
It wasn't until the final gun went off that Illinois 
was assured of the victory. The big Syracuse line 
held our sophomore backs to small gains. Elry 
Falkenstein had to take to the air and did so with 
good results. 

Early in the second quarter, Syracuse put on a 
sustained drive for 71 yards to score the first touch- 
down. Since the Syracuse line had held our run- 
ning attack, Falkenstein took to the air and 
connected with Ryan for a 51 yard scoring play; 

the kick for the extra point was good and Illinois 
led 7 to 6. 

On the first play of the second half Illinois 
fumbled with Syracuse recovering and scoring on 
the next play. Stan Wallace, to the great delight 
of the fans, ran 55 yards for a touchdown. The con- 
version was good and the one point lead looked 
good, although a little shaky. Then Stan Wallace, 
who played a great game of ball the entire after- 
noon, broke away again for a 45 yard ramble and 
the clinching touchdown. 

Em I.inhcck 

Here come the troops. 


The first quarter found both teams tough on 
defense. Purdue was able to hold the Illini to 
little or no gains at all. It was a close game and 
the ball exchanged hands several times via fumbles. 
Purdue looked very much like the team which 
humbled Michigan State the week before 6-0. 

Early in the second quarter Purdue was set back 
to their four yard line on a clipping penalty. Their 
punt carried out to the Boilermaker 35 yard line 
where Illinois took over. Bates took a hand off, 
ran around left end, reversed his field and raced 


Cocktail time. 

the 35 yards for the score. Miller's conversion was 
good and the Illini led 7-0. 

Illinois received in the second half and started 
to roll. Purdue got only five plays in the third 
quarter, but Illinois still failed to score. The 
fourth quarter was about the same except that 
Illinois capitalized on the breaks and scored two 
more touchdowns to put the game on ice. The first 
was set up by J. C. Caroline with three running 
plays which put the ball on the one. Elry Falken- 
stein carried it over from there. The last score 
came on a 39 yard pass from Lindbeck to Nosek 
which again put the ball on the one yard line. 
Lindbeck pushed it across and the game ended 
soon after, 21-0. 

Elry sneaks across. 




Miller spins 


Michigan scored early in the first quarter when 
they moved to Illinois territory and Lou Baldacci 
booted a 35 yard field goal. 

Illinois then started their long drive from their 
own 25 yard line. Caroline taking the ball nine of 
eleven times advanced the ball to the Michigan 
17 yard line. Two plays later Bates went around 
right end for the score. Illinois' other scores came 
on a 95 yard drive in the second quarter and a 44 
yard drive late in the third period. Bates cracked 
the line from the four to score. Final tally showed 
the Illini on top, 19-3. 

Pete Palmer 

Elry snags one. 

Cliff Waldbeser 
Roger Wolf 

Illinois started with a 73 yard drive, climaxed 
by Ken Miller blasting his way over the goal for 
a touchdown. From then on it was Wisconsin's 
Alan Ameche, who set up touchdown after 
touchdown. The Wisconsin defense, keyed up 
for this game, held the Illini to short gains the 
entire game. 

Wisconsin quarterback, Jim Miller, and half- 
backs Carl Witt, and Lamphere scored the 
touchdowns. This defeat ruined Illinois' chances 
for an undefeated season. 

Illinois tries a lateral against Wisconsin 


Illini close in on Ameche 


f^t^ewm ' mm 


J. C. tries to shake a tackier loose 

The Big Ten Championship was at stake with 
this game. Illinois, fighting the Northwestern 
jinx, came through with a 39 to 14 victory. This 
win gave the Illini a tie for the Big Ten Champion- 
ship, although they lost the Bose Bowl trip to a 
strong Michigan State team. 

The Illini recovered a Northwestern fumble in 
the first minutes but lost the ball on penalties. 
Then, when three downs later Northwestern tried 
to punt, the Illini blocked their first punt of the 
year and By an fell on it in the end zone. In fact 
the Illinois defense was so tough the first half that 
Northwestern got only 15 yards in rushing. 

Wallace then showed that his performance in 
the Syracuse game was no accident by racing 46 
yards for a touchdown. Ken Miller got two touch- 
downs. Byan scored again, and Caroline as usual 
put on the finishing touches by two 30 yards runs 
and then cracking over from the 10 yard line. 


y fff- 


' % 


1 • »""«_^5 


•I - ^ , 



*C.« 'fS L 

■ ** 

Top ro»: Burt Ingwersen, Louis Agase, Melvin Brewer, Charles Purvis, Ray Eliot, coach; Ralph Fletcher, Robert King 

Eighth row: Richard Zimmerman, manager; Clifford Waldbeser, Elry Falkenstein, Herbert Borman, John Ryan 

Seventh row: Rudolf Siegert, Donald Grothe, Thomas Miller, J. C. Caroline, Robert Graeff, Richard Ohls, Melvin Bates, Dean Renn 

Sixth row: Jack Sopkin, Robert Alexander, Gus Mackris, Roger Meuller, Richard Piggott, Charles Schiesser, Richard Rosenberg, Robert Desenfants 

Fifth row: Em Lindbeck, Hugh Woodson, Patrick Phillips, Jerry Markbreit, George Walsh, Herbert Badal, James Minor, Terry Mathews, James Dunne 

Fourth row: Floyd McAfee, James Calder, Ronald Yochem, Robert Wiman, Randall Rayborn, Francis Hoffman, Joseph Yusko, Donald Bostrom, James Bronson 

Third row: Paul Furimsky, Dean Willmann, Dale Foster, Baird Stewart, James Pollitt, Richard Kohlhagen, John Heniff, Clarence DeMoss, Kenneth Swienton 

Second tow: Roger Wolf, Stephen Nosek, Walter Vernasco, Jan Smid, Donald Tate, Michael Gaus, Jack Chamblin, David Bauer 

Bottom tow: Paul Luhrsen, John Bauer, Peter Palmer, Robert Lenzini, captain; Donald Ernst, Kenneth Miller, Robert Bishop, Stanley Wallace 

Ray Eliot, during his 11 seasons as head football 
coach at the University of Illinois, has risen to the 
top rank in his field. Eliot, the dean of Big Ten 
coaches, has won three Western Conference cham- 
pionships and has also produced two Rose Bowl 

Illinois teams coached by Eliot have given op- 
ponents trouble ever since genial Ray took over 
in 1942. His 1946 team won the Big Ten and then 
trounced UCLA, 45-14 in the Rose Bowl. Again 
in 1951 the Illini won the Conference and com- 

pleted an undefeated season by beating Stanford 
40-7 in the Rose Bowl. 

Last season Eliot did a fine job when he coached 
Illinois, overlooked in pre-season forecasts, to a 
share of the Big Ten crown. 

Eliot is assisted in his coaching duties by line 
coaches Burt Ingwersen and Lou Agase; end coach 
Bob King; backfield coaches Chuck Purvis and 
Ralph Fletcher; freshman coach Mel Brewer; and 
Leo Johnson, who serves as head scout and back- 
field coach. 

Top row: Robert King, ends; Melvin Brewer, freshman coach; Charles Purvis, hacks; 

Louis Agase. line 
Bottom row: Ralph Fletcher, backs; Ray Eliot, head coach; Burt Ingwersen, line 



Coach Harry Combes and Captain John Kerr 



Bruce Brothers 

Get off my back shortie 

Season Record 

Total— Won 17, Lost 5 




Ohio U 



Oklahoma . . . 






Alabama .... 



De Paul 



Oklahoma A. & M. 



Utah State . . . 



Minnesota . . . 



Northwestern . . 



Michigan State . 



Ohio State . . . 



Ohio State . . . 






De Paul 



Michigan . . . 



Purdue .... 



Wisconsin . . . 






Wisconsin . . . 



Michigan . . . 



Northwestern . . 



Indiana .... 



rtcrback Sneak 

Carl Cain cornered 


Illinois turns cartwheels 

Illinois wound up its 1953-54 season by almost 
beating Indiana, N.C.A.A. defending champions, 
on their home court. Had they won, the Big Ten 
would have had a three-way tie for first place. As 
it was, the three-point loss to Indiana put the Illini 
into a tie for third place with Minnesota. 

Before 11,000 rabid Hoosier fans, the Illini tied 
the game up with only a minute remaining. Then 
Ail-American Bobby Leonard drew two fouls and 
iced the game for Indiana on four charities. It was 
a hard game for Illinois to lose after having come 
up from a twelve-point deficit in the first half. 

Morris Sternick 




Phil Judson 

Jim Dutcher 

Previously, the season had progressed as ex- 
pected, with Indiana, the powerhouse of the 
Big Ten, closely pursued by Iowa's sophomores 
and a fighting Minnesota five. 

Illinois meanwhile, with only one returning 
regular from last year's team, had trouble get- 
ting started, losing early season games to Min- 
nesota at Champaign and to Michigan State at 
East Lansing. The Illini cagers seemed to blow 
hot and cold, never really hitting their stride 
at the beginning of the campaign. 


ers saves 


Kerr lays one up 

Kinda' blurred, huh! 

1953-54 Big Ten Standings 

Won Lost 

Indiana 12 2 

Iowa 11 3 


Minnesota 10 4 

Northwestern 6 8 

Wisconsin 6 8 

Ohio State 5 9 

Michigan State 4 10 

Michigan 3 11 

Purdue 3 11 

Max Hooper 

However, after losing to Iowa in January, the 
team began to display more determination and 
drive. Led by high scoring captain Johnny Kerr, 
the squad began to click. Showing a much im- 
proved all-around attack, they managed to avenge 
the previous defeat by trouncing the Hawkeyes on 
Iowa's home floor, a traditional jinx for Illinois. 

During the season Johnny Kerr, 6' 9" center, be- 
came the all time Illinois high scorer when he 

surpassed Irv Bemoras' record. Kerr also estab- 
lished a new single season high for scoring, wiping 
out Don Sunderlage's old mark set in 1951. 

The Illinois attack was rounded out by Bruce 
Brothers and Paul Judson, two sophomores who 
developed rapidly through the year, and Jimmy 
Wright, Max Hooper, Jim Dutcher, and Ed Ma- 
kovsky, lettermen from last year's team. 

Top row: Raymond Purnell, manager; William Ridley, Warren Wilkinson, Elmer Plew. James Dutcher 

Second row: Howard Braun, assistant coach; Morris Sterneck, Robert Reitsch, Edward Makovsky, Earl Newman 

Bottom row: James Wriglit. Paul Judson, Harold Combes, coach; John Kerr, captain; Max Hooper, Bruce Brothers 

Thomson edges McNulty in Big Ten high hurdles 


Winning almost every meet they entered and 
completely swamping all their Big Ten opponents, 
the Illinois track team blazed their way to a terri- 
fic season both in indoor and outdoor competition. 

The Michigan State Relays started off the sea- 
son on the 14th of February. Willie Williams won 
the 75 yard low hurdles. Gene Maynard took the 
1000 yard run. For a climax, the one mile relay 
team composed of Gene Maynard, Stacey Siders, 
Ralph Fessenden, and Joe Corley carried off an- 
other first place. 

A few dual meet records were eclipsed in the 
meet with Indiana. One of these was John Bauer's 
winning 52 feet 2V2 inches in the shot put event. 
Walt Jewsbury set another record in the mile run. 


Joel McNuIty 

Joel McNulty tied a record by doing the 70 yard 
hurdles in 8.8 seconds. Dick Wham won the high 
jump, and the one mile relay team came in first. 
Final score: Illinois 78, Indiana 38. 

Illinois won its next meet with a total of 70Yz 
points; however, we were pitted against three 
other opponents, Purdue, Iowa, and Northwestern. 
John Bauer put the shot for a winning mark of 
53 feet 3% inches, the second best mark in Illinois 
history. Stacey Siders, not to be outdone, ran the 
880 in one minute and 53.5 seconds, also the sec- 
ond best in Illinois history. Willie Williams won 
the 60 yard dash. He also turned in the best time 
in the 70 yard high hurdles. Joel McNulty won 

Upper right: Joe Corley 
Lower right: Ocie Trimble 
Below: Willie Williams « 


Walt Jewsbuiy 

Joel McNulty 

the 70 yard high hurdles with the same time he 
turned in in the Indiana meet, 8.8 seconds. 

The Indoor Conference Meet ended with Illi- 
nois at the top of the list, Michigan second, and 
Purdue third. Stacey Siders set an indoor record 
by running the 880 in 1:52.7. Willie Williams won 
the 60 yard dash and the 70 yard low hurdles. 
Joel McNulty bettered his time in the 70 yard 
highs with an :08.5 effort. 

The two-mile relay team was the only entry 
from Illinois that made a showing in the Chicago 
Daily News Relays. Siders, Maynard, Jewsbuiy, 
and Trimble covered the distance in 7:39.2 for a 
new meet record. 

On April 18, came the unusual and smashing 
victory of the season. Illinois crushed California 
83 to 39. Illinois broke eight meet records and tied 
one, while California established four of its own. 
Illinois won 64 out of a possible 77 points and lost 
only the 440 yard event. The field events came out 

Siders and Maynard 

W'illard Thomson 

Dick Wham 

Stacey Siders 

to California's advantage, with Illinois getting only 
19 out of a possible 45 points. 

The famous Drake Relays really brought the 
news to the nation that Illinois had a splendid 
track team. Not only did three different relay 
teams win, but Willie Williams, Walt Jewsbury, 
and Joel MeNulty copped the first prize in their 

Michigan State was the next victim of the Illini 
might, losing 89 to 43. Then to the admiration of 

all, Illinois defeated the University of Michigan 
79% to 52V3. 

Illinois then topped the Big Ten Outdoor Meet 
with 69V2 points. Their closest competitor Michi- 
gan ran up 43V2 points. Thus ended the conference 
season with Illinois the undisputed champion. 

Up until this time, Illinois had remained un- 
defeated. However, in the N.C.A.A. champion- 
ship, Illinois finished a not inglorious second be- 
hind a powerful University of Southern California 
which just nosed Illinois out in several events. 

Top row: James Nagel, Thomas Flack, Arthur Twardock, Richard Wham, Robert Kabel, John Wier, Leo Johnson, coach 

Second row: Vincent LasCasas, Dale Foster, James Wright, Ralph Fessenden, Gene Maynard, Ocie Trimble, Clarence DeMoss 

Bottom row: Tom Floyd, Joe Corley, Joel MeNulty, Robert Lenzini, John Bauer, Willard Thomson, Walter Jewsbury, Stacey Siders, Willie Williams 


Ron Ultes 

Did he score? 


Superior pitching and determination of a 
sometimes undermanned squad were big fact- 
ors in the season's success. For although they 
did not rank in the first division in conference 
hitting or fielding, the Illini, time after time, 
came through to compile a 17-6 season record 
and a 10-3 conference record. 

Clive Follmer from Forrest had a 6-1 record, 
and Carl Ahrens from Kankakee had a 5-1 rec- 
ord. Other regular starters were Gerry Smith 
from Gary, Indiana, with a 3-1 record and Jim 
Schuldt of Dundee, with a 2-1 record. 

Rich Haskins 



^Sy^ - 

^"^ ■'*" 

Tjf ' 'j»i^r 

Hi l^h ™ 


Carl Ahrcns 

Frazier tries to stop a run. 

Clive Follmer 

John Sabalasky from Westville was the 
leading hitter among the regulars with .297. 
Second place fell to Max Hooper of Mt. 
Vernon who hit .289. Carl Ahrens, who 
played third base when he was not pitching, 
came in third with .288. 

Selected for the captaincy of the 1954 
squad, Ron Ultes played a regular position 
in the outfield. All of the University of 
Illinois students were proud of Bob Moore. 
He was the first winner of the Walter Roett- 
ger Memorial Award as the most valuable 
player. And they were equally proud of the 
rest of the 1953 Fighting Illini baseball team 
for their impressive showing in the 1953 title 

Scoring with spikes high. 

Missed by a mile 

Vince Feigenbutz 

\>\ NO/ 

Jerry Miller 

Soon after the conference games started, 
Illinois sneaked by the opener against Michi- 
gan State with a thrilling 2 to 1 victory which 
was pulled out of the fire in the closing inn- 
ings. At this point, Michigan rolled into 
town and quickly won the first game of a 
double header 6 to 1. The second game was 
a real battle. Unfortunately, the final score 
read: Michigan 3 and Illinois 2. 

Our hopes for the conference champion- 
ship were greatly dimmed, for at this point 
Illinois had an overall record of five and five, 
and a conference record of one and two, with 
a schedule of tough conference teams ahead. 

Bruce Frazier 

Jack Hester 





"' : '; 

■P M 

Gerry Smith 

Jim Schuldt 

John Sabalaskey 

Then things started to eliek. The batters were 
coming through in the clutch, and the pitchers 
held the opposing teams to a few scattered hits. 
The results: Illinois won its next nine contests. 
The students started watching the paper for news 
of Michigan's defeats. 

The Minnesota game was truly a great pitchers' 
battle. Clive Follmer and Paul Giel pitched flaw- 
less ball for each team, but unfortunately Min- 
nesota sneaked across one run to win 1 to 0. 

Illinois won the second tussle with Minnesota and 
also beat Iowa in the last game of the season. 
Luckily Michigan also came through with a loss 
and the leadership of the Big Ten Conference 
was all tied up at 10 wins and 3 losses. So for the 
second time in a row, Illinois and Michigan were 
tied for the Big Ten title. Illinois was unfortunate 
in that Michigan was chosen to represent the Big 
Ten in the N.C.A.A. playoffs. 

Top row: James Lubin, manager; Max Hooper, John Sabalaskey, Charles Fort, Ronald Ultes, Richard Haskins, Robert Clark, Hugh Giertz 
Second row: Marvin Graves, Guy Scott, Jack Hester, William Muirhead, Charles Westphal, William Fewkes, Vince Feigenbutz, Gerry Smith 
Bottom row: Jerry Miller, Roger Wing. Bruce Frazier, Carl Aherns, Clive Follmer, Robert Moore, James Schuldt, Lee Eilbracht, coach 


Tom Gardner 


Frank Bare 

What is the significance of a gymnastics coach 
named Pond and five returning lettermen? In 
1953, this combination meant a fourth consecu- 
tive Big Ten championship and second place in 
the N.C.A.A. finals at Syracuse. In brief, another 
fine season. Dick Browning, who later won his 
third national tumbling title with a brilliant 290 
score, was ruled ineligible after two meets; had 
he stayed eligible, an N.C.A.A. championship 
would have been conceivable. 

Captain Bob Sullivan headed the group that 
Coach Charlie Pond used almost exclusively. 

Left to right: Charley Pond, coach; Tom Gardner, Frank Bare, Bob Sullivan, captain; Dick Browning, Gil Brinkmeyer, Ken Jensen, manager 


Jeff Austin 

Bob Sullivan 

Sullivan was first in the N.C.A.A. free exercise. 
Frank Bare, captain-elect and most valuable 
gymnast, finished second on the side horse; Jeff 
Austin came in fourth on the trampoline. Along 
with Tom Gardner and Gil Brinkmeyer, these 
three won letters, earned several lesser N.C.A.A. 
titles, and collected a host of Big Ten medals. 

Coming up next year from the freshmen will 
be Jon Culbertson, Jamille Ashmore, Bichard 
Jirus, Ken Stone, and Dan Lirot. 

1953 Big Ten Standings 


Minnesota 78 

Michigan State 72 

Iowa 50V2 

Ohio State 47 

Michigan 37 

Indiana 22 

Wisconsin 6V2 

Gil Brinkmeyer 

Jamille Ashmore 

Ontiveros tries a takedown 

Yukio Matsumoto, captain 


Although they lost their Big Ten Championship, 
Coach Pat Patterson's wrestlers ran up a creditable 
dual meet record for 1953 of nine wins, four losses, 
and two ties. Captain Pete Compton won the 
most valuable wrestler award with a first in the 
Big Ten and a second place in the N.C.A.A. meet 
at Penn State. The Illini captured fourth in the 
Big Ten Championship matches behind Michigan, 
Michigan State, and Minnesota. Illinois also made 
a respectable showing in the N.C.A.A. 

Top row: Gerald Myers, junior manager; Harold Weaver, Melton Hatch, Dennis McCarron, Kenneth Nordquist, Paul Mechling, Frank Melka, Dwight Ohala, 

John Bruggen, James Bridgeland, junior manager 
Second row: Pat Patterson, coach; Buford Beck, assistant coach; Jack Lambie, Arthur Andrew, Frank Kastor, Peter Vanschaack, William Turner, William 

Whitfield, Bernard Schwartz, senior manager 
Third row: Jack Shutt. James Bachman, Richard Bray. Clifford Bueschel, Louis Kachiroubas, Laurence Smith. Glen Horton, Richard Hardy, Charles Giuffre 
Bottom row: Richard Meeks, John Ontiveros, Yukio Matsumoto, Jack MacLeary, Norton Compton, Richard Smith, Merle Dunn, William Mellen 

Trying for an escape 

Norton Compton 

1953 Big Ten Standings 

Michigan 27 

Michigan State 22 

Minnesota 17 


Indiana 11 

Iowa 11 

Northwestern 9 

Ohio State 6 

Purdue 2 


Lou Kachiroubas finished fourth in the Big Ten 
at 130 pounds. Dick Meeks, outstanding 123- 
pounder, won second in the Big Ten and took third 
on the national level at 115 pounds. Bob Lutz 
notched third in the Big Ten 147-pound division. 
Yukio Matsumato was selected by his team- 
mates as the captain for the 1953-54 squad. The 
following wrestlers won letters: Yukio Matsumato, 
Bill Mellen, Wayne Meyer, Ken Nordquist, John 
Ontiveros, and Dean Willman. 

Dick Meeks 

Two points scored 

Haynes Hawkins 

Ken West 

Don Cassady 


Coach Ralph Fletchers pre-season predic- 
tion that his 1953 golf team would be improved, 
but not a challenger for the title, turned out to 
be accurate to the letter. The team, led by cap- 
tain Don Cassady, won four of their nine 
matches, three more than last year, and finished 
eighth in the Big Ten tourney, one step better 
than in 1952. Golf all around the conference 
was improved, and Illinois bettered its stroke 
count fifty-six in 1953. Haynes Hawkins, cap- 
tain elect for 1954, carded the eighth best score. 

Toft row: Carl Dilsa\er, Haynes Hawkins, Ken West, Robert Marquardt, Thomas Rowader 
Bottom row: Arthur Wyatt, assistant coach; Donald Cassady, Ralph Fletcher, coach 


er Bielefeld 


Hampered by inclement weather which pre- 
vented anything resembling satisfactory spring 
practice, and probably even more by a deficiency 
of experienced players, the 1953 Illinois tennis 
team finished its season with one victory and six 
defeats. Coach Howie Braun did a creditable job 
during a building year, considering that he had 
only two returning lettermen. These men had only 

a year's experience, yet the netmen managed to 
wind up in seventh place in the Big Ten. 

Bill Dankert played good tennis all season in 
the number one slot. Dankert, who will be captain 
in 1954, often teamed with the other letterman, 
Bud Stafford, in doubles. Other letter winners 
were Stephen Hill, Walt Hulvey, Don MacDonald, 
and Dave Stewart. 

Toft row: Stephen Hill, Harold Stafford, William Dankert. Howard Braun, coach 
Bottom row: Donald MacDonald, David Stewart, Walter Hulvey 


Bob Kramp 


In spite of the presence of a national champion, 
the 1953 swimming team managed only one vic- 
tory in its seven dual meets, but showed improve- 
ment by finishing eighth in the Big Ten champi- 
onships. Had Jim Pendleton, team captain and 
All-American swimmer, been eligible during the 
second semester, coach Al Klingel's Tankmen 

would undoubtedly have been more impressive. 
Most of the individual plaudits went to Bob 
Clemons, who was selected most valuable and also 
named captain for 1954. Bob singlehandedly won 
seventh place for Illinois in the N.C.A.A. meet by 
taking first in the 100-yard breaststroke with a 
time of 1:00.7, and also won All-American honors. 

Top row: William Heusner, assistant coach; Ben Ruben, Stuart Olsen, Donald Van Rossen, David Mersbach. Allen Klingel, coach 
Bottom row: Robert Scholz, Leland Person, George Gfroerer, Fritz Tait, Robert Clemons, Roger Yeazel, James Watson 

Jim Robs 


Art Schiller 

Four consecutive undefeated seasons, four con- 
secutive Big Ten championships, twenty-eight 
consecutive dual-meet victories; just three reasons 
why the Illinois fencing team gains new fans each 
year. Max Garrett's 1953 squad provided the 
latest Big Ten title and nine single victories. Start- 


ing with five lettermen, coach Garrett wound up 
the season with nine accomplished fencers, headed 
by captain John Cameron. 1954 captain Bill Shew- 
chuck, Jim Bell, Richard Cohn, Jim Ross, Larry 
Silverman, Phil Urso, and Tony Zombolas all won 

Top row: Tony Zombolas, Phillip Urso, William Shewchuck, James Bell, Richard Cohn 

Bottom row: Max Garrett, coach; John Cameron, James Ross, Larry Silverman, Arthur Schiller, Robert Keene, manage 





Lee Eilbracht, baseball 


Doug Mills, director of athleth 

Ray Eliot, football 

Leo Johnson, track 

Harry Combes, basketball 

luel Patterson, wrestling 

m ^h 

Howie, tennis 

Charles Pond, gymnastics 

Max Garrett, fencing 

Chuck- Flynn, athletic publicity directn 

Ralph Fletcher, golf 

Allen Klingel, swimming 


1953 Big Ten Football Standings 

Won Lost Tied 


Michigan State 5 1 

Wisconsin 4 1 1 

Ohio State 4 3 

Iowa 3 3 

Michigan 3 3 

Minnesota 3 3 1 

Purdue 2 4 

Northwestern 6 

1953 Big Ten Baseball Standings 

Won Lost 


Michigan 10 3 

Ohio State 9 4 

Iowa 8 4 

Minnesota 7 5 

Wisconsin 6 5 

Michigan State 6 7 

Northwestern 2 9 

Purdue 2 9 

Indiana 11 

1953 Big Ten Indoor Track Standings 


Michigan 49% 

Purdue 18% 

Indiana 16% 

Michigan State 15% 2 

Iowa 15 

Northwestern 9% 

Ohio State 9% 

Minnesota 3% 

Wisconsin 2% 

1953 Big Ten Outdoor Track Standing 


Michigan 43% 

Michigan State 25 

Iowa 23 

Purdue 17% 

Indiana 14% 

Minnesota 12 

Ohio State 10% 

Wisconsin 5 

Northwestern 4% 

1953 Big Ten Golf Standings 

Purdue 1514 

Michigan 1522 

Ohio State 1350 

Northwestern 1556 

Wisconsin 1539 

Minnesota 1569 

Indiana 1572 


Iowa 1582 

Michigan State 1586 

1953 Big Ten Swimming Standings 

Ohio State 102 

Michigan 68 

Michigan State 48 

Iowa 35 

Northwestern 30 

Purdue 22 

Wisconsin 18 


Minnesota 6 

Indiana 5 

1953 Big Ten Fencing Standings 


Wisconsin 31 

Michigan State 29 

Ohio State 23 

Northwestern 21 

Indiana II 

Iowa 10 

1953 Big Ten Tennis Standings 

Indiana 64% 

Michigan State 58% 

Michigan 27% 

Northwestern 27 

Iowa 19 

Purdue 18 


Wisconsin 14% 


Senior Managers — Top row: Frank Keck, gymnastics ; Clarendon Johnson, baseball; Jack Healy, track 
Bottom row: Gerald Myers, wrestling: Hugh Purnell, basketball: Frank Jacobs, swimming 
Not in panel: Richard Zimmerman, football; Jerry Rhodes, tennis: Leiby Hall, fencing 

The managers of the Illinois athletic teams are 
some of the hardest working and most essential 
men in the whole sports system. Behind the 
scenes they perform tasks necessary for success- 
ful presentation of athletic events at the Univer- 

There are twelve senior managers who are 
assisted by two juniors and several underclassmen. 


Junior Managers — Top row: Theodore Dorward, Leslie Bryan, Arthur Dambrosio, James Niss 

Second row: Walter Tarleton, Larry Cross, Carl Ehlers, David Mersbach 

Bottom row: Walter Watts, Bruce Brantingham, James Voorhees, Thomas Hubbard 



Top row : Jeff Austin, Alden Orput, Donald Peterson, Richard Flores 
Bottom row: Mary Hettinger, Julia Gerstenberger, Allen Kirkpatrick, Jean- 
nette Mathews 


With cheers, yells, and acrobatic stunts the 
Mini cheering squad, Block I, and Chief Illiniwek 
led the students, faculty, and alumni in backing 
the football and basketball teams. The cheerlead- 
ers also took part in many athletic events and pep 

Don Peterson was head cheerleader this year. 
Gaylord Spotts became the new Chief Illiniwek 
and Russell Bolton acted as director for Block I. 
The cheerleaders followed the team on many of 
the out-of-town games. 

/in p.fml 

Gaylord Spotts, Chief Illiniwek 





Clive Fullmer 

Athlete of the Year 

Clive Follmer, one of Illinois outstanding bas- 
ketball players in the 1953 season, was chosen the 
athlete of the year by the University of Illinois' 
student body. Clive was not only a basketball 
standout but also one of the main reasons for 
Illinois tying for the Baseball Big Ten Cham- 

Conference Medal Winner 

Clive Follmer was also honored by being named 
the Conference Medal Winner of 1953. This honor 
is given to the University of Illinois' outstanding 
scholar-athlete. Despite participating in varsity 
basketball and baseball throughout the school 
year, he maintained an impressive scholastic aver- 

Don Ernst 

Most Valuable Player 

Don Ernst, varsity tackle on the Fighting Illini 
eleven, was chosen by his teammates at their 
annual banquet as the most valuable player. Don 
was one of the main reasons for Illinois' successful 
team this year. His superior blocking on offense 
and his stellar defensive play made him vital to 
the team. 


Senior managers: Ron Heiligenstein, Dale Bury 


jmiiui IM Managers: Jack Olson, Steve Anderson 

The University of Illinois' Department of Intra- 
mural and Recreational Sports plays a vital role in 
the extracurricular activities of the University stu- 
dent. The IM program furnishes the recreational 
activities a student needs to supplement his class- 
room work. By participating in intramural activi- 
ties, a student receives the relaxation gained by 

taking part in the various forms of recreation as 
well as the physical exercise. The IM sports pro- 
vide active competition for individuals and teams. 
The recreational sports consist of a wide variety 
of non-competitive activities and informal com- 
petitive sports. 

IM Rec Board — Standing: Stanley Felderman. Marvin Graves, Steve Anderson, Jack Olson, Burton Palmer 
Seated : Dale Bury, Ron Heiligenstein, Allen Klingel 


Sophomon IM Manage 

Ronald Carlson, Frank SternarJ, Paul Hinnchs, Roger Gomien 

This department, sponsored by the Athletic 
Association, has Intramural, Recreational, and 
Co-recreational programs. The IMREC Board, 
with Allen B. Klin gel as faculty supervisor, di- 
rects the department. The Supervisor, Assistant 
Supervisor, Senior and Junior Managers, Chair- 
man of the Officials Association, and represent- 
atives of the Intrafraternity Council, Men's 
Independent Association, and the participating 
Independent and Greek houses make up the 
Board. This Board sets all program policies and 
acts as a Protest Board. 

The IM Officials Association furnishes all the 
IM Program officials. Members of the profes- 
sional classes of the School of Physical Educa- 
tion make up this organization. 

The IM department provides clean, whole- 
some competition for the students with a keen 
rivalry existing between the fraternities and the 
independent houses. Pre-season coaching and 
practice clinics are held before the competition 
begins in various sports. . 

The recreational department provides activ- 
ities for those interested in athletics for their 
sake alone. Graduate students and the staff 
can enter in the special events and tournaments 
open for them in their own program. 

The Co-Rec department provides sports where 
both men and women can team up in competi- 
tion. Such co-rec sports are volleyball, bowling, 
and softball. Special activities clubs are formed 
by students showing a special interest. 

1953 Intramural Champions 

Basketball Sigma Chi 


Bowling Alpha Sigma Phi 

Golf Gene Hadley, Theta Chi 

Gymnastics Sigma Chi 

Horseshoes Ed Werner— John Birky, Acacia 

John Birky, Acacia 

12 inch Theta Xi, Minawa 

16 inch Alpha Epsilon Pi, Newman Club 

Table Tennis Bipskis, Avizienis 


Indoor Sigma Chi 

Outdoor Parade Ground Units 

Badminton Al Johnson, Phi Kappa Psi 

Anderson— Prichard, Sigma Chi 

Football Phi Gamma Delta 


Handball Howie Weinstein, Noble 

Katz— Weinstein, Noble 

Tennis Walt Hulvey, Naturals 

Stewart— Hulvey, Naturals 

Volleyball Delta Chi 

Chinese Student Club 

Water Polo Phi Delta Theta 

Wrestling Alpha Tan Omega 

Swimming Delta Chi 


1952 - 1953 Point Leaders 


Phi Delta Theta 297% 

Sigma Chi 286 

Sigma Pi 229 

Alpha Tan Omega 220 

Phi Kappa Psi 173 

Phi Gamma Delta 164 

Alpha Sigma Phi 159 

Theta Xi 157 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 157 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 143 


Newman Club 135 

Naturals 122 

Vet Club 109 

NPAA 95 

Newman Hall 90 

Mi-Dell 90 


W. A. A. 

Jean Huber, president 

K'.A.A. Award Winners: Nancy Claypool, Doris 
Henderson, Barbara Victor, Jean Huber 

II .A. A. Sports Managers — Top roiv : Doris Lokay, Ann Bages, Vera Rimnac, Doris Strickland, Miriam Red- 
path, JoAnn Neburka, Doris Simonson 
Second row: Diane Reich, Virginia Fortney, Joan Tate, Patricia Robinson, Amelia Gaza 
Bottom row: Carmen Cunningham, Patricia Coyle, Jane Klitzing, Nancy Judd 

The Women's Athletic Association is responsi- 
ble for the outstanding program of athletics avail- 
able to Illinois coeds. The W.A.A. offers recreation 
for all undergraduate and graduate women in vol- 
leyball, swimming, bowling, archery, table tennis, 
field hockey, badminton, fencing, softball, tennis, 
golf, apparatus, and basketball. Moreover, the 
W.A.A. sponsors Sports Days, High School Play- 
days, and other athletic functions during the year. 
Competition is provided in both independent and 
inter-house divisions. 

Two trophies are awarded yearly: one to the 
house accumulating the most points in team com- 
petition, and the other to the house having the 

best percentage ot participation. After each girl 
completes one sports season, she is eligible for ini- 
tiation. Four seasons are required for a pin, six 
for numerals, and after twelve seasons a girl is 
eligible for her major "I" award. 

In October, 1953, the Illinois Athletic Federa- 
tion of College Women held its convention on the 
U. of I. campus. This year's officers were Jean 
Huber, president; Patsy Hutson, vice president; 
Virginia Mersbach, secretary; Marilyn Gustafson, 
treasurer; Sherle Olson, sports chairman; Sue 
Turner, house representative coordinator; and 
Joan Steger, publicity chairman. 

W ' . A. A. House Representatives — Top row ■ Barbara Pckorny. Ca r men Cunningham, Shirley Searcy. Phyllis Anderson. Beverly Menz, Charlotte Crumbaugh, 
Babbette Hettinger, Jeannie Sweeney, Carolyn Lamct, Betty Kessler, Diane Hinkel, Helen White. Georgene Zoubek, Ann Bages, Patricia Thudium 

Bottom row: Sue Turner. Joanne Knopf, Vc--r Rimnr"" I Ann Belton, Catherine Davis, Carol Carmean, Audrey J hnson, Janet 01s;n, J:an Iamb, Jody 
Alderson, D iris Strickland, Miriam Redpath, Jean Kruger 


Top row: Jean Huber, Joan Tyler, Mernam Ernst, Nancy Berquist, Erna Westaway, Mutya Tirol, Dolores Kotsiakos, Barbara Sandquist, Jean Lamb, Marilyn 

Handrock, Patsy Hutson, Dorothy Drakeford, Vera Rimnac, Vivian Kretshmer, Suzanne Turner, Barbara Calisch, Janet Moeller 
Fourth row: Mary Parent, Pat Renken, Marlyn Kasson, Marylou McGowan, Yvonne Springer, Jeanmarie Sweeney, Mickey Gaza, Marilyn Gustafson, Leonice 

Gaines, Barbara Steger, Barbara Tkiel, Mary Ann Johnson, Marion Huebner, Sherle Olson, Shirley Searcy, Jane Klitzing, Carmen Cunningham, Lillian 

Mackey, Marianne Biestek, Lorraine Borman 
Third row: Phyllis Anderson, Betty Webb, Virginia Fortney, Elizabeth Jenner, Virginia Reda, Jo Knopf, Auguste Lehman, Nancy Upsall, Donna Graf, Mary 

Wahl, JoAnn Neburka, Barbara Baxter, Barbara Kessler, Anne Bages, Mrs. Lorraine Neilsen 
Second row: Paula Strohl, Phyllis Larson, Helen White, Sonya Clark, Jody Alderson, Virginia Peterson, Ola Bundy, Diane Hinkle, Barbara Goldman, Duane 

Peterson, Cecelia Damotte, Joan Kay 
Bottom row: Darlene Miller, Bebe Bowers, Terry Kaplan, Dorothy Marlin, Harriet Sax, Betty Wahlstrom, Paulette Mastoon, Iris Garland, Alyce Adeskn, 

Maria Thys, Constance Mitchell 

P. E. Majors' Club 

Physical Education Majors' Club is 
a professional organization for women 
in the Physical Education, Health, 
Recreation, and Dance Curricula. 
During the year the club sponsors 
professional meetings with speakers 
from various fields of physical educa- 
tion. Convocations are held to pro- 
mote better relationships between the 
students and the faculty of the depart- 

Intra-class competition is offered in 
volleyball, basketball, and Softball. 
The club sponsors a program during 
the Mothers Day weekend and also a 
reception at Homecoming. The mem- 
bers publish a newspaper, called 
"Shorts," four times a year. 

Top row: Vera Rimnac, senior representative ; Jo Knopf, sophomore representative ; Yvonne 
Springer, junior representative ; Janet Moeller, dance representativt 

Second row: Mrs. Lorraine Neilson, advisor; Jane Klitzing, secretary; Sue Turner, presi- 
dent; Jean Lamb, vice president 

Bottom row: Barbara Calisch, recreation representative: Shirley Searcy, treasurer 

Not in panel: Kay Crinnigan, freshman representativt 









4 L m 


fn _ 11 

h M — A- 




Beauty incorporated 

Queen tor a Day 
Illini Sewing Circle 


w4 if^lrLl^k? 


Dig that crazy hat 


Tall Tales 





Crack shot 

3-D tonite! 

' 7ff-» 

At Prehn's 
Into the pocket 





T. G. I. F. 

Relaxation corner 



Fountain Frolics 

Hold that pose 
Push button fantasy 

Daniel Boone? 


j^i^w<. } NW 

It isn't raining violets — is it? 

The sublime 
The ridiculous! 

Anybody need a hammer? 


vz.& a ■'." 

Step right up 

Which Way Home? 


True Mini 

1*$ ' 

Wright street vvriot 

Strange things are happening 
Beauty takes a holiday 





i . 

How about a ride? 






„d«t<><' <fi/ *" u> 


r rimiti fa i ■ • ?/»« 

<%"** &***/« 




I'.nit.nii iy I ,-,- Stadia 



<l ( '!l 





Top row: Gertrude Gassmann, Cynthia Wallace, Joan Evans, Deborah Fay, Jane Harris, June Tracy, Carylsue Covert, Carol Patterson, Joan Andrews, Lynn Just, 
Betty Snider. Mary Carol Waxier. Martha Hancock. < leo Magnasalis 

Third inir: Helen Vinson, Jean Reetz. Dolores Brence. Carol Greene. Betty Bright, Mary Jo Conto, Margaret Remade, Carol Phillips, Patricia Osgood, Patricia 
Edwards, Naomi Brausch, Marcia Ricckman, Phyllis Hasse, Janet Shissler 

Second row: Susan Woods, Shiela Dalby, Constance Wildman, Barbara Buckmaster, Mary Lou Miller, Betty G>..k, Patricia Seymour, Anzolette Eipper, Con- 
stance Cryder, Janice Jordan, Barbara Flannagan, Ann Lupton, Mary Scone 

Bottom row: Marina Steggerda, Jacqueline Luce, Kathleen McDowell, Charlotte Crumbaugh, Diane Freeto, Rosemary Kinney, Rosemaiy Jordan, Millicent Hamm, 
Donella Culberson, Norma Hertzrnan 

\ >t in panel: June Birgerson, Nancy l.ickson, Judith Crates 

Alpha Chi Omega 

904 South Lincoln 77 Active Chapter 

Top rou Betty Cook, (list rice piesident: Mary Lou Miller, m mj 
vice piesident; Margaret Remade, trctsiaer; Constance 
Cryder, facial chairman; Shiela Dalby, refolding 
Anzolette Eipper, corresponding secretary 

Dot trim <"ii : Patricia Seymour, pw\it/eni 




tw,W . JBBJ ■ 

.< WJ'Vfr 







MmF - 



«v... - v ^-^>'^i« 

'^■IS* 1 * 


-''■"' Ti I'll 1 '•■ 

Br^> " ^38 

j -, - .^,. ^gpih. 


'■'■' M 5s™ « 

>e?ai ■ i imRi 

'"' iiW 


If Bf J 




' -3*£ SB '• /f; "^ 



■ i 



pK ; H 

7V>/> row: Jean Dinsdale, treasurer; De-lores Newberg. iccoiding secre- 
tin ) 
Bottom row: Jean Crowley. : /V e pies/dent; Joan Searing, president 


1202 West Nevada 82 Active Chapters 

a Delta Pi 

Top row: Marion Heubner, Sandra Malecki, Marjorie Moline, Roberta Murdock, Mary Kaempfer, Joyce Dangremond, Mary Even, Patricia Brothers, Nancy 
Fuhrken, Lee Borchard, Margaret Perlin, Barbara Moore, Jayne Johnson. Marilyn Scheuer, Nita Baker 

Third row: Carol Hofmann, Carolyn Hinton, Sandra Moore, Carole McCarthy, Joan Obarski, Alice Van Dyke, Marjorie Main, Joan Berkey, Lillian Powers, Carol 
Spoonhour, Carol Marling, Arlene Elliott, Dorothy Rosecrans. I.inda Allen. R ise Armstrong 

Second row: Janet Schmitt, Carol Petefish, Dolores Bultinck, B/rbarrT^Btitichard, Dolores Newburg, Jean Crowley, Joan Searing, Jean Dinsdale, Wilma Man- 
ning, Annabel Nye, Mary Ann Rogers, Carol Manion 

Bottom row: Minnie Giachetto, Marjorie Nicholson, Jane Benson, Sara Donahue, Sonja Clark, Patricia Folton, Rochelle Davis, Kayc- Siepker, Gloria Duval, 
Marcia Sutton, Nancy Cresto, Donna Rudig 

Not in f'tnel : Betty Wineler 




i • 1 t# « i * * i % 



' j*^—^k 


% &%▼* **»*% 


Top row: Deborah Lewis, Jo Anne Silverstein, Susan Sherman, Lois Silverman, Sally Ruttenberg, Carole Levin, Marilyn Lang, Rita Chanen, Bonna Lederer, Diane 

Klafter, Bonnie Nierman 
Third row: Iris Fegenhols, Evelyn Sabbath, Alice Solomon, Barbara Calish, Ann Goodman, Joan Davis, Betty Spiro, Harriet Cohen, Marcia Friedman, Arlene 

Sadev, Rosalee Katz 
Second row: Frances Sochat, Joan Kovitz, Lorraine Borman, Beatrice Lewy, Mrs. Mann, Juan Drucker, Barbara Brooks, Irma Sh.'inberg, Di Anne Greenberg, 

Alaine Berstein 
Bottom row: Barbara Siegel, Joanne Trockman, Lois Goodman, Jane Herskowitz, Aline Axelrad, Sue Schulman, Sherry Grossman, Reina Cohen, June Krause 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

904 South Third 36 Active Chapters 

Top low: lima Shainberg, scholarship chairman: Lorraine Borman. 
sec mat) 

Second row: Barbara Brooks, vice president: Joan Drucker, presi- 

Bottom row: Di Anne Greenberg, treasurer: Beatrice Lewy, rushing 

Chan man 

8^^^ AtedtffiBK^M % 

mm ^Uli^ 


T'^nBBB -.Ja*usJ7*^IHie^ic*B«««J 


Top rou : Jane Herrmann, first vice president', Judv Desch, second 
net president 

Bottom row: Elsie Moen, president; Janette Herrmann, ncording 
tecietary; Jan Rosenberg, treasurer; June Grafno, social chair- 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

1106 South Lincoln 64 Active Chapters 

Top row: ' Helen Moody, Rosemary Vose, Marna Carr, Doris Lokay, Mary Amsteen, Minnie Machetta, Rhea Mackey, Marjorie Bezio, 

Desch, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Janet Schliecher, Joan Tedrow, Carolyn Miller 
Third row: Patricia Burt, Joan Lebwick, Sue Pearson, Sally Walker, Shirley Trueblood, Bonnie Hartley, Mary Granberg, Dorelle 

Audrey Johnson, Helen McFarland, Elsie Kubes. Joan Rod'ick, Donna Andei hub. Margaret Wells 
Second row: Janette Herrmann, Shirley Hinners, Beverly Egeland, Janice Rosenberg, Merriam Ernst, Elsie Moen, Mrs. Wimmer, 

Beeson, Sarah McAllister, June Grafno, Jane Herrmann 
Bottom row: Phyllis Fisher, Alice Lakey, Sonja Kuoppala, Delores Anderson, Sophie Kochan, Marilyn Chichocki, Judith Hotrm 

Schnebcrger, Nancy Ncmeth, Altha Montague, Mary Oglesby. Judith Baily 

Carole Cockerill 

Mazzetta, Lois I. 

Josephine Leaf 

an. Amy Hagen 







Of (1^0 

&i ci < 



Top row: Barbara Hines, Dorothy Williams, Susan Jones, Clara Smith, Sidnetta Garrett, Dorothy Logan, Lois Smith, Betty Thomas 
Second row: Joanne Miller, Carol Ballinger, Patsy Hardiinon, Joan Tyler, Mrs. Gordon, Marie Johnson, Valiean Jones, Delores Brownlee 
Bottom row: Jean Dancy, Alfreda Phelps, Archalene Amos, Dionne Phillips, Barbara Anderson, Joyce Whitmore 
Not in panel: Dorothy Jordan 


Alpha Kappa Alpha 

1201 West Stoughton Street 96 Active Chapters 

Top row: Valjean Jones, corresponding secietary,_ Marie John- 
son, house manager; Carol Ballinger, recording secretary 

Bottom row: Joanne Miller, tieasitrer; Joan Tyler, president: 
Patsy Hardimon, vice president 


Top row: Jane Peters, treasurer; Shirley Aschenbach, vice 
president; Karen Holmes, recording secretary 

Bottom row: Gale Brittin, correipond:ng secretary; Mary Jane 
Fishel, president 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

706 South Mathews 56 Active Chapters 

"Top row: Peggy Hoover, Eileen Sampson, Phyllis Williams, Mary Lou Marshall, Judy Floyd, Katherine Stobbs, Nancy March, Marilyn Perry, Carol Dunnivant, 

Martha Rosebraugh, Frances Shaw, Nancy Potter, Barbara Morris, Wilma Allen, Nancy Miller 
Third row: Florence Spencer, Anne Davis, Nancy Brook, Carol Morris, Dora Fishel, Mary Malantis. Nancy Hertz, Jane Peters, Sharlene Mayer, Ernestine 

Dewhirst, Zoe Nelson, LaVaun Schild, Nancy Rockwood, Shirley Huber 
Second row: Joan Canada, Margaret Akey, Shirley Aschenbach, Betty Jo Vance, Karen Holmes, Janet Sullivan, Mrs. Mead, Mary Jane Fishel, Gale Brittin, 

Sandra Weber, Elizabeth Hopkins, Jean I.egault. 
Bottom row: Joan Scharofin, Georgia Doak, Wanda Feltych, Darlene Likens, Mary Hagi, Shirley Biadshaw, Barbara Babcock, Nancy Mongerson, Sherril 

Jeneson, Bonnie Payne 




/> /s ^n 



7,</> i ;r . Joan Guyer, Patricia Thudium, Barbara Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Marcia Stenherg, Shirley Borsini, Mary Welch, Kay Ekstrand, 

O'Neil, Patricia Whealon, Greta Wilgus, Carol Anderson, Suzanne Jones, Barbara Sears, Carol Coulter 
Third row: Diane Duncanson, Lynda Couch, Susan Brown, Carol McCradie, Ann Simons, Mary Young, Barbara Clement, Diane Johnson, Diane Barkei, Sara 

Knodell, Mary Barrie, Suzanne Meloan, Marion Achor, Dorothy Parsons 
v •■./ row: Jacqueline Mash, Jacquelyn Jones, Ruth Barrie, Diane Reich, Betty McDougall, Greta Erickson, Mrs. John McLean, Ann Roe, Ruth Woll, 

Elaine Bland, Kathleen McNamara, Suzanne Roe, Elizabeth Meek 
Bottom row: Penny Walker. Nancy Simons, Gael Greig. Patricia Speyerer, Connie Davis. Charlene Reich, Adele Monterastelli. Joy Kirtland. Jane Herberger, 

Shirley Ralston, Maria Thys, Eleanor Surber 
Not in panel : Nancy Hoover, Mary Crawford 

Alpha Phi 

508 East Armory 50 Active Chapters 

Top row: Greta Erickson, vice president; Martha Roe, president 
Bottom loir: Susan Brown, scholarship chairman; Marion Achor, 

treasurer; Jacquelyn Jones, recoidiug lecretary; Betty McDougall, 

social than man 


Top row: Helen Immonen, president ; Fay Nichols, social 
chairman; Pat Burian, rushing chairman; Dawn Wolfe, 
corresponding set tetar) 

Bottom row: JoAnn Scoggins, vice president; Carolyn Holm- 
strand, treasuier; Mane Melville, recording secretary 

Alpha Xi Delta 

715 West Michigan 66 Active Chapters 

Top row: Norma Martin, Charlotte McDonald, Ruth Mashek, Carol Halverson, Judith Sandborn, Joyce Booth, JoAnn Scoggins, Joan Danielson, Adrienne 

Eames, Sue Hutchinson, Gene Wailen, Drue Wolfe, Jayne Cristy, Mary Jo Ryerson 
Second row: Patricia Firebaugh, Patricia Burian, Jessie Wisegarver, Janet Morthorst, Carolyn Holmstrand, Fay Nichols, Mrs. Ivan Field, Helen Immonen, 

Dawn Wolfe, Marie Melville, Geraldine Gaddy, Diane Zaremba, Rosemary Young 
Bottom row: Karen Kucenda. Kathleen Kennedy, Jean Stacy, Nancy Gratigny, Barbara Stevens, Dolores Cass, Phyllis Boland, Ann Mannhardt, Sarah Labelle, 

Rita Crose, Evelyn Detchemendy, Joan Sadorf 


\ . 



,,? > ^ & £V^ n 


Top row: Jane Collins, Lou Babeno, Beverly Dornoii. Mariorie Knudsted, Mary Hettinger, Jackalee Gleason, Margaret Vest, Shirley Gaghan, Jane Pritchett, 

Martha Glisson, Janice Peavler, Sara Barry, Irene Mathews, Janet Troutman, Diane Nutty 
Third row: Cynthia Guthrie, Diane Pierre, Carol Carlson, Peggy Anderson, Jill Hanafee, Barbara Schedel, Patricia Killey, Sandra Schaub, Marcia Robinett, 

Catherine Cartland, Joyce Chalcraft, Jane Eliot, Julia Landis, Arlys Nitsche, Geraldine Garrison, Karen Lauridsen 
Second row: Mary Marmion, Marilyn Andrews, Julia MacKnight, Camille Kirchner, Marlene Kimbark, Mrs. Ross, Patsy Hopper, Georganne Riley, Constance 

Corley, Gwen Tyner, Ann Down 
Bottom row: Jacqueline Wilson, Helen Worsham, Judith Reesman, Rebecca Koelling, Kay Bowman, Nancy McCord, Juanita Roberts, Marilyn Smith. 

Jerri Chapin, Maureen Smith, Nancy Wear, Donna Glenn 
Not in panel: Diane Springer, Helen Lambrakis, Barbara Hall, Dolores Medcalf 

Chi Omega 

Top row: Camille Kirchner, pledge trainer: Georganne Riley, 
treasurer: Julia MacKnigrtt, secretary: Constance Corley, 
personnel chairman 

Bottom row: Patsy Hopper, lice president: Marlene Kimhark, 
prt tide ill 


Patricia Alfonsi, recording secretary ; Dorothy Hart]£.in, vice presi- 
dent; Elizabeth Yeatter, chaplain; Joan Schmidt, marshall; 
Virginia Deeds, president 

Delta Delta Delta 

508 East Chalmers 96 Active Chapters 

Top row: Nancy Salkeld, Geraldine Brown, Glenda Grant, Diane Amundsen, Nancy Lehmer, Diantha Spires, Darlene Linha, Sharon Lappin, Priscilla Perry, 

Wylma Erickson, Sharon Dreymiller, Margot Allison, Betty Cavitt, LuraLee Sutton 
Third row: Jean Innis, Carol Combs, Joan Schmidt, Mary House, Katherine Anderson, Lois Senne, Carol Scherwat, Doris Archibald, Shirley Lewis, Patricia 

Jewell, Barbara Calvert, Carole McCarthy, Shirley Stuber 
Second row: Patricia Alfonsi, Betsy Brown, Jean Elliott, Ann Babel, JoAnn Patton, Virginia Deeds, Mrs. Thompson, Dorothy Hartigan, Barbara Maas, 

Elizabeth Yeatter, Carolyn Giffin 
Bottom row; Marian Pytlik, Carol White, Carolvn James, Carolyn Jones, Diane Prentiss, Nancy Sandeis, Pat Lawder, Barbara Beckman, Nancy Tomm, Joyce 


Top row: Mary Lee Brown, Charlotte Bunn, Marianne Schrader, Ann Keith, Joyce Armsworth, Barbara Arnold, Doris Strickland, Kathy Sprague, Barbara Mc- 
Neill, Joyce Hansen, Judy Gilman, Barbara Standard, Gloria Fogarty, Barbara Bailey 

Third row: Joyce Thor, Sue Schurman, Barbara Baxter, Judy Finn, Barbara Lindgren, Betty Jo Robinson, Jo Hagnauer, Pat Moore, Carol Krause, Marilyn Mumma, 
Andrea Gunn, Janice Kisten, Joan Lundstrom 

Second row: Joan Sullivan, Sue Hays, Judy Marshall, Dorthy Figge, Sue Turner, Peggy Conlin, Mrs. Fowler, Barbara Gleason, Jane Strook, Sue Kay Humme- 
land, Barbara Robinson, Fran Corcoran, Elizabeth Hoel 

Bottom row: Mary Jane Bruggeman, Carol Sue Owens, Virginia Wren, Virginia Peterson, Kay Shaffer, Judy Peterson, Lou Werner, Joan Winkler, Bettie Thomas, 
Nancy Schaerer, Debbie Dolley 

Not in panel : Patsy Robinson 

Delta Gamma 

Top row: Judy Marshall, pledge train -r : Sue Turner, secretary 
Bottom row: Barbara Gleason, treasurer, Patsy Robinson, presi- 
dent, Dorthy Figge, rice president 


Top row: Carol- Perrye, lecultii); Carol Hyman, pieiidenl 

Carol Newman, treauirei 
Bottom row: Ann Nernerolf, pled^i mother; Jane Penn, vie. 


Delta Phi Epsilon 

47 East Chalmers 22 Active Chapters 

Top row ■ Gail Hecktman, Judith Friedman, Judith Barnett, Joan Ruther, Joanne Sherwin, Carole Rose, Margery Feder, Karen Friedman, Sandra Fralick, 

Babette Dennen, Roberta Falk, Sandra Schwartz 
Third row: Elayne Feinberg, Louise Lurie, Janet Silverstein, Phyllis Glick, Sally Greenberg, Donna Alspector, Jeanette Gross, Eva Hildesheimer, Barbara 

Baiman, Ina Aronoff, Shirley Hirsh, Anita Bitkower 
Second row: Sirella Schwartz, Carol Newman, Ann Nemeroff, Carol Hyman, Mrs. Schulman, Ann Youngerman, Jane Penn, Carole Perrye, June Mansbach, 

Roberta Kornfeld 
Bottom row: Rena Berke, Elaine Shanoff, Barbara Loman, Esther Schaffner, Anita Kassner, Arlenc Dubrove, Judith Sunshein, Nancee Farber, Sarah Raff, 

Elaine Jaffee 
Not m panel: Maita Mittleman, Sally Alex 


Top row: Janice Black Joan Beatty, Thelma Armstrong, Donna Orr, Christine Hansen, Johna Glaze, Phyllis Larson, Ruth Barnes, Elizabeth Roe Ruth 

Adamstone, Sandra Ullnm 
Third row: Elizabeth Mason, Shirley Heinz, Donna Ruys, Marianne Krieling, Ertha Johnson, Stephanie Kusek, Sarah Beggs, Eleanor Edwards Maryjo- 

Vibert, Betty Bnney, Nancy Kerr 
Second row: Elsie Krumpe, Beverly Bryngelson, Jane Sweidal, Louise Zingrone, Janet Barker, Sandra Racine, Marylou McGowan, Janet Zink Donna Duer- 

wacter, Carolyn Cochran 
Bottom row: Linda Hanson, Roberta Johnson, Arlene Morris, Anna Fruin, June Kutemeyer, Janet Brown, Leah McGowan, Mary Moore Nancy Kurrie 

Marjorie Stroberg 
Not in panel: Norma Forbes, Ann Smith 

Delta Zeta 


Top row: Jean Migeley, standards chairman; Barbara Victor, 

vice president; Elizabeth Yanson, rushing chairman; Georgia 

Hall, scholarship chairman; Marietta Brothers, treasurer 

Bottom row: Barbara Hempstead, house manager; Mary Bills, 

recording secretary; Jane Coultas, president; Jeannine Burnier, 

pledge adviser 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Top row: Virginia Wilke, Lee Purnell, Eileen Frieburg, Nina Collins, Beverly Menz, Virginia Strohm, Jaci Grear, Nancy Bowen, Marguerite Goodendorf, 

Betty Doyle, Shirley Krull, Miriam Lamar, Carolyn Land, Carol Peterson, Marie Mitchell 
Third row: Vera Jacobson, Miriam Carpenter, Jolene Winsauer, Diane DeVry, Elizabeth Yanson, Marietta Brothers, Sue Koch, Clara Downs, Sara Lou 

Mefford, Jane Woelfersheim, Gene Stimart, Norma Bean, Joann Buske, Mariorie Ornellos, Rosemary Stuebe 
Second row: Joann Wahl, Ann Brannan, Joan Noble, Nancy Carter, Jean Migely, Georgia Hall, Mrs. Mann, Jeannine Burnier, Barbara Hempstead, Barbara 

Victor, Dorothy Martin, Carolyn Smith, Tirzah Kane 
Bottom row: Dorothy Garland, Judy Harbough, Karlyn Kettlekamp, Molliebeth Sonderskov, Phyllis Hiob, Sharon Outliers, Arden Rhodes, Alice Potts, 

Jean Anderson, Sherrill Hart, Jere Stewart 
Not in panel: Miriam Behrens, Mary Bills, Nancy Claypool, Jane Coultas, Carol Osborn, Carol Sp^rl, Marjone Wilke. Rhoda Willey 

Top row: Jayne Whitney, Miriam Redpath, Alice Bower, Mary Alexander. Martha Schueler, Virginia Thompson, Jeanne Hilton, Marilyn Beinhaver, Janice Dona- 

gher, Sandra Haussermann, Noel Hurd, Marilyn Reinhart, Sandra Mauer, Jean Simon 
Third row: Virginia Blevins, Clarissa Adams, Doris Drew. Suzanne Cuthber, Jeannctte Mathews, Judy Gerstenberger, Janice Mathews, Susan Olmstead, Judy Hog- 

gatt, Evelyn McCreery, Sue Anderson, Galey Shappert, Nancy Nickol, Jerric Bund 
Second row: Ann Maher, Cynthia Shorb, Louise Drechsler, Ruth Mautz, Colleen Leahy, Florence Kraabel, Mrs. Harlow, Jean Weiss, Virginia Mersbach, Jeanette 

Gerdcs, Babette Stipes. Kathryn Kile, Donna Wilson 
Bottom row: Gretchen Warvel, Jean Kreger, Dee Ann Beebee, Sue Brunkow, Arlene Kuebler, Alice Huggins, Marilee Schmidt, Janet Brown, Virginia Wilson, 

Mary Siemer, Susan Black 
Not in panel : Jane Eaton, Barbara Huth, Anne Miller, Ann Ridinger, Marlene Ungeher 

Kappa Alpha Theta 


611 East Daniel 80 Active Chapters 

Top low: Kathryn Kile, treasurer: Jean Weiss, president; 

Marlene Ungeher, recording secretary 
Bottom row: Colleen Leahy, corresponding secretary; Florence 

K'.i.iivl. vice president: F.velvn McCreery. chaplain 


I u : Janet Green, rushing chairman; June Weiland, vice 

prtsident; Marian Stewart, president; Barbara Baudino, secre- 
tin y 

Bottom row; Jean Albeit, assistant treasurer; Barbara Barnes, 
editor; Dolores Holmes, treatuier 

Kappa Delta 

120-4 South Lincoln 8: Active Chapters 

Top row: Dorothy Wolf, Joan Albert, Mary Jane Stark, Marika Adam, Georgia Miller, Margaret Lynett, Lynne Johnson, Juanita Follmer, Mary Jane Rigney. 

Judy Peterson, Dorothy Kaufman, Terryl DeLong, Eleanor Krause, Donna Hansen, Yvonne Culverson, Marianne Casey 
Third row: Marilyn Zellers, Yvonna Lutrell, Winifred Dettro, Elisabeth Bachman, Nancy Vesely, Nancy Crow, Barbara Rapp, Jane Weigand, Vera Saline, 

Nannette Klinkey, Celia Concialdi, Joan Watson, Judith Heien, Ann Nicholas 
Second row: Joann Weaver, Mary Ann Kula, Barbara Baudino, Janet Green, June Weiland, Mrs. Curry, Marian Stewart, Dolores Holmes, Barbara Barnes, 

Nancy McCarty, Delores Moser, Harriet Beaudoin, Joan Holm. Marilyn Brummer 
Bottom row: Judy Smith, Barbara Crow, Nancy Crocker, Irene Williams. Coralee White, Elinor Haberle, Fiances Davidson, Alice Reuss 
Not in Panel: Judy Hennig, Betty Keene, Janet Thorngren, Joan Howland 




.>- - » , 


,«• . 

v^ . 

> > -» •• 

■/ <f« Jr*^""*! 

Top ruu'.' Shirley McVicar, Jane Biodnax, Joan Frazier, Virginia Halligan, Doris Vogt, Cecily Howard, Jean Machin, Barbara Mangier, Joan Alderson, Joan 

Stenger, Susan Elfgen, Elizabeth Griffin, Eleanor Mayne, Marilyn Smith 
Third row: Lynn Wendnage!, Jean Handley, Jeanne Miller, Judy James, Judy Munnis, Claire Vogt, Leslie Ator, Dee Rumsfeld, Ruth Wylie, Sandra Smith, 

Jane Gray, Nina Temple, Joan Barabe 
Second row: Carol Brown, Judy Listeman, Muriel Boehl, Alice Stoik, Ann Thayer, Jean Albro, Elizabeth Mace, Mrs. Jordan, Shelly Chase, Mary Dinsmore, 

Jane Whitmore. Barbara Cross, Sal lie Young, Dorothy Porter, Joan Dodds 
Bottom row: Marilyn Jordan, Susan Howarth, LaVerne Paschen, Mary Marvel, Peggy Nelson, Caroline Shinkle, Roberta Olson, Patricia Butler, Gayle 

Gundlach, Nancy Ballantine, Carol Gruenwald, Janice Heil 
Not in panel: Sheila Fallon, Joyce Weise 

Kappa Kappa 


1 102 South Lincoln 82 Active Chapters 

Top row: Sandra Smith, treasurer; Jane Gray, pledge trainer 
Bottom row: Ann Mace, president; Shelly Chase, vice president; 
Jean Albro, house chain,,,,,: 


Top row: Cherie Lyford, rushing chairman; Barbara Fedor, 

Bottom row: Shelia Fleming, fledge director; Kalah Roeder, vice 
president; Marilyn Werner, president; Sarah Council, secre- 



1010 South Third Street 67 Active Chaptcis 

Top row: Judy Lutz, Ann Hammond, Wini Long, Joan Smith, Dorothy House, social chairman; Jeanne Dundon, Eileen Hall, Joanne Daigle, Beatrice Agase, 
Nancy Thomas, Susan Crandall, Jan Carlson 

Second row: Betty Zacharias, Beverly Black, Mary Martin, Sheila Fleming, Sarah Council, Marilyn Werner, Mrs. Mize, Kalah Roeder, Barbara Fedor, Cherie Ly- 
ford, Caroline Cramer 

Bottom row: Ruth Green, Barbara Reynolds, Martha Hahn, Vivian Peukert, Sally Bergman, Diane Brown, Laura Tripp, Barbara Bergstrom, Mary Purcell, Jane 
Pomerenke . 




r - 








Top row: Eleanor Kay, Carol Sweetow, Lois Kroll, Ruth Agru'.s, Betty Plullips, Roberta Friedman, Helen Goldberg, Susanne Apple, Marjorie Baum, Joyce 

Guttman, Lois Greenberg. Gloria Kroll, Iris Dloogatch. 
Second row: Renetta Greenberg, Judith Eisenstadt, Eleanor Eisenstein, Joan Lewis, Mrs. Ella Heymann, Iris Nudelman, Renee Grauer, Zora Dorfman, 

Sandra Levin 
Fust row: Lenore Ferst, Gertrude VX'emer, Dolores Schmidt, Rita Cohen, Fein Good, Lois Fremder, Sandra Field, Yvonne Gindick, Evelle Shkolnik, Sheila 

Schwartz, Libby Brainen, Nancy Warshaw 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

306 Gregory Drive 24 Active Chapters 

Top row: Joan Lewis, fret/surer; Eleanor Eisenstein, 

Renee Graver, vice pn utlciit 
Bottom inw: Zora Dorlman, pail president; Iris Nudelman, 

pn liili ui 




Top row: Gail Furnall, pledge master; Sharon Mayhall, uishing 

chairman; Margaret Pool, treasurer 
Bottom row: Marilyn Webber, president; Sue Bockewitz, vice 


Pi Beta Phi 

1005 South Wright 98 Active Chapters 

Top row Constance Tazewell, Elaine Skadbeig, Margaret Pool, Doralie Flutcher, Joan Groth, Martha Sanford, Alice Stewart, Carol Lundm, Josephine 

Hendrick, Harriet McLaughlin, Ann Winters, JoAnn Stork, Margaret Gaul, Jeanne Brunkow, Martha Hynds, Jane Thiem 
Third row: Ann Shilladey, Marlyn Kasson, Emily Ann Ward, Lynn Miller. Gail Furnall, Constance Kull, Donna Cadwallader, Marna Brewbaker, Cynthia 

Dolan, Mary Ann Litherland, Carol Cox, JoAnn Davidson. Judith Beatty, Alice Turner, Gwen Peterson 
Second row: Barbara Bell, Joy Gilpin, Eileen Norcross, Judy Powell, Mary Heatherly, Marilyn Webber, Mrs. Taylor, Sue Bockewitz, Sharon Mayhall, Carol 

Seibert, Jane Hayes. Barbara Webber, Kathleen Spaulding 
Bottom row: Mary Hartray, Lizabeth Whittington, Rhea Peterson, Nancy Webber, Ruth Hawkins, Nancy Fischer, Sally Fischer, Nancy Lewis, Mary Lynn Hage- 

bush, D nna Williams. Paula Miller. Alice Baker Carol Hiffie 
Sot in panel: Mary Sanford. Karen Smith, Charlotte Jones 

-*.' \ 

Top row: Toby Grecnman, Nancy Astrof, Ann Helman, Fruma Borowsky, Judith Rosenberg, Roberta Resnick, Vivian Farber, Sandra Goldman. Judith Ruben- 
WAf^P7"^^"*^ t ^™n r ' ,Zwe * GhdyS Schechtman . Arlene Freed ' En,d Weinstein - Marian OS""' 1 *. Carol Salmon - T " b ' Zuiebtck. Sandra Kraut, 
Seconftw? Madene Treger^Jean Shanberg. Renee Dvore, Bonnie Engler, Mrs. Mildred Horowitz, Deborah Gollub, Rosalie Librae!., Diane Evans, Annette 
Bfl//„T,!''v!«- Um R l fs7M 1 Irgui r i us ht Sue Traxler, Diane Eisenberg, Marlene Brody, Adrienne Neuman, Chailene Brown. Judith Loeb, Mona Adsley. Rosanne Nachbar, 

Sandra Kahn 
Sat m panel: Roberta Skolnik, Barbara Siegal, Judith Starsky 

Sigma Delta Tau 

1104 Nevada 2S Active Chapters 

Top row: Bonnie Engler, vice president; Debbie Gollub, pieudent ; 

Rene Dvore, secretary 
liollom row: Bobbie Skolnik. treat/net, Rosalie I.ibrach, scholarship 

chan man 



WT. *^^ : 

Top row: Romeyn Schrock, first net president; Raramia Scdlacek, 
recording secretary; Darlene Munts, corresponding secretary; 
Margaret Birtwell, second vice president 

Bottom row: Anne Gothwaite, treasurer; Ann Vodak. tezistrar; 
Doris Netzer. president 

Sigma Kappa 

713 West Ohi. 

62 Active Chapters 

Top row: Kay Robinson, Marie Fisher, Sue Ewing, Janice Lindcman, Barbara Bluege, Janet Olson, Margaret Stone, Susan Walters, Nancy Dowling, Marilyn 

Hoaglund, Lois MofFett 
Third row: Carol Crisp, Beverly Galvin, Meline Pihbosian, Mary Allen, Marjorie Wiegand, Joanne Forsberg, June Eichler. I-ois Johnson, Alice Rudwall, 

Miriam Smith, Phyllis Birtwell, Carol Peterson 
Second row: Carole Truckenbrod, Darlene Munts, Romeyn Schrock, Margaret Birtwell, Mrs. Buckley, Doris Netzer, Ramona Sedlacek, Florence Gothwaite, 

Ann Vodak, Emily Beggs, Ruth Romoser 
Bottom row: Janet Smith, Barbara Barnes, Norma Fernandes. Sandra Sederlund, Marilyn Gamlin, Alice Klingensmith, Myra Bloxom, Penny Malina. Carol 

Andrews, Merle Smedberg 

Top row: Bobette Sclirotberger, Roberta Hurst, Nancy Holtz, Mary Thomason, Artemis Sotirakos, Barbara Hughes, Caiol Muenter, Joan Rush, JoAnn Farley, Marie 
Putman, Judy Martin 

Third row: Nancy Danne, Joan Bordes, Ruth Miller, Marilyn Ganschow, Betty Lee, Marcia Clafford, Lucille Bremner, Virginia Ward, Arlene Huddleston, 
Marilyn Jones 

Second row: Mary McKinnie, Mary Gibson, Diane Prappas, Mary Humphreys, Dorothy Jones, Mrs. Treacy, Virginia Davis, Carol Link, Carolyn Brewer, Lois En- 

Bottom row: Jean Hogan, Shirley Beaty, Rae Grosch, Antoinette Paulavish, Suzanne Eovaldi, Martha Deopel, Elizabeth Kircher, Joan Johnson, Bette Hammond 

Theta Upsilon 

Top row: Diane Prappas, treasurer; Carolyn Brewer, chaplain; Waiy 

Jane Gibson, editor 
Second row: Dorothy Jones, president; Virginia Davis, vice president 
ISi/ttom row: Mary Lou Humphreys, alumni vice president; Carol 

Link, < cue tar y 


Top row: Betsey Byrns, vn 

Janet Glowe, secretary 
Bottom row: Margaiet Curtiss, historian 
Not in panel: Ariene Stauber, treasurer 

dent; Elenor Frase, president; 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

West Vermont 93 Active Chapters 

Seeo^^^^'^^^r, Janet Gl.wc. Mar g are, Betsy Byrns, Mrs. Hankins, Eleanor Frase, Ar.ene Stauber, Al.ce Ogdenanet 
■JSW^ lafe Betty Onstad, Joan Vladar, Mar.anne Biestek, Carol Newton, Shirley Baun.nn, A.yce Adesko, Elizabeth Ackerman, D,anne Albert, 

Lorraine Roulette, Maxme Searle 
Not in panel: Carolyn Blackard 




Top row: Donna Lav, Kay Russis, Judith Skorodin. Yvonne Berntscn, Susan Rickles, Harriet Cohen, Jean Lamb, Jeanette Engtlbrecht, Peggy Scott, Rosalind 
Davidson, Kay Carlson, Suzanne Carlson 

Third row: Thelma Cohen, Barbara Tracy. Yoshimi Amino, Gail Pompian, Lyn Cygan, Kama Bloomberg, Sydney Edelstein, Shirlee Blum. Ruth Moyle, Adrienne 
Lavin, Helen Rolnick, Elene Schiermer, Cathy Chentes 

Second row: Frances Rizzo, Dorothy Schlitt, Chris Mariankos, Barbara Turner, Beatrice Rosenberg, Julie Rettko, Nancy Kendrix, Anne Wesner, Esther OUe, Made- 
line Shapiro, Beverlee Small, Dolores Reizner, Idelle Milstein 

Bottom r./w: Dorothy Cunningham, Martha Ringness. Diane Wallander, Nancy Upsall, Auguste Lehman, Melitta Brandes, Estelle Lavine, Harriet Sax, Virginia 
Kinder, Davida Bernstein, Harriet Raskin 

Not in panel: Trudy Arst, Joan Babb, Frieda Beatty. Patricia Biskupic, Jean Black. Harlene Bleiweiss, Marilyn Boock, Alice Clark. Diane ErTrin. Regina Firant, 
Frances Freeman. Marilyn Frew, Judith Golding, Irene Green, Marilyn Gustafson 

Busey Hall 

1111 West Nevada 


Busey Hall 


I ■„.: 




1111 West Nevada 

ro W : Sa.dra Smith. Frances Woodrun, Z„e SkaUruri, ^riede H«ri ? A^-ft ^ t ^J?^T^Z^^^^ 

g£r«s s?firs&^s tt£:S f- c » „^ Doris Valenta Mary Ann Johnson , Janet Moeller , , H r 

Freitag, Catherine Dages. Hope Kemgsterg Markne Czerwrnski g d Rubi E1]en B erolzheimei, Barbara Brog Sh.rley Jacobson, Dons Pryor, 

om row: Mary Jennings. Rhoda Roberts, Dernlym Knudtson .Janet rennema , a Mareuente oberto Severly Shanle, Marilyn Tesmer . 

Judy Epstein, Sandy Miller, Noelle Rich, Joyce Handler, J une Temple J^^^^f^ois SchWberger, Mary Shive Patricia Sievers, Katherine Soucek 
J ,„ panel: Sherle Olson. June Peterson. Joyce Pound , Soph* Pruss ^Barbar* ««f ^ , ; Nanty kiM Helen Hines, Demetra Harakourtis, Sylvia Kareken. 



yaj OP 

I4MH f 1-1*. 

7)6 row; Joanne Belton, Judy Feind, Marilyn Lescure, Patricia Carrico, Janis Lindblom, Ethel Pohlman, Mary Stockley, Carole Wilkins, Judy Vogel, Shirley 

Beckman, Diane Jones, Anne Andersen, Norma Wade, Elaine Kihn, Martha Donnelly, Carol Walker, Bettv Britt, Betty Sandhass Anne Kohlbeck Andrea 

Third row: Afrodite Konstans, Irma Williamson, Sandra May, Lois Kilberg, Mary Francis Jensen, Marjorie Chalfant, Mary Ann Cootello, Gloria Wenzel, 

Patricia Baima, Catherine Aplington, Fija Liepins, Martha Boren, Anita West, Eileen Grigalunas, Barbara Bales, Nancy Karls, Virginia ' Foertsch 
Second row: Ruth Langham. Sue Meyers, Beth Armin. June Cykele, Jackie Stumbaugh, Marilyn Moore, Donna Drew, Mrs. Alma Moore, Ruth Porter, Ruth Hook, 

Marilyn Mehlenbacher, Carole Kullen, Peggy Quish, Vera Sheuchuk, Barbara Frank, Ellen Cox 
Bottom row: Alice Mahler, Mary Glorio, Charlotte Laurine, Eileen Johnston, Marilyn Kapala, Barbara Moore, JoAnn Ridley, Ethel McHenry, Marilyn Harmon, 

Phyllis Siegert, Sandra Zartman, Sally Barton, Virginia Victorine, Lucille Buzelli, Joyce Watt 
Not in panel: Joyce Putnam 

Cagle Hall 

301 East Armory 



Top row: Eda Dolins. corr:spnnclinR se cretary ; Ethel N.uditch, 

recording secretary ; Sandra Romanoff, treasurer; Eileen Fish, 

chairman . ^^^l^B ■, 

Bottom row: Eileen Golb, vice piendent; Joyce Leviton, prist- 
J i nt; Beverlv Shapiro, freshman adviser 

EKT Club 

1106 West Oregon 

Toh row Marlene Horberi; Adrienne Berman, Serene Sachar, Carolyn I.amet 
No< /« panel: Ellen Bluethe, Maurine WeinMein 


f>, o Ai/> fwr> 


i& o 





,-r^t f — , 7: —^V»>-i ,1 ~ 



%CJ ■- 

.- ' ■>•.■•'. 

' •'■ '■>" 

Top ruic: Roberta Hoegner, Betty Conreau, Marilyn Nelson. Sharon Beckmeyer. Adele Murr. Dorothy Sloan, Patricia Watson, Eileen Schaefer Elizabeth Oakes 
Lorraine Geittmann, Helen Andrews, Sandra Rains, Marlene Kucera, Joyce Adler, Yvonne Seadin 

Second row: Helen Martinson, Gloria Winkel, Barbara Goldman, Dona Fletcher, Johanna Grites. Maureen Heraty, Elaine Heytovv, Doris Krull Carole Kamin 
Miriam Golub, Theodora Stavros, I.ynn Bryant, Virginia Garczynshi, Gail Cartland, Ruth Stapels, Dorothy Lutchka, Lois Yaffe, Roxane Kamm Betty Anne 
Ulbricht, Mary Weber, Margaret Tracy, Maurene Kitt^man 

Bottom row: Margaret Cain, Nancy Nadasdy, Donna Beck, Sheila Solomon, Marjorie Oathout, Carol Mayer, Mary Fugn, Mary Pelikan, Mrs. Cotter, Mary John- 
son, Vera Orsborn, Jessie Green. Ruth Rust, Lois Zahrobsky, Margery Burger 

Not it: panel: Sharlene Abramson, Frances Adams, Arlene Berg, Mananna Calamar, Sandra Carnow, Gertrude Danaher, Marilyn Dick, Shirley Epstein, Judith 
Friedman. Phyllis Friedman, Sandra Gimpel, Ruth Gruendling, Karol Kane, Sarah Katz. Johanna Kauffman, Shirley Layman Charlene Lynch Lotis' Miller 
Carolyn Peterson, Ruth Post. Heha Riggin, Sheila Satovitz, Judv Siegal, Nancy Utley, Joyce White, Rosalie Wolf, Valerie Ziska Judy Zucker 

Evans Hall 

1115 West Nc-vad 

Top row: Mary Richman, social thaiimat: : Vnginia Churchill, 
at tti it n i chairman 

SeconJ row: Mary Carson, lice president; Patricia Vallero, presi- 
dent: Ruth Hortin, waetaiy 

Bottom row: Beverly Biissenden, treasurer: Toni Mancuso, hall 
i a ■/mil chairman 


Top row: Beverly Brissenden, tnasuu\ ; Toni Mancuso, chairman 
hall council 

Second row: Mary Carson, net ptcsident; Patricia Vallero. presi- 
dent; Ruth Hortin, secretary 

Bottom row: Maiy Richman. uic'ial chairman; Virginia Churchill, 
activity chairman 

Evans Hall 

1115 West Nevada 


Tot, row Charlotte Woodard Jeanne Jaracz, Miriam Weisbord, Elaine Cook, Sandra Matzkin, Janene Johnson Rosemary Atkinson, Marlene Holl, Audrey Schultz 
LMlian Jenkins ; DarCe Miller, Audrey Veazie. Norma Brooks. Vera Rimnac, Lorna Bussell, Bernadine Bernhardt, Janette Bernhardt, Marilyn Becker, Joanne 
Riedel Shirlev' Randels Diane Eshleman, Madonna Miller, Joan Pilot, Bonnie Kennie, Bonnie \X ahl _..,, , ... 

Second row: KatLnne Karakourtis, Rae Ann Starr. Johnnita Daniel. Dagmar Stibolt, Carole Reemis, Ben.ta Felsenthal, Claire ]«St,nson Nancy Ghdden I ucil e 
Papke Delores Hughes, Linnie Mallory, Jo Ann Melahn, Joan Lower, Connie Berutti, Emily Kamnert, Margaret Rippinger. Jane Burkhardt, Joan Schur, Nancy 
AhrenVt Ruth Schaner ' Patricia Kelly Patricia Kane, Amelia Gaza, Sally Martin, Sandra Faulhaber . 

Bottom row ■'■ Lucille Hecht, Sh rley Sherrmann. Baibara Postlewait, Virginia Audino. Geraldine Felerman, Darlene Whalen, Ton, Mancuso Beverly Bnssenden, 
Mary Carson Patricia Vallero, Ruth Hortin, Virginia Churchill, Mary Richman, Erna Westaway, Mary Jane Fennessey, Pauline Weissman, Patricia Coulson, 

Not )i 11 i^W MaC PatHc^Bt\e^ e eTcox, JoAnn Glenn, Carol Gurolnick. Viola Heindl, Phyllis Jarzenhski, Dolores Jones, Gloria Jones, Nancy March. Florence 
Spencer, Mary Tumenas, Bettye Walker, Patricia Waller, Joyce Whitmore. Edith Williams S 

■g .5 






r ^l 




I L * 

y* rr mm^ 




Tup row: Cynthia Traughber, Charlotte Hogan, Kay Jenner, Patricia Renken, Judith Konneker, Rita SchertZ, Juliann Ankenbrand, Janet Johnson, Helei 

Wilson, Georgiana Glover, Marilyn Mieher, Carol Firch, Marilyn Morine, Nancy Judd 
Third row: Martha Massie. Anne Lewis, Roberta Beimfohr, Joan Tate, Leona Jean Webb, Nancy Monroe, Audrey Nelson, Margaret Francis, Phyllis White 

head, Gladys Grommet, Barbara Boyd 
Second row: Joyce Bolton, Eva Woodall, Helen Kromat, Caryl Towsley, Dorothy Drakeford, Polly Sanders, Anna Meyer, Martha Large, Betty Johnson 

Virginia Sinclair, Deloras Hawks 
Bottom row: Marilyn Huber, Donna Hawks, Joanne Helms, Ima Bassler, Ruth Behrends, Irlene Parrill, Billie Boggio, Lila Ricketts, Marlys Lothson 

4-H House 

202 East Green 


Top row: Caryl Towsley, treasuicr; Betty Johnson, house manager; 

Rita Schertz, recording secretary; Martha Large, social chairman; 

Eva Woodall, commnsary 
Bottom row: Dorothy Drakeford, vice president; Polly Sanders, 

president ; Anne Lewis, corresponding secretary 


Harmony House 

112 East John 

Top row: Rosemary Panick, Tom Nedved 
Second row: Marjory Katz Resa Donath 
Bottom row: Sheila Kippel, Sarelt Schl-* 

ed, Lo,s Jordon, Ruby Frasier, Betty Nicholson Diana ^"^.J -^, Sfc^pd^Rele Stahl. Lucy Chang 
fe.W«e& W £££& Hrf H& V«? dIL. Sheila Kirshenbaum, Ros.yn Bergar, Pearl Sh.k 



s*C^ J v JS-^~^z?-m£^&m0M 

Top row: Shirley Speilman, Claire Bernhardt, Paulette Lippman, Geraldine F aymor, Paula Forkosh, Norma Linkow, Femma Rubenstein, 

Sandra Mozin, Nancy Couperman, Charlotte Johns. Chelly Goldberger, Jackie Greenblatt 
Third row: Shirley Stein, Joanne Flescher, Joyce Rosenblatt, Francine Skar, E lenor Corvan, Dixie Shellow, Susan Greenfield, Alice Feldm 

Karen Ponter, Dianne Brookstone. Lila Goldberg. Judy Kilb> 
Second row: Louise Rosingard, Lona Shapiro, Ann Myers, Joan Brookstone, Charlotte Bender, Audrey Blumenthal, Charra Sugerman. Ma 

Mevis, Darlene Schwartz 
Bottom row: Marilyn Dresdin, Enid Levy, Addriene N.itken, Tohy Unkov, Sue Iceberg, Alice Mayer Ellen Manowitz, Renac Lav in 
Not in panel: Lorraine Adatto, Balfura Henkin 


Barbara Bornstein, 
an, Miriam Burns, 
lyn Mayer, Malka 

Indeco House 

I 106 South Third 


Top roll'. Chaira Sugerman. secretary: Audrey Blumenthal, 
tteasuter. Ann Myers, inciat cbtiiinnm ; Lona Shapiro, 
.('/< /.// i h. in rniu 

Bottom iow. Geraldine Faymor, riie piesident; Charlotte 
H in I(i. president 



Top row: Ina Brown, secretary . 

iY<W raw; Sandra Tanncnbaum, ror/rf/ chairman: Sandra Vlay. 

president; Joan Gold. iv<e pi anient 
Bottom row: Rente Dubkin, treasure) 

Laurel House 

307 John 

' Sheila Young! Thelma Kempner. Eliman, Caryl Ellman. Natahe Saxon, Kay Levmson 

Third row 

Renee Dobkin 

Bottom roil . 

Not in panel: Marion Diamond, Sandra Ablenun 



Top row: Patricia Fraser, Martha Wahl, Jane Behringcr, Marilyn Baker, Marlene Wertz, Mary Heaton, Dons Naumann, Barbara Pokorny, Carol Boeringa, 

Patricia Halper, Diane Pershing 
Second row: Darby McGinty, Duaine Krug, Beverly Bunting, Pamela Porter, Suzanne Kennedy, Marilyn Roth, Evelyn Gepford, Joyce Forman, Judith Tarr, 

Virginia Frank, Cynthia Jordan 
Bottom row: Shirley Erickson, Marilyn Douglas, Margery Halterman, Carolyn Travis, Barbara Rogers, Mary Larson, Margaret Ray. Margery Dekreon, Signe 

Not in panel: Dolores Siegert 

Mary Larson, secretaiy; Margaret Ray, tieasunr 
row: Margery Haltermann, vice president; Carolyn Travis 

Leeman Lodge 

309 East John 



Top row: Paula Tager, secretary; Doris Henderson, committee 

Second row: Fran Izbicky, president; Roni Freedman, vice presi- 

Bottom row: Merle Friedman, social chairman; Rhoda Kodish, 

Lincoln Avenue 
Residence, North 

10G"> South Lincoln Avenue 

Top row: Barbara Litman, Marlene Glassman, Edna Williams, Marcia Painter, Luann Waddell, Margaret Schlaeger, Charlene Bell, Judy Detina, Roberta Du- 

bofsky, Rose Greenwald, Barbara Peterson, Rosalie Wolinsky, Sue Gordon 
Sixth row: Evelyn Bird, Sandra Rosin, Valjean Jones, Liz Vier, Doris Lapp, Janice Pinsky, Marguerite Wilson, Mary Fulton 
Fifth row: Jane Alexander, Marilyn Johnson, Joanne Knoch, Nancy Vhynal, Elaine Vlachos, Pearl Asher, Helen Laczynska, Judy Cooper, Barbara Brown, Nancy 

Greene, Joanne Kamaradt, Audrey Laznicka, Joanne Hoover, Idelle Friedman, Joyce Peterson, Roni Freedman 
Fourth row: Judy Wilkinson, Carol Nashban, Arlene Barov, Margaret Lupton, Jan Jordan, Bertha Chandler, Willie Frazitr, Jean Richardson, Janet Erickson, 

Donna Jack, Barbara Lee, Joan Kay, Jane Ericson, Willa Mitchell 
Third row: Mary Vachta, Nancy Gillespie, Arlene Pclsgrove, Mary Plys, Peggy Caskey, Mutya Tirol, Lucy Bregar, Roberta Weiner, Ann Frankel, Elaine Meh- 

lamn, Michaeline Costabile, Gwen Cartwright, Audrey Swaney, Edith Brockman, Lorraine Snyder, Vanita Bradley 
Second row: Than Pennington, Dorothy Thompson, June White, Doris Shockley, Irene Letush, Barbara Hurt, Joan Cattaneo, Phyllis Gordon, Frances Bennet. 

Shirley Zetcher, Lorraine Harris.. Alice Leiman, Laberne Ruth, Patricia Johnson, Margaret Parsons 
Bottom row: Cathy Ross, Bebe Bowers, Dorothy Jordan, Annie Toles, Sharon Druse, Patricia Trotter, Natalie Sue Wiggers, Carolyn Campbell, Evelyn Penzak, Joan 

Duszynska, Gladys Musdal, Sheila Sherman, Barbara Mullner 

Top row. Vivian Kertshmer, Ann Mattingly, Caralu Marshall, Norma Zindt, Barbara Winters Roberta McGill, Amelia Sisul, Enid Levicn, Nancy Clem, Marianne 

Jankiewicz, Jean Wollenhaupt, Joan Mattson, Sheila Mason 
Seventh row: Barbara Schwimmer, Elizabeth Burrell, Leora Dixon, Patricia Gately, Gloria Pruzansky, Joanna Norris, Diane Zolt, Marilyn Mathison, Ruth Collins 
Sixth row: Agnes Dougherty, Nancy Pool, Ruth Parkhill, Janice Dunn, Patricia Jensen, Marsha Kanzelbaum, Marian Gentes, Carol Bernstein, Janet Gronburg. 

Anna Bozis, Verna Davis, Joan Goodmiller, Judith Rotman, Connie Juliussen 
Fifth row. Dorothy Sylling, Joann Rezny, Mary Groves, Carol Rosendahl, Lois Hexdall, Nancy Arms, Judy Wingstrom, Carole Leverty, Patricia Fitzgerald, 

Mary McPhail, Carol Magnan, Ann Ridinger, Barbara Scott, Constance Sucherman 
Fourth row: Betty Bunte, Claire Erger, Sally Conigan. Dorine Cliancellor, Jean Ayson, Evelina Kao, Jean Cooper, Jean Franz, Janet Brewer, I.oretta Barclay. 

Helen Jackson, Ruth Keller, Marilyn Dunn 
Thiid row: Jeanne Josephson, Shirley Baldwin. Janet Collins, Joan Frank, Bcrnice Finkleman, Lucille Frederick. Jeanette Kemp 
Second row: Maral Weireter, Arline Newman, Nadine Kessler, Margo Shechter, Maurine Kelley, Margaret Rocder, Joan Warp, Marion Johnson. Theresa Roddy, 

Kay Zeldes 
Bottom row: Harriet Weinburg, Barbara Weprainsky, Jo Lucey, Marjoric lies, Anita Magana, Adrienne Herzberg, Dawn Bagnuolo, Eileen Barr, Lois Stansbury. 

Nancy Lee, Dorothy Hamilton, Sandra Learmonth, Helen Brown ^^^^^^^^^ 

Lincoln Avenue 
Residence, South 

1005 South Lincoln Avenue 

Top ion : Betty Priggie. secretary; Jo Lucey. committee coordinator 
Second low: Dorothy Kuller, treat/mi : Nancy Clem, chair- 

Bottom low: Roberta McGill. tici ptesident; Vivian Kretchmer. 

pn i/i/i m 


Top row: Naomi Moderick, Carol Goldstein, Shirley Moscovitz, Vicki Rosenberg, Barbara Hayer, Paula Straul. Margaret Waite, Mildred Jemilo, Marilyn Gil- 

lison, Barbara Donovan, Diane Keer, Grace Feldman 
Sixth row: Betty Brotman, Patricia McCoy, Margaret I.oucks, Diane Windett, Martha Simer, Ann Hixson 
Fifth row: Libby Goodman, Cynthia Carlson, Shirley Scherer, Lut Newbnc, Alfreda Phelps, Margaret McLaughlin, Barbara Sandquist, Lena Seligman, Pat 

Scher, Marilyn Marchok, Ins R.ippaport 
Fourth rou 1 : Mari|ane Bergman, Phyllis Miner, Harriet Dawson, Lory Jonatot, Sarah Roach. Sandra Morgan, Marilyn Faden, Shirley Gustafson, Barbara Silk, 

Mary Smith, Carol Wembauer, Nina Allen, Denise Danner, Leah Truxell 
Third row: Janet Marshall, Judith Vemeuil, Lucia Hadley, Anita Pavicnevich, Ann Sowers, Ann Novosad, Joyce Totten, Carolyn King, Jeanne Forney, 

Eleanor Willstead, Mary Hill, Mildred Laikin, Mary Uffelman, Sandra Bushausen, Paula Ingcrman, Doris Sutton 
Second row: Barbara Zander, Sally Hull. Kay Helde, Julaine Br ay ford, Mary Rausch, Carolyn Sutcher, Cathy Davis, Use Haupt, Harriet Ward, Dionne 

Glasser, Norma McClure, Bonnie McManus, Marcia Hedigcr 
Bottom row: Rhoda Kodish, Jeanette Mischkc, Ina I.efstin, Toby Greenberg, Chris Kopetas, Lorraine Weinberg. Paula Tager, Barbara I.ipschultz, Kay Akers, 

Fern Goldstein, Hanna Meilach. Tobey Baer 

Lincoln Avenue Residence, North 

100^ South Lincoln Avenue 

Lincoln Avenue Residence, South 

1005 South Lincoln Avenue 

Top row: Sally Dienst, Jean Tirohn, Eleanor Anderson, Barbara Kerr, Marilyn Rubenstein, Stella Kohan, Rosalie Berkowitz, Barbara Martinec, Jacquelyn 
Gale. Janice Wilkes. Ruth Johnson, Gloria Stevens, Joan Dunbar, Darlene Schuessler, Janice Schallman, Laurie McKnight 

Fifth row: Ruth Norby, Marjorie Smith 

Fourth row: Lucille Jaegfeld, Irene McCarthy, Helene Blum, Georgia Ehlen, Marilyn Kieaver, Joanne Suteliffe, Roberta Cohen, Helene Goldberg, Carolyn 
Backus, Shirley Campeggio. Lois Lackner, Mary Jane Eversole, Diane Maltas 

Third rou^: Phyllis Larnmo, Nancy Frankson, Sandra Spero, Betty Priggie, Janet Engbring, Margaret Kalina, Paulette Dolowy, Eleanor Popovsky, Joanne 
Puckert, Sondra Kirsch, Beverly Tibby, Jean Washburn, Susan Reininger 

Second row: Patricia Miller. Ann Rose. Judy Ades, Carol Stewart, Carole Hoge. Suzanne Kuhle, Joan Brunkow, Jacqueline Keogh, Judy Brunkow, Lolly Sin- 
clair. Marilyn Kelin. Dolores Uebele, Louise Vick. Barbaia Nave, Judith Simon 

Bottom row: Lillian Nishida. Shirley I.entz, Beverly Sturt, Janice Charlson, Elsie Patterson, Norma Magaw, Sharon Schneider, Nancy Dufour, Shirley Weiner, 
Marilyn Gaines, Vivian Shay, Phyllis I.erman, Rosalie Watkins 

Top row: Mary Campbell, Duck Choo Oh, Betty Hadley. Rosella Ervm, Marilyn McCarville, Carol Lindstrum, Nina Wilson, Shirley Melms, Dolores Strode, 

Margaret Smith, Cecile Creath, Barbara Monotone, Ellen Bell, Martha Ruckman, Judith Zmk, Janece Tippy, Nancy Brown 
Third row: Delores Hickman, Joan Hasman, Isabel Heep, Elinor Lueking, Virginia Scott, Jane Greene, Eunice Reace, Nance Postlewait, Marjorie Headier, 

Beverley Hill, Mrs. Phelan, Olive Ducham, Mary Soper, Barbara Lowis, Eleanor Bunting, Edith Binde. Marilyn Jordan, Jane Jones, Betty Gabriel, Jane King 
Second row: Mary McCue, Phyllis Dittus, Phyllis Murphy, Mary Butzback, Patricia McGee, Margaret Huebner, Lila Rhodes, Jo Ann Roberts, Patricia Palbicke. 

Patricia Gordan, Jean Kendall, Doris Gerson, Evalyn Hulfman, Marianne Fisher, Mary Wade. Velma Riley. Janice Hackborth 
Bottom row: Lenore Skillman, Helen White, Marnita Hill, Floy Allen, Carol Walker, Jane Pritchett, Karen Tippy, Shirley Berfield, Joan Johnson, Janet Bradley, 

Dolores Dori, Polly Kunath, Dorothy Kramer, Karen Roeder. Marilyn Jones, Joyce Day, Patricia Anderson 

McKinley Hall 

801 South Wright 

Nance Postlewait, vice president; Jean Reace, treasurer: Mary 
Campbell, secretary, Jo Ann Roberts, president; Patricia 
Palbicke, social chairman 


Top row: Barbara Dostal, social chairman; Joan Lathen, secre- 

Bottom row: Barbara Johnson, vice president; Joan Becherer, 
president; Kathleen Schaub. treasurer 


607 East Daniel 

Ttp row: Betty Webb, Barbara Steger, Betty Ohlson, Marilyn Callow, Sue Shaw, Patricia Bannon, Barbara Clarke, Coanne Nieman, Joanne Limestall, Victoria 

Razho, Doris Rosentll, Colleen Harpst, Patricia Gerrity, Olgo Sleznick, Barbara Bowers 
Third row: Carole Reid, Diane Tomcheff, Delores Gillan, Suzanne Simms, Barbara Dostal, Eunice Richmond, Linnea Wittenstrom, Gretchen Gibbons, Barbara 

Johnson, Joan Lathen, Donna Schubert, Dona Carlson, Frances Schiesser, Mary Anne Schurla, Karen Lee Motz, Elizabeth Lacy 
Sec*nd row: Nancy Strang, Dorothea Dankes, Caryl Neuhaus, Shirley Searcy, Sharon Barger, Dorothy Stanley, Wanda Hamm, Mrs. Phillips, Joan Becherer, Jane 

Eaton, Barbara Brandt. Romayne Goranson, Sally Jennings, Jacqueline McVea, Anna Mae Williams 
Bottom row: Christine Matheas, Joanne Preston, Corinne Maloney, Geraldine Kalasa, Margaret Ann Oherzan, Kathleen Schaub, Marie Irving, Marie Faso, Fern 

Snider, Frances Watkins, Gloria Fieri, Verna Dushek, Sally Zang, Diane Mahin 
Not in panel: Helen Hosek, Marjorie Thompson, Janice Whitaker 

® it 



Top row: Nancy Taylor, Virginia Furtney, Patricia Coylc-, Beth Feldman, Jo Shuman, Barbara Tucker, Barbara Ransdell, Enid Ewing, Ruth ' McNabb. Carol 

Carmean, Phyllis Stolz 
Third row: Shirley Rodine, Sally Kietzman, Maria Delly, Norma Kuntz, Charmian Clem, Carole Patrick. Ann Rasmussen, Eleanor R'jllo, Doris Knox, Ernestine 

Hanks, Audrey Swanson, Alice Beling. Marian Towsley 
Second row: Barbara Zizek, Martha Serven, Ann Matthews. Janet Bradford, Geraldine Knight, Judith Hoffman, Roslyn Kahle, Shirlev Smith, Roberta Edwards. 

Ellen Abbott 
Bottom row: Joyce Armstrong, Loretta Neal, Nancy Nickel. Ruth Schertz. Harriet Godeke, Shirley Ross, Mildred Player, Mary McGrath, Kathryn Travis, Slinky 

Hallstein, Julia Huber 
Not in panel: Linda Aldridge, Elizabeth Newbery, Joan Peterson, Roberta Player 

Presbyterian Hall 

40S East John 

Top rou Geraldine Knight, freshman advisor; Carol Carmean, 
assi' i"iial chairman; Janet Bradford, tnasurer 

Bottom ion Ann Matthew, ncuiaiy; Roslyn Kahl, vice presi- 
dent; Judith Hoffman, pnuJcnt 

Not in /'.mil: Roberta Player, chairman 


HB3f isBflr ■ 

i,1 '"S.'ij 

; .JIi 




/,,/. ,„w; Shirltne Rush, wcial chairman; Donna (..wan, 

treasurer; Sandra Scribano, itcietaif m ,t.„ 

Bottom row; Arlene Jclenik, w= p.^ident; Amy .shoemaker, 


I I 

Sherwood Lodge 

313 East John 


.. Mary G.bbons^ Rosemary ^.Jacquel^ Spie mn. Jcrri^...^ 

nette Johnson, Jo- 
Eileen Hackberger, Jody 


Top row: Sadie Poinsett, Margaret Pahr, Doris Williams, Phebe Setzke, Florence Goy, Beverly Blue, Doris Kaecker, Ruby Chen Rita Dite loan Heston 
Pamela Gillespie ' ' 

Second row: Frances Smith, Helen Carter, Stella Lyman, Marlene Shepard, Lisa Galam, Margaret Boswell, Mary McKee, Mary Roser Irene Skeeters 
Bottom row: Mary Huntwork, Virginia Bohn, Margaret Bortell, Barbara Jessen, Marilyn Spitzer, Mary Kay Davis, Doris Crist, Marilyn Petrini 

Stratford House 

Top tow: Marilyn Spitzer. secretary ; Mary Davis, social 
chairman; Frances Smith, assistant social chairman; Mrs. 
Minton, Virginia Bohn, treasurer; Marilyn Petrini, chaplain 

Bottom row: Margaret Bortell, rice president; Mary Huntwork. 
assistant commissar ; Doris Crist, commissar ; Barbara Jes- 
sen, pit ,i,l i hi 




r ,j 


Lw 1 lH 

^ ,. / Li 


Top row: Evelyn Horner, Joyce Connor, Barbara Kasper, Barbara Connor, Shirley Seiler, Patsyniae Eaton 

Second row. Wilma Libman, Jeanenne Loar, Jane Towner, Helen Griffin, Alberta Schmidt, Ruth Bulkley, Trudi Hoffman 

Bottom row: Joan Bonnell, vice president; Nancy Wilkison, treasurer; Mary Lou Dearing, president; Nancy Newton, secretary; Charlene Geminn, social 

chairman; Margey Warfield, activities chairman 
Not in pane!: Carol Oliver, Sharon Leisch, Diana Moseley, Mary Mack 


701 South Prospect 

Alpha House 

1207 West Springfield 

Top row: Nadia Strotshuk, Wilma Hickman, Jacqueline Smith, Elizabeth Boarchuk, Barbara Smith, Irene Osvald, Ravae Sharp, Anita Lasher, Karyl Sellmeyer. 
Jane Zebrowski 

Bottom row: Constance Ogan, Anne Bages, social chairman; Lolita Woodward, freshman advisor; Eugenie Jones, president; Miyeko Katayama, vice presi- 
dent: Reta Miller, secretary-treasurer ; Alice Hudecek 



Top row: Ellen Masuno, Sandra Simon, Roberta Sherwin, Ruth Linskold, Trudy Boehme, Virginia True, Marilyn Scherer, Joy Reingold, Ann Wolfenstein 

Second row: Marcia Holly, Carole Hickman, Judy Hedge, Charlene Beido, Eunice Myers, Barbara Cochran, Georgcne Zoubek 

Bottom row: Abigail Hageman, Nancy Moore, social chairman, Eleanor Szymanski, vice president; Beverly Chubat, president; Bonita Rubenstein, secretary; 

Mary Lindsay, treasurer; Jeanne Ringenberg 
Not in panel: Nancy Peterson, Joann Shear 

Beau Chateau 

206 East Green 

Beta House 

901 South Lincoln 

Top row: Vivienne Huffman, Janet Vaughn, Barbara Huck, Luda Luinys, Myra Kolditz, Alice Shepherd. Marie Hans, Elizabeth Huck, Norma Everist, 

Nelda Bieber 
Second row: Ruby Nakagawa, Carolyn Pate, Marion Knol, Judith Smith, Adele Haven. Marilyn Kircherfaut, Elizabeth Real, Mary Pavent 
Bottom row: Marjorie McCormick. secretary-treasurer; Beverly Wheeler, vice president: Margaret Ferguson, president, Frances Otis, social chairman 



Top row: Nan Albee, Carol Scheibe, Joan Moran, Lorna Hoge, Alice McKenzie nt.i.„„ 

l e !kZZ: A ^J SJ^^tt ^^a^^/^^^-^t^at^^^^'joanne St. Aub.n. , wWTO Joan Martin, 
Roma Underwood 

Gamma House 

1210 West Springfield 

Hoste House 

903 West Nevada 

fcjrajJrtfr^SrSfc fcttSfeis -srixis;/ srasss- ssrsfiStf&aTs 

7<?/> ;v>« .' Louise 
Second row: Verdn 

B»,/d! b " S ;.. T0 S y ar^ C V a C n k aday, D.ane Hinkel, Mary Mahin, Cecille Demott, Mary Sauer, Margaret Allsworth 


1 a* ** : |S 

IK t 1 7 

RHP ■Bfl\ ' ' ^HJ^^H 








1 1 




|m^& t-t- /^ I 



4» * ^ 

9 "♦' 





s '*f ?-«£ 


Top row: Joan Abelman, Shirley Gillman, Denise Goodman, Sheila Addelman, Diana Mint2er, Phyllis Clein, Annette Premack, Bernice Lavin, Gwen Suck- 
man, Donna Kelly, Margery Janvey 

Second row: Lucille Mintzer, Rita Lee, Elaine Sternhill, Francine Linsky, Veta Reizner, Phyllis Kaplan, Barbara Ratner, Barbara Levine, Shirley Yusim, 
Beverly Morris. Dorothy Strofs 

Bottom row: Sybil Fershtman, Janis Steinberg, Sedelle Kniznik, social committee ; Maura Richman, social chairman ; Maureen Murphy, vice president; Mil- 
dred Shabelman, president; Janice Boss, secretary; Rennie Shellow, treasurer; Ruth Shapiro, social committee ; Carole Fox 

Not in panel: Adrienne Segel 


116 West Nevada 

Keeler Klub 

909 West Illinois 

Top row: Helene Belport, Lois Cohen, Dorothy Isenberg, Rochelle Blutman, Judith Weininger, Sondra Sharfman, Marlene Hymen, Eileen Dorman, Bonnie 

Yanoff, Muriel Golden 
Second row: Marilyn Lesser, Joan Seeman, Judith Bremer, Corinne Travis, Barbara Seifer, Laris Rissman, Joan Schulz, Charlene Oberman, Harriet Kraus, 

Sandra Weinberg 
Bottom row: Rhoda Weinstein, Virginia Myers, proctor; Sandee Tatelbame, Irishman advisor; Audrey Kramer, treasurer; Sue Yaver, vice president; Maxine 

Rudman, president; Barbara Mann, secretary; Rochelle Fisher, social chairman; Frieda Wallk, Sonia Fischmann 


Top row: Carol Riley, Ardelle Arnum, Nickolai Baker, Rosemary Babich, Dolores Curry, Lois Singleman, Joyce Alblinger 

Second row: Sharon Larson, Eunice Greene, secretary: Lorraine DeBiasio, treasurer; Margaret Lahey, president; Marianna Wood, rice president; Berna- 

dette Perona, social chairman; Joan Kirts 
Bottom row: Charlene Sladek, Barbara Leskey, Nina Michloff, Joanne StefFens. Margaret Readey, JoAnn Padgett, Joanne Leonardi 

Lowry Lodge 

1007 South Fifth 

Petite Maison 

406 East Green 

Top row: Anne Meldrum, Constance Mitchell, Merle Kaegy, Phyllis Wyman, Malvin Kesputis, Velma Green 

Bottom row: Dolores Pauling, Nancy Werdelin, vice president; Joan Potter, president; Barbara Kaleta, social chairman; Patricia Craig, treasurer 

Top row: Nancy Neumann, Janet Troutman. Carol Forney. Joan Kuntner, Sharon Smith, Iris Garland, Laurel Smith, Patricia Murphy, Maureen Murphy, 
Julia Bendikas, Nancy Stafford 

Bottom row. Brigita Orvidas, activity chairman: Ruth Caldwell, social chairman; Donna McGath, song leader; Noretta Koertge, song leader: Jeanette 
Toll, secretary; Beverly Bliss, president; Doris Griva, vice president; Beverly Salzman, treasurer; Mary Jackson, scholarship chairman; Eileen Chap- 
man, Elizabeth Lerner, freshman councillot 

Not in panel: Patricia McGath 

Price Club 

707 South Sixth 


1003 West Green 

Top row: Margot Rehbun, Nancy Popel, Audrey Diakiw, Catherine Key. ptesident; Lucille Bruner, Ann Andrews 

Second iow: Phyllis Anderson, Ramona Schmidt, Mrs. Rose, Lenore Glanz, secretary: Rita Orga 

Bottom row: Beverly Fowler, Carolyn Carlson, vice president; Frances Stewart, JoAnn Neburka, Wilma Stack 



Naom. Utschen, Shirley Ha.. Irene Samorajski, Sharon Vetter, house, manager l^^^g ^'g^J^h&^J^ 

Nancy MacDonald, W/ chairman; Martha Craft, ^Wry; Jeamne Johnson 
Bottom row: Rhoda Siegel, Joan Nelson, Janice, Sh.ela Courier 

The Summit 

212 East Green 


120 t )tB'c'St Green 


Top row: Helen Kausk, Helen White 
Second row 
Bottom row 


runer, treasur 

Vivian Chun, secretary 

- < 











<>•?' ■ 


Top row: Joann Stedt, Alice Walker, Kathryn Pauly, Barbara Reed, Judy Nickelson, Lois Bauer, Jeanmarie Sweeney, Nancy Ruehrdanz, Yvonne Anderson, 

Glenda Lichtenberger, Nancy Brook 
Second row: Mrs. Anderson, Nijole Velza, Loretta Beaver, Carol Stuk, Susan Pierce, Dorothy Marlin, Patricia Richardson, Patricia Sergent, Marilyn Johnson 
Bottom row: Joan Klaas, Barbara Thiel, Nancy Hertz, Phyllis Thompson, vice president; Linnea Soderlund, president; Ruth Moore, social chdirmtn; Char- 
lotte Andrews, secretary-treasurer ; Margaret Stone, Dawn Dalton 

Three Gables 

1002 South Lincoln 


• 2 




* k • * ~ 




-- - 

- ^ - 

:- 1m. Dp 



Top r.ji: Rona . : F. r; :::/.. Ko; - 

- row: Cr. :.; C ..rles L. 

J r.n Sander; ->. :Jtnl. Donai^ Gr:" • 

Alpha Chi Rho 

311 East Armory 27 Active Chapters 

Top row: Arnold Chnstensen, Donald Grothe, Ralph Rattray, Gerald Stone, Charles Quantndc, Fred Burghardt. R Darrell March Robert 

VC eiss. Paul Brown. John Blakslee 
Third rou: Clifton Zabka, Robert Kamykca ski, Ronald Ayotte, Irving Stansell. Thomas Taylor, J:rnmy Moore. R r>er: Kennedy Lester Ottinger Donald 

Davis. Charles Ricketts. Dean Anderson, Russell Bolton 
Second row: Richard Smith. Eugene Boichart. Royce Masterson, Ronald Flores, John Sundene, Donald Griffith. Charles Dunn Frank Kocrad Walter Gabe- 

Bottom row: Roy Cousins, Richard Gronquist. James Fawcett, James Phillips. Fred K-h.jut, Charles Blahous, Gordon Gillette, Joseph Trautman, John 

Shaver, Joseph McCook. Gerald Cleary 
Not in panel: John Ryan. Clifford Waldbeser. Robert McCracken. Keith Huber, Vincent Tylman, R:chard Wolfsberger Richard Gilbert 


Top row: John Reeder, Paul Tourney, John Mason, William Hannen, Kenneth Echrote, James Freyder, Ray Ebbert, Robert Whitmore 
Third row: John Luallen, Ray Wiesenburger, George Kutsunis, Craig Soule, Tom Stifler, Ralph Fisk, Arthur Wyatt, Frank Slepicka 
Second row: Spencer Edwards, Charles Wolf, David Hill, Ronald Poole, Clark Dean, Thomas Brody, John Sincere, Andrew Anderson 
Bottom row: John Scheafer, William Gossett, Joel Barns, George Paulson, Robert Yale, Rudolph Botel, Michael Cryder, William Robinson 

Not in panel: James Crain, William Bergstrom, John Langlouis, Gregory Saxum, John Satonous, Paul Hill, John Fierich, John Wenner, Daniel Urish, Jack 
Hale, Craig Stewart, Gene Thiessen 

Clark Dean, president; Ronald Polle, vict p;esi<lent; David Hill, 
treasurer: Ralph Fisk, house manager; Thomas Brody, teen, cl- 
ing lenelaiy 

Alpha Delta Phi 

310 East John 28 Active Chapters 



Top row: Stuart Raffel, scribe; Jerry Rosenberg, member at 
large; Myron Singer, treasurer , , 

Bottom row: Arthur Shafer, president; Sheldon Good, vice presi- 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

302 East Gregory Drive 61 Active Chapters 

Top row Samuel Greenberg, Gerry Rosen, Paul Brown. Richard Berke, Jack Ruth, Norman BaKall, Myr. n Bear, Melvin Korey, Ronald Colin, Gerald Eisenstein, 
r^^H^^ Corn, R ,ger Baskes, Kenneth Denbeg. Jay Srrauss. Merton Fe.dste.n. Alan 

SejTr^' Har^Hafp^n, NoXi^o^Robert Fan,., Matthew Herman, Gerald Rosenberg. Myron Singer, Arthur Shafer, Sheldon Good, Stuart Raffel, Sheldon 
BM^^'c^&hnS^ffi^L. Kenneth Baygood, Elliot Ziddell, Gerry J ,se?h, Roger Hochstin, Howard Narofsky, Robert Ricbman, David Hol- 
Not ^^G^lt'ja^ Sheldon Coobeck. Stuart Schoenburg, Sheldon Levey, Hagh O.bur, Robert Salkin, 

Byron Zalkin, Ira Markus, Gerold Goldbaum, Phillip Graff, Roger Leff, Warren Levins, Arlen Schor, Norton Baran 


«? M V M 

I %>x 

- - «^p 

To/i roii>; William West, Robert Hunt, Frederick Crang, Wilbur Nelson, Roger Schlicbting, Carlyle Greathouse, Gordon Turnbull, Charles Moore, Harvey McGhee„ 
David McGinty, Richard Baird, Gerald Hurelbnnk. Edward Bergschneider, Donald Garrigan, Donald Denby, Wayne Westerhold, Roger Wenstrom, Donald 

Second row: William Mellen, William Lovett, Merle Miller, James Mawson, Raundle Ericson, Harry McGhee, Howard Elliot, LaVerne Gillespie, Donald De-Bolt, 
William Baird, Walter Richner, Joseph Umbach, Leonard Gardner, Ronald Fink, Walter Van Winkle 

Bottom row: Benton Allen, Gale Taylor, Clifford Beatty, Donald Smith, James Ranson, Robert Emmons, Gerald Wagler, James Bridge-land, Terry Greathouse, Wil- 
liam Heinhorst, Charles Lemker, Donald Loomis, John Rrntchler, Ruel Becker, Lawrence Tarleton 

Net in panel: Alvin Warren, Gayle Krantz, John Stewart. Joe Bicknell, Rolland Main, Jon Ellis 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

58 East Gregory 34 Active Chapters 

Top row: Leonard Gardner, alumni secretary; Ferry Greathouse, 
ushei . Gayle Krantz, commissary ; John Stewart, chaplain 

Bottom Tuw : Al\m Warren, rice p;cs'ident; James Bridgeland, piest- 
dent: Gerald Wagler, seuilaiy 

Not in panel: Jim Ransom, icpoitcr 


Joseph Guytin, commissar 

Alpha Kappa 

East Daniel 12 Active Chapters 




Top row: Russel Smith, Preston Hartwell, Charles Twine, Benjamin Henry, Edgar Twine, William Black, Richard Cline 

Second row: Fredrick Johnson, Gerald Hines, John Chester, Leland Johnson, Warren Smith 

Bottom row: Rudolph Moragne, Harold Washington, Da\ id Jones, Lionel Dyer, Wilborne Bowles. Daniel James 

K it in panel: I.ivy Wilson, Twiley Barker, L. J. Barker, Charles Wilson, Charles Hightower, Albert Porter. Louis Hunley 

Top ro:< Hi:old Washington, social chahman; Daniel James, 

tremt/ici ; Radolph Moragne, house manager 
Bottom W'ilbourne Bowles, secretary; David Jones, president; 

Lionel Dye;, vice president 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

1301 West Clark 311 Active Chapters 



Top row: George Riley, worthy scribe; Stanley Routh, uorthy 
estimator; Donald Koss, fifth member of the board; Alden 
Orput, worthy clerk _^___^H 

Bottom row: Peter MUbratz, worthy architect; Nathan Carras, 
worthy associate architect 

Alpha Rho Chi 

1108 South First 6 Active Chapters 

janschinietz, Glenn Isaacs, Robert Proctor, George 

Top row: Donald Williams, Thomas Kosturik. Karl Prunitsch, Eddie Young, Charles Haugh, Donald 

Magee, Thomas Wrona, Robert Ganschinietz, Peter Lendrum, John Richards, Ronald Anderson 
Second row: Milan Olach, Kenneth Kurtz, Aden Lauchner, Charles Cedarholm. Vytautas Petruskas, Edward Jaskowiak, Albert Francik, Ernest Gonzales, 

Floyd Magnuson, Leigh Zarse, James Keys, Raimund Shlaustas, Donald Wald 
Bottom row: Robert Wilbert, Ralph Line, E. F. Toth, George Riley, Stanley Routh, Peter Milbratz, Nathan Carras, Alden Orput, Donald Koss, James Lendrum, 

Ncwlin Morgan, John Morgan 
Not in panel: John Hanley, Charles Holsapple, Donald Mtchaelis, Kenneth Prengel, Arthur Py, Keith Shildneck. Thomas Torke 

9 i 










V v 





Richard Ksiz, secreta. ;, bunker, 

Ronald V 
< Stej 
< -»/ ; E<. * a rd l^tacd^_j 

Frank K 
■»*>,;; Richa: 


Alpha Tau Omega 

1101 West Pennsylvania 117 Active Chapters 

ToP tow: Julius Groeser, Lowell Johnson, John Heath Jerry Will.ams R.chard S.egle John Glezen, R- 

P Brace Brothers Leroy Fredenchs, Stanley Bush, Dav.d Barry R.chard M.ller, James Burg. William 6. 
Third row \ohn McCarthy Barry Blough. Robert Welton, Harold LeGrande John McLaugnlm , Rr.r.a 
Condon, Stephen HilirKennethNordquist, Edward Huber. Ronald Carlson, Robert Twohey. Frank Kastor 

5,„#"iS ^wmiam Blake. W.llian, Chambli.,, Robert PhiUips Robert U .v «<j«. ^ ■"; C #j,&? 

Tame? Mitchell Tames Earl Douga d Camera. Lyle Elhcott, Ronald UHes, Ralph Peterson, whim 
^///rr'u^H^irnrndon.'BruceWr,. Walter Browning Thomas Wh.s .ton .Arthur McKay, Georg. 

Larson, Alfred Koeller, Alan Brown, Donald Dowd, R.chard Voell E d »"° n S ™™L . _ p aul H r." 
Not in panel: Robert Bolick. Hugh Davidson, J^ck young, Rrchard Ohls, John McGaughey, KMU 

aid Yochem, Thomas Schater. George Van Schoik. 
»r Bruce Carlson, Jack Jordan, William Altenburger 
• Carlson, Marvin Andresen, Andrew Toth, David 
Kenneth Kelltrnalls. Richard Sampson, Richarc I 

Edward Ptacek, 

Nicholas Weber, Richard Swanson 
Kelly, Rae Do vr.ty 
: Roberts, William Hinkle, William Pilditch 

Donald YouD2 

D nald 








li ' i 


1 ^ 



^ fTS P 

Top row: Noel Grady, Glenn Blair, Robert Hall, Janus Dammann, Keith Kappmeyer. John Finch, James Neal, Ronald Faster, Clarence Teagarden, Richard 
Dieterich, James Dutcher, George Eberle, Patrick Malone, Charles Canfield, Dwight Bennett, Richard Branom, James Hord 

Third row: Robert Finch, Richard Flores Robert Hicherson, Sherril Bishop, David Lowum, Harold Walden, James Gorman, Frederick Figge, Walter Faster, Rich- 
ard Sharer, George Gfroerer, Frederick Bercher. John Randolph, James Nagel, John Cartland 

Second row: Ronald Peterson, Thomas Leonard, Edward Barthell, Carlton VanDoren, James Bray, Dan Eilers, William Branom, Mrs. Porter, Frederic Steggerda, 
Frank Burr, James Stewart, William Grosser, Roy Small, George Howard, Donald Cook 

Bottom row: Robert Cook, Richard Hegenbart, Stuart Dawson, Warren Blythe, Samuel Erwin, Larry Harmon, Charles Pittman, James Creath, Robert Huntley, 
Edwin Finch, Jack Carlson, James Gale, Thomas Schmitt 

Not in panel: Robert demons, Donald Bitzer, Hale Bartlett, Lucien Kapp, Jerry Hay, Robert Locklin, Robert Roush, James Johnson, Charles Foulke, Jerold 
Stanners, Richard Besser 

Top row: Dan Eilers, treasurer; George Howard, corresponding 

secretary: Thomas Leonard, recorder 
Bottom row: William Branom, vice president; Donald Cook. 

pledge master; Frederic Steggerda, president; Ronald Peterson, 

home manager 

Beta Theta Pi 

202 East Daniel 96 Active Chapter 


Top row: Bruno Bruzgulis, treasurer; Paul Armstrong, vice 

president; Larry Shappert, historian 
Bottom row: Robert Wright, pledge master; Donald Gunther, 

secretary; James Buchanan, president 

Chi Phi 

303 East Chalmers 14 Active Chapters 

B „„rS^Tai d Se« , ^^»«S ra ct. < irSi«ch t ll, Ro-.ld Sadler. H„»„d M„d,e„. P«, B„„. Di„„ M«„.„ Ed„„d *„«,, 

Lowell Parker, Albert Darran, George Hamrick 
Not in panel: James Calder, John Riggs 

■ .. 'i 



Top row: Joseph Maris. Ku.t Howler. Eldon Mackey. Alan Cole, Salvatore Grisaffe, James Christiansen, Donald Eckert, Ronald Beck, Stanley Rolfe, Ronald 
Iprii Times Peterson Roger Gormen Roger Warmbier, Fred Kreppert, Richard Lockhart r... . aj du. 

rA/i"^:Law«ncf Hopkins' Richard Mafmquist. Jack 'Kitch, Ralph Fessenden. Paul Przypyszny. Donald Maylath. Leslie Bryan, Stephen Anderson, Robert 
William* Peter VC'raee William Walcott John Campbell, Norman Andersen . _ c , nJ . , .- 

Second roT- ' AlSS ?J!sW\ Walter Barnes, Arthur Sestakf James Rudd. Robert Quade, Jack Olson. Nicholas Guardalabene. W.lham Getzen, Fred Edick. Ger- 

B0 »^^^ S '2°thSr M L"a^ h ?e, D Rk n hird R As S cher, Albert Holmburg, Ronald Francis, John Rosha, Christian Wold. Robert Chambers, Anthony Lekas, James Clark. 

Jerome Gholson I H^l 

Sot in panel: Edward Brockmeier, Paul Leetz, James Isenogle 

Chi Psi 

912 South Second 26 Active Chapters 

Jack Olson, secretary; Nicholas Guardalabene, president; William 
Cietzen. vice president; Robert Quade, ttc.iturer 


Top row: Richard Nash, vice president; Ivan Days, treasmw; 

Charles Wolfe, sergeant at arms; James Crossley, n cording 

BnUom et rol : Douglas Pierce, corresponding seer eta, y; Robert 
Kramp, president 

Delta Chi 

1111 South First 40 Active Chapters 

Top row Robert W.ison, Robert Stenberg, Phillip Matteson, William Korbus, John Farrow, George DeLong, Joe Scott, Robert Loving, John Schuldt, Bruce 
TkifZZ- '£*£ Jol-on, Raymond Unger, John Cazel, Paul Swanson, John Sche.drup, Robert Foster, Robert McNally, James Spierlmg, R.chard Stevens, W, - 
J^r^^JerBu^Robert Golterman, R.chard Browning, Douglas Pierce, Charles Wolfe, Robert Kramp, Mrs. Russe,, Charles Nash, Charles Kersh. 
F,rst B :Z- % ciarkVonTd Woodward'Thn Huck. Earle Bitzer, Roger Andersen, Eugene Urbaniec, Jack Thorsen, Eugene Dramm, Raymond Borell,, Charles 
tf« &: James Crossley, Charles Morris, Ivan Davis, Robert Kastelic. Robert Goodman, Charles Metzel, Alfred Grossko P f, Page, Theodore Kuhnen. 
Wayne Blinkley, Gilbert Hensey, Herbert Badal, Frank Melka 

Rr 'lIk 

Top row: Jack Kund, Bruce Black, Jack Scoville, Fred Perry, James McCormick, John Clark, John Bauer, Earl Peterson, George McKulski, Jack Serdor, 

James Hobart, Dick Lindgren, George Anderson 
Third row: Lyle Schmitt, Pete Bennett, John Parichy, Dave Potier, William Pearre, William Hadlock, Phillip Neinstedt, Gary Newtson, Richard Temsak, 

Joe Tomei. Fredrick Noe, Edward Lieske, Allan H.ilverson, Andre Olson, David Jewell 
Second row: Jerome Ainsworth, Gene Queiman, James Penn, Grover Foote, Mrs. F. O. Orton, Donald Carlson, Bernard O'Lcary, George Blakely Donald 

Hooker, Bruce Thomas, David Bartruff 
Bottom row: Dennis McCloud, Bert Mulholland, John Marshall, Richard Ireland, Robert Appleton, David Shoemaker, Jack Plister, Walter Rliem, Jack 

Holmes, David Bergen, John Marshall 
Not in panel: James Wood, Louis Mohr, Kenneth Pearce, Roger Brewster, Donald Mulligan, David Bailey, William Ryan 

Delta Kappa 

902 South Second 51 Active Chapters 


right: Frederick Leafgren, t>^ff:<^"% **"''•!!%. 
p, c ident; VC' Jackson ; David Knollh ,tt, h.aiurer 

Delta Phi 

16 Active Chapters 

T., r.«. Em,l WoH Peter Ziegtar. John Garland, Donald Garland, John Bryden, Donald Peterson, Robert Schme.tzer, John, R.chard Buckley. Hugh 
TUPXS: Thomas Haining, L.oyd Fray, John Kerr, Dona.d Foval, Franklin Andrews, Joseph Kiyczek, M.Hard Darnall, Rodney Wallace. E.don Dameron, 
J^J^^lf wlrkowski, John Cam, Thomas Clatter, David Knollhoff. William Jackson, Chris, Sarro, Frederick Leafgren, Denn.s Serdahl, Ear. 

BonlTL: Rodger Kloever, John Pic™ Thomas Soderstrom, Donald Culley. Howard Velzy, Richard Leeds 
Sol in pant!: Harvey Hermann, David DeMartelaere 

Top row: David Pease, Robert Pinnow, John Olson, Ralph Busse, Robert Gainer, Edward Biskup, Samuel Sutton, Ronald Leoni, Patrick Phillips, Fred 

Tourtellotte, Marvin Struck, Bruce Peteison, Robert Freeman 
Third row: Robert Vance, Richard Vance, James Dandurand, Marvin Angus, John Mecozzi, Helmer Nelson, Frank Tiley, James Babb, Charles Schulz, 

Carl Ahrens, Douglas lattner 
Second row: David Templeton, Norman Taylor, Howard Sander?, John Line, Ronald Peterson, Ken Johannsen, Albert Tillman, Robert Blanchard, Jerome 

Nagawiecki, Ralph McCormick, Joseph McDivit, Ronald Howard 
Bottom row: Leon Florschuetz, John Lamb, Jay Stevens, James Weith, Ralph Allen, Gordon Buchanan, Donald Gutowski, Tom Stucky, Joseph Cappuzzello 

Delta Sigma Phi 

106 East Daniel Street 72 Active Chapters 

Top row: Robert Blanchard. secretary: Howard Sanders, 

manage: : Robert Gainer, social chairman 
Bottom row' Ronald Peterson, treasurer: John Line, vice 

president; Kenneth Johannsen, president 


Top row: Donovan Pearce, pledge master; Norman Emmerich, 

secretary; Henry Selig, treasurer 
Bottom row: Thomas Dore, ienioi rice president; John Brown, 

/•undent ^^^^B 

Delta Sigma Pi 

402 East Daniel 83 Active Chapters 

Third tow: Richard Knippel, Wayne Meinhart, Wiiliam Pingel, John Hall, Charles Recki, Paul Womack, Emerson Cammack, Joseph Cicero, Edward Paliatka, 

Ross Rolander 
Second row: Henry S:-lig Donovan Pearce, Thomas Dore, John Brown, Norman Emmerich, Robert Jorgensen, Thaddeus Kucia, Louis Carlotti, Raymond Jiral 
Bottom row: Raymond Wesley Pitchford, Wayne Schneider, John Whitman, Gary Cooper, Richard Knickerbocker, Melvin Olejniczak 
Not in panel: Ernest Dynda, Robert Hutchings, Herbert Utz, Donald Keenan 


k " '"^B ^B 

^P -^8 

il ft 


v J 



*yj 1 

Ik ^i 

r« *. *? *. 

HI V^i 



*f* Nft 

1, John Porter, Thomas Miller, 

Top row/ Verle Besant, James Lowenstein, Richard Merhar, George McFarland, Mayo Larson, James Whitelaw, Hugh Mo 

Peter Koch, Howard Humphrey, James Deremiah 
Third row: Charles Rogers, Jon Culberson, Harold Tenney, John Gwin, Donald Archer, James Jasper, Fred Robison, Donald Simroth, Verne Bowman, Henry 

Brennan. Barton Regelbrugge, Robert Wilkinson, Thomas Barbier 
Second row: Louis Keesey, Charles Berlin, Mack Ernstcr, Robert Gasaway, John Greenleaf, Richard Anderson, John Hayes, Jerry Carter, Clyde Robbins, 

John Shonkwiler, Jack Bland 
Bottom row: Ronald Dempsey, Carl Sanders, Richard Currier, Danny Wayne, Herbert Depke, David Landram, Wayne Marthaler, Richard Renfro, William 

Warner, Robert Bier, Ronald Poland 
Not in panel: John Mongerson, Denis Keith, Robert Lenzini, John McCune, Donald Kull 

Delta Tau Delta 

302 East John 84 Active Chapters 

Top row: John Gwin, social chairman: John Hayes, treasurer 
Bottom row: John Greenleaf, secretary; Richard Anderson, 

pre\tdent; Robert Gassaway, vice president; Gerald Carter, 

COiieipondirig secretary 


Left to right: Marshall Blankensliip, vice president; Gene Stun- 
md, secretary; William Day. president; Dan Decs, treasure! 

Delta Upsilon 

70 Active Chapters 

Top row: Robert Long, Gerald Groebe, Keith Ebersold, Steve Strow, Robert. Luhring, Richard Donohoe, Donald Hamann, James Bergstrom, Paul Cook, James 
Majer, William Collins, Jack Hendryx, Richard Hagen, Arthur Roach 

Third row: George Boyden, Walter Harrison, Lawrence Potter, Dean Davis, Richard Harris, Dan Dees, Dwight Pence, Larry Smith, Roy Diesner, Richard Wal- 
thers, Charles Goding, Ronald Ammons, Gerald Woodcock. Joseph Kainz 

Second row: Don Herrington, Francis Mosetick, Russell Johnson, Jerome Heil, Herman Willms, Marshall Blankenship, William Day, Eugene Stunard, Albert Ro- 
land, Tenney Boyer, Sherwood Kains, Robert Buchanan 

Bottom row: Glenn Holmes, Winfield Lewis, Stanley Holat, Keith Albertson, Herman Dirks, Herbert Hudson, Barton Meays, James Lofgren, Arthur Muns, Robert 
Litvan, Joseph Giffin 

Not in panel: Allen Andrews, Herbert Borman, R. Thomas Fenstermaker, Roger Fitzgerald, Jack Harazin 

Spr ague, Harold Walter, Robert Knudson, Robert Cai 

Charles Schuman, 

Top row: Gordon Ropp, Paul Curtiss, John Carson, Irvin I.awfer, Merri 

Terry Wjlken, Harris Hammer, William Dehority, Eldon Dilworth 
Third row: Raymond Due'wer, James Day, Frederick Heyl, Richard Stone, Paul Loitz, William Britz, Ivan Lawfer, Max Fulling, John Hershelman, Walter 

Second row: Wallace Reynolds, James Bennett, Dale Bury. Joseph Stetson, LeRoy Sauder, Vance Van Tassel, Gerald Bachman, Stephen McQuilken, Frank 

Willey, Bertil Mattson, Fred Cooper 
Bottom row: Gary Thomson, Paul Awe, Jesse Osthus, Kenneth Stabler, Leon Bonneur, Robert Lind, Hampton Parker, John Rithmiller, Godfrey Bergschneider 


Farm House 

809 West Pennsylvania 13 Active Chapters 

Left to light: Joseph Stetson, recording secretary; Gerald 
Bachman. business manager; LeRoy Sauder, vice president: 
Vance Van Tassell, preu.lmi 


Top row: Delon Hampton, social chairman; Walter Washing- 
ton, keeper of iccords: Sidney Miller, keeper oj exchequer 

Bottom iow: Floyd Meachum, polemaich ; Earl Doty, net pole- 
ma, ci 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

707 South Third 101 Active Chapters 

Top row: Samuel Ferguson, Elvin David, Elmer Shaw, Thomas Scott, Rodney Morris, Cornelius Gillie, Richard Freeman, James Whitehead, Louis Harris 
Second row: Walter Washington, Lorenzo Martin, Wesley McClendon, Clifton Towns, Buford MacKlin, Henry Curtis, Richard Tyler, Roscoe Mitchell 
Bottom row: Reginald Petty, James Ferguson, Earl Doty, Floyd Meachum, Sidney Miller, Delon Hampton, Ellis Reid 

Not in panel: James Montgomery, Lester McKeever, Don Crusor, Maurice Glover, Gerald Butler, Frank Campbell, William Massie, Julius Thornton, Leo 
Watson, Conway Graves 


i id Burger, Donald 

Unix it l . R.., I emplcton Si' phcn Cole 
Third rou Loj Covey, Prank Rilc\ dale Shilling! 

etcn, Paul DufTcy, Fredrul Spangenherg, Robert Jachson, James Sigler, William Holden, Charles Anctil, 

i arland Smith, Russel Junes. Neal Parmenter, Richard Widen, Walter Stem, Eric Stattin, Joseph I.asCasas 
,, i, Marknw, \\ .mi' < onery, Walter Norton, Rolland Bethards, Harold Rietveld, J. nuts Fleischer, James Mitchell, Roger Anderson, Ernesto 

Jimenex, 1 >onald ( iugliuz t, • links K 
Bottom row. Roderick Carlson. Noihcrt Saigcnt, Richard Tayloi . J.i , Elmer Mauney, Fiank Fial.i John Strama, Roger Antes, Robert Troy 

Not in />.(>;,/ Richard Kcll\. Norman Stemgrabcr, Nonnan Kouh.i, Robert Alford 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Top row: James Mitchell, fledge master; Roger Anderson, treas- 
urer: Norman Kouba, commissar 

Bottom row: Walter Norton, custodian: James Fleischer, presi- 
dent: Harold Rietveld, rice president 


Top row: Arthur Williams, secretary; Robert Armstrong, presi- 
dent; Peter Palmer, social than man 

Bottom row: Edward Tuckei, treasurer; Charles Hendricks, 
vice president 

Kappa Sigma 

212 East Daniel 127 Active Chapters 

Top row: Erwin Blatter, Harry Carpenter, Noiman Flagg, William Starnes, William Stewart, Donald Simonson, Donald Campbell, Davis Roeske, John Oehler. 

Edward Sweet, Verle Safford, Vernon Petty, Campbell Scott, Clark Gauger, James Hayner, Rex Hedfern, Donald McLean, Michael Bowen 
Third row: Charles Dunbar, Marvin Syren, Theodore Dinov, Robert Naef, Robert Faulkner, Gordon Bengston, William Coney, Stuart Dobbs, Roy Woods, Henry 

Hunkin, Carl Eichsteadt, Robert Pmkerton, Robert Barcik, Beniamin Harnish. Robert Koss, Cornelius VanSchaack, Thomas Archbold 
Second row: Robert Armstrong, William Clinard, Charles Larson, Richard Ruess, Donald Powell, Edward Tucker, Charles Hendricks, Earl Sanders, Peter 

Palmer, Robert Meyer, Elry Falkenstein, John Simon, Roy Ganote, Richard Casler 
Bottom row: Donald Lundine, Richard Ehlert, Roger Van Adestein, Tony Guzzardo, David Blakeslce, Franklin Gutowsky, Robert McConnell, Thomas Cullins, 

Russell Hanna, Ralph Dichtl, Richard Southard, Leon Asadourian 
Not in panel: Arthur Williams, Phillip Flores 




■ t 

Top row; William Peters, Jon Erickson, Charles Swinford, Wayne Moehling, Bruck Barnett, Arlie Tempel, Michel Curtis, Robert Eberhart, Donn Plote, Jack 
Holt, Thomas Fike, Roy Bender, Ricardo Artero 

Third row: Dale Kaiser, Earl Laing, LaVerne Cassens, Louis Gauen, John Strathman, Charles Gauen, Ralph Vinson, William Smith, Robert Wilson, John Clay- 
ton. William Gibson 

Second row: Paul Kuhn, James Chalfant, John Krupka, David Hill, Thomas Madden, Dominic De Cristofaro, Russell Phipps, James Pierce, William Albert, Rich- 
ard Crady, Jack Thomas, James Pieschel 

Bottom row: Robert Gibson, Robert Fouchard, Thomas Wagner, Thomas Zimmer, William Heydenbury, Clinton Bartlett, Rolf Spamer, Brice DeVos, Thomas 
Reynolds, Ronald Wilson, Robert Stetson, Fred Schmude 

Not in panel: Charles Wolf, Richard Williams, Kenneth Traum, James Hannagan, James Schuldt, Donald Hays, Nicholas Chris Pamel 

Lambda Chi Alpha 


209 E. Armory 144 Active Chapters 

Top row: James Pierce, secretary; Russell Phipps, president 
Bottom row: Dominic De Cristofa-o, vice president; William 

Albeit, social chairman; David Hill, rushing chairman; 

Thomas Madden, treasum 


Top r,ne : Robert Bubb, secretary; Donald Peterson, pledge 
trainer; Douglas Koehler, vice president; James Watson, 
pa i ideal 

Bottom row: Gent Ator, uaidtn; Donald Houk, treasrtitr 

Phi Delta Theta 

Top row: Nelson Loar, Robert Muirhead, Donald Welbourne, David Sterrett, John Sharp, Charles Shepherd, James Rees, Richard Wham, Robert Reitsch, 

Clarence Losch, George Farley, Robert Helfrich, Frank Nichols, Kent Penwell, Richard Seeleg 
Third row: Robert Sewell, John Westerlund, Charles Riddilord, Douglas Bates, Albert Grethey, Alan Gocttig, Jordan Chaney, James Bronson, Norman Racine, 

Randolph Lundeen, Lyle Dahlenburg, John Henitf, George Milum, Theodore Coffman, Donald Houk 
Second row: Bruce Adams, Donald Neville, Frank Keck, William Mcllvain, Robert Kable, Gene Ator, Robert Bubb, Douglas Koehler, James Watson, Erwin 

Seegers, Hugh Purnell, David Bauer, Jerry Felmley, Donald Peterson, Lyle Lipe, James McNabey 
Bottom row: Richard Wilson, Donald Barnum, Joseph Swope, John Connell, Robert Balsley, Kirtley Wilson, Robert Patterson. Thomas Zwetschke, Thomas Hayes, 

Donald Scott, David Williams, Richard Milum, Ralph Campbell. William Grubb 
Not in panel: James Allen, John Armstrong, Curt Gabbard, Ronald Heiligenstein, Wendell Hull, Burton Leach, Jerry Light, Edward Makovsky, Richard Meis- 

lahn, Robert Mooney, Richard Parkhill, Roger Powell, Charles Smith, Doyle Glass, Henry Hokamp 

JW ' 


, Ronald Kaplan, Art Berman, Bernard Burnstine, Richard 
Allen Carter, Fred Cohan, David Zolat, Robert Nachenberg, 

Top row: Michael Schwartz, David Goodman, Edward Hams, Wayne Peters, Phil Burnsl 

Simon, Gerald Appel, Gordon Rubin, Bertram Garskof, Michael Kohn, Harold Goodma 

Samuel Sax 
Third row: Richard Wezelman, Harold Soloman, Bruce Mer, Michael Greenfield, Marvin Rosenberg, Geiald Dashe, David Bliss, Alvin Samuels, Ralph 

Stavins, Marvin Lieberman, Hugo Kahn, Robert Bernard Horwich, Aaron Miller, Myron Spigelman, Fred Rubin, Richard Friedkin, Robert Levy 
Second row: Gerald Pollack, Lloyd Falk, Larry Smith, James Birnbaum, Edward S imberg, Leslie Schultz, Donald Boruszak, Henry Brauer, Howard Gerstien, 

Leonard Greenberg, Marshall Kipkin, Ronald Adelson 
Bottom row: Roy Raved, Myron Berezin, Robert Ostrow, Stanley Gerstein, Maxwell Schwartz, Gary Kastel, Roger Lewis, Kenneth Jacobs, George Harris, 

Robert Hirsch, Alan Kaplin, Robert Miller 
Not in panel: Mel Green 

Phi Epsilon Pi 

907 South Third St. 37 Active Chapters 

Top row: Alan Carter, secretary; Michael Kohn, house manage!. 

Robert Rashkow, secretary; Ralph Stavins, treasurer; Howard 

Gerstein, commissar 
Bottom rowt Les Schultz, president; Donald Boruszak, vice 

presidt nt 


Phi Gamma Delta 

401 East John Street 83 Active Chapters 

Top row: Peter West, John Harbeck, Roger Streilich Richard Peterson. Donald Drummond, Donald Himes, Peter Tomaras. James Hahlert, Jerome Gronizer, 

Robert Radmik, Richard Little, Lee Curtis, Frank Strachota, William Bingham, John Thompson 
Third row: Jeff Austin, Daniel Lirot, Thomas Felke, Don Brown. William Buddig. Steve Lindell, Kenneth Pawlak, Donald Nagel, Harry Overtoon, Albert Gaiy 

Arnold, Francis Hoffman. Robert Jenkins, James Corrigan. Roderick Ellis 
Second row: Thomas Brown, Jay Larson, James Puicel, Harold Bun, Wanen Nickerson. John Kiest, Robert Hayes, Gene Wallace, Danaiel O'Conncll. Gordon 

Leach, Gene Steffy, Richard McCarthy 
Bottom row: William Deuter. Roger Hoffman, Carl Ostrand. Robert Nesbit, Donald Bowers, Robert Byers, Robert Little, John Armstrong, James Miller, Larry 

McKnelly, David Rittmiller 
Not in panel: Robert Bailey, Edward Bruce, Hobart Chapel. Robert Hershbarger, Richard Lacy, James McGill. Ralph Nelson, Richard Pawlak, James Rem- 

rick, Richard Tindall, Donald Weaver 



r— ^ 

■ »•>- 1 

■ 1 

H* ■*. g 

w — 

'•* M ■**" M $ 

. *>*-.U 

V Cj 

■ * *■ 1 

B S 

wKplM I 


B ■ 

Bk m 

■ 1 



U £o' 




Top row: Conrad Trecker, Donald Seaman, Donald Seraon, Arthur D'Ambrosio, John Murphy, Ronald Kraft, Robert Adam 

Third row: Robert Finneran, Edward Schulte, John Eure, George Wood, George Haley, John Egan, John Donahue, James McShane 

Second row: Charles Wolfenburger, James Fitzgerald. Frank Pramuk. Thomas Riordan, Robert Whelan, Thomas Liptak, Laurence Smith, Frank Torres, 

John Healy 
Bottom row: George BonSalle, Thomas Friedrich, Robert Lichter, Thomas Killian, Alvin Orton, Patrick Clark, Martin Swinglcy 
Not in pane!: Arthur O'Leary, John Stengal, Richard K.iuth, Steven Majac, Jerry McCarthy, James Rinella, William Burger 

Top row: Laurence Smith, social chairman 

Hollow row: Thomas liptak, president; Robert Whelan, treasurer; 
I nomas Riordan, pledge master 

Phi Kappa 

310 East Chalmers 33 Active Chapters 


Top inw: Paul Addy, chaplain; Robert Mast, historian; Denny 
I'utchard, jergeant-at-arms ; Clarence Peterson, i»m <ponding 
'■(relary ^^^^^^^ 

Bottom row: John Stahl, treasurer; Richard Chester, pusident; 
Frank Lakey, vice president 

Phi Kappa Psi 

911 South Fourth 58 Active Chapters 

Top row: Sam Holder. Richard Foster, Richard Hutson, Robert Palermo, Dan M iollis. Malcolm Bushncll, Ralph Jensen, Marvin Ehlers, Jack Langille, R ger 

Clark, David Redman, William Stocking, Orin Steinhaus, Daniel Simpson, Alan Johnson, Ronald Grayheck, Edwin Sloan 
Third row: Darrel Harter, Tom Obermeier, Harry Summers, Donald Tate, Jack Stephens. Robert Mast, Franklin Sekera. James Hawes, John Green, Walter 

Vernasco, Donald Page. David Buswell, Carl Warren, James Gilliam, Edward Prichaid. William Prescott, Loren Krause, Clarence Petersen 
Second row: Kenneth Schlomann. William Ebbinghaus. James Fischer, Robert Halliday, Paul Addy, Frank Lakey, Richard Chester, John Stahl, Clark O'Halloran, 

Donald LaMorticella, Carl Lane, John Kerr. Todd Griffith 
Bottom row: Richard Meeks, Darrel Lamps, Robert Mihm. James Rohn, Richard Calkins, Paul Newall, Jack Day, Lynn Krause, George Ramsay, Brian Voth, 

James Lyons, Donald Reeder, Ronald Keller 
Not in panel 1 : David Bruce, James Acheson, Harlan Burgess, Warren Woltman, David Griffins, Russel Billings, Torrance O'Niell 




Top roK'.- Banfield Capron. Richard T.rpe, Allen Bornng, Thomas Wheeler, John I.ongden. Elliott Moore, Raymond Page, James Sindt. William Coleman, 
Donald Kudzma, Jack Webster, Thomas Baker, Harry Alton, Charles Enderby, Denny Weichman, Norman Zeter, James Stocker, William Gray, James 
Wilgus, George Ellis, Thomas Alexander, Lany Martin 

Third row: Fred Slocombe, William Hester, Walter Newlin, Gary Wittlich, Stanley Stowers, Edward Ogen, Jackson Rosskamm, Edward Johnson, Robert Davi- 
son, Ralph Grauer, Jan Smid, Richard Reichle, Donald Dubas, Thomas Sleeman, Gerald Lahey, George Necherle, James Stelzner, Donald Foley, James 

Second row: Ralph Perers, Thomas Slater, Walter Jones, George Akerberg, Robert Pasnau, Fred Tait, Ronald Brown, Earl Henderson, Herbert Thompson, 
Richard Stream, Joseph Devall, Jerry Maisenbacher, Edward Jenison, John Bender. Eberhard Vischer 

Bottom row: Richard Albers. William Shade, James Downing, Keith Benedix, Ronald Gilbert, Richard Cruse, John Gratchner, Ronald Watkins, James 
Backoff, Thomas Dicks, Lester Schnake, Kenneth Rutherford, Clement Ryan, Donald Hardin, Richard Heap 

Not in panel. Howard Book, Leroy Dawson, Richard Shelby, Thomas Brownlee, Richard Gustafson, Dennis Moore 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

313 East Chalmers 43 Active Chapters 

Top row: Fred Tait, pledge muster; Fail Henderson, president 
Bottom roir: Herbert Thompson, second vice president; Ronald 
Brown, first vice president 

' ^M&hM**&& 



Top row: Charles Gautschy, vice president; Webster Smith, 

social chairman 
Bottom row: Alan Bradley, secretary; James Voorhees, pr, 

dent; Douglas Farr, tieasurer 

Phi Kappa Tau 

310 East Gregory 71 Active Chapters 

Top row: Jerry Summers, James Kennedy, James Otto, Earl Cate, John Thompson, Richard Swanson, Richard Hangren, Joe Meller, Charles Williamson, 

Ralph Hodges, Roger Bishop, James Schmidt, William Guegel, Frank Laraia, Lee Ittenbach, William McNair 
Second row: Dale Hilton, William Sears, Thomas Chilcott, Laneive Rueter, Armand Andre, Robert Nejdl, Webster Smith, Douglas Farr, James Voorhees, 

Charles Gautschy, Allen Bradley, James Brnbaker, Leonard Walberg, Henry Stock, Bernard Rost 
Bottom row: Phillip Miller, Roger Vaughn, James Wright, Bryce Bolton, Alvin Belsley, Larry Thomson, Philip Dressier, Gary Smith, David Swift, Richard 

Miller, Charles Ellis, Craig Johnson 
Not in panel: Gus Mackris, Roger Mueller, Richard Gillette. Charles Bauch 



Top row.- Mitchell Bender, Marvin Perrye, Morton Miller, Jack Nitzkin, Martin Fishman, Earl Linch, Michael Gould, Jerry Tankel, Howard Solotroff Larry 

Shartzberg, Marvin Lipschultz, Norman Dunn, Seymour Fishman, Udell Bernstein, Alan Engerman 
Third row: Edward Abrams, Arthur Nordenberg, jerry Siegel, Jerome Zeldes, Frank Shulm, Donald Rubin, Michael Kramer, Herbert Weintraub Arnold 

Kanter, Floyde Nadler, Jerome Brody, John Klawns, Sidney Kaz, Hugh Klein, Arthur Lerner 
Second row: Milton Weiner, Larry Ripes, Melvin Jacobs, Larry Slutsky, Leon Friedman, Jerome Shaffer, Donald Lasser, Darryl Lem, Edward Frank, Bernard 

Alpert, Joseph Matz, Samuel Chiprin 
Bottom row: Melvin Newman, Myles Rothstein, Avum Dannum. Robert Karns, Herbert Kaplan, David Sadel, Donald Norris, Stanley Salles, Marvin Factor, 

Phillip Taxman 
Not in panel: Morris Witney, Alan H. Toppel 

Phi Sigma Delta 

706 West Ohio 32 Active Chapters 

Bottom tow: Edward Abrams, junior member, executive council: 
D >nald Lasser, president: Edward Frank, pledge fathei 

Top row: I.eon Friedman, member-at-large, executive council: 
Darryl lem, treasurer: Jerry Shaffer, lice president 



i - J 



Toft rott<: Carl Bornholt, inductor; Arthur Price, sentinel; 

Jensen, treasurer; Joseph Leveque, social chairman 
bottom row: Charles Huck, secretary; John Elliott, president; 

Garrah Mures, vice president 


Phi Sigma Kappa 

1004 South Second 

66 Active Chapters 

Top row: Kenneth Swienton, Hugh McMaster, Robert Thurnbald, Fred Pattison, George Binder, George Gellert, Paul Judson, Phil Judson, Paul Zagoras, Richard 
Maxwell, Robert Squires, Donald Zugschwerdt, Jock Marquis 

Third row: Jack Nordin, Roland Artigues, Bertram Clarbour, John Kratzer, Frank Madonia, Robert Bein, Marvin Graves, Lona Frank, John Murray, Daniel Pep- 
per, Gail Thwing. James Holt 

Second row: Jerry Wright. Steven Webb, Carl Bornholt, Harry Jensen, John Elliott, Lenos Muret, Charles Huck, Arthur Price, Robert Thorpe. Dennis Brady 

Bottom row: Harold Mooberry, James Sokuloski, David Lively, Philip Hudson, Kenneth Fritz, John Trogolo, Donald Peterson, Richard Hoag, I.loyd Heisler. 
Dennis Johnson, Frederick Hoffman 

Not in panel: Joseph Leveque 



# # 


I I 

t VI W 



Tolley, Charles Elliott. John Turner, Richard Swan 

Top row: Henry Uschan, Joseph Phillips, Richard Curry, Robert Trumbull, Ric 

Frank Gerace, Raymond Andrews 
Third row: James Van Kanegon, John Hoyt, Roger Carlson, Barry Hough, John Hubbard, Jack Quell, Donald Brinker, Henry Hord, John Liljequist, 

Edward McCrary, Charles Walter 
Second row: Richard Huffer, Carl Rauchenberger, Robert Wold, Roger Woizeski, Wayne Weber, Ronald Esper, Fred Werno, Norman Kidd, James Olson, 

John Hubbard, Albert Scheffler 
Bottom row: Kent Wilson, Rodney Franklin, Joseph Christ, Harold Strudhoff, Paul Crossland, Russell McClellan, Harold Fox, Raymond Pawloski, Gerald 

Not in panel: Richard Heckenkamp, John Rinedollar, Lawrence Chapman, George Phillips, John Gray, James Newell, Andrew Cordischi 

Lejt to right: Ronald Esper, me president; Fred Werno, presi- 
dent: John Rinedollar, treasurer; Norman Kidd, historian 

Pi Kappa Alph 

102 East Chalmers 110 Active Chapters 




Pi Kappa Phi 

801 West Illinois 45 Active Chapters 

Top row: Melvin Wagner, president; Larry Miller, pledge master; 

James Johns, m, louse manager; Ralph Sanders, \ecietary 
Bottom row: David Falls, chaplain; Donald Lynn, treasurer; 

D inald Cash, bt\tonun 

Top row: Lawrence Inglis, Edwin Morris, Leonard Perkowski, James Johnson, William Donahue, August Massa, David Frisbie, John Lignell, Robert Newlin, 

Donald Thompson, Eugene Baethke 
Second row: Albert Rosanes Vernon Shepherd, Donald Freund, James Leach, Eugene Tomlin, Roger Derby, John Heth, Roger King, Robert Zalatoris, 

Charles Nagel, Fredric Wheeler, David Doetzel 
Bottom row: Gemot Metze. Morton Clotfeltcr. Paul Phinney, David Falls, Donald Lynn, Melvin Wagner, Ralph Sanders, Larry Miller, Donald Cash, William 

Not in panel: John Trchilcock, William Null, William Weber, Frederick Stotz, William Cinnamon 


Top row: Corwin Gross, Leslie Hefter, Leslie Kipnis, Sheldon Kronenberg, Howard Levin, Merwin Auslander, Raymond Rodheim, Robert Mell, Burton Stark, 

Ronald Schultz, Harold Wagman 
Third row: Sherwin Baim, Burton Berman, James Blattncr, Howard Malkin, Herbert August, Allen Brown, Ira Lurvey, Allen Cohen, Jack Neymark, Herbert 

Oberlundci, Gerald Fishman, Gerald Cohen 
Second row: Jacob Sadow, Gerald Farber, Howard Balson, Sheldon Simbnrg, Donald Klugman, Burton Palmer, Sidney Desser, Spencer Strellis, Warren Wexler, 

Herbert Jacobowitz, William Sider 
Bottom row: Lawrence Fernstein, Laurence Freedman, David Gordy, Erwin Rosenblum, Harold Dreebin, Sanford Graw, Bernard Pechter, Michael Schwartz, 

Sidney Granat 
Not in pane!: Joseph Brensley, Maurice Levy, Sheldon Zisook, Arwin Zoller 

Pi Lambda Phi 

52 Armory 37 Active Chapters 

Top row: Donald Klugman, wcretary ; Burton Palmer, president: 

William Sulec. treasurer 
Bottom row: Sidney Desser, vice piesidtnt; Spencer Strellis, ser- 




■X^JBp St 

£g? 1 





E? i 


wfcV ' ^w v 

Top row: Gene Lewis, first vice president; Norman Finley, presi- 
dent; Robert Maxey. second Vice p'esident 
Bottom row: Richard Rowe, tieasmer; William Manning, 

Psi Upsilon 

30 Active Chapters 

treit, Ronald Vogel, Bernard Quandt, Samuel Sorensen 

Top row: Carl Brueckner. John Trimble, Richard Lance, Henry Piekarski, Willard Johnson, 

William Ambrose, Frank Heckler, Edward Luczak, Douglas Brown, George Fearheiley 
Third row: Neil Sterling, Charles Off, Richard Hocking, Stephen Speltz, Donald Lee, Roger Creaden, James Fairhead. Donald Cottier. Jack Stumpf, Paul 

Myers, Meyric Rogers, Tucker Nason, Thomas Swanson, Robert Fairbanks, Thomas Hull 
Second row: Richard Michalak, John Hester, William Manning, Gene Lewis, Norman Finley. Robert Maxey, Richard Rowe, Joseph Kenston, William Cofel 
Bottom row: Wallace Gruenberg, Sidney Hormell, Robert Klecka, John Milstead, Robert Riddle, Kenneth Derby, Philip Joy, Alan Bodme, James Archer 
Not in panel: John Bandy, Kenneth Fairbanks, William Wilson, Michael Kennedy, Arthur Andrew, Joseph Ecoppi, Robert Murray. JohnMerrick 

Top row: Keith Andersen, Bryce McFadden, James Gorman, William Larson, Thomas Crays, Kenneth Thatc 

McCray, Henry Hennis, Ronald Rigoni, Eugene Funk, Joseph Coffey, Robert Rau, Trevar Beste, Ted Wanberg 
Third row: Myles Pember, James Schuehler, Leo Malantis, William Howard, Gordon Fales, Gordon Smale, Thomas Dye, William Day John Heindel 

Glasford, Allyn Webb, Gerald Brown, Roger Bielefeld, Robert Ellis, Richard Walker 
Second row: Louis Fancher, John Norton, William Moore, Wayne Bickes, Glenn Wright, Charles Countryman, Tanner Davis, William Scott, Frederic 

Ralph Campbell, William Young, Wilson Montgomery, William Johnson, Raymond Garlanger 
Bottom row: John Kunz, Jon Weiss, Robert Johnson, John Brue, Frank Mazrim, Gary Leonardo, Larry Burton, Phillip Peterson, Richard Borsini, Fred 

Charles Larson, William King, George Fischer 
Not in panel: Theodor Schreyer, Jerald Crickman, Philip Ward, Edward Kelly, Vincent Feigenbutz, Athum Johnson, Eugene Maynard, James Flynn, W 

Ozburn, Richard Dombrosky, Roy Heidemann 






Sigma Alpha 

211 East Daniel 136 Active Chapters 

row: Henry Hennis, commissar; Tanner Davis, eminent 
herald: William Scott, eminent aiehon; Allyn Webb, 
■ eminent treasurer; Charles Countryman, deputy aiehon 
Bottom row: Ralph Campbell, eminent ncorder; William John- 
son, unhing chairman 


Sigma Alpha Mu 

805 West Pennsylvania Avenue 48 Active Chapters 

Top row: Earl Rubin, Harris Arnold, Merton Silbar, Howard Stone, Marvin Feig, James Carmel, Seymour Mandel, Richard Waller, Jerry Pollan, Arnold Mar- 

tin, Donald Schaumbergcr, Bernard Ashen, Thomas Stern, Richard Rosenberg, Benjamin Butler, Arnold Vidis, Karl Mascott, Jerry Bold, Gordon Friedenberg 
Third row: Gordon Bloomberg, Joshia Pais, Leonard Abrams, Lawrence Kaufman, Neil Bergman, Al Broun, Arthur Zimmerman, Roy Smith, James Pinski, 

Barry Januv, Raymond Nisenbaunm, Joseph Siegman, Arthur Kaufman, Sheldon Kurtz, Jerry Kalish, Jerry Zelden, Gary Smith 
Second row: Irwin Katz, Jerry Nabansol, Mclvin Cole, Lee Kwatnez, Harvey Greenstein, Ronald Katch, Julius Shapiro, Marvin Oxman, Burton Rosenberg, 

Daniel Rapaport, James Friend 
Bottom row: Michael Rosen, Morton Raisen, Hubert Weinstein, Robert Spalter, Charles Brusso, Leonard Lirtzman, Joel Carlins, Arnold Sher, David Gold- 

wasser, Richard Moll, Jerry Steinman 
Not in panel: Lee Adler, Sheldon Coburn, Irving Coppel, Robert Kiesler, Jason Silverstein, Leonard Simon 


**■ Z^W 

'I* ^ r w*.- ' 

# # l' $ if 1 t *. 


< I 





* *:3Lt 

*W '**• 

t f 




^ y J§ 


Tup row.' Adam Bachman, Eugene Benner, Wayne Smith, Richard Bostrom, Robert Barrett, Dean Willmann, Jack Davis, SamutI Foster, Max Hooper, Willard 
Thomson, Thomas Holzbog, Donald Kane, Charles Babb, Jack Rule, Kenneth West, Frank Herold, David Andrews 

Third row. Thomas Harvey, Richard Thompson, Craig Hart, John. Greene, Robert Culbertson, Ralph Jensen, Thompson Dyke, Beniamin Farnum, David Clark, 
John Bruggen, Robert Hoff, John Luedtke, Donald Bostrom, Charles Seibert, Robert Thompson, Crane DeCamp, Thomas Hubbard 

Second row: Steve Smith, Donald Manthei, William Dunn, Ronald Meadows, David Miller, Harold Dyeus, Lee Johnson, Richaid Zimmerman, Haynes Haw- 
kins, Thomas Rose, Hoyt Mathews, Paul Luhrsen, Charles Swearingen, Karl Brix 

Bottom row: Richard Cline, Robert Klaus, David Fewkes, Roger Ehrhardt, Kevin O'Neill, Harvard Schmidt, Hrles Stout, Richard Smith, Richard Meadows, 
Thomas Ekovich, Thomas Luker, Richard McCaw, Thomas MacMillan, Thomas Cox, Howard McCracken 

Not in panel: Richard Griffiths, Walter Shaw, Peter Whitmer, Thomas Goad, Richard Magee, Emerit Lindbeck, Stanley Wallace 

Sigma Chi 

410 East John 123 Active Chapters 


Left to tight: David Andrews, annotatoty : Richard Bostrom, presi- 
dent : Frank Herold, pledge trainer; Kenneth West, vice presi- 
dent: Thomas Goad, treasurer 


Top row: Donald Niemann, treasurer; Allan Schulz, rushing chair- 
man; William Pierce, lecordei 

Bottom row: Dennis GierU. house manager; William Gratian, com- 
mander; William Wuerfel, lieutenant commander 

Sigma Nu 

1000 West Pennsylvania Avenue 116 Active Chapters 

Top row: David Overaker, Neil Murphy, Robert Ekedahl, Joseph Casserly, Wayne Gleim, Richard Osborne, George McKinney, William Thomas, William Sam- 

martino, Allan Murray, George Andreos, William Suter, Robert Clark 
Third row: Richard Koebler. Hugh Giertz, Ronald Nylen, James Hartman, Charles Westphal, Donald Wcsterberg, Kenneth Lohbauer, Allan Schulz, Robert 

Burns, Bruce Struckman, Herbert Engdahl, John Asher, Bruce Aufdehaar, Richard Newberry, George Ginos 
Second row: Donald Niemann, Richard Pedersen, Carl Carlson, Max Baumgardner, William Wuerfel, William Gratian, Charles Hardtke, Charles Reding, 

William Pierce, Robert Palmer, Richard Miller 
Bottom row: Donald Gribble, Bruce McNeish, Robert Coster, Thomas Neary, Robert Kruchten, Robert Van Treeck, Edward Allen, Robert Fitzgerald, William 

Mohr, Lloyd Lehman. Charles Hoefer 
Not in panel: Norbert Kraegel, Roger Kantola, John Szczudlo, Robert Poggi, Earl McGee, Ronald Whittmeyer, Fred StetTen, Kent Beauchamp, John Young, 

Thomas Anderson, Robert Young, Charles Kaspcr 

^ «<^S'-# 

!',f 't 

W If 

Top row: Harold Heisler, Richard Wharton, Walter Glitzenstein, Thomas Remkus, Donald Heid, Phil DeProtine 

Third row: Charles Hill, Glenn Zieman, Jesse Irvm, Donald Carr, Robert Gondry, Anthony Viiona 

Second row: George Hunt, John Witt, Harold Nero, Waldemar Rawicki, Robert DuFore, William Widugiris 

Bottom row: Ronald Vacek, Raymond Siewert, Raymond Mueller, Walter Ruczynski, Robert Beals 

Not in panel: William Evans, Lyle Smith 

Left to right: Walter Ruczynski, secntary; Raymond Mueller, 
president; Raymond Siewert, business manager; Ronald Vacek, 
rice pictjdent 

Sigma Phi Delta 

1105 West Illinois 11 Active Chapters 


Top row: Caesar Klaus, comptroller; Frank Ridgway, vice presi- 
dent: William Green, president; Edward Hendricks, sectary 

Bottom row: Herbert Thurman, historian; John Henderson, social 
chahman; Dean Zaumseil, bouse manager 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

1105 South Fourth Street 126 Active Chapters 

Top row: William Dean, Robert Brenkman, Lyman Goss, Raymond Bockman, Roy Sciacca, Robert Spraetz, John Henderson, Albert Wendt, James Lunder- 
gan, Kenneth Kopecky, David Lauchle, Thomas Potter, Jon Meloan, Richard Harrison, Marvin Whitaker 

Third row: Derrence Smaage, Benjamin Ziccarelli, Thomas Cappellin, Derrel Gresham, Henry Moorehouse, Richard Barbel, John Boyle, Marlowe Hartzer, Wil- 
liam Winterhoff, John Clemens, Willard Alford, William Bertenshaw, Robert MacDonald, Richard Lurito, Phillip Cook 

Second row: Frank Mezek, Richard Gruitch, James Jangarathis, Edward Hendricks, Caesar Klaus, William Green, Frank Rrdgway, Herbert Thurman, Dean 
Zaumseil, Gerald Early, Daniel Rajski, Peter Galuk, John DeLaurenti, Melvin Weidner 

Bottom row: Martin Koester, Fred Peters, David Smith. Arthur Peterson, Richard Green, Roland Clement, Dale Stout, Robert Miller, James Mahon, William 
Sinclair. Vance Fraley, Charles McKinney. Howard Gerdes 

Not in panel: Richard Bray, Glen Bales, Richard Kurz, Robert Witherspoon, John Misch, George Ward. Thomas Bright 


■■■ 1 





Top row: Charles Hruska, Larry Marthaler, Douglas Reynolds, Richard Lannon, Charles Hamilton, William Graham, Lyle Smith, Donald VanCura, Joseph 

Pulliam, Norbert Cygan, David Nightingale, Stanley Felderman, Hugh VanVoorst 
Third roll': Kenneth Mullen, David t'ickard, John Michel, Rodney Ruch, Bob Buckles, Harry Maynor, Robert Oie, Keith Prater, Thomas Rowader, Roderick 

Ralin, Allen Sutton, Duane Swarts, Stuart Sherman 
Second row: John Schmidt, Leiby Hall, Robert Bishop, Donald Harris, Robert Leonard, Bill Turner, Lester Ness, William Faude, Charles Finn, James Slagle, 

Ernst Brosius 
Bottom row: William Moutray, William Pickard, Howard VanDenburgh, Wilbur Near, Franklin Schiage, William Frank, Glenn Groth, Kenneth Spengler, 

George Coulson, James Minor, Ronald Klopatek, Wayne Ouska 
Not in p.tnel : Roger DeYoung, Peter Konneker, Donald Valentine, Robert Porter, Wayne Martin 

Sigma Pi 

402 East Armory 48 Active Chapters 


Top iow: Robert Leonard, pledge mailer: Lester Ness, rice presi- 
dent; Charles Finn, treasure* 

Bottii't row: Donald Hams, tergeant-at-armt ; Bill Turnei , presi- 
dent: William Faude, u-cretui) 


Top row. Robert Newman, social chairman; Norman Perlmuttei, 

lushing chaiiman: Glen Bernfield, scribe 
Bottom row: Ira Boyar, rice council; Ronald Goldberg, council, 
Philip Cooper, treasurer 

Tau Delta Phi 

1105 South First 28 Active Chapters 

Top row: Earl Leaf, Marvin Miller, Rodger Mitchell, Robert Steiner, Sheldon Weinberg, Samuel Kunin, David Pitzele, Howard Walder, Paul Monka, Robert 

Weiss, Martin Brody, Victor Elias, Richard Lerner 
Third row: Alvin Raibard. Miller Kalom, Morton Goldstein, Kenneth Krischer, Gordon Williams, Jerome Feder, Melvin Klein, Alan Loman, Aaron Mamett, 

Clive Kamins, Theodore Davis, Raymond Kabaker 
Second row: Earl Newman, Joel Hillman, Morris Sachs, Robert Newman, Norman Perlmutter, Philip Cooper, Ronald Goldberg, Ira Boyar, Alan Green, Glen 

Bernfield, Allan Cone, Leslie Schoenbrod, Loren Lyon „,.,,. „ , 

Bottom row: Carl Cahn, Samuel Wisse, Thomas Lazar, Gerald Weinstein, Ronald Schwartz, Alan Comm, Michael Mallen, Jerome Richter. William Reder, 

Robert Gottlieb 
Not in panel. Gerald Leavitt, Ronald Lopaty, Fred Ruttenberg, Ira Potovsky 






Top row: Jay Balin, Henry Gould, Jerry Markbreit, David Bloom, Berry Altenberg, Stewart Gartner, Ronald Karzen, Arnold Rosenthal, Howard Hecht, Mel- 
vin Mozinski, Seymore Levin, Ronald Bennett, Waiter Weiss, Arnold Kominsky, Paul Goldstein. Stuart Musick, Alan Gerrard, Joseph Dixler 

Third row: Bruce Demar, Larry Berkley, Robert Lyons, Morton Shulman, Jordan Sachs, Myron Cholden, Gerald Goldman, Edward Elins, Theodore Schechter, 
Jerald Much, Sorrell Stein, Lewis Worth, Charles Horwitz, Charles Goodman, Eddie Randell, Jay Ellenby 

Second row: Barry Gilberg, Arthur Levotf, Sheldon Baitman, Eugene Kikeon, Arnold Cohn, Robert Jaffee, Irwin Muchman, Jerrol Harris, Robert Talman, Yale 
Lauter, Martin Goldstein, Norman Jacobs 

Bottom row: Charles Glick, Leonard Kaplan, Jack Libby, Larry Posner, Sidney Robin, Carl Levine, Burton Greenberg, Donald Gaan, Elliot Zimmerman, Joel 

Not in panel: Robert Simon 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

105 East Armory 54 Active Chapters 

Left t<> right: Erwin Muchman, president: Robert Jaffe, vice 
pnsident : Arnold Kolin, treasurer: Jerrol Harris, secretary 


Top row: Paul Laushke, chaplain; Joseph Curley, treasurer; Paul 

Postlewaite, vice president 
Second row: Jack Shockley, secretary; David Sadder, historian; 

Gene Duncan, sergeant-at-arms 
Bottom row: Robert DePauw, piesident; Roger Tompkins, pledge 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 

308 East Armory 103 Active Chapters 

Top row: Harold Bextel, Kenneth Lehner, John Murray, Dana Eastman, Earl Carlson, Arthur Nauman, Wallace Enright, Rudolph Siegert, Jerry Groff, William 

Shewshuk, Alfred Marshall, James Wright, Robert Forbes, Gerald McKay, Stewart Lystad, Ronald O'Bierne, Gerald Pepper 
Third row: Darrel Baxter, Donald Ferry, Robert Forsyth, Clarence DeMoss, Randall Cox, Thomas Fife, Virgil Canada, Robert Bean, Richard Swanson, William 

Shaw, Kenneth Sale, John Witherspoon, Robert Walbaum, Dean Biehler, John Craig, Edward Peszek 
Second row: David Spencer, David Sauder, Paul Postlewaite, Paul Lauschke, Robert DePauw, Joesph Corley, Jack Shockley, Roger Tompkins, Eugene Duncan, 

Victor Isaksen, Samuel Gillespie, Lome Fitts, Theodore Dorward 
Bottom row: William Phillips, Robert Haymaker, John Wilson, Roger Crump, Walter Hoel, Jack Lusk, Warren Rowlinson, Robert Winkleman, John Paulson, 

Jay Fitts, Robert Parker 
Not in panel: James Goodwine, Robert Hoffman, James Hootman, George Moore, Donald Naegele, Harold Steed, John Winkleman, Thomas Johansen, James 

Bigley, Fred Steck, Barry Gavin, Carl Shew 

Top row: Edwin Wells, John Parsons, Mark Bates. Scherrill Weichbrodt, Donald Pearson, John Koucky, Fred Manalli, John Woolard, James Davis Grant 
Weichbrodt, William Henbest, David Weber, Paul McMulIen, Gustav Voigt, Ronald Aiken 

Third row: John Lindskold, Donald Champion, James Ronk, Bruce McNaughten, Donald Peterson, Eugene Hadley, Ronald Pearce, Donald Elliott, John 
Periolat, Joseph Alaimo, Jack Pettis, Ronald Strcibich, Kevin Myles, Robert Plozay, Harvard Keefe, Robert Sick 

Second row: Eugene Lindberg, Donald Ernst, Jerry Dempsey, Charles Fort, John Bauer, Woodruff Burt, Alan Stacell, John Mulligan, Harrison Winter. 
James Bell, James Munson 

Bottom row: Douglas Champion, Walter Warfel, John Keranen, Louis Witmer, Rolla McMulIen, John Lytie, Ronald Firebaugh, William Bolton, Free- 
man Schrodt, Philip Ingerson, Donald VanBrundt 

Not in panel: William Beckman, Jack Wingstrom, Harry Karhier. William McCune, John Maris, Ronald Wendt 


Theta Chi 

505 East Chalmers 111 Active Cha 


Top row: Woodruff Burt, vice president: John Bauer, pledge mar- 

Bottom row: Harrison Winter, treasurer: Alan Stacell, president; 
John Mulligan, secretary 


Top row: Jon Hunt, corresponding secretary; George Florman, 

president; Walter Shaw, vice president 
Bottom row: Bennett Humphrey, recording secretin y; Reginald 

Ingrassia, l"-.i<i<ter^^^^mimmmgn 

Theta Delta Chi 

Top row: Gerald Erickson, James Blakely, John Stassi, James Slothower, Dennis Shafer, Robert Stubbs, Steven Borik, William Loy, William Trunk, Gary Bahr, 
Howard Piper 

Third row: Robert Bezek, Larry Mabry, Larry Ginestra, Claude Sime, George Humphrey, Jon Hunt, Donald Newell, Jerry Swartz, Ross Confer, Ronald Bowen, Rol- 
and Bowler, James Moran 

Second row: David Jennings. Reginald Ingrassia. Richard Johnson, George Florman, Frank Fiorenza, Walter Shaw, Charles Henry. Robert Boscher 

Bottom row : David Nank, David Gill, John Gibson, Peter Velasco, Jay Greenlief, Robert Sachs, George Roth, Charles Weihe, Robert Randolph 

Not in panel: Fred McDowell, Paul Aney, Robert Vagnieres, Harland Stubbs 





Top row: Robert Bannek, Richard Baker, Donald Butler, James Scheafer, John Hardgrove, Daniel Youvorsky, Charles Brown. John Caldwell, William Cahill, 

Larry Lee, Edward Truschke 
Second row: Ronald Zionts, Bruce Verekruze, Robert LeBlanc, Paul Adesko, Rev. Edward O'Rourke, Fred Locher, John Dinnerlein, Frank Minster, Thomas 

Mizera, John Donahue 
Bottom row: Paul Selmi. Raymond Thompson, John Silberzahn, Richard Foster, Frank Merlo, Thomas Varner, James Fenoglio, Berthold Krings 
Not hi panel: Louis Liddi, Edward Martynowicz. LeRoy Marcheschi, Alvin Slowik, Raymond Maslanka, Donald Kaiser, Edmond Hercer, Barry Kerns, John 


Theta Kappa 

1011 South Sixth 24 Active Chapters 



<[">nding secretary; Dan Bleck, 

■; Maurice Larnholz, 

Bottom row: Frank Dayton, home manager; Robert Hulloway, 
president; Arnold Paolasini, treasure* 

Theta Xi 

205 East Armory 53 Active Chapters 

Top row: Leon Chaparian, Hillard Melcher, Donald Anzelmo, Ronald Benedict, Russell Welker, Raymond Anderson, Calvin Kinsley, William Robson, John 

Reichwein, Geno D'Ercoli, Robert Gabrielli. Gilbert Marx, Elmer Koestner, John Williams, Jerold Meyers 
Third row: George Psalidas, Henry Dougherty, James Mantas, William Dunhouse, Richard Christopher, Charles McBride, William Stewart, William Jones, 

Charles Schaefer, Robert Pheanis, Albert Saia, Edward Benesh, John Stout, Donald Beyersdorf, Donald Arnold 
Second row: William Quinn, Vincent Lyons, Bruce Anderson, Frank Dayton, Arnold Paolasini, Robert Holloway, Daniel Bleck, Richaid Mabry, Maurice Garn- 

holz, Robert Trevarthen, John Urich, James Monteleone 
Bottom row: Roland Cachilli, Richard Lower, Girard Yaccino, John Hoeksema, Charles McMullen, Robert Lahendro, Gerald Pullen, William Kinsley, Max 

Whitman, Robert Melms 
Not in panel: Larry Cross, James Jarrell, Thomas Maier, Ted Morrison, Eugene Muzzarelli, Maynard Rogers, Raymond Stout, Gerald Strehlow, George Walsh, 

Robert Wiman 

Top row: William Nickel, Bruce Cook, Gordon Fowlci, Wilford Couts Gcoi Gurney, Robert Turner, Ronald Swofford, Carlos GarciaReyes, Donald Buhr- 

mcster, Richard Evanson, Phillip, James Swift 

.,/ row: Leonard Walker, Harold Harper, Robert Haven. Richard Sloan, Richard Brown, Richard Kenyon, Robe-it Nack, Stuart B<>yle 
Bottom row: William Dankcrt, Richard Anlgren, Edwaid Swargulski. Frank Morton, Theodore Hebner, William Holladay, Bruce Geiscrt, Adolf Werbowetzki, 

Thomas Rceul 
Not in panel: Kenneth Anderson 

Triangle Fraternity 

112 East Daniel 16 Active Chapters 

Top row: Kenneth Anderson, recording secretary; Richard Ken- 
yon, treasurer; Richard Sloan, president; Robert Nack, house 

Bottom rou 1 : Stewart Boyle, commissary ; Robert Haven, corre- 
sponding secretary 


Left to right: Ronald Easley, social chairman; Robert Balzhiser, 
treasurer; Ermin Wojcik, president; Wallace Cohen, recording 
secretary; Edwin Zychowski, vice president 

Sigma Tau Gamma 

512 East Healey 46 Active Chapters 

Top row: Robert Renier, Rodney Elmore, James Peterson, Matthew Napoli, Albert Pfuhl, David Afton 

Bottom row: Howard Clary, Robert Balzhiser, Edwin Zychowski, Ermin Wojcik, Ronald Easley, Wallace Cohen 


\rs r> 







^i - r^ I n- 

M4 1 









- r-ir- 


Top row: Myron Wang, Charles Semel, William Zessar, Michael Freeman, Irwin Goldstein', Stuart Weiner, William Maybronk, Richard Wolfe, Morris 

Sterneck, Harvey Liberman, James Taxman, Stanton Freiberg, Jacob Grossman, William Sholcm, Stanley Peskind, Richard Steifel, Leonard Bettinger, 

Alfred Kobak, David Peskind 
Third row: Gerald Baron, John Weil, Barry Fogelson, Warren Menaker, Ronald Klein, Gus Friedman. Ronald Levy, Robert Cohen, Larry Shpiner, Gregorio 

Zolko, Richard Cohn, Bernard Borman, Colman Borowsky, Frank Jacobs, Richard Anasov, Charles Silvers, Sandor Korein 
Second row: Stephen Wolfberg, Jack Margolis, Harry Newman, Norman Lefton, Alan Eirinberg, Mrs. Epstein, Benjamin Borowsky, Stanford Glass, Jerry 

Jaffe, John Rubel, Leonard Block, Norman Peskind 
Bottom row: Eugene Kahn, Edward Shore, Stanton Charny, Mark Novak, Robert Shorr, Arthur Goldstein, Donald Cohan, Donald Lord, Richard Rubin, Dean 

Rothbart, Michael Karon, Bernard Filler, Ronald Minda, James Friedman 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Top u:w: Stanford Glass, icctiiitry; Norman Lefton, treasurer; 
Jeiry J.itfe, house manager 

Bottom n>w: Allan Eirinberg, vice president; Benjamin Borow- 
sky, picudent; Harry Newman, historian 


Top row: Richard Kirk, vice president; Charles Cassey, president; 
David Ferris, supreme council 

Bottom row: Theodore Brickman, supreme council; Edward Bottom- 
ley, treasurer 

Zeta Psi 

201 East John 32 Active Chapters 

r op row: Robert Nevin, Paul I.oeffel, Bruce Brantingham, Allan Cady, Samuel Colgate, Charles Mays, Charles Bottomley, Ray Wick, David Foster, Charles 

Mitch, Howard Bump, John Shroyer, William Gaffield, Charles Maw, Kenneth Byerly, John Young 
econd row: Robert Brittain, Rubert Bradbury, Louis Christensen, James Smith, Loren Mann, Ralph Lanphere, Thomas Cannon, William Hiller, Thomas Walton, 

Charles Babcock 
bottom roic: William Swartz, Charles Lindrooth, James Eustice, Theodore Brickman, Richard Kirk, Charles Cassey, Edward Bottomley, David Ferris, Albert 

Upstrom, Frederick Kaempter 

,'V ,<*i* :-A 

Top row: Richard Potts, John Dyer, Stanley Gill, Robert Wiederkehr, Kenneth Shanklin, Norman Kalenda, Earl Horwitz, Donald Wilkins, Norman 

Bates, Robert Wenelt, Russel Code, Kenneth Benson, Aldo Crovetti, Louis Diamond, James Laible, Fred McCollough 
Third row: Robert Fisher, Edward Slifer, William Smith, Robert Marshall, Hanse Muller, Ernest LeVon, Paul Bierstedt, John Law, Richard Thamm, 

Robert Eby. Lewis Krimen, George Inglett, Frederick Winter, Allan Hay, Robert Rutlcdge 
Second row: Robert Rau, Leland Miller, John Way, George Parshall, John Romano, Carl Kammeyer, president; William Lowden, treasurer; Elliot 

Ryder, secretary: Carl Vestling, faculty advisor; William Anderson, Charles Goodhue, Louis Tichacek, Richard Sneen 
Bottom row: Daryle Busch, William Cooley, Harold Matsuguma, Stanley Kirschner, Charles Evans, Leroy Whitaker, William Samuels, Charles King, 

Richard Rowe, Richard Romano 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

606 West Ohio 
47 Active Chapters 


605 East Daniel Street 
26 Active Chapters 

Top row: Slyvan Wiley, George Haramy, Borah Reines, Carl Steiner, Harold Hutchinson, James Windsor 

Second row: Moses Delapaz, Sayed Ebadi, Robert O'Brien, Lun-Shin Wei, Erich Warmers, Richard Sublette, William Blaine 

Bottom row: Jorge Quiros, Joseph Brubeck, secretary; Donald Novak, vice president; John Friedlein, president; Donald Ferguson, George Peng, Bruce Palmer 


Evans Scholars 

404 East John 23 Active Chapters 

Top rutu: Gene Pizzato, treasurer; George Northo>tt, secretary 
Bottom row: Bruno Dal Corobbo, vice president; John Br.indt, 
j'n tident 

Top row: Gene Quirini, Gordon Owens, Frank Sternard, James McGrain, Rudolph Glogovsky, Clifford Cornett, Joseph Mahony, James Cyganek, Paul Hin- 

richs, Donald Tyrcha 
Second row: John Sowka, Daniel Stephan, Richaid Dannells, John Blassick, George Ryback, Ralph Zawacki, Matthew Shadeck, Richard Florey, James Bian- 

chin, Joseph Andronowitz 
Bottom row: Franklin Lakins, Gerard Nugent, Dwight Ohala, Bruno Dal Corobbo, John Brandt, George Northcott, Gene Pizzato, Alvin Skack, Oswald Maz- 


\9|r * tljlf 

Top row: Roy Corcoran, Gary Van Sunt, Richard Norsworthy, Patrick McGuire, Thomas Larrison, Hal Johnstone, Richard Hull, Charles Knotek, Roger Mazer, 

Charles Swisher, James Bueche, Fred Dieter, Richard LeVon, Neale Elsby, Ira Berke, Richard Burright, Alan Padorr, James Burdett 
Fourth row: Arthur Mason, Robert Klouda, James Venetucci, Ross Millard, Robert Scholz, Robert Richiardi, Robert Deere, Donald Pennington, Edward Levin, 

Alan Cordell, Andrew Haupt, Miles Hlavin, Albert Wendahl, Edward Johnson, Robert Hudson, Gerald Poklop, John Lehmann, Robert Brunke. Ralph Fifer. 

Fred Springe, John Deroche 
Third row: John Jordan, Franklin Pease, Eugene Sablick, Richard Breaker, David Van Doren. Gordon Richards, Vito Minerva, Lawrence Chanoch, Wendell 

Abern, John Janka, Albert Swanson, Frank Johnson, Jerry Shatola, John Muerle, Kenneth Ruud, David Fankhauser, Robert Pringle 
Second row: Richard Banter, Jerry Weimann, Thomas McNamara, Leo Jasien, Raymond Kramer, Richard Schlehofer, Harold Rasmussen, George Zahrobsky, 

Milton Schayes, William Tate, Robert Seeler, Don Tschannen, Rudy Schutz, Ronald Alfirevic, Louis Raffel 
Bottom row: Leonard Gillam, Robert Schroeder, Thomas Dvorak, James Giger, John Kemp, James Brooks, Richard Muerle, Earl Lawrence Heacock, Donald 

Hunt, Phillip Voorhees, Thomas Zinkus, Robert Boxley 
Not in panel: jerry Geuger, Wesley Lackey, Fred Hall, Alex Chiaro, Grant Dixon, Gilbert Fischer, Robert Green, Henry Hochberger, Joshua Merritt, Kay 

Mihevc, David Rouse, Kent Ramm, Walter Swanson, Thomas Wood, Richard Vande Ven 

Granada Club 

1004 South Fourth 

Top row: Lawrence Chanoch, secretary; Jerry Shatola, treasurer; 
Edward Levin, MIA representative : Franklin Pease, house 
uncle, George Zahrobsky, Ail A representative ; David Van 
Doren, social chairman ; Wendell Abern, intramural chairman 

Bottoni row: Gordon Richards, rue president ; Vito Minerva, 


2 i 

Top row ■ Robert Lodestro, treasurer; Donald Reeves, house man 
ager; Randolph Lund, sergeant-at-arms ; Frank Nelson, chap 
lain; Robert Fields, vice president 

Bottom row: Henry Stone, secretary; Fritz Larson, president 

Minawa Lodge 

212 East Chalmers 

Top row: David Gray, Fred Mayerle, Roger Johnson, Robert Lutz, R.chard D ,x, Kenneth Stults, Kenneth Johnson, Robert Johnson, Kenneth Nordlof, Thomas 
Tbird^T Marston Swanberg, Norman Olsen, Dav.d Hislop. Ray Eckman, Fred Giles, Earl Holstege, Ivan Wilson, Robert Palmgren, Thomas Powers, Paul 
SecolTrlw! Ka? Me^rlott, ^dolph ffike, Henry Stone, Frank Nelson, Robert Fields, Fritz Larson, Robert LoDestro, Randolph Lund, Donald Reeves, David 
Borrow: William Rank.n, Richard McConnell, Rex Wood, David Kjell Marvin Lutz, Marlin Peterson, Richard Reichelt 
Not :n panel: Joseph Devall, Edward Koska, Richard Matteson, Gordon Palmer 



Top row: Allen Freeman, Richard Rafiin, John Sullivan, Reverend Edward Rourke, John Segala, Robert Youngberg, Reverend Edgar Taylor, Francis Allen, 

Bernard Borsen, James Cardoni 
Bottom row: Michael Sweeney, John Bratsakis, Herbert Altman, Donald Cell, Joseph Santangelo, Louis Olivero, Joseph Dombrowski 

Top row: Ji.seph Battaglio, sergeant-aharms; John Milano, enter- 
tainment ehairman; John Locke, sports chairman ; John Miks, 
recording secretary: Butch Diewold, treasurer 

Bottom row: Robert Goot, social chairman: Calib Cook, parlia- 
mentarian; John Segala, vice president; Donald Baumgartner, 
president ; Father Taylor, chaplain 

Newman Hall 
Residence Club 


604 East Armory 



,k- ' 

No, ' " {Hit Jota Gill. CiM«. diss, Kromh.rdt. Vltloi Brooks. Joho McF.iUne, J.roos T.ppt 

esident ; Gerald 

The Browery 

1112 West Oregon 

Calhoun Hall 

509 East Chalmers 

Tob row ■ Robert MaHarry, Jerry Larson, Richard Ferry, 

Secona 'row Dw.ght Ringhausen, Allan Weihe, social chairman; Francs Vosburgh, treasure 

man; Robert DeLance, MIA representative; Arthur Kenney 
Bottom row; John Houser, William Fuller, Ray Tarleton, James Kauffman, Norman Moore 
Not in panel; James Richardson 

William Mitchell, Therron Scobbie, Charles Zordani, Paul Londrigan, George Sumrall 

r; Richard Davis, president; Ronald Devereux, athletic chair- 


mm I ^ 



Top row: Rcinald Noffsinger, Ber. Pearson, Lee Muir, Gregor Strein, Joseph Lang, John Sunday, David Macior, Richard Goller 

Second row: David Koehler, John Whitaker, Arwalt Kehle, Thomas Baclitold, Terry Miwa, Donald Hinton, Thomas Munday, Harold Henson 

Bottom row: Harry Coons, Donald Diedrich, James Murray, social chairman; Victor Hoar, MIA representative ; Maxwell Poper, president; Ronald Bocks- 

rucker, secretary-treasurer ; Robert Monsell, athletic chairman; John Ray, Melvin Larrimore 
Not in panel: Gustavo Almendrales 


1104 West Illinois 

Colonial Arms 

1108 West Stoughton Avenue 

Top row: Benjamin Krasinski, Norman Emmerich, Henry Kosinski 
Second row: Jerry Kenroth, Daniel Cichy, Cedric Benson, Albert Wavering 
Bottom row: Jerry Smith, Ronald Richards, William Lahrman 
Not in panel: Calvin Sondgeroth 


Top row: Lloyd Falck, Ronald Vermeulen, William Smith Melvin Zoiss Myron Katamy, Kenneth Thies 
N,r,« ££/: Arthur And™ w!' Bruce Ba.ley. Harold Clark, William Dav.s, Ted Schultz, Donald Wruck 

Colonial Manor 

305 East Green 


1109 South Fourth 

Top row- Keith C.aypool, Hank Basik, Kenneth Hartweg, Richard Witt, Roger Wegehenkel, Charles Omarzu, Wallace Schroth, Kenneth Comer, Stan.ey 
Bottf^Z' wmiam a T e homas, secretary-treasurer ; Richard Ey, social chairman; John Jones, president; David Miley, rice president; Deal Eastham, ,M chat, 

man; Edwin Wolfer, MIA representative; Phillip Withraw • 
Not in panel: Stephen Shubert, Robert Cochran, Arthur Bell 




Top row: Carl Schuster, Merwyn Dan, Roger Schnoor, Robert Fisher, John Geisler, James Slovick, Shirley Mitchell, Robert Smolenski, John Gale 

Second row: Norbert Bielat, James Mills, David Hernandez, Keith Hunt, Ki nley Perrings, Eloon Ahner 

Bottom row: James Smokorski, Michael Shapiro, Samuel Alex, intermitral sports representative ; Howard Dolinger, treasurer; David Naden, secretary; Roy 

Ogasawara, vice president: William Schrader, M.I. A. representative; Richard Leiwcke, president 
Not in panel: John Bowes, Edwin Butler, Frank DeRoule, Jerry Donda, Roger Eickhoff, Robert Feliszak, Donald Garner, Earl Karges, Rudolph Krolopp, Joe 

LaCroix, Glen MacNerland, Gene Polino, Donald Sargent, Larry Schaffel, Carl Shew, George Strand, Jerome Toman, George Varallo, Gordon Wilbur, 

Peter Winters 

Club Esquire 

806 South Fifth St. 

Four Colums 

305 East John 

Top row: Vern Mullikin, Bruce Raney, Joseph Kettlestrings, John Tipsword 
Fifth row: Richard Fielos, Walter Michaelis, Arthur Fiebing, Robert Anderson, Kirk Storm 

Fourth low: Alvin Nardini, Theodore Lisec, Richard Buskohl, Val Krukonis. Robert Neathammer, Robert Foisy, Walter Dyer 
d row' T~*~m;«;,- '\x*,~~ r ,\'. n D,x nr k n n «,„. r*.. _•.:.. ti~~u.~. — t>:-i i wj.i ..,. ™~i — l t it- o_i_ t , tt 11 



Not in panel: Richard Sharp 

I UHtlfj IUW. .TWV1I1 INiUUlIll, llieouOIC i^liCC, IVKIiarU DUSKOI11, t m »iu„ U imj, awiswi muiuiuuiuvi, ttu^tn 1U iaj, 

Third row: Dominic Managlia, Robert Bower, Curtis Bachman, Richard Wolgamott, Robert Lange, Alex Sakonyi, John Heddens 

v 'Tker, John Dymono, Frank Polancic, Joseph Splansky 

■d row: iJominic Managlia, Robert Bower, Curtis, Richard Wolgamott, Robert Lange, Ah 
ml row: Joseph Seyl, Richard Ellenberger, Lyle Grider, Jose Romero, Donalo Romine, George Wal 
om row: Larry Sadler, secretary; Jim Keehner, treasurer: John Knobel, president; Joe O'Brien, 
in hand: Rirh.ird .Shnrn tnrial rhairman • Joyce Howard 

president; Edward McMurray, athletic chain 


Top row: Robert McCall, Richard Mclnness, Alexander Beresniewicz, George Zuurbier, Gerald Rhoden, Donald Walters 
Second row: Herbert Bielawa, James Nolan, Ralph Swett, Rodney Roberts, Wiliam Doepp, president; Neil Perington, vice president; George Wells, Charles 

Bottom row: Frank Montagnino, Ronald Leisch, David Moore, Thomas Roberts, Dale Nowers, Bertwin Einfalt, David Walker 
Not in panel: Donald Walker, secretary-treasurer ; Frank Bielawa 



409 East Green St. 

Graham Lodge 

204 South Goodwi 

Top row: Herman Stricklen, Richard Schiltz, John Otte, Richard Palczynski Duane Moberg, Robert Patterson 

Second row: John Bardos, treasurer; Robert Schaefer, social chairman; Dwight Moberg, president; Maurice Borror, Jack Gill, Charles Wilson 

Bottom row: Jack Hatfield, Anthony Lockman, Robert Wall. Milton Rodriguez. Robert Bucksat, vice president 

Not in panel: Bert Nordberg, Jack Brodbeck, Raymond Stephens, Richard M .ckenstock, Paul Doebel, Ben Patterson, Ronald Engdahl 



Top row: Richard Bell, David Bossert, Max Newport, Paul Ricke, Wendell Cleaver, James Stevenson, Peter Smith, Frank Thorp, social chairman; Ronald 

Rilott, John Weidert, Douglas Marti, treasurer ; Donald Shreffler, William Gossett, secretary 
Bottom row: Robert Trotter, Roger Quinn, Bobbie Weiss, Howard Walker, Richard Vial, Norman ShrefTler, historian; Eldon Greenwood, president: Gale 
Cole, vice president; Keith Haning, James Meyer, Paul Quinn, Gordon Schnepper, Vernon Hauschild 


706 South Goodwin 


322 Illini Union 

Top row: John Vassen, Clyde German, Stuart DeVore, MIA representative ; Thomas Warheld. Paul Smith, John Pureed 

Second row: Gordan Cash, Kent McDaniels, Fred Meyer, George Ruediger, Joseph Lenart, Richard Brown, Richard Kinter 

Bottom row: Gene Nelson, social chairman; Robert Campbell, treasurer; Theodore Jung, president; Robert Adelsperger, vice president; 

retary ; Daniel Brady, athletic chairman 
Not in panel: Richard Bray, Richard Kuiz 

Virgil Sutton, sec- 

Top row: Jackson Hilker, Roy Kleven, Zeno Kopecky, Albert Fuson, social chairman; Emerson Hilker, vice president; Conrad Kipp, George Stevens, 

Phillip Young, chaplain; George Fox 
Second row: Phillip Livingston, Jack Davison, Donald Smith, John Hurley, Robert Ellison, Dale Hewitt, Richard Day, Richard Pople 
Bottom row: Claude Land, James Scherer, secretary; Gerald Ross, Rudolf Faiss, president; Clarence Beatty, Ronald Lingwall, treasurer; Guy Puccio, Peter 

Not in pane!: Richard Baker 


409 East Daniel 

Lonesome Pine 

509 East Daniel 

Top row: James Fleisher, Scott Laughlin, Kenneth Stone, Myron McCIain, social chairman 

Third row: Ralph Jones, Robert Lippe, Donald Filzen 

Second row: Kenneth Newstrom, James Upchurch, Louis Rittschof, secretary 

Bottom row: John Haruch, treasurer; Edward Johnson, Richard Nichols, Norman Mayes, Frank Rouleau, James Ellingson, president; Sam Kelder 

Not in panel: Edward Mayer, William Rich, Marvin Trautwein, Arthur Kistner 



Top raw: William Langlahl, Donald Kaufman, Gerald Beer, Lawrence Greg >ry, Donald Meyer, Robert Cowan, Merlan Johnson, Alan McLaughlin 
Biltim you-: Donald Muehling, Elwin Johnson, secretary-treasurer; Ronald Howard, president: Marlyn Gic-seking, vice president; Dale Gieseking, social 

Lookout Manor 

903 West Green 

The Mansion 

410 East Green 

Top row: Roger Brown, Donald Epley, James Greenwood, vice president; Wesley Watanabe, Ronald Maurer, Robert Anderson, Harry Brunner, Larry Hughes, 
Deane Roth, Melvin Hendricks, Robert Lenz, Lloyd Austin, Donald Mielke, Kenneth Brown 

Second row: Robert Rockey, Warren Olsen, Barry O'Brien, Ernest Simon, Ralph Bain, Frank Burke, Anton Jacobs, Robert Bryan, Thomas Flamma, Adrian 
Fox, Charles Robertson, August Swanson, Toru Fujii, Al Melville, Donald May, Jose Florez 

Bottom row: Glen Sieben, John Trares, Roy Christmann, LeRoy Heilmann, Harold Gabby, Carl Eschman, president; Jerry Finnc, secretary; Jim Powers treas- 
urer; Henry Burke, John Harazin, Charles Allen, Burl Baker, Ronald Scribano 

Not in panel: Thomas Layman, Alden Wilkin, Gustavo doValle 


Top row: Robert Biester, Arnold Silverman, Neil Buttertield, Donald Cizek, William Chandler, Howard Becker, Rolland Heien, Bruce Meyer, Richard Stivers, 
treasurer; Gregory Saxum 

Third row: John Jones, Gerald Biester, Harold Koffman, Jack Boer, Chester May, Chester Polley, John Robinson, Donald Wolfgram, William Thompson, sec- 
retary; Jerome Rosenthal, Warren Snyder, Donald McClanahan 

Second row: Arden Weatherly, Ronald Richards, Charles Allen, Robert Chandler, president; Frank Wambach, Avron Magrum, James Petzold, Leroy Cange, 
Doyle Wilhite, social chairman; Roy Stuart 

Bottom row: Dennis Smaage, Ronald Kamp, athletic chairman: Claude Alexander. Richard Olson, John Kurzrock 

Not in panel: John Fortman, Frank Moolin, Louis Schairer, Mitchel Bass, Donald Higgs, James Templeton, Alfred Bowald, rice president; Enrique Villa, 
Luis Rodriguez, Wayne Austin, Fred Finkel 

Medea Lodge 

412 East Green 

Moore Hall 

112 West California 

Top row: Phillip Blough, Robert Horsley, Kenneth Palmer, Ernest Linstrom, William Oberbeck, John Kearins, Clayton Fox, social chairman; Joseph Stalter, 

Richard Drogemuller, sports chairman; Richard Cosyns, Robert Kloster, Donald Hausman 
Bottom row: Thomas Humes, William Palmer, MIA representative ; Richard Lawless, Fred Meyer, treasurer; Ronald Berliant, vice president; James Fuhrman, 

president; Jackson VanDyke, secretary; Elmer Leenerts, Howard Elford, Ralph Jackson 
Not in panel: Dean Hadhazy, Harlan Helsing, Robert Kuczynski, Andrew Stecyk, Francis Simpson, Kenton Smith, Robert Zimmerman 

Top row: Max Lorig, William Rimmke, Robert Migatz, Gilbert Gray, William Vitous, Barry Cole 
Second row: Charles Aikman, Morns Woloshin, Joseph Blitt, LeRoy Heuer, Marshall Tudor, Richard Engle 
Bottom row: Herbert Lassiter, James Geard, Allan Jacobs, John Aanes 

Executive Council of M.R.H 

1215 South Fourth 

Flagg House 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Leslie Simon, Jerry Gold, John Hojem, Richard Stern, Donald Batha, Raymond Raufeisen, Ralph Vitous, Peter Finston, William Koney, Ronald 

Christianson, Arthur Holtz, James Crawford, secretary; Samuel Gutierrez, Charles Sengstock, Standley Naysmith 
Third row : Leonard Behling, Norman Krause, Alan Zuckerman, David Ridings, Donald Schneider, John Smilie, Robert Seiler, Donald Reichel, Charles Terry, 

Robert Mickey, Henry Fischer, Edward Yalowitz, Leonard Mason, Irwin Friedman, Edward Miller, Sheldon Getzug, John Wolfmark 
Second row: Bruce Kuss, Richard Levin, Martin Quinn, Robert Wilson, treasurer; Norman Gabel, social chairman ; William Vitous, president; Burton Erick- 

son, Fred Maxwell, vice president; Norman Migdal, activity chairman ; Roger Sw r anson, scholarship chairman ; Anwar Darkazanli, Leonard Mack 
Bottom row: Ronald Dirsmith, Richard Schwartz, Emil Kubalek. David Bell, Joseph Zucher, Stephen Gilbert, Sheldon Siegel, Richard Earlix, Donald Gran- 



Top row: Richard Williams, Patrick Sollo, John Suedel, George VanEmden. James Hinkle, Abel Smith, Robert Arndt, Phillip Cohen, Edward Smith, William 

Tozer, Joseph Grass, Irwin Schiller, Robert Ivers, Francis Cavoto 
Third row: Joseph Blitt, Donald Morris, Marshall Tudor, Donald Finlay, Allan Pickus, Ewald Hoppe, Edward Goddard, Howard Leftwich, Henry Emoto, 

John Gibb, Carl Ehlers, Norman Hollenberg 
Second row: William DeVore, Alan Weaver, James Dry, Bert Anschel, treasurer: Byron Staffeld, counselor: Robert Migatz, president: Jerry Rosenwasser, 

social chairman: Robert Carper, activity chairman: Vernon Albright, scholarship chairman: Jay Becker, Sheldon Rosenberg. Duane Latta 
Bottom row: Roger Jones, Wesley Mcjulien, Gordon Guroff, Joel Riggle, Larry Geer, Asher Warso, John Bucklin, William Smart, William Buchheit 

Barton House East, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Barton House West, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Earl Anderson, Allan Stearn, Burton Weber, Richard Norris, Lawrence Graff, Paul Sidlo, Robert Arndt, John Barnes, Jules Binder, Louis Schlie- 

selfeld, Robert Kanne. Howard Warshawsky, Samuel Stork 
Second row: Morton Levin, Robert Nieman, Leonard Schaider, Charles Calisoff, Maynard Glitman, Arthur Afremow, John Ralla, Howard Holzman, George 

Larsen, Joseph Elowitz, Arnold Markowitz, Larry Board 
Bottom row: Myron Miller, Robert Dreshfield, activity chairman; Kenneth Jensen, MIA representative ; Max Lorig, Barry Cole, president; Morris Silverman, 

secretary; Robert Whitman, athletic chairman; William Mebes, Allen Sered, treasurer; Donald Olivieri, social chairman; Allen Jacobs 
Not in panel: James Cox, vice president; Frank Davidson, Howard Aronson 


Top row: Jerry Kennedy, Claude Kellog, Charles Osberg, William Eadie, Donald Askew, John Stewart, Allen Schultz, Kenneth Wheeland, Jordan Stein, 
Richard Gillette, Robert Donahue. Richard Knickerbocker, Ted Rosenrauch, George Evans, Robert Elliott. Raymond Kraley 

Third row: Joel Weinstein, James Middendorf, Ervin Wilson, James Webster, James Chow, Andrew Nordyke, Albert Thomas, Joseph Goddard, Charles 
Keller, David VanKempema, Emerson Klein, James Stevens, Stuart Simon, Gilbert Perrigo, Ronald Saucer, Charles Bassana, William Lenzio 

Second row: Henry Lisheid, Donald Beisinger, Edward Fahey, Dewey Pape, vice president ; Herold Rifken, counselor ; William Rimmke, president; Wil- 
liam Meter, Niel Barr, John Sigler, John Wenner, Raymond Ratay, Charles Rabishaw 

Bottom row : Glenn Grosch, Edwin Friedrich, Richard McDonald, Joseph Knapp, Allen Johnson, Wayne Brodkorb, John Paulius, Thomas Campbeli, Pie 
Rcid, Robin White, Michael Economos 

Clark Dormitory, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Clark House, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Harry Kirby, Richard Narns, Robert Baluka, Herbert Kuehne, Stanley Socol, Charles Foley, Arlen Hagen, Edward Gloppen, John Sofedes, Ray- 
mond Woehle, John Henneman, Philip Rosenheld 

Third row: Joseph Libnoch, Arthur Friedman, Allen Davison, John Smith, Robert Summelroth, Charles Schmidt, Charles Ulfig, Allen Dubner, Paul Engle, 
Francis Cavoto, Robert Ivers, Donald Kraybill 

Second row: Dennis Bell, Giles Mizock, David Chamberlain, MIA representative ; Roger Vaughn, treasurer; Gilbert Gray, president; Angelo Cucci, 
counselor ; Jerome Wolf, vice president; Louis Keith, Richard Engle, Michael Monaco, Paul Stephens 

Bottom row: Howard Klapman, Robert Procunier, Donald Esawne, Ronald Keyser, Walter M >y, Richard Kohl, Glen Soucy, Daniel Motyka 


Thomas Frangos, 

Charles Glass, Robert 

France, attendance 

Lundgren House East, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Lundgren House West, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Gustavo Silva, Robert Pasjk, Jack Trummel, Warren Anderson, Fred Broomfield, Roger Hough, Thomas Claridge, John Juntunen, Mike Casteel, 

Ralph Benck, Paul Stihl, David Marks, Jack Justen, Ronald Thomas, D 'nald DePaul, Larry Friedlander 
Second row: Gust Dickett, John Woythal, Howard Levey, Bruce Schildt, Raymond Olson, William Fox, David Abrams, Myron Chubin, Jerry Jacobson, 

Carl Wilen. William Baldaccini. Paul Spiegel, Yukio Soda, Neil D renfel I, lack Koga 
Bottom roiv- Morris Woloshin. Paul Moews, lames Fields, treasurer; Martin Weiland, MIA representative ; William Yeager, social chairman: Aristotle 

Soter, Charles Aikman, president; James Erkman, vice president; William Gruber, secretary; Peter Laufer, Allen Cohn, Leon Wexler, Ray Whitney 

Top row: James Callahan, Joseph Koshut, Bismarck King, John McKay, Burt Bassler, Stanley Woods, William Yerkes, Robert Jordan, Allan Mines, Charles 
Lewis, Frank Gadams, John Peters, Lewis Jameson, David Robbm, John Lipnicke, Mandel Moeckler 

Third row: Richard Kaplan, Gerald Hoos, Ronald Walaitis, Robert Vandervoort, Howard Askins, Wesley Hicks, Benjamin Vondrak, John Lakosil, John 
Stout, Thomas Mohn, William Lefringwell, Harry Henderson, Arnold Schwartz, David Snyder, Robert Anderson 

Second row: Emanuel Wexler, Donald Boyer, David Sarginson, Ralph Hale, Sidney Lemer, Clyde Congdon, John Aanes, president; Neil Fischner, treas- 
urer; Bernard Van Emden, secretary; William Van Denberg, Thomas Burns, Herbert Pohl, Harry Weber 

Bottom row: Howard Scott, Jack Wienke, Irwin Weinberg, William Sohaski, Arthur Weinstein, Roger Axberg, Richard Stein, Saul Singer, Mark Mc- 
Donald, Alfred Oberlander, Sydney Frey 

First Floor, Noble House, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Second Floor, Noble House, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Peter Marchese, Glenn Glave. Roger Moore, Ronald Bowers, Richard Mazzoni, Richard Lidgard, Richard Eckhardt, Harold Horvitz, James Williams, 

John Benisek, Richard Clasen, Kenneth Talac, Myron Kennedy, Harvey Perty 
Third roll 1 : Warren Wolfe, Walter Ford, John Coughy, Bernard Lyngdal, William Thomas, Ted Anderson, Joel Powell, John Erickson, Eugene Cross, Victor 

Moss, Michael Woolridge, Robert McFall, Leslie Anderson, Kirk Kennedy, Harry Rasmusen 
Second row: George Yourek, Wayne Little, Robert Gottlieb, social chairman; LeRoy Jenkins, vice president; Gilbert Nicoll, William Kraemer, counselor; 

Herbert Lassiter, president: Douglas Fitchmun, Edward Gary, Lewis Leonard, Leon Hirsch, William Baldwin 
Bottom row: Keith Miller, Richard Matson, Jay Gordon, Richard Goldstein, Richard Cridlebaugh, Marshall Kummel, Gary Boruff, Jim Reich, Edward 

Jung, David Rogier 
Not in panel: Donald Stairs, Delbert Karmeier 


Melvm Noe, Howard Anteliff, 

Top row: Darrell Kahl, James Steider, Anthony Cariello, Phillip Kemp, Gordon Beig, Donald Pranther, George Dicki 
David Bailey, Michey Vancil, Philip Caeti, Frank Bauling, Donald Welge. Richard Leksander, Gene Young 

Third row: Richard Lombard, James Shiosaki, William Kammer, William Heyduck, John Pearson, Phillip Kenner, Jerry Merzon, Harrison Foote, Brant 
Kelehar, Joel Harteker, Theodore Besta, Irwin Cohen, Robert McTrusty, Karl Peters, Jack Molan, David Herzon, Robert Linsk, Les Lezan 

Second row: Frans Guepin, John Collins. Alphonse Locascio, Herbert Sangerman, Richard Capek, vice president: Mike Fuller, James Geard, president; 
Edward Enchen, counselor: Jowel Hysmith, treasurer; Charles Gorodess, Philip Madonia, Dick Reis, Louis Bardfield 

Bottom row: Jerry Hardisty, Charles Deihl, Ronald Briney, Allen Deacon, Robert Zweifel, William Burgess, Peter Portmann, Gail Beamer, David Fricker, Arn- 
old Podzimek, Donald Hricker, Dave Edmondson 

Not in panel : Philbert Elledge 

Third Floor, Noble House, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Fourth Floor, Noble House, M.R.H. 

1215 South Fourth 

Top row: Leon Fishbain, Alarice Lelourt, Daniel Thompson, John Kistenbraker. Dale Brixton, Floyd Olesen, Alvin Hicks, James Rohl, Jesse Lewis, John 
Vilven, Max Harris, Ronald Westbrook, John Reinerio, Stanley Albin, Harold Timmons, Frank Bruhns, Clifford Johnson 

Second row: Dai Joe Chang, Kiyoshi Sagawa, Richard Richardson, Harold Baker, Ulrich Wichlaw, Donald May, Leslie King. Carl Cain, Gordon Keefer, 
Leon Webb, Melvin Prince, Paul Berns, Leo Nelson, Kent Arnold, Melvin Bruhns, Marvin Liberto, Robert Tess. Richard Larkin 

Bottom row: Donald McHenry. Stanley Sobieski, Frank Boyle, Garland Johnson, George VanDusen, Vince Fiorica, president; John Sloan, counselor; Ralph 
Moore, Ted Johns, Richard Catanese, Wesley King, Roy Jordan, Richard Abbuhl 



Top row: Clarence Munie, Jack Bottenheld, Howard Malstrom. Arlen Spetkman, commissary 

Third row: Ronald Siebel, Robert Dintelmann, George Irwin, Thomas Oliver, Alan Holz 

Second row: Kent Chidley, Ralph Baity, Ryland Webb, Jerry Steffen, Henry Kattner, Donald Keim 

Bottom iow: Charles Lewis, president; William Burgess, treasurer, Richard Duvick, pledgemaster ; 

Not in panel: Donald Jones, Verlan Heberer 

Ronald Peters, vice president; Melvin Schlueter, 

Nabor House 

811 West Oregon 


1004 West Nevada 

Top row: Wendell Martin, Marlyn Reynolds, Thomas Smith, James Carpenter, Laurel Cooley, Morten Anderson, Ronald Olson, William Larson, Robert 

Duszak, Phillip Naffziger, Dale Reese 
Third row: Ronald Wiedner, Richard McGuckin, John Gabor, Donald Kries, Anton Schmid, Reginald Mari, Robert Schrott, Charles Madary, Richard Holt, 

Jack McCarty, Paul Kries, Edwin Thayer 
Second row: Dale Hester, Harry Allen, Charles Drewes, secretary-treasurer ; Richaid Capek, rice president; Curtiss Van Etten, athletic chairman; Glenn 

Abel, president; Fred Larson, social chairman: Lawrence Tisserand, Paul Felker, Charles Prescott, Irwin Fahlen 
Bottom row: Robert Hartmann, Louis Klindera, Dyorn Fortney, Robert Faust, Roger Kirtland, Ronald Kuntz, Kent Hetfield, Lee Campbell, James Bloom- 

auist, Robert Francis 
Not in panel: Robert Anderson, Bruce Campbell, Darell Judge 

r» ft 





fv 4 













Top row: Carroll Hubble, adviser; Morton Colbert; Charles Harney, disciplinary chairman; Milton Kostner, Gerald Munley, Clyde Sydnor, Burton Cohen, 

David McCarthy, William Moloney, recreation supervisor 
Bottom row: Robert Freres, Eugene Brott, social chairman; Howard Rickspoon, secretary; Paul Brown, president; Gerald Hansen, vice president; Howard 

Finkle, Pagooer editor; George Axmann, treasurer 
Not in panel: Robert Burton, athletic chaiiman 

Parade Ground 
Residence Association 

241 Gregory Drive 

Unit presidents — Top row: Gilbert Jones, Gerald Munley, Donald Sporleder, James Ohlrich, Milton Kostner, Joel Goldman, Glenn Bales, Carl Beil, Glen 

Burger, Morton Colbert 
Second row: Robert Freres, Charles Harney, Clyde Sydnor, H >ward Rickspoon 
Bottom row: George Axmann, Allan May, David McCarthy, Burton Cohen. Eugene Brott 

Top row: Richard Salzer, Grover Herring. Richard King, Robert Colwell, Walter Gabehart, Donald Kinert, Karoly Molnar, Earl Lindgren, James MacShane 
Bottom row: William Reego, Leonard Basinski, Thomas Brennan, president; Mrs. Kolar, Rex Berlin, secretary-treasurer, Arthur Basso, Eugene Mueller 

Sleepy Hollow 

1104 South Euclid 

Son's Home 

1116 West California 


Top row: Lloyd Bryant, vice president; Charles Morine, Robert Lahne, Robert Milligan, August Kunkel, Christopher Kunkel, co-social chairman: Robert 

Willand, Robert Clark 
Second row: Virgil Molinarolo, Edward Behm, Fred Kraus, Ronald Hewitt, sports manager; Howland Hanson, president; John Mills, Charles Engelhardt. 

William Lehn, co-social chairman: Ronald Wisthuff 
Bottom row: Calvin Cowsert, Bernard Goetze, Richard West, treasurer; Donald Browning, Richard Matte-son, Robert Weber. Robert Skinner, Roland Schwanke 
\ ■■/ :n panel: Paul Wallem, secretary; James Cobb, Robert Watts 


Top row: Gary Bookout, Eugene Simpson, William Pollard, social chairman; Samuel Snyder, Eugene Nelson 

Second row Robert Leslie Alien Simpson. I.oren Gillian, Larry Collom, Ray Roth ,„,.,,. „ r\- «u vi i,,,.. 

Bottom row James Allen, Roy McLaughlin, Dav.d King, treasurer; Thomas Maud in president; William Borden, secretary; Donald Nelson 
Not in panel: William Weber, John Jacus, Jerry Monroe. Thomas Dentmo, Nelson Wood 

Tara Hall 

1202 West Oregon 


308 South Mathews 


Helper, Roy Rauschenberg 


Top row: Robert Bils, vice president, social chairman ; Glen Speer, Mrs. Rhue, Walter Bear, Howard Schmidt 

Second row: Donald MacDonald, John Westby, Edward Kercher, Daniel Pastoor, Duane Laue 

B>tt<>m row: Gordon Messmore, Earl Miller, Robert Wilson, president; Frank Simon, athletic chairman; Peter Moore, secretary-treasurer; Ross Ricks 

Not in panel: Jack Sopkin, George Geohas, Jerry Decker, John Duncan 

Tomahawk Lodge 

908 South Fifth 


906 South Sixth 

Third row: Arthur Eggers, William Bunte, John Dodge, MIA representative; Richard Kresin, Gerald Anderson, LeRoy Luebkemann 
Second row: Howard Mueller, Melvin Neumann, Donald Helmerich, Robert Johnson, Robert Bachmann, Robert Heyen, William Saxenmeyer 
Bottom row: Daryle Tegeder, president: Edward Schumann, secretary-treasurer; Wayne Meierhans, membership chairman; Charles Ferguson, athletic chair- 
man; Donald Schaffner. Donald Turnquist, Norman Gross 
Not in Panel: Teddy Dickman, vice president and social chairman; Loren Stoeckle, George Albers, Howard Schroeder 


Top row: James Haider, Virden Sapp, Raymond Hicks, Clifford Hickman, Richard Goble, Gerald McDonald. Albert Summers 

Second row: Richard Luders, Gerald Luneberg, vice president; Robert Gebhart, treasurer; Charles Blundell, president; Frank O'Connor, secretary; Peter Ford, 

Owen Flowers 
Bottom row: Howard O'Neal, Donald Smitley. Charles Nauert, Elroy Engeling 
Not in panel: Robert Witherspoon, William Klink. William Oyen 


410 East Chalmers 


210 East John 

Top row: Jerry Moessner, Paul Leschuck, John Littlemyer, Alan Ruzucja. Walter Johnson, John Merboth, George Wilson 

Second row: Todd Brinkman, Jerry Caress, Jerry Olson, Ronald Schneider, Louis Gessler, Eugene Hubbard, Joseph Heis, Carl Schwebel, David Miller 
Bottom row: Thomas Ruzicka, Leroy Simms, Robert Babcock, treasurer, Barney Brantingham, vice president; Walter Abele, president; George Haack, social 
chairman; Walter Sawyer, secretary Roger Hudrlick, William Donlon 


Alvan Marvin Aarons Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Delta Sigma, president (4) ; The Daily 
Mini (4) 

Walter Martin Abble VCilmette 

Mechanical Engineering 
House President (4) ; A.S.M.E. 

Illinois Institute of Technology ; Navy Pier 
Extension of the University of Illinois 

David Louis Abrams Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lundgren House 
Omega Beta Pi 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Thomas Jackson Acton fotomai 

General Agriculture 
Soenksen Hall 
Danville Community College 

Frances Kay Adams Princeville 

Home Economics 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; 
Campus Chest (I, 2) ; W.G.S. Executive 
Council (3, 4) ; McKinley Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (3, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day Com- 
mittee (2), chairman (3); Campus Chest 
Allocations and Advisory Board (4) ; W.G.S. 
Ball Committee (2) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (I) 

Robert Wayne Adams Allendale 

Vocational Agriculture 
WILL (1); Agricultural Education Club; 
Agriculture Club 

Ronald Samuel Adelson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Phi Epsilon Pi 

Major Chairman News and Advertising Illini 

Union Committee (3); Second Lieutenant, 

Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho Tau 

Paul Leonard Adesko Chicago 

I iberal Arts and Sciences 
I In i.i Kappa Phi 
Star and Scroll ; Illini Union Committee 
(2, 4) ; Midshipman, NROTC ; Illini Sports- 
man's Club ; Young Democrats Club 

Navy I'ii i I Ktension of the University of 
II linois 

Li i St. Jt>S( /'A. Mo. 

I 1 1 g 1 1 1 1 ring 

II, , trii al l ngim ering 

("in. i Alpha Mi' 
A I I I I R.E. 

SI, foSI I'd I'" ' "II' gl 




David Norbert Alton Chic 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Tau Gamma 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Beatrice Ann Acase Eran. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Mu 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; W.A.A. (2 
Kendall College 

Lester Takumi Akasaki. .Honolulu, Ha 
Civil Engineering 

George David Akerberg Chic i 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
University Theatre Manager (2) ; Univer 
Theatre Cast (2) ; Captain, Air Force RC 
Wilson Junior College 

Margaret Ann Akey Blue Isl ' 

Home Economics 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini Theatre Guild C 

Jean Anne Ai.bro Kewc 

Home Economics 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
The Daily Illini (1) ; Illini Union Commii 

Robert Lee Alexander Potoi 

Vocational Agriculture 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Alpha Phi Omega ; Alpha Tau Alpha ; Ho 
President (4) : Ordnance Club; Agriculh 
Education Club ; Agriculture Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Indiana Central College 

Francis William Allen Chic. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Captain, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho T. 
Pershing Rifles; Glider Club; Navy 1 
Alumni Association 

\.u v l'i, i i xtension ni the University 

M Mil It Mill IF \ Al LBN Pcl.l 

Agi iculture 

(,■ Vi '.;;' H "lies 

Sigma Kappa 

Shi A,. I i,c in,,. H. 'i . Illini Union ( i 
iniiu. ii. ii . y w i \ i ommittee u. 

ii. I Iom< 1 i >mu s Club ; Younj Ri r 

licans < lub 

(arcaret Ann Allsworth La Grange 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art History 
Hostc House 
Jniversity Chorus (4) ; Young Republicans 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Ierschel Burton Alperin Chicago 


Mpha Delta Sigma, Mask and Bauble; Pier- 
■„ts- The Daily Illini (3) ; Ulini Union 
Committee (3. 4) : University Theatre Man- 
lger (2 4) ; University Theatre Student 
Staff (3)'; University Theatre Board of Con- 
r0 | (4); Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; 
Ordnance Club ; Rifle and Pistol Club 

Brrnard Alpert Chicago 

Animal Science 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Student Religious Council (1); Poultry 
Science Club, president (4) 

Herbert Lee Altman 

Newman Hall 


Donald Shizuo Amano- .Honolulu, Hawc 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


David Donald Amren Blue Island 

Finance and Banking 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Intramural Manager (3); 
Finance Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 

Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club 
Northwestern University ; Navy Pier Ex- 
tension of the University of Illinois 

William Henry Anderes Barrington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Captain, Air Force ROTC 
Ripon College 

Barbara Jean Anderson Chicago 

Elementary Ed million 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
W.A.A. (4) ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Bruce Eldon Anderson. .. .Jans evil le, Wis. 
Industrial Administration 
Theta Xi 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; A.I.A. ; Market- 
ing Club ; Society for the Advancement of 
Management; Young Republicans Club 
University of Wisconsin 

■r mm % 

Carl Daniel Anderson... 
Alpha Delta Sigma 
North Park College 


John Everett Anderson 


Marketing Club 

Morgan Park Junior College 

. Chicago 

Richard Cardwell Anderson 

Western Springs 
Delta Tau Delta 
Star Course Manager (2) ; Campus Chest 
(1); House President (4); Second Lieu- 
tenant, Air Force ROTC 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Richard Charles Anderson. .Elmwood Pari 
Ceramic Engineering 
Alpha Delta Phi 
Keramos; Campus Chest (3); A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University o 

Robert Arnold Anderson. .Downers Grove 


Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Warren Anderson Chicago 

Metallurgical Engineering 
Lutheran Student Foundation Student Coun- 
cil ; Engineering Council (3, 4); A.S.M.E.; 

Robert Womack Anderson Chicago 

Marketing Club 

Morgan Park Junior College; Navy Pier 
Extension of the University of Illinois 

Roger Leonard Anderson Oak Lawn 

Kappa Delta Rho 
Marketing Club 

Morton Junior College 

Allen Hastings Andrews, Jr.. Washington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Political Science 

Delta Upsilon 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Mask and Bauble ; 

Pierrots; University Theatre Manager (2); 

University Theatre Student Staff (3) ; Chan- 

ning Foundation Student Council (1); LAS 

Council (1, 2 ) ; Rifle and Pistol Club 


Rk hard Lee Anosov Chicago 

Education of the Deaf 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Mu Iota Sigma ; Illini Union Committee 
(1) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Scab- 
hard and Blade 

Ai i< n Aramian Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sherwood Lodge 
Spring Carnival Program Committee (4) 
Bradley University 

Angelo Charles Arcaro Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Tau; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Barbara Lois Arden 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

. Chicago 

Robert Eddy Armstrong Dixon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Kappa Sigma 
Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi; The Illio (1); Il- 
lini Union Committee (I. 2); University 
Theatre Crew (1, 2) ; Star Course Manager 
(1. 2); House President (4); Student Sen- 
ate (3. 4) : Coordination Committee (3. 4) ; 
Concert and Entertainment Board (3. 4) ; 
Second Lieutenant Army ROTC ; Russian 
Language Club; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Thelma Jean Armstrong Paik Ridge 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 
Beloit College 

Jane Frances Arvedson Champaign 

Home Economics 
Episcopal Foundation Student Council (2, 4) ; 
Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Shirley Anne Aschenbach Kenilworth 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
mini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. 
( ommittee ( l, 2, 3) 

it man Hi 1 1 iii ii Asm i v Sible} 

A | II nihil. 

s..;/ r ,,,/i, , , atien 
let, Armj ROT( . 1 ii Id and I urrow 


V\ ^> 


Donald Gene Ator Pittifitld 

General Agriculture 
Phi Delta Theta 
Y.M.C.A Committee (3); Campus Chest 
(2) ; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Zeta Sigma 

Eldon Ray Aupperle FairbSi 

Teacher Training in Agriculture 
Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education 
Club; Agriculture Club 

Illinois State Normal University 

Algirdas Anthony Avizienis Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Janice Barbara Babb Lombard: 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Illini Union Committee (I) 

Ann Carol Babel Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Terrapin (3, 4) 

Florida State University 

Elisabeth Joan Bachman Effingha 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Delta 
Shorter Board ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Lamb 
da Delta; Illini Union Committee (2) ; Cam 
pus Chest, major chairman (3) ; Senior Bal 
Committee (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Archie Leonard Backlin 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
A. I. A. 

Thornton Junior College 

. Pose I 

I \Ml s I oi is Badgbtt 


Honors Da\ (I, )) 

. . .Shea 

Ai in k i Richard Baginski 

I n| in. i ling 

Mi , banical Etigimiriiif 
A smi, Polish Club 
w 1 1 > • 1 1 1 li ii ( ollege 


1 1, , trical Engineering 

M.E.E.— I.R-E. 

Southern Illinois University 

Shblev Jean Bailey Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Y.W.C.A. Committee; French Club; Span- 
ish Club 

Shei don Allen Baitman Chicago 


Tau Epsilon Phi 
The Daily Illini (1); Interfraternity Council 
(1) ; Hillel Foundation Student Council (1, 
2,3,); Major, Air Force ROTC ; Marketing 
Club; Society for the Advancement of Man- 

Carl Joseph Baker, Jr Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Campus Chest (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council 

(3. 4) 
Springfield Junior College 

Donald Vincent Baker Flushing, N. Y 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Major, Air Force ROTC; Pershing Rifles 
Belleville Township Junior College 

Roy John Baker 

Social Studies 
College Hall 
Southern Illinois University 

. Golconda 

Samuel Beckham Balden Salem 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Eta Kappa Nu ; University Orchestra (1); 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

University of Southern Illinois 

Carol Irene Ballinger Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Lee Howard Balson Chicago 

Pi Lambda Phi 
Sigma Delta Chi; Illini Union Committee 
(3) ; House President (4) ; WILL (3, 4) ; 
Captain, Army ROTC ; Phi Chi Eta 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Bill Curtis Banister Lincoln 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
( hi Phi 
French Club; Varsity Debate Team (2) 
Hull University College, Hull, England 

Clarence Howard Banks Maywood 

Parade Ground Units 
Accountancy Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Wayne Haldon Barber Assumption 

General Agriculture 
Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC 

Robert Nicholas Bardell. .Chicago Heights 
Brauna House 
Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC; Mar- 
keting Club 
Honors Day (3) 

John Joseph Bardos Chicago 

Agricultural Engineering 
Graham Lodge 
Honors Day (1) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois !. 

. Quincy 

Janet Collen Barker 

Delta Zeta 
Shorter Board; Torch; Shi-Ai ; Theta Sig- 
ma Phi ; The Daily Illini (2, 3) ; Society 
Editor (2) ; Major Chairman Homecoming 
Queen Illini Union Committee (2) ; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House 
President (4) ; Spanish Club 

Barbara Ann Barnes Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Kappa Delta 
Mask and Bauble; Zeta Phi Eta; The Illio 
(1) ; Illini Union Committee (2) ; University- 
Theatre Manager (2, 3) ; University Theatre 
Cast (2) ; Campus Chest (1) 

John Barnes . .' Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Theta Kappa Phi 
Star and Scroll; Freshman Council (1); 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Norville Earl Barnes Vrbana 

General Agriculture 


Ruth Jean Barnes Sycamore 

Elementary Education 
Delta Zeta 
W.A.A. (4) 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Walter Edward Barnes, III Chicago 


Dairy Technology 

Chi Psi 

Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Agriculture Club ; 

Dairy Production Club; Hoof and Horn Club 

Ruth Barrie Freeport 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Phi 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) ; Terrapin (3, 4) 

Drury College ; Illinois State Normal Uni- 

Bernard Meyer Baskin. . .Philadelphia, Pa. 


University Theatre Cast (4) ; Marketing Club; 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois ; Roosevelt College 

Arthur John Basso, Jr Oak Park 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Wright Junior College ; University of Den- 
ver; Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Bruce Alan Bastian Sheridan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Wobble Inn 
House President (3) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; Infantry Club 

Barbara Anne Baudino Herrtn 

Kappa Delta 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. 
(2) ; Campus Chest (2) 
Southern Illinois University 

Dibthich Charles Bauer Elgi, 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lake Forest College 

John Bauer Benton 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 

rhets Chi 
M.' Wan Da Tribe of Illini (2. 3. 4) ; Var- 
lity Football Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2. 3. 
4) ; Vanity Track Squad (2. 3. 4). Lettei 
(2, 3, 4.) 


: i ■ 


Paul David Bauer Benu\ 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Phi Delta Theta 
Varsity Football Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Freshma 
Varsity Football Squad (1) 

William Samuel Bauer Bellevil 


Marketing Club 

Belleville Junior College ; Washington Un j 

Gladys Marie Baumann Chicas. 

Home Economics 
Sherwood Lodge 
Home Economics Club 
Blackburn College 

Kenneth Darrell Baxter Cartbaf 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Baseball Manager (2) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Norman Rex Beabout Obion 

Industrial Administration 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
Student Junior Chamber of Commerce 
Eastern State College 

Clifford Elmore Beatty Taylorvik 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Star and Scroll ; Illini Union Committee (1 
2); Star Course Manager (2); Men's G! 
Club (3, 4) ; Illini Rural Observer (1) ; A 
Ag Field Day Committee (2, 3) ; Plowb 
Prom Committee (2); Agriculture Clu 
Hoof and Horn Club 
Honors Day (1) 

Harriet Ann Beaudoin Hollywoo 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Delta 
Mortar Board; The Illio (I, 2, 3, 4), 
sociate Editor (4) 

Joan Marie Becherer O'Falh. 

Elementary Education 
House President (4) 

Belleville Township Junior College 

Donna Janb Beck NlW R 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
i vans Hall 
I he Illio (i, ■ i . Illini Union Commit*! 
Ol ; W.A.A. (3. -1) 

WILIIAM LEE Beck Yorkvilh 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Star and Scroll; Interfraternity Council (2, 
3); House President (4); Lieutenant Colo- 
nel! Air Force ROTC ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1) 

Richard Alan Beckenbaugh Rockford 

General Engineering 
Alpha Phi Omega ; First Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; Pershing Rifles 

Roger Alan Beckett Rockford 


Industrial Administration 

Lundgren House 

Phi Eta Sigma; Accountancy Club; A.F.S. ; 

Society for the Advancement of Management 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Raymond Beach Beebe Clencoe 

Civil Engineering 
Zeta Psi 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charlotte Edith Bender Aur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Index ' i 
House President (4) 

Ronald Lee Benedict Chicago 


Management and Marketing 

"1 heta Xi 

Baseball Manager (3) ; Intramural Manager 

(1, 2) ; Alpha Rho Tau ; Second Lieutenant, 

Army ROTC 

Frances Ann Bennett Mt. Vernon 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Grinnell College; Lindenwood College 

James Bernard Bennett Chatsworth 

Teacher Training in Agriculture 
Farm House 
Alpha Zeta, president (4) ; Alpha Tau Al- 
pha; Agricultural Council (3, 4); Captain, 
Air Force ROTC; Agricultural Education 
Club, president (4) ; Agriculture Club; Hoof 
and Horn Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Claris Dorine Beeson. . . .Davenport, Iowa 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Major Chairman Travel 
Service Illini Union Committee (3) ; Illini 
Union Council (3) ; Illini Union Committee 
(1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (1) 
Honors Day (1) 

Edward Hohn Behm Chebanse 

Agriculture Education 
Son's Home 
Alpha Tau Alpha ; Agricultural Education 
Illinois State Normal University 

Frederick Louis Behrends Havana 


Rogers House 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; The 
Daily Illini (2) ; University Chorus (2) ; 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phi Chi 
Eta ; Accountancy Club ; Junior Bar Associa- 
tion (4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Barbara Bell Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Shorter Board; Student Senate (3, 4) 
Wellesley College 

Peter Edwin Beltram Eairbury 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pershing Rifles 
Honors Day (3) 


Glenn Allen Berchtold Pekin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
All-Ways Home 
Phi Eta Sigma; House President (4) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Eivind Berdal Feios, Sogn, Norway 

Kappa Tau Alpha ; Sigma Delta Chi 
University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway 

Arthur Ernest Berg Rice Lake, Wis. 

Civil Engineering 

Wright Junior College 

Evelynne Marie Berg Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
University Chorus (4) ; Illini Christian Fel- 
lowship (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Chicago Teachers College ; Navy Pier Ex- 
tension of the University of Illinois 

Marijane Bergman Lyons 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Morton Junior College 



\i ii Lynn Bergman Chicago 


Sigma Alpha Mu 
Hon. us Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Northwestern University 

CARLETON Robert Bergstedt. . . .Northbrooi 
Electrical "Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 
(1. 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Glenn Wj m i v Berington Marseilles 

1 r ot ational Agriculture 

Alpha Tau Alpha; Phi Chi Eta; Agricultural 
Education Club; Agriculture Club 
II s Day (1, 3) 

Sheldon Lee Berke Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Charles Melvin Berlin Woodstock 

Vocational Agriculture 
Delta Tau Delta 
Alpha Tau Alpha; Illini Rural Observer (1, 
2 ) ; Major, Army ROTC ; Zeta Sigma 
Alpha; Agricultural Education Club; Agri- 
culture Club 

Aurienne Ruth Berman Chicago 

Gamma Alpha Chi; Illini Union Committee 
(l, 2, 3) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; WILL (3) ; 
Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Spanish 
Club ; Young Democrats Club 
Roosevelt College 

Harold Berman Chicago 

Secretarial Training 
Illini Union Committee (3, 4) ; Navy Pier 
Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Activities: Secretarial Internship 
Program; Illini Quad Council 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

(wiiii Martha Bernhardt 5/. Peter 


Home It onomit i 
I ii Hall 
Gamma Delta; Home Economics Club 

Helen Mm dri d Bi rnoudy < '.bit ttgt 

Liberal Aits and Si it i 
\., i 
Sherwood I odgi 

' ' I '.UN. I. III. HI S|||, |, 1,1 ( , ,i,n, || ii, 2, 

, I, 

Navy I'n i I Xtl ii'ii'in ..I tin I hi' ■ isily ol 


. i\ 

Elaine Kahn Bernsen Chicago 

Education of the Deaf 
Kappa Delta Pi ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mu 
Iota Sigma 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Irving Marshall Bernsen Chicago 


Pi Lambda Phi 
Oratorio Society (2) 

Sylvia Bernstein Chicago 

Laurel House 
House President (3); University Theatre 
Crew (I) 
Honors Day (3) 

Carole Overmier Bettinghaus 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Zeta Phi Eta ; Illini Forensic Association 

Richard Otto Bez Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Eta Kappa Nu ; A.I.E.E. — I.R.E. ; 
Polish Club; Engineering Open House Com- 
mittee (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Wright Junior College 

Wayne Lee Bickes Decatur 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Skull and Crescent; Phi Delta Phi; The 
lllio (1) ; Interfraternity Council (2) ; Junior 
Bar Association; Illini Union Club Commons 
(1, 2) 

John William Biggers Harrisburg 


Sigma Delta Chi; House President (2) ; Stu- 
dent Senate (4) ; Class Secretary-Treasuier 
ill; Captain, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau 

Mii'iiin Biggs Dan villi 

Division ..i Services 

Industrial Management 

Disciples Foundation Student Council (2>; 

Second Lieutenant, Aii Force ROTC; ^.F.S 

1 >.in\ il k ( ommunitv ( ..liege 

Mary Denison Bills Urban* 

i il.. Aits and Si ienci s 

Gamma Phi Beta 

l on Ii . I Ii. lllio ii. '. I i . Assistant Ed 

i.i V.W.C.A. < ommittei (1, '. i, i ' . 
McKinlt v Foundation (2, 3 I) 

jtoBERT Frederick Bils Oak Paik 


I Tomahawk Lodge 
'i Alpha Xi; Floriculture Club 
[onors Day (4) 
Oberlin College 

Iamus Alan Birnbaum Chicago 

At countant ) 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Accoun- 
ancy Club 

Day (1. 3) 

i.(arcaret Alice Birtwell Strealoi 

Home Economic) Education 

(1, 2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee 
Home Economics Club 

*oger Bruce Bishop Chicago 

Met hanical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Tau 
Illinois Technograph (3) ; A.S.M.E. 
Wilson Junior College 

5i veri v Ann Black Cuba 


Se ci etarial Training 

Phi Mu 

Illini Union Committee (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 

nittee (1) ; W.A.A. (1,2); Women's Glee 

Club (1, 2) ; Spanish Club 

Harry Victor Blaesing Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Allen Lee Blair Chicago 

Comma ce and Law 
Tau Delta Phi 
Alpha Phi Omega ; Nu Beta Epsilon ; The 
Daily Illini (1,2); The Illio, Photographer 
(1, 2, 3); First Lieutenant, Army ROTC; 
Phi Chi Eta ; Accountancy Club ; Junior Bar 
Association; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

William James Blake. .. .Milwaukee, Wis. 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Campus Chest (3); [nterfraternity Council 
(3) ; Marketing Club 
Marquette University 

George Opdycke Blakely 

General Agin ulture 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Varsity Track Squad (2, 3) 


Robert BLANCHARD Tamaroa 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Star and Scroll; Sigma Delta Chi; The 
Daily Illini. II, 2, 3), City Editor (4) ; Cap 
tain, Air Force ROTC 
Honors Day (2) 

Elaine Rita Bland. .. .Washington, D. C. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences Allan 
Alpha Phi 
Illini Theatre Guild Cast II) ; Young Demo 
ci .its Club 

Beverly Joan Bliss Yates City 

Home Economics 
Pi ice Club 
House President (4) ; Second Regimental 
Band (1) ; Home Economics Club 

Leonard Neil Block Chicago 


Zeta Beta Tan 
Interfraternity Council (2) ; First Lieutenant. 
Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta; Marketing Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Richard McDowell Block La Giange 


Lyons Township Junior College; Miami Uni- 
versity ; Loyola University 

John McKnight Bloss Paris 

General Agriculture 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Alpha Phi Omega ; Agriculture Club ; Hoof 
and Horn Club 
Millikin University 

Barry Fredrick Blough La Grange 

Managt meat 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Cadet, Army ROTC; Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management 
Augustana College 

Richard Edward Bochte Chicago 

Freshman Varsity Football Squad (2); Ac- 
countancy Club 

Northwestern University 

Muriel Catherine Baehl Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Shi-Ai ; Zeta Phi Eta ; University Theatre 
Cast (1, 2, 4) 


Maurice Jo Boenitz Rock Island 

Metallurgical Engineering 
Theta Chi 
Midshipman, NROTC ; M.I.S. 

Moline Community College; Augustana 

Virginia Joyce Bohn While Hall 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Stratford House 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Iota Sigma Pi ; Star 
Course Manager (2); Women's Glee Club 
(1, 2); Baptist Student Foundation, trustee 
ill; Fellowship Commission of Student 
Council (1, 2, 4) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Allan Rush Bohon Decatitt 



Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; University 

Theatre Manager (2, 3) ; Cadet, Army ROTC 

Honors Day (1 ) 

Joyce Eileen Bolton Keithsburg 

Home Economics Education 
4-H House 
Omicron Nu ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi 
LIpsilon Omicron ; Illini Union Committee 
(3, 4) ; Star Course Manager (2) ; W.G.S. 
Executive Council (3); Freshman Council; 
Illini Rural Observer (1, 2, 3) ; All-Ag Field 
Day Committee (1); Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Joan Amabel Bonnell. -New Brighton, Pa. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Teacher Training in English 


Delta Sigma Rho ; Illini Forensic Association 

Geneva College ; Temple University 

William Roland Borden Chicago 

Personnel Management 

Tara Hall 
House President (3) ; Navy Pier Alumni As- 
sociation; Society for the Advancement of 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Wilson Junior Branch of Chicago 
City College 

Blrnard Neal Borman Belleville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; The Daily 
Illini (1); Illini Union Board (3); Maior 
Chairman Personnel Management Illini Union 
Committee (3) ; Illini Union Council (2, 3) ; 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Intra- 
mural Manager (1); Campus Chest Alloca- 
tions and Advisory Board (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC ; Scabbard and Blade ; 
[unioi Bar Association 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Donald Waiter Bornholdt Peoria 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 
i ootl ill Man lung Band (1, 2, 3) ; First 
Regimental Band (1, 2, 3); Accountancy 
Club; Junioi Bar Association; Marketing 

f'.iMAN Iliusn Borowsky. . . .Manila, Ark. 

1 "mi 

Industrial Managimi m 
Zeta Beta Tan 
' ampua ' hesl (2) ; Hillel Foundation Stu- 

denl ' cil (2, I, I) i Scabbard and Bladi . 

Society i"i the Advancement oi Managemenl 


^ v € i 


Bernard Keith Borson Chitai 

Radio and Television 
Newman Hall 
Sigma Delta Chi 

Wright Junior College 

Edward John Borsuk Brookft 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; A.I.Ch.E. 
Morton Junior College 

Margaret Jean Bortell Peoi 

Elementary Education 
Stratford House 
Baptist Foundation Student Council (3, 4) 
Bradley University 

Donald Lee Boruszak Chict 

Personnel Management 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3) ; Board 
Fraternity Affairs (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Cot 
cil (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Fencing Squad (2 
Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad ; Interf 
ternity Ball Committee (2, 3). chairman (3 
Business Manager, Spring Carnival (3 
Stage Manager, Homecoming Stunt She 
(3) ; Lientenant Colonel, Army ROTC; Oi 
nance Club ; Illini Sportsman's Club ; Scii 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3,) ; University of Illin. 
Scholarship Key 


Bernard George Bosch 

Civil Engineering 
Newman Hall 

Virginia Lorraine Bott Chict. 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W.A.A. (1) ; Oratorio Society (2) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the Universl 

Barbara Ruth Bouchard Elmbi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; Spanish Ch 
Portuguese Club 
Lake Forest College 

Mary Jane Bourne 

Home Economics Education 
1 i liner 

Alpha Chron; House President (2); Pl< 
boy Prom Committee (2) ; Home Econo 

Honors Day (3) ; University of Illinois Scl 
arship Key 

Aiiiui) August Bowald E* 


Civil Engineering 

Me. lea lodge 
Sigma l .ni , Tau Beta Pi . Chi 1 psil 
Football Marching Band (3); Pirsl B 
mental Band (}) ; Second Regimental H 
i ' i ; A s ( B. 

Honors Day (2, 3); University of 111" 
s. holarship Key 

l unlet College 

Paul Duane Bowers, Jr Urbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Delta Tau Delta 

Scarab; Interfraternity Council (1); Second 

Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Illini Sportsman's 


[HA BOYAR • Bronx, N. Y. 

Tau Delta Phi 
Sachem; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Phi 
Omega, president (3) ; Illini Union Commit- 
tee (3) ; Phi Chi Eta; Illini Forensic Associa- 

John Carl Boyce Green Bay, Wis. 

Newman Hall 
University Chorus (2) ; Oratorio Society (2, 
3) ; Floriculture Club 
University of Wisconsin Extension 

John Russel Boyer Buckley 


Civil Engineering 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.S.C.E. 

Marjorie Marie Boyle Sadorus 

Alpha Lambda Delta ; Beta Alpha Psi ; 
House President (4) ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Philip Norman Boyle Freeport 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Landscape Architecture 
Forsite (2); Cadet, Army ROTC; Land- 
scape Architecture Society 

Stuart Alvin Boyle Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Star and Scroll; Alpha Phi Omega; Interfia- 
ternity Council (3) ; Second Lieutenant, Air 
Force ROTC; A.I.Ch.E. 
Honors Day (1) 

Rosemary Boys Shelbyville 

Home Economics 

David James Brademas South Bend, Ind. 

Physical Education 
Public Recreation 

Skull and Crescent; Interfraternity Council 
(2); Wesley Foundation Student Council 
(2); Captain, Army ROTC; Scabbard and 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

University of Arizona ; Purdue University 

Thomas Brooks Brademas. South Bend, hid. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
skull and Crescent; Illini Union Committee 
(1) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; Commit- 
tee on Student Discipline (3) ; Freshman 
Council ; Wesley Foundation Student Coun- 
cil (2, 3); Alumni Association Board (4); 
lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC; Armed 
Forces Council; Military Council; Scabbard 
and Blade; Tau Nu Tau; A.I.A. ; James M. 
White Award in Architecture 

Indiana University ; Purdue University ; 
University of Michigan 

Janet Roberta Bradford Table Grove 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Presby Hall 
W.A.A. (2, 3, 4) 
Western Illinois State College 

Kenneth Brandenburg Casey 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 

Quincy College 

David Frederick Brandt. .. .Appleton, Wis. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Gargoyle; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.A. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 
Valparaiso University 

Warren Herman Brandt Chicago 

Civil Engineering 

Exmoor Hall 
Illinois Technograph (3, 4) ; A.S.C.E. ; Gam- 
ma Delta; I.T.E., president (4); A.S.M.E. 

Navy Pier Activities: Illinois Technograph 
(1), Editor (2) 
Honors Day (1) 

Illinois Institute of Technology; North- 
western University ; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Hulda Ann Brannan St. Louis, Mo. 

Home Economics 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Omicron Nu ; Women's Glee Club (3) ; 
Home Economics Club 
Christian College 

William Henry Branom Lincoln 



Beta Theta Pi 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Committee 

(1) ; Campus Chest (1) ; Second Lieutenant, 

Army ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau 

Barclay Brantingham Chicago 

The Daily Illini (3, 4) ; Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Donald Alan Brantingham Rockjord 


Electrical Engineering 

Beta Theta Pi 

Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad; Dolphins 

( 1 ) ; Major, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air 




Fsrn Erase . 

Fine and A 

■una Delta 

iAKB Chicago 

. ering 
I . 


\ the 1 

Henry S. Braver 

Phi Epsilon Pi 

» 1 - Bray I 


Beta Theta Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma : 

rtnj ROTC ; 

Richard Hfnry Breaker Chicago 

. eering 

Grar._ja C 
A 5 ME. 

- on of the 

s Lucille Bremner G.-.i 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
Phi Beta K.rra . Alpha Lambda V. 
Y.W C.A. Committee I - . The Illio 

-:on Committee (1, 2. }. 4 i ; 
- Council (1 > : Bapl 
dation Student Counci! Freshman Week 

Comrr Panhellenic Ball Committee 

Honors D; of Illinois 

- K . 

Thomas Norton Brennan Chicago 

■ ising 
Sleepy Hollow- 
House President (3, 4); Men's Glee Club 
( 3 i : WILL ( 5 ) : Young Democrats Club 
- - 

- Rogfrs Brewster Chicago 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Young Re- 
publicans Club 

Briwmer . R tkforJ 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Riflc and Pistol Club 



James Gordon Briiv.ei \nd n "inwttst 

Vg culture 

I g ricullure 
Alpha Gamma Rho 

\ Cabinet (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Cob 

(1. :. ?. -1 > : House Presiji 
c Manager I ;. s i ; Illini R 

.:!tural Council (2>; Ajp 
cultural Education Club; Aencultu 
Dairy Production Club, president C 
and Horn Club 

Bevem.. Ann Brissfnoen 

- Hall 
Torch ; Alpha Chron : Phi L'psilon Omicroe, 
Illini L'nion Committee {4i; Campus Che 
(2> ; W A A. (3. 4> : McKinley Founditic 
Student Council 12 1 : All-Ag Field D 
mittee I s i ; H >me Economics Club 
- Day ( l ) 

ciMr M\rie Brittin 

Alpha Omicron Pi 
Shi-Ai; The Illio (1, 21: Illini Cnion 

(1, :. J) ; Y.W". C.A. Commit 
(I, 2 > : Home Economics Club 

Ei>w *rd Louis Brockmfier 


Chi Psi 

Lorraine Ims Brodsky Cbh 

Elementary Education 

Hillel Foundation Student Council (2) : 
pus Chest Allocations and Advisory 
cl i 

Ernst Frank Brosius Chict 


Sigma Pi 
Commerce Council (2): Market:: - 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Y 
publicans Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the L'n 

C\rol Margaret Brown 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Illini L'nion Comm 
tee il. _ ) ; Campus Chest ( 3 > 

David Oiixer Brown Brookt 

Music Education 
University Choir (1. 2. 3, 4); I'nivers 
Chorus (2); Madrigal Chorus (2, 
Brooklyn ( 

I i>w \ri> Joseph Brown / 

Mi . banicdl Engim 
Pi I au Sigma . t.S.M.B. 

\\ lukegan Extension ol the I'm 

[acquelyn Day Brown Galva 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Music Education 

Alpha Chron; Sigma Alpha Iota; Concert 

Band (1, 2, 3. 4); University Orchestra (1. 

I 3) ; Oratorio Society (3) 

M, ki i Gwen Brown Chicago 


Busey Hall 
Illini Union Committee Chairman (3) ; Uni- 
versity Choir (3. 4) ; Marketing Club 

Wilson Junior College 

Patricia Newkirk Brown Springfield 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Alpha Phi 
W A A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Physical Education 

Rkhard Kortie Brown Rockford 


Mechanical Engineering 


Star and Scroll ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Second 

Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Pershing Rifles; 

Tau Nu Tau ; Rifle and Pistol Club 

Ronald James Brown Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Phi Kappa Sigma 
Interfraternity Council (3, 4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Thomas Everett Brown Naperville 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Phi Gamma Delta 

Scarab, president, (4) ; Illini Theatre Guild 

Manager (2) ; Illini Theatre Guild Cast (2) ; 

Captain, Air Force ROTC ; A. I. A. 

William Gene Brown Greenup 

Electrical Engineering 
A I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Rose Polytechnic Institute 

William James Brown Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Psi 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Josf ph Cresap Brubeck Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Spanish Club ; Young Republicans Club 

The School of the Art Institute ; Univer- 
sity of Louisville; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 


John Allan BRUGGEN Rockford 

General Agriculture 
Sigma Chi 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad 

Marilyn Ann Brummer Park Ridge 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Spanish 
Kappa Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 
I 3, 4 1; Spanish Club 
Beloit College 

Lucille Mary Bruner Chatsworth 

Elementary Education 
Illini Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1) 

Illinois State Normal University; Moody 
Bible Institute 

Bhuno Ernest Bruzgulis Chicago 

Chi Phi 
Interfraternity Council (3) ; First Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC ; National Defense Transporta- 
tion Association; Scabbard and Blade; Illini 
Sportsman's Club; Marketing Club 

Robert Edwin Bryant Chicago 


Society for the Advancement of Management 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Beverly Jane Bryngelson Galesburg 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Delta Zeta 
W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Terrapin (2, 3, 4) ; 
Physical Education Majors Club 

Robert Lyons Bubb Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Phi Delta Theta 
Campus Chest (1, 2) : Freshman Varsity 
Wrestling Squad; LAS Council (1, 2) ; Cap- 
tain, Army ROTC: Zeta Sigma Alpha; Span- 
ish Club 

Dominic Bucciferro 

Mechanical Engineering 

Joliet Junior College 


James Miller Buchanan Park Ridge 

Personnel Managemt nt 
Chi Phi 
Interfraternity Council (2, 3) : House Presi- 
dent (4); First Lieutenant, Army ROTC; 
Phi Chi Eta ; Scabbard and Blade 


Alan Charles Buck Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club; Rifle and Pistol Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Mary Tappero Buck Pana 

Home Economics 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; Women's Glee 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day Com- 
mittee (3) ; Home Economics Club 

Roger James Buerger Chicago 

Newman Hall 
Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club ; Society 
for the Advancement of Management 
Loras College 

Beverly Anna Bunting Danforlh 

Home Economics 
Leeman Lodge 
Illini Rural Observer (4) ; Rural Life Club 

Eldon Main Burger Morton 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
University of Kentucky 

Patricia Jean Burian Lyons 

Alpha Xi Delta 
Phi Kappa Phi ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Student 
Senate (4) ; Panhellenic Ball Committee (3) 
Honors Day (3, 4) 
DePaul University 

Paul Edward Burkholder Decatur 

Marketing Club ; Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management 
Honors Day (3) 
Wabash College 

Jeannine Mae Burnier. . .Arlington Heights 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speei h 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Shortei Board; Torch; Mask and Bauble; 
University Theatre Manager (2, 3); Univer- 
sity Theatre Student Stall (I); University 
rheatri ' asl (2, 3, I) ; ( heerleader (3, 4) ; 
Orchesis I I, ii ; Illini Union Spring Musical 
(2, 3) 

koMiiu Donald Burns /..; Grange 

I livision ol Spi i ial Sen ices 
( In misti i and il magi meal 

Sigma \u 

i Chest (3) ; Gi rman ' tub . Young 

Republic ans ( Inh 

l (foni I ow nship Junioi Collegi 




William Oliver Burns Monticello 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Harold Dale Burr Peor'n 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) ; Second Li 
tenant. Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air Society; 
Pershing Rifles; I.A.S. 

Roy Allen Burt Mission, Kans. 

General Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Campus Chest (2, 
3), Director (4) ; Student Senate (1) ; Fresh- 
man Council ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Dale Bury Miljord 

General Agriculture 
Farm House 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Alpha Tau Alpha ; Tribe of 
Illini; Recreation Manager (2, 3.), Senior 
Recreation Manager (4) ; IM Rec Board (3, 
4) ; Major, Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; 
Zeta Sigma Alpha ; Agricultural Education 
Club ; Agriculture Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Ronald Mack Bushman. .. .St. Joseph, Mo. 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
University Theatre Cast (3, 4) ; Finance 
Club ; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Donald Eugene Butler 

General Agriculture 
Theta Kappa Phi 
Agriculture Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 


Mary Donneta Butzback Winchester 

Secretarial Training 
McKinley Hall 
Phi Chi Theta; Illinois Disciples Foundation 
(3, 4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Lucille Patricia Bu/.elli. .Chicago Heights 
Elementary Education 
Cagle Hall 
Illini Union Committee (I) ; Y.W.C.A. Cora 
mittee t ' I , Illini Forensit \ss,u iation 
1 lioi riton Junioi College 

DANII l JOSl I'll (Mill 1 . Jr ( I'H. i g<> 

i ibi ial Aits and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
\iw I'ui Extension >>t the University ■ 


homas Edward Caldwell Cistna Paik 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
tudent Senate (3, 4) ; N.S.A. Senate Sub- 
Pmmittee (3, 4) ; Channing Foundation Stu- 
ent Council (1) I United World Federal.sts ; 

•no Anthony Caleca Chicago 

Personnel Management 
Delta Sigma Omicron, president (3) ; Society 
lor the Advancement of Management 
' Wright City College 

bARBARA Louise Calisch Chicago 

Physical Education 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
The Daily Mini (1) ; Mini Union Committee 
(1)- YWCA. Committee (1); W.A.A. 
■> } 4) ■ House President (2, 3) : Women s 
Glee 'Club (2); Hillel Foundation Student 
Council (3) ; Physical Education Majors 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Dougald Sinclair Cameron. 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Monmouth College 


Donald Lee Campbell Oquawka 

Accountancy Club 
Western Illinois State College 

James Lee Campbell Canton 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
University Choir (1, 2, 3), president (3); 
Oratorio Society (2, 3) 

Joan Louise Canada Geneva 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Illin ; Union Committee (1, 2) 

George Harold Cannon, Jr Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Floriculture Club 

Richard Allen Capek Beiwyn 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Tau ; A.S.M.E. 
Morton Junior College 

Armando Cardenas Bogota, Colombia 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E.; Ibero-American Association; 

James Ubaldo Cardoni Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Newman Hall 
A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Louis Sergo Carlotti 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Morton Junior College 

. Cicero 

Carl Evert Carlson Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Nu 
Tomahawk; Sigma Tau; Tribe of Mini 
(3, 4); Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 3), Let- 
ter (3) ; Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad 
(1) ; Varsity Baseball Squad (2) ; Freshman 
Varsity Baseball Squad (1); Freshman Var- 
sity Basketball Squad (1) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Air Force ROTC; A.S.C.E. ; Scimitar 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Carolyn Mae Carlson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club; Tall Mini Club 
Wright Junior College 

Dona Emerald Carlson Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
North Park Junior College 

Donald Carlson Chicago 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Board of Fraternity Affairs (3, 4) ; Interfra- 
ternity Council (2, 3, 4) ; House President 
(4) ; Interfraternity Ball Committee (2) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho 
Tau; Mini Sportsman's Club; Interfraternity 
Executive Council (3, 4) 

Nancy Ruth Carlson. Newtown Squaw, Pa. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Pennsylvania 

Robert Duane Carpenter Des Plaines 

Accountancy Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 



M \«\ Elizabbth Cabson Greenup 

A i ii ulturc 
Home Ei onomh ■ Edui .iti^n 
I vans Hall 
W.A.A. Numerals (4) w A A (1 ■ 

ii. Homi i i v ( lub 

Iambs Cupi i>m> ( hap pant Pans 

I iberal Arts and Si iem 
Speech < orrection 
i ambda ' hi Alpha 
Second I ii uti nanl Army R( > I ( Infantn 
( lub . Spanish ( lub 

in in k Jerry ( vim h Springfield 

i ornmi n i 
Delta Tau Delta 
Stai < ourse Manai er (2) ' aptain Ail Pi 
ROT< (Marketing ( lub 
Honors Day ( I I 

N INCY JANI ( \ri i r ... /' . ■ 

t Training 

(. .iiiiin. i Phi Beta 
W'.A.A. in i. ii ipin (5, ii 
Bo« I ni>; Green Stati Univi rsity 

Gwendolyn Marii Cartwrighi 
( ommi n i 
■ntrcial 77 ai 
I incoln Avenue Residence 
Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; I 
ii Training Club 

! >. >\vid Ariiii'k (ash Harvard 

General Agriculture 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Alpha Zeta ; Y.M.C.A. Committee ( l I ; 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Ordnance 
Club ; Plying Club 
Honors Day ( 1 , 3 » 

La Verne Hfnry Cassens Polo 


Lambda Chi Alpha 
Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Committee (1) ; 
Second Regimental Band (1) 

Charles Richard Cassey Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Zeta Psi 
Skull and Crescent; House President (4) ; 
Concert Band (2) ; Football Marching Band 
(1, 2) ; First Regimental Band (1) ; Univer- 
sity Choir (3, 4) ; Men's Glee Club (1, 2) ; 
School of Music Student Council (3) 
Honors Day (2) 

Charles Thomas Cedarholm Elmhuist 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Iowa State College 

Donald Croft Cell Haverhill, Mass 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 


Biiiiiia AURILLA ( iiamii i ii .East St. I.'iuii 
Ed cation 
lli mt iii.n t Edut ation 
Delta Sikiii.i 1 1» i.i 
V \\ ( A. ( ommittei I I i leai hers in li.n... 
inr ( lub ; Young Republii ans ' lub 
Xaviei I fnii i rait) 

ROBI in In (H \ hi l u i 

I ngineering 
i- ronautical Engintering 

Mi .Ii i I odge 

i.i I .in ; Gamma Alpha Rho; House Presi- 

denl ( ii ; l.A.s. 

Honors Day 1 1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 

Si holarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University fjj 


LAWRBNCI Haskpii. Chanoch Chicago 

l ngineering 

Mechanic at Engineering 
Granada Club 
Pi Tan Sigma; A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

I miii i Raymond Chapman.... 
Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Olivet Nazarene College 

. Ottawa 

Shelley Virginia Chase 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) 
Chest (3), Major Chairman (4) 
Glee Club (1) 

La Grange 


Catherine Chentes Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Wilson Junior College 

Richard William Chester Chicago 

Metallurgical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Psi 
The Illio (l, 2); Y.M.C.A. (1); Campus 
Chest (1, 2) ; House President (4) ; Illinois 
Technograph (I, 3) ; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC; M.I.S. ; Young Republicans Club 

Alex William Chiaro Chicago 



Granada Club 

Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Society for 

the Advancement of Management ; Spanish 


Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Tienwen Chien . . . .Kiangsn, China 


Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Chinese Students 


National Taiwan University of China 

Samuel Joseph Chiprin. . . .Highland Paik 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Ac- 
countancy Club ; Marketing Club 

Chou Yu-Min Chaghua, Taiuan, China 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Chinese Students Club 

David Chan-wa Chow Singapore, China 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. A. 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Stanley David Christianson Chicago 

Flagg House 
Major, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho Tau ; Persh- 
ing Rifles ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (4 

Wilson Junior College ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Roy Dew Christmann Belleville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering 


House President (3); Football Marching 

Band (2, 3, 4) ; First Regimental Band (2, 

3, 4) ; A.I.Ch.E. 

Belleville Township Junior College 

Glenn Church Rantonl 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
The Illio (l, 2, 3,) ; LAS Council (2, 3) ; 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; Junior Bar As- 

Patricia Ann Cisv.ii ... Mt . Pleasant. Mich. 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Advertising Design 

Busey Hall 

Society of Illustrators; The Illio, Artist (4) 

Day (3, 4) 

Nancy Lee Clark Chicago 

liberal Arts and Sciences 
V.W.C.A. Committee (1); French Club 

A ff 

Nancy Helen Claypool Marshall 

Gamma Phi Beta 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Alpha Sigma Nu ; The Illio (2, 3); As- 
sociate Business Manager (4); Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet (2) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; 
W.A.A. Board (2. 3); Major I; W.A.A. 
Numerals: W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Oratorio 
Society (1); French Club; Marketing Club; 
Physical Education Majors Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Ronald Duane Clayton. .. .Franklin Grove 
General Agriculture 
Delta Chi 
Y.M.C.A. (I) ; Illini Rural Observer (3, 4) ; 
Agriculture Club : Dairy Production Club ; 
Student Junior Chamber of Commerce, presi- 
dent (3) 
Honors Day (3) 

James Leroy Cline Troy 

General Agriculture 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phalanx; 
Zeta Sigma Alpha 

Sheldon Howard Cloobeck Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Sachem; Y.M.C.A. Committee (4); Varsity 
Basketball Squad ; Freshman Varsity Squad ; 
Track Manager (2, 3) : Captain, Air Force 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Morton Hugh Clotfelter Chicago 


Industrial Administration 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Midshipman, NROTC ; 

Flying Club ; Society for the Advancement 

of Management 

Northwestern University 

Martin Cecil Coale Carmi 

Metallurgical Engineering 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) ; M.I.S. 

Francis Lee Cochran Chicago 

Roger's House 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Richard Earle Coffelt Crete 

Personnel Management 
Commerce Council (2, 3, 4) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air Society ; 
Society for the Advancement of Management ; 
Student Junior Chamber of Commerce 

Burton Cohen New York, N. Y. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC; President 
of P.G.U. Block 


Robi in Stan ton Cohen Sprini 


Zeta Beta Tau 

i in I >.ni\ ill i . mini Union I ommitt 

ii • i S 'I I ii uh n. mi. Arm) ROTC ; Phi 

Chi li 

l nivi rsitj ol < olorado 


i ibi 'ii Arts and & i< nces 
Premi ■ 
Pi i Activities: Piei Mini New spapei 
Nav \ Piei l icti nsion "f tin- I rniversity oi 

Harold Roberi Coldwatbb 
l ngineering 
Civil Engineering 

A.S.t I 

li.lii I 1 1 1 r ( .till l'i 


Barry Li w is Coi i 

IJi i rtising 
Barton House 
Alpha Delta Sigma; House President (ii 
Honors Daj 1 1 t 

David Georgi Cole Palmyra 

General Agriculture 
Baptist Student Foundation Student (.ouncil 
(1, 2): Agricultural Council (-1); All-Ag 
Field Day Committee (1); Plowboy Prom 
Committee (3); Agriculture Club; Field and 
Furrow; Hoof and Horn Club, president ( tl ; 
Rural Life Club, president (3) 

Mi i vin JeROME Cole Chicago 


Sigma Alpha Mu 
Interfraternity Council (1, 2) ; Marketing 

Roosevelt College; University of Colorado 

Richard Erwin Cole Chicago 


Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Sigma Iota 

Epsilon ; Accountancy Club, president (4); 

Junior Bar Association ; Navy Pier Alumni 

Association ; Society for the Advancement of 


Honors Day (1, 3, 4) ; University of Illinois 

Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Fred Andrew Collins, Jr Joliet 

General Agricitltuu 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Joliet Junior College 

Richard Allan Colt Maywood 

First Regimental Band (3); Accountancy 
Club ; Society for the Advancement of Man- 

Elmhurst College 


I >l m li Pl ii m ( in vir i ,,„,,.,.„ 

( miiiiii. n 

Political 1 1 onomii i 

i '. Its < in l hi Illini i . i , 

Illini U < it' i hi; Illini I i 

rheatn Casl I I i Studi n( Si nat l i, . Senator) (3); Navy Piei Alumni 

ASMH I. Ill' II 

\.<w Pn i A. iiv iin rn i mini (l 'i 

I .hi Iin i i ' i II" Bravi Sports I ditoi 

i ' I ; Mini, rn Congn is Vii i Pn sidi n( (2) 
v ii .ii . Goll l. .mi ii, ' i Varsity Ba led 
ball i i,2) 

\.n '. I'n i I ■ ii nsion ol the University oi 

Him ill 

DALI Kim ii COLYBR Albion 

Arm iiliiin 
. teral Igrii ulturt 
Honors Day (I, .'. >) ; University of lllinoa 
Si Ii ilarship Key 

M mu 1 1 1 a Edna Comer i 

Liberal Arts ami Si il m i 
Hisloi v 
Helta Sigma Thcta 

Navy I'u i Activities; University Choir | 
()u hesis 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

C I i ia Rom CoNCIALDI Chicago 


// omt Et onomics 

Kappa Delta 

Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Y.W.C.A. 

Committee (4) ; Campus Chest (2) ; W.A.A. 

Ml; Home Economics Club 

David In Condon Decatm 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Landscape Architecture 

Scarab; Campus Chest, Major Chairman (2 1 ; 
Track Manager (2) ; Forsite (2) ; Pershing 
Rifles; Fine and Applied Arts Society; Land- 
scape Architecture Society; Young Republicans 

University of Colorado; University of Cali- 

A i Ian Edward Cone Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Delta Phi 
Illini Union Committee (3) 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Carol Finch Cone Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
French Club ; Russian Language Club ; Por- 
tuguese Club 

Middlebury College 

Edward James Conklin Rockford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Swimming Squad; A.C.S. 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Wisconsin 

Margaret Miles Villa Park 

Home Economics 
Delta Gamma 
Shorter Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet (2, 3), President (4); Y.W.C.A. 
Committee (l. 2, 3) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Gene Arthur Conner. .. .Jacksonville, Fla. 
Physical Education 
Alplu Sigma l J ln 
Campus Chest 111; Varsity Goll Squad (2) ; 
Freshman Varsity Golf Squad (II; Varsity 
Swimming Squad ; Freshman Varsity Swim- 
ming Squad M); Dolphins 111; McKinley 
Foundation Student Council (1, 2); Military 
Hall Committee 12); 1st Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC: Infantry Club; Pershing Rifles; Phy- 
sical Education Majors Club: Rifle and Pistol 
Honors Das ( 1 I 

Diwm Ross Connor, Jr 

Civil Engineering 

A S < I 

. Newton 


Physical Education 
Phi Epsilon Kappa 
Honors Day (3 I 

Missouri Valley College 

Ems \rd Lee Conover, Jr Northlake 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu ; A.I.E.E. - 
I.R.E. ; Synton 

Bins Jean Cook Vrbana 

P 1 i wnnel Management 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai ; Beta Gamma 
Sigma ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi Chi Theta ; 
Illio (1, 2. 3), Business Manager (4); 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); Y.W.C.A. Commit- 
tee (1. 2) ; Commerce Council (4) ; Market- 
ing Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) : University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Brule Ai an Cook .Skokie 

Mechanical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Sigma ; 
Illinois Technograph (1, 2, 3) ; Engineering 
Council (2), president (3) ; A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E. 
Hon-ns Day (I, 3) 

Clair Lei Cook, Jr Ptkm 


Newman Hall 
Ma-Wan-Da; Delta Sigma Rho ; Student 
Senate (3) ; Illini Forensic Association, presi- 
dent 14 1 ; Young Democrats Club 

Donald Joseph Cook Kewanee 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu ; A.I.E.E. — I.R.E. ; Synton 

Paui Mack Cook Chicago 

Industrial Education 
Delta Upsilon 

Wilson Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion ot the University of Illinois 






1 ri i) Mm hi i i. Cooper WilliamsvilU 

General Agriculture 
Farm House 
Alpha /.eta; Illini Union Committee (2); 
Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; Football 
Marching Band (2, 3, 4) ; Second Regimen- 
tal Band (1, 2, 3. 4); University Chorus 
(2); Men's Glee Club (2. 3); Major. Air 
Force ROTC ; Pershing Rifles ; Agricultural 
Education Club; Agriculture Club 
Honors Day i I. .'. ii: University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Frances Ann Corcoran Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Delta Gamma 

Illini Union Committee (4); Campus Chest 

Ml : Terrapin (3, 4) ; Speech Majors Club 

Springfield Junior College 

Joseph William Corley Beecher City 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem ; Tribe of Illini : Var- 
sity Track Squad (2, 3, 4), Captain (4), Let- 
ter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; 
Captain. Army ROTC 

Verna Constance Corley Tuscola 

Physical Education 
Chi Omega 
Committee Y.W.C.A. (3) ; Physical Educa- 
tion Majors Club 

Honors Day (3) : University of Illinois Schol- 
arship Key 

Northwestern University 

Donna Alycf. Corydon Chicago 

Elementary Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (2) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

George Wilford Cossman Nelson 


House President (3) 
Shimer College 

Patsy Ruth Coulson Versailles 

Home Economics 
Evans Hall 
University Chorus (2) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Sarah Jane Councii Aurora 

Home Economics 
Phi Mu 

Wilford Herschel Couts, Jr.. .Beecher City 
Metallurgical Engineeiing 
Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Sigma Mu ; M.I.S., 
president (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 


K. mill i iiu.iNi Cowan Wlford 


mic Engineering 
Lookout Manor 
K. ramos, pr< lidenl i 1 1 . Football Mirching 
B ind nd Regiment*] Band (1, 2) 

( \i\iN Karbison Cowsbrt. , Roticlare 


I 'ocational rigrii ulture 

Son's 1 lomt- 

Al,-li.i Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education 

< lub 

Southi 1 11 Illinois I rniversity 

Ashley iutbman Craig. Jr Chicago 

■ ei i [ik 
i hit I ngint 1 i"" 1 
Phi i i i in I psilon ; Pi Mi I 

Sigma 1. 1. 1 Midshipman, xkok ; A.S.< 1 
11 rs Daj (l. 2) 

loll -V ( I 1 Ml M CSAl I 1 -« 

I Ails and Sciences 

\Yl SlllCIl 

Car m t 

\m-i Caroline Crambr Yale 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Political S, 
Phi Mu 
Moit.u Board; Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda L> 
The Illi", Managei (1, 2) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (i, 2); lllim Theatre Guild Managei 
i i i Panhellenic Executive Council (3), 
president (it: House President (3); Student 

Senab iii ( dination I ommittee (3) ; 

Board ol Panhellenic Affairs (3,4) ; W.G - 
Panhelleni( Coordinating Committee (4) 
Hon >is Day (l) 

Do no El morb Crambr Chit 

Personnel Management 
Chi Phi 

Marketing Club 

Wilson Junior College; Morgan Park Jun- 
ior College 

Barbara Ann Cross Jeneyville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Shorter Board; Torch, president (3) ; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Illini Union 
Committee (1, 2) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(1) ; Campus Chest (1, 2, 3) ; W.A.A. (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

James Edwards Crossley, Jr.. . .Collinsville 


General Agriculture 

Delta Chi 

Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4) ; Illini Rural 

Observer (3); Agriculture Club; Hoof and 

Horn Club 


Lee Crowley Wilmette 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Home Economics 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Mortar Board ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; 
The Illio (1, 2, 3, 4), Associate Editor (4) ; 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); Home Economics 
Club; Marketing Club 


Will 1AM RuSSBI I < ROXVII II , . ., Harry 

Ar Itun 

Agricultural Si ft 

Captain, Aii I ROT< Illini Spo 

Club, president (3, 1); Junioi Bai 

Do < iiiisou i 

i iiit i.ii Aiis and S 

1 1, in b 
Kappa Alpha Pai 
lllim I n < o "t i ill. Navy Pier 

Aim ASSOI i.ili'in 

Pn i l - 1. nsion ol thi I 

III s 

CONSTANCE f it I'lainfield 

Agiii ultun 
i 1 ■ Ei nomid 
Mphs Chi O 
I in i Junioi f ollege 

fOV( B VC'lMsl l li < in in RTSON, 
An u ulture 
II in, Economics 
Kappa Kappa (t.imma 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Charlotte Bernicb Cumhy Lincoln 

h < ountancy 
Hodse President (4); Accountancy Club 
I n, 1 1. In College 

Jiva Lou Cunningham Benton 

1:1, menlary Education 
Busey Hall 
Illini Union Committee (I, 2, 3) 

M\rgaret Ellen Curtiss Stockton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Shi-Ai; Star Course Manager (1, 2); 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (1, 2) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1, 2) 

John Cybulski Chicago 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Newman Hall 
I.A.S. ; Flying Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of ; 

N'orbert Everett Cygan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Sigma Pi 

WILL (4) ; A.I.Ch.E. ; Cyclothem Club; Ger 

man Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Association ■ 

Tall Illini Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University 


Robirt Adam Cygan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (4>; American Society 
for Public Administration; French Club ; Mar- 
keting Club; Society for the Advancement of 

Wright Junior College 

June Antonia Cykele Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Cagle Hall 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; IUSA Social 

Navy Pier Activities: Spanish Club Social 
Honors Day 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Joanne Louise Daigle Rockford 

Home Economics 
Phi Mu 
The Illio (2, 3) 
Rockford College 

Sheila Mavis Daldy. .... .London, England 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Theta Sigma Phi; Star Course Manager (2) ; 
French Club ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Edward Louis Damal Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Engineering Council ; A.S.C.E. 
Kansas University ; Northwestern University 

Mary Gertrude Danaher Wenona 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Mortar Board; Alpha Chron ; Alpha Lambda 
Delta ; Iota Sigma Pi ; W.G.S. Executive 
Council (3), president (4); Student Senate 
(4) ; Committee on Student Affairs (4) ; 
Newman Foundation Student Council (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Dorothea May Dankes Oak Park 

Personnel Management 
University of Miami 

Helen Broome Dates East St. Louis 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day (2) 

Jimmy Dewaine Dates East St. Louis 


Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Floriculture Club 



James Cannon Daugherty. . . .Martinsville 


Animal Science 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Agriculture 

Club; Hoof and Horn Club 

David Oliver Davis Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Newman Foundation Student Council (3) 

Ivan William Davis, Jr Champaign 


Delta Chi 
Star and Scroll ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Concert 
Band (3, 4): Football Marching Band (1, 
2, 3, 4) ; First Regimental Band (1, 2) ; 
Marketing Club; Student Junior Chamber of 
Honors Day (2) 

James Henry Davis Effingham 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Captain, Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta; Scab- 
bard and Blade 

Joyce Janice Davis Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
Busey Hall 
Alpha Alpha Gamma ; A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Kent Raymond Davis Elmhurst 


Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Marketing 

Elmhurst College 

Lowell Wallace Davis, Jr Snlmy 

Industrial Education 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; Flying Club 

Tanner Rigslee Davis Evamton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Penn State College 

Virginia Marion Davis Big Rock 

Home Economics Education 
Theta Upsilon 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Illini Union Committee 
(3, 4) ; Campus Chest (1) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; University Choir (1) ; Women's Glee 
Club (1, 2, 3) ; All-Ag Field Day Commit- 
tee ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 


Kll II Mill III 1)U lsl)\ 

< omn 

I, i )untam \ 

l i i i [ousi 

Alpha Kappa Psi; BeU Alpha Psi; Mini 

i ( ii' i i ' i Pirsl ' ' ^rm 

Kill! \ I mi v ( lull 

Horn Day I 

Id. in in \\ Mini N Da\ ISON ' 

I I!' <l< 

i | veering 

Phi Kappa Sigma 
Northwi si. in I fniv< rsit) . Navj I 

i, i, si. hi ol ili. I i. in is.iv ol Illinois 

M mi I in isi Hi mum. Spuria 

ieral ^rts and Si it nces 
\i.iii i math i 
I i..iis ( Presidi n( in 

Hi s i imin ( rani m< amp. .< incinnali 
I in. and Applied Am 
Sigma < Li 
Gargoyle; Phi Eta sikmi.i ; Scarab; ["he II 
lio ii !) 

Honors Day (1, 2, >) ; University ol III is 

s, holarship Kej 


Robi ii i I in is l)i I'aiw f, , wanei 

I "i i. . 

Ii . 
I .in Kappa I i"ii' '. 
Mini' Union I ommitti i (1 ) Housi i 
mi Captain Army R( > l ( A ntam y 

( lull 

Nancy MiMhian Desmond. Down* 

( .Hiii.ii n 
A< i ounlam v 
Busey Hall 
H Day (1, 3) 

Wish nin H Mini DettRO Effingham 

I .In. .id. hi 
//, m, ntai v Education 
Kappa Delta 
The Him (2) ; Y.W < .A. Committei I 
Honors Day i ! i 

Stephens College; Eastern Illinois State 
( ollege 

\\ II mam III DiVore Jacksonville 

( ommerce 
/ 1 onotn'u i 
Barton House 

lllini Union Committee (3); M.I. A EiW 
Mi i ouncil (3) ; Freshman Week Committei 

Illinois College 

DoMINIO (. ii mi Hi CmSTOFARO Skokie 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Virginia Bird Deeds Paik Forest 

Home Economics 
Delta Delta Delta 
The Illio (1, 2) ; House President i n 


Stuart Edgar DeVore Hinsdale 


Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Theta Phi; lllini 
Union Committee (2) ; lllini Union Board 
(4) , M.I.A. Executive Council (3, 4) ; House 
President (3) ; Student Senate (3) ; Coordi- 
nation Committee (3); Oratorio Society (3, 
4); Illi-Knights; Junior Bar Association; 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Student Junior 
Chamber of Commerce ; Young Republicans 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Norman James Dewey Tiiiimpb 

Electric al Engineeiing 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Western Michigan College- 

William Df Fotis ....Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. : S.A.E. ; Epsilon Phi Sigma (3, 4) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Richard Benjamin Delott Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Wilson Junior College 

Gerald Peter Dempsey Champaign 


Theta Chi 
Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Freshman 
Week Committee (3) ; Interfraternity Ball 
Committee (2); Captain, Air Force ROTC ; 
Marketing Club 



Roger Lee Df.Young Oak Park 

Sigma Pi 

Pi Alpha Xi, president (4) ; The Daily lllini 
(1, 2, 3); WILL (2); Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC ; Floriculture Club 

Walter William Dieckamp. . . .Jacksonville 
College Hall 
Alpha Delta Sigma; lllini Union Board (4) ; 
Major Chairman Union Movies lllini Union 
Committee (3) ; lllini Union Council (3); 
lllini Union Committee (3) ; University Thea- 
tre Cast (1) ; M.I.A. Executive Council (2); 
lllini Union Director, Department of Enter- 
tainment (4) ; Director of 1951 M.I.A. — 
W.G.S. Dads' Day Stunt Show (2) 

Frank Joseph Di Frank. .Bridgeton, N. }■ 
Civil Enginei ring 
Club 311 
Sigma Tau ; Chi Epsilon, president (4) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROYC ; A.S.C.E. 

Carl Dean Dilsaver Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Hi't > i 
Sigma Chi 
Varsity Golf Squad (3, 4); Letter (3, 11: 
Freshman Varsity Gulf Squad 

iMsry Joan Dinsmore Champaign 

liberal Aits and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
mm Course Managei 12), Women's Glee 
Club (2) 

Ronald Lee Dirsmith Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Flagg House 
Orchesis (3) ; A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Phyllis Carrol Dittus Alt. Pulaski 

Institutional Management 
McKinley Hall 
Home Economics Club 
Lindenwood College 

David Arthur Dixon Racine, Wis. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sachem, president (3) ; Phi Eta Sigma; Major 
Chairman Union Movies; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (3) ; Illini Union Council (3) ; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University 
Theatre Crew (1, 2); Y.M.C.A. Board of 
Directors (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (1, 2, 3, 
4) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Campus 
<" best (2); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); 
Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad ; Gym- 
nastics Manager (3) ; Men's Glee Club (1) ; 
Student Religious Council (2); Interfraternity 
Ball Committee (1); Senior Ball Committee 
(31 ; Captain, Army ROTC ; Ordnance Club; 
A.S.M.E. ; Poultry Science Club; Rifle and 
Pistol Club: S.A.E. ; State President of Uni- 
versity Y.M.C.A.'s (3); National Council 
Student Y.M.C.A.— Y.W.C.A. 
Honors Day (2) 

University of Wisconsin 

Stuart Dobbs Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Sigma 
Interfraternity Council (3) 

Joan Dodds Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) ; University 
Theatre Cast 13, 4) 

Howard I. ion Dolinger Miami, Fla. 


Club Esquire- 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Sigma 
Iota Epsilon ; Accountancy Club ; Society for 
the Advancement of Management 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

University of Miami ; Navy Pier Extension 
of the University of Illinois 

Roberi Earli Donahue Carlinville 

907 ' lub 
Accountancy Club; Illini Sportsman's Club 
Blackburn College 


Ric hard Dominic Donatoni Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Flagg House 
A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Activities: Baseball Squad (2) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Gerald Howard Donenberg Chicago 

Northwestern University 

Martha Lee Donnelly Lincoln 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social St ml ik 
Cagle Hall 
University of Colorado 

Thomas Edward Dore Hennepin 


Delta Sigma Pi 
Alpha Delta Sigma ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC ; National Defense Transportation As- 
s ciation ; Pershing Rifles; French Club; Mar- 
keting Club; Student Junior Chamber of Com- 

Earl Franklin Doty Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Psi 
Sigma Delta Pi; Interfraternity Council (3) ; 
Student Junior Chamber of Commerce 

Rae Walter Downey Wakefield, Mass. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Tau Omega 
National Defense Transportation Association 

Edwin H. Drake, Jr Park Ridge 


Marketing Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 
tion ; Society for the Advancement of Man- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Dorothy Marie Drakeford Toledo 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
4-H House 
W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Physical Education 
Majors Club 

Robert Lewis Dreshfield La Grange 

Metallurgical Engineering 

Barton House 
Sigma Tau; Alpha Sigma Mu ; Illinois Tech- 
nograph (2); Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; Ordnance Club; M.I.S. ; Praetorians 





Donna Madeline Drew Dixon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Cagle Hall 
Zeta Phi Eta; House President (4) ; Spanish 

Mount Saint Clare Junior College 

James Richard Dry Oak Park 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Bjrton House 

University ot Dubuque; Galesburg Exten- 
sion of the University ot Illinois 

Donna Marie Deurwachter. . . .Barrington 



Delta Zeta 

Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Mini (1) ; The 

Mio 12) ; Illini Union Committee (3) 

Robert Norman DuFore Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Phi Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu ; IM Rec 
Board (3) ; Major, Army ROTC ; A.I.E.E.— 

Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Basketball 
Squad (1, 2), Letter (1. 2); A.I.E.E.— 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

I Gene Lee Duncan ..Salem 

Division of Special Services 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Southern Illinois University 

Nfal Duncan La Grange P.nk 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Lyons Township Junior College 

Jeanne Marie Dundon Chicago 

Line and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Phi Mu 
University Chorus (3) ; Women's Glee Club 
Clarke College 

Charles Ld\xin Dunn Elwood, Ind. 

I iberal Arts and Sciences 
International Affairs 

Alpha ' in Kin. 
v M ( A < ..i.m, Hi-, mi University ' hoii 
:i | i ■ , Glee < lnl' I I. 2. 3. 4) ; Ora- 
t.,i ... , . < ipl in. \u Force ROTC; 

( lub 

Wii i IAM ( ii i'i i I n, ... 
c ommi i, 

I, mi ( In 

I ,,,,.,, ( , I • I 

• I . ,. < ,.|. I Ann., IIOII , PI 

I i . • I nl ■ i in ( lull 


James Joseph Durbin Chicago 

Lieutenant Colonel, Army ROTC; Junior Bar 
Honors Day (2) 

Daniel Alan Durfee Peoria 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Delta Upsilon 
Scarab; Captain, Army ROTC; Scabbard 1 
and Blade; A. LA. 
Bradley University 

Charles Elsmer Duster Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Phi Alpha 
Pirst Lieutenant. Army ROTC; A.I.A. ; 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Harold Irvin Dycus Mt. Vernon 



Sigma Chi 

Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) ; Baseball Manager 

(2) ; Men's Glee Club (1) ; Major, Air Force 


Richard James Dysart Hinsdale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


LIniversity Theatre Manager (3, 4) ; Illini 

Christian Fellowship (3, 4) ; 2nd Lieutenant. 

Army ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau 

Iowa State College 

James Arlie Eadie Mt. Vernon 

Dairy Technology 
Captain, Army ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Phi 
Chi Eta; Dairy Technology Society 

James Stuart Earl Rockford 

Mechanical Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Gerald Owen Early Peoria 

\l.. banical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
( adet, Air Force ROTC 
Bradley I fniversitj 

Wii i. iam I Ii \in I BBINGHAUS 

I Iberal Aits and Sciences 
Political Si 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Illini Forensi< Association 


Floriculture Club, President (4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Patricia Mary Eckebrecht Park Ridge 

Elementary Education 
Beloit College 

Dorothy Margaret Eckert. 
Wright Junior College 

. Chicago 

Fred William Edick McLeansboio 


Chi Psi 
Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Marketing Club, 
president (4) 

1 -. -. 

t . 9 

Dan Louis Eilers Edwardsvillt 


Beta Theta Pi 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Major, Army ROTC; 
Scabbard and Blade, captain (4) ; Illini In- 
surance Society; Illini Sportsman's Club; 
Marketing Club . Student Junior Chamber of 

Anzolette Ruth Eipper Flossmooi 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Illini Union Committee (I, 2, 3) 

Alan Bernard Eirinberg Chicai 


Zeta Beta Tau 
Alpha Delta Sigma ; Illini Union Committee . 
Alumni Association Board; Second Lieuten- 
ant, Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta; Scabbard 
and Blade; Marketing Club; Illini Sports- 
man's Club 

I.yle Henry Ellicott Vandalia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Illini University Theatre (1); Campus Chest 

(3) ; Interfraternity Council (3) ; Alpha Rim 

Tau; Illini Forensic Association 

Joan Rose Edinburg Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Alpha Chron ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Iota 
Sigma Pi ; Omega Beta Pi ; The Daily Illini 
(1, 2) ; Illini Llnion Committee (3) ; A.C.S. 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Donald Lee Edwards Staunton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Illini Union Board (4) ; Major Chairman Il- 
lini Town Meeting Illini Union Committee 
(3) ; Illini Union Council (3) ; Illini Union 
Committee (1, 2. 3); M.I. A. Executive 
Council (2) ; House President (2) ; Football 
Marching Band (2, 3. 4) ; First Regimental 
Band (2, 3. 4) ; Second Regimental Band 

(1) ; Illini Sportsman's Club 

Minnie Roberta Edwards Avon 

Home Economics Education 
Presbyterian Hall 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 

(2) ; McKinley Foundation Student Council 

(3) ; Home Economics Club 

Beveri y Dorthea Egeland La Grange 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Illini Union Committee (4) ; Campus Chest 
(3) ; Women's Glee Club (3) 
Lyons Township Junior College 

Jack Jay Eggspuchler Rock Island 

Division of Special Services 
Augustana College 

Gwendolyn Deloris Ellison Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Christian Science Organization 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

William Edwin Ely Clinton 

Mechanical Engineering 
Colonial Manor 

Norman Darcy Emmerich Springfield 

Commerce and Law 
Delta Sigma Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Conceit 
Band (1, 2, 3) ; Football Marching Band (I, 
2, 3) ; Wesley Foundation Student Council 
(2); Illini Insurance Society; Junior Bar 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Henry Ryuzo ' Emoto Chicago 

General Agriculture 
Barton House 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phi Chi 
Eta ; Floriculture Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Alan Coulter England Decatur 

Engineering Physics 
Chi Psi 
Sigma Tau; Illini Union Committee (2); 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; Illinois Tech- 
nograph (4) ; Physics Society; United World 
Federalists, president (3, 4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 


Lois Enright Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speet h ( ' <" rection 
Theta Upsilon 
Shorter Board: Shi-Ai ; /.eta Phi Eta; 
Major Chairman, Spring Musical Mini Union 
Committee (3) ; Major Chairman, Homecom- 
ing Stunt Show Mini Lfnion Committee (II ; 
Mini Union Council (3. 4): Mini Union 
Committee (1, 2. 3): University Theatre 
Cast Hi; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House Presi- 
dent (3) ; WILL (1. 2, 3) 

Greta May Erickson Champaign 

Alpha Phi 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; 
rheta Sigma Phi; The Mio II, 2), Assistant 
Editor (3) ; Mini Union Committee (1.21 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Donald Walter Ernst Chicu 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Prt medicine 

Theta Chi 

Tomahawk; Tribe of Mini; Varsity Football 

Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman 

Varsity Football Squad; Ordnance Club 

Merrmm Ernst Kirkuiood, Mo. 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Mini Union Committee (1) : House President 

ill: Terrapin (1, 2, 3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 

: I ; Physical Education Majors Club 

M m k Moody Ernster Hinsdale 

Dairy Technology 
Delta Tau Delta 
Captain, Army ROTC ; Dairy Technology 

John Clark Esarey Ml. Cat mil 

Teacher Training in Agriculture 

Agricultural Education Club 

James Edward Esch Bloomington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

IAS Council (2) ; Phi Chi Eta 

(Am William Eschman BellevilU 

I 1 1 I ■ II l . SI III: 

/ /. , hi, ,d Engini < ring 
All I J.R.E. 
Bi Ihv ill) Township I i < olli g< 

Ho i i. ( mm i s Esper < 

i omn 

i i ling 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Marketing ' lul> 
m D Ml 

Jean Essary 


. Chicag, 



James Samuel Eustice Elmhurst 

Commerce and Lau 
/.eta Psi 
Sachem ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sign., 
Phi Alpha Delta; Daily Mini, Senior \i 
ager (3); Intci fraternity Council (1 2) 
Varsity Golf Squad (3) ; Basketball Manager 
(2); Tumor Bar Association; Marketing 
Club; Society for the Advancement of Man- 
."::ment \ oung Republicans Club 
Honors Day (1, 2 3) 

. Chicago 

Diane Roberta Evans 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
S\gma Delta Tau 
Mini Union Committee (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee I 1 I 

Richard Jay Evanson Chicago 

Interfraternity Council (3); Major, An For. e 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Richard Kenneth Eyman 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Joliet Junior College 


Jamis Edward Fagerburg Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC; Arnold Air Society 

Dale Duane Fahlbeck Rockford 

Industrial Administration 
University Theatre Cast (l); Varsity Riflc 
Squad (2. 3, 4) ; Second lieutenant. An 
Force ROTC; Mini Sportsman's Club: Rifle 
and Pistol Club; Russian Language Club, 
Society for the Advancement of Management 

Hui.iui Ki sun i Fahnbstoi k ( riant 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
A ( u i.i 
Sc.ibuiy Foundation Student Council II. 2 
i, ii. s " ond I I. utenant, Anm RO I < 
Cyclothem Club; Mini Sportsman's Club 

Robi hi ln\ i\i, l wm\ 
l ngini 
S A I 


Robert Fantl Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Hhtot i 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Baroon Rashid Farman-Farmaian 

Teheran, Iran 
Engineei ing 
.Ui chanical Engint i ring 



Douglas Ross Farr 


Football Marching Band (1, 
Regimental Band (1, 2, 3. -i) ; Men's Glee 
Club (1) ; Oratorio Society (2) ; Second lieu- 
tenant. Army ROTC ; Phalanx 

3, 4 1 ; Fust 

. Chicago 

Barbara Dale Fedor 

Secretarial Training 

Phi Mu 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1) 

Harlan LeRoy Feldkirchner Maywood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
A.I.Ch.E., President (4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Grace Carol Feldman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Biology 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

Arlie Emmett Fender lola 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studii > 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

James Robert Fenwick Harvey 

Aeronautical Engineering 

Margaret Joy Ferguson Chicago 

Beta House 
House President (4) ; University Chorus (3) 
Thornton Junior College 

Orrin Teddy Earl Ferris K»< 

Vlorit ulturi 
Floriculture Club 
Western Illinois State ( ollege 

Rl\ i \ Mi Ii rsi Chit ag 

Eli mi ui. m Edut ation 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
mini Union Committee (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. 
Committee (1, 2) 

National College of Education; Navy I'm 
Extension of the University of Illinois 

Richard Henry Fields Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Mathematit < 
Newman Hall 
Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 

Navy Pier Extension of the University o'l 

Arnold Kerp Fieser Peru 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; A.F.S. 

LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Thomas Harley Fife Kankak 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Dorthy Ann Figge Collinsville 

Home Economics 
Delta Gamma 
Omicron Nu, president (4) ; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Star Course Manager (2); All-Ag 
Field Day Committee (3) ; Home Economics 
Council (4) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Myron Samuel Fink Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia 
Honors Day (3) 

Eastman School of Music ; Juilliard School 
of Music 

Bfrnice Clare Finkelman.. 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3. 4) 


James Warren Finley Utica 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Football Marching 
Band (1, 2, 3, 4); First Regimental Band 
(2, 3, 4); Second Regimental Band ( 1 ) : 
Men's Glee Club (2) 



Edward Henry Finneran, Jr Wilmette 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Kappa 
Tau Nu Tau; A. I. A. 
Honors Day (1) 

William Franklin Firke.. 
Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (2. 3) 

. Urbana 

Dale Arnold Fischer ...Chicago 

Accountancy and Finance 
Lundgren House 
Accountancy Club ; Finance Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Sonia Cyvia Fischmann Chicago 

Keeler Klub 
Phi Chi Theta ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Mary Jane Fishel Tolono 

Home Economics Education 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Shorter Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Upsilon 
Om.'cron; The Illio (1, 2); Mini Union 
Committee (1, 2) ; Star Course (1, 2, 3), 
Junior Manager (3); Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(1) ; House President (4) ; Home Economics 

John Norman Fisher Brookfield 

Aeronautical Engineering 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Marianne Fisher Fithian 

Home Economics 
McKinley Hall 
University Chorus (1); All-Ag Field Day 
Committee (3) ; Home Economics Club 

Patricia May Fitzgerald Watseka 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

1 1 i\lory 

1 "" "I" A' ir Residence 

B LED Ul \ Joan FLANAGAN, . . . 

I dm ,iti-[ 
Sot id \i,.,li, , 
Alpha ' hi I >,,,< ga 
Mini I 'nion ( ommittei (1) ; w A A i i 

il...,., i Da) | ! i 



James William Fleischer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Star and Scroll ; Phi 
Eta Sigma; The Daily Mini (I) ■ The IMin 
(1.. 2 3), Editor (4); Mini Union Com 
m.ttee (12); Star Course Manager (T 
Campus Chest (I); House President 4 ' 
^ enior D B ^» Committee (2); First Lieutenant' 
Army ROTC : German Club 
Honors Day (I ) 

David Lowell Flesher Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

William I.ei.and Flesher Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

James Hamilton Fletcher Springfield 

Elementary Education 
Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; University Thea- 
tre Manager (3) ; University Theatre Student 
Staff (4) 

Ronald Neil Flores Chicago 

Alpha Chi Rho 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Mini Union Board (4); 
Mini Union Committee (2) ; Board of Frater- 
nity Affairs (4) ; Interfraternity Council (3, 
4) ; House President (3) ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ernest Richard Fluder Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Virginia Ruth Foertsch a,. 

Physical Education 
Cagle Hall 
Physical Education Majors Club; UniveiMtv 
Theatre (4) 
Ripon College 

Barry Stuari Fogblson Chicago 



Zeta Beta I au 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Mini Union Committee 

(2, >) ; Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad; 

< aptain, Air Force ROTC 

Clive Alii \ Follmer Forrtst 

Commtrci and Lmi> 
\, a< i.i 
M.i w .in Da Sachem, president (3) ; Alpha 
Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Tribe ol Mini, 
P£ esiden j ". I) i Varsity Basketball Squad 
1 '• ; 1) ; Letter (2. 3, 4) ; Freshman \ 
sity Basketball Squad . Varsity Baseball Squad 
U. 3. 4) Letter (I, 3. 4); Freshman V.n 
sity Baseball Squad , A,thleti< ( ouncil i I 4) 

1 9 mmi "' ' " l! < ; > ■ Military Hall ( am 

""it" (4) ; Second I it ut< nant, Army RO I ( 
Phi ' hi l i.i . Accountancy ( lub . [unioi I 

Assocu , Marketing ( lub; Ralph w Is 

M< il I rophy m. Athleti< and Scholai 

;h'D Hi" i,ii i , rence Medal (4) ; D 

Minn Athlete ol Veai i n 
Honors Day i i i 

Kathryn Margret Folts Chenoa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Sigma Delta Pi ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (2, 3> 

Jack Robfrt Fontana Springfielo 

Foreign Trade 
Chi Phi 
Skull and Crescent; Interfraternity Council 
I : i : Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC ; 
Marketing Club; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Charles Vivian Fort Armington 

General Agriculture 
Theta Chi 
Tribe of Illini; Varsity Baseball Squad (2, 3. 
4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Base- 
ball Squad ; Midshipman, NROTC 

John Theodore Fortman Hinsdale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Medea Lodge 
House President (4) ; Engineering Council 
(4) ; A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4) 
Lyons Township Junior College 

Robert Austin Fosnaugh Clinton 

Civil Engineering 
Colonial Manor 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Chi Epsilon ; M.I. A. Execu- 
tive Council (2, 3, 4) ; House President (4) ; 
Second Regimental Band (1); McKinley 
Foundation Student Council (4) ; Campus 
Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (4) ; 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Gordon La Verne Fowler 

Mechanical Engineering 



Barbara Klein Fox 

Elementary Education 
Keeler Klub 
Kappa Delta Pi 
Honors Day (2) 

George Allen Fox .Dudley 

Industrial Administration 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; Campus Chest 
(1) ; Baptist Foundation Student Council (2, 
3), president (4) ; Major, Air Force ROTC; 
Arnold Air Society 

Shayle Phillip Fox 

Honors Day (2, 3) 
Drake University 

. Chicago 

\ X 


Roberi Eugene Praia Salt 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Varsity Football Squad (2, 3, 4); Freshman j 
Varsity Football Squad; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC ; National Defense Transportation As- ] 
Honors Day (3) 

Floyd Dinnis France Chicago 


Lundgren House 
Marketing Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Edward Frank Chicago 


Phi Sigma Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma; Interfraternity Council (2) ; 
Student Senate (3); Hillel Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (2) ; Commerce Council (3, 4) ; 
Illini Insurance Society 
Honors Day (1) 

Jean Franz Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
W.A.A. (3, 4) 

Springfield Junior College 

Allen Roy Freeman Chicago 

Newman Hall 
Marketing Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 
tion ; Young Democrats Club 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Joseph Little Fribley Paint 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Delta Phi; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; Young 
Democrats Club ; Junior Bar Association ; 
Scabbard and Blade; Lieutenant Colonel. 
Army ROTC 

Gus Michael Friedman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Zeta Beta Tau 

Illini Union Committee (1) ; Star Course 

Manager (2) ; Captain, Air Force ROTC; 

Spanish Club 

Idelle Sima Friedman Chicago 


Education of the Deaf and Hard Hi. nun; 

Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall 
Mu Iota Sigma; W.A.A. (3) 

Wright Junior College 

James Friend Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Illini Union Committee (3); Hillel Founda- 
tion Student Council (3) ; French Club; Navy 
Pier Alumni Asociation 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ot 



(,\rold David Fritchey Claremont 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemiili v 

Margaret Ann Fry Ml. Vernon 

Elementary Edit cation 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
MacMurray College; Illinois Wesleyan Uni- 
\ ersitj 

Frans Hialmar Fryksdaee Chicago 

Hi ■ banii al En gin i ering 
Committee on Student Discipline; Illini Chris- 
H'an Fellowship (3, 4) ; Cadet, Army ROTC . 
A.S.M.E. ; Navy Pier Alumni Association . 
Physics Society; S.A.E. ; Tall Illini Club; 
Lutheran Student Center 

Navy Pier Activities: Member of A.F.S. 

Navy Pier Extension of the LJniversity of 

Anna Chieko Fujita Chicago 

L l Oh iit.iin ) 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Beta Alpha Psi ; W.A.A. (3, 4); Account- 
ancy Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Roy Funkhouser Chicago 

Morgan Park Junior College; Iowa State 

John Dewain Gabor Cicero 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Illini 
Christian Fellowship (3) ; A.I.Ch.E. 
Morton Junior College 

Robert Joseph Gabrielli. .Chicago Heights 

Physical Education 

Health Education 
Theta Xi 
Omega Beta Pi. Illini Union Committee (3, 
M. Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha 
Rho Tau; Physical Education Majors flub 

' '<> " ! DIN) I >'H OR] s Gaddi Cicero 

I ibi Arts and Si " mis 
' ' «i ' ■ ' / raining in U.//A, mat'h 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Pi D< It. i Phi II iusi iv idi mi (3) Tall II 

lim ( lub 

- mi Sainl I. 

PATRIC1 I hum v, GA1 l l\ AN / 


I , ,.- i 

rheta i ippa Phi 

i Upha Agricultural I . onomii s 

I lub Am, ill. ,i ,i i dm njon I I. i. 



Pl ieh GALUK y-Jk Core 

General Agriculture 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Horticul- 
ture Club; Illini Sportsman's Club 

Roy Gentry Ganote East St. I.,,,,,. 

General Agriculturt 
Kappa Sigma 
Skull and Crescent: Intramural Manager (2) ; 
Alpha Rho T.hi 

Luis Fernando Garcia. . .Bogota. Colombia 
1:1 1 1 1 ucal Engineering 
University of the Andes 

Carlos Garcia-Reyes Bogota. Colombia 

Civil Engineering 
A.S.C.E.; Rifle and Pistol Club 
University of the Andes 

Caroline Mae Garnier Tucson, Ariz. 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Marketing Club 

Loyola University; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Charles Edward Gathers. . .Boulder. Col,. 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Gargoyle; Scarab, president (4); Fine and 

Applied Arts Council (4) ; Captain. Armv 


University of Colorado 

JOANN] ATANASOFF Gathers . Boulder, Colo. 

Fine and Applied Arts 

In Education 

Chi Omega 

Delta Phi Delta; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (i); 

W.A.A. (3, -ll 

University of Colorado 

Mary Jeanetti Gbrdes n 

Elena hi. ii i Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Moit.u Board : Torch ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee i.' i : Y.W.C.A. Committe* (S I) 
Campus (lust i .', i, ii. Associate Din 
in. sin, I, ni Senate i s. 1 1 ; Campus I 
Alienations and Advisory Board in 
Hon, us Daj I si 

I 'lll\ CI si(\ ol \\ isc olislll 

Doris m irii Gi rson D 

I .III, III, Ml 
I . | . . . 

McKinlej Hall 
VI eslej I mum, I. in, ,u Studi nl ( ouncil ( >. <) 
Honors Dai i 1 1 

Howard Am i n Gerstein Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pre-Medii im 

phi Epsilon Pi 

LAS Council I v ii 

William Eugene Getzen. . . .Elkhom. W'n. 

Chi Psi 
Skull ami Crescent, president (2) ; Sigma 
Tau Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Campus 
Chest (II. Student Senate (2); Varsity 
Baseball Squad (2, 3, 4); Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad; Major, Air Force ROTC; 
Illinois Society of General Engineers, presi- 
dent (3, 4) . . 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 

Scholarship Key 

Erntst Dr. Ghanotakis 

Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
University of Illinois Scholarship Key 

Gkorgf William Gibson Dixon 

Division of Special Services 
Holmes Dormitory 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Herbert Nathaniel Gibson Danville 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 

Alpha Phi Alpha 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (3); University Theatre (2, 3, 4); 
Interfraternity Council (2); House President 
(2) ; University Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Univer- 
sity Chorus (2, 3) ; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 
3. 4) ; Madrigal Chorus (2, 3 I 

Eastern Illinois State College 

William Shfpard Gibson, Jr Chicago 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Illini Union Committee (3) : University Thea- 
tre Cast (2 I 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Marlyn Eugene Gieseking Hand 


Electrical Engineering 

Lookout Manor 

M.I. A. Executive Council (3, 4); Major, 

Air Force ROTC; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Gamma 


Barry Paul Gilbert Chicago 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Campus Chest (2) ; Campus Chest Alloca- 
tions and Advisory Board (2) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; Accountancy Club 

Jane Pittenger Gili 

Eh mentary Education 
Bucknell University 

. Urbana 

l)i i oris Jean Gillan Coir 

Fine and Applied Aits 
U/. i/, Education 
Sigma Alpha Iota; University Choir (2, 
i i : Oratorio society (1 ) 
Honors Da) i 5 1 

[ames Edward Gillespie Chicago 

Newman Hall 

Marketing Club; Navy Pier Alumni Ass 


Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Jov Francis Gilpin Brentwood, .11". 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Social Science 
Pi Beta Phi 
French Club 
Drury College 

Li xorl Marif Glanz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mask and Bauble; Illini Union Committee 
(1) ; Illini Theatre Guild Manager (2. 3, 
4) ; Illini Theatre Guild Crew (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
French Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Charlfs Nachman Glass. . 
Lundgren House 
Northwestern University 

. Chicago 

Lloyd Nfil Glamce Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); Basketball Man- 
ager (2) ; Cyclothem Club 

Barbara Louise Gleason Chn agt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; Young Re- 
publicans Club 

Ronald Morton Glink Chicago 

- Commerce 

Commerce and Lau 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Nu Beta Epsilon ; Second Lieutenant, Army 

ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau; Junior Bar Assou.i 


Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Il- 
linois Scholarship Key 

Dei Louis Glufck Baton Rog/n . /..<- 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
Scarab. Major, Army ROTC; Scabbard and 
Blade ; Tau Nu Tau 

Louisiana State University 


Bprnard GroRCE Goetze M.apleton 


Teacher Training In Agriculture 

Son's Home 

Alpha Tau Alpha: Agricultural Education 

Club; Agriculture Club; Illini Sportsman's 

Club; Rural Life Club 

Illinois State Normal University 

Paul Alan Gold Chicago 

Beta Alpha Psi ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Elaine Judith Goldberg Orange, N. ]■ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University Theatre (2) 
Seton Hall University 

Robert Goldberg Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Phi Epsilon Kappa; Physical Education Ma- 
jors Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Robert Neil Goldffder. .New York. N. )'• 
Fine and Applied Arts 
House President Twin Pines Co-op (3) ; First 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho Tau 
Honors Day (I ) 

Martin Eugene Goldstein Chicago 


Tau Epsilon Phi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Account- 
ancy Club; Marketing Club 

J. Ernest Gonzales Oxnard, Calif. 

Fine Arts 

Architectural Design 

Alpha Rho Chi 

Major Chairman Block I Design, Illini Union 

Committee (3) ; Illini Union Committee Block 

I Design (2); Illini Theatre Guild Design 
Staff (3, 4) ; Fine and Applied Arts Council 
(3) ; A. I. A. 

Ventura College 

( H Mil I , I hum \s ( (OODH l l 

Bartlesville, Ohl.t. 

I iberal Aits and Si ii ni i s 

Chemi\t\ \ 

Ph I ta Sigma Phi l ambda Upsilon ; Pi Mi 

i psilon Studi nl Si nate (2 i ( lass Pn sident 

(2); Midshipman, NROTC ; A.C.S. 

II mors I >•-. (i, ,) 

A Eli; dm / i .■ . ute, In I. 

i ibi i.i I An ii ■ 
Alpha Epsil I 
Illini i nion I i mmitli i (1, !) 
Cheit (1) Pn .inn. in '-I -I i ommitl 

^ ». 



Arne Edwin Goranson Chicago 

Lundgren House 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Accountancy Club ; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association 
Honors Day (I, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Marks Gordon Chicago 

Pi Lambda Phi 

University of Pennsylvania ; De Paul Uni- 

Wilfred Edwin Gould, Jr Morrison 

Agricultural Engineering 
Major, Army ROTC ; Ordnance Club ; Persh- 
ing Rifles'; A.S.A.E. 

June Rose Grafno Libertyvilta 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Clyde Benjamin Graham, Jr. 

Richland. Wash. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi Omega; Omega Beta Pi; Varsity 
Wheelchair Basketball Squad (2, 3, 4), Let- 
ter (2, 3, 4), Captain (3, 4) ; Delta Sigma 
Omicron ; German Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Washington State College 

Everett Paul Grahn Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Activities: Omega Beta Pi; 
Gamma Delta 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Richard Henry Gramann Beardstown 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Mathematics 
Football Marching Band (2, 3) ; Second 
Regimental Band (1, 2, 3) ; German Club 

Mu n. u i Ai i xandj is Gramme. 
ii . ! anient Engineering 
\ S M.E. 
Sainl Procopius College 

William I i>\\ ard Gratian \llon 

Cornmi a i 
Sigma \i 

li .iii rnit) < oun< il (3, 1 1 . Housi I n in. Firsl l ieutenant, Armj ROTC; 
Uphs Rho i. in . Swbbard and Blade 

Janet Lu Green Urbana 

Libera] Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
The Daily Mini (1): Student Senate (3) 

ji ssii Carrol Green Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Worn- 
tn\ Glee Club (l) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Velma Martha Green DannlU 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Biological Science 
Petit Maison 

.Downers Grove 

House President 

William Austin Green... 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Interfraternity Council (2); 

Honors Day (3) 
Kalamazoo College 

Leonard Sherman Greenberg Joliet 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Campus Chest (3) ; A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. 
Joliet Junior College 

Tobv Pearl Greenberg Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W.A.A.; University Chorus (3) 
Wright Junior College 

Eunice Hammond Greene Chicago 

Elemental y Education 
Li .wry Lodge 
Mini Union Committee (3) 
Honors Day (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Eldon Hoyt Greenwood Coffeen 

Farm Management 

Alpha Zeta ; Phi Eta Sigma ; House Presi- 
dent (4); Agricultural Council (3); All-Ag 
Field Day Committee (2) ; Plowboy Prom 
Committee (2) ; Second Lieutenant, Air Force 
ROTC; Agricultural Economics Club, presi- 
dent (3); Agriculture Club; Field and Fur- 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

John Fred Greenwood Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Sigma Chi 
Football Marching Band (2, 3) ; First Regi- 
mental Band (1, 2, 3) ; Infantry Club 

— ■ 

Iswkimi Wilbur Gregory, Jr.. . .Watseka 

7 ,. u Am Training in Agriculture 
I i ii Lout Manor 
M.I. A. Executive Council (3) ; House Presi- 
dent I i I : Agricultural Education Club; Agri- 
culture Club; Rural Life Club 

RONA1 D III ( rl<l II 

l i mom) 
Colonial Manor 

Alpha Zeta 
Honors Day 11. i i 


■ Chicago 

Mk iin i Jam) s Griffin 

Mining Engineering 
Varsity Track Squad (1, 2) ; Newman Foun- 
dation Student Council (3, 4); M.L.S. ; 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the Universit) ol 

Joshua Todd Griffith III. . .Highland Park 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Eileen Mary Grigai.unas Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Cagle Hall 
Zeta Phi Eta; House President (3) 
Springfield Junior College 

Doris Jane Griva Benld 

Elementary Education 
Price Club 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Campus Chest (1) 
Honors Day (I, 2) 

Virginia Rose Grollemond Elgin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Cagle Hall 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Alpha Theta ; French 
Club ; Young Democrats Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Janet Gronberg Dixon 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Society of Illustrators; 
University Chorus (2); Fine and Applied 
Arts Council (2, 3), president (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Dorothy Mielke Grossman. . .Coal Valley 
Commercial Teaching 
Alpha Chron, president; Phi Chi Theta; 
W.A.A. (2); W.G.S. Executive Council 
(3); McKinley Foundation Student Council 
(3); W.G.S. Ball Committee (3) 
Honors Day (1) 


William Paul Gruber Chicago 

Lundgren House 
Sigma Delta Chi 

NaVj Pier Activities: Pier Illini News- 
paper (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Nick John Guardalabene Forest Park 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Chi Psi 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; University The- 
atre Cast (3) ; House President (4) 

William Arthur Guegel, Jr Quincy 

Phi Kappa Tau 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
Quincy College 

Ronald Gunther Chicago 

Chi Phi 
Sigma Delta Chi ; University Theatre Cast 
(2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) ; Inter- 
fraternity Council (3) ; WILL (2) ; Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Illini Forensic As- 

George Bruce Gurney ■ • Ottawa 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. 
Bradley University 

Samuel Gutierrez Chicago 

Flagg House 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
Wright Junior College 

Donald Francis Guzolek Chicago 


Men's Glee Club (1) ; Marketing Club 

I . i< i Am 1 1 Hackiiarth 

Arlington Height' 

III.. i ii, .m ; Illini Union < om 
mittee (2, 3); Spanish Club 

Bari i' Im Hagbman CI i' 

l dui ation 
ll il 

\V, A A (3 ii Na> | Pi( i Alumni A 

I ,1) [||ini I 

II I .. I . 

Pici i I ■ ol thi Ut\ 'iii'. "i 



». »V- 

Jo Anne Hagnauer Wank 

Elementary Education 
Delta Gamma 
Torch; Shi-Ai ; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2) : Y.W.GA. Committee (1, 2) ; Campus 
Chest (1, 2, 3); W.A.A. (1); Panhellenic 
Executive Council (3) ; Freshman Council 
(1) ; Panhellenic Ball Committee (2) 

Thomas Henry Haining Chicago 

General Agriculture 
Delta Phi 
Captain, Army ROTC: Agriculture Club 

Georgia Alberta Hall Litchfield 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Sigma Alpha Iota; The Illio (1); Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2) ; Star Course Man- 
ager (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee; Con- 
cert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Orchestra 
(2) ; Navy Sponsor (4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

I.ieby Shallabarger Decatur 


Sigma Pi 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Illini Union Committee 
(1); Tribe of Illini; Fencing Manager (2, 
3 ) ; Senior Fencing Manager ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; National Defense 
Transportation Association 

Ruth Eileen Hall Carrollton 



Phi Mu 

Torch (3) ; Alpha Chron (2) ; Theta Sigma 

Phi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3), City Editor 

(4) ; Illini Union Committee (1) 

Gwen Therese Halm Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Mathematics 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Campus Chest (1) : Newman Foundation 
Student Council (1, 2. 3, 4) 

James Harold Hamilton McLeansboro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
M.I. A. Executive Council (3) 
McKendree College 

John Rom hi HAMILTON Bridgeport 

Sigma Pi 
Sigma Delta ( hi 

I astern Illinois State College 

Marilyn Ann Handrock Crystal Lai* 

Physii .il I ducal 

Physic* I tion 

(. .iniin.i 1 1, IUS< 

\l,.|,.i ( hron Alpha Sigma Nu . W.A.A 

ii - , ii, l iiiiui.iii i , '1111.1.111,111 Student 
, ,„,,,, ,1 i ' ,i (..illini,. 1 1, in 
i | u b , Physical 1 ducation M ijors I 

m is Daj M, '. - 1 Universitj ol tllinoil 

Scholarship K,v 

Seymour Handwerker Chicago 



Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Mini (3, 4); 

Illini Union Committee (3) ; Navy Pier 

Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini, Editor (2) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

John Bradford Haney Arthur 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Second Regimental 
Band (3) 
Honors Day (3) 

Richard Hangren Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Phi Kappa Tau 

Alpha Phi Omega ; Second Lieutenant, Army 

ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau; Pershing Rifles; 

Phalanx ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charles Keith Haning Delavan 


General Agriculture 


Agricultural Economics Club ; Agriculture 

Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Rural Life 


Bluffton College 

James Francis Hannagan, Jr. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Electrical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Class Presi- 
dent (1) ; Freshman Council President (1) ; 
Battalion Executive Officer NROTC ; Armed 
Forces Council ; Navy Council ; Scabbard 
and Blade 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

William Donald Hannen Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Architectural Engineering 

Alpha Delta Phi 

Scarab; Illini Union Committee (4) ; A.I.A. ; 

Navy Pier Alumni Association; Tall Illini 

Club; Young Republicans Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Marif. Agnes Hans Wordeu 

Home Economics 
Beta House 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (4); Home 
Economics Club 

Gerald Lee Hansen Chicago 

Agricultural Science 
Parade Ground Units 
Alpha Phi Omega; M.I. A. Executive Council 
(4); Agriculture Club; Horticulture Club 
Wright Junior College 

Roufkt William Hansen Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Omega Beta Pi 
Honors Day (3) 

I low land Bruce Hanson Stanford 

General Agriculture 
Son's Home 
House President (4) ; Captain, Air Force 

(.iiirge Victor Haramy. .Bethlehem. 


Mechanical Engineering 


A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E. ; Moslem Students Associa- 

Millikin University 

George William Hardbeck. .. .Edwardsville 
Division of Special Services 
Labor Economics 
German Club 

Patsy Ruth Hardimau. .Jefferson City, Mo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Zeta Phi Eta; Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4) 
Lincoln University: Florida A & M College 

Robert Harold Hardin Gordon, Nebr. 

Electrical Engineering 
Parade Ground Units 
Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Y.M.C.A. 
(1) ; House President (1) ; Illinois Techno- 
graph (1, 3) ; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

John Windsor Harding Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Tomahawk ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 
Phi Lambda Upsilon ; House President (3); 
Wesley Foundation Student Council (3) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.I.Ch.E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 


- - 

Mechanical Engineering 


Star and Scroll; Phi Eta Sigma; First Lieu- 

tenant, Army ROTC 

^m /M 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 

H ■ 



' Education 


Elementary Education 



Busey Hall 

k / 

Tall Illini Club 


St. Xavier College 

Donald Joseph Harris Effingham 



Accountancy Club 


Eastern Illinois State College 



Edward Freidkin Harris Chicago 

Phi Epsilon Pi 
Wilson Junior College 

Fredrick Wade Harris Murphysboro 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Pershing 

Southern Illinois University 

John Oscar Harris Mendota 

Dairy Technology 
Phi Eta Sigma; House President (3) ; Cadet, 
Army ROTC; Dairy Technology Society 
Honors Day (3) 

Dorothy Frances Hartigan Skokie 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Shorter Board ; Torch ; Mask and Bauble ; 
lllini Union Committee (2) ; University Thea- 
tre Manager (2, 3) ; University Theatre Cast 
(2, 3) 
College of St. Teresa 






Theta Pi 

Knox College 

Richard Wallace Haskins. .Downers Grovt 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); Tribe of lllini ; 
Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad ; Varsity 
Baseball Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National 
Defense Transportation Council 

Louise Ann Hausman Berwyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 

Morton Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
s if the University of Illinois 

Lois June Havii 

Physical Education 
Prii • •■■■■« 

1 I .In, ation Majors Club 
Morton [ui ' ollege 

li, in yn 

Hi i (iras Fay Hawks Granite City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
IH House 
lllini Union- Committee (3) 
Central College 

Henry Franklin Hay Gillespm 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Colonial Manor 
Southern Illinois University 

Jane Susanne Hayes Du Quoin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Mortar Board; lllini Union Committee (1, 
2) ; Star Course Manager (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Fresh- 
man Council; University Chorus fl); Con- 
cert and Entertainment Board (4) ; Convoca- 
tions Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) 

John Gilmore Hayes Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Robert Harry Hayes ....La Grange 

Phi Gamma Delta 
skull and Crescent; lllini Union Committee 
(1. 2) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; House 
President (3, 4) ; Freshman Council (1) ; 
Intramural Manager (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Midship- 
man, NROTC ; Navy Council ; Marketing 

Charles Edward Haynes Chicago 


Electrical Engineering 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Pershing 

Rifles; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Navy Pier Alumni 


Galesburg ; Navy Pier Extension ol the 
University of Illinois 

Sue Jane Hays Maltoon 

Elementary Education 
Delta Gamma 
lllini Union Spring Musical (3) 
Stephens College 

Roberi William Havward, Jr Eaiifield 

(,. m ral Agricultun 
\\ esmen 
sl ,m,l Regimental Band li. 2); Student Re 

lii;,,, us ( ouncil li. II. Wesley Foundation 

Studi ni < oun< ii is. ii; Horticulture Club 



BunroRU m , i I Iawkins Ml. I '< men 

|< MOII.lllSMI 

I'lll.l ( III 

i iii, i i, ( I,, , i i i i 1 1 ii„ ol lllini Varsity 

Goll V|u id (2 'i I .ii, . i ' i, < ip 

i i Major, Am l Kiin Markel 

i.i ( lob 


Ki n li M won ii II tZZARD R 

( ommi u i 
Kappa Delta Rho 
< optain, Ainn ROT< . Infantr) ( lub . Perth 
ing Rifles . Marketing ( lub 

Lois RUDELIUS Hazzard Rockjord 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; W.A.A. (3) 
Augustana College 

John Mark Healy Wenona 

General Agriculture 
Phi Kappa 
Tribe of Illini (4) ; Basketball Manager (2) ; 
Track Manager (3, 4) ; Senior Track Man- 
ager; Captain. Air Force ROTC ; Agriculture 
Club; Hoof and Horn Club 

Lucille Hecht Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

John Louis Heckel Mattoon 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Kappa Delta Rho 
First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC; I.A.S. 

Robfrt Chris Heggemeier Nashville 


General Agriculture 

University Chorus (1) ; Oratorio Society (2) ; 

Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Hoof and 

Horn Club ; Horticulture Club 

Roy Cai Heidemann Springfield 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Skull and Crescent; The Illio (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Associate Business Manager (4) ; Interfrater- 
nity Council (2) ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Judith Anne Heien Danville 

Kappa Delta 
Theta Sigma Phi; WILL (2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Danville Community College 

Rai eigh Ronald Heiligenstein. . .Belleville 


Banking and Finance 

Phi Delta Theta 

Sachem; Intramural Manager (2, 3), Senior 

Manager (4) ; Athletic Council (4) 

I.i roy William Heilmann Freeburg 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Chi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. 
Belleville Junior College 


William Frederich Heinhorst. .Forest City 


General Agriculture 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC; Alpha Rhu 

Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Agriculture Club; 

Hoot aiul I loin Club; Poultry Science Club 

Richard Albert Heinz CarlinvilL 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Flying Club; I.A.S. 
Blackburn College 

Mildred Louise Heischmidt. . . .Champaign 
Home Economics 
The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2); W.A.A. Numerals; W.A.A. 
(4); University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini 
Rural Observer (4); Terrapin (1. 2, 3, 4); 
Plowboy Prom Committee (1); Home Eco- 
nomics Club 

Harold Reinhart Heisler Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Engineering Council (2); A.S.M.E. ; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association ; S.A.E. 

Illinois Institute of Technology; Navy 
Pier Extension of the University of Illinois 

Asa Louis Helleny Hint, Syria 

Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— IRE. 

American University of Beirut, Beirut, 

John Walter Helper Princeton 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
The Daily Illini (4) ; Second Regimental 
Band (1, 2) ; University Choir (4) ; Oratorio 
Society (3, 4) ; WILL (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Barbara Carolyn Hempstead Berwyn 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art History 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Mortar Board; Shi-Ai ; Torch; Illini Union 
Board. Director. Department of Social Events 
(4) ; Major Chairman, Fine Arts Illini Union 
Committee (2. 3) ; Illini Union Council (2, 
3) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Star 
Course Manager (2) ; Alumni Association 
Board (1); Panhellenic Ball Committee (1) 
Honors Day (3) 

Doris Elaine Henderson Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Campus Chest (2) ; W.A.A. Board (4) ; Ma- 
jor I; W.A.A. Numerals; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 
4) ; University Chorus (2, 3) ; Physical Edu- 
cation Majors Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Earl Wallace Henderson, Jr.. .Springfield 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Architectural Engineering 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

Skull and Crescent; Star Course Manager 

(2) ; Campus Chest (1, 2) ; Interfraternity 

Council (1, 2); House President (3, 4); 

A. LA. 


Edward Allen Hendricks Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Interfraternity Council (3, 4) : Navy Pier 
Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Elmer Charles Hendricks Belleville 

General Agriculture 
Kappa Sigma 
Skull and Crescent; Alpha Zeta ; The Illio 
(1); Illini Union Committee (2, 3); Star 
Course Manager (2); Y.M.C.A. Committee 
(1, 2) ; House President (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC ; Agriculture Club 
Honors Day (2) 

Robert Stuart Henley Glen Ellyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; A.I.Ch.E. 
Honors Day (3) 
Ripon College 

Rock Island 

John William Henneman 
Mechanical Engineering 
Clark House 
A.S.A.E. ; A.S.M.E. 

Moline Community College 

Donald Earl Henning Brookfield 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; A.S.C.E. 

Gustavus Adolphus College ; Iowa State 
College; Kansas University 


Don Lee Herrington Areola 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Upsilon 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); Interfraternity 
Council (1); Captain, Air Force ROTC; 
Arnold Air Society; Spanish Club; Hexa- 

Charles Albert Herrmann, Jr.. . .Steward 


General Agriculture 

Alpha Sigma Phi 
Newman Foundation Student Council (1, 2) 

John Cleveland Hester. .Leominster, Mass. 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Psi Upsilon 
Skull and Crescent ; Tomahawk ; Tribe of 
Illini; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; 
Varsity Baseball Squad (3), Letter (3) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Infantry Club; 
Physical Education Majors Club ; Young 
Democrats Club 

Harlan Gene Hettmansberger. . 
Class President (1, 2) 
Danville Junior College 


Leroy Adolph Heuer Chicago 



Lundgren House 

Men's Residence Halls Association, president 

(4) ; Accountancy Club; Navy Pier Alumni 

Association; Tall Illini Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

David Godfrey Herbener Janesville 

Aeronautical Engineering 

Wartburg College ; University of Wisconsin Phillip Herman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Wright Junior College; University of 


Matthew Milton Herman 

Philadelphia. Pa. 
I iberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemist) y 
Alpha I psilon Pi 
I'lo Eta Sigma; run, its; University Theatn 
Managei (1 , 2, 3) 
Honoi i Da (1) 


I n| ii ■ 

/ U i trii ill 

111 I I l( I I'M M.I, 1,1 I l| 


Clifford Colburn Heverly Wheeling 

Industrial Administration 
Theta Xi 
Major, Army ROTC; Military Council; 
Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau; 
A.S.C.E. ; Society for the Advancement of 
Management ; Society of American Military 

Dale Allen Hewitt Georgetown 


Illini Rural Observer (3) ; Agricultural Coun- 
cil (3) ; Freshman Week Committee (3, 4); 
Field and Furrow, president (3) : Hool 
Horn Club: Poultry Science Club; Rural Life 

Danville I xtension of the University ol 

Gerald. William Hickey ..Wyoming 

Commen e 

I, , :, nl.nn \ 

Beta Theta Pi 
sin < oursi Manag< i 1 2 1 . Freshman Varsity 
Kisk.tkill Squad; Major, Army ROTC; Ac- 
countancy < lub 

I i in m I StOI K ion Hloc.ISs ' 

Fine and Applied \it^ 
Upha < I" Rho 
Si.ii and Scroll . Gargoyli . Phi Eta Sigma . 
Pierrots . Majoi < hnirman, Illini Union I 
Ails Committee I *> ; Universit) I heitrc ( asl 
ii !) 

1 1,.,,, us h.!\ ( i . >, I) ; Univi imii oi Illinois 
s, liol irship Ki * 

Dale James Hilton 

Phi Kappa Tau 
French Club; Marketing Club 


Helen Edith Hines 

Busey Hall 
Blackburn College 


Shirley Claire Hinners ..Metropolis 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Joan Patricia Holin Urhana 


Elementary Education 

Kappa Delta 

Shi-Ai : Kappa Delta Pi ; Illini Union Com- 

i ttei (1, 2, 3) ; Star Course Manager (2) ; 

Campus Chest (1); Panhellenic Executive 

.1 (3, 4); Women's Glee Club (1); 

< irt and Entertainment Board (3, 4); 

Panhellenic Ball Committee (3) 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 

Scholarship Key 

John Phillip Holland Chicago 

Wesley Foundation Student Council (4) 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini (2) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
II I inois 

Karen Jeanne Holmes Peoria 

Secretarial Training 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Illini Union Committee (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) 

Howard Philip Hobson Greenfield 

Veterinary Medicine 
Veterinary Medicine 
Agriculture Club; German Club; Hoof and 
Horn Club ; Student Veterinary Medical As- 

Elizabeth Anne Hoel Naperville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Illini Union Committee (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (3, 4) ; Terrapin (3, 4) ; LAS Coun- 
cil (3, 4) ; Panhellenic Ball Committee (3) 
North Central College 

Clarence Leonard Hoenig Chester 

Ceramic Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Engineering Council (1, 2) 
Monmouth College 

Herbert Dean Hofer Gridley 

General Agriculture 
Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Agriculture Club; 
Field and Furrow 
Iowa State College 

Judith Marol Hoffman Brook field 

Elementary Education 
Presby Hall 
Alpha Chron ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Illini Union Committee (1); Uni- 
versity Theatre Cast (1); Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1, 2) ; House President (3, 4) ; Stu- 
dent Senate (2) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

William Hoyt Holden, Jr Park Ridge 

K.ippa Delta Rho 
Sigma Delta Chi ; University Theatre Cast 
(2, 3, 4) ; Football Marching Band (1, 2) ; 
First Regimental Band (1, 2) ; Midshipman, 

Donna Elizabeth Holscher Rockford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Alpha Chi Omega 
The Illio (1, 2) ; Star Course Manager (2) ; 
Campus Chest (3) ; W.A.A. (2) 

Richard Burton Holt La Grange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Shawnee House 
Illini Christian Fellowship (3, 4) 

Wheaton College; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Howard John Holzer Broadview 

Civil Engineering 
Captain, Army ROTC; Tau Nu Tau; 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

George Donald Holzman Streator 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Flagg House 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Beta 
Pi ; German Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Howard Eugene Holzman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Barton House 
German Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Harold Leon Hooe Newman 

Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (3) ; Uni- 
versity Theatre Cast (3) 




Max Hoop™ Ml. Vernon 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Sigma Chi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Skull and Crescent; Tribe of 
Mini (2, 3, 4); Varsity Basketball Squad 
(2. 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Baseball 
Squad (2, 3. 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Elizabeth Hopkins Delavan 

Home Economics 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
The Illio (2) ; Home Economics 
Stephens College 

Patricia Rose Hopper Homewood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Spanish 
Chi Omega 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Sig- 
ma Delta Pi; The Illio (1) ; Student Senate 
(3) ; Anthropology Club (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Eugene Hovda Rockjord 

Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 
University of Miami 

Ronald Everett Howard Abingdon 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Accountancy Club 

Western Illinois State College 

Charles Frederick Howell Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Football 
Marching Band (1, 2, 3) ; First Regimental 
Band (1, 2, 3) ; Channing Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (3, 4) ; A.C.S. ; German Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

John Logan Hubbard, Jr Minonk 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia 

Illinois Wesleyan University; Indiana Uni- 

(' I i orissi Huber Hinsdah 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Busej Hall 
Alpha Pi Delta . W A A Board (3) ; Majoi 
I ; W.A A. Numerals; W.A. A .. | n sidenJ 

(4) il di mi te (4) ri rrapin (2, 3, 4) ; 

Physii .i! I dui ation Majors Club 


' ii I'M ' I o 1 1 1 ' i ol.lti id, N. j . 

i ind Applied Ails 

IllJinln.ll D 

Phi Sigma I 
[Mini i 'nion ' oi tti i (3) ; 1 1niversity I ln-.i 

tfi iii i.i i ii i M mi. ni ..i Studenl ind 
Alumni Ri I in. .ir. I s I 
Cornell Uni i 


Elizabeth Alma Ann Huck. . . . . .Belvidere 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Home Economics 
Beta House 
Home Economics Club 


Alice Mae Hudecek Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Spanish 

Alpha House 
Sigma Delta Pi; Campus Chest (3); Univer- 
sity Chorus (3, 4) ; Oratorio Society (3, 4) ; 
Illini Christian Fellowship (2) 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir (2) 
Honors Day (1, 2 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Roger Emil Hudrlik Berwyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E. 
Morton Junior College 

Bruce Pierce Huffer Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi Omega; Illini Christian Fellow- 
ship (4) ; illini Sportsman's Club 

Richard Donn Huffer East St. Louis 

Pi Kappa Alpha 
The Daily Illini (4) ; Glider Club 

Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy 

Evalyn Mary Huffman Metropolis 


Elementary Education 

McKinley Hall 

Tau Beta Sigma; W.A. A. (2, 3); Wesley 

Foundation Student Council (2, 3). president 


Southern Methodist University 

John Walter Hugh Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lundgren House- 
Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Beta Pi; University 
Choir (3, 4) ; Lutheran Foundation Student 
Council (2) ; German Club 
Hon,, is Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

mi K vv HUMMELAND M.n , 

Home Econ 
Delta Gamma 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, J); Panhellenit 
H.ill Committee, chairman (3) 

Mar\ I in IISI Hi Mi'iiui u 
I ,lm ation 
B/i "., nlai i Education 
l In i.i I Ipsilon 
\\ 1 1. i.i funioi College 

George Edward Hunt Chicago 


Electrical Etigim ering 

Sigma Phi Delta 

Varsity Baseball Squad (2); Engineering 

Council (2); Major, Army ROTC ; Pershing 

Rifles (2) : A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ki ith Janes Hunt Kewarn i 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Esquire Club 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; University Thea- 
tre Manager (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee 
(4) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Joyce Ann Hunter East Moline 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Studies 
Sherwood Lodge 
Women's Glee Club (31 ; Oratorio Society 
Marycrest College 

Richard Allen Huntley Berwyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
[Ilini Union Committee (3, 4) ; German Club 
Morton Junior College 

Richard Benson Huntoon Galesburg 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Monmouth College 

Norman Dean Hupp Brookfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Engineering Council (3, 4) ; A.I.Ch.E. 
Lyons Township Junior College 

Harrift Eleanor Hutchings. . . .Mundelein 
Home Economics 
Busey Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Illini Rural Ob- 
server (3, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day Committee 
(2) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Home 
Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Robert Fay Hutchings Martinsville 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; Accountancy Club 

Paul Irving Hutchinson Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi, President (3, 4) ; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Illinois Technograph (1, 2, 3), As- 
sistant Editor (3); Freshman Week Commit- 
tee (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 


\ Vt T 

Patsy Lou Hutson Woodstock 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Busey Hall 
Short i Board : Alpha Chron ; W.A.A. B iard 
(2 i. 4); Major I; W.A.A. Numerals; 
W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, i) 

Hi i i N Aid i \i [MMONEN Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Sigma Delta Pi; Society of Illustrators; Illini 
Union Committee H. 4); W.A.A. (1, 2, 3. 
4) ; House President (3, 4) ; Freshman Week 
Committee 12 1; Panhellenic Ball Committee 
(21; Spanish Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Charles Churchill Ingold . . . . Great Lakes 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
Flagg House 
Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad ; A. I. A. ; 
Rifle and Pistol Club 

John Paul Ingold Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
St. Benedict's College 


Win rid Ray Irish Blandinsvilli 

Animal Science 
Agriculture Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Marie Ann Irving Elmhurst 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beloit College 

Frances Izbicky Chicago 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Alpha Chron; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily 
Illini (1, 2, 3, 4) , House President (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Beatrice Therese Jablonski Chicago 


Education of 

Mentally Handicapped Children 

Busey Hall 

Illini Union Committee (3) 

Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Hf.nry Ernest Jachec Wauconda 

Newman Hall 
Beta Alpha Psi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Ac- 
countancy Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 



James Fdward Jackson Mattoon 

Aeronautical Enginei ring 
Captain. Air Force ROTC ; Glider Club, presi- 
dent (2) : I.A.S. 

James Robert Jackson Mt. Vernon 

Phi Delta Theta 
Marketing Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 
Washington University 

Herbert Morton Jacobowitz 

Far Rociauiay, X. V. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Lambda Phi 
Interfraternity Council (1) ; University Chorus 
II); Hillel Foundation Student Council. 
president (3) 
Honors Day (1) 

Charlotte Jacobs Chicago 

Elementary Education 

Donald Glenn Jacobs 5/. Joseph 

Agricultural Science 
Alpha Zeta ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Tau 
Alpha ; Agriculture Club 

Honors Day (2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

JOHN Martin Jacus Chicat. 

Dairy Technology 

Tara Hall 
Alpha Zeta ; Lieutenant Colonel, Air Fore' 
ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Dairy Tecl, 
n ilogy Society 
Honors Day (1,2) 

Wilson Junior Branch of Chicago City Col, 

Robert David Jaffee Chicag, 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; Accountanc 
r lub 
II mors Day (2) 

Robert Keith Jamieson 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Marketing Club 
Yale University 

Harry Noel Jamison Springfield- 

Electrical Engineering 
Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air So- 
ciety ; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (1) 

James Jangarathis. .Long Island City, N. Y. 
Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad ; Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; 
Illuminating Engineering Society 
Honors Day (1) 

Frank George Jacobs Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lundgren House 
University Theatre Cast (3); University 
Orchestra (4) 

Franklin Allen Jacobs St. Louis, Mo. 


Zeta Beta Tau 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3) ; Campus Chest 
(2), Major Chairman (3); Tribe of Illini; 
Intramural Manager (2, 3); Senior Swim- 
ming Manager (4) ; Men's Glee Club (3) ; 
IM Rec Board (3) ; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Marketing Club 
Tulane University 

Gary Hugh Jacobs Chicago 

Alpha I psilon Pi 
Inii i h.iti imly Council (2); House President 
i.i < aptain, Air Force ROTC 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Norman Joseph Jacobs CI . 

< i . ting 
Tau I psilon Phi 
B - tball Managi i i ' i . Univi rsitj ' horus 
i ' i Marketing Club ; Soi iet) foi thi A.I 
... i tni hi ..i Managi mi nl 

Piei i i.i, ion ..' tin Univei I 


Charles Janka, Jr Melvin 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. 

Galesburg Division of the University of Il- 

John Janka 


Granada Club 

Muton Junior College 

. Cicero 

Marianni Jankibwicz Chicago 

/•'/, mi ntary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
( hit ago I ea< hers College 

I I I . I N 1 II 1 s I V \ M s ... K . \ ^ 

I n: nulling 

1 1 mical Enginttring 
l.n i Beta Pi . Pi i.m Sigma .ASM I 

II mors Da} i 1) 

\.i\ \ I'n i I xti nsion ol the 1 fniversit] oi 
Illinois Baltii University, Gei 

George Joe Janser Rockford 

Eli ctrical Engineering 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Seymour Jay Chicag 

Engineering Physics 
Sigma Tau ; Engineering Council (3) ; Navy 
pier Alumni Association ; Physics Society 
Honors Day (1) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

James Jeffers, Jr Mattoon 


Vocational Agriculture 

Illini Rural Observer (2); Plowboy Prom 

Committee (2); Hoof and Horn Club; 

Horticulture Club 

Richard Paul Jeffery, Jr Lemont 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. ; Hli-Knights 

Arlene Janette Jelinek Betiryn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sherwood Lodge 
Honors Day (4) 

Morton Junior College 

Edward Hinsey Jenison Paris 

Publication Management 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
Sachem ; Skull and Crescent ; Sigma Delta 
Chi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Executive 
News Editor (4) ; Journalism Council (4) ; 
Midshipman, NROTC 
Honors Day (3) 

Jewel Alvin Jenne Carlyle 

Vocational Agriculture 
Alpha Tau Alpha, president (4) ; Plowboy 
Prom Committee (2); Agricultural Educa- 
tion Club; Agriculture Club; Field and 
Furrow ; Gamma Delta ; Hoof and Horn 
Club; Rural Life Club, president (1, 2) 

David Martin Jennings Glen Ellyn 


Theta Delta Chi 
Skull and Crescent; Major, Air Force ROTC ; 
Marketing Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Donald Elmar Jensen Warsaw 

Electrical Engineering 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.I.E.E. — 



iii iha Jean Jessen Clinton 


Home Economics 

Stratford House 

House President (4); Baptist Foundation 

Student Council (4) ; Home Economics Club 

Raymond George Jiral Brookfield 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Act mntancy Club 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Douglas Frederick Joesting Oak Paik 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Rifle and Pistol Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ludwig Kenneth Johannsen Chicago 

Industrial Education 
Delta Sigma Phi 
House President (4) ; Industrial Education So- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Edward Wesley Johanson 

Croton Falls, N. Y. 
Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Lena Romaine Johns Macon 

Home Economics 
W.A.A. (1, 2) ; Home Economics Club 

Richard Niels Johnsen Park Ridge 

Industrial Administration 
Theta Delta Chi 
Sachem; Basketball Manager (2, 3); Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Barbara Jean Johnson Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Blackburn College 

Bernette Carol Johnson Park Ridge 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Sherwood Lodge 
Sigma Alpha Iota ; Lutheran Student Associa- 
tion Student Council, president (3, 4) 
Albion College 



Bitty Juanita Johnson Maroa 

Home Economics Education 
4-H House 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee I 1. 2. 3); W.A.A. (1. 2 3. 4) ; 
McKinley Foundation Student Council (3): 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (1, 2) ; Home 
Economics Council (3. 4) : Plowboy Prom 
Committee (2, 3) ; Home Economics Club, 
president (4) 

Clarendon Iff Johnson Peoria 


Sigma Chi 
House President (4) ; Baseball Manager (3) ; 
Senior Baseball Manager (4) ; Athletic Coun- 
cil (4) ; Major. Army ROTC ; Society for the 
Advancement of Management 

David Ellsworth Johnson Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Parade Ground Units 
A. I. A. 

Wilson Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Ertha Ann Johnson Granite City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 
Anthropology Club, president (4) ; Tall Illini 

Western Illinois State College 

Frank August Johnson. .. .Elmwood Park 
Granada Club 
Gamma Delta ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 
tion ; Society for the Advancement of Man- 

Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club (2) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Frfdfrick Johnson, Jr... Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Flagg House 
A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Jamfs Thomas Johnson Maywood 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Society of Amer- 
H in Military Engineers ; A.S.M.E. 

LOIS Ellen Johnson Granite City 

Libera] Arts and Sciences 
Veachei Training in English 
in. i Kappa 
Mi. [llio (1) ; Illini I rnion f ommittee (I, 2, 
-. i , l I 1 1 1 ■ i i Chora s 1 1 ( 

Loi [m i |on ON < anion 

Hum, Econon i Incati a 
Bun Hall 
Hi, LIpji Ion Omicron I impus Chcsl i !) 

Univenil CI (2 I) AU-A| Field Da) 

1 • PIo bo Prom ( oi tti i > 

1 1 i lomi i < lub 



Maiiii Louisi Johnson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Psi Chi ; W.A.A. (I ) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Norman Thfdorf Johnson Chicago 



Y.M.C.A. Committee (4) ; Accountancy Club; 

French Club; Marketing Club; Society for the 

Advancement of Management 

Wright Junior College 

Paul Allen Johnson Hinsdale 


Civil Engineering 

Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) ; University 

Chorus (3 1 ; Illini Christian Fellowship (3, 


North Park College 

Robfrt Louis Johnson Genera 


Phi Delta Theta 
Cheerleader (2) ; Ordnance Club 

Robert Martin Johnson 

Kew Garden Hills. N. 
Electrical Engineering 
Minawa Lodge 
LIniversity Choir (4) ; Oratorio Society 
4) ; Illini Christian Fellowship (3, 4) 
Stevens Institute of Technology 

Ruth Ann Johnson Rockjord 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
University Theatre Cast (3, 4) ; University 
Theatre Crew (4) 
Rockford College 

Tom Flaws Johnson 

Managemi m 
DePaul LIniversity 

. Chicago 

lliw Raymond Johnsos lilmhurst 

( In Phi 
Sigma Delta ( hi . Will (3, I) ; First I ieu 
tenant, Army ROTC; Scabbard and Blade 
Ripnn ( ollege 

DOR01 in I oiim JONBS 

I iberal Arts and Sciences 
7 . m i , i Training 

I In t a Upsilon 
I h< IN... i • i . [llini Union Committei I I 
I) ; Y.W.C.A < ommittee (1) ; Housi P 

di .,i in 

Eigim! Value Jones Thawvilh 

Home Economics 
Alph.i House 
House President (4) ; Home Economics Club 

Gilbert Arihur Jones Springfield 

Metallurgical Engineering 
House President (4) ; M.I.S. 

Galcsburg Extension of the University of 

Jacquelyn Sue Jones Lincoln 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 

Alpha Phi 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Society of Illustrators; 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3); University 
Theatre Manager (2, 3, 4) ; Campus Chest 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

John Arthur Jones Mendham, N. J. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tomahawk; M.I. A. Executive Council (3, 
4); House President (4); Midshipman, 
NROTC ; Armed Forces Council; Navy Coun- 
cil ; Pershing Rifles 

John Thomas Jones Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Medea Lodge 
Illini Union Committee (3, 4) ; University 
Theatre Cast (4) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 
Blackburn College 

Joyce Chloean Jones Si. Louis, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Sigma Theta 
Stovve Teachers' College 

Valjean Jones Chicago 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 
French Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis (2) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) , 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Dorothy Jeanne Jordan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir (2) ; 
Orchesis (1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Janice Lucille Jordan Aurora 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Shorter Board ; Torch ; Gamma Alpha Chi ; 
The Illio (1, 2), Assistant Editor (3) ; Illini 
Union Board (4) ; Illini Union Committee 
(1, 2) ; Panhellenic Executive Council (3, 4) ; 
Freshman Week Committee (1); Marketing 

Robert Fasi Jorgensen Betuyn 

Managemt ni 
Delta Sigma Pi 
First Regimental Band (3); Second Regi- 
mental Band (3); Commerce Council (4); 
Society for the Advancement oi Management 
J. Sterling Morton Junior College 



Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Home Economics Club 

. Chicago 

Theodore George Jung, Jr Chicago 

liberal Arts and Sciences 

C,< ograph} 


Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee 

(3, 4) ; House President (4) ; Illi-Knights, 

president (4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

I i ii is Kachiroubas Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Sigma Pi 
Tribe of Illini (4) ; Varsity Wrestling Squad 
(U, Letter (4) 

Roslyn June Kahle Gridley 

Commercial Teaching 
Presby Hall 
Alpha Chron 

Dale Eugene Kaiser Cedarville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; 
LAS Council (1, 2) ; Midshipman, NROTC; 
Navy Council ; Illini Sportsman's Club 
Honors Day (I, 2) 

George Chapin Kaiser, Jr Delavan 

Kappa Sigma 
The Daily Illini (I, 2); Dolphins (1, 2), 
Midshipman, NROTC 

Barbara Kali; i a Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Petite Maison 
W.A.A. (3) ; House President (3) ; German 
Club ; Polish Club 
St. Xavier College 

Earl William Kallhauge Chicago 

Physical Education 

Alpha Sigma Phi 
Illini Union Committee (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. 
Committee (3, 4) ; Philosophy Discussion 
Club ; Physical Education Majors Club 

Wright Junior College; DePaul University; 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of Il- 


Gerald Saul Kane Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Delta Phi 

George Kaneoka Hilo, Hawaii 

Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Robert Murray Kanne Chicago 

Barton House 
Spanish Club 

Wilson Junior College ; Roosevelt College : 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of Il- 

Evelina Tse-Ven Kao Shanghai, China 

School of Journalism and Communications 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (3) ; Chi- 
nese Students Club 
MacMurray College 

Richard Paul Kaptain Elgin 

Civil Engineering 

Elgin Extension of the University ot Illinois 

Kathirine Karakourtis Chicago 

Commercial Teaching 
Evans Hall 
Epsilon Phi Sigma 
Honors Day ( I ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Miveko Katayama Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Alpha House 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 


Irwin Morris Katz Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
A.S.AI A.S.C.E.; N;ivy Pier Alumni As 


Navj Piei i (tension of the Universitj ol 
II l in- .1 

l' i M i Km \ Kaiuiman. .Cincinnati, Ohio 
I ion 

I In - cnui Resid n 

Phi Kappa Phi . I Ita Pi ; Alpha 

i -I 




Bernard Kaufman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Leiia Joyce Kaufman Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Honors Day (2) 

Frank DeSales Keck Champaign 

Phi Delta Theta 
Gymnastics Manager (3) ; Senior Gymnastics 
Manager (4) ; Athletic Council (4) ; Major, 
Air Force ROTC ; Marketing Club 
University of Michigan 

Diane Renee Keer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Hillel Foundation Student Council (3) ; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Louis Wilbur Keesey Chicago 



Delta Tau Delta 

Ma-Wan-Da; Skull and Crescent; Sigma 

Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Spirts Editor (4) 

John William Kelley Tolono 

General Agriculture 
Second Regimental Band (1, 2) 

Maurine Kelly Bellwood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Western Illinois State College; Northwest- 
ern University ; Navy Pier Extension of the 
University of Illinois 

Virgii Wilson Kelley Decatur 

ll,i banical Enginiering 

\ S M E. 
Linus Millikin University 

Kiihiui 1iium\s k>ii\ /Vi Plainti 

( .mum i, , 

Industrial Administration 

I.A.S. ; Societj foi thi Ach »n( i menl ol Man 

.i ■-. on nl 

Simon Peter Kelly Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Commercial Teaching 
Club 311 
Wilson Junior College 

W'ii 1 1 \m Harold Kelly 

Easthampton, N. Y, 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Jean Esther Kendall Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Kathleen Phyliss Kennedy. .Paducah, Ky. 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Commerce Council (4) ; Christian Science Or- 
ganization; Illini Forensic Association; Mar- 
keting Club 

The Principia ; Paducah Junior College 

JosrpH Charles Kenston Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psi Upsilon 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2); Campus Chest 
(2, 3) ; Interfraternity Council (1, 2, 3) ; 
Gymnastics Manager (2) ; Interfraternity Ball 
Committee (2) ; Second Lieutenant, Army 

Orval Guy Kerchner LaMoille 

General Agriculture 
907 Club 
Illini Rural Observer (3, 4) ; Lutheran Stu- 
dent Foundation Council (3, 4) ; Agriculture 
Club; Dairy Production Club; Horticulture 

Wartburg College 

Paul Dorris Kermicle Dundas 

Vocational Agriculture 
Phi Eta Sigma; Football Marching Band (I. 
2, 3, 4) ; First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Gene Kern Hutchinson, Kan<. 

College of Veterinary Medicine 
Veterinary Medicine 
Dairy Technology Society; Student Veterinary 
Medical Association 

Southern Illinois University 

John Graham Kerr Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Sachem; Tribe of Illini; Varsity Basketball 
Captain; Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3, 4), 
Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Basketball 
Squad Captain; Physical Education Majors 

fmRLis John Kersch Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

Delta ( In 
Sigma Tau; Eta Ka|-p.i Nu, president (3, 1) 
( lass Vii i I'n sidi ni in \i w man I ounda 

t i ■ -II Mm, I, lit C .,:.!.. ' 1 I si. I llgill 

il 111: A.I.E.E.- [R.E., presrdent I 1. 
-'i. Navy Fin Alumni Association; Tall II- ■ 
i. mi ( lub 
Honors Dav i - I 

Viv. Piei Extension oi the University i i 

GEORGE Kerster Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu ; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Synton 
Honors Day (3) 

Herzl Junior College 

William Raymond Ketcham.... 


Delta Phi Alpha ; Delta Theta Phi 

Villa Park 

Catherine Mary Key Chicago 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
House President (4) ; Social Welfare Admin- 
istration Club ; Spanish Club 
Northwestern University 

James Riley Keys Vrbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Oratorio Society (2) 
Olivet College 

Robert Lee Kiesler Chicago 


Sigma Alpha Mu 
Sachem; Nu Beta Epsilon ; Board of Frater- 
nity Affairs (3); Interfraternity Council (2, 
3) ; House President (3) ; Junior Bar Asso- 
ciation (4) 

John Charles Kiest Oregon 


General Engineering 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Sigma Tau; The Illio (1) ; University Chorus 

(1) ; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Second 

Lieutenant. Army ROTC 

Eugene Lawrence Kikoen 

New York, N. Y. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Tau Epsilon Phi 
First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC 

Marlene Jule Kimbark. ...' Cicero 

Education of the Deaf 
Chi Omega 
Mortar Board; Torch; Mask and Bauble; Mu 
Iota Sigma; The Illio (1) ; University Theatre 
Manager (2) ; University Theatre Student 
Staff (3); Panhellenic Executive Council (3, 
4) ; House President (3, 4) ; Student Reli- 
gious Council (2) 
Honors Day (3) 


Charles Miller King West Salem 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

C ht mistry 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Football Marching Band (1. 2, 3, -1); First 

Regimental Band (1, 2, 3. 4); Men's Glee 

Club (4) 

Stephie Elizabeth Kiniak Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in English 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

L'niversity Chorus (3, 4) ; Illini Christian 

Fellowship (3, 4): Navy Pier Alumni Ass,. 

ciation ; Teachers-in-Training Club 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 


Richard Shlri Kinter Lisle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Major Chairman Stunt Show Illini Union 
Committee (3) ; Major Chairman Mothers' 
Day Illini Union Committee (3); Y.M.C.A. 
( ommittee (3, 4) ; Campus Chest (4) ; Sea- 
bury Foundation Student Council (41 ; llli 

Harry Lee Kirby, Jr Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Spanish 
Clark House 
Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Camille Gill Kirchner Kansai 

Education of the Deal 
Chi Omega 
Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Mask and 
Bauble ; Mu Iota Sigma ; University Theatre 
Manager (2); University Theatre Student 
Staff (3); YAV.C.A. Committee (1); Cam- 
pus Chest I 1 I 

Richard Kirk Terre Haute, Jnd. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Zeta Psi 
The Daily Illini (2); Interfraternity Council 
(3, 4); Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Illini Foren- 
sic Association 

Joan Yvonne Kirts Sainte Marit 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in English 
Theta Phi Alpha 
Shi-Ai ; The Illio (II; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2) ; University Theatre (3, 4) ; New- 
man Foundation Student Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
IAS Council (2, 3); French Club; Young 
I > him rats C I"!' 

Honors Day (l, 2, 3); University ol Illinois 
v holarship Key 

Mwui\ Dm las Kleckner Pearl City 

Vt t< i inary Medicine 

Veterinary Medicim 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Vet- 
- i in ii'. Mi dii a] Assoi iation 
I niversit) ol v \ is sin 


Ronald Shevra Klbin St I n 

Journ il' i' 
Radio and Televi 
Zeta Beta rau 

I hi l lail) Illini (1 !) Illini I ( om 

mittei mi ' iptain, An I orci ROT< Scab- 
bard and M idi 
Honoi Da) (3) 





Rudolph John Ki.epitsch Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

A. LA. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University o 

Darrel Wayne Kline 


Marketing Club 
Blackburn College 

. Dit , > not, 

Nannftte Jane Klinkey St. Charles 


Elementary Education 

Kappa Delta 

Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Y.W.C.A. 

Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Campus Chest (1, 2, 3) 

Robert George Klouda Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Granada Club 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Wilson Jr. College; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Donald Burton Klugman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Lambda Phi 
Psi Chi; WILL (2) ; Illini Sportsman's Club; 
Spring Musicale Cast (2) 

Donald Fred Knaack Woodstock 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 
Honors Day (4) 

Enola Jean Knight Rocijoid 

Fine and Applied Arts 
.\l/<i/c Education 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (2) ; University Orches- 
tra is, 4) ; University Chorus i I i 

David Richard Knollhoff Bellevilli 

Animal Science 
Delta Phi 
Agricultun < lub . Hooi and Hon. < lub ; l il 
tie Horse Show Chairman 
Southern Illinois University 

m ir\ in [s idi Mil Knopf 

I ibi Aits and S< ienw s 
Mat hi math I 

Phi Beta Kappa . Phi I i.i Sigma . Pi Mi 

I [onors Da) il. '. 1), Universit) ol Illinois 
Scholarship K, j 

Rhoda I.ou Kodish Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; University The.i 
tre Cast (3) ; University Chorus (3) 

Northwestern University ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Richard Alan Koebler RochelU 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; WILL (3, 4) ; 
Philosophy Discussion Club; Student Junioi 
Chamber of Commerce 
Honors Day (1) 

Douglas Paul Koehler Bellevilli 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Delta Theta 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Star 
Course Manager (2, 3) ; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil (3. 4) ; House President (4) ; Wrestling 
Manager (2) ; German Club 
Harvard University 

Richard Melvin Kohlhagen Rockh'id 



Sigma Chi 

Tribe of Illini; Varsity Football Squad (3, 

II. Letter (3, 4) ; Major, Air Force ROTC 

University of South Carolina 

Wii i.iam Joseph Koney Chicago 

Flagg House 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Peter Albert Konneker Carlinvillt 

Agricultural Engineering 
Sigma Pi 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; A.S.A.E. 
Honors Day (3) 

Frank Philip Konrad Berwyn 



Alpha Chi Rho 

Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (3, 4), 

Executive News Editor Summer Edition (3) ; 

Tall Illini Club 

Morton Junior College 

A I Rom IE Konstans Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Teacher Training in Biology 

Cagle Hall 

Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); Women's Glee 

Club (1) ; French Club; Epsilon Phi Sigma 

Honors Day (1, 3) 

Robert Peter Koper North Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Tomahawk; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Concert 
Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Football Marching Band 
(1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Sinfonietta (1, 2, 3, 
4) ; University Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Ho s Day (2, 3) 

Robert Michaei Koscielny. . Decatut 

Civil Engineering 

Sigma Tan ; Chi Epsilon; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee ( 1 ) ; Illinois Technogra ph (3) 
A.S.( I pn sidenl I I i ; I.T.E. 

Dolores Ann Kotsiakos Chicago 

Physical Education 
Health Education 

Busey Hall 
Alpha Sigma Nu ; W.A.A. Numerals 
W.A.A. (2, 3, 4); House President (4); 
Physical Education Majors Club ; NROTC 
Sponsor (3) 

Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois 
Si holarship Key 

MacMurray College 

Joseph Patrick Koval Mt. Olive 


Phi Alpha Delta ; Junior Bar Association 
Blackburn College 

Joan Kovitz Chit 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
Shorter Board; Torch; Shi-Ai ; The Daily 
Illini (1) ; The Illio (1) ; Major Chairman 
Club Commons Illini Union Committee (3) ; 
Major Chairman Dad's Day Illini Union 
Committee (4) ; Illini Union Council (3, 4) ; 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Star 
Course Manager (2) ; Campus Chest (1, 2) ; 
Women's Glee Club (1) ; Hillel Foundation 
Student Council (1) ; Panhellenic Ball Com- 
mittee (1) ; French Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Elmer John Kozora Honnu 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Thornton Junior College 

Florence Marian Kraabel Decatut 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Torch; Shi-Ai; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa 
Lambda; Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Committee (3); 
University Choir (3, 4) ; School of Music 
Student Committee (3) 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; Univeisity of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Raymond Frederick Kramer, Jr Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Joliet Junior College 

Robert Henry Kramp Chicago 

Eli ctrical Engineering 
Delta Chi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Eta Kappa Nu ; House Presi- 
dent (4) ; Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity 
Swimming Squad ; Varsity Swimming Squad 
(2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Dolphins (1, 2, 
3), president (4) ; First Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
II is Day (I, 2) 

Gayle Richard Kratz Oneida 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3); 
Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; Agriculture Club. Hbol 
and Horn Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) : University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


Frank Robert Krasnowski Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; Physical 
Education Majors Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Donald Philip Kraydili. Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Clark House 
Rifle and Pistol Club 

DePauw University ; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Bernard Edward Krejcik Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
A. I. A. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Vivian Hannah Kretshmer Chicago 

Physical Education 
Teacher Training 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W.A.A. (3, 4) ; House President (4) ; Navy 

Pier Alumni Association; Physical 

Majors Club ; University Dance Committee 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Donald Allen Kries Oak Paik 

Agricultural Engineering 
Shawnee House 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; A.S.A.E. 

John Frank Krupka Skokie 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi 
Tau Sigma; Major, Air Force ROTC; Arnold 
Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.M.E. ; 
Rifle and Pistol Club, president (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Sharon Javais Kruse Fieldon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Spanish Club 

I in in iii' u Joseph Kruzei Chicago 


Economit i 

Oskee House 

Campus Chest (4) ; Military Ball Committee 

Ml ; Captain, Air Force ROTC; Arnold An 

iociety; Flying Club; Illini Insurance Society 

N.ivy Pn i Activities: Varsity Football 

Squad I ! I lit I 1 1 1 Imograph (1) 

Navy Piei Extension oi the University ol 

I ii DDI i [OH KUCIA Chii 

' i 

Delta ligma Pi 
id i ii ut( nanl Ail i ROT< n nl 

( !<i!< 

■ '1 




ROBER1 Edward Kuczynski Ogleiby 


Delta Theta Phi ; Junior Bar Association 
La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Herbert Wayne Kuehne Maywood 

Engineering Physics 
Clark House 
Sigma Tau; Concert Band (3, 4); Football 
Marching Band (3, 4) 
Honors Day (1 . 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Erhard George Kugel Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho 
Tau ; Pershing Rifles 

Wright Junior College ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Paul Anton Kuhn Chicago 

Sanitary Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Engineering Council (2, 3); A.S.C.E. ; Ma- 

Northwestern University 

Mary Ann Kula Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Torch; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Zeta Phi Eta ; Illini 
Union Committee (2) ; University Theatre 
Cast (3, 4) ; Campus Chest (2) ; Student 
Senate (3, 4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) I University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

August Peter Kunkel, Jr Granville 

Vocational Agriculture 
Son's Home 

Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Educational 

Illinois State Normal University 

Norma June Kuntz Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; McKinlcy 
Foundation Student Council (3) 
Monmouth College 

Walter Richard Kurth Mini** 


Alpha K.ipp.i Lambda 
Star and Scroll, president (3) ; Alpha Kappa 
I'm; The Illio (i, 2); Y.M.C.A. Committee 
(1) ; House President (3); Marketing CI 
Student Junioi Chamber of Commerce; Tall 

Illini ( lub 
Honors Day (2) 

In Si \xi (inn Kw.UNI / ' 

( Commerce 

.M.i'i . 
Sigma Alpha Mil 
Second I ieutenant, Arm) ROT< . Mark 
( lub 

Anton Edward Lachman Chicago 

Navy Pier Extension nf the University oi 

Salvatore Michael LaGioia Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 
Honors Day (2) 

Loyola University. Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Margaret Elaine Lahey Wat i en 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lowry Lodge 
Rosary College 

James Russell Laible Normal 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Sigma Tau ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) ; Persh- 
ing Rifles; A.I.Ch.E. 
Horn. is Day (1, 2) 

Doris Kirkpatrick Lain Sidney 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Christian Fellowship (I, 2) 

Jean Louise Lamb Paris 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 

Busey Hall 
Alpha Sigma Nu ; The Illio (2); Physical 
Education Majors Club ; Tall Illini Club ; 
Major I: W.A.A. Numerals; W.A.A. Board 
(2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (2) 

University of California at Los Angeles 

Richard Ei.eftherios Lambakis Joliet 

Physical Education 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
University Theatre Cast (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council (4) ; 
Marketing Club - 

Joliet Junior College 

Donald Lee LaMohtichlla. Chicago Heights 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Dolphins (4) ; Midshipman, NROTC 

Richard Howard Lance Geneva 

Mechanical Engineering 
Psi Upsilon 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma, 
president (4); House President (4); 
A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. ; Young Republicans Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Georgi Ralph Lander Danvers 

Agrit ulture 
Teachei Training in Agriculturt 

Alpha Tau Alpha; McKinley Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (2. 3, 4); Lieutenant, Arm\ 
ROTC ; Agricultural Education Club 

Lawrenci John Lang. .Nort h Bergen, N. ]■ 

Liberal Arts and Si nines 
Chemical Engineering 
Lundgren House 
Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC; A.I.Ch E. ; 
Illini Sportsman's Club; Photography Club 

William James Langas Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
The Mansion 
Spanish Club ; Epsilon Phi Sigma, president 

Danville Junior College 

Robert George Lange Chicago 

Four Columns 
House President (4) ; Accountancy Club; S >- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management 
Wright Junior College 

Ronald Frederick Lange Kankakee 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lundgren House 
Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Men's 
Glee Club (I. 2, 3, 4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Ruth Eleanor Langham Tamah < 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 

Ralph Ford Lanterman Elkhait 

Farm Management 
Illinois State Normal University 

Martha Ruth Large Owaneco 

Home Economics Education 
4-H House 
Alpha Chron ; Phi LIpsilon Omicron, presi- 
dent (3, 4) ; Major Chairman Coffee Hour 
Illini Union Committee (3); Illini Un.on 
Council (3) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; 
W.A.A. (3, 4) ; Illini Rural Observer (4) ; 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (1, 2) ; Home 
Economics Council (4) ; Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (1, 3) ; Home Economics Club 

Charles Barry Larson. . .Saint Joseph, Mo. 



Kappa Sigma 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Interfraternity Council (3, 

4) ; Commerce Council (3, 4) ; Accountancy 


Saint Joseph Junior College 


Fritz NX'ilmer Larson Princeton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Minawa Lodge 
House President (4) ; Illini Christian Fellow- 
ship (3, 4) 

North Park Junior College 

Paul Lawrence Larson Rockford 

General Agriculture 
I i.i 1 1 v Production Club 
M rs Day (3) 

Rov Vincent Larson Rockjord 


Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Anita Lasher Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha House 
French Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 
Honors Day (1) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Barbara Fradyl Lason Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Honors Day (2) 

Donald Marshall Lasser Galeshurg 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Political Science 

Phi Sigma Delta 

Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Interfraternity 

Council (2, 3); House President (4); LAS 

Council (2, 3), president (4) 

Joan Claire Lathen Arlington Heights 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Blackburn College 

Ymi Harvey Lanter Chicago 

Commi i' - 
T.iii Epsilon Phi 

U.iski lb. ill Manager (2) ; M.iikcting Club 

I' ..... i. Ii ( .11 gi 

Rodi H i v.. hi. i . i i brist ■/■' i : 

I i, 1 1 1 ,ii 
■ , i i Omega 

ml i ii ii i \rm; R( ITC; Nal a I 

u portal Sissoi 




fltf ft 


Ri< hard Scott Lawless Lawrenceviltp 

General Agriculture 
Moore Hall 
VincenneS' University 

Richard Irving Lawrenz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Golf Squad : 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Marjorie Jane Leach Maroa 

Home Economics 
Busey Hall 
W'.A.A. (3. 4) 

Josephine Rowena Leaf ... -Dubuque, Iowa 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Zeta Phi Eta; Illini Union Committee (2, 3) ; 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Dubuque 

Frederick Alden Leafgren. . .New Windsor 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Phi 
Star and Scroll; Y.M.C.A. Committee (2); 
Military Ball Committee (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; National Defense 
Transportation Association ; Scabbard and 

Mary Colleen Leahy Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Illini Union Committee (1) ; LAS Council 
(1, 2) 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Gerald Leavitt Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

Tau Delta Phi 
Football Marching Band (2) ; Second Regi- 
mental Band (1, 2); I.E.S.; Illini Sports- 
man's Club 

Virginia Joann Lee Oak Park 

I iberal Aits and Si iences 

/; </.,<>.' i 
Busey Hall 
w.A.A. (3, 1 1 ; Di. In ms I v ii 
Denison Universit) 

I i Ml k EUGBNl I I I M Ills 

l iberal Arts and s . ien 
•■ ical Engini . ring 
Moon Hall 
Carthagi Collegi 

Thomas Norman Leervig Chicago 

Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Swimming 
Team (1, 2). Letter (1, 2); Varsity Golf 
<1, 2). Letter (1, 2), Captain (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Peter Lawrence Leffman Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Honors Day (2) 
Depauw University 

Robert Earl Leonhardt Chicago \ 

Clark House 
Upha Delta Sigma; The Daily Illini (4) 
Wilson Junior College 

Phyllis Shirley Lerman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 
Northwestern University ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Tna Jean Lefstin Chicago 

Elementary Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Freshman Week Com- 
mittee (4) ; Navy Pier Alumni Association ; 
Spanish Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Student Congress (2) 
Honors Day (1,3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Jeanne Marie Legault Pullman, Wash. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Pomona College 

"William Lee Lehn Hollowayville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Son's Home 
A.C.S. ; A.I.Ch.E. ; Illini Sportsman's Club 

Spencer Edward Leifheit Pekin 

Electrical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Synton 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Alice Helen Leiman Chicago 


Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Hillel Foundation Student Council (3) ; Com- 
merce Council (3, 4) ; Marketing Club; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Rk hard Thomas Leiweke Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
House President (4) ; University Chorus (3, 

Springfield Junior College 

Louis Eduard Lemp Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Si n til i 
Honors Day (1) 

v--* \ 


I'm i Andre Leschuck Chicago 

Division of Special Services 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Barbara Fae Levenson Chicago 


Elementary Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 

University Theatre Cast (3) ; Campus Chest 

(1); Freshman Council (1); French Club; 

Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Josfph Irving Leveque Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Y.W.C.A. Committee Chairman (2) ; Inter- 
fraternity Council (2) ; Freshman Week Com- 
mittee (2) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; 
Spanish Club 

Ronald Sanford Levey Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
The Daily Illini (1) ; Illini Union Commit- 
tee (I, 2); Campus Chest (2); Interfrater- 
nity Council (1, 2, 3) ; Cheerleader (2) ; 
Captain, Air Force ROTC 

Carol Levi chii ag 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
The Daily Illini (3, 4) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (3) 

Sandra Carol Xevin Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Teachers-in-Training Club 

Lloyd Silver Levine Chicago 


Alpha Delta Sigma ; Marketing Club 

De Paul University ; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 



Joyce Mae Leviton Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
E.K.T. Club 
Torch; House President (4); Fine and Ap- 
plied Arts Council (4) 
Drake University 

Marilyn Ann Leviton Chi 

Elementary Education 
Laurel House 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee 

Honors Day (1) ; University of Illinois Schol- 
arship Key 

Arthur Levoff Chicago 


Tau Epsilon Phi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; National 
Defense Transportation Association ; Market 
ing Club 

Ernest Franklin LeVon Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
< hi mist) v 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Phi Lambda Upsilon 
Honors Day (2) 

Wright Junior College 

Ronald Trf.ston Levy Mt. Vernon 

Zeta Beta Tau 
Alpha Delta Sigma: The Daily Illini (1, 2, 
3); Illini Union Committee (1); Military 
Ball Committee (3) ; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Marketing Club 

George Jacob Lewis Hersman 

Agricultural Science 
Nabor House 
Tomahawk; Alpha Zeta; Delta Theta Phi; 
Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (4) ; Second 
Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC; Agricultural 
Economics Club ; Agricultural Club ; Junior 
Bar Association 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Albert Joseph Libanoff Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Allan Edward Lieb Downers Grove 

Liberal Arts and Scicrn t s 
Chemical Engineering 
A < s . A.I.Ch.l 

\"itli < ■ utral College 

I I] i I , i i In. II i I | •!., 

II, I. ill,,: i .. / 

II,, I 1,1 )i in, i .MIS 

I , ,, , I '. 



John Edward Lignell Rockjor, 

Industrial Administration 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Lutheran Student Associa 
tion Student Council (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Commerce 
Council (4) ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; Phalanx 

Martin Saul Lindauer. . . .Brooklyn, N. V. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi Omega; Psi Chi; University Or- 
chestra (1); Pershing Rifles; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Kermit Eugene Lindberg Chicago • 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Theta Chi 

Interfraternity Council (4) ; A. I. A. ; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association 

Wright Junior College ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

John David Line Aledo 

Vocational Agriculture 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education 
flub: Agriculture Club 

Western Illinois State College 

Carol Lou Link Alton 

Hume Economics 
Theta Upsilon 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) : W'.A.A. 
(1, 2, 3, 4) ; Women's Glee Club (1, 3) 

Lylf Eunicn Lipe Springfield 


Phi Delta Theta 
Springfield Junior College 

Marshall Emanuel Lipkin /', 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 


1 du( ation 
, nl. it) Education 
i ii , In Am inn Residence 

i ,,i,i in ol w isconstn 


< ,,111111, I, , 
\ I , . II t , 
rin Kappt 
< ampus Chesl i ' > . House Pr< sid< nl (4) i 
Midshipman, NROT< M irketini < lub H> 
Honors Da} (2) 
Si Ambrosi < olli <■, 

Judith Lee Listeman East St. I 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Campus Chest (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(3) ; W.A.A. (1, 2) ; Young Democrats 
University of Arizona 

Ruiy-Whn Liu Kiengsu, Chin 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (3) 

Fred Frank Locher Chicago 

Thet.t Kappa Phi 
Campus Chest (3) ; House President (4) ; 
Accountancy Club; Finance Club; 111 ini In- 
surance Society 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Wilbur Locklin Urbana 

Beta Theta Pi 
Cadet, Air Force ROTC ; Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management 
Dartmouth College 

Otto James Loekle Vrbana 

Electrical Engineering 

Frederic Christian Loew Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.C.S. 

George Quentin Lofgren Chicai 

Electrical Engineering 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day (4) 

Iowa Wesleyan College 

Gustav Robert Lofgren Hinsdalt 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Tau; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3); Illini 
Christian Fellowship (3, 4) ; A.S.M.E. 
North Park College 

Jeanne Jui.e Loitz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teaching Training in English 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Freshman Week Committee (3) ; German 
Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 
Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Vincent Peter LoMonaco Waukegan 



Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Marketing 

Club Spanish Club; Illini Sportsman's Club 

Clifford Allan Long Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in 
Mathematics and Physical Science 
Navy Pier Activities; Phi Eta Sigma; Var- 
sity Gymnastics Squad (2, 3) 
Honors Day (1.21 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

fOM LONK Chicago 

Herzl Junioi College 

Donald Hugh Loomis 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 


Alfredo Lopez Bogota, Colombia 

Civil Engineering 
University of the Andes 

Edilberto Lopez Pacho, Col •<■ 

Civil Engineering 

University of the Andes 

Max Lorig Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Barton House 
Illinois Technograph (3); A.S.C.E.; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Charles Lough O 

Animal Science 
Exmoor Hall 
House President (1, 2, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day 
Committee (4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee 
(3); Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow 
Hoof and Horn Club 

Gordon Lee Lovestrand Peoria 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Tau 
Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Si 
House President (2) ; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (1 ) 
Bradley University 


Joan Patricia Lower Molnie 

Home Economics 
Evans Hall 
Newman Foundation Student Council (4) ; 
Home Economics Club 
Marycrest College 

Raymond Lowy Waukegan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
WILL (1); Spanish Club; Illini Forensic 

Roger Gene Ludwig. .Mount Vernon, N. >'■ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; National 

Defense Transportation Association; Scabbard 

and Blade; Cyclothem Club 

University of Oklahoma 

John Robert Luedtke Minonk 

Commerce and Law 
Sigma Chi 
Campus Chest (3) 

John Robert Luensman Winnetka 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Landscape Architecture 
Forsite (3), Editor (4); Landscape Architec- 
ture Society 

Kendall College 

Philip Robert Luhmann Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Parade Ground Units 
Navy Pier Activities: Commerce Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Paul Howard Luhrsen 


Sigma Chi 
Tribe of Illini; Freshman Varsity Football 
Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2), Letter 
(3) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phi 
< In I t . 

Herman Earl I.ukow. Chii 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
l Mr. i Thcta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa; 
( aptain. Army ROT< Alpha Rho Tau 
Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Physi- 
i .il Edui ation Majors ( lub 
ll i Da) i .. ii 

Mi i Tim Chicn 

I ir m. cring 
/ Hi ctrical I ngim ering 


A Ml i K l ( him ii Studi nta I lub 

N.ivy I'h i I ■ I' nlion Ol ll" I 'him ill. ol 


Gerald Jack Luneburg Chicagc 

Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club 

Lou Ann Lupton Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Omega 
I. U.S. A. Spring Musicale Cast 
De Pauw University 

Dorothy Agatha Lutchka Taylorville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Hospital Dietetics 
Evans Hall 
W.A.A. (3) ; University Chorus (1) ; Illinois 
Disciples' Foundation Student Council (4) 
Honors Day (1) 

Robert Leonard Lutz Quincy 

Civil Engineering 
Minawa Lodge 
Tomahawk ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Wrestling 
Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (3, 4); Freshman 
Varsity Wrestling Squad ; Illini Christian 
Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Air Force ROTC; A.S.C.E. ; I.T.E. 

Cherie Ann Lyford Neponset 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Phi Mu 
Sigma Alpha Iota; Women's Glee Club (1, 

Donald James Lynn Mayirood 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Kappa Phi 

Vincent Joseph Lyons Ottawa 

Division of Special Services 
Theta Xi 
Society for the Advancement of Management ; 
young Democrats Club 
I oyola llniversity 

Richard Allen Maury Mt. Vernon 

I iberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 
House President (3); Major. Army ROTC; 
Alpha Rho I ,iu ; Phalanx 

1 hi n ROSI 01 M l( DONAI n I 


ii. mil at Engineering 

S \ I 

Wilson Junta] College 

Elizabeth Ann Mace Bellevilli 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Star Course Manager (2, 3) ; House Presi- 
dent (4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Anthony Vytautas Maciulis Chicago 

Electrical Engineei ing 
Newman Hall 
JLI.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Synton 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charles Dipras Macke Chicago 

Marketing Club; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Julia Parker MacKnight Winnetka 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Mask and Bauble; The Illio (1) ; University 
Theatre Manager (2, 3) ; University Theatre 
Student Staff (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(1) ; Women's Glee Club (1) 

Thomas Edward Madden Freeport 

General Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; Illinois Tech- 
nograph (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Midshipman, NROTC 
Physics Society ; Society of General Engineers 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Anita Magana Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Honors Day (3) 

Wilson Junior College ; Illinois Institute 
of Technology 

Gail Avrum Magid Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lundgren House 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier III ini Newspaper 

University of Geneva ; Navy Pier Extension 
of the University of Illinois 

Dwight Atherton Mahaffy. . . .Monmouth 
Aeronautical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Sigma Gamma 
Tau; Engineering Council (3, 4) ; I.A.S. 
Honors Day (3) 

Bucknell University ; Cornell University ; 
Monmouth College 


1 S. wM 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 



Kappa Alpha Theta 

The Daily Illini (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. Coun- 

cil (1, 2, 3); Campus Chest (3); WILL 



Irene Diane Mahin Cambridge, Ohio 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Alpha Iota; University Orchestra 13 1 
Stephens Junior College 

Philip William Mahin. .. .Cambridge, Ohio 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 



Delta Sigma Rho ; Star Course Manager (2 1 . 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. 
Board of Directors (4) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 
(3, 4) ; Student Senate (3) ; Illini Forensic 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Thomas Henry Maier Chicago Heights 

Theta Xi 
University Theatre Cast (1); M.I. A. Execu- 
tive Council (1) ; Men's Glee Club (2, 3. 
4) ; Oratorio Society (3) ; Accountancy Club; 
Chinese Students Club; Marketing Club; 
Young Republicans Club 

Toni Mancuso Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in English 
Evans Hall 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

David Edward Mann 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Lundgren House 
Football Marching Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Regimental Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; I.A.S 



Wilma Jean Manning Lanark 

Home Economics 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Omicron Nu ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (3); 
Illini Rural Observer (4) ; McKinley Foun- 
dation Student Council (4) ; All-Ag Field 
Day Committee (3); Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (3) ; Home Economics Club 

Cornell College 

June Maita Mansbach. . .Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
Gamma Alpha Chi ; Marketing Club 

President (1); 
Colonel, Air 

Donald Frederick. Manthei Chicago 


Sigma Chi 
Campus Chest (4) ; House 
Military Ball Committee (3) 
Force ROTC ; Air Force Council ; Armed 
Forces Council ; Arnold Air Society ; Persh- 
ing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Flying Club, 
president (2, 3. 4) ; Glider Club; Rifle and 
Pistol Club 

Dorothy Lee Marchetti Springfield 

Sherwood Lodge 
Gamma Alpha Chi; University Chorus (3) 
Springfield Junior College 



Jack Margolis Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Zeta Beta Tau 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Synton 

Navy Pier Activities: The Brave 
Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Tobey Louise Margolis Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
/ nnch 

Leinad Manor 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; The Daily Illini (II 
French Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Lew Walther Marrow Ml. Prospect 


Metallurgical Engineering 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Illinois Technograph (1) ; Captain, Anm 

ROTC; Tau Nu Tau, president (4) ; M.I.S. 

Janet Claire Marshall Denier, Colo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Delta Sigma Omicron 

Colorado A and M College 

Judith Reh Marshall Joliet 

Elemental y Education 
Delta Gamma 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Com 
mittc-e (3); Women's Glee Club (3, 4) 
Iowa State Teachers' College 

Dorothy Jean Martin Ranloul 


Elementary Education 

Gamma Phi Beta 

The Illio (1, 2), Assistant Editor (3) : Uni 

versity Theatre Manager (1); W.A.A. (3 

4) ; Panhellenic Executive Council (4) 

Frank Herbert Martin Ranloul 

Alpha Tau Omega 
Dolphins (2) ; Military Ball Committee (3) ; 
Major, Air Force ROTC; Marketing Club 
University of Cincinnati; Illinois Wesleyan 
I : i isity 

MARY Louise Martin Decatui 

Comnti >• ial I ducation 
Phi Mu 
Illini Union Committee 13), Y.W.C.A. 
litti - i ' i < 'Hi]. us Chest (2) ; \\ om 
'/lee Club (2) Freshn ■■ ■ I < om 

i Louisi Martin ' 'rbana 


II, mentai ' 
i , 1 1 ! , 1 1 1 1 Phi Bel 
i ..N i. Kappa i 'i ii i Pi Alpha I ambel 

I >' 1 1 i 1 1 1 i ii i nion Coi tei ( 1 ) 

V W ( A ( ,il i (l i Y.W.C.A 

< nmmitti i (1) itudenl B < ouni jl 

1 ■ i ' i i il ion itudi ni ' i 


I ! . |ii i [y of 1 

c ho I « 




William Calvin Martin La Harpe 

Agricultural Science 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Council (4); Ag- 
riculture Club; Field and Furrow, president' 
( I I . Hoof and Horn Club 

Barbara Martinec Joliet 

Secretarial Training 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Phi Chi Theta 
Honors Day (3) 

Joliet Junior College 

Edward John Martynowicz Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Theta Kappa Phi 
Dolphins (2); Captain, Army ROTC; Zeta 
Sigma Alpha 

Jacqueline Ann Mash Chicago 

Alpha Phi 
Torch ; Gamma Alpha Chi ; Theta Sigma 
Phi; The Illio (1, 2), Assistant Editor (3); 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; W.A.A. (1, 
2); Terrapin (2, 3, 4); Christian Science 

Joette Mason Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 

College of St. Francis ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Royce Walton Masterson Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Illini Union Committee (4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the L'niversity of 

Hoyt Alonzo Mathews Elmhurst 


Adverti ting 
Sigma Chi 
The Daily Illini (1); Interlraternity Coun- 
cil (1, 2) ; Intramural Manager (2, 3) ; IM 
Rec Board (3) ; Captain, Air Force ROTC 
Honors Day (1 ) 

M Mill v\ ( ,u \c i Mai HISON .. . I 

' imiii 

Ifi , ntancy 
Lincoln Avenue Resilience 
lllim ( hristian fellowship (3, 4) ; 

i n. \ ( In!' 

North Park College 

Vnkin MATSUMOTO Chicago 

Physical Education 

/'' i '.. ./ / ■./ I: '11 

Ma Wan Do . Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Vataiti 
w i, stling Squad (3), Captain 1 1>. UthU 
(3, I) 

Navj i'i, i \. 1 1> itii Varsit) Wrestling 
Squad (1 I) Letter (1 t) 
1 1 s n.n ( 1 1 

\.iw Pii i l \ii nsion ol tin 1 'nivt i^i* ol 

Berth. Einar Mattson Leland 

General Agricultuie 
Farm House- 
Star and Scroll ; Illini Union Director, De- 
partment of Recreation; Major Chairman 
Homecoming Illini Union Committee (4) 
Illini Union Council (3, 4) ; Illini Union 
Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Illini Rural Observe! 
il l 5); Agriculture Council (3); All 
Ac Field Day Committee (3) ; Plowboy 
Prom Committee (1, 2, 3) : Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC ; National Defense 
Transportation Association ; Agriculture Club ; 
Field and Furrow ; Hoof and Horn Club 

GrORGH DlMITROFF Matzureff Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
International Affairs 
Flagg House 
Honors Day I 1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Thomas Allen Maudlin Georgetown 

Veterinary Medicine 

Veterinary Medicine 
Tara Hall 
Alpha Zeta; Y.M.C.A. Committee (2) ; Illini 
Rural Observer (1, 2); Agriculture Club. 
Student Veterinary Medical Association 

Leslie Eugene Maxedon Gays 

Agricultural Engineering 
College Hall 
Engineering Council (3) ; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC; Arnold Air Society; A.S.A.E., presi- 
dent (4) 

Frederic Knowles Maxwell Rockford 

Division of Special Services 
Flagg House 
Football Marching Band (1, 2) ; First Regi- 
mental Band (1, 2) 

United States Armed Forces Institute 

Allan Dale May Chicago 

Agricultural Science 
Parade Ground Units 
House President (4) ; Agriculture Club; Hor- 
ticulture Club 

Wright Junior College 

Marilyn Alice Mayer Chicago 

Elementary Education 
University Theatre, Assistant Manager (3) 

Sharon Rochelle Mayhall Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 

Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai, president (3) ; 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Sigma Delta Pi ; The 
Daily Illini (1, 2), Advertising Manager 
(3) ; University Theatre (2) ; Panhellenic 
Executive Council (2, 3, 4) ; Student Senate 
13, 4) ; Committee on Student Affairs (4) ; 
N.S.A. Senate Subcommittee (4) ; WILL 
(2 ) ; Spanish Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Eugene Earl Maynard La Harpe 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 

4), Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Track 

Squad ; Phi Chi Eta 





Sarah Margari i M< ALLISTER. . . .Champaign I 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Y. W. C. A. Committee ; Student Religious 
Council (2); Lutheran Student Foundation 

Katherini McAnarney Pittsfiele 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Concoi dia 
University of Connecticut 

Robert Joseph McAndrews Chicago 

Accountancy and Finance 

Clark House 
University Chorus (3): Men's Glee Club 
(3); Navy Pier Alumni Association; Tall 
Illini Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini News- 
paper ; The Brave 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Richard Eugene McCarthy Dixon 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Star and Scroll ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; The 
111 io (1); Campus Chest (1, 2); Inter- 
fraternity Council (2); Intramural Manager 
12 1 ; Freshman Week Committee (3) ; Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; National Defense 
Transportation Association 
Honors Day (2) 

Nancy Jane McCarty. . . .Arlington Heights 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
K.ippa Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; 
W.A.A. (1); Panhellenic Executive Council 
(3) ; University Orchestra (1, 2, 3) ; Rep- 
ertory Orchestra (1 ) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Donald Earl McClanahan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Medea Lodge 
Wright Junior College 

Marjorie Anita McCormick. . .Chillicolhe 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Beta House 
Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
W.G.S. Executive Council (4) ; Student 
Senate (4) ; Coordination Committee (4) ; 
Illini Forensic Association; Panhellenic — 
W.G.S. Coordinating Committee (3, 4) 

Drury College 

Frances Marian McCown St. Joseph 

Phi Chi Theta ; First Regimental Band; Ac- 
countancy Club 

Honors Day (1, 2); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Norton McCoy Belvidere 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Glee Club (3) 
St. Benedict's College 


Robert James McCracken 

Oyster Bay. N. Y. 
Mechanical Engineering 
College Hall 
A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. 

Hofstra College ; Long Island University 

Robert Keplinger McCracken. .Napcir/l/e 


General Agriculture 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Illini Rural Observer, (2) ; Captain, Army 

ROTC ; Zeta Sigma Alpha 

Mary Ann McCue Equality 

Home Economics 
McKinley Hall 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3. 4) ; Illini Rural Ob- 
server (3, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day Committee 
(3, 4) ; Home Economics Club 
Stephens College 

John Joseph McCune Wood Rivt 

Mechanical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta 

Joseph Herrick McDivit Chicago 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Sigma Delta Chi 

Wilson Junior College 

Betty Jean McDougall Antioch 

Home Economics 
Alpha Phi 
Major Chairman Social Forum Illini Union 
Committee (4); Illini Union Council 
(4); Illini Union Committee (1, 2 3 I). 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3); W.A.A. (3, 4); 
Terrapin (3, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day Com- 
mittee (1); Plowboy Prom Committee (1); 
Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1) 

John Crosby McEwen Wichita, K.m,. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architu line 
Kappa Sigma 
Gargoyle; Scarab; The Daily Illini (I. 21 ; 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Patricia Anne McGee Winn, 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
McKinley Hall 
Alpha Chion ; Society of Illustrators; 
Y.W.r A ( ommitcei (1) ; Univi rsity Chorus 
(ii; ( Iratorio S « ii iy (1 ) 
I [onors i lay (1, 2, 3) ; I Iniversity of Illinois 
Si holai ship Key 

I'' IB) i' i [BAN Mi ( .11 i i 

l iberal Arts and Si ii ni i 

l ini "in A- ii. .i.l. in < 

Alpha Lambda Delta ligma Delta Pi 

1 1 moi I Daj ii. . i i in .. i sit) ol Illinoi 

s, holarship K. : 

Piei i tension ol thi University i 




Clifton Neil McIntIrE, Jh... Chicag,' 


Beta Theta Pi 
The lllio (1) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1) 

Roy Earl McLaughlin Mackinaw 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
r.ii.1 Hail 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; Football Man- 
ager (2): Basketball Manager (2, 3, 4 1 
Baseball Manager (2) ; Intramural Manager 
(2, 4): Midshipman, NROTC ; German 
Club ; Hexapnecia 

Kathleen Mary McNamara Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
The lllio (1, 2) ; W.A.A. (1) 

Lynn Phii lip McNichols Chicago 


Ensign, NROTC; Illini Insurance Society; 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 

Mary Eleanor McPhail Quincy 

Home Economics 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

Richard Crosbie McQuaid Broadview 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Spanish Club 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Floyd Thomas Meachum Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
K.ippa Alpha Psi 
House President (4); Anthropology Club; 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Herzl Junior College; Navy Pier Extension 
of the University of Illinois 

Ronald Fred Meadows Skohie 

Marii ting 
Sigma ( hi 
Illini Union Committee (1) ; Campus Chest 
(I. 2) ; Board o( Fraternity Allans (3, I) j 
Intci h.iuiniiv Council (I, 2, 3, 4); Fresh- 
in.. n Varsity Baseball Squad; [nterfraternit] 
Ball Committee (3) ; Marketing Club 

I'm i liiiiM MBCHLING Jolict 

V 1 1. ultuie 
Igron '"/! 
Varsit) \\ resiling Squad (3, 1), Let* 
Second i i< uti nant, Armj ROT( . National 
Defensi I ransportation Assoi iation ^ ri 
. nihil. < lub . Field and Fi « . Hoi 

Mom ( lub 

Elizabeth Ann MbeK Carrollton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Sigma Delta Pi; The Illio (1, 2); W.A.A. 
(3) ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Wayne Allan Meinhart Brookfield 


Marketing and Economics 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Marketing Club ; Society lor the Advancement 

of Management ; Student Junior Chamber ol 


Lyons Township Junior College 

Jerome Meister Chicago 


Clark House 
Commerce Council (4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC ; National Defense Transporta- 
tion Association ; Accountancy Club, president 
(4) ; A. I. A. ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Marie Helen Melville Elgin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mask and 
Bauble; 111 ini Union Committee (3); II 1 in i 
Theatre Guild Manager (2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Warren Martin Menaker Chicago 

Zeta Beta Tau 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Illini Union Board, 
I. U.S. A. Director (4) ; Major Chairman 
Homecoming Illini Union Committee (31 ; Il- 
lini Union Council (3, 4) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2, 3, 4); Alumni Association 
Board Director (3, 4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta 
Honors Day (3) 

Melvin Joseph Mendralski Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Student Engineering Societies Council 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Clayton Merril, Jr. .Benton Harbor, Mich. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Western Michigan College 

Phiii.ip Aulden Merriman Kankakee 


Will. (1) ; Floriculture Club; Marketing 
Club; Student Junior Chamber of Commerce 

Virginia Amanda Mersbach 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Torch; Y.W.C.A. (1); W.A.A. Board (2, 
3, 4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. Num- 
erals ; Major I 


Ruth Marie Metzler Chicago 

liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

n's Glee Club (3) 
Wright Junior College 

Anna LuEsta Meyer Tamalco 

Homi Economit i 
l-H House 

Alpha Chron; W.A.A. (1) ; Student Reli- 
gious Council (3, 4); Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (2) ; Home Economics Club 

Charles William Meyer Joiiet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National 
Defense Transportation Association 
II m. us Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Fred John Meyer Chicago 

Newman Hall 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Account- 
ancy Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Townsend Meyer Akron, Ohio 

General Engineering 
Kappa Sigma 
Star Course Manager (2) ; Illinois Society of 
General Engineers 

Frank William Mezek Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National 
Defense Transportation Association 

Bruce Micari Chicago 

Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (3) 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Jerrold Stuart Michaels Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Delta Phi 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Interfraternit) 
Council (2 l 

Roiu in Russell Mickey Behidert 

Dairy Science 
Flagg House 
Illini Rural Observer (1) ; Agriculture Club; 
Dairy Production Club; Field and Furrow; 
Hooi ami Horn Club; Illini Sportsman's 
( lub; Rifle and Pistol Club 


Robert Lee Mieher Waverly 

Engineering Physics 
Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; House Presi- 
dent (3, 4) : Second Lieutenant, Air Force 
ROTC ; Physics Society 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robfri Leon Migatz Chicago 

Barton House 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; House Presi- 
dent (4); Marketing Club; Navy Pier 
Alumni Association; Praetorians 

Purdue University; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Norman Bernard Migdal Chit 

Mechanical Engineering 
Flagg House 
A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E.; Navy Pier Alumni As- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University "I 

Jean Elizabeth Migely Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; YAV.C.A. Cabi- 
net (2, 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; 
Y.W.C.A. Executive Council (4) ; Panhel- 
lenic Executive Council (2) ; Freshman Week 
Committee (2); Panhellenic Ball Committee 

Takefumi Miji Honokaa, Hawaii 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Robert William Mikitka Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Lundgren House 
Chi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. 
Honors Day (3, 4) 

Wright Junior College ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

William Peter Milbratz, Jr.. Toledo, Ohio 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Star and Scroll ; Gargoyle ; Interfraternity 
Council (3) ; House President (5) ; Fine and 
Applied Arts Council (5); Captain, Army 
ROTC; Phalanx; Fine and Applied Arts 
Honors Day (3) 

David Winston Mii.ey Harrisburg 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
I )ornoi h 
Alpha Rho Tau 

li\ Kmiii MlLLBR Arlington Height 

l ibei al Ait', and Si ien< es 
Pi Beta Phi 

Y W ' A < -in mill., l.i I i II 

Rollini ' oil : - 


I.ii.and Bishop Miller, Jr Bloominglon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.I.Ch.E.; 
Alpha Chi Sigma 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Mary Lou Miller Radford 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Gam- 
ma Alpha Chi, president (4); Theta Sigma 
Phi; The Illio (1); Illini Union Committee 
(1, 2) ; Star Course Manager (2, 3) ; Student 
Senate (2) ; Committee on Student Discipline 
(3) ; Freshman Council (1) ; Freshman Week 
Committee (2); Panhellenic Ball Chairman 
(4); French Club; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Richard Edward Miller South Elgin 

Physical Education 
Sigma Nu 
Senior Tennis Manager (2, 3) ; Captain, Air 
Force ROTC 

Robert Dale Miller Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Landscape Architecture 
Lundgren House 
Scarab; Forsite (2, 3. 4) ; Fine and Applied 
Arts Council (2, 3, 4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; Landscape Architecture Society, 
president (3) 

University of Notre Dame 

Robert Earl Miller • ■ . .Aurora 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Ruth Constance Miller Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Theta Upsilon 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) ; N.S.A. Senate 
Subcommittee (3) 
Carthage College 

Sidney Gray Miller Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education Teacher Training 
Kappa Alpha Psi 
Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 
tion; Physical Education Majors Club; Span- 
ish Club 

NaT? Pi:r Actr.iti;:. Varr.ity Track Team 
Navy Pier Extension of the University oJ 

A i hi ht Deming Mills ..Lombard 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemii ,il Engineering 

Villi Pi II U MlM RVA i 

I ngim ii"" 

/ ;', , /.:, .1/ Engim • '/«\- 


II,, use Presidi nl i 1 1 . Varsity Goll Squad (2) i 

Intramural Managei (3) ; ' aptain, k ' 

Kim Phalanx ; A I E.l t.R.l 

II s \>.<\ i i) 

\.iw l'i. i I \i, ns i iIh I Inivi is, is "i 


Diana Mintzer Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 

First Regimental Band (3) ; University ()i- 
chestra (4) : Repertory Orchestra (4) ; Uni- 
versity Chorus (2); Navy Pier Alumni As 

Roosevelt College: Navy Pier Extension ol 
the University of Illinois 

James Albert Mitcheli La Grange 


Alpha Tau Omega 
Campus Chest (4) ; Varsity Baseball Squad 
(2) ; Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; Lieu- 
tenant Colonel, Air Force ROTC ; Account- 
ancy Club 

James Martin Mitchell Morris 

Animal Science 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Ulini Union Committee (2) ; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) ; Campus Chest (1) ; Interfrater- 
ni'ty Council (3) ; Ulini Rural Observer (1) . 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rim 
Tau ; Hoof and Horn Club 

M mta Mittelman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social SOaln i 
Delta Phi Epsilon 

University of Wisconsin ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Dwtght Alva Moberg East Moline 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Graham Lodge 
Sigma Tau : Sigma Gamma Tau ; House Presi- 
dent (4) ; Illinois Technograph (1, 2) ; Cap- 
tain, Air Force ROTC; I.A.S., president (4) ; 
Synton ; Tau Beta Pi 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Charles George Mogged Giltnan 

I ' ' ocational Agricitltiae 
Agricultural Education Club ; Agriculture Club 
Western Illinois State College 

Patrk ia Joan Monroe Decatur 

English and Speech 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mask 
and Bauble; University Theatre Cast (3, 4) ; 
W.A.A. (2); Committee on Student Affairs 
(3) ; Oratorio Society (3, 4) ;• WILL (3, 4) ; 
Canterbury Foundation Student Council (2, 3, 
4); Convocations Committee (2); Ulini Fo- 
rensic Association; United World Federalists; 
W.O.R.L.D. ; Young Republicans Club, presi- 
dent (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Craig Arthur Monson. . . -Downers Grove 
Chi Phi 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Major Chairman 111 ini 
Union Committee (4) ; Ulini Union Com- 
mittee (3, 4) ; M.I.A. Executive Council (3) ; 
Tall Ulini Club 

North Central College 

William Raymous Moore Mattoon 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Ulini (1) ; Ulini 

Union Committee (l); Campus Chest (1) ; 

WILL (I, 4) 

y i <a 

i'i Alberto Morales C. . Bogota, Coloml 

Electrical Engineering 
Ibera- American Association 
University ol I hi And< s 

Cayetano Jose Morelli. .Cucuta, Co! 

( n il Engini 
National University; University ol t hi 

Robert Chandler Morris Chrisman 

Veterinary Medicine 

Veterinary Medicine 
Student Veterinary Medical Association 

Honors Day (1 ) 

Robert Julian Morris, Jr St. Joseph 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Natalia Kochan Morrison Joliet 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Theta Upsilon 
Sigma Alpha Iota ; Major Chairman, Union 
Music Hour Ulini Union Committee (3) ; II- 
lini Union Council (3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Orchestra (I, 
2, 3, 4) ; Women's Glee Club (2) 

Ted Morrison O t te 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 
Concert Band (3, 4) ; Football Marching 
Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; First Regimental Band 
(3) ; Second Regimental Band (1, 21 ; Men's 
Glee Club (2, 3, 4), president (4) ; Oratorio 
Society (3, 4) ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

William James Morrison Evanston 

Marketing Club; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 
tion ; Society for the Advancement of Man- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Janet Marie Morthorst Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (3) ; Newman Foundation Student 
Council (3, 4) ; Freshman Week Committee 
Morgan Park Junior College 

Shirley Rose Moscovitz Chicago 

E/i mentary Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Kappa Delta Pi 

Navy Pier Activities: Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Pier Illini Newspaper (1) : Student Congress 

Honors Day (1. 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


Dolores Mae Moser Fairbury 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Delta 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; Campus Chest 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Francis Elwood Mosetick Brookfield 


Delta Upsilon 

Phi Alpha Delta; Junior Bar Association 
Noithern Illinois State Teachers College 

Mary Shinn Most Maywood 

Commercial Education 
McKinley Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi Chi Theta; 
W.A.A. (2); Commerce Council (2, 3); 
Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Carmen Lea Mowry Urbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Society of Illustrators, president (3) ; The II- 
lio Art Editor (3) 
Honors Day (3) 

Irwin Paul Muchman Chicago 


Tau Epsilon Phi 
Interfraternity Council (1, 2) ; House Presi- 
dent <i, 4) ; Interfraternity Ball Committee 
(2) ; Ordnance Club; Marketing Club 

Eugene Thomas Mueller Chicago 

Marketing and Finance 
Sleepy Hollow 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Newman Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (3, 4) ; Marketing Club 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University oJ Illinois 

Raymond Armin Mueller Elmhurst 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Mouse President (4) ; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Si holarship Key 

Navy Pici Extension of the University ol 




h II I I'll P il UK k Mm I.IGAN, 

( i immerce 

\ianagi mi nt 

Alpha Phi i to ga , New man I oundal ion Stu 

I'm ( i mil (4); Illini Forensic Associal 

thi Id anci m< nt "I Manaj i mi nl 

Studi ni 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■ 'i i li imbi i ol Co \ ounj 

1 1 i ats < lob 

i " i ii i' i i ii i i i Mi in / ■ 

V rii ultun 
Gen I hare 

Vii i i'"i< 

u t her n Illinois I n i vei il 


m r. 


Z ' " 



Darlene Pearl Munts Slrealot 

Elementary Education 
Sigma Kappa 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Young Republi- 
cans Club 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

James Arthur Murphy Freeport 

American Society for Public Administratic n ; 
Young Democrats Club 
Saint Mary's College 

John Joseph Murphy Patk Ridge 


Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Interfraternity 
Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Golf 
Squad (1); Interfraternity Ball Committee 
(2) ; Marketing Club 

Phyllis Ann Murphy Bumnr 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
McKinley Hall 
Mortar Board; Alpha Chron ; Mu Phi Ep- 
silon, president (4) ; University Choir (1, 2) ; 
Fine and Applied Arts Council (3) 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Robert Wellington Murray Chicago 


Psi Upsilon 
House President (4) ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity 
Gymnastics Squad (1, 2), Letter (2) ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Gymnastics Squad ; Varsity Track 
Squad (1, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Swimming 
Squad; University Chorus (2) ; Dolphins (1, 
2, 3) 

David John Myers Cairo 

Engineering Physics 
McKinley Foundation Student Council 1.2. 
3) ; Physics Society 

Gerald Lesson Myers Mttm 

Personnel Management 
Chi Psi 
The Illio (I, 2) ; Illini Union Committee 
(1) ; Tribe of Illini; Senior Wrestling Man- 
ager; Military Ball Committee (3); Major, 
An Force ROTC; Arnold Air Societj s > ■ 
bard and Blade 

Jirold Myers Orchard Pail. \ Y 

Industrial . [dministration 
Theta x, 

Y.iisitv Baseball Squad (2); Society foi the 
Advancement of Management 

|i iiiKH li Si I \i; i N tBONS M . 

i i 

Si| >" i Alpha Mu 

Rohert Allen Nack Chicago 

Civil Engineering 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Jerome James Nagawtecki Chicago 

Physical Education 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Varsity Swimming Squad (3) 
Wright Junior College 

Jim is Joseph Nagel Chicago 


Marketing Club ; Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management 
Wright Junior College 

Richard Raymond Namy Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Kemper Military School ; Butler University 

Marvin Ross Neal Mulkeytoivn 

Mining Engineering 
308 Club 
Second Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold 
Air Society; Glider Club; M.I.S. 

Rohert Aaron Neiman Chicago 

General Engineering 
Barton House 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 
Praetorians, president (4) 
Honors Day (2) 

Northwestern University 

Robert Allen Nejdl Berwyn 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Tau 
Star and Scroll ; Sigma Tau ; Pi Tau Sigma ; 
Illini Union Committee (3); A.F.S. ; 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Robert Kenneth Nelson Homeivood 


Football Marching Band (4) ; First Regimen- 
tal Band (3, 4) ; Second Regimental Band 
Thornton Junior College 

William Hugh Nelson Piano 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
IM Rec Board (4) ; A.S.C.E. 
Western Illinois State Teachers' College 




Betty Marie Nbmecek Riverside 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

Lester Highum Ness, Jr. 

White fish Bay, Wis. 


Sigma Pi 
Sachem, President (3); Skull and Crescent; 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; The Illio (2); Major 
Chairman Mothers' Day Illini Union Com- 
mittee (3) ; Illini Union Council (3) ; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2) ; Board of Fraternity 
Affairs (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council (1, 2, 
3. 4); Freshman Varsity Golf Squad; Mid- 
shipman, NROTC ; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Doris Carolyn Netzer Winnetka 

Home Economics 
Sigma Kappa 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House- 
President (4); Fabriola Pre-Nursing Club; 
Home Economics Club 

Caryl Mac Neuhaus Edwardsville 

Elementary Education 
Illini Union Committee (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (3) ; Women's Glee Club (3) 
MacMurray College 

Elizabeth Ann Newbery Jacksonville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Presby Hall 

William Woods College; University of 

Lut Newboe Galesburg 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Galesburg Extension of the University of 

Dolores Anita Newburg Chicago 

Secretarial Training 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Illini Union Committee (3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Robert Edward Nichols Chicago 


Barton House 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; The 
Daily Illini (3) ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; French Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

James Patrick Nicholson Wilmette 

Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Society for 
the Advancement of Management 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 



Walter Thomas Nicholson Wilmette 


Man a § i 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Society for 
the Advancement of Management 

Loyola University; Navy Pier Extension (.1 
the University of Illinois 

William Edward Nickel Skokie 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Captain, Air Force ROTC ; I.A.S. 
Bethel College 

Janet Ann Niebergall Freeport 

Elementary Education 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Monticello College 

Joan Carolyn Noble Savanna 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Gamma Phi Beta 
Mortar Board; National Collegiate Players, 
president (4) ; Zeta Phi Eta; University 
Theatre Student Staff (3) ; University Theatre 
General Manager (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(3) ; Student Senate (4) ; Coordination Com- 
mittee (4) ; Women's Glee Club (3) ; Uni- 
versity Theatre Board of Control (4) 

MacMurray College 

Jean Noffsinger Chicago 

Home Economics 
Home Economics Club 
Wright Junior College 

Ruth Joyce Norby Rock Is/an,/ 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Theta Sigma Phi; Oratorio Society (3, 4) 
Stephens College 

John Frederick Nordstrom Chicago 

Economit i 
s k iety for the Advancement of Management 
Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Tennis Team 
(I, 2), Captain (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
lilt - 

II \lt(ll I) I I I \(>l(l I III /)/\ 

I 'III' .11 


( i nil. ill i I "v. nship Junior College 


Donald William Novak Westmont 

Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Anne Novosad Argo 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Torch ; Sigma Delta Pi ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2, 3) ; Spanish Club 

Iris Elaine Nudelman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Zeta Phi Eta; University Theatre Cast (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Annabel Linn Nye Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Lake Forest College 

Marjorie Louise Oathout Cissna Park 

Commercial Teaching 
Evans Hall 
Phi Chi Theta ; Illini Union Committee (4) 

Patrick George O'Beirne Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Midshipman, NROTC 

Marguerite Donna Oberto- Spring Vail*) 


. tl i ountant J 

Busey Hall 

Commerce Council (3, 4) ; Accountancy Club 

La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

DENNIS James O'Brien 

Newman Hall 

Vioiint.ui. \ ( lub 
Miami Uni\ I i sit) 


H W 

I .i.l in l l:. Normann I 

1 omi 

Ori on ll'"..' 

Alph.i Kappa Psi Illini Insurano S t] 

Navy I'mi Activities I ill Minn (1) Basi 
ball Man igi r (2) 
1 1.. i, ..I in ii 'i 

Navy l'i< i I i H nl H" I in" > nl 

II'" . 


Daniel O'Connbli • 

\d\ . rtising 

Phi i '.iiuiii.i Delta 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Mask 

and Haul. I, . Pierrots . I he Mho i 1 
lllim Union Committee (1, !) ; Ui 

l heatn Manai er (2, 3. 4) ; Y.M.< \ 

nun,, i i. ! i . w n i (1, 2) ; Newm 

.i nion Studenl I ouncil (! !) s """i B*" 

< "ininiti, , iii. Delta Sigma Omk M ' 

lectin i lub Studenl (unioi i hambei ol I om 

", ,, , -i "mi" K, pubfii ins i i"l' . 1 aitor, Stu- 
di nl Si nati N( wsli tb I 

Constance Jean Ogan Indianola, Iowa 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Alpha House 
Alpha Chron ; Mu Phi Epsilon, president 
(4) ; Star Course Manager (2) ; Y.W.C.A. 
Committee (1) : University Sinfonietta (1, 2. 
3, -1) ; University Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) : 
Repertory Orchestra (1, 2); Illini Christian 
Fellowship (4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University Scholar- 
ship Key 

Roy Takeshi Ogasawara Chicag 

Electrical Engineering 

Club Esquire- 
Men's Cdee Club (3, 4); A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. : 
Phvsics Society 

Illinois Institute of Technology; Navy Pier 
Extension of the University of Illinois 

Thomas Joseph O'Hara Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
English Literature 
Newman Hall 
WILL (4) 

Loyola University 

Arthur John O'Leary Blue Island 



Phi Kappa 

Alpha Phi Omega ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Campus 

Chest (1); WILL (3, 4); Captain. Army 

ROTC; Rifle and Pistol Club; Synton 

Bernard Gordon O'Leary. 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 


Louis Eldon Olivero Dahell 

Newman Hall 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Campus 
Chest (2) ; Major, Air Force ROTC; Pershing 
Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade ; Accountancy 
Club; Illini Sportsman's Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Esther Wilma Olle Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Busey Hall 
Omega Beta Pi ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 

Navy Pier Activities: University Theatre 
(II: Debate Team (2) 

Navy J?ier Extension of the University of 

James Edward Olson Chicago 

Pi Kappa Alpha 
Marketing Club 

Leonard Ernest Olson Rockfonl 

Civil Engineering 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho 
Tau ; Agriculture Club; A.S.C.E., president 
(3) ; Hoof and Horn Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Row ii i 1:1 mer Oi so\ /' 

I ngineering 


1 i i Lieutenant, Army ROTC; AS. ME. ; 

5 A 1 

Kohl hi \\ \l ill) Oi sn\ ( / , 

I ngim 
Mt i banii al Engim 
Pi Tau Sigma ; A s M.E. 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
f the University of Illinois 

Rita Orga Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Pi; French Club; Spanish Club 
Wright Junior College 

Albert Yooji Orith Honolulu, Hawt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lundgren House 
University of Hawaii 

Brigita Hijole Orvidas Cicero 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Roosevelt College; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Richard Ernest Osborne. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Nu 
Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (3) 

Rose Polytechnic Institute 

Alvin Donald Ostrin Chicago 

Kappa Tau Alpha ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Navy 
Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the LIniversity of 

Frances Otis Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Beta House 

University Theatre Cast (3) ; Campus Chest 

(3) ; Spanish Club ; Young Democrats Club ; 

Epsilon Phi Sigma 

Wright Junior College 

Mi isuru Otsuji Los Angeles, Calif. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Los Angeles City College 

► .J 1 



James Temple Overaker Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Phi 
Phi Delta Phi : Second Lieutenant, Air Force 
ROTC; Spanish Club 

Gwendolyn Elaine Owen Wyoming 

Home Economics 
Wesley Foundation Student Council (3) ; 
Home Economics Club ; Rural Life Club 

Marvin Jason Oxman. . . .Dorchester, Mass. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Sigma Alpha Mu 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho 

Tau ; Spanish Club ; Young Democrats Club 

Pi ist. in University 

Alan Jay Padorr Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Granada Club 
Eta Kappa Nu ; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Patricia Carol Palbicke Waukegan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
Alpha Chron; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Ter- 
rapin (1, 2, 3) ; German Club 

Bruce Edward Palmer Downers Grove 

Foreign Marketing 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tomahawk; Alpha 
Kappa Psi ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Y.M.C.A. 
Board of Directors (3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabi- 
net (2, 3); Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2). 
Interfraternity Council (3, 4) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; Marketing Club; Por- 
tuguese Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Kenneth Ralph Palmer Onarga 

Moore Hall 
Phi Alpha Delta; Junior Bar Association 
Blackburn College 

Robert Allan Palmgrfn Homewood 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Minawa Lodge 
Men's Glee Club (3) ; Mini Christian Fel- 
lowship (3, 4) 

Wilson Junioi College School oi the Art 
in tituti 

I < HRIS I'ami l .1 

i ibi ral Ait and S 

Polilii al Si •■< "- 
Barton Hon n 
French ' lub . < !i rman ' Lub ; funioi Bat As 


I 1 1 r. i i ' 1 1 . ■ I '■ I » 



Tet Chong Pang 

Jesselton, British North Borneo 
, Engineering Physics 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Chinese Students Club; 
Physics Society 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Richard John Parkhill... 
Phi Delta Theta 
Hanover College 

. Champaign 

Robert Marvin Pasik Chicago 

Commercial Teaching 
Lundgren House 
Honors Day (3) 

Everett Russell Patterson Winchester 


Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Aii So- 
ciety ; Illini Insurance Society; Marketing 

JoAnn Dawn Patton Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
The Daily Illini (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Webster Junior College 

Samuel Augustus Peak Winchester 

General Agriculture 
Hoof and Horn Club 

Donovan Eugene Pearce Mount M 

Managi mi «.' 
Delta Sigma Pi 
Concert Band (2, 3) ; Football Marching 
Band (1, 2, 3) ; First Regimental Band (1) ; 
Oratorio Society (1) ; Commerce Council (41 i 
Society for the Advancement of Management ; 
Spanish Club; Student Junior Chambei ol 

Franklin Murray Pease 

Framingham Center. W 
Electrical Engineering 
Granada Club 
A.I.E.B.— I.R.E. 
Illinois Institute of Technology; Navj Piei 

I vti nsion ol tin' I'niwisity of Illinois 

I wii s Walter Pbnn \i ■•■■' 

< ,. nunc in 

Finani . 
Delta Kappa 1 psilon 
skull and < cescenl I Interfraternitj I 

in, Alpha Rho I -hi 

Rai ph Sigward Perers Chicago 


Phi Kappa Sigma 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (2) ; Campus Chest 
(1) ; Interfraternity Council (3) ; Intramural 
Manager (1) ; Society for the Advancement 
of Management 

Bernadette Perona Spring Valley 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lowry Lodge 
Newman Foundation Student Council (3, 4) 
Rosary College 

ViviENNE Bernice Perry East St. Louis 

Home Economics 
Delta Sigma Theta 
House President (3, 4) ; Baptist Foundation 
Student Council (4) ; French Club 

Rudolph Carl Peters Bine Island 


John Iver Petersen Geneva 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Galesburg Extension of the University of 

Donald Garratt Peterson. .Mission, Kans. 
General Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta 
Sachem; Tribe of Illini (4) ; Cheerleader 
(2, 3), Head Cheerleader (4) ; Colonel, Air 
Force ROTC ; Phalanx ; Social Forum 
Purdue University 

Jacob Leonard Peterson. . .Hammond, lnd. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Lambda Upsilon 
Purdue University 

James Robert Peterson Toledo, Ohio 

Electrical Engineeiing 
Sigma Tau Gamma 
Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Eta Kappa Nu ; 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; University Thea- 
tre Manager (3) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 
3, 4); Captain, Army ROTC; A.I.E.E.— 
Honors Day (1) 

Ralph Waldo Peterson II Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Varsity Track Squad (3, 
4) ; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; Infantry 
Honors Day (1) 


Ronald Glenn Peterson Skokie 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Cadet, Army ROTC ; Physics 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Vvtautas Petrauskas Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 


Wilson Junior College 

James Robert Petzold Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Medea Lodge 

Wright Junior College 

John William Pfeiffer Champaign 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
University Theatre (1) ; Illini Forensic As- 
sociation, president (4) ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Gene Earl Philbrick Rantoul 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Sachem; Y.M.C.A. Committee (4); Basket- 
ball Manager (2, 3) ; Tennis Manager (2) ; 
Second Regimental Band (1); Captain, Air 
Force ROTC ; Arnold Air Society ; Marketing 

Corliss Edwin Phillabaum. .Forty Fort, Pa. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Barton House 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Pierrots; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2); University Theatre Manager (4); Uni- 
versity Theatre Cast (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC; French Club; Ger- 
man Club, president (4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

David Lee Phillips Urbana 

Sigma Delta Chi, president (4) ; The Daily 
Illini, City Editor (2) 

Western Illinois State College; Knox Col- 

George William Phillips.. La Grange Park 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Student Senate (4) ; Racial Equality Com- 
mittee, Y.M.C.A.; Philosophers Club, 
Y.M.C.A. ; Illini Forensic Association, presi- 
dent (4) 

University of Cincinnati 

Howard William Philips. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Phi Omega; A.I.A. 
University of Wisconsin 




Robert Childs Phillips Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Russell Gilbert Phipps. Jr Maywood 



Lambda Clii Alpha 

Star and Scroll, president (2) ; The Daily 

Illini (1, 2); Interfraternity Council (2); 

House President (4) 

Socrates Chrisi Photopulos Chicago 

Sigma Delta Chi ; Varsity Baseball Squad 
(4). Letter (4); Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Squad ; Freshman Varsity Track Squad ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Basketball Squad ; University 
Choir (3, 4) ; University Chorus (J) ; Men's 
Glee Club (3, 4) ; WILL (3, 4) ; Spanish 
i [ u b Epsilon Phi Sigma 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Peter Eymard Pipchocki Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charles David Pierce Jacisonrilh 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Concert Band (3, 4) ; Football Marching 
Band (2. 3, 4) ; First Regimental Band (2 1 ; 
Second Regimental Band (1); Repertory Or- 
chestra (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Jimmy Victor Pierce Middletoan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Campus Chest 
(1, 2) ; Junior Bar Association 

William Kenyon Pierce, Jr Elgin 

Agricultural Economics 
Sigma Nu 
Skull and Crescent ; Cadet, Army ROTC ; 
Zeta Sigma Alpha 

Li.> Walter Pietrack, Jr Calumet City 

Accountancy Club; Society foi the Advance- 
mi hi ol Managi mi nl pri ;idi nt (4) 
I Imhois Day (2) 

I [ammond Exti nsion ol Puidui I nivei sil | 
Navy rn i 1 ti nsii m ol thi I nivi rsitj ol II 

' ■ i i- Pi i i i' i. 

An n ii II mm 

// m 1 1 momii ' / din ation 
Lincol i '< leno 1 1 i 1 1 

1 1 in i- I i on ' III 

' [i mi th Colli 




Ross Lee Poggenpohi Harvtl 

General Agriculture 
Lookout Manor 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; M.I. A. Executive 
Council, (2, 3. 4), president (4); Illini 
Rural Observer (1) ; Agricultural Council 
(4) ; All-Ag Field Day Committee (3) ; Cam- 
pus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 
13); IM Rec Board (2); Plowboy Prom 
Committee (2); Captain, Air Force ROTC; 
Agriculture Club ; Field and Furrow ; Hoof 
and Horn Club; Rural Life Club 

Robfrt Eugene Poggi Ottawa 

Industrial Arts 
Sigma Nu 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad ; Second 
Lieutenant. Air Force ROTC; Industrial Edu- 
cation Society 

Thomas I.eroy Poklen Evanston 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Infantry Club ; Physical Education Majors 
Club ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Gerald Lawrence Pollack Chicago 


Phi Epsilon Pi 
Military Ball Committee (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta; Scabbard 
and Blade; Accountancy Club; Illini Forensic 
Association ; Marketing Club ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Chester Franklin Polley Golconda 

Medea Lodge 
House President (3) ; Marketing Club; Span- 
ish Club 

Enid Maxine Pontious Loogootee 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 

Nancy Ann Pool Ottawa 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W'.A.A. ; Physical Education Majors Club 

Norman Leon Pool (.'./'".■' 

( ommerce 
Society foi the Advancement ol Management 
Southern Illinois Universitj 

Nano Pi ti i Pearl City 

I nu .iii.l Applu d Ails 


Rum WOOd 

Mortal Board . torch ; Alpha ( hron . Alpha 
i mil., 1 1 Delta Mu Phi I psilon . Illini Union 

Board (4) ; Majoi < hairman, Illini 1 

i ommitti • (3) I Illini I fnion ( oun< il (J) 

Illicit l' i ( ommitti i il. '' Illini i hi itn 

Guild < asl (I) ; W omen's Glee < lub 1 1 I 
Honors Dai (1, I) 

Dorothy Marie Porter Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Cm action 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Zeta Phi Eta; Terrapin (3, 4) 
DePauw University 

Ruth Ann Porter Dahlgren 

Elementary Education 
Cagle Hali 
lllini Union Committee (3) ; W.A.A. (2, 3. 

Hershel Post Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Gargoyle; Captain, Air Force ROTC ; A. I. A. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Milwaukee Extension of the University ol 

Donald Clifton Powell. .Sao P<n/lu, Biazit 

Kappa Sigma 
Ma-Wan-Da, president (4) ; Skull and Cres- 
cent; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi ; 
lllini Union Board, president (4); Major 
Chairman High School Circus lllini Union 
Committee (3) ; lllini Union Council (3) ; 
lllini Union Committee (2, 3); Interfrater- 
nitv Council (3) ; Student Senate (4) ; Co- 
ordination Committee (4) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho Tau 
Honors Day (2) 

Purdue University 

Judy Powell Aurora 



Pi Beta Phi 

Sigma Alpha Iota ; lllini Union Committee 

(2); W.A.A. (2, 3); University Choir (1. 


Honors Day (1, 2) 
University of Wisconsin 

Thomas Joseph Powers Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Minawa Lodge 
Men's Glee Club (3) ; Oratorio Society (3) ; 
lllini Christian Fellowship (3) 
North Park Junior College 

Dorris Jean Prasuhn Carlyle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Annette Rose Premack Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Honors Day (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Carolyn Ann Preston Gillespie 

Eli military Education 
Busey Hall 
Washington University; Blackburn College 


Eugene Leon Priest Champaign 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Music Education 

Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; University Sinfo- 

l (2, 3) ; University Orchestra (1, 2, 3) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois 

Sc holarship Key 

Irani is BENDER PRIES1 Nokomis 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Stratford House 
Southern Illinois University 

James Clark Pritchard Fairburj 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Star and Scroll; Star Course Manager (1, 2, 

3); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Football 

Marching Band (1, 2) 

Rose Marie Psota Nesconset, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Leinad Manor 
Omega Beta Pi; First Regimental Band (1) 

Edward Joseph Ptacek, Jr La Grange 

Alpha Tau Omega 
Skull and Crescent; Interfraternity Council 
(2, 3) ; House President (4) ; Major, Air 
Force ROTC ; Accountancy Club ; Marketing 
Club (4) 
Hmors Day (1 ) 

Nancy Lou Pugsley Arthur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
Star Course Manager (2) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) ; Young Democrats Club 
Honors Day (1) 

Jamfs Edward Purcell Oregon 

Phi Gamma Delta 
Alpha Phi Omega; Football Manager (2, 
3 ) ; Marketing Club 

Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Raymond Hugh Purnell Tupelo, Mm. 


Ph. Delta Theta 
Ma-Wan-Da; Skull and Crescent; lllini 
Union Committee (1) ; Tribe of lllini; Bas- 
ketball Manager (1, 2, 3) ; Senior Basketball 
Manager (4) ; Athletic Council (4) ; Captain 
Army ROTC; Marketing Club; Y.M.C.A. 
Committee (1 ) ; Major I (4) 

Charles Eugene Pye XJrbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Archill i !:, i, 
A. I. A. 
Bradley University 

A kk 



Robert Northrop Quade 

West Orange, N. J. 
Mechanical Engineering 
Chi Psi 
Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Football March- 
ing Band (2) ; First Regimental Band (2) ; 
Cadet, Army ROTC ; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 
Cornell University 

William Phifer Quinn, Jr Peoria 

Electrical Engineering 
Theta Xi 
Men's Glee Club (4) ; Oratorio Society (4) ; 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Flying Club 
Bradley University 

Margaret Mary Quish Sterling 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 
Illini Union Committee (3) 
Mount Saint Clare 

Sandra Racine Sycamore 

Delta Zeta 

Lake Forest College; Northern Illinois State 
Teachers' College 

Milton Erwin Radant Lombard 


Electrical Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Mu ; University 

Chorus (3); Illini Christian Fellowship (3, 


Honors Day (1, 2, 3. 4) ; University of Il- 
linois Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Richard Louis Raffin Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Newman Hall 

Sylvia Ann Rainey Chicago 

I iberal Ait-, and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Panhellcnic Executive Council (4) ; Panhel- 
lenic Ball Committee (2); French Club; 
Spanish Club 

I [ugo Ramiri z. . . Bog ii, Colombia 

I ngii i 

Civil En 

National Universitj ol < "I bia . I fnivei 

it ol Michigan 





Navy Pier Extension of the University of 



James Charles Ranson Franklin 

V 'national Agriculture 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alpha Tau Alpha; University Chorus (1); 
Men's Glee Club (3, 4) ; Captain, Air Force , 
ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Agriculture Educa- 
tion Club; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn 

MacMurray College 

Daniel B. Rapoport Flushing, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Melvin Eugene Rath Springfield 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Carl Rauchenberger Chicago 

Fine Arts 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Scarab; A.I.A. ; Glider Club, president (4'i 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Waldemar Rawicki Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Pi Tau Sigma; Captain, Army ROTC; Mili- 
tary Council; Pershing Rifles; Polish Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Elizabeth Ann Real Bradford 

Home Economics 
Beta House 
Senior Ball Committee (1) ; Home Economics 

Illinois State Normal University 

Charles Alexander Reding Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
De Pauw University 

Charles Milton Redmond, Jr Danville 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Delta Phi 

< utciu BONITA Reemis C> 

Education oj the Deaj 
Evans Hall 
Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha lambda Delia; Mu 

loi.i Sigma 

N.iw Piei Activities; University Choii 
Honors Day (1, 2, 31; University of Illinois 
sl holarship Kej 

\ju i'ii i Bxtension ol the University of 


William Charles Register, Jr Havana 

Electrical Engineering 
Illini Village 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Diane Louise Reich Chicago 

Social Scienct 
Alpha Phi 
W.A.A. Board (4) ; Terrapin (3, 4) 
University of Chicago 

Richard Charles Reid Mattoon 



"O" House 

Illini Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Twin 

City Bible Church Foundation; Floriculture 


Donald James Reis Kankakee 

Chi Psi 
Skull and Crescent; Campus Chest (1) ; In- 
tramural Manager (1) ; WILL (3) ; Cadet, 
Army ROTC ; Marketing Club 

Ralph Francis Reistroffer Chicago 



Newman Hall 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Pershing 

Rifles ; Accountancy Club ; Society for the 

Advancement of Management 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

John Edwin Rentschler Chestnut 

Vocational Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alpha Tau Alpha ; Business Manager, The 
Illio (2) ; Illini Union Committee (3, 4) ; 
Committee on Student Discipline (4) ; Foot- 
ball Marching Band (I, 2) ; First Regimental 
Band (1, 2) ; All-Ag Field Day Committee 
(3); Agricultural Education Club; Agricul- 
ture Club ; Dairy Production Club ; Gamma 
Delta; Poultrv Science Club; Tall Illini 

Kenneth Dale Reside Ashland 


Aeronautical Engineering 

Alpha Phi Omega ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Sigma 

Gamma Tau ; First Lieutenant, Air Force 

ROTC; Arnold Air Society; I.A.S. 

Parks College of Aeronautical Technology 
of St. Louis University 

Wallace Edward Reynolds Lost ant 

Animal Science 
Farm House 
Star Course Manager (2) ; Campus Chest 
(1) ; Agricultural Council, president (3, 4) ; 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Plow- 
boy Prom Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Agricultural 
Education Club ; Agriculture Club, president 
(3, 4) ; Hoof and Horn Club; Junior Men's 
Glee Club (1) 

Joseph Murray Rezits Champaign 

Fine and Applied Arts 
The Curtis Institute of Music 



Ellen Llcile Rhode 

Secretarial Training 
Phi Chi Theta ; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (3) 

. Vrbana 

Jerry Smith Rhodes Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Pierrots; University Theatre Manager (2); 
Interfraternity Council (1, 2, 3) ; Senior Ten- 
nis Manager (4) ; Football Marching Band 
(2) ; Second Regimental Band (1, 2) 

Lila Lu Rhodes Bethany 

Elementary Education 
McKinley Hall 
Alpha Chron ; Star Course Manager (2) 

Mary Louise Rice Ut bana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Alpha Phi 
Zeta Phi Eta; Star Course Manager (2) ; Uni- 
versity Chorus ( 1 ) 

William Brown Ricks Jacksonville 

Accountancy Club ; Flying Club ; Synton 
Illinois College 

Franklin William Ridgway RockfmJ 


Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Star and Scroll; Interfraternity Council (2) ; 

Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Pershing Rifles ; 

Scabbard and Blade 

Joanne Josephine Riedei Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Harold John Rietveld South Holland 

Industrial Administration 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Board of Fraternity Affairs (3, 4) ; Interfra- 
ternity Council (3, 4) ; Student Senate (3, 
4) ; Committee on Student Affairs (4) ; Cap- 
tain, Air Force ROTC; A.I.A. ; Society 
for the Advancement of Management . Young 
Republicans Club 

Georganne Riley Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Chi Omega 
The Illio (1, 2, 3), Assistant Editor (3); 
University Theatre Manager (2) ; Y.W.C.A. 
Committee (1) ; American Society for Public- 


'J: I 

George William Riley, Jr. 

San Antonio, Texas 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Tau Nu 
Tau; A. I. A. 
Ripon College 

Velma Marie Riley Griggsville 

Home Economics Education 
McKinley Hall 
Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Chron ; Phi Up- 
silon Omicron ; Illini Union Board (4) ; Cam- 
pus Chest (1); W.G.S. Executive Council 
(4) ; Wesley Foundation Student Council (3) ; 
All-Ag Field Day Committee; Home Eco- 
nomics Council (2, 3) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1) 

Vera Rimnac Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Evans Hall 

W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Physical Education 

Majors Club; Women's Athletic Association, 

Treasurer (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Lawrence Ripes Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Political Science 

Phi Sigma Delta 

Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 31 ; Campus 

Chest (2, 3) ; Basketball Manager (2, 3) ; 

LAS Council (2. 3) 

Clyde Elliott Robbins Elgin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 
Interfraternity Council (3) 
Iowa State College 

Joann Roberts Melvin 


Elementary Education 

McKinley Hall 

Phi Chi Theta ; Illini Union Committee (4) . 

Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House 

President (4) 


Patricia Ross Robinson Atlanta, Gi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Delta Gamma 
Shorter Board, president (4) ; Torch; Shi-Ai 
Illini Union Committee ( 1 , 2 3 4) 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); W.A.A. (1, 2 
3. -0; Panhcllcnic Executive Counci' 
(2, 3) ; House President (!) ; Student Senat ; 
(2) ; Class Secretary-Treasurer (2) ; Freshmai, 
Council; Alumni Association Board (3) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Morton Rochman Chicagi] 


Comma ce and Law 

Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); Junior Bar As ■ 

sociation ; Society for the Advancement ol' 


Shirley Joan Rodine Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Presby Hall 
Shorter Board ; Torch ; Alpha Chron ; The 
Illio (1, 2, 3 ) ; Illini Union Committee (2) ; '. 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (l, 2, 3) ; W.A.A. (2, 3, 4) 

Martha Ann Roe Eairmount 

Alpha Phi 
Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 4) ; University Thea- 
tre Cast (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee 
(1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. (3, 4) ; House Presi- 
dent (4) ; Women's Glee Club (I) ; Oratorio 
Society (2, 3) ; Terrapin (3, 4) ; Home 
Economics Club 

Suzanne Roe Steger 

Physical Education 
Alpha Ph. 
Torch; W.A.A. (2, 3, 4): Women's Glee 
Club (1) ; Orchesis (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Kalah Lee Roeder Rochelle 


Elementary Education 

Phi Mu 

University Theatre Manager (3): University 

Theatre Crew (1, 2, 3) ; Campus Chest (1) ; 

Freshman Council (1) 


Glenn Arthur Robins Mount Sterling 

Industrial Management 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 3) ; University 
( horus (1) ; Captain, Air Force ROTC; Mar- 
keting Club ; Society for the Advancement of 

Clarice Carlson Robinson Rockford 

Elemi ntai r Education 
Kappa Delta Pi 
I [onors D.iy (3 ) 
K ckford ' o 

i .i i irgi Bi ik i Robinson Chit ■ 

Liberal Arts and Si ii ni 1 5 
Political Si it ni i 
Pici Aliiiiini As lociati n 
Navj Pii i l Kti m ion ol thi Univei sit; i ■■ 


( ii \r i is Hart Rogers Coal City 

Agricultural Engineering 
Zeta Psi 
Alpha Zeta; Concert Band (1, 2, J, 4. 5); 
Football Marching Hand (1, 2. J, 4); Uni- 
versity Orchestra (2. 3, 1); Engineering 
Council (I, 5) ; A.S.A.E. 
Honors Day (2, i) 

Harry Gardner Rogers W < ■ 

.M. i hanical Engineering 
\.iw I'm Activities Engineering Council 
(1 i A.S.M.E. 

\.im I'm Extension ol the Universitj ol 

M iri Ann Row rs. .. . . . .Y* 

Agi n ulture 
Home Ei I > ../;■»/ 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Phi l psilon I >mi< [Mini Union i om 

mith i in. Illini Rural Obs< rvei (3 I) 
\li v l ii Id Da} < ommitte< in. Plowbo) 
Prom Committee (2); Hom< Economics Club 
Hi. i. lb % Universitj 

Maynard Lee Rogers Lanesvilh 

General Agriculture 
Theta Xi 
Tomahawk; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 3): 
[nterfraternity Council (2, 3, 4); 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho Tan 
Military Council: Phalanx; Agriculture Club. 
Hoof and Horn Club 

Norman Lee Rohi.fing Streatoi 

Division of Special Services 
Marketing Club 
Bradley University 

Arnold Rosenthai Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising P<<ign 
Tau Epsilon Phi 
Alpha Delta Sigma: Football Marching Band 
i First Regimental Band (l); Second 
Regimental Band (2) 

Mary Ai ice Rostr 


Stratford House 
Theta Sigma Phi; WILL (4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Car mi 

Rohert Ernst Rohlitng Red Bin! 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Captain. Army ROTC; Phi Chi Eta 
Honors Day (3) 

Albert Leaman Roland Rockjord 

Delta Upsilon 
Infantry Club ; Marketing Club 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Robert Earl Roper.... Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Chi 
The Illio (1) ; Military Ball Committee (2) ; 
Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade 

Thomas Chapin Rose White Hall 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Sigma Chi 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Ma- 
jor Chairman, Illini Union Committee (2) ; 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Student Sen- 
ate (1, 2, 3), president (4) ; Committee on 
Student Affairs (3, 4) ; Coordination Com- 
mittee, chairman (3) ; Class Vice-President 
(2); Freshman Council; Convocations Com- 
mittee (3, 4) ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Burton Reuben Rosenberg Chicago 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Commerce Council (2) 

Janice Rosenberg Clinton. Iowa 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Major Chairman Office Management Illini 
Union Committee (3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2, 3); Marketing Club 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Mount Saint Clare Junior College 

Louise Joyce Rosengard Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Alpha Lambda Delta; House President (3, 

Honors Day (1, 2. 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

^% *i 




["heodor] Stanley Ross Carbondale 


Tau Delta Phi 
Illini Union Committee (1); Interfraternity 
Council (2) ; University Chorus (1) ; Military 
Ball Committee (3) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; National Defense Transporta- 
tion Association ; Marketing Club 

Walter Eugene Ross Farmington 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia ; Concert Band (4); 
Football Marching Band (2, 3, 4) ; Univer- 
sity Orchestra (3, 4) ; University Choir (1, 
2); Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Madrigal 
Chorus (3) ; Oratorio Society (3) 

Bernard Henry Rost Chicago 

Phi Kappa Tau 
Campus Chest (3) ; Accountancy Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini; The Brave 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Leon Marion Roszyk Cicero 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Tau; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Tau Beta Pi ; 
Eta Kappa Nu 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Edward Michael Rounds Evanston 

Banking and Finance 
Parade Ground Units 
Finance Club (3, 4) 
North Park Junior College 

David Clare Rouse Westville 

Division of Special Services 
Personnel Management 
Sigma Pi 
University Choir (3. 4) ; Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management 
Eastern Illinois State College 

Philip Barnett Rouse.... 
Phi Delta Theta 
Lake Forest College 

.Dam /lie 


Richard George Rowe. Chicago 

Personnel Management 
Psi Upsilon 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Cam- 
pus Chest (3) ; Concert Band (2) ; Football 
Marching Band (1, 2) ; Flying Club 

Washington University; University of Mis- 
sum i 

Walter Francis Rowland Decatur 

Civil Engineering 
Chi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. ; I.T.E. ; Tau Beta 

Honors Day (4) 
Millikin University 

Ernest Rubinstein Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
The Daily Mini (1); Hillel Foundation, 
Student Council (2, 3), president (4) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC 

Walter Stanley Ruczynski Chicago 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

James Kenneth Rudd Forest Patk 

Chi Psi 
The Daily Illini (2) ; Y.M.C.A. Board of 
Directors (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3) ; 
Campus Chest (2, 3) 
Loras College 

George Ruediger Chicago 

Newman Hall 
Accountancy Club ; Illi-Knights 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ruth Alice Rust Paxton 

Home Economics 
Evans Hall 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) ; Campus Chest 
(3, 4) ; Illini Rural Observer (4) 
Honors Day (3) 
Antioch College 

Donald Valintine Rutkowski. .. .Chicago 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
A. I. A.; A.S.C.E.; Navy Pier Alumni As- 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

John Edward Rutledge Hanna City 

i .tii. ition 
i oni i ii Band (2) ; < ■■ rman ' lub 

Hi. i. ii. ■ Univei sity 




James Charles Ruzicka Chica 

Lundgren House 
Marketing Club; Society for the Advanc 
ment of Management 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University i 

William Daniel Ryan North Chicat 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Major. Air Force ROTC 

Laura Louise Rypstat Harvard 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma House 
Iota Sigma Pi; House President (4); Ora 
torio Society (3) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Willis Gorham Sabin Beltidere 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Alpha Delta Sigma ; First Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC ; Pershing Rifles 

Ruth Sabine Murphysboro 

Personnel Management 
Sherwood Lodge 
Phi Chi Theta ; Illini Union Committee (2, 
3) ; House President (3) ; Wesley Foundation 
Student Council (3) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Eugene Francis Sablick Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Serene Joyce Sachar Chicago 

Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (11 ; Il- 
lini Union Committee (3) ; WILL (4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Morris Bbrnard Sachs, Jr Chicago 


Tau Delta Phi 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Captain. 
Army ROTC; Military Council; Phi Chi Eta, 
Scabbard and Blade 

University of Chicago 

Jacob [saai Sadcw Chicago 


I, conntancy 
l'i I ambda Phi 
rhi Daily Illini (1) j Illini Union Committee 
(2, U 


Sait Rahman Samedy. . .Kabul, Afghanistan 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; Moslem Stu- 
dents Association 
Honors Day (1 ) 

William Francis Sammartino 

Providence, R. I. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
Brown University 

Earle Eugene Sanders, Jr. ..St. Joseph, Mo. 
Kappa Sigma 
Skull and Crescent; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; Alpha Rho Tau ; House President 
Creighton University 

Polly Rebecca Sanders Stonington 

Home Economics 
4-H House 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; W.A.A. (1, 
2, 3, 4) ; House President (4) ; All-Ag Field 
Day Committee (3) ; Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (1, 3) ; Home Economics Club 

Elizabeth Sandhaas Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in English 
Cagle Hall 

Springfield Junior College; Marquette Uni- 

Barbara Ann Sandquist Aledo 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W.A.A. Numerals; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Physical Education Majors Club 
Augustana College 

Joseph Germano SANTANGELO./Vr/rf/V, A T . J. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering 

Newman Hall 

Major, Air Force ROTC; A.I.Ch.E. ; German 


Christ Peter Sarro Jamestown, N. Y. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Delta Phi 
Star and Scroll; Freshman Varsity Basketball 
Squad (1) ; Varsity Golf Squad (3) 

LeRoy David Sauder Tremont 

General Agriculture 

Farm House- 
Campus Chest (1); Gymnastics Manager 
(2); All-Ag Field Day Committee (2); 
Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Agriculture 
Club; Dairy Production Club; Hoof and 
Horn Club; Rural Life Club 

Bradley University 

Ila Nan Saunders Chicago 

EUtnt tttat ) Vdncation 


I V 

-V J 



House President (3) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

William Francis Savage Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Alpha Kappa Psi, president (4); Captain, 
Army ROTC 

Barbara Ferne Saxon Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Kappa Delta Pi 
Honors Day (I, 4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Franco Scardiglia Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 


Arthur Frederick Schaefer, Jr. . Waukegan 
Phi Delta Theta 
Flying Club; Marketing Club; Student Junior 
Chamber of Commerce 
Lake Forest College 

Martin Bennett Schaffer Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Varsity Gymnastics ; A. I. A. ; Navy Pier 
Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 
Squad (1, 2), Letter (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Donald Lee Schaffner Springfield 

Mechanical Engineering 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.S.M.E. 
Springfield Junior College 

Albert Lee Scheffler Wheaton 

Pi Kappa Alpha 
Star and Scroll; Illini Union Committee (3) ; 
Floriculture Club 

James Edward Scherer Olney 

Agriculture Economics 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (2 ) ; Baptist Founda- 
tion Student Council (1, 2) ; Agricultural 
Council (4) ; Military Ball Committee (3) ; 
Major, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air Society ; 
Agricultural Economics Club ; Agriculture 
Club; Poultry Science Club, president (4); 
Rural Life Club 




Cietus Earl Schertz Benson 

Agricultural Engineering 
Nabor House 
Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural Council (4); 
A.S.A.E., president (4) 
H rs Day (3) 

Ramon Earl Schipler Mokena 

General Agriculture 
H.,nors Day (3) 

Kenneth Clarence Schlomann. .Mt. Olive 
Division of Special Services 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad; Intra- 
mural Manager (2); Dolphins (2); Tall 
Illini Club; Young Republicans Club 
Blackburn College 

[ames Leonard Schmidt... 
Phi Kappa Tau 

Campus Chest (2) 

.Wood Rivi 

Lois Joan Schneeberger Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
University Orchestra (3, 4) 
Lawrence College 

Irwin Schneider Bronx, N. Y 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Siuart Schodenburg Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Nu Beta Pi; Illini Union Committee (3) ; 
Junior Bar Association 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 
C hemisti v 
Gran. nl. i Club 

Piei Alumni A ;si i ial 

Navy Piei Extension of the Universitj ol 
Illinois ; Northwi sti i n I rniversity 

ROB] Id \\ I :.IH I I Si UK Mil II 7 I, U olti 

Liberal Arl ind Si ii rn i 
Chemical I 
I i iangli 

Sigma loi l .in it' t.i Pi Phi l ta S 

Pii rrol i i . ii ii \ istanl Man 

igei ' I i Stai ' si M ■' i i ■ i Illinois 

reel raph (2 I) I ngi n I oum il 

II I M I I l. | Ii I. Oil \ I I I I '. Idl I I I .11! 

n \ I Mi I 

II .'I 'I 



Theodor Ernst Schreyer Des Plaines 

Agricultural Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.A.E. ; Tau 
Beta Pi 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Romeyn Christine Schrock. Chicago 

Home Economics Education 
Sigma Kappa 
Shi-Ai; The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini Union Com 
mittee (1, 2) ; University Theatre Guild Crew 
(1, 2) ; University Choir (3) ; Oratorio So- 
ciety (1, 2); Wesley Foundation Student 
Council (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Club 

Marshall Robert Schroeder. . .Libertyville 
Industrial Administration 
Football Marching Band (1, 2) ; First Regi- 
mental Band (2); Second Regimental Band 
(1) ; A.F.S. 

Robert Otto Schrott. . .• Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Navy Pier Extension of the Univeisity of 

Leslie Allen Schultz Chicago 


Phi Epsilon Pi 
Star and Scroll; House President (4) 

Al LAN Lf.Roy SCHULZ Beiuyi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Nu 

Morton Junior College 

Robert Schuman Chicago 

Account. nu i 
Lundgren House 
Accountancy Club; Navy Pier Alumni As- 
s iciation 

Navy I'hi Extension of the University ol 

Edward Richard Schumann Chicago 

Agricultural Science 
Alpha Zeta; Gamma Delta; Hoof and Horn 
Club; Illini Sportsman's Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, J) 

[OAN Sc inn 

I iberal Arts and Science! 

Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta . Iota Sigma Pi; U s 
Honors Da) (1, !, ' l nivi rsitj ol Illinois 
Si liol ii ship K' j 

Paul Schmcarz Lombard 

I iberal Arts and Sciences 
Barton House 
Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Sec- 
ond I ieutenant, Army ROTC 
Horl , r s Da 5 d, 2, 3) 

Joseph James Sclafani Chicago 

Accountant \ 

Newman Hall 
Accountancy Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Guv Thomas Scott Bloomington 

General Engineeiing 
Phi Delta Theta 
House President (4); Tribe of Illini; Var- 
sity Baseball Squad (3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad ; Phalanx 

William Doane Scott . Olmstead Falls, Ohio 
Ceramic Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Keramos ; House 
President; Engineering Council (3); A.C.S., 
president (4) 
Honors Day (4) 
Denison University 

Patricia Ann Seaman Mansfield 

Teacher Training in History 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; University 
Chorus ( 1 ) 

Washington University 

Betty Joan Sfarls Paris 

General Home Economics 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
The Illio (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 4) ; Home Eco- 
nomics Club; Illini Forensic Association 

William Sears, Jr Chicag 


Phi Kappa Tau 
Military Ball Committee (4) ; Major, An 
Force ROTC; Air Force Council; Arnold Air 
Society: Phalanx; Marketing Club; Rifle and 
Pistol Club ; Society for the Advancement i t 
Management; Young Republicans Club 
Honors Day ( 3 i 

Ramona Josephine Sedlacfk Berwyn 

Home Economics 
Sigma Kappa 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. 
(3, 4) ; Home Economics Club 

Erwin Bfrnhard Seegfrs Barrington 

Econotnn Tht ■>> ) 
Phi Delta Theta 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2); Major, Ail 
Porce ROTC 

Hi *A 

in ii i .i mom Chh 

I Jilorial 
Keelei Klub 
The Daily Illini (1, 2); Hillel Foundation 
Student Council 
I [onors Day ( 1 I 

John Anthony Si gai a . . . .Chiea 
Industrial Administration 
Newman Hall 
( ollege of the- Holy Cross 

SEGIMOTO MASARU Seabrook, N. ]■ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 

Bradley University 

Carol Hespfr Slibfrt Brookfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Tiaining in English 
Pi Beta Phi 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Kappa 
Phi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Illini Union Board (4) ; Major Chairman, 
Spring Carnival Illini Union Committee (3); 
Major Chairman, Office Management Illini 
Union Committee (2) ; Illini Union Council 
(2, 3, 4) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) : 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); Campus Chest 
(1) ; House President (2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Francis Joseph Seidl Chicago 

Dairy Technology 
Cadet, Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; 
Agriculture Club ; Dairy Production Club 

Robert David Seinfeld Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Delta Phi 
Alpha Phi Omega (1); A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Franklin John Sekera. . . .La Grange Paik 
Electrical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Football Marching Band (I, 2) ; First Regi- 
mental Band (1, 2) ; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Linda Jane Seldfrs Van Orin 

Zeta Tau Alpha 
Phi Chi Theta ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1,2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Henry Jacob Sfi.ic, Cicei 

Banking and Finant i 
Delta Sigma Pi 
C mmerce Council (4); Finance Club; Il- 
lini Insurance Society 
M it. in Junior College 


Janice Selle Hiizel Crest 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Women's Glee Club (3) ; Wesley Foundation 

Thornton Junior College 

Ronald Eugene Selven Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
College Hall 
A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. 

Wilson Junior College 

Charles August Sengstock, Jr Chicago 

Radio and Television 
Flagg House 
Sigma Delta Chi ; WILL ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC 

Navy Pil-i Extension of the University ol 

Patricia Louise Seymour Mattoon 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Sigma Alpha Iota; House President (4) ; 

First Regimental Band (2); Oratorio Society 

M.icMunay College 

Mildred Shabelman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Studies 
House President (4) 
Honors Day (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Leslie George Shadel. Jr.. Norwich, N. Y 
Physical Education 
Physical Education 

John Diel Shafer Noble 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Muhin Arthur Shafer Chicago 

Idi niising 
Alpha I l'i 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Campus Chest (1); 
House President (4); Major, Air Fori 
ROTC; Illini Forensic Association; Market- 
in; ' I ub 
I lonors Day (3) 

Peteb Dean Shalbk Oak /'.<< I 

I ir in 

i 1 1 imii i ngirtt i 

Sigma i n> . Phi I ta ii; m * Ki r« s 


David James Shanks Carloc 

Political Science 
Y.M.C.A, Committee (2) ; Disciples Foun' 
dation Student Council (1, 2, 3), presiden 
(4) ; Military Ball Committee (3) ; Seconii 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National Defens 
Transportation Association; Junior Bar As i 

Margaret Lou Shannon Gianite Cit-\ 

Restaurant Management 
Home Economics Club 

Beverly Lenore Shapiro Chicago 

Elementary Education 

Michael Alan Shapiro Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

Club Esquire 
Men's Glee Club (3); A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; 

Navy Pier Activities: Freshman Varsity 
Wrestling Squad 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Illinois Institute of Technology 

Lawrence Bresee Shappert Belvidere 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Chi Phi 
Intrafraternity Council (3) ; A.I.Ch.E. 

Betty Lou Shelton Seymour 


Home Economics Education 

Omicron Nu ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi 

Upsilon Omicron ; Baptist Student Union ; 

Home Economics Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

William Michael Shewchuk 

Douinn i 
Liberal Arts and -Sciences 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 3, 4), Captain 
it). Letter (3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Fencing 
Squad; Midshipman, NROTC ; Scimitar, 
president (3, 4) 

["heodore Henry Shiff Evanston 

/ fi '.'.'lines 
309 Club 
House President (4); Accountancj Club; 
Marketing Club; Society lor the Advancement 
.■I Management 
DePaul University 

1 1 hi,-, SHOTOLA 

( ommerce 
i,. untune) 

Granada Club 
Accountancj Club 

Morton I 

Donaid Cecil Shreffler Kankaket 

General Agriculture 
Phi Kania Phi: Alpha Zeta ; Plii Eta Sigma; 
All-Ac Field Day Committee (1, 2. 31 : Plow- 
hoy Prom Committee (2, 3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant. Air Force ROTC : Agricultural Eco- 
nomics Club ; Agriculture Club; Dairy Pro- 
duction Club : Field and Furrow 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Norman Dean Shreffler Kankakee 

General Agriculture 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (2); Captain, 
Air Force ROTC; Agricultural Economics 
Club: Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow; 
Hoof and Horn Club; Rural Life Club; Stu- 
dent Junior Chamber of Commerce 

Shfedon Lloyd Sifgfl Chicago 

Radio and Television 

Flagg House 
Mask and Bauble: Pierrots; Sigma Delta 
Chi; Illini Union Committee (2, 3) ; House 
President (2) ; University Theatre Associate 
Manager (3); University Theatre Cast (3); 
\X ILL (4) 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier Illini Newspaper 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Dolores Marie Siegert Pana 

Secretarial Training 
Leeman Lodge 
Shorter Board; Torch; Alpha Chron ; Phi 
Chi Theta; Y.W.C.A. (1); W.G.S. Execu- 
tive Council (3. 4) ; House President (3) ; 
Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 

Raymond Francis Siewert Chicago 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Pershing 
Rifles; Flying Club; I.A.S. 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Morris Silverman Chicago 

Barton House 
Accountancy Club ; Praetorians ; Society for 
the Advancement of Management 

Charles Walter Silvers Chi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Illini Union Committee (1) 

She i don Fair Simborg Chicago 

Pi Lambda Phi 
Beta Alpha Psi ; Interfraternity Council (1); 
First Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Leslie George Simon Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Flagg House 
French Club; Navy Pier Alumni Association 
Navy Pier Extension of the University ot 


» » Bk.1 


ROBER1 Simon Chicago 

( omn 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Hillel Foundation Student Council (I, 2, 3, 
i i Marketing Club 

Doris Jean Simonson Champaign 

Physical Education 

Phi Sisma Sigma 
Shi-Ai; The Illio (I); Illini Union Com- 
mittee (I, 2, 3); W.A.A. (3); Terrapin 
(2, 3) 

John Felix Sincere Chicago 

Ceramic Engineering 
Alpha Delta Phi 
Keramos ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3); 
House President (4) 
Loyola University 

Myron Howard Singer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
University Choir (2); Men's Glee Club (I, 
2, 3) ; Major, Air Force ROTC 

Kenneth Allen Skipworth Carmi 

Division of Special Services 

James Steve Skufakiss Hammond, bid. 

Clark Manor 
The Daily Illini (1); Epsilon Phi Sigma 
(1, 4) 

Indiana University ; Northwestern Univer- 
sity ; St. Joseph's College of Indiana 

James Richard Slagle Dixon 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Sigma Pi 
Skull and Crescent; Dolphins (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Physical Education Majors Club (3, 4) 

Raymond Larry -SlANKER. Greenville, Mich. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Advertising Design 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Society of 
Illustrators; Fine and Applied Arts Society 
Honors Day (1, 2. 3) : University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

June Netzel Sleeman Chicago 

Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (3), 
Editoi Copy Desk (4) 

Georgia State College for Women 


Thomas Barrftt Sleeman Chicago 

Phi Kappa Sigma 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Skull and Crescent ; Beta Gam- 
ma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; The Illio (1); 
Star Course (1, 2, 3), Senior Manager (4); 
Interfraternity Council (2) ; Illini Board of 
Control (3, 4) ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Norman Wayne Sleight Griggsville 


General Agriculture 

Wesley Foundation Student Council (3, 4) ; 

Agricultural Economics Club; Agriculture 

Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

James Jay Slepicka Riverside 

Agricultural Engineering 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

RrcHARD Lee Sloan West Frankfort 

Alining Engineering 
House President (4) ; M.I.S., president (4) ; 
Rifle and Pistol Club 
Murray State College 

Gerald Kenneth Slocum. . . .Pahs Heights 
Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Seabury Foundation Student 
Council f3) ; A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (2) 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Kenneth Watson Slocum Aurora 

Mechanical Engineering 

Illinois Institute of Technology ; Aurora 

Margot Ann Slocum Western Springs 

l-.Lmentary Education 
Alpha Chron; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1); 
Student Religious Council (1, 2); Seabury 
Foundation Student Council (1, 2, 3) ; LAS 
Council (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1. 3) 

James Leonard Si.ovick Chicago 

( ommerce 
1. 1 ountam i ./>/</ Law 
Club Esquire 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Account 
.i !■• y ( lub ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy IV i Extension of tin I rniversity oi 

in i i ii ' Smaage Dei Plainei 

A.'i i. ulture 
, [nimal v h ti 
M' '!' i Lodgi 
Men ' .1.. ( lub (J, i i . Agricultun < lub 
Hool and Horn < lub 
Blackl < olli gi 

V ^f 


Jerald James Smejical Chicago. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University Chorus (3) 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of, 

Delbert Ray Smith Decatur 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
A. I. A. ; A.S.C.E. 

Donald Wayne Smith Hudson 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2) ; Men's Glee 
Club (3, 4) ; Oratorio Society (4) ; Illini 
Rural Observer (1, 4) ; All-Ag Field Day 
Committee (1) ; Military Ball Committee (2, 
3 ) ; Plowboy Prom Committee ( 1 ) ; Cap- 
tain, Air Force ROTC ; Agriculture Club; 
Dairy Production Club; Field and Furrow; 
Gamma Delta ; Hoof and Horn Club 

James Arden Smith Geneso 

Alpha Kappa Psi (4) ; Accountancy Club 
Luther College 

James Sidney Smith Peru, lnd. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 
The Daily Illini (3) ; Illini Union Committee 
(1, 2, 3) : Campus Chest (1) ; National De- 
fense Transportation Association ; Marketing 

Joan Lucille Smith Gary, lnd. 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 

Karen Jeanne Smith Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
"*m The Daily Illini (1) 

Larry Sheldon Smith Ciietgt 


Phi Epsilon l'i 

Olivbb I u Smi hi Cticdgo 

i ngineei ing 
Mi chanit al Engineering 

Su -iii.i Tau ; Pi 1 an Sigma . Illinois Tcch- 

nograph (2, I, I) ; A.F.S. . AS. Ml'., presi- 
dent (3) ; Tall Illini (lub 
Honors Dm ( I) 

Shirley Jean Smith Patterson, N. J. 

Presby Hall 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Theta Sigma Phi : 
Editorial Board Member, The Daily Illini (1, 
2, 3) ; W.A.A. (4) ; University Chorus (4) ; 
Oratorio Society (4) 

William Westbrook Smith ... .Brownstown 
Mi chanical Engineering 
Colonial Manor 
Engineering Council (4) : Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; Ordnance Club ; A.F.S. 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Donald Wayne Smitley Marshall 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in History 
Phi Alpha Theta; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 
4); Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phi 
Chi Eta; Illi-Knights ; Illini Forensic As- 
Honors Day (21 

Eastern Illinois State College 

Frances Sochat Safford, Ariz. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
Zeta Phi Eta, president; Star Course Manager 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Arizona 

Russell LaVerne Sohn Elgin 

Commerce and Law 
Illini Sportsman's Club; Junior Bar Associa- 

Elgin Community College 

Stanley Arthur Socol Chicago 

Industrial Administration 
Clark House 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
Wright Junior College ; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Alice Joan Solomon Greenville 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha, president (4) ; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi, president 
(4); The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3), Campus 
Editor (4) ; Illini Union Committee (1) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Seibfrt I. 



. Chicago 

Edward David Somberg. Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
University Theatre Cast (2, 3, 4) ; WILL 

Al DREY Sonberg Chicago 

Restaurant Management 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Women's Glee Club (4) ; Oratorio Society 
(3, 4) ; Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Gunther William Sonnenfeld. . . .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Omega Beta Pi 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

William Edward Sparks Mattoon 

General Agriculture 
First Lieutenant, Air Force ROTC; Pershing 

Glenn Wilbur Speer Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tomahawk Lodge 
House President (3); Scabbard and Blade; 
First Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

James Frederick Spierling Chicago 


Delta Chi 
Star and Scroll; The Illio (1, 2, 3) ; Cheer- 
leader (2, 3) ; Dolphins (2, 3) ; Cadet, Air 
Force ROTC; Marketing Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Merritt William SpRague Hull 

Agricultural Science 
Farm House 
Alpha Zeta; Illini Union Committee (2, 3) 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (2) ; Interfraternity 
Cmncil (3) ; Illini Rural Observer (2, 3) 
All-Ag Field Day Committee (3, 4), Chair 
man (4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (2, 3) 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Armed 
Forces Communications Association ; Agricul- 
ture Club; Field and Furrow; Hoof and 
Horn Club 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Fred Wayne Springe Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Granada Club 

Delta Sigma Omicron ; Gizz Kids (3, 4); 

National Wheelchair Basketball Association 

(3, 4) 

Roosevelt College; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

John Charles Stahl Havard 

Phi Kappa Psi 


Joanne Marie St. Aubin 

Elementary Education 
Gamma House 
Thornton Junior College 




Andrew Leo Stebnicki. .. .Saint Clair, Pa. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
1 lonors Day (4) 

Pcnn State College; Navy Pier Extension 
of the University of Illinois 

Harold Robert Steed Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Tan Kappa Epsilon 
Scarab; Major, Army ROTC ; A. I. A. 

C.i M Paul Stffey Vrbana 

Managt meni 
Plii Gamma Delta 
Sachem; Baseball Manager (2, 3); Captain, 
Air Force ROTC 

FRl DERK John Steggerda Vrbana 

Beta Theta Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Committee (1. 
2); House President 14); Phi Chi Eta. 
Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 3, 4) 

Thomas Ira Stein Chicago 

Accountancy Club; German Club; Marketing 
Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Association ; So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management 

Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Football Squad 
(2) ; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Norman Dean Steingraber. . . .Ait. Prospect 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC : National Defense Transportation As- 
sociation , Physical Education Majors Club 

A 1 1 AN Stern Rockfoid 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Barton House 
German Club; Praetorians; Spanish Club 



JOSl I'll Al HI HI Ml I SON .... 

Ai'i ii ultun 
General Agriculture 

I .inn 1 1. up,. 

Alpha /.t. i . Phi I t.i Sigma , [llini I fi 

' immitti . ii, ', ii Int. rnitj ( .mm ii 
(2, 1) ; I urn'. ' In. ins ill; [llini Rural 
Observe) (2, i Agrii ultural ( ouni il (3) ; 
All Ag I i- LI lio. < ommitti i (2, I) Plow 
boy Prom ' ommitti i i i I 1 1 Major, An 
Force ROT< An Forci ' .mm., il Arnold An 
iociet) A.' it, ,1, i |,,|i | ,, |,| an | i . , ,, lU 

Hi.. I in. I II., in I [ub 

Honors l )aj (1 ! I) I nivi n it) ,,i Mini. us 
. hoi irship Kej 

Rll ii mil (iiiii mi , || //,../, i: 

Liberal Arts an I Science: 
ii n , (I,, 
in 1 1 1 . i Si roll ' iptain An Porci ROT( 
I i .' tockton < olli gi i. inn. Ii ( ollege 




Bmrd Ei>\\ \nn Stewart Evanston 

Agi iculture 
General Agriculture 
Phi Delta Theta 
Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Football Squad (3, 
4), Letter (3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Foot- 
hall Squad ; Agriculture Club 

Caroi Leigh Stewart St. Limit, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Phi Kapp.i Phi; Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha 
Lambda Delta ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; First Regi- 
mental Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key (3) 

James Raymond Stewart. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Beta Theta Pi 
Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Star Course 
Manager (3) ; House President (3) ; Mid- 
shipman, NROTC 
Honors Day (3) 

Marian Nelle Stewart Ashland 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Shi-Ai ; Iota Sigma Pi; The Daily Illini 
(II ; Major Chairman Banquets Illini Union 
Committee (3) ; Illini Union Council (3) ; 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Star Course 
Manager (2) ; Campus Chest, Major Chair- 
man (2) ; House President (4) ; Women's 
Glee Club (1) 
Honors Day (3) 

Babette Jane Stipes Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Smith College 

Alice Elizabeth Stoik ....Normal 

Teacher Training in Social Studies 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Arnold Air Society; Phalanx; Scabbard and 
Blade; Air Force Sponsor (3) 

Illinois Wesleyan University; Illinois State 
Normal University 

Margare i White Stone Glin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Ei onomics 
Sigma Kappa 
University Theatre Manager (2) ; Rifle aid 
Pistol Club; Tall Illini Club 

Kk HARD B IN] i Shim CI 

A' M, ulture 
(., ui Agriculture 
Delta ( hi 
Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, president ( 2 i ; Y.M.I \ 
c immittee (1, 2) ; Men's Glee Club O. I 
McKinlej Foundation Student Council (1) ; 
I nut. ii. nit ( oloncl. An Fouc ROTC : Si ab 
bard and Blade, Agriculture Club; I' 
Production c lub; Hool and Horn Club 

K.HiiHi \iwui\ Storbr, In. Cenlralia 

l tig ' 

Civil i 
( In I psilon 
i , ui .ili. i T,,w nship Junioi ( o 

Dean Roger Storey DeKalh 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 
The Daily Illini (2, 3) ; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil (3) ; Ulini Union Committee (2) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

George Joseph Strnad Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Physical Education Majors Club 

John Wesley Strong Marshall 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
University Theatre Cast (2) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabi- 
net (3) ; Y.M.C.A. Committee (3, 4) ; Uni- 
versity Chorus (1) ; Major, Air Force ROTC ; 
Illini Forensic Association 

Jane Allen Strook Des Plaines 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
The Daily Illini (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1, 2) 

Lois Lorraine Stuenkel Hinsdale 

Home Economics Education 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Shi-Ai ; Illini Union Committee (2); Home 
Economics Club 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Joan Marie Sullivan BellenlU 

Hume Economics 
Delta Gamma 
Illini Union Committee (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee i I i 

John Raymond Sullivan Chicago 


Animal Sciences 

Newman Hall 

Captain, Army ROTC ; Agriculture Economics 

Club; Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn 


Thomas Richard Sullivan Canton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Phi Eta Sigma; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC ; National Defense Transportation As- 
sociation ; Junior Bar Association 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Jack Leland Sumner XJrbana 

General Engineering 
Purdue University; Southern Illinois Uni- 

"• ^* 

Helena Maria Suszko Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Sidney Alfred Stutz Mazon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tomahawk ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Y.M.C.A. 
Board of Directors (4) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 
President (4); Y.M.C.A. Committee; Foot- 
ball Maiching Band (2) ; Second Regimental 
Band (1, 2); Student Religious Council (2, 
3); Seabury Foundation Student Council, 
President (3) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Darrel Gene Suhre Alhambra 

Agricultural Engineering 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Phi Chi 
Eta; A.S.A.E.; Tall Illini Club 

James Bernard Sullivan Chicago 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Account- 
ancy Club ; German Club ; Marketing Club ; 
Navy Pier Alumni Association 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; Wright Junior College 

Janice Kay Sullivan Metamora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Illini University Theatre Crew (1); 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (1) 

Marshall Wayne Sutker. .Philadelpha, Pa. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering 

Lundgren House 

Phi Eta Sigma; Campus Chest (1) ; A.I.Ch.E. 


Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

James Joseph Svec Chicago 

Alpha Delta Sigma ; Marketing Club 
Wright Junior College 

Albert Alan Swanson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charles Franklin Sw earingen. . . Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Chi 
Alpha Phi Omega 



Michael Deschenes Sweeney Chicago 

General Agriculture 
Newman Hall 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Lisle Switzer, Jr Macomb 


Illini Insurance Society; Marketing Club 
Western Illinois State College 

Ronald Joseph Swofford. . . .East St. Louis 
Civil Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Chi Epsilon ; House President 
(4) ; A.S.C.E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Dorothy Sylling Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Mathematics 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Mark Lee Symons Chicago 


Zeta Beta Tau 
Mask and Bauble; Pierrots, president (3); 
The Illio (1); University Theatre Manager 
(1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Theatre Cast (1, 2) ; 
Captain, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air So- 
ciety; Illini Sportsman's Club; Junior Bar 
Association ; Marketing Club ; Society for the 
Advancement of Management 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Paula Lee Tager Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Education of the Deaf 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Mu Iota Sigma 

Rkhard Elliot Talman Chicago 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
University of Wisconsin 

Angelo Anthony Tantalo 

Rochester, N. Y. 
I ini and Applied Aits 
Advertising Design 
Brockport State Teachers' College; Texas 
i hi i'. i ian Univi rsity 

I. ahi Rudolph Tauti Gold* a 

Agrii ulture 
Agricultufal Scienci 
McKinley Foundation Student Council (4); 
Agrii ul rural ' lub . Fii Id and I lu row 
i irthagi I olli : 

j^KfW i 


Geneial Agriculture 



Freshman ' Varsity Baseball Squad; Lutherar 


Student Center Student Council (3, 4) ; Agri ' 

cultural Education Club; Agriculture Club 

Field and Furrow ; Gamma Delta ; Hool, 


and Horn Club ; Rural Life Club 

Tm fV^H Bi 

■ Ta^fr 

Annette Teitelbaum Chicago 



IB f 


1 1^" 

Sigma Delta Tau 

Gamma Alpha Chi 


University of Colorado 


\ X^. ' i 11 


Guillfrmo Tellez Bogota, Colombia 

Fine and Applied Arts 

A. I. A. 

National University, Colombia, South 

Victor Joseph Tennery Fmdlay 

Ceramic Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Keramos ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Jordan Tepi.itz Chicago 

Marketing Club ; Navy Pier Alumni Associa- 

Navy Pier Activities: University Thea- 
tre Cast (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Olfg Terichow Chicago 

Mining Engineering 
House President (4) ; Illinois Technograph 
(2) ; M.I.S. 

University of Muenchen ; Navy Pier Lxtcn- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Ann Dyas Thayer Hinsdale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Shi-Ai: Pi Delta Phi; The Daily Illini (3, 
II ; Illini Union Committee (1, 2); French 
(lub, president (3) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

ALFRED Edward Thompson Oak >'■"« 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
i ''■, mical Engineering 
V.C.S.; .VI. t h.l . 
Augustana College 

Uiiiiuui Wbldon Thompson, Jr.. i 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
Sigma Delta Chi ; The Daily Illini I 
1 1 ; Ami in .in Soi H I) foi Public A-dministri 


Denison University 

John Clair Thompson Decatur, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Economii I 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Ma-Wan-Da; The Illio (1); Y.M.C.A. 
Committee (1); Board of Fraternity Affairs 
vice chairman (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council 
(■> 3) president (4) : Campus Clicst Allo- 
cations' and Advisory Board; Student Senate- 
Research Bureau, co-chairman; IAS Council 
(2): Second Lieutenant. Army ROTC ; Ord- 
nance Club 

Robfrt Harrison Thompson Pontiac 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Sigma Chi 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; The Illio (1, 2); Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2) : Star Course Man- 
ager (2) ; Basketball Manager (2) ; Com- 
merce Council (1, 2) ; Convocations Com- 
mittee Chairman (2) ; Captain, Air Force 
Honors Day (1 ) 


Jean Marilyn Thormahlen. 
Home Economics 
Sherwood Lodge 
Home Economics Club 
Blackburn College 

Richard Conrad Thorp Lansing 

Food Technology 
Varsity Baseball Squad (2) ; Freshman Var- 
sity Baseball Squad ; Field and Furrow ; Food 
Technology Association 

Byron Andrew Thorpe III Winnetka 


Barton House 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Marketing Club; Society 
for the Advancement of Management; Spanish 

Rodney Thorson Forest Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Roger's House 


Iloilo City, Philippine Is. 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 

W.A.A. Numerals (3); W.A.A. (2, 3, -i ) ; 

Terrapin (2, 3, 4) ; Student Religious Council 

(2, 3, 4) ; Physical Education Majors Club 

Lawrence Eugene Tisserand 

Evansville, Ind. 
Aeronautical Engineering 
Shawnee House 
House President (3); Captain, Air Force 

Roger Barton Tompkins Bloomington 

Commerce and Law 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Illini Union Committee 
(1, 3) ; Dolphins (1) ; Commerce Council 
(3) ; Junior Bar Association 
Honors Day (1 ) 


-=9T <*T 


William Tompkins Bement 


Vocational Agriculture 

Alpha Tau Alpha; Captain, Army ROTC 

(3, 4); Agricultural Education Club; Agri- 

i ulture Club 

Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Frank Thomas Torres Aurora 

Phi Kappa 
Skull and Crescent; The Daily Illini (1, 2) ; 
Illini Union Committee (2) ; Interfraternity 
Council (1, 2); House President (3); First 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; National Defense 
Transportation Association ; Marketing Club 

John Eugene Torrillo Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Interfraternity Council (3) ; Football March- 
ing Band (1, 2, 3) ; First Regimental Band 
(1, 2, 3) ; I.A.S. 

William Herbert Towle Chicago 

Landscape Architecture Society ; Rifle and Pis- 
tol Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

George David Townsend Urbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Alpha Delta Phi 
Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, president (4) ; Con- 
cert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Football Marching 
Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Sinfonietta (2, 
3, 4) ; University Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; 
School of Music Student Council (2) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Caryl Louise Towsley Naperville 

Home Economics Education 
4-H House 
Mortar Board, president; Torch; Alpha 
Chron ; Omicron Nu ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1) ; W.G.S. Executive Council (3) ; 
Illini Rural Observer (1, 2, 3) ; McKinley 
Foundation Student Council (2, 3), president 
(4) ; Home Economics Council (1), president 
12) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Eugene Pieritz Tracer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Omega Beta Pi ; LAS Coun- 
cil (2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Kii hard James Trainor Pontiac 

Mining Engineering 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad ; Captain, 
Air Foice ROTC; M.I.S. 

Robert Frank Trapp Tay/orville 


Engineering Physics 

Sigma Tau ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Engineering 

3, 4) ; Captain, Air Force ROTC; 

Illini Sportsman's Club; 

president (3, 4) ; Young 

Council (2 
German Club; 
Physics Society, 
Democrats Club 
Honors Day (1) 



John Alvin Trares Edwatdsrille 

Accountant ) 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1) 

Carolyn Jean Travis Pana 


Home Economics 

Leeman Lodge 

House President (4) ; Women's Glee Club 

(1, 2); Illini Rural Observer (1); Home 

Economics Club 

Robert Wilcox Trevarthen. . .Tinley Park 
Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Theta Xi 
Physical Education Majors Club 
Cornell College 

William Richard Trexler. . Western Springs 


Mechanical Engineering 

907 Club 

Seabury Foundation Student Council (4) ; 

A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E. 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Jack Edward Trummel 

Dairy Technology 
Lundgren House 
Dairy Technology Society 


Harry Thomas Tsokos Chicago 

Division of Special Services 


Epsilon Phi Sigma 

Richard Vincent Turley Rochester 

Metallurgical Engineering 
907 Club 
House President (3) : A.S.M.E.; MIS. 
Springfield Junior College 

Donald Andrew Turner Bloomington 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Archill 1 1 in i 
Dornoch Lodge 
Scarab; Campus Chest i.'l ; Fine and Ap- 
plied Aits Council (2, 3, 4, 5); First Lieu- 
tenant, Army ROTC ; A. LA. ; Fine and 
Applied Arts Society 

Richard i.i«m Turner Wadswotth 

l iberal Aits and & ieni es 
Navy 1'n i Extension ol tin Universit) "I 




Suzanne Lee Turner Niles, Mich 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Delta Gamma 
Star Course Manager (2); Y.W.C.A. Com' 
mittee (1); W.A.A. Board (4); Major I . 
W.A.A. Sports Manager (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Worn-, 
en's Glee Club (1) ; Physical Education Ma- 
jors Club, president (4) 

Sally Bersey Tweedie Midland, Mich. 

Elementary Education 
University of Michigan 

Joan Clara Tyler Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
House President (4) 

Navy Pier Activities: Cheerleader 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Charles Claude Ulfig, Jr Molim 

Agricultural Engineering 
Clark House 
Tau Beta Pi; A.S.A.E. 
Honors Day (3) 

Moline Community College 

Tommy Stanley Ullom Nokomis 

Mining Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Engineering Council (3) ; Second Lieutenant. 
Army ROTC 

Ronald Russell Ultes Elgin 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tribe of Illini ; Var- 
sity Baseball Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3. 
4), Captain (4); Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Squad; Freshman Varsity Football Squad: 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Alpha Rh' 

Marlene Dole Ungeher Park Ridge 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Illini Union Committee (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (I); Panhellenic Executive Council 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Albert Carl Upstrom i 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Psi 
Captain, Army ROTC; Alpha Rho I .iu 
Military Council; RiHc and Pistol Club 
Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 

Squad (2), Letter (2) 

Navy Pur Extension ol the UniversitJ or 


Daniel Waym Urish /'.<.■•■■ 

('ml Engintering 
Alpha Delta Phi 
Phi I i.i Sigma . I louse President ( 1 1 
tenant Commander, NRok . Armed Porcw 
( oiuu il . Navy ( ouik il 
Ho,,, ,,s Daj ( )) 

Lavcrenc i- Utberg Chicago 

General Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Pi Tau Sigma ; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day (2, 3, 4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ronald Paul Vacek Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Pi Tau Sigma; Interfraternity Council (3); 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois; University of St. Louis 

Doris June Valenta Berwyn 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Theta Upsilon 
Sigma Alpha Iota : University Theatre Cast 
(3) : University Choir (1, 4) ; Women's 
Glee Club (4) ; Madrigal Chorus (3) 
La Grange Junior College 

Patricia Vallero Gillespie 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art Education 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Society of Illustrators ; 
House President (4) ; Tall Illini Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Dale Van Blaricum. 
College Hall 


David Miller Van Doren, Jr Elmhurst 

Agricultural Science 
Granada Club 
Phi Eta Sigma; Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
Football Marching Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

George Julian VanEmden Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 

Flagg House 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Nu Beta 
Epsilon; Student Senate (3); .Military Ball 
Committee (2) ; Junior Bar Association; Prae- 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Wright Junior College 

Frank Jay VanOverstraeten. . .Blue Island 
Accountancy Club 

Thornton Junior College 

Vance VanTassell, Jr. Robinson 

General Agriculture 
Farm House 
Ma Wan-Da ; Sachem; Star and Scroll, presi- 
dent (2) ; Sigma Delta Chi; Illini Union 
Board (3) ; Major Chairman Mother's Day 
Illini Union Committee (3); Illini Union 
Council (2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2) ; Interfraternity Council (2) ; House Presi- 
dent (4>; Football Marching Band (1); 
First Regimental Band (1) ; Illini Rural Ob- 
server (1, 2), Editor (3) ; AU-Ag Field Day 
Committee (2); Alumni Association Board 
(3) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Major, 
Army ROTC ; Infantry Club; Agriculture 
Club ; Flying Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; 
Illini Forensic Association 

Charles Hadley Vaughan Lores Paik I 

Electrical Engineering 

I 'mu'iMh of Dubuque 

<fe.:. U 

Jim Michaei Vinitucci Chicago 

Ah. banical Engineering 
Granada Club 
Engineering Council (2); A.I.E.E. — I.R.E. ; 

Illinois Institute of Technology; Wright 
Junior College; Navy Pier Extension of the 
University of Illinois 

Rodolfo DrvFRA Vergara Chicago 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Illinois Technograph (2) ; Pershing Rifles; 

Carnegie Institute of Technology 

Robfrt Valere Verhaeghe. .Elmivood Park 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Football Marching Band (2, 3, 4) ; First 
Regimental Band (2, 3, 4) ; University 
Lutheran Chapel Student Council (3, 4) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Donna Roese Vetter Aledo 

Home Economics Education 
Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Nu ; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Barbara Victor Tuscola 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Shorter Board; Torch; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 
(2, 3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1, 2, 3, 
4); Campus Chest (4) ; Major I ; W.A.A. 
Numerals; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Physical 
Education Majors Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Y.W.C.A. Executive Council (2, 3, 4) 

Frank Vileta, Jr Chicago 


Aeronautical Engineering 

Sigma Tau ; Sigma Gamma Tau, president 

(4); Glider Club; I.A.S. , president (3, 4) 

Monte Bernard Viner Chicago 

Lundgren House 
Young Democrats Club; Illini Insurance So- 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Eberhard Peter Vischer Park Ridge 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Political Science 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

LAS Council (2, 3, 4) ; Anthropology Club; 

French Club; German Club; Spanish Club; 

Tall Illini Club 

Northwestern University 




William Richard Vitous Bourbonnais 


Flagg House 
House President (4) ; Society for the Ad- 
vancement of Management 

Dominic Michael Vitucci Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Spanish Club 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Elaine Vlachos Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Y.W.CA. Committee (3, 4); W.A.A. (41 

Frank Alois Vlasich Chicago 

College Hall 
Alpha Delta Sigma 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Francis Lee Vosburgh Sycamore 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Calhoun Hall 

Sacramento Junior College; Northern Il- 
linois State Teachers' College 

Mary Phyllis Wade Metropolis 

Hospital Dietetics 

McKinley Hall 
Major Chairman Coffee Hour Illini Uni'-n 
Committee (4) ; Illini Union Council (4) ; 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; AIl-Ag Field 
Day Committee (2) ; Plowboy Prom Commit- 
tee (2) ; Home Economics Club; Panhel- 
lenic Coordinating Committee (4) ; W.G.S. 
Coordinating Committee (4) ; Star and Scroll 
Queen (3) 

Southern Illinois University (1) 

Norma Lee Wade Bnshnell 

Cagle Hall 

Christian College; Western Illinois State 

Rogeb Kipp Wads worth Dresden, N. Y. 

I limit ( I 111!' 

AI< ( /'./»/< .// J'.uyjljt < illlg 


Pi Tan Sigma ; A.S.M.E. ; S.A.E. 

C ,l iiai l> DUANI Wai.i I K I', I hi 

Ar Itun 

(,, a, Igrit alt/tre 
Alpha Gamma Kim 
V M f A < ommil tei (4) ; Agricultural 

( ..ii di il i.i. All Ag i ii Id I >a\ ' on ii. . 

ill. Sei ..".I I ii up iiani. Arm) ROT< . No 
h.nial 1 1. 1. nsi l ransportation Asm., iation . 
An ii nliiii. ( lull . I (airy Produi tion ' lub 
pn i.l. hi i 1 1 Hool and Horn ' lub 


A v m$JA 

 Merle Wagner Newto 

Animal Science 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Star and Scroll; House President (4) 
Eastern Illinois State College 

Phillip H. Wagner 

Marketing Club 

Springfield Junior College 


Lotcher Aljoe Wainscott Belridere 

Civil Engineering 
Theta Chi 
Major, Air Force ROTC ; Arnold Air Society; 
A.S.C.E. ; Scimitar 

William Arthur Wakefield Rockford 

Civil Engineering 
A.S.C.E.; I.T.E. 

D:inald Frederick Wald Carmel, Calif. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Rho Chi 
A. [A. 

David Richard Walker 

Morgan Park Junior College 

. Chicago 

Francis Edwin Walker Kazan 

Agricultural Economics 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma; All-Ag Field Day Committee 
(2); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2); Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; Alpha Rho 
Tau ; Agriculture Club ; Dairy Production 
Club; Hoof and Horn Club; Poultrv Science 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3), Univetsit) ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

George Jerome Walker, Jr 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in English 
Four Columns 
Morton Junioi College 

/;< wyn 

Rio I l>\\ Min \\ Al MR \ 

V ! i i> ii 1 1 n 1 1 

(,i m ml . Igricnltur* 

Ai ana 

Mm's Glei ( lub (I) ; Scabbard and Blade; 
v Iture ( lub. llooi and Hon, < lub 

llonois n.n ( ,1 

Gene Allan Wallach Areola 

Publication Management 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Senior Class President : Sigma Delta Chi ; The 
Daily Illini (1, 2); Interfraternity Council 
(1, 2) : IHini Board of Control (3) ; LAS 
Council (2); Captain, Air Force ROTC . 
Arnold Air Society ; Pershing Rifles 

Frifda Wallk Peoria 

Elementary Education 
Keeler Klub 
Alpha Chron ; Kappa Delt3 Pi ; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; House President (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Frank Joseph Wambach Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Biology 
Medea Lodge 
Honors Day (1,3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Virginia Jfanne Ward Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Theta Upsilon 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) 

Blackburn College; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

John Edward Warnock Mt. Carroll 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC; National Defense Transportation As- 
sociation ; Illini Sportsman's Club ; Spanish 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Warren Alvin Wakefield Leland 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3) ; Basketball Man- 
ager (2) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) ; Plowboy 
Prom Committee (3) ; National Defense 
Transportation Association ; Agriculture Club ; 
Dairy Production Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Jerry Willard Washburne Chicago 

Floriculture Club 

Illinois Institute of Technology ; Thornton 
Township Junior College 

Oscar Jacob Wasserman Chicago 


Marketing Club 

DePaul University ; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois 

Frances Eugenia Watkins Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Engineering Council (2, 4) ; A.I.E.E. — I.R.E. ; 
Illini Forensic Association 
Honors Day (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

. ' 


^ C 

DOROTHY Joan Watson .Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta; University Theatre (3, 
4) ; Y.W.C.A. Committee (2, 3) : W.A.A. 
(3, 4) ; Newman Foundation Student Council 
(3, 4) ; Anthropology Club 

Cornell College; Quincy College 

James Ronald Watson Winnetka 


Phi Delta Theta 
House President (4) ; Tribe of Illini; Varsity 
Swimming Squad (3. 4), Letter (3) ; Second 
Lieutenant, Army ROTC 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Anne Kunstman Way Jenkintown. Pa. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Delta Zeta 
Alpha Alpha Gamma ; Fine and Applied Arts 
Council (2) 

Ruel Vaughn Weas Nor r is City 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Tau ; Eta Kappa Nu, president 14) ; 
Engineering Council (4) ; Second Lieutenant, 
Army ROTC; A.I.E.E.— I.R.E. ; Synton 
Honors Day (2, 3 ) 

Ardfn Ray Weatherly La Grange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Medea Lodge 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Alexander Weaver 

Accountancy Club 

Thornton Junior College 


Joann Phyllis Weaver Urbana 

Kappa Delta 
Gamma Alpha Chi; The Illio (1); Illini 
Union Committee (3) 

Ryland Edwin, Webb Allendale 


Animal Science 

Nabor House 

Alpha Zeta ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Plowboy Prom 

Committee (1) ; Agriculture Club; Hoof and 

Horn Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Steven LeRoy Webb Denver, Colo. 

Aeronautical Engineering 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Star Course Manager (2); Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) ; Student Senate (3) ; Committee 
on Student Discipline (3) ; Military Ball 
Committee (3) ; Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force 
ROTC ; Air Force Council ; Armed Forces 
Council ; Arnold Air Society ; Pershing Rifles, 
Second Lieutenant; Glider Club; I.A.S. 


Barbara Ruth Webber Paxton 

Eh mentary Education 
Pi Beta Phi 
The Illio (1, 2), Assistant Editor (3); Star 
Course Manager (2); Freshman Council 

Marilyn Lucille Webber Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 

Pi Beta Phi 
Shorter Board; The Illio (2, 3), Associate 
Editor (4) ; Star Course Manager (2) ; 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (3) ; House President 
(4) ; Young Democrats Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Mount Holyoke College 

Mary Ann Weber Wataga 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
St. Mary-of-the-Woods College 

Sandra Maire Weber Chicago 

Home Economics 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
University Theatre (1) 

Roselyn Ann Wechter Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Honors Day (2, 3) 
University of Miami 

June May Weiland Chicago 

Commercial Teaching 
Kappa Delta 
Phi Chi Theta; The Illio (II ; Mini Union 
Committee (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Star Course Manager 
(2); Campus Chest (1, 2); Women's Glee 
Club (1) ; Lutheran Student Foundation Stu- 
dent Council (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics 

Marvin Maurice Weiler Peoria 

Personnel Management 
Society for the Advancement of Management 
University of Omaha 

Harriet Weinberg Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Him ms 

I ORRAIN] Asm \\ i imu „,, 

i ibi ral Aiis .iiul s. i, ,„ es 
Hht » . 
I incoln Avenue Residem i 
I he Dailj tilini | i i 

I Ion, its I), IV | ( | 


< bii ag< ' 

i i 

Milton Weiner Chica 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
International Affairs 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Navy Pier Alumni Association ; Russian La 
guage Club 

Roosevelt College; Navy Pier Extension 
the University of Illinois 

William Ernest Weingarz, Jr Lhuo\ 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Zeta ; Second Lieutenant, Air For, 

Maurine Weinstein Chicag 


Elementary Education 

E.K.T. Club 

Illini Union Committee (2, 3); Y.M.C A, 

Committee (2); Freshman Week Committe 


Barbara Gayle Weir Chicag, 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Oratorio Society (3) ; Navy Pier Alumni As 

Navy Pier Activities: Daily Illini 
Navy Pier Extension of the University ol 

Jean Williams Weiss Champaign 

Elementary Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; University Theatre Cast (1); 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3); Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee (l, 2) ; W.A.A. (2, 3) ; House Presi- 
dent (4); Illini Board of Control (3, 4); 
Panhellenic Ball Committee (1) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Ann Weksler Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Miami 

Doran Keith Welty Decatin 

Civil Engineering 
James Millikin University 

Barbara Jean Wihrainsky Chit 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
I beta Sigma Phi 
Honors Day ( i ) 
Navy Piei Extension ol the Universit] d 


M utn -i n Jl \n \\ i u m k Strntloi 

1 dm ation 
II, m, in. a v Education 
Phi Mil 
Shi A, . Kappa Delta Pi . Alpha Lambda 
Delta ; The Mho (l, : | . iii, m Union ( om 
mittei ii. '. si . House President in. 
W'oin, n'j Glee ( lub . Senioi Ball i ommitti 
i • i 

Honors Da] (1, !, I) I Universit} ol Illinois 
Scholarship K. \ 

lm i, Chari i s Werno Chicago 


Pi Kappa Alpha 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; The Daily Mini (1); 
Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4) ; House Presi- 
dent (4); Major, Army ROTC ; Phalanx; 
Marketing Cluh 
Honois Day (1 I 

Erna Catherine Westavcay Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
I vans Hall 
Vi'.A.A. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Navy Pier Alumni 
Honors Day (3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

John- Thomas Westby Elgin 

Tomahawk Lodge 
lllini Insurance Society; Marketing Club; So- 
ciety for the Advancement of Management 
Elgin Community College 

Roi \m> Westerlund Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Lundgren House 
lllini Union Committee (4) ; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (4) ; Young Democrats Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ruth Ann Westlake Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lincoln Avenue Residence 
W'.A.A. (3) 
Springfield Junior College 

Warren Marshall Wexler Chicago 

Commerce and Law 

Pi Lambda Phi 
Nu Beta Epsilon ; Major Chairman Publicity 
lllini Union Committee (3); lllini Union 
Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council 
(3); Junior Bar Association; Marketing 
Club; Navy Pier Alumni Association; Society 
for the Advancement of Management 

Navy Pier Activities: Varsity Track Team 
(1, 2) ; Pier lllini (1, 2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Richard Frank Wharton Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Phi Delta 
Pi Tau Sigma; Engineering Council (2, 3) ; 
A.F.S. ; A.S.M.E. 

Navy Pier Activities: Pier lllini Newspaper 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Beverly Ann Wheeler Behider, 

Home Economics 
Beta House 
lllini Union Committee (1, 2) ; lllini Rural 
Observer (3) ; AIl-Ag Field Day Committee; 
Plowboy Prom Committee (3); Home Eco- 
nomics Club 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Kenneth Carl Wheeler Enfield 

Pi rsonnel Management 


Robin i Eahi Win i an Bloomington 

Aeronautical I ngineering 

Phi K.ippa 
Major, Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; 

Charles Amin White Lish 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
teacher Training in Social Studies 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Infantry 

Herbiki Curtis White Peoria 


Sigma Chi 
Dennison University ; Bradley University 

Joyci Marion White Normal 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Speech 
Evans Hall 
Campus Chest (2) ; W.A.A. (1, -2, 4) ; 
W.G.S. Executive Council (3) 

Robert Leslie Whitman Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Barton House 
A.I.E.E.— IRE. 
Honors Day (1,2) 

Jane Ann Whitmore Oak Park 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Art and Advertising Design 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Ivan Harris Whitsell Alton 

Mechanical Engineering 
Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. 

Donald Stanley Wieczorek Chicago 

Teachei Training in General Science 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 


Burton Carl Wikgren Chicago 

Extension Set in e 

House President (4) ; lllini Rural Observe] 
(4 1 ; Baptist Foundation Student Council 
(4); Agriculture Club; Field and Furrow; 
Hoof and Horn Club 

Navy Pier Activities: Freshman Varsity 
Wrestling Squad 

Wilson Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 



Glen Evert Wildfrmuth Rock Island 


Cinl Engineering 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Chi Epsilon ; Major, Army 

ROTC: Infantry Club; Military Council' 


Constance Elizabeth Wildman. . .Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Art Education 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Illini Union Committee (3) ; Panhellenic Ball 

Committee (3) 

Kazimiera Stanislawa Wilkins. Bloom field 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Alpha Lambda Delta ; Russian Language Club 

Honors Day (1, 2) 

University of Chicago 

Marilyn Alice Will Liberty vtlle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Home Economics 
Petite Maison 
W.A.A. (1) ; German Club 

Robert Lantz Willerton Danvers 


Animal Science 


Skull and Crescent; Y.M.C.A. Committee 

(1); Phi Chi Eta; Agriculture Club; Hoof 

and Horn Club 

Frank Harmon Willey Taylorvi/le 

General Agriculture 
Mask and Bauble; Pierrots; Illini Union 
Committee (2, 3) ; University Theatre (3 4)- 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (3); Illini Rural Ob- 
server (1, 2) ; All-Ag Field Day Committee 
(2); University Theatre Student Staff (3); 
University Theatre Personnel Manager 
(4) • University Theatre Board of Control 
(3, 4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (1) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National De- 
fense Transportation Association ; Agriculture 
Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Dennis Calvin Williams Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University Theatre Cast (2) ; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (3) ; University Chorus (2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Eddie Nathan Williams. . .Memp his, Tenn. 



The Daily Illini (2, 3) ; Second Lieutenant, 

Army ROTC 

Edith Margaret Williams Wonica 

Agi i' ulture 
Home Eeonomit i /■,//,« ation 
l his Hall 
' ampus ( hcsl Mi; Home Economics < lub 


U V 

c ~ 


Irma Vioi.a Williamson Longviei 

Elementary Education 
Cagle Hall 

Disciples' Foundation Student Council (2 
3, 4) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Ross Gleason Wilsey, Jr Sidney 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini University Theatre (3) ; Campus Chesl. 
(3) ; Illini Forensic Association 

Robert Keith Wilson Tolono. 



Tomahawk Lodge 

House President (4) ; Second Lieutenant, Air 1 

Force ROTC; Rifle and Pistol Club; Society :i 

for the Advancement of Management 

Renate Bette Windmueller Chicago 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Shorter Board; Phi Chi Theta ; The Daily 
Illini (1, 2, 3), Society Editor (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

James Dudley Winefordner Geneseo 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Newman Hall 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Jane Reed Wineman Lawrenceville 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Cagle Hall 
Mu Phi Epsilon; University Choir (2, 3, 4) ; 
Women's Glee Club (1) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Norman Lee Wingler Champaign 


Captain, Air Force ROTC; Pershing Rifles; 
Marketing Club 

Sherman B. Winings Lovington 

General Agriculture 
Son's Home 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; National 
Defense Transportation Association; Agricul- 
tural Economics Club; Agriculture Club; 
Dairy Production Club 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Gloria Esthbr Winkbi Chicago 

I ogineei ing 
Engini tring I'i \ r/'i i 
Evans Hall 
Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; I'i Mu Epsilon; 

Engineering Council (3, ■() ; Physics Society 
Navy I',,-, Activities; Alpha Lambda Delta, 

president < .' ) ; Pier Illini Newspaper (2) 

Honors Day (1, 2, J) ; University of Illinois 

,Sc holarship Key 
Naw I'm Extension ol the Universitj .■! 


Leland George Wise Dakota 


Alpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Sigma 
Iota Epsilon; Accountancy Club; Delta Sigma 
Omicron ; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Jessie Mat Wisegarver Clinton 

Home Economic! Education 

Alpha Xi Delta 
Phi Upsilon Omicron; Campus Chest (3); 
Mini Christian Fellowship (2, 3, 4) ; All-Ag 
Field Day Committee (2) ; Home Economics 
Council (1, 3) ; Plowboy Prom Committee 
(2) ; Home Economics Club 

Illinois State Normal University 

Richard I.fe Witt Pekin 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC ; A. I. A. 

Floyd George Wohrley Dixon 

General Agriculture 
Sigma Tau Gamma 
Agricultural Education Club ; Agriculture 
Club; Hoof and Horn Club 
Western Illinois State College 

Roger I-F.e Woizeski Indianapolis, Ind. 



Pi Kappa Alpha 

Star and Scroll; Star Course Manager (1, 

2) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; House 

President (3) ; Junior Bar Association 

Ermin Stanley Wojcik Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Sigma Tau Gamma 
Interfraternity Council (3) ; House President 
(4) ; Midshipman, NROTC 

Robert Lee Wold Glen Ellyn 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Gargoyle ; Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Scarab ; 
The Illio (1, 2, 3), Associate Editor (4); 
House President (3) ; Varsity Golf Squad (2, 
4); Freshman Varsity Golf Squad; Illinois 
Technograph (4); Captain, Army ROTC; 
Zeta Sigma Alpha; A.I.A. ; Scimitar 
Honors Day (2, 3, 4) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Jerome Martin Wolf Chicago 

Clark House 
University Choir (3) ; Marketing Club 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Stephen Wolfberg South Bend, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Interfraternity 
Council (2, 3) ; Student Senate (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
Committee on Student Affairs (4) ; Committee 
on Student Discipline (4) ; N.S.A. Senate 
Subcommittee (2, 3, 4) ; Captain, Air Force 
ROTC ; Illini Forensic Association 


Marvin Stanley Wolford Abm. 

Vocational Agriculturt 

Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education 
Club ; Agriculture Club 

Western Illinois State College 

Janet Gail Wolfson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teacher Training in Social Studies 

Lincoln Avenue Residence 
Phi Alpha Theta ; University Chorus (3, 4) ; 
Anthropology Club; Navy Pier Alumni As- 

Navy Pier Activities: University Choir (1, 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Ruth Janet Woll Chicago 

Home Economics 
Alpha Phi 
The Illio (1); W.A.A. (1); Home Eco- 
nomics Club 

Kenneth Francis Wollenberg. Westchester 
Mechanical Engineering 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Morris Morton Woloshin Chicago 

Lundgren House 
Accountancy Club 

University of Chicago; Navy Pier Exten- 
sion of the University of Illinois 

Porter John Womeldorff Decatur 

Electrical Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; 
Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (3, 4) ; 
Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 3) ; Y.M.C.A. Com- 
mittee (1) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; 
A.I.E.E. — I.R.E. ; Society of American Mili- 
tary Engineers 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Pak-cheong Woo Hong Kong, China 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Wesley Foundation Student Council (3, 4) 

James Mackill Wood.... 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Lake Forest College 

. Wilmette 

Eva Marie Woodall Waggoni i 

Home Economics 
4-H House 
Phi Upsilon Omicron; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3. 
4); Y.M.C.A. Committee (1, 2); All-Ag 
Field Day Committee (1, 2) ; Home Eco- 
nomics Council (4) ; Plowboy Prom Com- 

mittee (1. 2) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (3) 



Charlotte Jfan Woodard Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 

Navy Pier Activities: Orchesis (1, 2, 3) 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of 


Susan Aiiiim Woods La Ciangt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teachei Training in Spanish 
Alpha Chi Omega 
rorch ; Sigma Delta Pi; Major Chairman 
Square Dances Illini Union Committee ( J ) ; 
Major Chairman Homecoming Dances Illini 
Union Committee (3); Illini Union Council 
(3); Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3, A). 
LIniversity Theatre Manager (f, 2) ; Campus 
Chest (1,2); W.A.A. (1); University- 
Chorus (3, 4) ; Women's Glee Club (1, 2. 
si ; Campus Chest Allocations and Advisorj 
Hoard (2); Freshman Week Committee (1. 
2) ; Panhellenic Ball Committee (2) ; Spanish 
Club; Teachers-in-Training Club: Young Re- 
publicans Club 

Howard Jostph Wobkowski Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Delta Ph. 
Y.M.C.A. Committee (1); House President 
(1) : Freshman Council (1) : Freshman Foot 
ball Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2. 3), 
Letter (3f : Freshman Varsity Wrestling 
Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (1) : Ath- 
letic Council (1) : Physical Education Majors 
Club; Polish f Lib 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Walter Albert Wozniak Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day fl I 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Iwirs Wesley Wright Lawrenceville 


Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Tube of Illini (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Basketball 
Squad (2, 3, 4). Letter, (2, 3, 4); Fresh- 
man Varsity Squad (1) : Varsity Track Squad 
12. 3, 4), Letter (3. 4) ; Freshman Varsity 
Squad (1) ; Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC 

Jerry Edwin Wright Park Ridge 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
Alpha Phi Omega, president (4); Illini 
Union Committee (I, 2) ; Drum Major (1, 
2 1 : Football Marching Band (2, 3); First 
Regimental Band (2, 3) ; Second Regimental 
Band (I ) 

Richard Lincoln Wright Shelbyrille 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Sigma Delta Chi ; The Daily 
Illini (2 1; WILL (3, 4) ; Cadet, Army 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Eugenj Yalowitz Chicago 


Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Phi Chi 
I i.i Marki ting Club 

I . i . in i. ii Yamamoio Chit 

( linn, ri i 
Ii i I/, ntam i 
Mil lor. in Stati Normal Collegi 


JOSEPH John Yancik Mt. Olive 

Mining Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi; M.I.S. 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Joseph Yoshiyuki Yasutake Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University Chorus (3) 
Lawrence College 

Sue Ann Yaver Indianapolis, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Keeler Klub 
Stephens College 

Elizabeth Jane Yeatter Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; The Daily 
Illini (2) ; The Illio (1) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1); Illini Theatre Guild Cast (1); 
Panhellenic Executive Council (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Ying Lieh Yeh Tainan, China 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
A.I.Ch.E. ; Chinese Students Club 
St. Procopius College 

Clyde Leroy Young East St. Louis 


Mechanical Engineering 

Engineering Council, president (3) ; Second 

Lieutenant, Army ROTC; A.F.S., president 


Jack Allison Young I 

Alpha Tau Omega 
Sachem; Skull and Crescent; The Daily Il- 
lini (1, 2) ; Midshipman, NROTC 

I wii s Chun Man Young 

r i m and Applied Aits 
In bill i tjtu 
A.I, A . 

John Mu ton Yoi N( ii,,.itw 

i mi and Applied Arts 
H . ' . '.,, ation 
Sigm i No 
. . ond Ri ! im< ntal Band (1, !) ; Univi rsit] 
i borus ' i ' Mi n's Glei ( lub I I) 

>m.iii: JoAnne Young Dei Plains 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa C.amma 
University Theatre (2 i 
De Pauw University 

William Allen Young Rossvilh 


vi u ii i.i Alpha Epsilon 
Phi Delt.i Phi; Illini Union Committee (1) . 
phi Chi Eta: Junior Bar Association 

Robert Stanley Youngberg Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

\ovman Hall 

Physical Education Majors Club 

\\ light Junior College; Navy Pier Exten- 

I the University of Illinois 

Ann Louise Youngerman Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
The Daily Illini (1) ; House President (3) 

Elizabeth Ann Zacharias Elmhurst 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Ait Ed ii cat i mi 
Phi Mu 
Kappa Delta Pi 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Lois Jane Zahrobsky Berwyn 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Ail Education 
Evans Hall 
Orchesis (2) 

Art Institute of Chicago; Northwestern Uni- 

Robert John Zalatoris Chicago 

At i ountancy 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Second Lieutenant, Army 
ROTC ; National Defense Transportation As- 
Bociation ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (2) 

Armand Alan Zaleon. .Gloversville, N. Y. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Captain, Air Force ROTC; Praetorians 




Mark Earl Zeal 

Lundgren House- 
Marketing Club ; Praetorians 

( hicagt 

JANI M 0111 Zl BROW ski ( I. 

( ommert ; 
Seen I uiiniti 
Alpha House 
W'.A.A. Numerals I j I . W.A.A Spanisl 

Club; Chess < lub 

\\ right Junioi < illege 

James \oii- Zettek ' ' '' ;; 

Engini ei oil 
Uronaulicai I ngim i littg 
As Mi I.A.S. 

\\ ilson Jui < ollege ; Navy Piei 1 xten 

s ,i id. University of Illinois 

Sanford S. Zevon Brooklyn. V V. 

Liberal Ails and v ieni : s 
Phi Et.i Sigma; Omega Beta Pi 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University ol Illinoh 
Scholarship Key 

Norma Lurtz Ziroi.rR O'Pallon 

Home Economii < Education 
Leeman Lodge- 
Alpha Chi on; Y.W.C.A. Committee (1). 
Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Home Leo 
nomics Club 

Mi< maim Zihal Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Sanitary Engineering 
Engineering Council (3), president (4); 
A.S.C.E. ; Mu-San, president (3) 
Columbia University 

Charles Jay Zimmerman Winnetka 

C immerce 
Industrial Administration 

Second Lieutenant, Army ROTC; Pershing 
Rifles: Phalanx: Society foi the Advancement 
■ Management 

Richard Lei Zimmerman Pittsfield 

Sigma Chi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Campus Chest (2); Student 
Senate (4) ; Freshman Varsity Football 
Squad; Football Manager (2. 3, 4); Senior 
Football Managei ; President, Athletic Coun- 
cil (4) 

Louise Dorothy Zingrone La Grangi 

Liberal Aits and Sciem :s 
Delta Zeta 
[Ilini Union Committee (1) : Y.W.C.A. Com- 
mittee II. 2. 4) ; W.A.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Pan- 
hellenic Ball Committee (3): Anthropology 
Club ; German Club 

Jani i El Li x ZiNK Chicago 

Elementary Education 
Delta Zeta 
Y.W.C.A. Committee (I); Anthropology 


Anthony Zombolas Chicago 


Aeronautical Engineering 

Tribe of Mini ; Varsity Fencing Squad (3. 

4), Letter (3, 4) ; I.A.S. ; Scimitar; Epsilon 

Phi Sigma 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
II! s 


Liberal Arts and Science 
Evans Hall 
Illini Union Committee (3): Car 
(2) ; W.A.A. (2) ; Freshman Gu 
Navy Pier Extension of the Ui 


Edwin Arthur Zychowski Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Tau Gamma 

Navy Pier Extension of the University it 



Bronze Tablet— 1953 

Election to Bronze Tablet is the highest 
scholastic honor awarded to seniors at the 
University of Illinois. 

A senior who has been in the upper three 
per cent of his class in his respective college 
during his junior and senior years is en- 
titled to have his name inscribed on the 
Bronze Tablet. This means he must have 
received Junior and Senior Honors. 

High Scholarship maintained throughout any 
one of the four years at the University is awarded 
by College Honors. Seniors may also qualify for 
University Honors if they have earned College 
Honors twice and have maintained a scholastic- 
average for their first seven semesters equal to or 

higher than the four-semester average of the 
lowest student recently chosen for Univer- 
sity Honors from their college under the 
preceding qualifications. 

Senior transfer students who have not 
been at the University for four semesters 
before graduation may achieve University 
Honors if their average for the past three 
semesters is equal to or higher than the 
four-semester average of the lowest student cur- 
rently elected to Bronze Tablet. The average of 
their transferred credits for the year before they 
transferred must also be equal to the average 
needed for University Honors. 

A special University of Illinois Scholarship Key 
is given to the recipients of University Honors. 

Katherine Nickol Ackermann 
Jay Donald Adkisson 
Priscilla Rose Alden 
Rue Linsey Belford, Jr. 
Robert Lee Berryhill 
Daniel John Bobbitt 
Donald Michael Bohrer 
William LaVerne Bost 
Charles Roy Boughton 
Ralph David Butler 
Chuan Fang Chen 
Henri Eugene Cowger 
Mary Louise Cramblett 
Richard Lee Cummins 
Sara Williams Davison 
Alfred Hedley Donahoe 
Shirley Ann Donney 
Judith Ann Duffin 
Elmer Ellis Ewing 
Joanne O'Kelly Ferguson 
Jerome David Fireman 
Frank John Fishman, Jr. 
Marilyn McCown Foster 
Tevis Cooper Freeman 
Lowell Lee Getz 
Donald Eugene Goss 
Donald Frank Grass 
Betty Shiela Greenberg 
James Alexander Hanley 
Alfred Katsumi Higashi 

Barbara Jean Hill 

Richard Carl Holmberg 

Loren Albert Ihnen 

Ruth Audrey Ivey 

Donald Herbert Janney 

John Robert Jombock 

Keith Allen Kahle 

Jerry Leon Kaswan 

Justin Louis Kestenbaum 

Barbara Jean Kozel 

Lois Mardelle Langdon 

Dolores Lillian Lapaitis 

Eugene Clement Joseph Lohman 

James Bruce Lubin 

Dianne Estelle Mathre 

Charles Anthony Mazzoni, Jr. 

Joanna McBride 

Richard Johnston McClintick 

Donald Eugene McCormack 

Harold Clarence McCutchan 

Raymond Vladas Miezeiis 

John Ludwig Muerle 

Donald Val Osborne 

Roy Lewis Ostrom 

Robert Kessler Painter 

Joan Katherine Pantke 

Sherwood Ira Parker 

Harlan Wesley Peithman, Jr. 

John Donald Pulliam 

Paul Eugene Raabe 

Althea Helen Rautenberg 
John Charles Reed 
Chih-Tang Sah 
Robert LeRoy Sands 
William Courtney Schnobrich 
Daniel Francis Schoeberle 
Stuart Walter Scott 
Frank Moran Shappert 
Selwyn Shkolnik 
Earl Law Sloan III 
Josephine Pauline Smania 
Edward Otto Stejskal 
Robert Dennis Stoll 
Peggy H. Stone 
Roland S. Strawn 
Larry Earl Stump 
Helen Earleen Swanson 
Richard Lee Sydnor 
Rey Ching Tung 
Robert Uyetani 
Dominic John Valesano 
James Arthur Waggoner 
George Charles Wagner 
Nancy Ellen Waxier 
Mary Margaret Weeg 
Marilyn Jean Welsch 
Robert Charles Woelfel 
Marilyn Womeldorff 
Joseph Fred Zacek 
Morton Louis Zimmerman 




Chicago Professional Colleges 

Administrative Committee 

Roger A. Harvey 

Earl R. Series 

Howard A. H.izlet. n 

Allan G. Brodie 

Harry W. Pearce 

Carrying out its objective of providing the finest 
facilities in the nation for its students enrolled in 
the health sciences, the University of Illinois 
Chicago Professional Colleges opened two more 
buildings during the 1953-54 year. 

These facilities are the new addition to the Re- 
search and Educational Hospitals and the Student 
Residence Hall. During the previous school year, 
the Medical Center Steam Plant and the Staff 
Apartment Building were placed into operation. 
Next year, the University anticipates the opening 
of a modern six-floor class-room and laboratory 
building. These five new buildings, together with 
the existing Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy Build- 
ing, the original Research and Educational Hos- 
pitals, the Neuropsychiatry Institute, the Surgical 
Institute for Children, the Chicago lllini Union, 
and the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary will pro- 
vide the University with unexcelled facilities for 

teaching and research in the health sciences. 

The opening of the hospital addition and the 
Student Residence Hall during the 1953-54 school 
year were particularly welcomed by the students. 
The 14-floor, $6,000,000 hospital addition provides 
facilities for clinical teaching, research investiga- 
tions, and for the care of patients. In the past, 
the clinical teaching program has been handi- 
capped by the limited number of hospital beds. 

The Student Residence Hall is the first new 
facility in the rapidly-expanding Medical Center 
District which has been planned to house stu- 
dents in the allied health sciences. Located adja- 
cent to the Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy Build- 
ing, it can accommodate a maximum of 405 
students. Private financing was employed by the 
University to construct and equip the building 
at a cost of $2,450,000. 


C. Lincoln Williston, manager of Paul A. Hartley, associate director 
public information of non-acaaemic personnel 

Wilma Troxel, librarian 

John E. Millizc-n, administrator in 

the research and educational 



Maurice J. Galbraith, dean of 
student affairs 

George R. Moon, examiner and 

Howard A. Hazleton, business Margaret D. Johnson, manager of 

manager the Chicago Itlini Union 

Thomas S. Jones, director of Harry W. Pearce, superintendent of 

illustration studios buildings and grounds 


Dean Allan G. Brodie 

College of 

Since its founding in 1892 the University 
of Illinois College of Dentistry has contri- 
buted much to the welfare of humanity and 
to the improvement of dentistry. Its service 
is twofold: ( 1 ) it provides the public with 
adequately trained dental practitioners, 
teachers and investigators, (2) it provides 
thousands of people with dental care at a 
minimum fee. 

For more than fifty years, the College has 
been located near the Cook County Hospital 
in the great medical center on the west side 
of Chicago. It is the ideal of the College to 

maintain the highest educational principles. 
Both its outstanding faculty and its facilities 
contribute to this end. 

Most colleges of dentistry concentrate the 
medical sciences in the first two years of 
dental study. This is not true at Illinois, 
where the basic sciences are distributed 
throughout the entire four years of the cur- 
riculum. It is the only school where the stu- 
dent enjoys four years of clinical study and 
practice. As a result of this program, the 
graduate gains more confidence in his ability 
to interpret and manage dental problems, 
whether they be in the office or in the scienti- 
fic laboratory. 


Dentistry — Medicine — Pharmacy Building 


College of 

The University of Illinois College of Medicine 
is located in the medical center on the west side 
of Chicago. The teaching facilities available be- 
cause of its location are unexcelled by any medi- 
cal school elsewhere. Within a radius of four 
blocks of the College of Medicine are hospitals 
with over 5,000 beds available for clinical teach- 

The University of Illinois Research and Edu- 
cational Hospitals and Neuropsychiatric Institute 
have over 700 beds giving Illinois one of the 
largest university owned teaching hospitals in the 

The College of Medicine was founded in 1881 
as the College of Physicians and Surgeons, an 
independent institution. It became affiliated with 
the Universitv in 1897, and in 1913 it became an 

Recently completed addition to the Research and Educational 


Dean Roger A. Harvey 

integral part of the University of Illinois. In 
1941, the staff of the old Rush Medical School 
was added to the faculty of the College of Medi- 

Each year 166 students are accepted into the 
freshman class, each having at least three years 
of preparatory college work. The faculty and staff 
of the University of Illinois College of Medicine 
number 994. Of these, 802 are non-salaried fac- 
ulty members, who donate a portion of their time 
to instruction at, in many cases, their alma mater. 

At present Dr. Roger A. Harvey is the acting 
Dean of the College of Medicine. Under his ad- 
ministration, the college continues to fulfill its 
purpose of educating young men and women for 
the practice of the art and science of medicine. 


ti V!3 n iv 

BEY iC&T" 

College of Pharmacy 

The new home for the College of Pharmacy in the 
East DMP Building is rapidly nearing completion, 
and will undoubtedly be occupied with the begin- 
ning of the Fall Quarter in 1954. It will house the 
teaching and research work of all of the courses, 
except those offered by the basic science depart- 
ments of the College of Medicine. These new facili- 
ties will afford the staff and the students one of the 
most modern Pharmacy buildings in the world. 

The curriculum is being revised, and new oppor- 
tunities for research in the fields of manufacturing 
pharmacy, chemistry, and biology will be available 
for graduate study. Many new staff members will 
be required, in order to meet the increased enroll- 
ment for an entering class of 175 students. 

Nearly one-half of the construction planned for 
the Drug Plant and Horticultural Experiment Sta- 
tion has been completed, and it is hoped that the 
new laboratories building for the Station can be 
secured in the very near future. 

Dean Earl R. Series 

East Unit of the Dentistry-Medicine-Pharmacy building, now under construction. 


Graduate College 

Research, the patient, endless pursuit of new 
knowledge, stimulated by disciplined imagina- 
tion, is the life line that engenders vitality into 
the teaching and service programs of a great uni- 
versity. Unless provision is made for the continual 
addition of new knowledge by the scholarly 
achievements of faculty and advanced students, 
teaching may become routine and uninspired and 
services to the citizens of the state would become 
mediocre. Productive research is the life of The 
Graduate College in the medical sciences of den- 
tistry, medicine and pharmacy. 

One of the functions of The Graduate College 
administration is to provide research funds for 
the faculty in order that they may contribute to 
the storehouses of knowledge. Another is to at- 
tract promising young investigators into medical 
science research by approving and awarding fel- 
lowships. Working in the laboratories with their 
major advisers, students carry on studies toward 
Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy de- 
grees and disseminate to the ends of the earth the 
investigative skills acquired in our laboratories. 
New centers for the advancement of medical 
knowledge are in turn established. Thus, the Uni- 
versity, through its Graduate College on this 
Campus, contributes widely to the advancement 
of civilization and to the general well being of 

Graduate students at work in the laboratory 


Dr. Milan V. Novak, associate dean of the Graduate College of the 
Chicago Professional Colleges 

FIRST PLACE: Robert C. Miles ( D3 ) 

Illio Photo 

THIHD PLACE: Donald H. Hauk, Department of Neurology 

SECOND PLACE: Donald II. Hauk, Department ol Neur 




College of Dentistry 


Geokgi Donald Sturman 

West Hiiitfiiul, Conn. 
Class President (4) ; Student Council, 
President (4); Class Vice President 
(}) ; Executive Student Council ; 
Alpha Omega 

Wii liam T. Jackson. . 

< lass Vice President ( 4 I 

(l'ii ago 

Frederick Dale Nolen. .Harrisbnrg 

Class Secretary (4) ; Psi Omega 

LAWRl Cl I i '■! I 



Class Treasurer (4); Delta Sigma 
Dell • 

William Robert Frieden.. ..Moline 

Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Psi Omega 

Jean Paul Jacori Chicago 

A.B., B.S. 
Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Delta Sigma Delta 

Kenneth Roy Lecocq Ogle shy 

Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Student Council, Treasurer (2) ; Ex- 
ecutive Student Council (4) ; Psi 

(,i iiiii.r ROBI iti <>sn RBI RCI u 

Student Council Representative i i i , 
Psi Omega 


J(JM I'll Anihony Aimoni 

B S 
Delta Sigma Delta 


Kenneth Eugene Anderson Chicago 


Psi Omega; Student Council (3) ; Illini Union 
Display Committee (3. 4); Illio Committee 

Lawrence A. Anderson Downers Grove 

Delta Sigma Delta, President (4) ; Class 
President (3); Student Council (3) 

Louis Matthew Andriasevich Chicago 

Psi Omega; Student Council (1, 2); Illini 
Union Social Committee (3, 4) ; Illio Com- 
mittee (3), Chairman (4) 

Henry Joseph Antolak Chicago 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Bert H. Anton Chicago 


Delta Sigma Delta 

Rom R i Eugene Brewtr. 

B.A.. B.S. 
Delta Sigma Delta 

. Paw Pair 

Donald Robert Brink. 

Psi Omega 


Ci ii i ord A\ i nv Brown . 

Psi Omega 

. Peoria 


■■ v Mm 

:.'^ /: - 

William J. Burns CI 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Hirmi M. BUSCH Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Omega 

Ralph Carnow Chicago 

Alpha Omega 

Thomas Robert Case Chit 

B.A., B.S. 
Delta Sigma Delta 

Richard Dean Cori.ey Champaign 

Psi Omega 

Gerald Lamb Crank Golden 

Psi Omega 

E. Orval DeWeerih Peoria 

B.S. (2) 
Psi Omega 

-Claude Evans Driskei.i Chicag > 

B.S. (2) 
Psi Omega 

Robert E. Dodenbostei Pinckneyville 

B.A., B.S. 
Psi Omega 


John Henry Duis Flanagan 

Psi Omega 

Morton Epstein Chicago 

Alpha Omega: Student Council Is) ; Exec- 

ntt\ < Student Council ( s ) 

Paul William Frankenstein. . .Hani.tbrn 

A.B., M.S., B.S 
Psi Omega 

Kenneth Alan Freedman Chicago 

Alpha Onus;.! 

Ralph Gilmen FRICKENSTEIN . . Edwar dsvilli 

A.B , B.S. 
Psi Omega, President (4) ; Class President 
(1, 2) 

Norman M. Gi.azip.r. 

Alpha Omega 

Chii ago 



Delta Sigma Delta 

II aid , :\.ni 

David Ernsj Grauer Chicago 

B S 
l ' Ita Sigma I >■ It.i ; Illio Committee i 1 1 

lit l > 1,1 i 

H S. 
Delta i, Delta 


II , •lull, 

Kari Hi 1NZ Hai i w AS 

X. Psi Pin" 


Edward I. Hatton. 

Psi Omega 


Charles Frank Hebting 
B.S. (2) 

Xl Psi Phi 

. . Chicago 

Richard C. Hendricks, 

Psi Omega 


Gavll L. Hutchinson 
B.A., B.S. 

Delta Sigma Delta 


Harry Iida Chiax" 

Delta Sigma Delta 

|oh.\ liiiscr. lit Chicago 


Rom m Lloyd Irish Dotvnen Groi'e 

B S 
Psi Omega 

lioini [urkunas ,. Uimergi, lithium* 

Walter Manchester Karbowski . . . Chicat 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Edward Paul Ki.fcinic Chin, 

Delta Sigma Delta 

John S. Kloehn Appleton, Wis. 


Delta Sigma Delta 

Marvin Kozlov Chicago 

Alpha Omega 

David Thomas Lawless Peoria 

Psi Omega 

Philip Levens Chicago 


Aija Liepins Riga, Latvia 

Joseph Anthony Limosani Chicago 


Gilbert Donald Mackey Wattkegatt 

Psi Omega 


*^%^ * 

Benjamin Magier Detroit, Mich. 

Alpha Omega 

Thomas E. Nagele Sheldon 

Psi Omega ; Newman Club 

Conrad E. Nielsen Chicago 

[RENE Norgello Riga. Latvia 

Ludmilla Petrauskas Oat Park 

Dan Edward Pickle Alt. Carmel 

B.S. (2) 
Psi Omega 

Mllvin F. Platenka Fox Lake 

Xi Psi Phi 

Harry Mackey Price Chicago 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Ona Prunskis Utena, Lithuania 


Rai i'h Eugbnb Ransford. . . .Davit Junction 

Psi Omega 


Wilbur Guy Reed Chicago 

PhiMu Phi 

Edward Joseph Reilly Chicago 

Phi Mu Phi 

Elena Repsys Kaunas, Lithuania 

Arthur William Rogel LaSalle 

Newman Club 

William Martin Rominger, Jr Toledo 

Psi Omega 


Alexander Eugene Ronnett 

Parhauti, Romania 

Birnard Josfph Schneidfr Chicago 

Alpha Omega 

John Peter Schultz Chicago 

B.S., Ph.B. 

Stanley Stein Chicago 


Elaine A. Stuebner Fox Lake 

Upsilon Alpha 

Gforge Kenneth Thomas. . .Spring Valley 

Psi Omega 

Raymond J. Tupy Oak Patk 

Psi Omega 

John Sherman Weiss Champaign 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Robert Zelikow Chicago 

Alpha Omega 


College of Medicine 


Jack Means Springfield 

Class President (4) ; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Ralph Earl Spiekerman. . .Rockford 

B.S. (2) 
Class Vice President (4) ; Alpha Kap- 
pa Kappa ; Alpha Omega Alpha ; 

Jesse Ralph Fowler Moline 

B.S. (2) 

Class Secretary (4) ; Alpha Kappa 

James Aaron Albright Aurora 

Class Treasurer (4) ; Alpha Kappa 
Kappa ; Westminster Foundation 

Irving Jack Adatto. 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

. Chicago 

Henry Leigh Adkins Greenville, Miss. 

B.A., B.S. 
Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Thomas Carl Bunting Quincy 

M.S., B.S. 
Student Council Representative (1, 4) 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Pi Kappa lip 
silon ; Class President (1): Illin 
Union Social Committee (1, 2) 

James C. Hunt Champaign 

B.S., B.A. 
Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Alpha Omega 
Alpha; Executive Student Council (4) 

William Robert Lawrence 

Tunnel Hill 
B.S. (2), B.A. 
Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; S.A.M.A. 

Robert Owen Lewis Carmi 

B.S., B.A. 
Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Burwyn E. Albright Watseha 

B.A., B.S. 
Nu Sigma Nu ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

George Thomas Anast. 

B.A., B.S. (2) 
Phi Beta Pi 



C. Clyde Anderson East Maliue 

B.A.. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Jnterfraternity Council 

Kenneth W. Anderson, jr. 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

. Chicago 

Otto Vern Baumann 

Golden Valley, N. Dai. 
B.A., B.S. 

Ai BERT Joseph Behn K'ankegan 

B.A., B.S. 
Nu Sigma Nu 

Cyrena Goldman Berger Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Epsilon Iota; A. I. M.S. ; Phi Beta 

Walter M. Bobell Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

Betsy Becker Brennan Chicago 

M.S.. B.S. 
Alpha Epsilon Iota ; Alpha Omega Alpha 

Frederic William Brodie Milling/on 


Nu Sigma Nu ; S.A.M.A. 

Lloyd Gerald Carnahan KochelL 

B.A., B s 

Nu Sigma Nu ; Pi Kappa Epsilon, SAM. A. 


Jacques Kenneth Chamberlain. . .Rockjovd 

Phi Rho Sigma ; Phi Kappa Phi 

Robert Arthur Conklin Bloomington 

Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Mu Phi; Society of Il- 
linois Bacteriologists 

Richard Frederick Dahlen Moline 

Phi Rho Sigma ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Harold Dean Damuth Chicago 

Phi Beta Pi ; S.A.M.A. 

Allan Ray Dannhauer Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Beta Pi; Phi Mu Phi; S.A.M.A. 

Hugh Frank DeMorest Kewanee 

Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Frank John DeRango Blue Island 

B.A.. B.S. 
Nu Sigma Nu ; Pi Kappa Epsilon; Class Sec- 
ic-tary (2) ; Class Vice President (3) 

Paul Detweiler Peoria 


I \i k DOMNITZ Peoria 

HA. B S. 
[Ilio Committee ( u 

William Edward Ehling Chtcag 

Pin Rlio Sigma, Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Willard Jean Eyer Olmy 

B.A.. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Ernest Melvin Feiler Chicago 

Ph.B., B.S. 

Frederic Charles Feiler. 
Ph.B., B.S. 

. Chicago 

Irwin Ira Feinberg Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Delta Epsilon ; S.A.M.A. 

John Henry Frenster Chicago 


LeRoy A. Futterer Joliet 

Phi Beta Pi, President (4) ; Interfraternity 
Council, President (4) 

Marvin A. Garland Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha 

George E. Grifein Casey 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Beta Pi 

j+A Jr 

Marshall Ginsburg Chicago 


John Dewey Givens Norfolk, Va. 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Max Walter Goldschmidt Peoria 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Delta Epsilon; S.A.M.A. 

Homer Edward Goldstein Chicago 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Delta Epsilon 

Harold Gordon Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

Hugh Gavin Grimes Chicago 

Phi Beta Pi ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Elaine Samson Hacker Chicago 

U.K., B.S. (2) 
Alpha Epsilon Iota 

'Phillip J. Haggerty Trivoli 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Thomas Royal Hansen Wheaton 

Alpha Kappa Kappa; Christian Medical So- 


Clifford John Harris Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 

William Clark Hays Springfield 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Rho Sigma; S.A.M.A. 

Robfrt Lfslie Hfrting Aurora 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Edward John Hertko Joliet 


Nu Sigma Nu 

Edward Norton Hetherington. . .Danville 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

William Joseph Hillstrom Chicago 

Phi Rho Sigma 

Merrill Wayne Huffman Champaign 


Nu Sigma Nu 

James A. Hunter Chicago 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Wip I iam Mar i in [BVIN 

B A. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 


11,//, Kn, 



Alpha Kappa Kappa 

. Chicago 


Kari. Ernst Jauch. 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Rho Sigma 


Ronald Charles Jessen. . . .Chicago Heights 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Keith Ronald Johnson Oak Pari 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Charles Arthur Kallick Chicago 

Phi Mu Phi 

Jerome I. Katz Chicago 

Phi Lambda Kappa, President (4) ; Pi Kappa 
Epsilon, Secretary (4) 

Walter O. Kemper Effingham 


Phi Beta Pi ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Gborge Nelson Kirrihard. Highland Park 

B.A.. B.S. 
Nu Sigma Nu 

( mu MuM.itn i Ki mi it 

B.A., H s 
Phi Rho Sigma 

.Ml. Projptct 

Frances E. Knock Chicago 

Ph.D., B.S. 
Alpha Epsilon Iota ; Alpha Omega Alpha ; 
Society of Sigma Xi ; Phi Beta Kappa; New 
York Academy of Sciences; Fellow of Ameri- 
can Institute ol Chemists; S.A.M.A. 

William H. Knospf Chicago 

B A. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Carl Conrad Kobelt Chicago 


Nu Sigma Nu 

Charles B. Koch Beckemeyer 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

John P. Kotarac Chicago 

Phi Rho Sigma; S.A.M.A. 

Charles J. Koucky Elmhiint 


Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Milton Kramer Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

Paul O. Kretschmar 'Eureka, S. Oak. 

Phi Beta Pi ; Hi Kappa Epsilon 

John Charles Klikrai Cicero 

Nu Sigma Nu 

/l 1 ^ ^ 

An i iiur Kljnis Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Delta Epsilon ; S.A.M.A. 

Haroid James Lane Danville 


Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Frank Robert Lecocq Ogleiby 

Phi Rho Sigma 

Perry Lee Lerner Belleville 

Phi Delta Epsilon ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

David Richard Lewis Hersman 


Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Jack Leon Lewis Joliet 

Phi Delta Epsilon; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Charles A. Lifschultz Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Lambda Kappa ; Illini Union Music Com- 
mittee ; Illio Committee (4) 

Philipp Maria Lippe Chicago 


Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; 
Newman Club ; S.A.M.A. 

Diwitt James Lowell Chicago 

Ph.D., B.S. 
Society of Sigma Xi 



Carl Hao Lum Chicago 

Phi Rho Sigma 

Seymour Leonard Lustman Chicago 

Ph.D., B.S. 
Class President (3) ; Society of Sigma Xi ; 
Pi Kappa Epsilon ; Alpha Omega Alpha 

Hvman Mackler Chicago 

M.S., B.A. 
Phi Delta Epsilon 

Allen Bert Malnak Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Delta Epsilon 

Maurice John Martin Tuscola 

Phi Rho Sigma ; S.A.M.A., Senior Representa- 

Raymond James Maurer BrookfieUI 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Richard Ai.onzo McCallen Effingham 

B S 
Phi Beta Pi 

Larry McGowan Decatur 


Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Charms WILLIAM Mi'kaif Sin 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Kappa Ka] | 


Dorothy LaZelle Michaelis. . . .Cailinville 

B.A., B.S. 
Alpha Epsilon Iota 


Frank Mitchell, Jr Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon ; S.A.M.A. 

Robert W. Morrow Peoria 

B.S. (2) 

Nu Sigma Nu 

William Heywood Morse La Grange 

B.A., B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa; Student Council (1) ; 
Mho Committee (2) 

Howard Moses Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon ; Alpha Omega Alpha, 
President (4) ; S.A.M.A. 

Joel Richard Mossberg Chicago 


Nu Sigma Nu 

Wallace Dale Muli.iken Elgin 

B.S. (2) 

Nu Sigma Nu 

Jamis David Myers W .-•■■ 

B S. (2) 
Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Mu Phi; Pi Kappa Ep- 
silon; S.A.M.A., President (4) 

R.OBER1 ["HOMPSON M> 1 us \t*bomtl 

us i ■ i 
Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omegt Alpha; Phi 
Kappa Phi 

Theodore David Myrna Eldorado 

Phi Rho Sigma ; Phi Beta Kappa 

William Robert Nace Urbana 

Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Robert Judd Nathan Chicago 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Lambda Kappa 

Herbert E. Natof Oak Patk 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

Joseph Louis Novak Ashley 

B.A.. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Richard H. Omori Chicago 

Phi Beta Pi 

James Charles Parsons Silvis 

Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Orlan Walter Pflasterer Manna 

Alpha Kappa Kappa; S.A.M.A. 

Ralph Warren Pierson York, N. Dak. 

B.A., B.S. 



Victor William Potoroka Chicago 

Nu Sigma Nu ; S.A.M.A. 

Leon Marvin Prinz Chicago 

Phi Delta Epsilon ; S.A.M.A. 

David Ford Rendleman Anna 

Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Pi Kappa Epsilon ; 
Westminster Foundation 

James Francis Robinson Rockfoid 


Nu Sigma Nu 

Marshall Rowen Chicago 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Delta Epsilon, President (4) ; Alpha 
Omega Alpha ; S.A.M.A. 

Robert George Ryder Hcmy 

B.A.. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Roger S. Sanderson DeKalb 

B.A.. B.S. 
Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Allen Dearing Scales. .Pickstown, S. D.ik. 
Phi Beta Pi 


Kenmare, N. Dak. 
B.A., B.S. 


Kncin William Sorenson. Minot N. Dak 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Beta Pi . Phi Beta Kappa 

John Harold Spiegler Chicago 

A. I. M.S. 

Paul Robert Spierling Paris 

B.S. (2) 
Alpha Kappa Kappa ; S.A.M.A. 

Leon Starkman Chicago 


Leon Harry Steinberg Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Delta Epsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa 

John Henry Steinkamp Aurora 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Beta Pi 

Jack Sternfeld Chicago 

B.S. (2) 
Phi Delta Epsilon ; Phi Mu Phi 

Sidney Jerome Sussman Chicago 

B.A.. B.S. 
A. I. M.S. 

Herman Kim Sutton Eldorado 

Phi Rho Sigma ; S.A.M.A. 

Arnold Bernard Svcbrdlovi Chicago 

II s 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

John Walter Tauscher Oglesb) 

Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Omega Alpha ; [llio 
Committee (3) 

Theodore Robert TENCZAR. 

Nu Sigma Nu 


Raymond Teplitz 

Pi Kappa Epsilon 


Wendell C. Thomas. 

Phi Rho Sigma 

. Chicago 

Joseph Edward Tienstra. 

Nu Sigma Nu ; S.A.M.A. 


>k >►* 

Marvin Tiesenga. 
B.S. (2) 

Phi Rho Sigma 

.Forest Pat 

a \ 

Marvin Tishler Los Angeles, Calif- 

Phi Delta Epsilon ; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Charles Frederick Wagner. 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 

. Chicago 

Donald Edward Watts Oak Park 

B.S. (2) 

Sherwyn Lee W'i ISS 

Phi Delta Epsilon 

.East - 1 *'. Louii 

William John Whalen Winnetka 

Phi Beta Pi; Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Russell Stuart Williams. 

Phi Kappa Phi 

. Pitts field 

Robert Lowell Woodburn . 

B.A., B.S. 
Phi Rho Sigma 


Glorye Wool . . 

Alpha Epsilon Iota 


Robert Norman Ulseth Chicago 


Irving James Young Glen view 

Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Phi Beta Kappa ; New- 
man Club 


Margaret N. Alexander 
Ivan Ankenbrandt 
William Herbert 

Beverly Blegen 

Bernard Draper 
Robert Whitney En< k 
Dean Marshall 


James Adrian Grant 
Charles Joseph 

Lo< kwood 
John Lukasik 
George Nemec 
Donald Harry Rames 
Herbert Gerald Rose 
Harton Kent Slemmons 
Eugene Robert 


Harold A. Paul Wheaton 

Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Christian Medical So- 


College of Pharmacy 


Ernest Francis Suwalski. . .Chicago 
Class President (4) ; Kappa Psi . 
A. Ph. A. ; Executive Student Council 

Michael T. Balzer Chicago 

Class Vice President (4) ; Phi Delta 

Louise T. Vicklund Berwyn 

Class Secretary (4) ; Lambda Kappa 
Sigma, President (4) ; Rho Chi ; 
A. Ph. A. 

John A. S. Linuemann Chicago 

Class Treasurer (4) 

John W. Basco Chicago 

Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Phi Delta Chi ; A. Ph. A. ; Committee 
on Student Affairs 

Gregory John Bukowski. . .Chicago 
Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Kappa Psi ; A. Ph. A. 

Mathias Peter Mertes, Jr. 

Student Council Representative (4) ; 
Kappa Psi ; A. Ph. A. ; Class President 

Clovis Lee Williams Chicago 

Student Council Representative ( I I . 
Delta Kappa Sigma 


Nancy M. Andersen 

Lambda Kappa Sigma 

. Aurora 

Hiroshi Harold Arase. 


Sheldon B. Arkin Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma 

Gerald Sherman Baldridge. . . .Des Plaities 
Kappa Psi 

Stanley Frank Bartecki Chicago 

A. Ph. A. 

Bohdanna Bodnar Chicago 

John Davis Breen Downers Giove 

George Frederick Daeschler Chicago 

Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. 

Paul Elliot Davis Chicago 

Rho Chi ; Student Council 

ROSCOE Benjamin Dixon. . .Gulf port, Mil}. 

Delta Kappa Sigma; Interfraternity Council; 


w / 

[ra Jay Druckman Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma 

John Martin Eisenbart Streator 

Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. 

Boris Daniel Evans Chicago 


Donald Charles Flynn Chicago 

Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. 

Donald Henry Frega Bellwood 

Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. 

Mendel Friedman Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; A.Ph.A. 

Basil Coolidge Fritsch Chicago 

Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. 

Alvin Marx Galinsky Chicago 



Donald William Gattone Chicago 

A. Ph. A. 

Al.VIN Jerald GLASKY Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi; A. Ph. A. 

Mordecai Max Goldich Chicago 

Gene A. Gorindar Chicago 

Henry A. Gould Chicago 

Phi Delta Chi, President (4) ; Rho Chi, Presi- 
dent (4) ; A.Ph.A. 

Michael Thomas Grady Chicago 

Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. 

Emanuel Green Chicago 

R S 
Rho' Chi; A.Ph.A. 

Joseph Hai.aus, Jr Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; Phi Mu Phi; A.Ph.A. 

Gerald Bernard Handlbr Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; A.Ph.A, 


Franklin Dale Hiter Maywood 


John Roger Hoefle Rockfoid 


Edward Thomas Koziol Chicago 

Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. 

Lawrence Donald Krause Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; A.Ph.A. 

Martin Krichilsky Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; A.Ph.A. 

Sidnfy Bernard Lang, Jr Chicago 

JULES B. LaPidus Chicago 

James M. P. Lee. 


M kRVIN M. I i \ win 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; A.Ph.A. 


John E. March Chicago 

Phi Delta Clii 

John T. Mayeda Lemoore, Calif. 

Michael T. McNabb Kewanee 

Kappa Psi ; Student Council (1) ; A. Ph. A. 

Arthur Kenneth Mills Chicago 

Pi Lambda Phi ; Omega Beta Pi 

Irving E. Milstein Chicago 


Jack Clifton Munson Urbana 

Eugene Robert Newberry Danville 

Kappa Psi; Interfraternity Council, Vice Presi- 
dent; A. Ph. A. 

Salvatore Anthony Pape Chicago 

Richard William Piepho Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; A. Ph. A. 

Mk hail GEORGE Poprick Chicago 

A. Ph. A. 

Edmund William Schmidt Chicago 

Kappa Psi, President (3) ; A. Ph. A., Treas- 
urer (2) 

Melvin Schoenwald Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; A. Ph. A. 

Robert Colby Schussler Oak Lawn 

Sigma Chi; Delta Omicron Chi; A. Ph. A. 

Marvin Theodore Shatz Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; A. Ph. A. 

Howard S. Siegel Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma, President (4) ; A. Ph. A. 

Roger Walter Smitendorf Elgin 

Kappa Psi 

Lawrence D. Smith Oak Park 

Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A., Vice President (4); 
Student Council (2) 

Marvin William Stern Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; Interfraternity Council, 
President (4) ; Student Council; A. Ph. A. 


Bvron Marvin Sturt Chicago 

Max Frank Ullrich Chicago 

Kappa Psi, President (4) ; A. Ph. A. 

Donald William Walker RockjoiJ 

Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A. 

Irving Weintraub Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma 

Harley Richard Wilson Adair 

Kappa Psi 

Donald Howard Witt Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma 

Lawrence Anthony Wysocki Chicago 

George Mas Yahiro Chicago 



Jerome Jack Glass 
Herbert Milton Gordon 
Stanley Milton Hellman 
Frank Hiratsuka, Jr. 
John Marshall Kenshalo 
Raymond Kosova 
Jerry Levine 

James Arthur McKinney 
Demetre Mallires 
Julius Octavius Matesi 
Norman Al Sonenthal 
Donald J. Wronski 


Occupational Therapy Seniors 

Dorothy Fiora Adams ilton 

Y.W.C.A.. Hosoital Committee (1. 2 3); 
Illi-Sota (1), Vice President (2). President 
(3), Editor of Newsletter (4) ; Freshman Ad- 
visory Committee (3); Honors (3) 

Joy Andersen Chicago 

Illi-Sota; Newman Club 

Marilyn Ruth Block Cicero 

[lli-Sota ; Wesley Foundation 

Corinne Mary Cosaro Chicago 

Illi-Sota; Women's Glee Club; Rifle Club 

Lorraine Cozza Chicago 

Illi-Sota ; Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Alpha Chron ; Student Senate; McKinley 
Foundation Student Council ; Scholarship Key 



Patricia A. Griffin Ciceio 

Illi-S >ta 

Korina Haritonoff Highland Park 

[lli-Sota, Treasurer (5); Class Honors (2); 

College H s (3); Hillel Foundation (2, 


Suzanne Ruth Jones Chicag < 

Delta Gamma; Illi-Sota; YAV.C.A. . Junior 

Jean Ellen Prebis Chicago 

Illi-Sota. President (5 1, Newsletter Co-editor 
(5) ; Medical Student Council (5) ; Class 
Honors (5) ; Newman Club (4) ; Newman 
Club Graduate League (4) 

Rhoda Jane Priest Elizabeth, N. ]■ 

Illi-Sota; Libeial Arts and Sciences Council 


Grace Yvonne Dittman Oak Paik 

Chi Omega; Illi-Sota, President (4); Mortar 
Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai, President Y.W.C.A. 
(1), Cabinet (2), Vice President (3); Illini 
Theatre Guild (1, 2) ; Illio Business Staff 
(1); Illini Union (1, 2); Medical Student 
Council (4) ; Panhellenic Executive Council 

Janice Merle Sotan Chicago 

Illi-Sota. President (3) : Honors Day (3) 

Beverley Joan Gaines Hailan. Ky- 

Illi-Sota ; Y.W.C.A. ; Theatre Guild ; McKin- 
ley Foundation 


Beverly Joan Taylor Moline 

Illi-Sota; Alpha Lambda Delta; Class Honors 
(1. 2, 3) ; Scholarship Key; Theatre Guild 

Nancy A. Williams Glen Ellyn 

Alpha Gamma Delta; Theatre Guild (1, 2. 
3 1 ; Mask and Bauble; Torch; Illini Union 
C immittee (II; Illio (2) 

Hi i i ye Mae Drowne 

Helen Jaworski 

Barbara Hi ynolds 

Hi i h Ri< hier Wfiner 











§: T 

Top row: Ralph Frickenstein, Dan Pickle, Walter Karbowski, Karl Hallwass, John Schultz, George Osterberger, Edward Klecinic, Lawrence Anderson, John 
Duis, Kenneth Anderson, Gayle Hutchinson, John Weiss, Louis Andriasevic h, Conrad Nielsen 

Fifth row: Robert Brewer, Robert Dudenbostel, Eugene Schaller, treasurer; Paul Frankenstein, William Burns, Edward Hatton, Melvin Platenka, Richard 
Hendricks, Gerald Crank, Orville DeWeerth, Ralph Carnow, Marvin Kozlov, Edward Reilly 

Fourth row: Joseph Limosani, Hirsh Busch, William Rominger, Donald Brink, Robert Irish, Mark Gundrum, Charles Hebting, Arthur Rogel, Thomas 
Nagele, Gilbert Mackey, Frederick Nolen, secretary; Henry Antolak, Norman Glazier 

Third row: Joseph Aimone, Bernard Schneider. Kenneth Freedman, William Jackson, vice president; Jean Jacobi, Thomas Case, Claude Driskell, Benja- 
min Magicr, George Sturman, president ; Robert Zelikow, Morton Epstein, Stanley Stein, Harold Price 

Second row: Elaine Stuebner, Ludmilla Petrauskas, Aija Liepins, Irene Norgello, Ona Prunskis, Elena Repsys, Teofile Jurkunas 

Bottom row: Raymond Tupy, Harry Iida, Bert Anton, Wilbur Reed 

Dentistry IV Class 

Dentistry III Class 

John Klooster, Donald Horton, Robert Coberley, Marvin Hirsh, vice president; 
treasurer; Harold Sandercock, Robert Wertz 

John Bauman, Ralph Council, Donald Knoeppel, 

Top row: Matthew Samaras, Robert Miles, Edward Krizek, John Ritte 

Lawrie Glickman, John Stanley, Donald McNeil, George Marquardt, 
Fourth row: Theodore Century, Ralph Berenson, Gordon Glaysher, Herbert Kazmer, Donald Braunagel, 

Frank Knoblock, Leo Sabien. Donald Gardner, Deane Doolen, president 
Third row: Louis Saad, Jack French, Reinhardt Schoppe, David Reithel, Edward Obrock, Raymond Hammer 

Bulwa, Howard Chun, Stewart Malkin, Paul Anders, David Maryn 
Second row: Daryl Burns, Lee Bennett, Lawrence Myers, Clarence Cox, James Carroll, Bertram Fivelson, Donald Hoick, Chester Jasiczek 

Henry Pelc. John Westine ., . 

Bottom row: Edmund Kowalik, Kenneth Toy, Robert Parsons, Richard Henry, Don C. Buckley, secretary; Thomas Warda, David Selwyn 
Not in panel: William Burns, Thomas Chamberlin, Thomas Christie, Donald Gabor, Homer Jordan, Robert Moore, Royal Norman, Charles Reel 

Simios, George Simenet, George Smith, Casimir Trelka, William Trimarco 

Harvey Imber, George Kottemann, Sheldon 
Leonard Quartetti, 



o ft £> p 
9 d & 

Cs jcs-OP 

^ $£ & 



p*< 9/? y^» 

^ ^, & c a 9 ? » a p ^j 

5i" ^ r> " o ' £* w ^ r? fi £> ft ^ ^ ?* 


r o r!\ jo ^ , ^ , . ?* ^ 


•~T-» *v 



Tof roK'/ Arthur Grimmenga, Gary Weaver, Robert Eisinger secretary; YX/ayne Albert, Joseph Schott, Dale Long, Walter Godelausky, president; John Kaeser, 

William Mitcheltree, Arthur Friduss, Bernard Podlasinski, Raymond Meyer. 
Fourth row: John Kaminski, Eugene Casperson. student council representative; John Maddrell, Hugh Flannagan, William Lazarus. Linton Keith. Undent 

council representative; Duane Hasselbring, Jesse Hader, Eugene Zawlock, Richard Dejanld, treasurer; Melvin Kaplan. Neil McDyer, J nathan Barrett 
Third rote- Francis Maly, Joseph Granata. Sherwin Laff, Edward Gilberg, Valentine Corrado, Thomas Mear, Baleslaw Mazur, Thomas Feency, Gerald Silver 

Thomas Chung, Carl Wever, William Maurer, Louis Dimas, student council representative 
Second row: Richard Saiki. Richard Bieles, Stuart Bernstein, Sam Sasomoto, Marvin Antman, vice president; John Miller, Michael Dyer, Vincent Sacchetti, 

Hershey Robbins, Joseph Matuga, Jack Kashihara, William Daly 
Bottom row: Joseph Takchara, Robert Pulliam, Herbert Lerch, Herbert Rosenstein, James Allison, Harry Wolff, Arthur Solomon. Donald Kolmer 
Not in panel: Robert Baxter, Louis Darwish, Albert Friedman, Chikara Hiroshige, James Wood, William Venema, student council representative; Zelmore 

Teicher, Pete Paesani, Eugene Lekan, George Lenowick, Leonard Pekoff 

Dentistry II Class ^ . A T ™ 

J Dentistry 1 Llass 

Top row: James Donlan, Marvin Schumer, Franklin Weine, William Wax, Albert Grubba, Martin Osheroff, Thomas Dirksen, Gerald Noskin, Gilbert Calla 
han, Gerald Jarfe, Gerald Popper, Ronald Kinklesperger, Howard Sutcher 

Fifth row: Donald Jelinek, Richard Gunther, Joseph Konieczny, Robert Cross, James Ralph, Ira Geier, Siguards Krolls, Norman Eifler, Richard Powers, 
Maurice Zalcman, Edward Kozak, Neal Baigh 

Fourth row: James Havera, Arthur Gensior, Hiromu Furukawa, Leonard Teicher, Jack Krotenberg, Donald Brown, Wilbur Pettit, James Phelps, Alfred Mc- 
Gee, Richard Andrews, Allen Goldberg, Leo Trusewitsch, James Kissane, Theodore Strenski 

Third row: Alfred Neimy, Hyman Orbach, Cannutte Russell, Masaro Harada, Sheldon Sharfman, Vincent Urbanek, Harvey Locker, Joseph Jacobs, How- 
ard Liebman, John Howland 

Second row: Richard Walker, secretary; Charles Gross, vice president; Edgar Ruble, president; Larry London, treasurer; James Catlin 

Bottom row: Sherwin Fischer, John Armstrong, Edmund Tong 

Not in panel: Robert Blagg, Irwin Brown, John Coughlin, Gerard Daly, Elliott Esses, Gene Lawver, Robert Nicholls, Henry Peterson, Anthony Reinert, 
James Saari, Carl Venkus, Gerald Williams, Richard Zimmers 

01 m e> c* 

presentative ; James Thomas, David Barton, Thomas St.lwell, Adolph Sattler, James Naatz, Kenneth Simpson. 

Top roiu: Richard Willms, student coui ,. - .,- 

TtMw N^'colaoTi^a'licfetNofbert Mader, Jerome Kaplan, Norvelle Harris, Einar, Robert Bettasso, R.chard Newman, student council represen- 

Secon17oL M 7o^!ZTjo^ Symon, Joseph Potts, Merle Crossed »«%£&»% ^ft^J^^tt, Ernest Yahiro, Earl Feiwell 
Bottom row: Harry Graff, student council represents ■ ve ; Cha rles Samet^ Kermit Knudsen Romu u Ha™ Rosenfeld, James Curry, Norris Dougherty, Philip 
Not in panel: Irving Warner, Eugene Weinstem .Arthur William on • Nonnan Reis. jack K ™n s ton, narry ™*™j j E]lw ^ d , James Falker, Donald 

Dougherty. William Durham, Gerben Dykstra Joel Eakms Harold Ell.nt .David EHis, Ge al d Lee J°™ J;*™?™ ■ c ^ , Crown Xnthony Scardino, Wil- 
Schaller, Leonard Silverman John Slocum Sheldon Slodk, v Andr ^ S orn ^ N - * e f a ' ' rn Orv"lI e Stone John Stutzman. Robert Stutzman, Stanvvood 
K'S^ %R& ^ ^•Har^n.^ed^elpenstell, Loren Humphrey, *. president; 

Brian Huncke 

Medicine II Class 

Howard Shelly, Lois Shirky, secretary; Mary Willems. David Sanson Marvm ^.David^Nova^k Joyce bcnac. y ^ ^^ „ 

&&^d^e»dW^^^^ **"»• K — ' F " nk Ketk ° Ch ' R ° bert Hdm ' Ch ' 

James Anderson, Charles Chedister, James Coeur 


Top row: Nelson Wright, Dayle Snyder, Richard Biek, William Keller, Richard Tarizzo, Philip Lawless, Roger Kilton, Frederic Ball, Ralph Beck, Eugene 
Oscherwit2, James Stoetzel 

Third row: Richard Tursman, Lyle Moses, David Bone, Jeb Boswell, Arnold Tatar, Stanton Polin, Robert Ecklund, Endrik Anvelt, Wrlliam Kristy, Norman 

Second row: Sheldon Tobin, Ivan Lindgren, Laird Carter, Robert Merriman, Warner Gustavson, Jesse Lester, James Maher, Irving Savin, Richard Turbin 

Bottom row: Glen Asselmeier, Lino Trombetta, Melvin Goldsmith, Adella Cunningham, Gladys Olson, Danuta Buzdygan. Malcolm Sperling, Edward Dainko, 
Harvey DeBofsky 

Not in panel: Roger Atterberry, Bernard Baltes, Richard Benedix, Stanton Berman, Reinhardt, Bodenbender, Carroll Boyles, Robert Bregman, Stuart Brown, 
Robert Buxton, Wilbur Cant, Donald Charous, John Courtright, Richard Crosse, John Dickinson, Marian Durst, Eldon Evans, Jack Flick, Milton Fort, 
Jerome Frankel, Marvin Freedman, Albert Freilick, Charles Frye, Kirby Frymire, Donald Fullerton, Stanley Garner, Milton Gates, Jack Gift, Richard Har- 
vey, Floyd Heller, Robert Hertenstein, Robert Kaminski, Karen Krai, Ralph Kreps, Harold Leichenko, Rita Maulding, William Meltzer, David Michaels, 
Arthur Miller, Gordon Mulden, Kenneth Newby, Louis Newton, Harry Ores, Luis Owano, Alice Pasel, Paul Plueddeman, John Rice, Paul Roberts, Loretta 
Roseman, David Rubin, William Sargent, Robert Seifert, William Sermonte, Ronald Shellow, James Shomaker, Solomon Sobel, Mory Summer, Ernest 
Thayer, Robert Underwood, Lee Vincent, Ernest White, Darrell Wiley, Jack Winberg, Irwin Yarmo 

Medicine I Class 

Top row: Sheldon Stearns, Robert Hamilton, George Wilkins, Richard Bernstein, Merle Schmidt, George Porter, Robert Lukas, Allen Drysch, Alan Ander- 
son, Willard Wimsett, Richard Holmes, Richard Anderson, Ronald Ritchie, Sherwin Nelson 

Fifth row: William Lesko, Ronald Rosenberg, Clark Montgomery, Gilbert Schuttenmaer, Philip Andrews, Wilbur McFadden, George Conner, Joel Levin, Frank 
Adrian, Lyle Cowan, Philander Ricks, Monte Levinson, Irving Starkman 

Fourth row: Marcus Quinones, Lyle Wacaser, Raymond Tamura, Robin Johnston, Charles Livingston, Thomas Halama, Charles Kenney, John McGlothlin, 
Edward Sutoris, Irwin Harris, Robert Morris, Armer Swanson, Jerome Hershman 

Third row: Burton Andersen, Donovan Stiegel, Robert Liebelt, Jerome Hahn, Raymond Yockey, Philip Wagner, Vernon Walton, Carl Anderson, Joseph Mar- 
tincevic, Edward Abbott, Frank Becker, Henry Kobrin 

Second row: Edward Quartetti, James Sandrolini, James Acklin, Kent Ueland, Thomas Bergeron, Warren Barrow, Donald Mitchell 

Bottom row: George Murphy, Willis Dickens, Richard Dolan, Rudolph Oppenheimer, Maceo Ellison 









Top row: Norman Olsen, George Thies, vice president; Howard Mirsky, Henry Marshall, Donald Lonhart. Donald Lux, Donald Ladwig, president; Arnold 

Third row: Vincent Santolin, Fred Turner, Lewis Rich, Keller Linne. Donald Tune, Peter Loutos 
Second row: Stanley Tvarian, Jack Salter, Fred Seifert, Roy Peloquin, Sidney Silberberg 
Bottom row: Donald Warsaw, Milton Weiner, Stanley Margolis, Carl Rish 
Not in panel: Charles Lorenz, Dale Pearson, Edward Raftery, Charles Rosenblat, Charles Ruffetti, Shelia Sarnat, David Shayman, Robert Spritzer, Donald 

Stokes, Jane Sumida, Jerome Weiss, Vernita Williams, secretary; Loren Withrow 

Pharmacy III Class 

Top row: Norbert Bartnicki, Gerald Kien, Sheldon Chazdon, Donald Goesel, Allen Gomoll, treasurer; Otto Horacek, Glenn Kraiss, Robert Vrany 
Third row: Sydney Davis, Robert Frankel, Patrick Bray, Paul Feuerstein, Milton Kramer, Richard Knese 
Second row: David Arends, John Autero, Jerome Bennett, Carl Cohen, Edward Bruner, John Fischer, Norman Brown 
Bottom row: Arnold Kaplan, Raymond Broderick, Sherwin Golden, Gerald Franklin, Sheldon Jansky, Herbert Brand 

Not in panel: Richard Archer, Eugene Bernstein, Ronald Betz, George Cortilet, Donald Dart, Joseph Diamond, Jerome Dony, Edward Dyja, William Fast, 
Irving Garnick, Chester Gaistka, Ronald Harshgeld, John Ingold, Arnold Katz, James Kelly, Georgia Kost 


Top row: Jerome Colletti, William Steele, Michael Balsamo, James Muren, Sheldon Stein. Franklin Horwitz 

Third row: Robert Haddigan, James Stewart, Roland Benjamin, Harold T. Schroeder, Gerald Paszkiet, Gerald Mednick. Donald Mitok 

Second row: Richard Doretti, John Hill, Kenneth Schuele, Donald Gorski, Robert Steenrod, William Ross, Ronald Hinsdill 

Bottom row: Charles Crepas, Alan Rosenberg, Rosmarie Kalvelage, Mary Newman. Arnold Rosenberg, Ronald Reiman 

Not m piin^l: Joseph Anunziata, Carl Bertram, Stephen Bradel, Richard Eisner, David Irwin, Conrad Kozlocki, Jack Lehrfeld, Paul Levine, Neil Michael, 

Richard Mikyska, Cyril Natkin, Marshall Rasof, Harold C. Schroeder, James Selinger, Walter Setlak, Richard Smolen, Karl Strickland, James Subka, Frank 

Terracina John Wadas, Susumu Yamashiro 

Pharmacy II Class 

Top row: Paul Feldman, James Curley, Russell Campbell, Alvin Geller, Lowell Zeleznick, Irving Cotovsky, Harold Ehrman, Jordan Waxman 

Fourth row: George Fedor, Donald Sostock, Sheldon Menis, Marvin Steinberg, Nissen Vexler, James Molloy, Morton Goldsmith, Peter Johnson, Richard 

Third row: Richard Schueter, Lionel Simon, Jerry Rothstein, Zinnia Cicenas, Joan Howard, Ann Schuler, Irving Udell, Morris Levsky, John Manfred 
Second row: Marshall Miller, Robert Ireland, Josephine Altieri, Joan Stanton, Eleanor Rurik, Sheila Muth, Beulah Blacksher, Horace Katz 
Bottom row: Richard Weismehl, vice president; Marlene Antler, secretary: Robert Engelthaler, president; Burton Paley, treasurer 


Top row: John Jones, Daniel Bruzdzinski, Jonathan Mann, William Larsen, Willis Bicket, Richard Wiggins, Ernest LeQuatte, Marvin Zissman, Gerald Mas- 
over, Arthur Manson, Phillippe Chouinard, Nicholas Panos, Sherwin Rosenfeldt 

Third row: Bernard Zibrida, William Symonds, Fred Tanenbaum, Robert Lerner, Irving Gilmar, Janet Sheridan, Marshall Mann, Ronald Whitaker, Richard 
Lindberg, Charles Lindberg, Jack Kelly 

Second row: Erwin Beier, Daniel Nona, David Blumenfeld, Marion Kruckow, C. Blumquist, advisor; Barbara Lesak, Frank Grabowski, Dale Oyen, Norman 

Bottom tow: Richard Church, Stanley Bugaieski, Eleanor Allen, Shirley Kutler, Nina Foushi, Walter Rein, Dale Sparks 

Pharmacy I Class 


Top row: Frank Hajek, Leonard Groeneveld, Jerome Wisner, Eugene Filippi, Ronald Wetherall, Alvin Sterling, Joseph Simens, Donald Prather, Stanley Illman, 

William Foley, Robert Waller, William Hayhurst 
Third row: Warren Linke, Donald Chochola, Jerry Schwartz, Donald Forbes, Louis Sherman, Robert Kunkel, Gunnard Johnson, Joseph Biskowski, Howard 

Levinson, Thomas Braun, Anthony Fingl 
Second row: Marvin Youngerman, Donald Burdick, Alan Maslov, Rosario Salerno, Edward Jaworski, Glenn Lonhart, Kazuo Ibara, Chris LaPorte, William 

Slodki, Gerald Barnbaum, James Constertina, Ronald Boton 
Bottom row: James Brogan, Gerald RifTkind, Leona Struzynski, Sherry Stach, Nancy Eisenbart, Caroline Ostrowski, Shirley Shapero, Wanda Fabijonas, Sandra 

Lebovitz, Richard Miksuka, Julius Magill 

Fraternities and Residences 


5 » - i "r;- -- -: - C-: ■' ■ ■ r ■ 

hi ,,1 TiTTi-a Iwkm. -vx- 

•--.:■-■. :-.;- T-:- :-* N 


- . 

- x --. ". ia Lupcila. Kent Kaa_». PtaUp H-gaarr. Chute 
\l.-Fer-_. Wl. _. Carpet DocuM F_t Robot Ho_£, 0-~ 

i=» AaaVrsoa, -_e-_Kj_r; RacB-hts Tbomts, m^skjil : Clirence 
ctmmtH: Mede Oossliai. «* pnsiiea*: Doa Err: Robert Maeller. 

i. v . ■ -- . -_---_. -. -- ------ ':• -- ^j ■= -= Ci- 

n-. _>_.-=__-. Hiroid Elliott. Robert EadC -v _:- z-tr. Robert Funer. Dentoo 

----.■- \. ~ ..-_• r-:- H, -=--:- 3------ >-::- T .-_==-..-.-.-.:*: 

,-\ ;._._-_,,. ?. .->.- :,"--- ?.- --:--: o.^ :_--- _. .-.i - - v-- ---- 

s v -. : r,. _- --_ -.-- T- ■ - ?.= -- :-- .-. :■=- ' ■ --■ " - - -:>,--=■■ 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 


Tt**rm- R-*e« __3er^ ~_ ; N_?raaL J_«s _>er- -^-atsotu Geoige m ■*»• 

-~™ — g— - .— ■« ^y*" » t ii-T.„. 

j^-rV.-v-;~ - -_* Bafci Bete A__, Ga 

e, R_r_r£ Haw.liffl J_^- 

Foeaded. Dart moaA College. 

- - - 




=* * 

■ Jed 
Philadelphia College of Dental S. 
and Maryland University, : 
Alpha Alpha Chapter, 









- * ■ - . 


"■* | 

Alpha Omega 


Marvin Amman. Herbert Rosenstein, Herbert Lercr. Balpb E Uzbts. i I . 

Hirsh, David Maryn, Stewart Mallcin. Theodore Cett.- 

e oard Tekber, Allen Goldberg. Wiiliasc Lazi --.•'■ :=**, Ieooa Jesse 

Hader. Gc ." ^rpb Jacobs, Stcart Bernstein 

Richard Gantber. Sheldon Sharfman, Marvin Scbsmer, Franklin Weine, Sbervin Fischer. Howard Sctfher. I Hersfeev Robbtas, Jack 

Krotenberg, Arthur Solomon. Howard Liebman. Maurice Za. : -- . - 

-man Orbach, Charles Gross, Albert Friedman, Benjamin Mai 
J . Be, William ^Tax 

■farvin Kazlor, Robert Zelikow. C- * 

■ patic!: Hirsb Bosh, Elliott Esses. Me 


Top row: Sheldon Menis, Marvin Shatz, Richard Piepho, Donald Witt, Joseph Halaus, Marvin Steinberg, Burton Paley, Howard Mirsky, Peter Loutos, Mel- 

vin Schoenwald, Bernard Katz, Arthur Telcser 
Third row: Richard Weismehl, Clovis Williams, Alvin Geller, Gerald Handler, Alan Rosenberg, Frank Horwitz, Robert Levison, Alvin Glasky, Roscoe Dixon, 

Sherwin Golden, Arnold Kaplan 
Second row: Martin Krichilsky, William Fast, Jerry Rothstein, Raymond Kasova, Irving Weintraub, Marvin Stern, Sherman Rosen, Morton Goldsmith, Richard 

Doretti, Irving Udell, Mandel Friedman 
Bottom row: Charles Crepas, Milton Weiner, Robert Frankel, Prof. James E. Davis, Howard Siegel, Sydney Davis, Milton Kramer 
Not in panel: Sheldon Arkin, Eugene Bernstein, Jerome Glass, Herbert Gordon 

Delta Kappa Sigma 


Officers — Standing: Raymond Kasova, social chairman; Milton Kramer, finan- 
cial scribe; Peter Loutos, sport chairman; Melvin Schoenwald, sgt. at arms; 
Charles Crepas, historian 

Seated: Robert Frankel, secretary; Sydney Davis, vice chancellor ; Howard 
Siegel, chancellor ; Prof. James E. Davis, advisor; Milton Weiner, treasurer 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1921 

Alpha Chapter, 1921 

1 Active Chapter 


Founded, University of Michigan, 
Rho Chapter, 1901 
40 Active Chapters 

Officers — Top row: Mark Gundrum, treasurer; Walter Karbowski, vice presi- 
dent; Lawrence Anderson, president; Harold Sandercook, rushing chairman 

Faculty— Bottom row: S. S. Flored, Thomas Barber, W. A. Link, W. H. 
Kubacki, John M. Spence, Robert Savage 

Delta Sigma Delta 


Top row: Harry Iida, Thomas Warda, John Kloehn, Bert Anton, William Mitcheltree, Herbert Kazmer, Walter Godelausky, Paul Anders, George Marquardt, 

Matthew Samaras, Dr. S. Bhaskar, Robert Wertz 
Fourth row: Donald Kolmer, Harry Kim, Edward Kowalik, Edward Obrock, Gordon Glaysher, John Weiss, Richard Dejanld, Donald Knoeppel, Deane Doolen, 

Robert Brewer, Thomas Feeney, Bernard Podlasinski 
Third row: Joe Takehara, Lee Bennett. Louis Saad, George Kottemann, Leo Sabien, Gayle Hutchinson, Edward Krizek, Robert Coberley, Louis Dimas, Richard 

Henry, David Grauer, Frank Knoblock 
Second row: Thomas Case, Jean Jacobi, William Burns, Henry Antolak, Joseph Allen, Edward Klecinic, Lawrence Schaller, James Allison, Harry Price 
Bottom row: Robert Goshgarian, Mark Gundrum, Lawrence Anderson, Joseph Aimone, Walter Karbowski 
Not in pane! : Robert Baxter, James Carroll, Neal McDyer, Robert Moore, Harold Sandercock, Reinhardt Schoppe, Nicholas Simios, Kenneth Toy, James Wood, 

David Reithel 


Top rati': Donald Dart, Mathias Mertes, John Ingold, Roger Smitendorr, Edmund Schmidt, Donald Ladwig, George Thies, Donald Walker, Ronald Betz, 

Don I.onhart, John Eisenhart, Joseph Cannon 
Fourth row: Otto Horacek, Robert Haddigan, Gerald Baldridge, Raymond Broderick, Allen Gomoll, Stephen Bradel, Norbet Bartnicki, Ronald Miller, Gerard 

Paszkiet, Masumi Nakamichi 
Third row: James Kelly, Charles Rutfetti, Richard Mackowiak. Richard Mikuska, Richard Eisner, Donald Reiman, Ernest Suwalski, Lawrence Smith, Michael 

McNabb, Donald Flynn, Floyd Swink 
Second row: John Wadas, Donald Gronewold, Richard Virva, Richard Schluetcr, Walter Setlak, Eugene Newberry, James Selinger, Edward Dyja, Harley 

Bottom row: Jerry Dony, Edward Koziol, Gregory Bukowski, Max Ullrich, Karl Strickland, George Webster 
Not in panel: James Subka, Julius Matesi, Chester Garstka, Dale Pearson, James McKinney, John Kenshalo, Charles O'Brien, Edward Raftery 

Kappa Psi 


Officers— Top row: Don Ladwig, igt. .it arms, John Eisenhart, chaplain 
Second row: Jerry Dony, historian; Karl Strickland, treasurer; James Selinger. 

corresponding tet retary 
Bottom row: Edward Koziol. secretary; Gregory Bukowski, vice regent; Max 

Ullrich, regent; Donald Gronewold, assistant treasure) 

Founded, Russell Military Academy, 1879 
C hi Chapter. 1910 
46 Active Chapters 





Founded, University of Michigan, 1882 
Eta Chapter, 1892 
45 Active Chapters 

Officers — Top row: Richard Webb, treasurer; John Mason, secretary; Stuart 

Roberts, vice president; Hugh Falls, historian 
Bottom iow: Richard Willms, custodian; Randall Mann, president; Thomas 

Pollard, rushing chairman 

Nu Sigma Nu 


Carl Anderson, Merrill Huffman, Frederick 
Donald Smart, Hershell Keeling, John An- 

Top row: Richard Dolan ; Russell Hall, Allen Meyer, John Mason, Douglas Layman, Thomas Stilwell, Willis Dickens, Kenneth Fetrow, Richard Soderberg, 

Byron Ruskin, Charles Wakefield, Lorris Bowers. Stuart Roberts, Donald Rames, John Kukral, Arthur Miller 
Fifth row: Glenn Fiscus, Richard Willms, Lynn Turner, Jerry Lewis, Warren Barrow, Rudolph Oppenheimer, 

Brodie, Randall Mann, Paul Brothers, John Pfau, David Barton, Joseph Hageman 
Fourth row: Carl Wacker, Theodore Tenczar, George Conner, Philip Wagner, Milton Gates, Burw-yn Albright, 

drews. Richard Williams, Kent L'eland, Joel Mossberg, Robert Hamilton, Joseph Tienstra 
Third row: James Acklin, Raymond Yockey, Robert Seifert, Edward Dainko. Thomas Bergeron, Marcus Quinones, Edward Walker, Donald Schaller, Thomas 

Pollard, Merle Stauffer, Ernest Moon, Victor Potoroka, George Murphy, Robert Conklin 
Second row: Lyle Wacaser, Owen Bloodgood, Robert Bettasso, James Sandrolini, James McKinzie, Jerral Seibert, Wilbur Marshall 
First row : Richard Webb. James Maher, Philip Lawless, Hugh Falls, Richard Anderson 
Not in panel: James Andersen, Charles Avers, Albert Behn, Richard Benedix. Richard Blankshain. Lloyd Carnahan, Frank DeRango. James Falker, Robert 

Filey. Howard Glassford, Donald Hanscom. William Hanson, Richard Harshfield. John Hartman. Edward Hertko, Norman Hungness. Theodore Ikeda, 

Frank Kerkoch, Roy Kurotsuchi, George Lambakis, John Macdonnell, Thomas McGrath, Robert Morrow, William Prescott, John Schmidt, John Stutzman, 

Richard Tarizzi 


o Q 

Top row: Harold Damuth. Clinton Pace, Eugene Rancy, Joseph Symmonds, John Funk, Don Gilchrist, William Market, Thoburn Patton 

Third row: Harry Ores, William Scrmonte, John Courtrigbt, John Stcinkamp, Robert Hertcnstcin, Thomas Halama 

Stcond row: George Nemcc, Edward Kwcdar, Robert Underwood, Robert Kaminski, Bernard Balks, I.eRoy Futtcrer, James Goldenstein 

Bottom row: Ivan I.indgrcn, Walter Schroedcr, Robert Buxton, Robert Mcrnman, James ( oeui 

Not in panel: George Anast, Allen Dannhauer, George Giffin, Hugh Grimes, Walter Kemper, Paul Kretschmar, Richard McCallen, Allen Scales, William 

Whaler). Harry Dobbrunz, Edward Jekot, Ernest Poole, Herman Schmid, Lclan Stallings, Louis Wilhclmi, Robert Wood, Patrick Elwood, Tadashi Kado- 

naga, George Keranen, Harold Toussiant, Arthui Williamson, Robert Hclmich, Warner Gustavson 

Phi Beta Pi 


Officers — Top row: James Goldenstein, secretary; Donald Gilchrist, treasurer 
Bottom row: Thoburn Patton, historian: William Markel, rushing chairman: 

LeRoy Futterer, archon ; Edward Kwedar, vice archon; Walter Schroeder, 


Founded, University of Pittsburgh, 
Iota Chapter, 1902 
45 Active Chapters 




Founded, University of Michigan, 1883 

Alpha Sigma Chapter, 1952 

2 7 Active Chapters 

Officers — Standing: John Basco, vice president; Michael Grady, master at arms; 

Ronald Harschfeld, secretary; James Molloy, treasurer 
Seated : Henry Gould, president 

Phi Delta Chi 


Top row: Michael Grady, John March, George Daeschler, Robert Engelthaler, Ronald Daeschler, John Basco 
Second row: James Molloy, Basil Fritsch, Donald Frega, Norman Sonenthal. John Hill, Michael Balzar 
Bottom row: Peter Johnson, Dale Doerr, Henry Gould, Dr. Dwight Deardorff, Wendell Southard 


Top row: Raymond Hechter, Frank Mitchell, Jr., Milton Bibergal, Jack Lewis, Arthur Kunis, Charles Gavin, Sheldon Kreiselman, Robert Singer, Franklin 

Sher, Homer Goldstein 
Third row: Max Goldschmidt, Irwin Feinberg, Victor Horvitz, Milton Kramer, Martin Morris, Alan Gordon, Leon Prinz, Joseph Lassman, Walter Bobell, 

Howard Moses 
Second row: Jack Aron, Arnold Swerdlow, Charles Davis, Marvin Rosenberg, David Marcus, Earle Crandall, Richard Rosenstein, Kenneth Simpson, Melvin 

Bottom row: Marvin Zolot, Marvin Tishler, Marshall Mishkin, Earl Feiwell, Jack Remington, Gerald Lee, Jerome Kaplan 
Not in panel : Alan Steen, Sherwin Fox, Fredric Watson, Lawrence Shapiro, Maurice Schwartz, Arthur Savitt, William Rubinson. Howard Gurevitz, Marshall 

Grobert, Nahman Greenberg, Sheldon Cohen, Irving Bloom, Sherwyn Weiss, Jack Sternfeld, Leon Steinberg, Daniel Schiff, Herbert Natof, Allen Malnak, 

Hyman Mackler, Perry Lerner, Harold Gordon, Marvin Garland, Kenneth Anderson 

Phi Delta Epsilon 


Officers — Above: Marshall Rowen, president: Howard Moses, vice president 
Below: Victor Horvitz, treasurer; Earl Feiwell, secretary 

Founded, Cornell University, 1904 

Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1918 

^8 Active Chapters 


Founded, Northwestern University, 1890 

Beta Gamma Chapter, 1894 

27 Active Chapters 

Top row: Wayne Mathy, house manager; Richard Vendermyde, president; 

Phillip Dougherty, treasurer 
Bottom tow: Richard Newman, secretary; Daniel Murphy, commissar ; James 

Myers, vice pi indent 

Phi Rho Sigma 


Top row: Clyde Wieland, Noibert Mader, Edmund Andracki, Roger Kilton, Frederick Ball, Ralph Ade, Ralph Beck, Harold Jensen, Richard O Connor, James 

Naatz, Adolph Sattler 
Fourth row: Richard Newman, Rheinhart Bodenbender, Endrik Anvelt, Wayn; Mathy, Jeb Boswell, George Sweeney, Richard Holmes, Lawrence Petz, John 

Kotarac, Howard Luce, Marvin Tiesenga 
Third row: Gilbert Miller, Sal Piazza, Raymond Tamura, Paul Morimoto, John Barlow, Robert Mulhausen, Robert Myers, Daniel Murphy, Philip Dougherty, 

Peter Starrett 
Second row: Donald Mitchell, David Ellis, Darrell Wiley, Donald Eytcheson, Bruce Hansen, William Ehling, Theodore Myrna, James Myers, Ernest Yahiro, 

William Lesko, Robert Woodburn 
Bottom row: Robert Ecklund, Jack O'Brian, John Peters, Ward Starrett, Lawrence Gray, Richard Vandermyde, Wendell Thomas, Ralph Casciaro 
Not in panel: William Behrens, Martin Case, Joseph Cece, John Chamberlain, Richard Dahlen, Paul Fry, Paul Glezen, Norman Halfpenny, William Hardy, 

William Hays, William Hillstrom, Ronald Hudec, Carl Jauch, Dudley Johnson. Al Karkazis, John Kaminski, Carl Kester, Andrew Larsen, Frank Lecocq, 

Carl Lum, Maurice Martin, Jean Riehl, Paul Roberts, Andrew Somlyo, John Spellmeyer, Angello Spinazzola, Kelly Sutton, John Tauscher, Kenneth Wherle, 

Delbert Williams, James Windeck 

P (?! 


Top row: John Kaeser, Arthur Grimmenga, Boleslaw Mazur, Duane Hasselbring, Donald Braunagle, Richard Corley, George Osterberger, Louis Andriasevich, 

John Duis, Robert Miles, Orval DeWeerth, Robert Irish, Robert Pulliam, Kenneth Anderson 
Fourth row: Louis Darwish, Donald McNeil, Thomas Christie. William Daly, Eugene Casperson, Robert Parsons, Gilbert Mackey, John Ritter, Jack French, 

Valentine Corrado, George Thomas, Richard Hendricks, Wayne Albert 
Third row: William Frieden, Paul Frankenstein, Vincent Sacchetti, John Miller, Chester Jasiczek, Clifford Brown, Donald Hoick, Michael Dyer, Thomas 

Nagele, Frederick Nolen, John Kaminski, Hugh Flanagan 
Second row: Ralph Frickenstein, Robert Dudenbostel, Edward Hatton, William Rominger, Charles Reel, Leonard Quartetti, Donald Brink, Richard Bieles, 

Joseph Matuga, Peter Paesani, Kenneth Lecocq, Francis Maly 
Bottom row: Dr. Stanley Tylman, Dr. Edward Wach, Dr. Gordon Stastny, Dr. Melvin Genaze 
Not in panel: Dan Pickle, David Lawless, Ralph Ransford, William Maurer, John Stanley, Gerald Crank, Jonathan Barrett, Dale Long, Raymond Meyer, 

Raymond Tupy, Thomas Chung, Casmir Trelka, William Trimarco 

Psi Omega 


Top row : Orval DeWeerth, fraternity treasurer; Louis Andriasevich, chief 

Middle row: Donald McNeil, guardian; John Duis, house manager; George 
Thomas, senator 

Bottom row: Dr. Gordon Stastny, faculty advisor; David Lawless, grand 
master; Ralph Frickenstein, grand master; Jack French, rushing chairman; 
Robert Dudenbostel, social chairman 

Not in panel: Gerald Crank, secretary; Ralph Ransford, house treasurer; 
Edward Hatton, chaplain: Peter Paesani, chief inquisitor; William Rom- 
inger, historian; Wayne Albert, editor 

Founded, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 
Beta Alpha Chapter, 1903 
35 Active Chapters 



Top row: Daniel Gorenberg, secretary; Norman Reid, Sherwin Kabins, Samuel Ginsburg, Howard Berlin, Sheldon Miller 

Second row: Gerald Buckman, Melvin Goodman, Roland Medansky, Jerry Krone, treasurer; Marshall Spector 

Bottom row: Alan Aronson, Jerome Katz, president; Eugene Stein, Leonard Pomper 

Not in panel: Bernard Weinstein, rice president ; Charles Lifschultz, Robert Nathan, Charles Samet, Eugene Leman, Eugene Weinstein, Fred Rowe 

Phi Lambda Kappa 


Lambda Kappa Sigma 


Top row: Nancy Andersen. Louise Vicklund, president; Vernita Williams, Beulah Blacksher, historian 
Bottom row: Sheila Muth, secretary; Josephine Altieri, vice president; Jane Sumida, treasurer 


University Housing 

One of the goals of education is to create an 
atmosphere of happy effective living and to teach 
a way of life which is satisfying to the individual and 

The recent creation of the new luxurious housing 
facilities on the Chicago Professional Campus now 
provides the means for the development of such a 
program which has long been needed. 

In addition to providing a very significant service 
to the University, the Housing Division aims to 
provide residential environment which is favorable 
to the successful educational and social development 
of students, faculty and staff of the University. 

Franklin C. Dalla, director of bousing 

Student Residence Hall 

Residence Hall Counseling Staff: Dr. Arthur Kroeger, Jeanette Vet- 
ter, Dr. Robert Ryan, Dr. Mark Watanabe 

Books and bones 

Organizations and Honoraries 


Top row: Howard Glassford, Harold Zcnisek, Ralph Ade, Carl Kobelt, Melvin Sisson, Daniel Schitf, Karl Jauch 

Third row: Theodore Myrna, Lawrence Petz, Herbert Rose, John Mason, Marvin Garland, Marshall Rowen, Irving Adatto, Milton Kramer 

Second row: Walter Beard, James Hunt, Robert Myers, Robert Conklin, Jacques Chamberlain, Leon Steinberg, DeWitt Lowell, Seymour Lustman 

Bottom roiv ; Glorye Wool, Maurice Martin, John Peters, Ralph Spiekerman, secretary-treasurer ; Howard Moses, president; Philipp Lippe, rice president; 

Frances Knock, Edward Lichter, Elaine Hacker 
Not in panel: James Hunter, John Frenster, Betsy Brennan, Ernest Warner, John Tauscher 

Alpha Omega Alpha 

recognizes high scholarship in 
the College of Medicine 

Association of Philippine Graduate 

[~\ _ j_* ~_|-£2 promotes scientific study and social contacts among grad- 
JL/flyJ.J.LJ.olo uate dentists from the Philippines 

Top row: Salvador de Leon, Virginia Carbonell, Sol Flores, faculty adviser 

Bottom row: Luz Macapanpan, Rosalia Dichoso, secretary-treasurer ; Rosario Ciocon, chairman 



Student Branch 

Top rou': Prof. H. Emig, advisor 
Bottom row: Lawrence Smith, secretary-treasurer, 
president; Basil Fritsch. president 

Nancy Andersen, vice 

Activities of the Student Branch are aimed at 
giving the students a view of their forthcoming 
profession not presented in the classroom. Promin- 
ent persons in pharmacy are often guest speakers 
at the monthly meetings. Joint meetings with the 
Chicago Branch of the A.Ph.A. give the students 
the opportunity to meet pharmacists holding a 
variety of positions soon to be open to them. 

Biennially the University of Illinois Branch 
sponsors an open house in the College of Phar- 

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, 
and Illinois make up District Four in which there 
are many colleges of pharmacy. Every year at 
the District Four Convention representatives from 
each college of pharmacy gather and select a 
student representative to the Annual National 
A.Ph.A. Convention. A strong bond between the 
student branches has been formed within the past 
few years which may lead to the formation of a 
student section within the National A.Ph.A. con- 
ventions of the future. 

Top row: Mathias Martes, Dale Pearson, Gregory Bukowski, Howard Mirsky, George Daeschler, Donald Goesel, Donald Lonart, Donald Walker, Howard 

Siegel, Max Ullrich, Arthur Mills, Gerald Handler 
Fourth row: Leonard Groeneveld, John Mayeda, Alvin Galinsky, Alvin Glasky, Robert Frankel, Donald Frega, Henry Gould, John Basco, Edwaid Koziol, 

John March, John Eisenbart 
Third row: Lawrence Wysocki, John Hoefle, Jack Munson, Milton Weiner, Joseph Halaus, Marvin Levison, Albert Gomoll, Michael Balzer, Stanley Bartecki, 

John Breen, Gerald Baldridge 
Second row: Irving Milstein, Gene Gorindar, George Yahro, Mendel Friedman, Martin Krichilsky, Basil Fritsch, Professor Herbert Emig, Raymond Broderick, 

Lawrence Smith, Donald Flynn, Michael McNabb 
Bottom row: Mrs. Bohdanna Bodnar, Jane Sumida, Beulah Blacksher, Nancy Andersen, Louise Vicklund, Josephine Altieri, Vernita Williams, Sheila Muth 


, ^*-'i 

% m 





,\ \ 




a p, Q ™ 

^f^Jrv^ i 

Top row: Janice Sotan Beverly Taylor Robert Keen, treasurer ; Miss Marsha Dustin sponsor ■ Corinne Cosaro lean Prchi, 
Thnd row: Dorothy Adams, Beverley Gaines, Barbara Reynolds, Oma Jean Learn Vera Pauiin Nancy wXms 

«»*/: Manlyn Block, Rhoda Priest, Bettye Drowne, Beth Weiner, Grace Dittman, Sue Jones 


Beatrice D. Wade 
director of the Department 
of Occupational Therapy 

Associate Professor Beatrice D. Wade, head of 
the Occupational Therapy Department, is being 
honored this year on the tenth anniversary of the 
establishment of the occupational therapy cur- 
riculum at the University of Illinois. She intro- 
duced the unique plan of study which has exem- 
plified recent trends in educational philosophy, the 
integration of formal knowledge and theory with 
clinical experience. The student begins his studies 
in the College of Liberal Arts and completes his 
work for the B.S. degree in the College of Medi- 

^Vev^jBur M '" er ' ^^ *"*'"*' Barb " a Mueller - ^ V1 * d *'> MWam B ^ns, Shirley Scherer, Carolyn Wilkes, Margaret Lupton, Martha Serven, 
S " C %: Robert Hoegner^' Deb ° rah ^ K3th " ine St " hh ^ Carol Combs ' "«•*-*; Marilyn Moore, president; Vera Saline, vice president: Katherine Pink- 
Bottom row: Joyce Armsworth, Judith Floyd, Jean Cooper, Eleanor Welz. Lillian N.shida, Janet Engbring. Susan Louie 





jm* c 


Top row: William Markel 

Second row: Don Ervin, secretary: Robert Mulhausen 

Bottom row: Thomas Pollard, Randall Mann, treasurer; LeRoy Futterer, president 

Not in panel: Pres Bratrude, Richard Vandermyde, vice president 

Medical Interfraternity Council 

fosters cooperation among the medical fraternities, encourages high scholarship, 
and collectively represents the fraternities 

Executive Student Council ^Z^Z on 

Top row: Robert Coberley, Donald Ladwig, James Hunt 

Second row: Kenneth Lecocq, Ernest Suwalski, George Sturman 

Bottom row: Alan Gordon, James Davis, Patricia McEniff, Raymond Broderick, chairman 

Left to right: James Hunt, secretary-treasurer; Thomas Bunting, president; Alan Gordon, vice president 

Medical Student Council 

The Medical Student Council administers the 
student government of the College of Medicine. 
This group is elected from the four medical classes 
and is composed of twelve council members and 
the four class presidents. 

The Council is responsible for weighing prob- 
lems of student interest and presenting their re- 
commendations to faculty administration groups, 
and acts as the official voice of student opinion in 
faculty-student relationships. 

Annually the Medical Student Council sponsors 
the Raymond B. Allen "Golden Apple" Instruc- 
torship Award to the outstanding instructor of 
each class. The 1953 awards were made to Faith 
LaVelle, freshman class; Theodore Sherrod, sopho- 
more class; Norman B. Roberg, junior class; Frank 
B. Kelly and Heyworth N. Sanford, senior class. 

The Henry G. Poncher Student Aid Fund was 
set up in 1952 by the Council, from which loans are 
made to students in emergency situations. 

Top row: James Marshall, Jack Means 

Second row: James Hunt, Thomas Bunting, Robert Mulhausen 

Bottom row: Hugh Falls, William Lawrence, Pola Piotrowski, Donna Simenson, Alan Gordon 

Not in panel: Harold Jensen, Edsel Hudson, Richard Willms, Richard Newman, Harry Graft', Robert Lewis 


Top row: Eugene Casperson, Walter Godtlausky, Donald McNeil 

Second row: George Sturman, president; Kenneth I.ecocq, George Osterberger, Homer Jordon, treasurer 

Bottom row: Robert Parsons, Robert Coberly, secretary; Jean Jacobi 

Not in panel: William Venema, Louis Dimas, Deane Doolen, William Frieden, vice president 

Dental Student Council 

coordinates and pre- 

sents student problems to the administration 

Pharmacy Student Council 

coordinates stu- 
dent activities and maintains good faculty-student relationships 

Top row: Mathias Mertes, Robert Engelthaler, Donald Ladwig, vice president 

Second row: Clovis Williams, Prof. J. E. Davis, advisor; Richard Schlueter 

Bottom row: Gregory Bukowski, Ernest Suwalski, Raymond Broderick, president; Ann Shuler, secretary 

Not in panel: Peter Johnson, Irving Udell, Edward Raftery, John Ingold, Sheldon Chazdon, John Basco 



Left to right: Jerome Katz, secretary; Thomas Bunting, president; Raymond 
Teplitz, vice president 

Founded, Northwestern University, 1920 

Alpha Chapter, 1921 

2 Active Chapters 

Pi Kappa Epsilon 

Pi Kappa Epsilon is an honorary fraternity, 
recognized by the College of Medicine, to promote 
and further the advancement of medicine and 
medical education through social intercourse, in- 
telligent thought, and discussion of medicine and 
medical problems. 

Members are elected during their sophomore 
year, and are chosen on the basis of professional 
promise, personal integrity, high scholarship and 
congeniality. In addition to academic pursuits, 
Pi Kappa Epsilon engages in intramural sports and 
sponsors the annual campus Barn Dance. 

Top row: Amos Bratrude, Jack Means, Arnold Shkolnik, Robert Wood, Ralph Casciaro, Martin Morris, Richard Webb 

Second row: Jerome Katz, Raymond Teplitz, Thomas Bunting, Daniel McCarthy, Peter Pleotis, Henry Adkins 

Bottom row: William Ehling, James Myers, Marvin Tishler, Alan Gordon, Burwyn Albright, Sheldon Miller 

Not in panel: Louis Wilhelmi, Ralph Ade, Paul Brothers, Lloyd Carnahan, Richard Dahlen, Frank DeRango, Don Ervin, John Funk, Hugh Grimes, Raymond 

Hechter, Harold Jensen, Dean Jones, Walter Kemper, Paul Kretschmar, Perry Lerner, Jack Lewis, Seymour Lustman, William Nace, David Rendleman, 

Roger Sevy, Richard Soderberg, Donald Rames, Bernard Weinstein, William Whalen 

tit «c 

O Pi 







/ 1 



Top row: Joseph Cannon, Alfred Core, Alvin Glusky, Stanley Susina 

Second row: Dr. Dwight Deardorff, Dr. Alfred Perkins, Mitchell Borke, Masumi Nakamichi, Dale Doerr 

Bottom row: Kenneth I.iska, secretary; Henry Gould, president; Louise Vicklund, vice president; Patricia Sudar, Emanuel Green, Paul Davis 
Not in panel: Robert Besanlon. Dr. Conrad Blomquist, Paul Carpenter, Charles Clarke, William Collins, Dr. Frank Crane, Herbert Emid, Dr. James Gearien, 
Dr. Ernst Kirch, Florence Klee, Dr. Esther Meyer, Dr. Charles Reed, Dean Earl Series, Leo Schermeister, Fred Siegel, Stan Smolenski, Wendell Southard, 
Ralph Terry, Dr. Vicher, Dr. Ralph Voigt, Dr. George Webster, Marguerite Zielisch, Harold Amort, Nick Karabutsos, Mory Summer 

Rho Chi 

1 promotes the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences 

Student American Medical 

A cjrj^-n-^-t nth"! rwn promotes the moral, intellectual and professional 
x^-©J5\-rVyXdL-l.t^XX improvement of its members 

Top row: Harold Jensen, vice president; Robert Foley, treasurer 

Bottom row: Maurice Martin, senior representative ; James Myers, president; Richard Willms, sophomore representative ; Williams Potts, secretary 

Not in panel: Richard Webb, junior representative 





m i-iu 



Stuff — Top row: Grate Bacon, 
Patricia McEniff, social direc- 
tor ; Elizabeth Raup 

Music Committee — Top row: Merle Grassland, Chailes Lifschultz 
Second row: Robert Mulhausen, Thoburn Patton, Robert Parsons 
Bottom row: Jacques Chambeilain, chairman; Zena Kagan, James Myers 
Not in panel: Harvey Imber 

The Union Building is a popular 
recreational center for the Profes- 
sional Colleges Campus. Here policies 
are determined by the Committee on 
Student Affairs and the Chicago Illini 

Student activities such as the an- 
nual Campus Carnival, music listen- 
ing hours, weekly displays, coke 
dances, and formals are planned by 
three student committees: Display, 
Music, and Social. 

Both social and scientific groups 
schedule their meetings, smokers, 
luncheons, dinners and dances in the 
dining rooms and lounges. During the 
noon hours, the dining rooms, meet- 
ing rooms, lounges and game room 
are filled to capacity. The Union is 
also a favorite spot for a coke, a cup 
of coffee, or just to relax between 

Display Committee — Top row: Bert 

Second tuw: Edward Krizek, Ken- 
neth Anderson, chairman 

Bottom row: Robert Miles, Sally 
Ford, Gale Hutchinson 

Not in panel: Donald Funk 


- v 

Chicago Illini Union 


Social Committee — Top row: Robert Eisinger, Louis Andriasevich, Richard Willms 
Second row: Randall Mann, Richard Williams, Victor Horvitz, William Market 

Bottom row: Herbert Rosenstein, Peter Johnson, Wanda King, Sue Willems, Edward Dyja, John Barlow 
Not in panel: Josephine Altieri, Raymond Broderick, Loren Humphrey, Dean Jones, Joel Levine, Robert Moore, 
Sheila Muth, George Sweeney 


John W. Brown, director oj physical education 

Charles Thomas, intramural manager : 
Lynn Turner, freetbrow champion 

Physical Education 

Intramural Sports 

The sports and physical education program in 
the Chicago Professional Colleges consists of: 
intramural competition in eight minor and all 
major sports, individual instruction and group ac- 
tivities, and varsity teams in basketball, tennis 
and golf. These activities are under the direction 
of Mr. John W. Brown, who is completing his tenth 
year on the Chicago campus. 

Facilities at the Chicago Mini Union Building 
are used to the fullest extent during the year by 
the students participating in all sports and body 
building activities. These facilities are supple- 
mented with nearby tennis courts, a field for ath- 
letics, and' swimming and handball privileges at 
the Duncan Y.M.C.A. 

Standing: James Marks, coach; Jack French, Martin Morris, John Weiss, John Pfau, David Barton, Lawrence 

Anderson. Dea-ne Doolen, John Brown 
Seated: Joseph Potts, Peter Johnson, Nick Karabatsos, Jack Pearson, Harold Ainofl, John Leonard, Thomas 




01 n * 


Delia Kappa Sigma, I.M. Football Champs — Top row. Paul Sapstein, Peter 
Loutus, William Einhorn, Richaid Piepho, Joseph Halaus, Melvin 

Biitfim row: David Macklin, Marvin Stern, Marshall Newman, David 
Gordon, Raymond Kosova 

The Physical Education Department schedules 
competition with colleges on the same athletic 

The varsity basketball team, coached by Jim 
Marks, senior medical student, started slowly, but 
soon picked up speed and finished the season with 
a record of ten wins and six losses, being beaten 
decisively only by the Loyola "B" team. 

Facing tough competition, the varsity tennis 
team ended the season with three wins, four losses, 
and one tie. 

The golf team had a successful season, defeat- 
ing Navy Pier and placing second, one stroke back 
in the Chicago City Tournament. 

A great amount of time and effort has been 
placed on the Intramural Program by the Depart- 
ment of Physical Education. This program enables 
the fraternities and independent students of the 
three professional colleges to compete in organized 
athletics. Consequently, intramural competition 
in 1952-53 reached a new high, both in the nura- 

Nu Sigma Nn. I.M. Volleyball Champions — Left to right: John Kukral, 
Jack Pearson, James Marks, John Pfau. James McKinzie, Thomas Pollard 

Ayl SMOKING **. 

-7 op 

David Barton, Jack 

N'n Sigma Nu. I.M. Basketball Champs 

Pearson, John Pfau, James Marks 
liuttiim row: James McKinzie, William Johnston, Thomas Pollard, Hugh Falls 

ber of teams participating and in enthusiasm and 
competitive spirit. This added interest has been 
brought about by the very close race for the intra- 
mural trophy, which is awarded the organization 
with the largest total of points during the year. 

For the second consecutive year, Nu Sigma Nu 
nosed out Delta Sigma Delta and Alpha Kappa 
Kappa, who finished second and third respectively 
in the battle for the trophy. 

The following intramural championships were 
awarded: Fall Golf, Nu Sigma Nu; Football, Delta 
Kappa Sigma; Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, 
Nu Sigma Nu; Softball, Delta Sigma Delta; Hand- 
ball Singles, Granata; Handball Doubles, Granata 
and Wertz; Table Tennis Singles, Jessen; Table- 
Tennis Doubles, Slezak and Fricke; Badminton 
Singles, Jauch; Badminton Doubles, Fricke and 
Supple; Free Throw, Turner; Tennis Singles, 
Jessen; Tennis Doubles, Jessen and Ingram; Match 

Play Golf, Schoppe. 

Delta Sigma Delta. I.M. Softball Champs — Top row: Robert Brewer, Gordon 

Glaysher, John Weiss, Bert Anton, Robert Wertz 
Bottom row: Walter Karbowski, Henry Antolak, Harold Sandercock. Thomas 

Case, Don Buckley 

Top row: James Molloy, Wayne Albert, David Grauer 

Second row: John Ingold, Edward Kwedar, Robert Mulhausen, Bruce Hansen 

Bottom row: Irving Milstein, Salvatore Pape, Louis Andriasevich, editor; Josephine Aitieri, James Allison 

1* PriTMrviiHnn compiles and edits the Chicago Campus' 

illlU V^UIIlIIll I V%D\J section of the yearbook 

Wesley Foundation, St. Paul 

/^V^ .^ _V.^ minsters the cultural, religious and social needs of the 

V><XJ_M.J- VyXA students and personnel 

Top row: Elmer Skeens, Julian Goodwin, Fredeiic Ball, Verley Lammon, Jack Snider, Fred Cappuccino, Jack Vosburgh, Robert Beam 
Bottom row: Bonnie Cappuccino, Rev. Raymond Laury, William White, Beverly Broadway, Shirley Eyster 

III J fill 


1 j 

1 1 i If r§ 

II | 


f™ ^ 3k 

J 1 H • M 


^■^ ** ^H 

Bov" — 



L * m 


■ .•-— jdjm 

BL^ >Ka 

E 1 


wtm i 


/ i 

jjr 1 





4fl # Ag> 



Advertising Index 

Block and Kuhl Company 601 

Busey First National Bank 611 

Co-op Supply Store 611 

Elgin Watch Company . 605 

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Illini Studio 603 

Illini Union Book Store 599 

John Deere and Company 609 

Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company 595 

F. K. Robeson 599 

John Sexton and Company 607 



Aanes, John F., 404, 408 

Aaions, Alan M., 152, 418 

Abbott, Ellen, 322 

Abbott, Edward, 551, 556 

Abbuhl. Richard W., 409 

Abdalla, Ibrahim S., 163 

Abel, Glenn F., 134, 142, 173 

Abele, Walter M., 415, 418 

Abelle, Barnie E., 183 

Abels. Donald. 550 

Abern, Wendell S., 392 

Abernathie, Donald H., 159 

Abernathie, Dorothy I.. 123 

Abernathie, Jan W., 180 

Abernathie, Verdean, 126, 153 

Able, Glenn, 172 

Ableman, Joan C, 328 

Ableman, Sandra J., 315 

Abrahams, Geulah B., 186 

Abrahamson, Richard A., 345 

Abrams, David I.., 407, 418 

Abrams, Edward M., 366 

Abrams, Estelle M., 315 

Abrams, Leonard O., 375 

Abramson, Sharlene, 310 

Acacia, 334 

Accountancy Club, 1 7 1 

Acheson, James S., 77, 365 

Acheson, William R., 179 

Achor, Marion, 288 

Ackerman, Elizabeth A., 305 

Ackerman, Charles, 180 

Ackerman, Catherine N., 515 

Acklin. James, 551, 561 

Activities, 46, 147 

Acton, Thomas J., 418 

Adam, Ernest B,, 166, 179, 197 

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Administration Building, 36 
Administrative Officials, 22-25. 519 
Adrian, Frank, 551, 556 
Adsley, Mona I., 302 
Afremow, Arthur M.. 405 
Afton, David N., 387, 418 
Agase, Beatrice A., 299, 418 

Agase, Louis, 2 I 1 
Agriculture Club, 66. 104. 172 
- {grit ulturt , ( nil, ge a! , 31 

tgriculture Education Club, 170 
Amuss. Ruth. 300 
Ahlenius, William M., 139, ill 
Ahlgren, Rich. ml M., 586 
Ahlgrira, Arthur B., 196 
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In I .,,,, . lio I 3H 

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Akeis, K.iy K., 310 

Akey, Margan i A 187, 418 

Alaimo [oseph 

Albee, Nancj I 

All., rs, i ieorgi A., 173 hi 

Albers, Richard K .64 

AM,, rs, Ruth I i !l 

Albi rl I mm. I I' , i 18, 174 I i9 

Albert. Dianne R.. 305 
Albert, Ella J., 297 
Albert, Waco W., 182 
Albert, Wayne, 549, 566, 585 
Albert. William M., 77, 358 
Alberts, Waco, 67 
Albertson. Keith £., 128, 353 
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. Ilpha House, 325 
Alpha Kappa Alpha, 286 
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Alpha Kappa Lambda. 339 
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Alpha Lambda Delta, isi 
Alpha Omega. 557 
Alpha Omega . Ilpha. 570 
Alpha Omni mi Pi, 287 
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Alpha Phi Upha, 340 
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Ilpha Sigma Nn. 154 
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Altien, Josephine, 553, 567, 571, 

580, 585 
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Alumni Association, 27 
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.lineman Ceramic Soeiety, 174 
.lineman Fonndi yinen' s Society, 174 
American Institute of Architects, 173 
American Pharmaceutical Association, 

Amino, Yoshimi, 307 
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Andreos, ( leorge I'.. 37s 

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Andrew, Arthur I... 180. 228, 371. 

Andrews, Andrew, 174 

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Andrews, Joan M., 166, 282 
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Andrews, Raymond E., 368 
Andrews, Richard, 549 
Andrews, Ruth M., 290 
Andriasevich, Louis M., 527, 548, 

566, 580, 585 
Andronowitz, Joseph, 127, 391 
Aney, Paul M., 383 
Angus, Marvin S., 141, 144, 350 
Angus, Richard M., 128, 194, 334 
Anisotf, Richard, 143 
Ankenbrand, Juliann, 181, 312 
Ankenbrandt, Ivan, 556, 559 
Ankenbrandt, Leo, 550, 556 
Anner. Berenice B., 126 
Anosov, Richard L., 420 
Anschel, Bert, 185, 405 
Ansick, Joseph P., 407 
Antcliff, Howard F., 409 
Antes, Roger S., 356 
Anthony, Ray, 69 
Antler, Marlene, 553 
Antman, Marvin, 549, 557 
Antolak, Henry J., 527, 528, 559, 

Anton, Bert H., 548, 559, 580, 583 
Anunziata, Joseph, 553 
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Arcaro, Angelo C, 420 
Archbold. Thomas J., 357 
Archer, Donald G., 77, 352 
Archer, James G., 78, 371 
Archer, Richard, 552 
Archibald, Doris L., 197. 291 
Architecture Building, 35 
Arden. Barbara L.. 420 
Arends, David, 552 
Arkin, Sheldon B., 541, 558 
Arkwright, Marjorre, 81 
Armagost, Ronald, 75, 180 
Armand, Sarti, 73 
Armed Foues, 132-147 
Armin, Elizabeth, 100, 308 
Armory, 42 
Arms, Nancy E., 318 
Armstrong. Harriett J., 305 
Armstrong. John M., 361 
Armstrong, John M., 549 
Armstrong, John P.. 359 
Armstrong, Joyce A., 322 
Armstrong, Paul, 76. 345 
Armstrong. Robert E.. 60. 133, 357, 

Armstrong, Robert I'.. 62, 75 
Armstrong, Rose A.. 111. 2S3 
Armstrong. Thelma J.. 294, 120 
Armswortn, Joyce 13.. 292, 572 
Army ROiC. 133 
Arndt. Paul W.. 188 
Anult. Robert L.. 197, 105 
Arnesen, Kenneth G., 184 
Ainett, Harold E., 159 
Ainotl. II.11, .1.1. 577, 582 
Anii, I.I A,, Society, lis 
Arnold. Albeit t... 3i,| 
Arnold. Barbara C, 79, 80, 87, 162 

Arnold, ( harles, isi 
Arnold. David IV. 75, 1.' \ 198 
Arnold. Donald R., 105, I 18. 585 
Arnold, Hams S . 575 
Arnold, Katz, 55 ' 

Arnold. Kent P . loo 

Arnold, Rogei 1 . 1 '1 
Allium. Auk II (. . !9 
Aron, jack, 550 

An. noil. Ina II ."l.r 


The lllio of 1954 

was printed and bound by 

Pantograph Printing Company 

Bloomington, Illinois 


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A.S.A.E., no 
A.S.C.E., 177 

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A.S.M.E., 177 
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Association <>f Phillipine Graduate 

Dentists, 570 
Astrof, Nancy J., 302 
Athlete of the Year, 239 
Athletii Association, 2\\ 
. Ubieties, 200-2 (7 
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Badgetl rames I 185, I 10 
Baer, 'I obey F., }19 
Bai thki l ugem l in 569 
Bages Anne IL, 245, 247 
Baginski, All., r I I! ,177, i !0 

Bag .1". I lawn I). (18 

ii, hi Harold H ihk 
Bahl i ...I | B 123, 5K3 
Bail i I ouis i 
Baigh Neal i (9, 557 
Bailar, Fohn ( 
B .ii. . Barbara A.. 292 
Bruci ll .9 

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196, 338 
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42 1 
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Baker, Donald V., 421 


, 184 


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Baker, Harold G. 

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Baltes, Bernard, 551, 562 
Baluka, Robert L.. 406 
Balzer, Michael T., 540. 563, 571 
Balzhiser, Robert M., 387 
Band. Concert, 127 
Band, First Regimental, 128 
Band, Football Marching. 130, 131 
Band, Second Regimental, 129 
Bandy, John W., 77. 371 
Bang, James H., 192 
Banister. William C, 421 
Banks. Clarence H., 421 
Bannister. Turpin, 173 
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Bapst, Jennis J.. 50, 60, 63, 74. 75 
Baptist Student Foundation, 194 
Barabe, Elizabeth J., 298 
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Barnun, Donald I.., 359 

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Barr, Neil K., 406 

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Bartruff. David B., 164. 3 48 

Bartu, Peter J., 157, 345 

Bartwell, Max, 179 

Bartz, Joseph M., 167 

Basco, John W.. 540. 565, 571 575 

Baseball, 222-225 

Basik, Hikmet, 397 

H.isinski. Leonard R., 412 

Baskes. Roger S., 64, 84, 85, 159 337 

Basketball, 212-217 

Baskin. Bernard M.. 185, 422 

Bass, Deborah, 315 

Bass, Mitchell, 129, 403 

Bassana, Charles, 406 

Bassie, V. Lewis, 25 

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207. 208, 211 
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Bauer. John R.. 48, 202, 204, 211 

218, 219, 223, 382, 422 
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Bauer, Rosemary. 351 
Bauer. William S.. 185. 422 
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Beals. Robert J.. 174. 376 
Beam, Robert T.. 184 
Beaman. Keith W.. 545 
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Bean, Norma H., 295 
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Hear. Myron M., 337 
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Beatty. Frieda E.. 507 
Beatty, Joan E., 29 I 
Beatty. John F., 53 I 
Beatty, ludith E., 301 
Beaty, John H., 128. 597 
Beaty, Shirley, 186, 304 
Beau Chateau, 326 
Beauchamp, Kent, 375 
Beaudoin, Harriet A.. 2, 19. 85, 96, 

297, 422 
Beaver, Alice R., 126 
Beaver, I oretta M.. 332 

Hi.n el , M.n [01 le 1'., 1 5 5 

Beberman, Elizabeth, 1 '3 
Becherer, Joan M.. 71, 321. i" 
Heck, Huh. id, 228 
Beck, Donna I . 510 122 
Beck, Ralph, 551, 565 

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Becker, Burdette J., 397 
Becker, Frank, 551, 556 
Becker, Fred E., 185, 190 
Becker, Howard J., 403 
Becker, Jay M., 123, 405 
Becker, Leonard I., 337 
Becker, Marilynn A.. 311 
Becker, Patricia A., 331 
Becker, Ronald H., 337 
Becker, Wayne R., 122, 124, 182, 

Beckett, Grace, 126 
Beckett, Roger A., 407, 423 
Beckman, Barbara L., 291 
Beckman, Shirley A., 308 
Beckman, William F., 382 
Beckmeyer, Sharon L., 169, 310 
Beebe, Raymond B., 423 
Beebee, Dee A., 296 
Beer, Gerald V., 402 
Beesley, Robert A., 395 
Beeson, Claris D., 423 
Beggs, Emily L., 172, 303 
Beggs, Sarah J., 294 
Behar, Rudolph, 123 
Behling, Leonard W., 127, 404 
Behm, Edward J., 154, 170, 412, 423 
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Behrends, Ruth M., 123, 181, 198, 

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295, 572 
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Behringer, Jane A.. 181, 316 
Behrinfer, Clara, 109, 110 
Beido, Charlene, 326 
Beifon, Roberta, 181 
Beig, Gordon, 409 
Beigr, Erwin, 554 
Beil, Carl H., 146, 411 
Beimfohr, Roberta H., 312 
Bein, Robert W., 367 
Beinhaurer. Marilyn J., 79, 118, 296 
Beisinger, Donald, 406 
Bein, George, 123 
Belford, Rue L., 515 
Beling, Alice A., 322 
Bell, Arthur G., 397 
Bell, Barbara, 60, 161, 301, 423 
Bell, Charlene A., 317 
Bell, David B., 404 
Bell, Dennis A., 406 
Bell, Ellen A., 198, 320 
Bell, James F., 233, 382 
Bell, Richard E., 172, 182, 400 
Belleff, Katherine, 123 
Bellmar, Joan R., 123 
Belport, Helene T., 328 
Belsley, Alvin C, 159, 365 
Belting, Natalia, 197 
Belton. Jo A., 245, 308 
Beltram, Peter E., 423 
Belvel, Gloria M.. 331 
Belville. Lynne K., 126 
Bemoras, Irv, 217 
Benck, Ralph F., 197, 407 
Bender, Charlotte E., 314, 423 
Bender, Donald L., 334 
Bender, John T., 48, 55, 100, 189, 

Bender, Mitchell S.. 127, 
Bender, Roy S., 358 
Bendikas, Julia, 330 
Benecki, Edward, 184 
Benedict, Ronald L., 142. 146, 385, 

42 5 
Benedix. Keith R.. 564 
Benedix. Richard. 551, 561 
Benesh, Edward R.. 5Ks 
Bengston. Gordon B., 122, 357 
Benisek, John P.. (08 
Beniamin. Hollis \\\, 184 
Benjamin, Roland, SS3 
Benner. Eugene L., 374 
Bennet, Ralph, 195 
Bennet, Mrs. R., 195 
Bennett, David M.. 118. 539 
Bennett. Dwight G., 54 I 
Bennett. Frances A., 517, 125 
Bennett, Harold R.. 174 
Bennett, lames 15.. 65, I33, 154, 155, 

170. 172. 182. 554, ) !3 
Bennett, Ferome, ss: 
Bennett, Lee. 54s, 559 
Bennett. Peter M.. 3 IS 
Bennett. Ralph \\\. 542 
Bennett, Ronald M . 580 
Bense, Robert D., 1 is 
Benson, < 'edi ic A . 196 
Hens. .n. ( larence, 556 
Benson, lane A.. 28 I 
Benson, Kenneth A.. 590 
Bercher, Fredrick \\'.. 142, 311 
Hen ht.. Id. Glenn A.. 73, 123 
Berdal, Eivind, 189, (23 
Berenbaum, 1 Fai ris L., 1 i" 
Berenbaum, Joan K . 12 3 
Beresniewicz, Alexander, 599 



****** A »* 0** 



reC ° Uchi ng, 

f Ph c 

nee *^ a ;: ■«**, 

r,Vr e ^/ 



are /,,■ 


v e. 


c orn. 
enefi t 





Berenson, Ralph. 548, 557 

Berezin, Myron A., 360 

Berfield, Shirley M., 128, 198, 320 

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Hi ta House, 326 
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Itii hit-/, Joseph. I 1 I 
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Bii hi, Leroy (... 395 
Bii I 'i Norbi ri I.. 398 
Biehler, Deane !., 381 

Bii les, Id. hard. 549, 566 
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Bii I/-.'. 1 1 rank l< 199 

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353, 355 
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Board of Trustees, 20 

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Boeringa, Carol J., 71, 316 

Boggio. Billie K., 181, 312 

Bohn, Chris P., 173 

Bohn, Virginia J., 71, 194, 324, 426 

Bohallman, Janice, 319 

Bohon, Allan R., 339, 426 

Bohrer, Donald M,, 515 

Boland. Phyllis A.. 289 

Boland, Robert, 132, 139, 143 

Bold, Jerome I., 375 

Boldon, Charles M., 187 

Bolick, Robert H.. 343 

Bolton, Bryce A., 365 

Bolton, Joyce E., 90, 91. 160, 312, 

Bolton, Russell L.. 90, 174, 335, 338 
Bolton. William L., 382 
Bond, Jerry L., 95, 132, 136, 272, 

Bond, John R., 174 
Bonde, James R., 345 
Bone, David, 551, 556 
Bone, Robert G., 93 
Bonnell, Joan A., 115, 325, 426 
Bonneur, Leon E., 104, 172, 178, 354 
Bonsalle, George H., 362 
Boock, Merilyn. 307 
Book, Howard R., 364 
Bookout, Gary D., 413 
Booz, Gordon D., 178 
Borchard, Lilo E., 96, 283 
Borchart, Eugene K., 335 
Borden, John, 122 
Borden, William R.. 413, 426 
Bordes, Joan M., 304 
Borelli, Raymond F., 144, 347 
Boren, Martha L., 308 
Borik. Paul, 196 
Borik, Steven J„ 383 
Borke, Mitchell, 577 

Borman, Bernard N., 143. 388, 426 

Borman, Herbert R., 203, 211, 355 

Borman. Lorraine R., 87, 108, 186, 

247, 284 
Born, Billy L.. 179 

Bornholdt. Donald W., 426 

Bornholt, Carl, 124, 367 

Bornstein, Barbara A., 314 

Bornstein, Jerry J., 407 

Bornstein, Marvin, 407 

Borowsky, Benjamin A., 76, 77, 165, 

Borowsky, Colman H., 143, 388, 426 

Borowsky, Fruma G., 73, 302 

Burring, Allen G., 364 

Borror. Harold M., 399 

Borsini, Richard J., 372 

Borsini, Shirley T., 288 

Borson, Bernard K., 189, 394, 426 

Borsuk, Edward J., 426 

Bortell, Margaret J., 194, 324, 426 

Boruff, Gary C, 408 

Boruszak, Donald L., 55. 76, 134, 
360, 426 

Bosch, Bernard G.. 426 

Boscher, Robert W., 184. 383 

Bosnak, William A., 196 

Boss, Janice H., 328 

Bosse, Patricia J., 309 

Bossert. David C. 172, 181, 182, 100 

Bostian. James C, 184 

Bost, William L„ 515 

Bostrom, Donald E., 211, 374 

Bostrom, Richard C, 139. 185. 3' I 

Boswell. Jeb, 551, 565 

BoSWell, Margaret S., 71. I'M. 3 ' I 

Botel, Rudolph, 338 

Hot, in. Ronald. 554 

Bott, Virginia I., 126 

Bottenfield, Jack I ., 181, 1H.'. 1111 

Bottomley, < harles (.., 589 

Bottomley, Edward J.. 150, 389 

13,, it,, ill. Arthur A., 188 

Hon, I, .11. 1. Barbara R . 283, 1 !d 

Houghton. ( harles R., 515 

Bourne, Mary J., 426 

Bouwsma. Beverly, 123 

Bowald, Alfred A., 75, 156, 167, 

403, 426 
Bowen, Charles, 82 
Bowen. Charles E., 27 
Bowen, James M., 357 
Bowen, Nancy, 111, 181, 295 
Bowen, Ronald G., 383 
Bower, Alice A., 296 
Bower, Bruce L., 347 
Bower, Robert E., 398 
Bowers, Barbara J., 123, 195, 321 
Bowers. Bebe C, 247, 317 
Bowers, Donald D., 361 
Bowers, Lorris, 561 
Bowers, Paul D., 173, 187, 427 
Bowers, Ronald L., 408 
Bowers, Rosmary, 308 
Bowes, John J., 398 
Bowler, Roland K., 383 
Bowles, Quinton O.. 123, 128 
Bowles, Wilborne, 340 
Bowman, Charles, 74, 184 
Bowman, Kay B., 290 
Bowman, Verne R., 352 
Boxley, Robert W., 392 
Boyar, Ira, 152, 172, 379, 427 
Boyce, John C, 180, 427 
Boyd, Barbara S., 104, 312 
Boyd, Robert J., 339 
Boyd, Susan L., 153 
Boyd, William L., 129, 339 
Boyden, George R., 353 
Boyer, Don D., 408 
Buyer, George M., 129 
Boyer, John R., 427 
Boyer, Tenney J., 77, 355 
Boyle, Francis C. 409 
Boyle. John K., 379 
Boyle, Marjorie M.. 155, 171, 427 
Boyle, Philip N., 427 
Boyle, Stuart A., 165, 386, 427 
Boyles, Carroll, 551, 556 
Boys, Robert D., 167 
Boys, Rosemary, 427 
Bozis, Anna M.. 318 
Brace, Donn R., 397 
Bradbury, Robert L., 77, 127, 389 
Bradel, Stephen, 553, 560 
Brademas, David J., 427 
Brademas, Thomas B., 427 
Bradford, Janet R., 322, 427 
Bradley, Allen R., 122, 365 
Bradley, Janet A., 320 
Bradley, June, 123, 195 
Bradley, Robert, 198 
Bradley, Vanita A., 317 
Bradshaw, Jerry C, 75 
Bradshaw, Shirley A., 73. 108, 153, 

Brady. Daniel W., 400 
Brady, Dennis C, 143, 155, 367 
Braidman, Herbert, 337 
Brainin, Libby B., 300 
Branch. James, 48 
Brand, Herbert, 552 
Brandenburg, Kenneth P., 150, 427 
Brandes, Melitta, 307 
Brandon, Stanley D., 195, 397 
Brandt, Barbara L.. 32 1 
Brandt, David F., 167, 197, 427 
Brandt, John M., 283, 391 
Brandt, Lois L., 197 
Brandt, Wallace E., 188 
Brandt, Warren H., 65, 177, 197, 427 
Braner, Nadean L., 123 
Branigan, Duane, 116 
Brannan, Hulda A., 295, 427 
Branom, Richard L., 50, 116, 344 
Branom, William H., 146, 152, 344, 

Brantingham, Barclay. 101. 415,427 
Brantingham, Bruce F., 237, 389 
Brantingham, Donald A., 427 
Branz, Elwin E., 188 
Brase. Fern L., 197. 327, 428 
Bratrude, Pres. 556. 573, 576 
Bratsakis, John ]., 394. 428 
Brauer, Henry S., 137, 360, 428 
Braun. Howard. 217, 231, 235 
Braun. Thomas. 554 
Braunagel. Donald. 548, 566 
Brausch, Naomi R., 122. 282 
Bray, James N., 344, 428 
Bray. Patrick, ss: 

Bray. Richard E.. 145. 228. 397, 400 
Hiavlord. Julame A., 319 
Breaker. Riihaid H.. 302. 428 
Brecn, Anne M.. 12 3. J27 
Breen, Edward, 15s 
Breen. John D., 541. 571 
Breen. Kcrmit T., 122. 125 
Bregai. Roslyn 1 ... 3 1 3 

Breger, 1 ucy ( ., 102, 317 
Bregman, Robert, 551 
Brensmer, ( arolyn I .. 166 
Breidenstein, Shirley, 123 
Bremer, Judith IV 18 
Bremner, Ellen I ... i04, 1 !8 
Brence, Dolores J., B7, 90 B 
Brengle, Margaret, 1 ' I 
Brenkman, Robert 1 .. 3-0 
Brennan, Betsy B., 532, s "0 
Hk mi. in. I [elen, 8 ! 


Brennan, Henry H., 352 

Brcnnan, Thomas N.. 412, 428 

Brensley, Joseph B., 372 

Brett. Larry W., 133 

Brewbaker, Marna R., 301 

Brewer, Carolyn L., 181, 504 

Brewer, Marian J., 318 

Brewer, Mel, 2 I 1 

Brewer, Robert E., 527, 548, 559, 583 

Brewster, James R., 428 

Brewster, Jodell C, 323, 128 

Brewster, Roger, 348 

Brickman. The. .dure W\. }89 

Bridgeland, James G.. 178, 228, 338, 

■12 S 
Bridgewater, Frank A.. 42 
Bnggs, James B., 122, 395 
Bright, Betty J., 118, 273, 282 
Bright, Thomas R., 379 
Brighton, Lois, 123 
Bnney, Betty A., 162, 294 
Briney, Ronald S., 144, 409 
Briney, William, 556 
Brink, Donald R., 527, 548, 566 
Brinker, Donald K., 368 
Bunker, William S., 343 
Brinkman, Fred W., 415 
Brinkmeyer, Gilbert J., 226, 227 
Brissenden, Beverly A., 160. 300. 

310, 311, 428 
Britsky, Nicholas, 63 
Britt, Betty J., 308 
Brittain, Robert C, 389 
Brittin, Gale M., 273, 287, 428 
Britton, Mervin W., 126, 127, 184 
Britz, William E., 104, 172, 182, 354 
Brix, Karl, 374 
Brixton, Daie, 409 
Broaddus, Nancy R., 122, 129, 153 
Brockman, Edith L., 98. 126, 127, 

151, 190, 196, 317 
Brockmeier, Edward L., 346, 428 
Brockriede, Wayne, 115 
Brodbeck, John J., 146, 399 
Brodie, Allen, 518, 520 
Brodie, Frederic, 532, 561 
Broderick. Raymond, 552, 560, 571, 

573, 575, 580 
Brodkorb. Charles W., 129, 406 
Brodnax, Allene J., 79, 118, 162, 

Brodsky, Lorraine I., 309, 428 
Brody, Jerome S., 366 
Brody, Marlene K., 302 

Brody, Martin B., 77, 379 
Brody, Thomas A.. 105, 336, 338 
Broeren, Wayne H., 179 
Brog, Barbara L.. 306 
Brogan, James, 554 
Bronson, James U., 359 
Bronze Tablet, 515 
Brook, Nancy K., 71, 287, 332 
Brookes, Victor J., 395 
Brooks. Barbara H., 284 
Brooks, Donald W.. 164. 345 
Brooks, Frances, 123 
Brooks, James A.. 124 
Brooks. James L., 392 
Brooks, Norma L., 123. 311 
Brookstone, Diane A., 314 
Brookstone, Joan C, 314 
Broomrield. Fred W., 407 
Brosius, Ernst F., 378. 428 
Brothers, Bruce M., 212, 215, 217, 

Brothers, Marietta, 108, 109, 186, 295 
Brothers, Patricia J., 73, 283 
Brothers, Paul, 561, 576 
Brotherson, Donald E., 167. 180 
Brotman, Betty A., 319 
Brott, Eugene E., 75, 411 
Broun, Alex S., 375 
Brower, Mrs., 395 
Browery, The. 397 
Brown, Alan R., 343 
Brown, Allen R., 372 
Brown, Barbara, 127, 317 
Brown, Betty A., 291 
Brown, Carol M., 298, 428 
Brown, Charlene, 302 
Brown. Charles E., 384 
Brown, Clifford A., 527, 566 
Brown, Clinton E., 129 
Brown, David O., 122, 428 
Brown, Delores, 197 
Brown, Diane. 299 
Brown, Don R., 187 
Brown, Donald R., 363, 549 
Brown, Douglas G., 371 
Brown, Edward J., 161, 428 
Brown, Emerson, 77 
Brown, Floweree, 123 
Brown. George A., 134, 143, 144 
Brown, Gerald L., 372 
Brown, Geraldine A., 291 
Brown, Harry J., 407 
Brown. Helen M., 318 
Brown, Irwin, 549 

Brown, Ina S., 315 

Brown, Jack. 190, 197 

Brown, Tacquelyn D., 127, 190, 429 

Brown. James J.. 198 

Brown. James, 342 

Brown, Janet E., 294 

Brown, Janet M., 296 

Brown, John, 582 

Brown, John G., 173 

Brown. John M.. 35 I 

Brown, Kenneth H., 403 

Brown, Mary I.., 292 

Brown, Merle G., 122, 185, 306, 

Brown, Nancy J., 104, 118, 151. 

153, 320 
Brown. Norman. 552 
Brown, Patricia N., 429 
Brown, Paul A., 3 37 
Brown, Paul C, 411 
Brown, Paul D., 335 
Brown, Richard D.. IJ i 
Brown, Richard K., 161, 177, 188, 

192, 429 
Brown, Richard L., 388 
Brown, Richard W., 400 
Brown, Roger D.. (02 
Brown, Ronald J.. 364, 429 
Brown, Stuart. 5">l 
Brown, Susan E.. 109, 186, 288 
Brown, Thomas E., 187, 361, 429 
Brown, William G., 429 
Brown, William J., 429 
Browne, Robert, 24, 43 
Browning, Donald E., 412 
Browning, Richard L., 226, 347 
Browning, Walter S., 343 
Brown lee, Dolores A., 286 
Brownlee, Thomas H.. 192, 364 
Brubaker, James E., 365 
Brubb, William, 124 
Brubeck, Joseph C , 77, 390, 429 
Bruce, David L.. 365 
Bruce, Edward E., 361 
Brue, John A., 159, 372 
Brueckner, Carl F., 371 
Bruggeman, Mary }., 292 
Bruggen, John A.. 228, 374, 429 
Bruhns, Frank M.. 409 
Bruhns. Melvyn T., 409 
Brummer, Marilyn A., 297, 429 
Bruner, Corinne I... 330 
Bruner, Lucille M., 195, 330, 429 
Brunke, Robert R., 392 

Brunkow, Jeanne M., 118, 162, 301 
Brunkow, Joan E., 319 
Brunkow, Judith A., 319 
Brunkow, Suzanne H., 61, 296 
Brunner, Harry A., 402 
Bruch, Ronald A., 139 
Brusso, Charles N., 375 
Bruzozinski, Daniel, 554 
Bruzgulis, Bruno E., 137, 143, 185, 

345, 429 
Bryan, Lesliea, 23 
Bryan, Leslie A., 145, 237, 346 
Bryan, Robert, 402 
Bryant, Lloyd D., 146, 412 
Bryant, Lynn G., 70, 151, 310 
Bryant, Robert, 429 
Bryden, John M., 349 
Bryngelson, Beverly J., 168, 294, 429 
Bubb, Robert L., 359, 429 
Bubon, John J., 159 
Bucciferro, Dominic, 177, 429 
Buchanan, Gordon J., 350 
Buchanan, James M., 345, 429 
Buchanan, Joe C, 126, 127 
Buchanan, Robert B., 133, 136, 189, 

Bucher, Rodney G., 184 
Buchheit, William R., 405 
Buck. Alan C, 430 
Buck. Mary T., 430 
Buckles, Bob O., 378 
Buckley, Mrs., 303 
Buckley, Donald, 548, 583 
Buckley, Richard L., 349 
Bucklin, John T., 405 
Buckman, Gerald, 567 
Buckmaster, Barbara G., 173, 282 
Bucksat, Robert E., 75. 399 
Buddig, William C, 363 
Buder, Estelle B., 331, 333 
Bueche. James F., 392 
Buel, Kenneth A., 347 
Bueschel, Clifford, 228 
Bugaieski, Stanley, 159, 554 
Buhrmester, Donald E., 386 
Bukowski, Gregory J., 540, 560, 

571, 575 
Bulinski, Raymond J., 173 
Bulkley, Ruth C, 325 
Bullock, Doris. 168 
Bultinck, Doris H., 283 
Bulwa, Sheldon. 548, 557 
Bump, Howard L., 389 
Bumiller, James, 180 

of course — 


when you 

think of shopping! 

Champaign County's 

Since 1874 

you're always welcome 
at Robeson's! 




to the 

CLASS OF 1954 



715 S. Wright St. Champaign, Illinois 


Bumzahem, Carlos B., 144 

Bundy, Ola M.. 247 

Bunn, Charlotte F., 84, 90, 292 

Bunn, Irvin C, 188 

Bunte, Betty A., 318 

Bunte, William F., 197, 414 

Bunting, Beverly A., 316, 430 

Bunting, Eleanor J., 320 

Bunting, Thomas C, 531, 556, 574, 

Buoy, James E., 75 
Burdett, James R., 128, 392 
Burdick, Donald, 554 
Burdick, Jeanette J., 306 
Burg, James H., 343 
Burgener, Ivan L., 196 
Buigei, I Idon M., ISO 
Burger, Glen O., 411 
Burger, Margery S., 78, 123, 125, 

272, 273, 310 
Burger, Raymond, 356 
Burger, William E., 362, 409 
Burgess, Harlan H., 363 
Burgess, William V., 154, 170, 410 
Burghardt, Fred C. $35 
Burian, Patricia J., 60, 169, 289, 

Burk, Jack L., 137, 143, 144, 184 
Burke, Frank J., 402 
Burke, Henry W., 402 
Burkhart, Jane A., 169, 198, 311 
Burkholder, Paul E., 185, 430 
Burks, James W., 342 
Burnam, Jerry, 342 
Burnett, John W., 123 
Burnett, Robert L., 75 
Burnett, William J., 122 
Burnier, Jeannine M., 57, 111, 164, 

186, 295, 430 
Burns, Daryl, 548 
Burns, Miriam, 314 
Burns, Robert, 375, 550 
Burns, Rose G., 123 
Burns, Robert D., 430 
Burns, Thomas H., 408 
Burns, William J., 527, 548, 559 
Burns, William O., 430 
Burnstine, Bernard L., 360 
Burnstine, Phillip M., 360 
Burr, Frank W., 156, 344 
Burr, Harold D., 133, 145, 361, 430 
Burrell, Elizabeth A., 318 
Burright, Richard G., 392 
Burt, Patricia A., 51, 72, 84 
Burt, Roy A., 48, 59, 79. 343, 430 
Burt, Woodruff A., 382 
Burton, Larry K., 372 
Burton, Robert. 411 
Bury, Dale, 48, 53, 134, 240, 35*4, 

Busch, Daryle H., 390 
Busch, Hirsch, 527, 548, 557 
Busey Hull. 306, 307 
Bush, Stanley J., 343 
Bushausen. Sandra, 319 
Bushman, Ronald M., 190, 430 
Bushnell, Malcolm W.. 365 
Buske, Joann M,, 295 
Buskohl, Richard E., 398 
Busse, Ralph, 350 
Bussell, Lorna N., 311 
Buswell, David H., 365 
Bute, Graham R., 123 
Butler, Benjamin F., 375 
Butler, Donald E., 384, 430 
Butler. Edwin R., 398 
Butler, Gerald, 35 5 
Butler, Patricia E., 168, 298 
Butler, Ralph D., 515 
Butterfield, Neil J., 403 
Butterfield, William H., 26 
Butzback, Mary D., 159, 196, 320, 

Buxton, Robert, 551, 562 
Buzdygan, Danuta, 531 
Buzelli, Lucille P., 308, 430 
Byerly, Kenneth L., 389 
Byers, Robert G., 361 
Byrne, Louis, 550 
Byrnes, Betsy A., 110, 186, 195, 305 

Cabala, John A., 159 
Cachilli, Roland K., 385 
Cadet Wing Staff, 136 
Cadwallader. Donna C, 51, 102, 

Cady, Allan B., 389 

< at ti. Philip A . 409 
i n I, //,///, }08 

Cahill, Daniel J., Jr., 430 

( ..lull, William J., 102, 384 

c .ilin, Carl S., 379 

Cain, Carl W., Jr., 213. 409 

' .on |..liii I.., 349 

( .mi. Margaret A,. <, io 

< ajet, Arnold N.. 157. 160 
t aiamari, Mai ianna, $10 

( aldi 1 I ami 1 . 211, 345 
( al dwell, ( arolyn, 323 
f aldwell, M. I . 93 
( aldwell, John, 3H4 

Caldwell, Ruth S., 196, 330 
Caldwell, Thomas E., 4M 
Caleca, Vito A., 179, 190, 431 
Calhoun Hall, 395 
Calisch. Barbara L., 247, 284, 431 
Calisoff, Charles I., 405 
Calkins, John H., 124, 179 
Callahan, Gilbert, 549 
Callahan. James R., 408 
Callow, Marilyn R., 321 
Calmer, William, 111 
Calvert, Barbara A., 168. 291 
Cameron, Dougald S., 343. 431 
Cameron, John, 233 
Cameron. Stella, HI 
Cammack, Emerson, 64, 183, 351 
Campbell, Carlton B., 124, 129, 1"H 
Campbell, Carolyn, 181, 198, 317 
Campbell, Donald A., 357 
Campbell, Donald 1... 431 
Campbell, Frank, 357 
Campbell, James L., 431 
Campbell, John P., 123. 124, 346 
< ampbell, Joseph B., 26, 27 
Campbell, Mary C. 151, 153, 320 
Campbell, Ralph B., Jr., 359 
Campbell, Ralph T., 372 
Campbell, Robert C. 400 
Campbell, Russell, 553 
Campbell, Sterling M., Jr., 189 
Campbell, Thomas F., 406 
Campeggio, Shirley A., 319 
Campus Carnival, 578 
Campus Chest, 62, 79 
Campus Leaders, 52-59 
Campus Royalty, 212-215 
Canada, Joan L., 287, 431 
Canada, Virgil G., 381 
Canady, Sara E., 273, 327 
Canfield. Charles B., 344 
Cange, John L., 403 
Caniff, Robert G., 179 
Cannon, George H.. Jr., 180, 431 
Cannon, Joseph, 560 
Cannon, Thomas, 77, 389 
Cant, Wilbur, 551, 556 
Canterbury Club, 195 
Cantrell, Gwendolyn E., 195 
Capek, Richard A., 177, 431 
Capek, Richard C, 75, 144, 163, 

Capel, Mary, 186 
Capocchi, Leo, 556 
Cappellin, Thomas E., 377 
Cappuccino, Bonnie, 585 
Cappuccino, Fred, 585 
Cappuzzello, Joseph J., 350 
Capron, Banfield R., 364 
Carbonell, Virginia, 570 
Carboneti, Samuel, 75 
Carbonneau, Marvin C, 180, 183, 

Cardenas, Armando, 431 
Cardoni, James U., 394, 431 
Caress, Jerry A., 122, 415 
Carey, Robert, 157 
Carillo, Anthony, 409 
Carlins, Joel M., 375 
Carlotti, Louis S., 64, 351, 431 
Carlson, Bruce I., 343 
Carlson, Carl E., 431 
Carlson. Carl H., 375 
Carlson, Carl L.. 191 
Carlson, Carol J.. 98, 290 
Carlson, Carolyn M., 283, 431 
Carlson, Cynthia E., 319 
Carlson, Dona E., 321, 431 
Carlson, Donald F., 431 
Carlson, Donald T., 134, 348 
Carlson, Earl A., II, 381 
Carlson, Jack W.. 344 
Carlson, Joanne B., 299 
Carlson, Kay J., 307 
Carlson, Mrs. R., 196 
Carlson, Nancy R., 431 
Carlson, Richard, 196 
Carlson, Richard K., 77, 79, 343 
Carlson, Robert W., 172, 354 
Carlson, Roderick L., 356 
Carlson, Roger K., 50, 155. 186, 

Carlson, Ronald N., 77, 24l, 343 
Carlson, Ronald R., 164 
Carlson, Ronald W., 195 
Carlson, Suzanne J.. 307 
Carmean. Carol J., 245, 322 
Carmel, James E., 373 
Carmichael, William, 550 
Carnahan, Lloyd G.. 532, 561, 576 
Carnow, Ralph, 527, 548, 557 
Carnow, Sondra R.. 310 
Caroline, J. C, 166, 202-211 
Carpenter, Harry W.. Jr.. 174, 357 
( arpi Hi' 1 . fames W., 173 
Carpenter, Miriam J.. 186, 295 
Carpenter, Paul, 577 
( arpi iitn. Robert D., 155, 431 
Carpenter, Roy. I'»h 
1 arpi 1. Roberl S., ids 
( arper, William, 550. 556 
( .in, Donald E., 177. 376 

( .111 . M.iiii.i S., 123 

( arras, Nathan A . 77, 3 1 1 

1 I'. ill l< 1.1 A . <0H 

Carnthers, Prof. James, 155 
Carrithers, Prof. John, 171 
Carroll, Charles, 159 
Carroll, James, 548. 559 
Carson. John M., 172, 354 
Carson, Mary E., 181. 309, 310, 

311. 432 
Carson. Michael H., 75 
Cartel, Alan B., 360 
Carter, Frank, 550, 556 
Carter, Frederick J., 137, 185, 352, 

Carter, Gerald, 352 
Carter, Helen L., 194, 324 
Carter, Laird, 551, 556 
Carter, Morris, 116 
Carter. Nancy J., 168, 295, 432 
Carter, William S., 166 
Cartland. Catherine, 290 
Cartland, Gail R., M0 
Cartland. John D., 77, 150, 344 
Cartwright, Gwendolyn M., 310, 432 
( .11 mi. Nanjean G., ill, 288 
Case, Martin, 550, 565 
Case, Thomas R., 527, 548, 559, 

Casciako, Ralph, 565 
Casey, Edgar F., 173 
Casey, Marianne, 297 
Cash. Donald A., 155, 191, 369, 

Cash, Gordon E., 60, 62, 74, 75, 

93, 197, 400 
Caskey, Margaret K., 317 
Casler, Harry G-, 345 
Casler, William R., 357 
Casperson, Eugene, 549, 566, 575 
Cass, Dolores B., 289 
Cassady, Donald J., 230 
Cassens, Laverne H., 171, 358, 432 
Casserly, Joseph B., Jr., 191, 375 
Cassey, Charles R., 122. 389, 432 
Casteel, Milford R.. 407 
Catanese, Richard, 406 
Cate, Earl K., Jr., 365 
Catlin, James, 549 
Cattaneo, Joan M., 71, 317 
Caughey, John F., 196 
Caveny, Charles C, 30 
Cavitt, Betty L., Ill, 291 
Cavoto, Francis V., 405, 406 
Cayten, Sylvia V., 306 
Cazel, John M., 347 
Cece, Joseph, 565 
Cedarholm, Charles T., 341, 432 
Cederwall, Rolf A., 150, 185, 334 
Cell, Donald C, 394, 432 
Celusnak, Geraldine M., 306 
Ceneler, Charlotte, 71 
Cender, Dorothy, 123 
Century, Theodore, 557 
Chaffee, Vincent W., 188, 395 
Chalcraft, Joyce L., 51, 60, 63, 115, 

169, 290 
Chalfant, James C, 358, 432 
Chalfant, Marjorie L., 308 
Chamberlain, David E., 75, 406 
Chamberlain, Jacques K., 532, 570, 

Chamberlain, John, 565 
Chamberlain, Miriam, 123 
Chamberlain, Thomas, 548 
Chambers, Robert L., 346 
Chamberlin, James W., 407 
Chamblin, William J., 209, 211, 343 
Chambliss, Dale R., 339 
Champion, Donald E., 382 
Champion, Douglas P., 382 
Chancellor, Dorine L., 318 
Chandler, Bertha A., 317, 432 
Chandler, Robert L., 163, 178, 184, 

403, 432 
Chandler. William S., 403 
Chanen, Rita C, 118, 153, 284 
Chaney, Jordan F., 359 
Chang, Dai J., 175, 409 
Chang, Lucy. 313 
Chanoch, Lawrence H., 161, 189, 

392, 432 
Chaparian, Leon, 385 
Chapel, Edgar H., 361 
Chapin. Jerri J., 290 
Chapman. Charles F.. 179 
Chapman. Eileen M.. 330 
Chapman, Laurel R., Jr., 175, 432 
Chapman, Lawrence R.. 50, 102, 368 
Charlson, Janice D., 319 
Charney, Stanton M.. 388 
Charous, Donald, 551 
( hase, Charles A., 158 
( base, Shelley V., 79. 298. 432 
Chazdon, Sheldon, 552, 575 
Chedister, (diaries, 550 
( h, ci leader 1, 2 38 
Chcmino, Marilyn C 315 
( Inn, Ch.uan F., 515 
Chen, Miiliael M., 177 

( lien, Ruby K. Y.. 124 

( hentes, ( atherine P.. 307. 4J2 

( hi 1 is. Paul M., 1 17 

(, mi. fohn W., 67, 172 

c hester, [ohn B„ i in 

( hester, Richard W., 163 132 

c lu/e. Mary v.. 71, 199 

Chiaro, Alex W., 392, 432 
Chicago Campus Fraternities and 

Residences, 555 
Chicago Campus Seniors, 527 
Chicago Illint Union, 580 
Chicago Professional Colleges, 518 
Chicago Undergraduate Division, 30 
Chick, Donald R., 196 
Chidley, Kent M., 410 
Chic) lllimuek, 338 
Chien, Robert T., 433 
Chi Epsilon, 156 
Chilcott, Thomas E., 365 
Child, Audrey A., 123, 327 
Clulders, Charles E., 134 
Childress, Don E., 159 
Chin, Chi T., 192 
Chi Omega, 290 
Chiostri, Raymond F., 142 
Chi Phi, 345 

Chiprin, Samuel J., 366, 433 
Chi Psi, 346 

Chivinsky, Anna Mae H., 306 
Chochola, Donald, 554 
Cholden, Myron L., 380 
Chostri, Raymond, 146 
Chou, Yu Min, 433 
Chouinard, Phillippe, 554 
Chow, David Chan Wai, 173, 433 
Chow, Jimmy Yort, 406 
Christ, Joseph A., 368 
Christensen, Arnold L., 335 
Christensen, James S., 346 
Christensen, Louis D., 389 
Christensen, Theodore D., 192 
Christian, Robert E., 188 
Christianson, Ronald C, 404 
Christianson, Stanley D., 75, 134, 

Christie, Thomas, 548, 566 
Christmann, Roy D., 402, 433 
Christmas, 261 
Christopher, Richard L., 385 
Chubat, Beverly A., 71, 166, 326 
Chubin, Myron, 407 
Chun, Howard, 548 
Chun, Vivian, 331 
Chung, Thomas, 549, 566 
Church, Glenn J., 339, 433 
Church, Richard, 554 
Churchill, Virginia P., 71, 153, 309, 

310, 311 
Churney, Geraldine, 323 
Ciarlo, James A., 145 
Cicenas, Zinnia, 553 
Cicero, Joseph S., 64, 84, 351 
Cichy, Daniel R., 75, 106, 184, 396 
Cifuentes, Luis F., 192 
Cigelnik, Barbara, 315 
Cingillioglu, Ibrahim B., 177 
Cinnamon, William D., 369 
Ciocon, Rosario, 570 
Cipra, James F., 180 
Cisek, Donald J., 146 
Cisek, Herman W., 173 
Ciszek, Barbara D., 124 
Citadel, 396 

Civil Engineering Hall, 34 
Cizek, Donald F., 403 
Clafford, Marcia L., 304 
Clarbour, Bertram N., 367 
Clare, Patricia A., 166, 306, 433 
Claridge, Thomas W., 407 
Clark, Alice A.. 307 
Clark, Charles H., 195 
Clark, David W., 145, 374 
Clark Dormitory, 406 
Clark, Gerald P., 347 
Clark, Harold R., 397 
Clark House, 406 
Clark, James G., 346 
Clark, John W., 180, 348 
Clark, Lawrence G., 188 
Clark, Nancy L., 433 
Clark. Patrick J.. 362 
Clark. Richard L., 192 
Clark. Robert N.. 225, 375 
Clark, Robert W., 123, 416 
Clark, Roger A., 363 
Clark, Sonya L., 247, 283 
Clark, William G., 125, 127 
Clarke. Barbara M., 321 
Clarke, Charles, 577 
Clary, Howard F.. 387 
Clasen. Richard J., 408 
Claypo'ol, Keith C, 397 
Claypool. Nancy H.. 3. 49. 59, 98, 

154, 185, 244. 20S. I s s 
Clayton. John D.. 188. 358 
( l.ivt.m. Ronald D., 104, 347. 433 
( layton, Rufus S.. 104 

< leary, Edward, 184 
Cleary, Jerry P., us 

C leaver, Wendell D„ 400 
C legg. Norman. 554 
( Km. Phyllis T.. 128 

( Inn. ( !■'.. 151, )22 
Clem. Nancy B., MS. MO 
( I. nuns. |oh„ K , VI.'. . 

Clemens, Roberl 1 . 189, >45 
( hiiunt. Barbara I . 288 

< lenient. Roland I . »77 

( lemons. Robert I '.. 18, 137. 



finds the door open at 

Block & K.ihl Co. 









Food Services 


Office Functions 

Interior Decorating 


ou will find all of these and many more at Block & Kuhl Co., where 
19 stores and a Central Buying Office are ready to show you why 
there are a greater variety of opportunities in the retail field than 
any other. 

Yes, the door is open to all who are interested in a department store 
career, and opportunity is Knocking every day. Block & Kuhl is 
growing, and you can grow with it. 

Why don t you compare notes with the Personnel Director, and 
see if Block & Kuhl Co. doesn t have to offer just what you are 
looking ior in a career? You are always welcome! 

Block & Kuhl Co. Peoria, Illinois 

ores in 

Main Offices, 
Central Distribution, 801 S. Washin g ton St. 
















Cletcher, John, 556 

Clinard, William R.. 357 

Cline, James L., 142 133 

dine, John T.. 342 

Cline. Richard G.. 340, 374 

( loobeck, Sheldon H., 537, 133 

Clotfelter, Morton H.. 150, 191, 

369. 433 
Club Esquire, 398 
Coale. Martin C., 1 53 
Coberley, Robert, 559 

< obb, James A., 127, 412 
Coberley, Robert. 573, 575 
Coburn, Sheldon, 373 
Cochran, Barbara F., 326 
Cochran, Carolyn K., 294 
C in liran. Francis I-., h' 

i oi Gilbert L., 174 
Cochran. Robert W., 197, 397 
Cockerill, Carole A., 91. 118, 162 
Cockerill, Vernon L., 188 
Coddington. Ruth J.. 102, $06 
Code, Russell K., 390 
Coeur, James, 550, 562 
( Mid. William E., $71 
Coffee, Lawrence E.. 334 
Coffelt, Richard E., 64. 137, 145, 

c offey, Joseph W.. 372 
Coffman, Theodore J.. 359 
Cogley, Richard C. 173 
(, Donald G.. 124. 388 
Cohan. Fred A., 18'). $60 
Cohen, Allen S., 370 
Cohen, Burton. 411, 133 
Cohen. Carl, 552 
Cohen. Daniel. 188 
Cohen, Gerald S.. 370 
Cohen, Harriet A.. 307 
Cohen, Harriet R.. 2S ( 
Cohen, Irwin J.. 409 
Cohen, Judith R.. 306 
Cohen, Lois J., 328 
Cohen, Philip R., 405 
Cohen, Rita A.. 123. 3on 
Cohen, Robert S., 388. 434 
Cohen, Roberta, 31" 
Cohen, Sheldon, 564 
Cohen, Shirley F\. 31 3 
Cohen, Thelma, 307 
Cohen, Wallace, 387 
Cohl. Sheila, 309 
Cohn, Allen R.. 407 
Cohn, Arnold N., 380 
Cohn, Jerome, 434 
Cohn, Reina M.. 124, 168, 284 
Cohn, Richard D., 233. 388 
Cohn. Ronald I„ 337 
Cohn. Rubin. 184 
Cohron. Gerald T., 176 
Colbert. Morton J.. 75, 411 
Colby. Arthur. 181 
Coldwater, Harold R.. 434 
Cole, Alan R., 159. 346 
Cole. Allen G., 400 
Cole, Barry L., 152, 404, 405, 434 
Cole, David G., 67. 182. 172, 434 
Cole, Melvin J., 183. 373, 434 
Cole, Richard E.. 171, 434 
Cole, Stephen J., 356 
Coleman, Marlin D., 189 
Coleman, William E., 77, 364 
Colgate, Sam C, 389 
Colgrass, Michael C, Jr., 127 
College of Agriculture, 31 
College of Commerce and Business 

Administration, 32 
College of Dentistry, 520 
( allege of Education, 33, 40 
College ol Engineering. 34 

< ollegt ol Fine and Applied Arts, 3s 
( ollegt of Law, 38 

College of Liberal Arts and 

Science. 39. Ill 
College of Medicine, 521, 531 
( allege of Pharmacy, 522, 571 
College of Veterinary Medicine, 44 
Colletti, Icrome, 553 

< mIIi. is. Fred A., Jr., 342, 434 
Collins, lane E., 290 

t ollms. Janet R.. 120. 318 
C ollins, form, 109 
e ollins, Nina (. , !95 
Collins. Ruth E., 195, 318 
( ollins, William H.. 553, 577 
f ollom, Larry D., 154, 170. IIS 
( qlonial Arms, $96 
( olonial Manor, so? 
( oil. Richard A., 190. Hi 

< olvin, Linn 5 Cm 26, 27 

( olvin I H'" i P 189, 13 I 
( olwell Robi ill) [12 

< olyi i l>. il. K .is I 

r ombs, ( arol L., 291, 572 
( ombes Harry, !12. 217 !34 
( oraei Ki in nth < ,., $97 
( ■ ,n ii i Man 'Hi 1 134 
( Alan II 
Commeri I Council. 6 i 

' .miiiill, , oj StUtll nl III, in f, 63 

I ompton, Norton, ! 18 ! !9 ! 10 

< nnrad Alfred, ihi 

( <ncert and Enti rtainmi tit Board, 6 I 
( .,/.. ,/ Band, i ■ 

Concialdi, Celia R., 297, 434 
Condon, David L.. 187, 343, 434 
Cone, Allan E., 434 
Cone, Bruce W., 181 
Cone, Carol F., 434 
Conery, Wayne E., 356 
Coney, William B., 357 
Confer, Ross M., 383 
Congdon, Clyde S., 408 
Conklin, Edward J., 434 
Conklin, Robert A., 532, 561, 570 
Conlin, Margaret M.. 57. 94, 95, 

161, 292, 434 
Conn, Alice A., 123 
Connell, John G., 359 
Conner, Gene A., 435 
Conner, George, 551, 561 
Connor, Barbara J., 327 
Connor. Dewey R.. Jr., 177, 435 
Connor, Eugene, 342 

Connor, Joyce M., 327 

Conover, Charles S., 160. 435 

( onover, Edward L., Jr., 1S8, 435 

Conrad. Larry E.. 75 

Conreaux, Betty J., 310 

Constertina, James, 554 

Conto, Mary Jo, 273, 282 

Conway, Everett W.. 17 i 

Cook, Betty J., 3, 49, 54, 98. 159, 

282, 435 
Cook, Bruce A., 161, 174, 177, 189. 

386, 435 
Cook, Calib L„ 48, 394, 435 
Cook, Donald F., 344 
Cook, Donald F-. 435 
Cook, Elaine V.. 311 
C .ink. Harold D.. 19S 
Cook, Paul M„ 333. i3s 
Cook, Phillip R.. 377 
Cook, Ralph, 180 
Cook, Robert V., 344 
Cooke, Sidney F.. Jr.. 192 
Cooley, William E., 390 
Cooney, James R., 192 
Coons, Harry L., 129, 396 
Cooper, Fred M„ 136. 137, 155. 

356, 435 
Cooper, Gary D., 351 
Cooper. Jean E., 318, 572 
Cooper. Judith, 317 
Cooper, Lawrence M., 77, 337 
C ooper, Phillip J.. 379 
Cooper. Stanley A.. 96, 3 12 
Cooperrhah", Nancy R., 153, 314 
Co-ordination Committee, 62 
Coppel, Irving L., 373 
Corbett, Joseph W.. I 12 
Corcoran, Frances A., 168, 272, 435 
Corcoran, Roy W., 392 
Cordell. Alan, 392 
Cordischi. Andrew F., 368 
Core, Alfred, 577 
Corley. Joseph W., 48. 52, 134, 146, 

183, 218, 219, 223. 381. 435 
Corley, Richard D., 527, 566 
Corley, Verna C, 290, 435 
Corliss, John G., Ill, 133. 134. 143. 

1 II. 334 
Coin, Charles A., 337 
Cornett, Clifford, 391 
Corobbo, Bruce, 139, 391 
Corrado, Valentine, *s49, ^66 
Corrigan, James, 361 
Corrigan, Sarah A.. 318 
Cortes. Hernando, 192 
Cortilet, George. 552 
Corvan, Eleanor, 314 
Cory. John R.. 339 
Corydon, Donna A., 435 
Cosaro, Sister Corinne M., 545, 575 
Cosmopolitan, 390 
Cossman, George W.. 435 
Costable, Michaeline M., 317 
Costello. Mary A., 308 
( oster, Richard D., 1H8 
Coster, Robert W.. 375 
< nsviis. Rk haul F., IDS 
Cotovsky, living, 553 
Cotter, Mrs., 310 
Cottier. Donald C, $71 
( ottingham, Cadet W„ 195 
Couch. Lynda R., 51. 72, 94, 95, 

162, 288 
Coughlin, [ohn. 549 

( oulson, George I'.. I s "). $78 

( oulson. Patsy R.. 309. 435 

Coultas, lane M., 7$. 295 

Coulter, Carol Aim. 98, 162, 288 

( oum il, Ralph, 548 

( nun, il, Sarah L. 299, (35 

( oimii vm.iii, ( h.u [es M . $72 

( ourter, Sheila M., $31 

( ourtright, John, 551, 362 

( ousins, Roy S„ 127, 335 

( outs, Willoi.1 II.. $86, 135 

( on, in. Burl I in 

( overt, < arylsue, !73, 282 

( ..1 1 j Loy S., $56 

i .■" in. Donna M 

( owan, Lyle, 551 >56 

( owan, Robi rl I 123, 436 

( owan, Robi nl 174, 402 

( owart, Rii hard I , 128, $34 

Cowgei II 1.315 

Cowsert, Calvin H., 412, 436 

Cox, Carol R., 51, 72, 162, 301 

Cox, Clarence, 548 

Cox, Daren L., 183 

Cox, Ellen J., 71, 123, 308 

Cox, Fiances G., 120 

Cox, Fred S., 372 

Cox. James R., 405 

Cox, Janet R.. $09 

Cox, Randall S., 77, 381 

Cox, Thomas R., 374 

Coyle, Patricia J., 245, 322 

Cozza, Lorraine, 545, 575 

Crady, Carl R., 358 

Craft, Martha L., 331 

Craig, Ashley B., 156. 436 

Craig, John W.. 381 

Craig, Patricia A., 71, 329 

Grain, Charles A., 75 

Crain, James W., 336 

Craker, Jewell D.. 113 

Cralley, John C, 413, 436 

Cramblett. Mary L., 515 

Cramer, Alice C, 49, 52, 72, 73, 

299, 436 
Cramer, Donald E., 345, 436 
Crandall, Ehrle, 550, 564 
Crandall. Susan E., 153, 299 
Crane, Dr. Frank. 577 
Crang, Frederick E., 61, 176, 338 
Crank. Gerald L„ 527, 548, 566 
Crawford, James E., 123, 404 
Crawford, Mary J., 288 
Crays, Thomas C. 372 
Creaden, Roger N., 371 
Creager, Frederick L., 137 
Creath. Cecile M., 153, 320 
Creath, James R., 344 
Crepas. Charles, 553, 558 
Crest. Doris, 153 
Cresto, Nancy S., 283 
Creviston, Mark S., 144, 334 
Cribbet, John, 184 
Crickman, Jerald A.. 372 
Cridlebaugh, Richard B., 129, 408 
Crinigan, Kathleen M., 247 
Crisp, Carole, 303 
Criss, Carthur P.. 126, 195, 395 
Crist, Doris M., 194, 324 
Cristy, Jayne M., 289 
Crocker, Nancy, 297 
Crose, Rita I., 289 
Cross, Barbara A., 161, 298, 436 
Cross, Eugene P., 408 
Cross, Larry L.. 237, 385 
Cross, K. Patricia, 28. 72. 129 
Cross, Robert, 549 
Crosse, Richard. 551 
Crossland, Merle, 550, 556, 580 
Crossland, Paul N.. 368 
Crossley, James E., 347, 436 
Crovetti, Aldo J., 390 
Crow, Barbara J.. 297 
Crow, Nancy J.. 297 
Crow, Norma, 83 
Crowley. Jean L., 3, 49, 56, 96, 

283, 436 
Crown, Charles, 550 
Croxville, William R., 137, 183, 436 
Crumbaugh, Charlotte S., 73, 245, 

Crump, John W., 198 
Crump, Roger I.., 184. 194, 381 
Cruse, Richard H., 364 
Crusor. Don W., 355, 436 
Outliers. Sharon R., 295 
Cryder, Constance, 282, 436 
Cryder, Michael E., 336 
Cucci, Angelo M., 127, 406 
Culberson, Donella, 282 
Culhert. John, 180 
Culbertson. Joyce W., 436 
Culhertson, [on R., 227, 352 
Culbertson, Robert M., 374 
Culley, Donald T., 78, 349 
Cullins, Thomas E., 357 
Culverson. Yvonne N.. 297 
Cumby. Charlotte B., 71. 331, 436 
Cummins. Richard I... sis 
Cunningham. Adcll.t. 551 
Cunningham, Carmen, 51. 71, 192, 

245, 247 
( unningham, Dorothy A., 307 
Cunningham, Tuva I .. JOtS, 436 
( unningham, Thomas F., 192 
Curley, James, 553 
Currier. Richard D 
( in i\ , Dolores K I " 
( in iv. lames, sso 
( uiiv. Mabel, !9 " 
( urry, Richard A.. 368 
( urry, Robert B., 126, 127 
( mini. ( onstance, 123 
( uilis, Harry M,, I"'). sss 
( mils. Henry J . sss 
( uilis, Paul 1 ,. in. $54 

( UlllSS. I ,, I . ,1,1 

( uiiiss. Margarel 1 .. (05, isi, 

( uthbert, Stizanni l 

( ybulski, lohii. isi 136 

i s Marilyn I . Mi" 

i m- .mi Norbi ii I 178, 136 

■ . in. Robert A., iss, i , 

Cyganel I imi s I . S91 

Cykele, June A., 408, 437 
Czerwinski, Marlene B., 306 


Dad's Day. 254 

Daeschler, George F., 541, 563, 571 

Daeschler, Ronald, 563 

Dages, Catharine V., 306 

Dahl. Richard, 192 

Dahlen, Richard F., 532, 565, 576 

Dahlenburg, Lyle M., 65, 77, 118, 

195, 359 
Dahlstrom, Betty, 195 
Daigle, Joane L., 299, 437 
Daily lllini Advertising Staff, 102 
Daily lllini Circulation Staff, 103 
Daily lllini Editorial Staff, 100, 101 
Daily lllini. 103, 106 
Dainko, Edward, 551, 561 
Dairy Production Club. 178 
Dairy Technology Society, 179 
Dalby, Sheila M., 169. 282, 437 
Dal Corobbo, Bruno V., 144, 391 
Dale, James L., 180 
Dalla. Franklin C, 568 
Dalton, Beverly D., 332 
Daly, Gerrard, 549 
Daly, William, 549, 566 
Damal, Edward L., 65, 177, 437 
Dambrosio. Arthur L.. Jr., 237, 362 
Dameron, Eldon W., 349 
Damann, James E., 159, 344 
Damotte, Cecelia A., 247 
Damuth. Harold D., 532, 562 
Dan, Merwyn E., 187, 398 
Danaher, Mary G., 49, 54, 60. 63, 

70, 310, 437 
Dancy, Jean, 286 
Dandurand. James L.. 77, 350 
Dangerlreld. Roydin, 24 
Dangremond, Joyce C, 283 
Daniel. Johnnita. 123, 311 
Danielson, Joan M., 289 
Dankert, William L.. 231, 386 
Dankes. Dorothea M., 321, 437 
Dann, Donald, 159 
Danne. Nancy, 304 
Dannells, Richard A., Jr., 129, 

170, 391 
Dannen. Avrum H., 366 
Danner, Denise E., 319 
Dannhauer, Allan R., 532, 562 
Darkazanli. Mohamud A., 404 
Darnall. Millard K., 105, 176, 349 
Darrah, Robert F., 192 
Darran, Albert J., 345 
Darwish, Louis. 549, 566 
Dart, Donald, 552, 560 
Dashe, Gerald. 360 
Dates, Helen K. Broome, 437 
Dates, Jimmy D., 137, 180, 437 
Daugherty, Elizabeth }., 196 
Daugherty. James C, 437 
Daus, Marion E., 153. 306 
David McKinley Hall, 32 
David, Elvin, 355 
David. Fred. 342 
David, Mary, 194 
Davidson, Edward, 116 
Davidson. Frances E., 297 
Davidson. Harvey, 136, 14s 
Davidson. Hugh. 34 3 
Davidson, Jo Ann, 84, 301 
Davidson, I.eroy F.. 405 
Davidson, Rosalind S.. 126, 307 
Davies. Ivor. 7S 
I >,i\ mson, Richard. ISO 
Davis, Anne L.. 51. 110, 18<>. 28"" 
Davis, Catherine. 71. 319 
Davis, Charles. 564 
Da\ is, Connie S., 288 
Davis. David O., 437 
Davis. Dean, sss 
Davis. Donald A.. 3 3s 
Davis, Fredrick G.. 185, ,342 
Davis, Groomei IV. 123 
Davis, [van W.. Jr.. 12", l"2. iss 

i 17, 437 
Davis, [ack, 374 
Dims, Prof, I. E„ 575 
Davis, Jacqualin K,. 00, 2 is, 305 
Davis. J.uins Franklin, 77, 93, 1 11 

is ! 
Davis, linns H„ isv 134, lis. 

334, 437 
Davis, fames, 558, 573 
Davis, loan I . !8 1 
Davis, [oseph R., iss 
Davis, Joyce I . 173, $06, is- 
Davis, Kenl R., 185, 137 
Davis, Lowell \\ . 137 
Davis, Marian I .. 123 
Davis, Mnn. 1 L, 71, $09 
Davis, Mar$ K ■ 151, $24 
Davis, Paul I , 541, 577 
Davis, Richard P., 171, $95 
Davis, Rochelle I . !83 
Davis, Ronald I . 67 
Davis, Si Hi K , 1 !9 
Davis, si. i'li. n I' , 159 
Davis, v.Iihn. ss >, sss 


For the finest 

in Portraits or Candids 

you can count on 

Miss Bonnie. Pavne 

lio Campus Leader Photos by lllini Studio 

Davis, Tanner R., 372, 437 
Davis, Theodore K., 379 
Davis, Verna G., 198, 318 
Davis, Virginia M., 86, 160, 304, 

Davis, William H., 150 
Davis, William L., 397 
Davison, Allen, 406 
Davison. Jack T., 401 
Davison, Richard L., 155, 438 
Davison. Robert W., 364, 438 
Davison, Sara W., 515 
Dawkins, Geojge S., 123, 194 
Dawson. Harold, 22, 28 
Dawson, Harriett E., 319 
Dawson, Leroy L., Jr., 141, 364 
Dawson, Stuart O., 344 
Day, David A., 63 
Day, James O., 77. 123, 354 
Day, John (Jack I C, 363 
Day, Joyce M.. 320 
Day, Loren L., 174 
Day, Richard A., 194, 401 
Day, William C, 77, 353 
Day. William H.. Jr.. 372 
Daymont. Dixie C. 180 
Dayton, Frank C, Jr.. 385 
Deacon, Allen H., 409 
Dean, Clark E.. 336 
Dean. David W.. 377 
DeardorfT. Dr. Dwight, 563. 577 
Dearing, Mary I... 71, 325, 438 
Death of a Salesman, 5, 114 
Deathcrage, Leslie E.. 75 
Debiasio, Lorraine J., 329 
DeBotsky. Harvey, 551 
DeBois, F.lon. 550 
DeBolt, Don E.. 77, 172, 182. 338 
DeCamp, Benjamin C, 180. 187, 

374, 438 
Decker, Gerald H., 414 
De Cristofaro, Dominic G., 192. 

358, 438 
Deeds, Kathleen, 181, 306 
Deeds, Virginia B., 73, 291, 438 
Deem, Robert N., 184 
Deere. Robert W., 142. 392 
Dees, Dan C. 146, 177, 353 
Dees, Denzil E., 188 
De Fotis, William, 189, 438 
DeFries, John Clarence, 123, 125 
Degener, Richard L., 345 
Dehaas. Mary J.. Ill 
Dehority. William F., 354 

Deihl, Charles J., 409 

Dejanld, Richard, 549, 559 

DeKreon, Marjorie A., 316 

DeLance, Robert E., 75, 171. 395 

Delapaz, Moses R., 159, 390 

DeLaurenti, John L., 145, 377 

DeLeon, Salvador. 570 

Dellert. Richard H., 128 

Delly, Maria, 322 

DeLong, C. C, 116, 155 

DeLong, Clifton, 26 

DeLong, George E., 347 

DeLong. Terry] A.. 102. 297 

Delott, Richard B., 438 

Delta Chi. 347 

Delta Delia Delia. 291 

Delta Gamma, 292 

Delta Kappa Epsilon, 348 

/)<//./ Kappa Sigma. 558 

Delta Phi, 349 

Delta Phi Epsilon, 293 

Delia Sigma Delia. 559 

Delta Sigma Omicron. 179 

Delia Sigma Pi. 351 

Delta Taa Delta. 3^2 

Delta Vpsilon, 353 

Delta Zeta, 294 

DeMar. Bruce S., 380 

DeMartelaere. David L.. 349 

DeMorest, Hugh F., 532, 556 

DeMoss, Clarence W., 50, 205, 206, 

211, 221, 381 
DeMott, Cecille, 327 
Dempsey, Ellen, 123 
Dempsey. Gerald P., 137, 382, 438 
Dempsey. Ronald E., 352 
Denbeig, Kenenth H.. 337 
Denby, Donald D., 172, 182, 338 
Dendrix, Nancy, 307 
Dentistry I Class. 549 
Dentistry II Class. 549 
Dennen. Babette S.. 293 
Dennerlein, John L., 165 
Dental Student Council, 575 
Dentino, Thomas W., 128, 414 
Dentistry, 5 so 
Dentistry III Class, 548 
/'< ntistry II' Class, 5 is 
Deopel, Martha, 304 
Department of Cultural Affairs, 90 
Department of Entertainment. 87 
Department «/ Recreation, 84 
Department oi Student Sennet, 8^ 

Department of Social Events, 86 
Department of Student and Alumni 

Relations, 91 
DePaul, Donald L., 407 
DePauw, Robert L., 381, 438 
DePesa, Arlene, 129, 306 
Depke, Herbert W., 352 
DeProtine, Phil Ramon, 178. 184. 376 
DeRango, Frank J., 532, 561, 576 
Derby, Kenenth W., 371 
Derby. Roger M., 128, 144, 369 
Dercoli, Giacinto C, 385 
Deremiah, James R., 352 
Deroche, John W., 392 
DeRoule. Otto F., 398 
Desch, Judith A., 72, 84. 16') 
Desch, Theodore E., 184 
DesEnfants, Robert E.. 211 
Desmond, John J.. 184 
Desmond, Nancy M., 438 
Desser, Sidney D., 370 
Detchemendy, Evelyn C, 289 
Detina, Judy, 317 
Detloff, Donald V.. 173 
Dettro, Winifred H., 297, 438 
Detweiler, Paul B.. 532 
Deuter, William, 361 
Devall, Joseph W., 146. 364, 393 
Devereux, Ronald T.. 395 
Devine, Thomas M., 17 3 
DeVore, Stuart E., 75, 123,, 184, lis 
DeVore, William I... 400, 405, 438 
DeVos, Brice J., 358 
DeVry, Diane I., 295 
DeWeerth, E. Orval, 527, MS, 566 
Dewey. Norman J.. 438 
Dewhirst. Ernestine E.. 287 
DeYoung. Roger L.. 180. 578, (38 
Diakiw, Audrey J.. 330 
Diamond. Joseph. 552 
Diamond. Louis H.. 390 
Diamond. Marian I... 3 I 5 
Dice. Donna J.. 111. 160. 327 
Dichoso, Rosalia. 570 
Dichtl, Ralph L., 357 
Dick, Marilyn C, 3 10 
Dickason. Donald E.. 2^ 
Dickens, Willis. 551, 561 
Dickett, Gust W., 407 
Dickey, Robert R.. 155 
Dickinson, George E., Jr.. 409 
Dickinson, John, 551. 556 
Dickinson. Louise. 32^ 
Dickman. Teddy L., 197, 414 

Dicks. Thomas A., 125. 364 
Dickson, James B.. lsi 
Dieckamp, Walter W., 53, 82, 87, 

152, 438 
Diedrich, Donald F., 396 
Diekman. Darlene A.. 96, 3ns 
Diemer, Vera J., 71. 313 
Dienst, Henry W., 195 
Dienst, Sally. 319 
Diesner, Roy W., 96. 164, 553 
Dietemann, Prof. Charles, loo 
Dietemann. David L., 166 
Dietemann. Donald C., 137 
Dietemann, Patricia C, 3, 97 
Dieter, Fred A., 392 
Dieterich. Richard T., 344 
Diewald, Emil E.. 160. 394 
DiFrank, Frank J., 156. 177, 438 
Dillard. Sally. 51 
Dillavou, Easel, 155 
Dillavou, Janette M., 123 
Dillinger, Horace W., 173 
Dilsaver, Carl D., 230. 43<) 
Dilworth. Eldon R.. 196, 354 
Dimas, Louis, 549, 559, 575 
Dinnerlein, John, 384 
Dinou, Kriton T., 357 
Dinsdale, Jean A., 51, 99. 181, 283 
Dinsmore. Mary J.. 298. 439 
Dintelmann, Robert H., 181, 182. 

Dirks. Herman, 78. 353 
Dirksen, Thomas, 549 
Dirsmith, Ronald L.. 173. 404. (39 
Distinguished Military Students, 131 
Dite. Rita M., 324 
Dittman, Grace Y., 545. 575 
Dittus, Phyllis C. 320, 439 
Division of Special Services for 

War Veterans, 42 
Division of University Extension, 43 
Dix, Richard L.. 393 
Dixler, Joseph M., 380 
Dixon, Charles E., 128 
Dixon, David A., 334, 439 
Dixon, Gene A.. 414 
Dixon, George G., 392 
Dixon, Leora L.. 318 
Dixon, Roscoe B., 541, 558 
Dloogatch, Ins D., 300 
Doak, Georgia M., 128, 289 
Dobbrunz, Harry. 562 
Dobbs. Stuart, 357, 4.30 
Dobkin. Renee. 315 



Dodds, B. L., 33 

Dodds, Joan, 298, 439 

Dodge, John F., 75, 197, 414 

Dodson, Robert C, 155, 188 

Doebel, Paul, 399 

Doepp, William L., 399 

Doerschler, Richard, 146 

Doerr, Dale, 563, 577 

Doetzel, David A., 155, 197, 369 

Dolan, Cynthia B., 84, 301 

Dolan, Richard, 551, 561 

Dolgonos, Sandra E., 101 

Dolinger, Howard L., 155, 171, 190, 
398, 439 

Dolins, Eda P., 171, 309 

Dollen, Deane, 559 

Dolley, Deborah L., 292 

Dolowy, Paulette C, 319 

Dolphins. 157, 193 

Dolphin Queen, 157 

Domash, Alvin, 337 

Dombrowski, Joseph R., 394 

Dombrowski, Richard J., 372 

Domnitz, Jack, 532 

Donagher, Janice L., 95, 296 

Donaho, Waldo C, 180 

Donahoe. Alfred H., 515 

Donahue, John R., 362 

Donahue, John W., 141, 191. 

Donahue, Robert E., 439 

Donahue, Robert T., 406 

Donahue, Sara A., 283 

Donath, Resa J., 313 

Donatoni, Richard D., 439 

Donda, Jerry J., 189, 398 

Dondanville, Leo J., 137 

Donenberg. Gerald H., 439 

Doney, Donald L., 179 

Donlan, James, 549 

Donlon. William A., 415 

Donnelly, Martha L., 308, 439 

Donney, Shirley A., 515 

Donoghue, George, 26 

Donohoe, Richard P., 127, 187, 353 

Donovan, Barbara A., 319 

Dony, Jerome, 552, 560 

Donze, Norman, 174 

Dooley. Deane, 548, 575, 582 

Dore, Thomas E., 152, 351, 439 

Dorenfeld, Neil M., 407 

Doretti, Richard. 553, 558 

Dorfman, Zora D., 300 

Dori, Dolores, 320 

Dorman, Eileen J., 328 

Dornoch, 397 

Dornoff, Beverly I., 290 

Dorschler, Richard K., 142 

Dorward, Theodore L., 50, 237, 381 

Dostal, Barbara J., 153, 321 

Doty, Donald L., 142 

Doty, Earl F., 355, 439 

Dougherty, Henry, Jr., 60, 142, 190, 

Dougherty, Philip, 550, 565 

Dougherty, Mary A., 318 

Dougherty, Norris, 550, 556 

Douglas, Marilyn M., 316 

DoValle, Gustavo, 402 

Dowd, Donald M., Jr., 107, 343 

Dowling, Nancy A., 303 

Down, Marjorie A., 99, 290 

Downey, Rae W., 343, 439 

Downing, James R., 115, 364 

Downs, Robert B., 40 

Downs, Clara B., 156, 295 

Dowse, Eunice — assistant dean of resi- 
dence hall counseling, 28, 29 

Doyle, Betty A., 98, 295 

Drake, Edwin H., Jr., 439 

Drakeford, Dorothy M., 247, 312, 

Dramm, Eugene F., 124, 180, 347 

Draper. Bernard, 539, 556 

Drechsler, Louise A., 296 

Dreebin, Harold R., 129, 370 

Dresden, Marilyn, 314 

Dreshfield. Robert L., 187, 405, 439 

Dressier. Philip R., 365 

Drew, Donna M., 71, 84, 169, 
308, 440 

Drew, Doris J., 51, 94, 95, 296 

Drewcs, Charles G., 191 

Dreymiller, Sharon L., 124, 291 
I )n. kamer, Harry, 167 
Drije, Thomas M., 188 
Driskell, Claude E., 527, 548 
Drogemuller, Richard A., 403 
Drom, Robert, 556 
Drowne, Bettye M., 545, 572 
Drucker, Joan, 73, 284 
Druckman, Ira J., 54l 
Drum and Bugle Corps. 138 
Drumhcllcr. Carl, 123 
Drummond, Donald J., 121, 361 
Druse, Sharon, 317 
Dry. James R., 405, 440 
Diyer, John, 390 
Dryich, Allen, 551 
Dubai, Donald P., 364 
Dubimky, Barbara R.. 309 
Dubner, Allen I.., 406 
Dubofsky, Roberta M., 317 
Dubrove, Arlcne G., 293 

Ducham, Olive, 320 
Dudenbostel, Robert,, 527, 548, 566 
Duerst, Roger W., 187 
Duerwachter, Donna M., 156, 169, 

294, 440 
Duewer, Raymond F., 77, 172, 182, 

197, 354 
Dutfey, Paul H., 159, 165, 197, 356 
Dufrin, Judith A., 515 
DuFore, Robert N., 158, 175, 

376, 440 
Dufour, Nancy L., 71, 319 
Duis, John H., 528, 548, 566 
Dunavan, Richard H., 176 
Dunbar, Charles V., 157 
Dunbar. Joan, 319 
Duncan, Rev. Edward, 199 
Duncan, Gene L., 381, 440 
Duncan, John B., 414 
Duncan, Leroy E., 127 
Duncan, Neal, Jr., 440 
Duncanson, Diana L., 288 
Dundon, Jeanne M., 299, 440 
Dundzila, Antanas V., 177 
Dunhouse, William B., 385 
Dunlop, John, 556 
Dunlop, Rev. Ralph, 198 
Dunn, Charles E., 122, 124, 137, 

335, 440 
Dunn, James, 211 
Dunn, Janice B., 318 
Dunn, Marilyn A., 179, 318 
Dunn, Marvin D., 185 
Dunn, Mary V., 123 
Dunn, Merle K., 145, 228 
Dunn, Norman J., 366 
Dunn, Rhoda L., 315 
Dunn, William C, 374, 440 
Dunne, Marilyn J., 323 
Dunnivant, Carol J., 287 
Dunniway, David A., 77, 342 
Durbin, James J., 133, 440 
Durfee, Daniel A., 187, 440 
Durham, Olive I., 126 
Durham, William, 550, 556 
Durst, Marian, 551 
Dushek, Verna R., 153, 321 
Duster, Charles E., 440 
Dustin, Marsha, 572 
Duszynski, Joan A, 124, 310 
Dutcher, James W., 215, 217, 344 
Duval, Gloria A., 283 
Duvick, Richard D., 125, 182, 410 
Dvorak, Thomas C, 392 
Dvore, Renee E., 302 
Dycus, Harold I., 136, 137, 

374, 440 
Dye, Thomas W., 77, 372 
Dyer, Dwight E., 126 
Dyer, Lionel R., 340 
Dyer, Michael, 549 ,566 
Dyer, Walter E., 398 
Dyja, Edward, 552, 560, 580 
Dyke, Lester M., 24 
Dyke, Thompson A., 374 
Dymond, John E., 398 
Dynda, Ernest F., 351 
Dyrby. Olin M., 176 
Dysart, Richard J., 109, 440 
Dykstra, Gerben, 550 

Eadie, Iva J., 71, 127, 190 
Eadie, James A., 134, 440 
Eadie, William R., 406 
Eakins, Joel, 550 
Eames, Adrienne, 111, 162, 289 
Earl, James S., 343, 440 
Earlix, Richard L., 146, 187, 404 
Early, Gerald O., 137, 377, 440 
Early, John B., 179 
Easley, Ronald L., 144, 159, 387 
Eastham, Ocal, Jr., 397 
Eastman, Charles D., Jr., 96, 381 
Eaton, Jane E., 296, 321 
Eaton, Patsymae H., 325 
Ebadi, Sayed M., 390 
Ebbert, Raymond A., 336 
Ebbinghaus, William H., 363, 440 
Eberhart, Robert C, 172, 358 
Eberle, George R., 118, 344 
Ebersold, Keith S., 353 
Ebert, Hedwig, 196 
Ebert. Marlyn M.. 123 
Eby, Robert N., 390 
Eck, Theodore }., 180 
Eckebrecht, Eugene H., 180. 441 
Eckebrecht, Patricia W., 441 
Eckert, Donald R., 346 
Eckert, Dorothy M., 441 
Eckhardt, Richard J., 408 
Ecklund, Robert, 551, 565 
Eckman, Raymond I.., 195, 393 
Eckrote, Kenneth R,, 336 
luononios, Michael N., 406 
Ecoppi, Joseph L., 137, 371 
Eddy, Donald G., 177 
Edefstein, live. 309 

I .1' Isb in. I c wis M., 337 
Edelstein, Sydney J.. 307 
I dick, Fred W.. 137. 185, 436, 441 
I dinburg, Joan R., 441 

Edmonds, Robert E., 334 

Edmondson, David C, 194, 409 

Edson, Donald T., 397 

Edwards, Donald L., 58, 82, 85, 441 

Edwards, Eleanor J., 128, 192, 294 

Edwards, Ozzie L., Jr., 194 

Edwards, M. Roberta, 181, 322, 441 

Edwards, Patricia A., 282 

Edwards, Robert T., 160 

Edwards, Spence, 336 

Effron, Diane, 307 

Egan, John V., 164, 362 

Egeland, Beverly D., 441 

Eggers, Arthur L., 197, 414 

Eggspuehler, Jack J., 441 

Ehlen, Georgia M., 319 

Ehlers, Carl T., 237, 405 

Ehlers, Marvin W., 163, 363 

Ehlert. Richard T., 357 

Ehling, William E., 533, 565, 576 

Ehrhardt. Roger H., 374 

Ehrman, Harold, 553 

Eithler, George A., 93 

Eichler, June H., 303 

Eichstaedt, Carl L., 118, 164 

Eickhoff, Roger L., 398 

Eifler, Norman, 549 

Eiehsteadt, Carl, 357 

Eilbracht, Lee, 225, 234 

Eilers, Dan L., 143. 150, 183, 

344, 441 
Einfalt, Bertwin E., 197, 399 
Einhorn, William, 583 
Eipper, Anzolette R., 282, 441 
Eirinberg, Alan B., 143, 152, 388, 

Eisenbart, John M., 541, 560, 571 
Eisenbart, Nancy, 554 
Eisenberg, Diane, 302 
Eisenstaedt, Judith M., 162, 300 
Eisenstein, Eleanor S., Ill, 300 
Eisenstein, Gerald T., 129, 337 
Eisenstein, Sandra A., 313 
Eisinger, Robert, 549, 557 
Eitel, Michael J., 126 
Ekblaw, Andrew II, 50, 108, 

186, 334 
Ekedahl, Robert L., 375 
Ekovich, Thomas M., 374 
Ekstrand, Kay F., 288 
EKT Club, 309 
Ekvall, William L., 125 
Elder, John C, 188 
Elder, Newton T., 173 
Elfgen, Suzanne J., 298 
Elford, Howard L., 403 
Elias, Victor, 379 
Elins, Edward S.. 380 
Eliot, Jane C, 290 
Eliot. Ray (Coach), 202, 211, 234 
Elledge, Charles P., 184, 409 
Ellenberger, Richard P., 398 
Ellenby, Jay D., 380 
Ellicott, Lyle H., 343, 441 
Ellingson, James R., 50, 74, 75, 

185, 401 
Elliott, Arlene F., 86. 153, 184, 283 
Elliott, Charles A., 368 
Elliott, Donald A., 382 
Elliott, Harold, 550, 556 
Elliott, Howard C, 338 
Elliott, Jean G., 291 
Elliott. John L., 77, 367 
Elliott, Robert B., 406 
Ellis, Charles O., 365 
Ellis, David, 550, 565 
Ellis, George R., 144, 364 
Ellis, James N., 192 
Ellis, Jon F., 172, 178, 338 
Ellis, Robert E., 372 
Ellis, Roderick, 361 
Ellison, Gwendolyn D., 441 
Ellison, Maceo, 551 
Ellison, Robert L., 128, 401 
Ellman, Caryl, 315 
Ellman, Judy, 315 
Ellwood, Patrick, 550, 562 
Elmore, Rodney D., 387 
Elowitz. Joel, 405 
Elsby, C. Neale, 392 
Eisner, Richard, 553, 560 
Elston, Dorothy I., 123 
Ely, William E., 441 
Emid, Prof. Herbert, 571. 577 
Emmerich, Eugene F., 179 
Emmerich, Norman D., 351, 396, 

Emmons, Robert W., 60. 172. 

196, 338 
Emoto, Henry R., 134, 180, 

405, 441 
Emrich. Sue, 323 
Enchcn, Edward. 409 
Ench. Robert, 556 
Ench, Whitney R.. 539 
Endcrby, Charles E.. }64 
Engbring. Janet C. 319. 572 
Engdahl. Herbert M., Jr., 375 
Engdahl, Ronald V., 599 
Enge. Carl W.. 180 
Hngelbrccht, Jeancttc C. 12 3. Wl 
Engclluiill. < h.ules K.. 412 

Engeling, EIroy R 113 
Engelthaler, Robert, 553, 563, 575 

Engerman, Alan, 366 
Engineering Council, 65 
Engineering Week-End, 264 
England, Alan C, 105, 163, 436, 

England, Rodney, 550 
Engle, Paul, 406 

Engle, Richard M., 173, 404, 406 
Engler, Bonnie C, 302 
Englis, Joan S., 173 
English, Alan L., 177 
Enichen, Edward J., 184 
Enright, David W., 164, 381 
Enright, Lois, 87, 161, 169, 

304, 442 
Eovaldi, Suzanne C, 304 
Epley, Donald L., 402 
Epstein, Mrs., 388 
Epstein, Judith A., 306 
Epstein, Morton, 528, 548, 557 
Epstein, Robert B., 159 
Epstein, Sandra L., 315 
Epstein, Shirley, A., 310 
Erbach, Donald R., 186 
Erger, Claire A., 98, 318 
Ergo, Jack W., 126 
Ergo, Richard, 159 
Encksen, Dean M., 539 
Erickson, Charles A., 146 
Erickson, Gerald R., 383 
Erickson, Greta M., 156, 169, 

288, 442 
Erickson, Janet E., 317 
Erickson, John J., 408 
Erickson, Jon W., 358 
Erickson, Shirley M., 151, 316 
Erickson, Wylma M., 291 
Ericson, Burton E., 184, 404 
Ericson, Jane A., 317 
Ericson, Raundle R., 67, 146, 182, 

Erkman, James F., 128, 407 
Ernst, Donald W., 206, 211, 239, 

382, 442 
Ernst, Leland M., 168, 247, 442 
Ernster, Mack M., 352, 442 
Ervin, Don, 556, 573, 576 
Ervin, Rosella, 153, 320 
Erwin, Ronald R., 195 
Erwin, Samuel L., 78, 344 
Esarey, James G., 170, 414 
Esarey, John C, 170, 442 
Esarove, Donald, 187 
Esawne, Donald, 406 
Esch, James E., 442 
Eschman, Carl W. ,402, 442 

Eshleman, Diane J., 311 
Esinger, Robert, 557, 580 

Esper, Ronald C, 141, 368, 442 

Essary, Jean, 442 

Esser, Charles A., 188 

Esser, Dorothy P., 323 

Esses, Elliott, 549, 557 

Eston, Jeannine, 181 

Eta Kappa Nu, 158 
Eure, John, 164, 362 

Eustice, James S., 389, 442 

Evans, Boris D., 541 

Evans, Charles E., 65, 390 

Evans, Diane R., 302, 442 

Evans, Eldon, 551, 556 

Evans, George E., 406 

Evans Hall, 310, 311 

Evans, Joan A., 282 

Evans, John R., 194 

Evans Scholars, 391 

Evans, William E., 177. 376 

Evanson. Richard J., 137, 386, 442 

Even, Mary J., 124, 283 

Everitt, W. L., 34 

Eversole, Mary J., 100, 319 

Ewan, Richard C, 159. 334 

Ewbank, Richard A., 154 

Ewbank. Wayne F., 154, 170 

Ewers, Joseph, 74 

Ewing, Elmer E., 197, 515 

Ewing, Enid L., 122, 153, 322 

Ewing, Susanne, 84, 162, 303 

Ewing, William K., 75 

Ey. Richard C, 397 

Eyer, Willard J.. 533, 556 

Eyman, Richard K., 442 

Eyster, Shirley. 585 

Eytcheson, Donald, 550, 565 

Fabiano, Anthony R.. 181 

Fabijonas, Wanda. 554 

Facktor, Marvin C \66 
Fadem, Marilyn H., ) 19 
Fagerburg, James E., 152, 1 1 ' 
Faney, Edward I.. 406 
Fahey, Frederick R.. 157 
Fahlbeck, Dale D.. 142 
Fahnestock, Robert K.. i»s, >34, [42 
Fails, Hugh. ".50 
Fair. Richard D.. 144 
l'.uib.iirn, Frederick w . 192 
Fairbanks, Kenneth 1 ■'.. J71 
Fairbanks, Robert 1 . J71 
Fairhead, fames \\ '.. >71 


Perfect pair from E 

There's a made-for-each-other look about 
these Elgins you'll want to be part of 
... to share with the very special one in 
your life. (Of course, you don't have 
to pair them — but what a wonderful 
idea it is !) 

And these superb Lord and Lady Elgins 
more than look alike. They are alike in the 
years and years of amazing performance 
they will give you, too. 

Each was made by the only watchmaker 
in the world who has made over 50 mil- 

lion fine watches . . . timed to the stars 
by Elgin's own observatory. 

But most important, each has the same 
heart — Elgin's heart that never breaks. 
This is the exclusive DuraPower Main- 
spring, that's guaranteed to never break. 
Neither can it rust nor lose its power. 

Surely you know someone with whom 
you would like to share the pleasure of 
owning a Lord and Lady Elgin ? Why 
not visit your Elgin jeweler soon ? Elgin 
National Watch Company, Elgin, Illinois. 



[ IG I N witlk.llu. totjul «Kty % Hit foe 


Faiss. Rudolph O.. 194, 401 

Faitz, Everett K., 184 

Falck, Lloyd, 597 

Fales, Gordon E., 159, 174, 372 

Falk, John L., 189 

Falk, Lloyd D., 360 

Falk, Roberta J., 293 

Falkenstein, Elry G., 202, 204, 206, 

207, 211, 357 
Falker, James, 550. 561 
Falley, Frank, 53 I 
Fallon, Sheila J., 298 
Falls, David C, 77, 369 
Falls, Hugh, 561, 574, 58} 
Fancher, Louis C, 372 
Fankhauser, David G., 392 
Fannin, Robert I., 18'), 442 
Fanson, James L., 364 
Fantl, M. Robert, 337, 443 
Farber, Herbert O., 21, 22, 65, 74 
Farber, Jerry S.. 158, 370 
Farber, Nancee L.. 293 
Farber, Vivian G., .302 
Farley, George M., 359 
Farley, Jo Ann, 304 
Farman, Farmaian H., 177, 443 
I ,n mhouse Fraternity, 3 s i 
Farner, Robert, 556 
I'jinum, Benjamin L., 50, 374 
Farr, Douglas R., 128. 3<,s. 443 
Farrow, John W., 157, 347 
Faso, Josephine M., 32 1 
Fast, William, 552, 558 
Faster, Ronald A.. 118, 344 
Faster, Walter W„ 50, 93, 344 
Fastz, Karl, 1 44 

Faude, William D., 76, 77. 150, 378 
Faulhaber, Sandra I.., 311 
Faulkner. Robert L., 357 
Fawcett, James M.. 337 
Fay, Deborah A.. 127, 282, 572 
Fay, Tommy G.. 180 
Fayemi, Abraham A., 195 
Faymor, Geraldine, 314 
Fearheiley, George L., 371 
Feder, Margery W., 293 
Fedor, Barbara D., 299, 443 
Fedor, George, 55.3 
Feeney, Thomas. 549, 559 
Fegenhols, Iris, 284 
Fehrenbacker, Walter L., 188 
Feicht, Emil D., 115 
Feig, Marvin S., 373 
Feigenbutz, Vincent R., 224, 225, 

Feiler, Earl, 564 
Feiler, Ernest M., 533 
Feiler, Frederic C, 533 
Feinberg, Elayne M., 293 
Feinberg, Irwin I., 533, 564 
Feind, Judith M., 308 
Feishtman, Sybil, 123 
Feiwell, Earl. 550, 564 
Felderman, Stanley R., 164. 240, 378 
Feldkirchner. Harlan L.. 176, 443 
Feldman, Alice J., 314 
Feldman, Beth E., 322 
Feldman. Grace C, 519, I 13 
Feldman, Paul. 553 
Feldman, Robert E.. 106 
Feldman, Wallace S., 184 
Feldmann, Beverly B., 5 39 
Feldstein, Merton I... 339 
Felerman. Geraldine, -ill 
Feliszak. Robert S., 398 
Felke, Thomas G., 50, 60, 77, 107, 

Felmley. Jerry J., 137, 359 
Felsenthal, Benita M., ill 
Feltych, Wanda M., 287 
Fencing, 233 
Fender, Arlie E., 443 
Fennessey, Mary J.. 311 
Fenoglio. Jimmy G., 38 1 
Fenstermaker, Roy T., 353 
Fenwick, James R. , 443 
Ferguson, Charles A.. II i 
I ergnson, Donald C, 77, 390 
Ferguson, James I... 188. 355 
Ferguson, James O., 125 
Ferguson, Joanne <)., 515 
I ( rguson, Margaret J., 71 , lis 
Ferguson, Samuel (,., 355 
Perking, William, 597 
Fernandes, Norma /... 503 
Fernstein, Larry H., 370 
Ferrell, ( ail P., ixh 
Ferrell, Denton, ss(, 
Ferris, David \\\. 150, 183, 589 
1 mi,.. Orrin T., iko. i is 
Ferry, Donald E., 381 
Ferry, Rii hard A.. 595 
Fcrshtman, Sybil I ... 528 
Fersl 1 1 non B 500 
Inst. Rivia S 143 
Fess, Philip r. , 1 15 
1 1 si 11. 1. 11 Ralph J.. 218, 221 i " 

I ' V, K. 1111. Ill .'.I 

I . in in. Paul, 552 
I I , ■, I Livid A i 1 

I ewkes, William i0 ! 

1 tnl ' i • 

I iebing, An ( .. 598 

1 ii 1.1 Mrs Ivan, !89 

Field, Sandra, 300 

Fields, James A.. 407 

Fields, Richard H., 443 

Fields, Richard W., 398 

Fields. Robert G., 195, 393 

Fieser, Arnold K., 163, 443 

Fieri, Gloria A,, 321 

Fierich, John, 338 

Fife, Thomas H.. 381, 443 

Fifer, Ralph V., 392 

Figge, Dorothy A.. 181. 292, 143 

Figge, Frederick H., 98, 139, 164, 

Fike. Thomas L., 358 
Filippi, Eugene, ss 1 
Filler, Bernard M.. 188 
Filson, Theodore A , [64, 345 
Filzen. Don R.. 123, 128 
Finch, Edwin B., 129, ill 
Finch, John E., 158, 159, ! 1 1 
Finch, Robert R., 344 
Finder, Earl, 81 
Findlay, Donald M.. 405 
Fingl, Anthony, 554 
Link. Myron S., 443 
Fink. Ronald L., 172, 178, 338 
Finkel, Fred, 403 
Finkel, Max F.. 129 
Finkelman, Bernice C, 100, 318, 

Finkle, Howard W.. 411 
Finley, James W.. 128. 443 
Finley. Norman L., 371 
Finn, Charles E., 50, 378 
Finn, Judith A., 69, 292 
Finn, Prof. Robert. 176 
Finne. Jerrold H , 10 
Finnell, James H., 158 
Finneran, Edward H., 173, 444 
Finneran, Robert J.. 362 
Finney, Emma, 123 
Finney, Glenn B., 189 
Finney, Paul D.. 124 
Finston. Peter \V., 404 
Fiorenza. Frank A., 383 
Fiorica, Vincent, 409 
Firant, Regina G.. 307 
Firch, Carol M., 71, 91, 104, 151, 

181, 197. 312 
Firebaugh, Patricia A., 289 
Firebaugh. Ronald W.. 382 
Fireman, Jerome D., 515 
Fm 'sidi . 4 1 J 

Firkc. William F.. 155, 444 
First Regimental Band, 128 
Fischer, D. A., 171, 444 
Fischer, George G., 372 
Fischer, Gilbert C, 188, 392 
Fischer, Hans J., 173 
Fischer, Henry F., 404 
Fischer, James R., 106, 363 
Fischer, John, 552 
Fischer, John W., 198 
Fischer, Nancy J., 102, 301 
Fischer, Sally A., 96, 301 
Fischer, Sherwin, 549, 557 
Fischmann, Sonia C, 71, 155, 328. 

Fiscus, Glenn, 561 
Fish, Eileen S., 309 
Fishbain, Leon A., 409 
Fishel, David L., 334 
Fishel. Dora J., 51, 117. 287 
Fishel, Mary. 73. 160, 168. 287 
Fishel, Mary J., 444 
Fisher, Herbert M., 407 
Fisher, John N., 184, 444 
Fisher, Marianne, 320. 444 
Fisher, Marie L., 303 
Fisher, Morris, 407 
Fisher, Robert E., 129. 590, 598 
Fisher, Rochelle D., 328 
Fisher. Ruth, 123, 126 
Fisher, Suzanne G., 323 
Fishman, Frank J.. 515 
Fishman, Irving S-, 184 
Fishman, Jerry A., 370 
Fishman, Martin, }66 
Fishman. Ronald S., 337 
Fishman, Seymour J., 366 
Fishner, Neil S., 408 
Fisk, Ralph G., 164. 338 
Fitch. Catherine M.. 126, 195 
Fitchmun, Douglas R., 408 
Fitts. Jay T., 381 
Fitts, Lome A.. 381 
Fitzgerald, James E.. 188. 362 
Fitzgerald, Patricia M.. 518, 111 
Fitzgerald, Robert F... 575 
Fitzgerald, Roger M., 127, 553 
1 itzpati itk. Donnelly L. 542 
Fivelson, Bertram, 548, 55- 
1 ii II- , Anne M . 523 
1 1.1, 1 1 homas N.. 221 
/ Hoi, ii . 10 1 

Flagg, Norman I .. 357 
Planum, Thomas, L73 192, 402 
I lanagan, Barbara 1., 282 144 

1 I. .ii mii Hugh, 5 19, 566 

Fleischi r, I dith M . I811 

1 1. isi In ■ Fames \\ ., i, 18, i 96 

1 ' 1 156, 1 1 1 
I leii 1 Iim In. nun I. ill 
I Ii i- In 1 I ( 1 ssi, 

Fleisher. James F., 126, 127, 194. 

Fleming. Robben W., 24 
Fleming. Sheila E., 299 
Flesher, David, 444 
Flesher, William L., 444 
Fletcher, Dona J., 71, 310 
Fletcher, James H.. Ill, 186. 444 
Fletcher, Ralph, 211, 230, 235 
Flick, Jack. 551 
Flick, Philip H., 64. 183 
Flinn, Robert A., 159 
Flored, S. S., 559 
Flores, Phillip E., 357 
Flores, Richard A., 164, 238, 344 
Flores, Ronald N., 76. 77. 82. 102. 

150, 335, 377, 444 
Florey. Richard R.. 391 
Florez, Jose P., 402 
Floriculture Club, 180 
Florini, James R., 123 
Llorman, George L., 77, 137. 1 (5, 

172, 383 
Florschuetz, Leon W., 78, 350 
Flowers. Margaret A., 306 
blowers, Owen E., 415 
Floyd. Judith A., 287, 572 
Floyd, Tom, 223 
Flies. Sol, 570 
Fluder, Ernest R., 444 
Flutcher, Doralie, 168, 301 
Flynn. Charles E., 235 
Flynn, Donald C, 541, 560, 571 
Flynn, Edward R., 159 
Flynn, James B., 372 
Flynn, Neil, 180 
Foertsch, Virginia R., 308. 111 
Fogarty, Gloria V., 292 
Fogelson, Barry S., 152, 388, (44 
Foisy, Robert L.. Jr.. 398 
Foley, Charles H.. 1()5. 195, 406 
Foley, Donald R., 364 
Foley, Robert, 561, 577 
Foley, William, 554 
Folkerts, Thomas M., 188 
Follensbee, James A., 123, 128 
Follmer, Clive A., 222, 223, 225. 

239, 244 
Follmer. Juanita M.. 122, 297 
Folton, Patricia A., 283 
Fdts. Kathryn M., 445 
Fontana, Jack R., 185. iis, 445 
Football, 202 

Football Marching Band, 1 3D 
Foote, Grover L.. 348 
Foote, Harrison S.. 176, 409 
Forbes, Donald, 554 
Forbes, Norma J., 294 
Forbes, Robert E., 381 
Ford, John A., 372 
Ford. Margaret A., 331 
Ford. Peter W.. 415 
Lord, Salley, 572. 580 
Ford. Walter R.. 408 
Linesman, James L., 166 
Forkosh, Paula R., 314 
Forman, Joyce L., 316 
Forney, Carol, 330 
Forney, Harriet J., 123, 319 
Forsberg. Joanne J., 98. 181. 30s 
Forsyth. Robert W., 173, 381 
Fort, Charles V.. 225, }82, 445 
Fort. Milton, 551 
Fort, Reva A., 305 
Fortman. John T., 176, 403, 445 
Fortney, Byron S-, 176 
Fortney, Virginia L., 2(5. 2 17. 322 
Fosler. Gail M.. 180 
Fosnaugh, Robert A., 74. 75. 156. 

197, 445 
Foster, Dale, 211. 221 
Foster, David, 389 
Foster, George E., 127 
Foster, John F., 127 
Foster, Marilyn M., 515 
Foster, Richard M„ 563, 384 
Foster, Robert J., 347 
luster. Samuel F.. 37 1 
Fouchard, Robert I... 358 
Foulke, Charles J .. 544 
Foui Columns, 598 
Font II House, 512 
Foushi, Nina. 554 
Foutch, 127 
L0v.1l. Donald R.. 549 
L..u In. Mis . 29 ' 
Fowler, Beverly J.. 330 
Fowler, Gordon I . 586, 1 15 
1 ov\ hi, Jeanne, 7 1 
Fowler, Jesse, 531 
Fowler, Ralph. 556 
Fox, A, In. in s 102 
Fox, Barbara K., 11 
Fox, ( .11. .Ii A ■ !8 
Fox. ( l.ivton 1 ■;., 103 
Fox, Farrell R., Ii . 190 ■ i 1 
Fox, Georgi A.. 137, 145, 190 

19 I, 101, 1 15 
Los. Il.11. .1,1 I „ His 568 
Fox, I loyd P., 128 
Fox, Shayle P., 155, 1 1 i 
Fox, Sherwin, 564 
Fox, \\ 1II1.1111 A . in' 
Foy, < arolyn I , 126, 127, 

Frala, Robert E., 445 
Fraley, Vance L., 377 
Fralick, Sandra J., 293 
France, Floyd D., 185, 407, 445 
Francik, Albert, 341 
Francis, Charles A., 194 
Francis, Charles J., 190, 334 
Francis, Margaret M,, 153, 158, 

Francis. Robert L., 182 
Francis, Ronald W., 78, 346 
Frangos, Thomas F., 407 
Frank, Barbara L., 308 
Frank. Edward S., 64, 183, 366, 

Frank, Frances, 198 
Frank, Joan R., 123, 318 
Frank, Lano L., 129, 367 
Frank, Louis, 198 
Frank, Stanwood, 356 
Frank, Theodore, 198 
Frank. Virginia M., 316 
Frank, William D.. 378 
Frankel, Ann S., 100, 151, 317 
Frankel, Jerome, 551 
Frankel, Robert, 552, 558, 571 
Frankenstein, Paul, 528, 548, 566 
Franklin, Gerald, 552 
Franklin. Rodney E., 368 
Franks, Clifford I., 144 
Frankson, Nancy A., 317 
Franz, Eleanor J., 318 
Franz, Jean, 445 
Frasca, Rudolf A., 191 
Frase, Eleanor A., 73, 305 
Fraser, Patricia A., 316 
Frasier. Rubey C, 313 
Fray, Lloyd L., 145, 349 
Frazier, Bruce, 224, 225 
Frazier, Joan E., 79 
Frazier, John A., 298, 334 
Frazier, Willie M., 317 
Frederichs, Leroy J., 343 
Frederick, Kenneth E., 122 
Frederick, Lucille O., 318, 572 
Freed. Arlene V., 302 
Freedman, Kenneth, 528, 548, 557 
Freedman, Larry K., 370 
Freedman, Marvin, 551 
Freedman. Renee, 71, 317 
Freedman. Roni. 317 
Freeman, Allen R., 185, 394, 445 
Freeman, Dwight, 556 
Freeman, Frances D., 306, 307 
Freeman, John M., 177 
Freeman, Michael I., 86, 388 
Freeman, Richard F., 355 
Freeman, Robert H., 350 
Freeto, Diane E., 282 
Frega, Donald H., 541, 563 
Frega. Donald, 571 
Freidberg, Stanton L., 159, 388 
Freidman, Mendel, 541, 558 
Freitag. Joan K., 306 
Freilick, Albert, 551 
Fremder, Lois, 300 
French. Jack. 548, 566. 582 
Frenster, John H., 533, 570 
Freres. Robert C, 179, 411 
Freshman Council, 61, 62 
Freund. Donald A., 184, 369 
Frew, Marilyn J., 307 
Frey, Sydney W.. 408 
Freyder, James G , 336 
Fribley, Joseh L.. 134. 1 43. (45 
Fricke. Althea M., 323 
Fricke. Frederick E., 188 
Frickenstein. Ralph. 528, 548, 566 
Fricker. David C, 12 3. 124. 409 
Fricker, Donald P., 12s, 124 
Fricker, Gerald F., 123, 12 1. Ill, 

143. 407 
Friduss. Arthur. 549. 557 
Frieburg. Eileen I., 98, 118. 12 1. 

Frieden, William. 526. 566, 575 
Friedenberg, Gordon D., 373 
Friederich, Eugene R.. Ill 
Fnedkin. Riih.ud S . $60 
I iicdl.ind, Lois B., 31 5 
li iedlander, I awrence A. 
Friedlander, Sarah, 509 
Friedlein. John H . 590 
Friedman, Albeit, 5 (9, ss- 
Friedman, Arthui E., (06 
Fi iedman, c (us, Jr., 
Friedman, Idelle S. 
Friedman, Irv, in S .. 10 1 
Fi iedman, Tames J., 588 
Friedman, Judith A., 12 3. 3 in 
Ii iedman, Judith 1 ., 293 
I riedman, Karen R., !93 

Icon IL. 185, 187, 3 
M.iiu.i L., 284 


31". lis 

I'l iedman, 
l'i iedman, 
I 1 iedman, 

Mendel, 5-1 

Friedman, Meile L. Jl< 
Friedman, Phyllis M., 510 
Friedman, Roberta P . 500 
Fried™ h, Edwin < 197 106 
1 1 11 di 11 h. 1 homas 1 
1 rii nd, James, 573, 1 15 
Fris, Marilyn I . 197 
Frisbie, David A 1 10 .69 
Fritchey, Garold D, 1 16 


Fritsch, Basil C 541, 563, 571 

Fritz, Kenneth H.. 367 

Fruin. Anna E., 294 

Fry, Margaret A.. 446 

Fry. Paul, 550, 565 

Frye, Charles, 551, 556 

Fryksdale. Frans H., 177, 189. 446 

Frymire, Kirby, 551 

Fuchs, Ronald K.. 159 

Fuchtman, Charles M., 184 

Fuluken, Nancy I... 123. 283 

Fuhrman, James L., 185, 403 

Fuiks, Judith A., 179 

Fujii, Toru, 402 

Fujita, Anna C., 155, 446 

Fuller, Harry, 82 

Fuller, James R.. 125 

Fuller, Michael C, 409 

Fuller, William F., 395 

Fullerton. Donald, 551, 556 

Fulling, Max V., 50, 172, 182. 354 

Fulton, Mary E., 124, 317 

Fung, Mary, 310 

Funk, Donald, 550. 556, 580 

Funk. Eugene, 26, 372 

Funk, John, 562, 576 

Funkhouser, Roy J., 446 

Funkhouser, Terry D., 159 

Furimsky, Paul. 21 1 

Furlan, John E.. 185, 349 

Furnall, M. Gail, 51, 72. 301 

Furukawa, Hiromu. 549 

Fuson, Albert E., 401 

Fuss, Karl W., 123 

Futterer, Leroy A., 533, 562, 573 

Gaa, Charles, 155 
Gaan, Donald E., 380 
Gabbard, Curtis S., 124, 359 
Gabby, Harold H., 136, 137, 144, 

145, 402 
Gabehart, Walter E., 150, 335, 412 
Gabel, Norman W., 159, 404 
Gabor, Donald, 548 
Gabox, John D., 167, 195, 446 
Gabriel, Betty J., 320 
Gabrielli, Robert J., 385, 446 
Gadams, Frank J., 183, 408 
Gaddy. Geraldine D., 289, 446 
Garfield. William P., 78, 389 
Gaghen, Shirley A., 109, 290 
Gain, Sarah C, 180 
Gainer, Robert G., 350 
Gaines, Beverly J., 545. 572 
Gaines, Leonide M., 247 
Gaines, Marilyn J., 319 
Galam, Lisa E., 151, 194, 324 
Galbreath, Jerry, 342 
Galbraith, Maurice, 519 
Gale, Jacquelyn, 319 
Gale, James V., 344 
Gale. John G., 192, 398 
Galinsky. Alvin M., 541, 571 
Galler, Gerald H., 337 
Gallivan, Patrick T., 154, 170, 446 
Galuk, Peter, 377, 446 
Galvin, Beverly M., 303 
Gamlin. Marilyn H., 303 
Gamma Alpha Chi, 156 
Gamma House. 314 
Gamma Phi Beta, 295 
Ganote. Roy G., Jr., 161, 357, 446 
Ganschinietz, Donald E., 341 
Ganschinietz, Robert J., 341 
Ganschow, Marilyn L., 98, 162, 304 
Ganste, Raymond, 146 
Garber, Jan, 66 
Garcia, Luis F., 446 
Garcia, Reyes C, 386. 446 
Garczynski. Virginia F., 310 
Gardner, Charles W., 163 
Gardner, Donald, 548 
Gardner, Horace G., 195 
Gardner, Ira L., 165, 182, 338 
Gardner, Karl, 63 
Gardner, Philip E., 173 
Gardner, Thomas J., 226, 227 
Gargoyle Society, 180 
Garikes, Arthur G., 173 
Garland, Dorothy H., 295 
Garland, Donald C, 102, 349 
Garland, Iris L., 168, 247, 330 
Garland, John K., 349 
Garland, Marvin A., 533, 564, 570 
Garlangler, Raymond W., 372 
Gar-Men, 399 
Garner, Don S., 398 
Garner, Stanley, 551 
Garnholz, Maurice H., 105, 184, 385 
Garnick, Irving, 552 
Gamier, Caroline M., 185, 446 
Garrett, Max, 235, 237 
Garrett, Sidnetta M., 124, 286 
Garrfgan, Donald S.. 172, 182, 338 
Garrison, Reva G., 290 
Garskof, Bertram E., 360 
Garstka, Chester, 552, 560 
Gartner, Stewart, 380 
Garvey, Marie E., Ill, 166, 186 

Gary, John E., 408, Robert R., 77, 352 

Gassman. Gertrude, 282 

Gast, Walter, 195 

Gately, Patricia A., 318 

Gates, Harry I., 334 

Gates, Judith C, 282 

Gates, Richard L., 159 

Gates. Milton, 551, 561 

Gathers, Charles E., 173, 187, 446 

Gathers, Joanne A., 446 

Gattone, Donald W., 542 

Gauen, Charles A., 358 

Gauen, Louis G., 358 

Gauger, Clarke D., 357 

Gaul, Margaret R., 301 

Gaus, Michael P., 156, 177, 211 

Gautschy, Charles A., 77, 84, 87, 90, 

165, 365 
Gavin, Barry J., 381 
Gavin, Charles, 564 
Gaza, Amelia, 245, 247, 311 
Geard, James R., 404, 409 
Gearisen, Dr. James, 577 
Gebhart, Robert C, 415 
Geer, Larry A., 105, 176, 405 
Geeitz, Lloyd M., 177 
Gegel, Harold L., 137, 143, 342 
Geier, Ira, 549 
Geisert, Bruce A., 386 
Geisler. John S., 398 
Geittmann, Lorraine E., 51, 100, 

Gelboin, Helen, 331 
Geller, Alvin, 553, 558 
Gellert, George R., 367 
Geminn, Charlene K., 325 
Genaze, Melvin, 566 
Gene, Allan, 379 
Gensior, Arthur, 549 
Gentes, Marian L., 318 
Gentry, Richard H., 152 
Geohas, George, 414 
Gepford, Evelyn E., 316 
Gerace, Frank K., Jr., 368 
Gerbel. John A., 143 
Gerdes, Howard G., 377 
Gerdes, John A., 188 
Gerdes, Mary J., 49, 60, 79, 296, 

Gerhardt, Virginia K., 123, 196. 305 
German, Clyde E.. 400 
Gernant, Joanne P.. 168 
Gerrard, Allen S., 380 
Gerrity, Patricia C, 321 
Gerson, Doris M., 198, 320, 446 
Gerstein, Howard A., 64, 360, 447 
Gerstein, Stanley T., 360 
Gerstenberger, Julia L., 238, 296 
Gessler, Lewis R., 415 
Getz, Howard G., 122, 124 
Getz, Lowell L., 515 
Getz, Ralph W., 128 
Getzen, William E., 346, 447 
Getzug, Sheldon J., 166, 404 
Geuger, Jerry, 392 
Geulah, Abrahama, 124 
Gfroerer, George L., 50. 157, 232, 

Gholson, Jerome B., 346 
Giachetto, Minnie G., 283 
Gibb, John W., 405 
Gibbons, Gretchen M., 123, 321 
Gibbons, Mary A., 323 
Gibson, George W., 122, 447 
Gibson, Herbert N., 447 
Gibson, John W., 383 
Gibson, Mary J., 124, 304 
Gibson, Robert K., 358 
Gibson, William S., 358, 447 
Giertz, Hugh D., 225, 375 
Giesecke, Marion H., 194 
Gieseking, Dale. 197, 402 
Gieseking. Marlyn E., 136, 137, 

402, 447 
Girfin, Carolyn C, 291 
Giffin, Joe V.. 129, 353 
Gift, Jack, 551 
Giger. James C, 392 
Gilberg, Barry P., 380, 447 
Gilberg, Edward. 549, '557 
Gilbert, Richard H., 335 
Gilbert. Ronald G.. 364 
Gilbert, Stephen W.. 404 
Gilbert, William M., 25 
Gilchrist, Donald, 562 
Giles, Frederick H.. 191, 195, 393 
Gill, David V., 78, 383 
Gill, Jane P., 447 
Gill, John L., 123, 124, 172, 182, 

Gill, John M., 196, 399 
Gill, Stanley J.. 390 
Gillam. Leonard V., 392 
Gillan, Delores J., 122, 190, 321. 

Gillespie, Forrest L., 172, 178, 182 
Gillespie, James E.. 185, 447 
Gillespie, Laverne, 338 
Gillespie, Nancy R., 159, 185, 198, 

Gillespie, Pamela D., 194, 324 
Gillespie, Samuel M., 77, 159, 381 
Gillette, Gordon R., 176, 335 

Gillette, Richard A.. 122, 124. 365, 

Gilliam, James A., 363 

Gillian, Loren, 413 

Gillie, Cornelius P., 355 

Gilhson, Marilyn I... 153. 319 

Gillman, Shirley, 328 

Gilman, Judith C., 292 

Gilmar, Irving. 554 

Gilpin. Joy F.. 301, 447 

Gimpel. Sandra F., 310 

Gindick, Euonne S., 300 

Ginestra, Lawrence J., 164, 383 

Chios. George E., 375 

Ginsberg, Marshall, 533 

Ginsburg. Samuel, 550, 567 

Girardeau, Marvin D., 123 

Giuffre, Santo C, 228 

Givens, John D., 533 

Glair, H. F., 26 

Glanz, Lenore M., 109, 186, 330, 447 

Glasford, James W., 174, 372 

Glasky, Alvin J.. 558. 571 

Glass, Charles N., 407, 447 

Glass, Doyle H., 359 

Glass, Stanford L., 60, 62, 63, 115, 

159, 165, 388 
Glass, Jerome J., 544, 558 
Glasscock, Lovell S.. 179. 196 
Glasser, Dionne J., 153, 319 
Glasser, Harvey W., 1 59 
Glassford, Howard, 561, 570 
Glassman, Marlene J., 317 
Clatter, Thomas R., 115, 195, 349 
Glazier, Norman, 548 
Glave, Glenn F., 408 
Glawe, Janet M., 305 
Glawe, Lloyd N., 339, 447 
Glaysher, Gordon, 548, 559. 583 
Glaze, Johna M., 186, 294 
Glazier, Norman M., 528, 557 
Gleason, Barbara L., 292, 447 
Gleason, Howard A.. 334 
Gleason, Jackalee A.. 273, 274, 290 
Gleim, Wayne L., 375 
Glenn, Donna M., 124, 290 
Glenn, Joann E., 309 
Glezen, John G.. 137, 343 
Glezen, Paul, 565 
Glezen, William. 550 
Click, Charles A., 380 
Glick, Diane, 572 
Glick, Phyllis R., 293 
Glickman, Lawrie, 548, 557 

Glidden. Nancy E., 311 
Glink, Ronald M.. 337, 447 
Glisson. Martha A.. 290 
Glitman. Maynard W., 405 
Glitzenstein, Walter L., 177, 376 
Glogovsky, Rudolph D., 391 
Gloppen, Edward C, 406 
Glorio Mary N., 123, 308 
Glover, Georgiana, 312 
Glover, Maurice R., 355 
Glueck, Dee L., 143, 447 
Glyn. Donald D., 179 
Goad, Thomas C, 143, 161, 163, 

Goble, George, 184 
Goble. Richard L., 415 
Goddard, Edward D., 405 
Goddard, Joe D., 75, 406 
Godeke, Harriett N., 122, 322 
Godelausky, Walter, 549, 559, 575 
Coding, Charles A., 353 
Goesel, Donald. 552. 571 
Goettig. Alan H.. 359 
Goetze, Bernard G.. 75, 154, 170, 

412. 448 
Golan. Kenneth F., 334 
Golb, Eileen F., 309 
Gold, Jerry M., 196, 404 
Gold, Joan L., J15 
Gold, Norton N., 337 
Gold. Paul A., 155, 448 
Goldbaum, Gerald. 337 
Goldberg, Allen, 549, 557 
Goldberg, Carol J., 302 
Goldberg. Elaine J., 448 
Goldberg. Helen M.. 300 
Goldberg, Helene, 310 
Goldberg, Lila, 314 
Goldberg, Robert, 448 
Goldberg, Ronald E., 379 
Goldberger, Rochelle S., 123, 314 
Goldblatt, Myron, 337 
Golden, Joseph, 1 11 
Golden, Muriel J., 328 
Golden, Sherwin, 552, 558 
Goldenstein, James, 550, 562 
Goldfeder, Robert N., 448 
Goldich, Mordecai, 542 
Golding. Judith E., 307 
Goldman, Barbara F., 247, 310 
Goldman, Gerald, 380 
Goldman, Joel L., 411 
Goldman. Norman J.. 185 
Goldman, Norman M.. 185 

0S^ AT 


vt^ jg> MEAT 







Goldman, Sandra E., 302 
Goldschmidt, Max W., 533, 564 
Goldsmith, Melvin, 551 

Goldsmith, Morton, 553, 558 
Goldstein, Arthur. 102, 388 
Goldstein, Carol D., 319 
Goldstein, Bernard, 55() 
Goldstein, Fern B., 319 
Goldstein, Homer E., 533, 561 
Goldstein, Irwin, 388 
Goldstein, M.ulene J., 315 
Goldstein, Martin Edward, 187 
Goldstein, Martin Eugene, 105, 380, 

Goldstein, Morton N., 379 
Goldstein, Paul E., 380 
Goldstein. Richard A., 408 
Goldstein, Sondra, sis 
Goldwasser, David J., 373 
Golf, 230 

Goller, Richard E.. 396 
Gullub, Deborah, 73, 302 
Goltermann. Robert VX'., 77, 347 
Golub, Miriam E., 310 
Gomien, Rogei . 241, 546 
Gomoll, Albeit, 560, 571 
Gomoll, Allen. 552 
Gondry, Robert M., 65, 174, 376 
Gonzales, J. Ernest. 341, 448 
Good, Feme S., 300 
Good, Sheldon F., 337 
Good. Verda, 145 
Goodendorf, Marguerite A., 98, 295 
Goodhue, Charles T., 139, 390, 448 
Goodman, Ann E., 284, 448 
Goodman, Bernard, 120 
Goodman, Charles M., 380 
Goodman, David S., 360 
Goodman, Denise R., 328 
Goodman, Harold, 360 
Goodman, Libby M., 319 
Goodman, Lois J., 284 
Goodman, Melvin, 550, 567 
Goodman, Ralph L., 170 
Goodman, Robert L., 347 
Goodman, Shelley S., 100, 123, 194 
Goodmiller. Joan M., 166, 318 
Goodwin, Julian, 585 
Goodwine. James M., 164, 381 
Goot, Robert J., 394 
Goranson, Arne E., 407, 448 
Goranson, Romayne L.. 151, 321 
Gorenberg. Daniel, 567 
Gordon, Alan. 564, 573, 574, 576 
Gordon, David, 583 
Gordon, Harold, 533, 564 
Gordon, Herbert M., 544, 558 
Gordon, Jay B., 408 
Gordon, Marks, 448 
Gordon, Patricia M., 320 
Gordon, Phyllis B., 317 
Gordon, Ruth. 286 
Gordon, Sheldon, 173 
Gordon, Sue B., 317 
Gordy, David H., 370 
Gorindar, Gene A., 542, 571 
Gorman, James Edward, 344 
Gorman, James Elwood, 372 
Gornto. Eleanor F., 179 
Gorodess, Charles E., 409 
Gorski, Donald. 553 
Goshgarian, Robert A., 528, 559 
Goss, Lyman E., 84, 377 
Goss, Donald E., 515 
Gossett, William C, 400 
Gossett, William E., 336 
Gothwaite. Florence A., 303 
Gottlieb. Robert, 379 
Gottlieb, Robert P.. 408 
Gottschalk. Paul G., 192 
Gould, Henry, 380 

Gould. Henry A., 542, 563, 571, 577 
Gould, Michael, 366 
Gould, Wilfred E., 176, 448 
Gower, Margaret, 305 
Gower. Robert S., 192 
Goy. Florence, 124, 194. 324 
Grabowski. John T.. 384 
Grabowski. Frank, 554 
Cud utile College, 36 
Graduate School. 523 
Grady, Michael T.. 542, 563 
Grady. Noel A., 344 
Graeff. Robert E., 166, 211 
Graf. Donna J.. 247. 306 
Graff. Harry. 571 
' ,i .ifl I any V. -105 
Graff, Philip H.. 78. 3s7 

< oil.,,, June R.. 273, 275, 448 
' .i .ill. on, Allan L., 188 
Graham, Clyde B., 158, 179, 448 
I , i. ili. im, Dun G., 123 

Graham Lodge, 399 

( ,i. ili. on, Kul, i it. II 

Graham Robi rt '... 188 

Graham, William P.. 60, 164, 378 

( o.ilui, Evi mi p , I Ik 

i Iraiff, I <nn, ml H . 159, 189 

< o.iiii. inn. Km hard II. 448 

I ,1 iininr. Mi, h.u I A . 177, I 18 

Granada Club, >92 

i o.iii. it ShIo. v I ., 570 

I ,1,111.11, 1 |..v I . I , I 

Granb >is 1 1 maid Mi 59, ml 

Gundt. Carroll A., 395 

Grange, Harold E., 20, 21 

Grant, Burton F., 124 

Grant, Glenda S., 69, 291 

Grant, Shirley A., 87 

Grass, Frank D., 515 

Grass, Joseph J., 405 

Gratchner, John R., 364 

Gratian, William E., 143, 146, 375, 

Gratigny, Nancy L., 91, 289 
Grauer, David E., 528, 585 
Grauer, Ralph P., Jr., 364 
Grauer, Renee, 300 
Graves, Conway K., 355 
Graves, Marvin D., 50, 225, 240, 367 
Graw, Sanford F., 370 
Gray, David R., 60, 115, 194, 393 • 
Gray, Gilbert B., 406 
Gray, Gilbert L., 173 
Gray. Horace, 155 
Gray, Jimmy V., 345 
Gray, John H., 368 
Gray, John T., 342 
Gray, Lawrence, 550, 565 
Gray, Marilyn J., 51. 298 
Gray. William T., 50, 79, 146, 364 
Grayheck, Ronald J., 363 
Grear, Jaci L., 273, 295 
Greathouse, Carlyle S., 172, 182, 338 
Greathouse, Terry R., 67, 172, 182, 

Green, Allen T., 379 
Green, Emanuel, 542, 577 
Green, Irene R., 307 
Green, Jane, 124 
Green, Janet L., 273, 297, 449 
Green, Jessie C, 310, 449 
Green, John R., 77, 363 
Green, Melvyn L., 155, 360 
Green, Paul M., 32, 155 
Green, Richard E., 377 
Green, Robert T., 392 
Green, Ruth A., 299 
Green, Velma M., 329, 449 
(.men. William A., 377, 449 
Greenberg, Betty S., 515 
Greenberg, Burton H., 380 
Greenberg, Dianne. 153, 284 
Greenberg. Leonard S., 189, 360, 449 
Greenberg, Lois J., 300 
Greenberg, Nahman, 564 
Greenberg, Renetta, 300 
Greenberg, Sally R.. 293 
Greenberg. Samuel D., 337 
Greenberg, Toby P.. 319, 449 
Greenblatt, Jacqualine, 153, 314 
Greenburg, Philip K., 184 
Greene, Carol N., 282 
Greene, Eunice H., 329, 449 
Greene, Jane E., 320 
Greene, John T., 374 
Greene, Marilyn S., 309 
Greene, Nancy J., 317 
Greenfield, Michael, 360 
Greenfield, Susan R., 314 
Greenleaf, John E., 352 
Greenlief, Jesse W., 383 
Greenman, Toby A., 302 
Greenshields. Jack R., 334 
Greenstein. Harvey A., 50, 76, 373 
Greenwald. Rose A., 317 
Greenwood, Eldon H., 155, 400, 449 
Greenwood, James F., 402 
Greenwood, John F., 449 
Greenwood, Marjorie A., 306 
Greer, Howard E.. 189 
Gregoric. Elisabeth E., 161 
Gregory Hall, 33, 37 
Gregory. Lawrence W., 402, 449 
Greig, Gael E., 288 
Greinke. Harold G., 126, 127 
Groth, Joan R.. 96, 301, 400 
Grothe, Donald L., 211, 335. 400 
Groves, Mary R.. 318 
Grubb. William B.. 126. 359 
Grubba. Albert, 549 
Gruben, Wayne E., 176 
Gruber. Joseph W., 356 
Gruber. William P., ISO. 407. 450 
Gruenberg, Wallace C, 189, 371 
Gruendling. Ruth E., 310 
Gruenewald. Carol I... 123. 298 
Gruenewald. (oan, 27s 
Gulley. Professoi Halbert, 62. 63, 115 
Gullette, Professoi f ameron, l()8 
Gunderson, Frank E., ih-* 
Gundlach, Gayle M., .'ok 
Gundrum, Mark D., 528, 548, 559 
< riinli uis, Thomas J.. 188 
Gunklc. George N., 58, 186 
Gunn. Audita D., 292 
Gunther, Richard, 5 19, 557 
Gunther, Ronald, 91, ix'>, sis, 450 
Gurney. George B . sko, .(50 
( ,iii< \ it/, I loward, 564 
Guroff, ( , nid. hi. Kr. 

( Inick, < im! s.. 309 

t, ust, lis,. ii. Marilyn ( ,. mi. 2 II. 245, 

i 307 
' .ii .Ml- Richard W . 564 

I ..r.l.lls.ill, Shu lev A., (10 

( nist.ilson. Wiiitlm.p A.. 178 

t .ust. us. ,n. Warm r, 55 1 <62 

( rutin H , < withia A., 290 


Haddigan, Robert, 553, 560 
Hader, Jesse, 549, 557 
Hadhazy, Charles D., 144, 403 
Hadler, Howard D., 65, 105, 176 
Hadley, Betty J., 124, 320 
Hadley, Eugene F., 242, 382 
Hadley, Lucia A., 319 Willaid G., 102, 348 
Hagaman, Barbara L., 306 
Hagebush, Mary L., 301 
Hageman. Abigail R., 366 
Hagemann, Joseph, 561 
Hagemeyer, Robert N., 334 
Hagemeyer, William A., 189 
H.igen, Amy C, 73 
Hagen, Alien J., 406 
Hagen, Richard L., 355 
Hager, Theodore E., 171, 342 
Haggeity. Phillip J., 533, 556 
Hagi, Mary, 287 
Hagnauer, Joanne, 51, 72, 79, 292, 

Hahn, Jerome, 551, 556 
Hahn. Martha G., 123, 299 
Haider, James E., 415 
Hailoran, John, 159 
Haining, Thomas H., 349, 450 
Hajek, Frank, 554 
Halama, Thomas, 55 1, 562 
Halaus, Joseph, 512, S58, 571. 583 
Hale. Jack, 338 
Hale, Ralph W., 115, 408 
Hale, Ramon A., 124. 339 
Haley, George D., 362 
Halfpenny, Norman, 550, 565 
Hall, Arthur D., 184 
Hall, Barbara J., 290 
Hall, Elaine, 123 
Hall, Elinor E., 299 
Hall. Fred C. 392 
Hall, Georgia A., 127, 132, 139, 

272, 295, 450 
Hall, Hazel M., 102 
Hall. John B., 351 
Hall, John L., 128 
Hall, Lynn, 334 

Hall, Leiby S., 150, 237, 378, 450 
Hall. Ralph F., 188 
Hall. Robert A., 77, 118, 344 
Hall, Russell, 550, 561 
Hall. Ruth E., 100, 169. 450 
Hallberg, Bruce O., 334 
Haller, John H., 173 
Halliday, Robert L., 363 
Halligan. Virginia, 100, 298 
Hallse. Robert L., 174 
Hallstein, Shirley L., 322 
Hallwass, Karl, 528, 548 
Halm, Gwendolyn T., 450 
Halper, Patricia G., 316 
Halperin. Harry R., 337 
Halterman. Margery A., 316 
Halverson, Allan, 348 
Halverson, Carol L., 197. 289 
Halvorson, Dr. H., 196 
Halvorson. Mrs. H.. 196 
Ham, Shirley L.. 331 
Hamann, Donald L., 355 
Hamburg, Joyce A., 169, 302 
Hamilton, Arthur, Assistant Dean of 

Foreign Students, 28 
Hamilton, Charles B., 84, 378 
Hamilton, David R., 126, 127, 183, 

Hamilton, Dorothy J., 153, 318 
Hamilton, James H., 413, 450 
Hamilton, John R., 189, 450 
Hamilton, Maurice D., 159 
Hamilton. Robert. 551. 561 
Hamlet. 113 
Hamm, Millicent. 282 
Hamm. Wanda L., 127, 321 
Hammer, Harris W., 354 
Hammer, Raymond, 548 
Hammond, Bette A., 73, 127, 299, 

Hampton, Delon, 77, 355 
Hampton, V. James. Assistant Dean 

of Student Activities, 28, 29, 62, 65 
Hamrick, Adelbert G„ 345 
Hanafee. Emily A.. 290 
Hancock, Martha A.. 282 
Hancock, Roberl S., 185 
Handler, Gerald B.. 542, 558. s^l 
Handler, Foyce I... 506 
Handley, Peggy J.. 118, 298 
Handrock. Marilyn A.. 15 1, 197, 247, 

327, .IM) 
H.indwerkcr, Seymour. 189, 451 
Hanebutt, Pearl A., 151, 181, 197, 


II. in,-. I),. i. ..Id K.. 331 

Hanes, Robert, 534 

llanev. John B.. |si 

Hangren, Richard I-., 142, 172, (65, 

Mailing. ( h.iilcs K , Kill. 151 
ll.iiiknis. Mis,. SOS 

Hanks, Ernestine V., 51, 122, 197, 

Hanley, James A., 515 
Hanley, John M., 341 
Hanna. Russell C, 357 
Hannagan, Herbert D., 180 
Hannagan, James F., 358, 451 
Hannen. William D., 77, 338, 451 
Hans, Gunards, 180 
Hans, Marie A., 181, 451 
Hanscom, Donald, 561 
Hansen, Bruce, 565, 585 
Hansen, Christine A., 294 
Hansen, David E., 157 
Hansen, Donna J., 297 
Hansen, Gerald L., 181, 411, 451 
Hansen, Joyce C, 292 
Hansen, Robert W., 451 
Hansen, Thomas R., 533, 556 
Hanson, Howland B., 137, 412, 451 
Hanson. Linda K., 153, 198, 294 
Hanson, William, 561 
Harakourtis, Demetra. 307 
Haramaki, Chiko, 180 
Haramy, George V., 390, 451 
Harazin, John J., 353, 402 
Harbaugh, Judith H., 295 
Harbeck, John C, 361 
Hardbeck, George W., 451 
Hardgrove, John A., 384 
Hardiman, Patsy R., 64, 84, 169, 286, 

Hardin, Robert H., 158, 167, 175, 

Harding, Donald, 364 
Harding, Harry G., 413 
Harding, John W., 167, 451 
Hardisty, Jerry, 409 
Hardtke, Charles F., 375 
Hardy, Richard, 228 
Hardy, William, 550, 565 
Haritonoff, Korina, 545, 572 
Harlan, Mrs., 342 
Harlow, Mrs. Velma. 296 
Harmell, Sidney, 100 
Harmon, Larry, 344 
Harmon, Marilyn, 308 
Harmony House, 313 
Harner, Evelyn M., 194 
Harney, Charles F., 75, 411 
Harnish, Benjamin F., Ill, 137, 357 
Harno. Albert, 38, 184 
Harper, Allen D., 123, 159 
Harper, Harold S., 386, 451 
Harper, Mariann, 123 
Harpst, Colleen A.. 321 
Harrington, Irene M., 306, 451 
Harris, Bernard B., 163, 185 
Harris, Clifford J., 534, 556 
Harris. Donald J., 451 
Harris, Donald K., 378 
Harris. Edward F.. 185, 360, 452 
Harris, Frederick W., 452 
Harris, George A., 360 
Harris, Irwin, 551 
Harris, Jane A., 282 
Harris, Jerrol L., 380 
Harris, John O., 179, 452 
Harris, Kenneth I., 75 
Harris, Loraine, 317 
Harris, Louis J., 185, 355 
Harris, Marshall I., 128 
Harris, Mary J., 323 
Harris, Max K.. 409 
Harris, Norvelle, 550 
Harris, Richard W., 353 
Harrison, Mary E., 28, 29, 71. 151 
Harrison, Richard E., 377 
Harrison, Ruthann, 122, 123 
Harrison, Walter A., 355 
Harrison, William P.. 170 
Harschfeld, Ronald, 563 
Harshbarger, Norma J., 159 
Harshfeld. Ronald, 55: 
Harshfield, Richard. 561 
Hart, Craig C, 374 
Hart. Sherrill H., 295 
Harteker. Joel R., 409 
Harter, Darrel F., 161. 365 
Hartigan, Dorothy F., 161. 186, 29 1, 

Hartley, Paula, 519 
Hartman. Clara A., 123 
Hartman, David E., 152 
Hartman, James A.. 146, 375 
Hartman, John, sso, s ( ,i 
Hartmann, Carl P.. 191, 5 1 ! 
Hartmann, Don \\ '., l~: 
1 [artray, M.u\ K , S01 
Hartweg, Kenneth W , . 397 
ll.irt/ei. Marlowe I.. 377 
Haruch, [ohn, nil 
Harvey, Roger, mm. 521 
Harvey, Thomas N., i 15, i ' i 
Harvey, Rii h.u. I. 551, 556 
Harwell, Preston I.,, j 10 
Haskell, Diana ( ,123, 106 
Haskins, Richard w 
1 1. ism. in, loan I ., 520 
Hassan, Hassan \ . 178 
ll.issr Phyllis A , 60, 63, 166 !82 
Hasselbring, Duane, 5 19, 566 
11. ist. George I , in. 595 
Hasterok, ludith B . 169 


When a man hangs out his Shingle... 

Thousands of them started that way . . . with 
a hole in the wall and a slab of cedar, hung over 
the canopied boardwalk. 

They were men of every sort, in businesses of 
every sort. And most of them had some things 
in common, like vision, initiative, and faith in 
the future. 

But each that lasted had still an extra quality 
in common with the other — an acute conscious- 
ness of the responsibilities he assumed when he 
went into business. 

He knew that the day he "hung out his shingle" 
he did more than announce a new venture — he 
announced his willingness to plight his future 

with his community and with his neighbors . . . 
to live with them, to work with them, and to 
serve them. 

Now the signs have changed some. But though 
neon has supplanted the cedar slab and the 
modern store front has replaced the canopied 
boardwalk, the philosophy of the successful re- 
mains the same. 

It's the philosophy that admits to the re« 
sponsibilities assumed when a man "hangs out 
his shingle" — the responsibilities to his neigh- 
bors, to his community, and to his country. 

It's the philosophy to which the John Deere 
dealer subscribes. 




Hatch, Colonel, 133 

Hatch, Melton A., 228 

Hatfield. Jack \X'., 399 

Hatfield, William N., 342 

Hatton. Edward, 528, 54K. 566 

Haugh. Charles R., 341 

Hauk, Donald H., 524 

Haupt, Andrew J., 392 

Haunt. Use. 319 

Hauptman. Carolyn E., 120, 127 

Hauschild, Vernon R., 172, 178, 182, 

Hausman, Donald I., 403 
Hausman, Louise A., 306, 452 
Haussermann, Sandra A., 296 
Hauter, Jerry J.. 342 
Havel. Lois J., 85, IV 
Haven, Adele C, 66. 181, 273 
Haven, Robert E., 165 
Haven, Robert N., 77, 386 
Havens, Charles S., 24 
Havera, James, 549 
Hawes, James C. 172 
Hawes, James E., 363 
Hawkins. Burford H.. 230, 374, 452 
Hawkins, Ruth A., 301 
Hawks, Deloras F., 312, 452 
Hawks, Donna L., 123, 312 
Hawtree, Stephen D., 176 
Hay, Allan S., 390 
Hay, Henry F., 397, 452 
Hay, Jerry D., 344 
Hay, John M., 144 
Hay. Leon, 155 
Hayer, Barbara L., 319 
Hayes, Jane S., 49. 58, 116, 301, 452 
Hayes, John G., 352, 452 
Hayes, Paul G.. 164, 343 
Hayes, Robert H., 361, 452 
Hayes, Thomas H., 359 
Hayhurst, William, 554 
Haymaker, Robert L., 381 
Hayner, James H., 103, 357 
Haynes. Charles E., 146, 175, 4S2 
Hays. Donald R., 358 
Hays, Sue J., 292. 452 
Hays. William C, 534, 565 
Hayward, Robert W., 178, 198, 413, 

Hazelton. Howard, 518, 519 
Hazzard, Keith M., 452 
Hazzard. Lois R., 453 
Heacock. Earl L., 392 
Headley. Marjorie M., 99, 181, 320 
Heal. Earl H., 144 
Healy. John M.. 55, 137, 237, 362, 

Heap, Richard G., 125, 364 
Heartbreak House, 113 
Heath, John L.. 343 
Heathman. Jessie, 107 
Heatherly. Mary L., 301 
Heaton, Mary J., 198, 316 
Heberer, Verlan W., 155, 181, 182, 

198, 410 
Hebner, Theodore J., 386 
Hebting, Charles, 528, 548 
Hecht. Howard L., 380 
Hecht. Lucille. 311, 453 
Hechter, Raymond, 564, 576 
Heckel. John L., 453 
Heckenkamp, Richard S., 368 
Heckler, Frank W., 128. 371 
Hecktman, Gail L., 293 
Heddens. John W.. 398 
Hedge, Judith J., 82, 326 
Hedges, Robert. 183 
Hediger, Marcia A., 179, 319 
Heep, Isabel M.. 320 
Heffernan, Harold J., 188 
Hefter. Leslie M.. 85. 370 
Hcgenbart. Richard H., 3-44 
Heggemeier. Robert C 453 
Held, Donald J.. 376 
Heidemann, Roy C, 3, 58, 98. 372, 

Heien. Judith A., 297, 453 
Hcien. Rolland L., 403 
Heiken, John G., 159. 166 
Heil, Janice R., 298 
Heil, Jerome E., 353 
Heiligenstein, R. Ron. 57, 240, 359, 


Heilmann. Leroy W.. 156. 402. 453 
Heindel, John H., 101. 372 
Hcnidl, Viola I... 309 
Heinhorst, William F.. 143, 172, 182, 

338, 453 
Hcirnikc. Mary E., 168. 196 
Heinn, Sim ley, I ' i 
Heintzen, Erich, 197 
Heintzen, Erich H.. 197 
II' intzen, Walter I... 197 
Heinz. Richard A.. 184, 191, 453 
ll. m/. Shirley J.. 19 I 

Heiplc. Icon I ■:., 334 

Heiress, 112 

Hi is, (osi ph I-'.. 1 1 •> 

lb ischmidt, Mil.hcd I... 123, ihs. 453 

Heisler, Harold R., 177, $76, 453 

II. isll i, I l.iyd K., 367 
II. 1. 1. K.iv 'I ng 

ll. IIn, h. Robert II . 118, $59 
Helleny, Asa I... 453 

Heller, Floyd. 551 

Heller. Robert J., 337 

Hellman, Stanley M., 544 

Helman, Anne, 302 

Helmerich. Donald, 414 

Helmich, Robert, 550, 562 

Helmig. June M., 307 

Helmreich. Donald C, 197 

Helms, Joanne L., 123, 181, 312 

Helpensteil, Fred, 550, 556 

Helper, John W.. 122, 123, 413, 453 

Helper, Lloyd C, 188 

Helsing, Harlan, 403 

Hemhrough, Frederick B., 188 

Hempstead. Barbara C, 49, 56, 82, 

86, 295, 453 
Hemstreet, Andrew J., 192 
Henbest, William F.. 77. 85. 382 
Henderson. Dons E.. 244, 317, 453 
Henderson, Earl W., 364, 453 
Henderson, Harry A., -108 
Henderson. John D.. 173, 377 
Hendricks. Edward A., 377, 454 
Hendricks, Elmer C, 142, 155, 357, 

Hendricks. Josephine F., 118, 181, 301 
Hendricks, Melvin O., 402 
Hendricks. Richard, 528, 548, 566 
Hendrix, Nancy J., 123 
Hendryx, Jack W., 355 
Henitf, John, 211, 359 
Henkin, Balfura, 314 
Henly. Robert S.. 454 
Henneman. John W., 406, 454 
Hennig. Judith A., 297 
Henning, Dale A., 163 
Henning, Donald E.. 163. 454 
Henning, Joan, 123 
Hennis, Henry C, 164, 372 
Henry, Benjamin A., 340 
Henry, Charles O., 383 
Henry, Eugene M., 159, 395 
Henry, John T., 128, 159 
Henry, Richard, 548, 559 
Hensey, Gilbert W., 347 
Hensley, Marjorie, 197 
Henson. Harold, 396 
Henson, Phyllis M., 306 
Henson, Walter H., 155 
Heraty, Maureen C, 310 
Hcrbener, David G., 184, 454 
Herberger. Jane H., 288 
Hercer, Edmund R., 384 
Herget, James E.. 159, 195 
Herman. Alvin P., 454 
Herman, Matthew M., 337, 454 
Hermann, Harvey A.. 127. 349 
Herrmann. Charles, 342, 454 
Hern, Howard D., 175, 454 
Hernandez, David, 123, 128, 398 
Herold. Frank L., 374 
Herold. Lloyd G., 184 
Herrick, Wirt, 21 
Herring, Grover F., 412 
Herring, William H., 184 
Herrington, Don L., 137, 145, 353, 

Herschelman, Fred, 196 
Hcrschelman, John F., 129, 354 
Hershbarger, Robert A., 191, 361 
Herskowitz, Jane, 168, 284 
Hertenstein, Robert, 551, 562 
Herting. Robert L.. 534, 556 
Hertko. Edward J.. 534, 561 
Hertz. Nancy, 287, 332 
Hertzmann, Norma J., 282 
Herzberg. Adrienne. 318 
Herzon, David, 409 
Hester, Dale W., 224, 364 
Hester, John C. 225, 371, 454 
Hester, William J.. 77 
Heston, Joan M., 324 
Heth, John H., 369 
Hetherington, Edward N.. 534, 556 
Hettinger. Mary B., 238, 245, 290 
Hettmansberger, Harlan G., 454 
Heuer, Leroy A., lot. 454 
Heurich, Franklin E.. 407 
Hcusner, William W., 232 
Heverly, Clifford C, 190, 454 
Hewitt, Bernard. 1 10 
Hewitt, Dale A.. 401. 454 
Hewitt. Ronald K.. 412 
Hexdall. Lois II.. I J I, 168. 318 
Heydenburg. William R.. 78, 358 
Heyduck. William R., 409 
Heyen, Robert E., 197, 414 
Heyl, Frederick C. 172, 35 1 
Heyl. Royle J., 141, 105 
Heymann. Mrs. Ella, 300 
Heytow, Elaine F., 3io 
Hiatt. Nancy J., 124, 306, 307 
Hickerson, Robert, 3 i i 
Hickey, Gerald W., 15 1 
Hi. km,..., ( lifford W.. 115 
Hickman, < arole, 71, 326 
Hickman, Dean D., 15k 
Hickman, Delores A., ihi. 320 
Hickman, Robert /... 20, 21 
Hickman, Roberta < .. 123 
Hi, km. in. Wilin.i [., }25 
links. Alvin W., III. 109 
Hicks, ( . Wesley, 108 
links. Herve) K.. 129 

Hicks. Raymond M., 415 
Higashi. Alfred K.. 515 
Higgins, Edna L., 186 
Higgins, Laurence S., 180, 454 
Higgs. Donald P., 403 
Highsmith, Charles C, 145, 168 
Hightower, Charles H., 90, 340 
Hildenbrand, Harold B., 129 
Hilderbrand. Norma J., 71 
Hildesheimer, Eva R., 108, 115, 162, 

Hilker, Emerson W., 194, 401 
Hilker, Jack D., 401 
Hill, Barbara J., 123, 198, 515 
Hill, Beverley J., 51, 198. 320 
Hill, Charles H., 177, 192, 376 
Hill. David B.. 358 
Hill, David E., 338 
Hill, Henry D., 159 
Hill, John. 553. 563 
Hill, John J.. 128, 339 
Hill. John M.. 108 
Hill, Marnita M., 320 
Hill, Mary E., 319 
Hill, Paul L., 338 
Hill, Stephen V., 231. 343 
Hiller, William C, 389 
Hillman, Joel R.. 173, 379 
Hillstrom, William J., 534, 565 
Hilton, Dale J., 365, 455 
Hilton, Harry, 178, 184 
Hilton, Mary J., 153, 296 
Himma. Einar, 550 
Himes, Donald H.. 361 
Hinde, David W., 75, 413 
Hindsley, Mark, 127 
Hine, Dr. James, 197 
Hines. Barbara J., 286 
Hines, Gerald C, 340 
Hines, Helen E., 307, 455 
Hines. John W., 159. 166 
Hinkel. Diane L.. 245, 247, 327 
Hinkle, James E., 145, 405 
Hinkle, William R., 343 
Hinners, Shirley C, 455 
Hinrichs, Paul. 197, 241, 391 
Hinsdill, Ronald, 553 
Hintermeister, Glenn G., 188 
Hmton, Carolyn S., 98, 283 
Hinton, Donald D., 396 
Hiob, Phyllis J.. 295 
Hippensteel. John L., 159 
Hiratsuka, Frank, 544 
Hirsch, Leon G., 124, 408 
Hirsch, Marvin, 548, 557 
Hirsch, Robert L.. 78. 189, 360 
Hirsch, Shirley A., 293 
Hiser, Homer W., 191 
Hislop. David W.. 177, 393 
Hiter, Franklin D., 542 
Hixson, Elinor A., 123, 319 
Hlavm. Miles L., 175, 392 
Hoag, Richard C, 367 
Hoaglund, Marilyn E., 123, 181, 303 
Hoar, Victor M., 75. 396 
Hobart. James D., 348 
Hobson, Howard P., 188, 455 
Hochberger, Henry C., 392 
Hochstin, Roger J.. 337 
Hocking, Richard A., 371 
Hodam. Robert P., 334 
Hodge. Clarence, 192 
Hodges, Carol A.. 166 
Hodges, Ralph R., 365 
Hoefer, Charles B.. 375 
Hoefle, John R., 542, 571 
Hoegner, Roberta G., 311, 572 
Hoeksema, John W.. 385 
Hoekstra. Marjorie A., 179 
Hoel. Elizabeth A., 64, 292, 455 
Hoel, Walter M., 381 
Hoenig, Clarence L., 174, 455 
Hoepker, James D.. 176 
Hoerr James G., 234 
Hoey, Myron P., 146 
Hofer, Herbert D., 137. 4" 
Hoff, Elizabeth S., 331 
Hotf. Robert M.. 374 
Hoffie. Carol A.. 301 
Hoffman, Arlene J.. 45S 
Hoffman. Francis S.. 211, 361 
Hoffman, Fredrick K.. 367 
Hoffmann, Gertrude A., 325 
Hoffman. Judith M., 71, 322 
Hoffman, Mavis A.. 108, 104 
Hoffman. Richard C, 129, 174 
Hoffman, Robert S.. 38 1 
Hoffman, Roger, 3,.l 
Hoffman, William R.. 124 
Hofmann, Carol I... 283 
Hogan, Charlotte A., 151, 181. 101, 

Hogan. Howard E., 13^. I is 
Hoi:. in. Jeanne M., 3d I 
Hoge, Carole A.. 3io 
Hoge, Lorna J., i hi. 327 
Hogendobler, ( lyde K., 176 
Hoggatc. Judith R., 196 
Hoglund, < ail R„ 173 
Hohman, ( arl 1'.. 123 
Hoiem, John ('.. lo l 
Hokamp, Henry (... 359 Stanley T., 173, 353 
Hoick. Donald, 5 18, 566 

Holden, William H., 189, 356 

Holder, Sam, 363 
Holin, Joan P., 72, 116, 297, 455 
Holl, Marlene L., 311 
Holladay, William H., 78, 386 
Holland. John P., 198, 455 
Holleb, Dave L., 337 
Hollenberg, Norman I., 405 
Holloway, Robert W., 155, 385 
Holly, Marcia L., 326 
Holm. Richard G.. 138 
Holman, Charles R., 145 
Holman. Joseph L., 123 
Holmberg, Albert R., 122, 124, 346 
Holmberg, Richard C, 515 
Holmes, Dolores J., 162, 166, 297 
Holmes, Jack E., 348 
Holmes, Karen J., 287, 455 
Holmes, L. Glenn, 353 
Holmes, Richard, 551, 565 
Holmstrand. Carolyn B., 289 
Holsapple, Charles H., 341 
Holscher, Donna L., 455 
Holste, James R., 160, 197 
Holstege, Earl K., 393 
Holstein, Ralph O., 188 
Holt, Donald A., 122, 155 
Holt, Mrs. Doris S., 21 
Holt, Harold, 184 
Holt, Jack R., 123, 358 
Holt, James H., 129, 367 
Holt, Marilyn J., 122 
Holt, Richard B., 195, 455 
Holton, Mrs. Edith, 331 
Holtz. Arthur L., 185, 404 
Holtz, Nancy L., 304 
Holz, Alan E., 176, 182, 197, 410 
Holzbog, Tom J., 173, 191, 374 
Hoizer, Howard J., 455 
Holzman, George D., 455 
Holzman, Howard E., 405, 455 
Home Economics Club, 66, 181 
Honoraries, 150 
Hood, James F., 195 
Hooe, Harold L., 189, 455 
Hoof and Horn Club, 67, 182 
Hook, Edward N., 128, 196 
Hook, Ruth, 173, 308 
Hooker, Donald E., 348 
Hooker, Thomas H., 173 
Hooper, Max L., 48, 217, 223, 225, 

374, 456 
Hoos, Gerald W., 408 
Hootman. James R., 381 
Hoover. Jeanette J.. 123, 317 
Hoover, John K.. 179 
Hoover, Nancy K., 192, 288 
Hoover, Peggy A., 122. 190. 287 
Hopkins. Elizabeth. 287. 456 
Hopkins. Lawrence T., 346 
Hopkins, William E., 188 
Hoppe, Ewald J., 405 
Hopper, Patsy R., 290, 456 
Hopps, Russell H., 184 
Horacek. Otto, 552, 560 
Horberg. Marlene I., 309 
Hord, Henry E., 129, 368 
Hord. James R., 344 
Hormell, Sidney J.. 371 
Horner, Evelyn. 325 
Horowitz, Frank, 558 
Horowitz, Mrs., 302 
Horsley. Robert B., 403 
Horticulture Club, 181 
Hortik. Harvey J.. 181 
Hortin, Ruth E., 71, 169, 309, 310, 

Horton, Donald, 548 
Horton. Glen. 228 
Horvitz, Harry, 408 
HorvitZ, Victor. 564, 580 
Horwich, Bernard W., 360 
Horwitz. Earl P., 390 
Horw'itz, Franklin, 553 
Horwitz. J. Charles. 380 
Hosek, Helen. 322 
Hostt House, 327 
Hostiup, John C, 234 
Hough, Barry T., 368 
Hough, Donovan 1'.. 126, 127 
Hough, Ralph t,.. 234 
Hough, Rogei S., 407 
Houk. Donald R . 1 so. 3so 
House, Dorothy H., 299 
House, lames 13,. ISO 
House, Mary I.. 85, 291 
House. Robert W.. i.'o 
House i. lames \\ ., $95 
Hovda, Robert I „ 456 
Howard, Catherine < . 298 
Howard, George \\ ., 93, I '3. 159, 


Howard, loan. 553 

Howard, [oyce IV. $98 

Howard, Ronald I „ 155, $50 102, 


Howard, William |.. 3-.' 
Howarth, Susan I ,61, '3, 124, 198 
Howe, I i« rem e, i so 
Howe, Max M . 122, I 'I 
Howell, < harles 1 , is,. 
Howland, foann M 
Howland, fohn, 5 19 





to the 

CLASS OF 1954 

from the 


Corner of Wright and Green 




in 1868 



Member Federal Deposit Insurance 
and Federal Reserve System 

Howler, Kurt, 346 

Hoyt, John B., 102, 368 

Hradek, Joan M., 153 

Hricker, Donald, 409 

Hruska, Charles J., 144, 185, 378 

Hubbard, Annabelle, 123 

Hubbard, Edward S., 129 

Hubbard, Eugene L., 415 

Hubbard. John L., 368, 456 

Hubbard, John O., 368 

Hubbard, Thomas D., 50, 237, 374 

Hubble, Carroll, 411 

Huber, Doris, 166 

Huber, Edward A., 343 

Huber, Jean F., 55, 60, 168, 244, 

245, 247, 306, 456 
Huber, Julia J., 123, 322 
Huber, Keith A., 335 
Huber. Marilyn B., 181, 312 
Huber, Shirley M., 287 
Huck, Barbara A., 123 
Huck, Charles M., 367, 456 
Huck, Elizabeth A. A.. 181, 456 
Huck, John F., 347 
Hucker, David J., 128 
Huddleston, Arlene R., 84, 162, 304 
Huddleston, Brice, 75, 179 
Hudec. Ronald, 550, 565 
Hudecek, Alice M., 123, 325, 456 
Hudelson, Robert R.. il 
Hudrlik, Roger E., 167, 176, 415, 

Hudson, Edsel, 574 
Hudson, Guy, 342 
Hudson, Herbert E., 61, 353 
Hudson, Paul, 158 
Hudson, Philip F., 367 
Hudson. Robert L., 172, 392 
Huebner, Margaret L.. 320 
Huebner. Marion E.. 247, 283 
Hnjl Gymnasium, 41 
Huff. Robert C, 188 
Hurler, Bruce P., 172. 456 
HufTer, Richard D.. 368, 456 
Huffman, Evalyn M., 198. 320. 456 
Huffman, Merrill W.. 534, 561 
Huffman, Vivienne M.. 181 
Huggins, Alice J., 296 
Hugh, John W., 122, 407, 456 
Hughes, Barbara A., 96, 304 
Hughes, Delores J., 311 
Hughes, Emma J., 184 
Hughes, Larry G., 402 
Hulet, Richard E., 28, 29. 74 

Hull, David, 184 

Hull, James W., 139, 359 

Hull, Richard M., 50, 127, 172, 392 

Hull, Roger M., 127 

Hull, Sally J., 319 

Hull, Thomas C, 371 

Hultberg, Cortland R., 122 

Hulvey, Walter, 231, 242 

Humes, Thomas I., 403 

Hummeland, Sue K., 292, 456 

Humphrey, George B., 383 

Humphrey, Howard C, 352 

Humphrey, Loren, 550, 556, 580 

Humphreys, Mary L., 304, 456 

Huncke, Brian, 550 

Hungness, Norman, 550, 561 

Hunken, Henry C, 357 

Hunley, Louis H., Jr., 340 

Hunt, Donald E., 392 

Hunt, George E., 133, 134, 175, 376, 

Hunt, James, 531, 556, 570, 573, 574 
Hunt, Jon W., 383 
Hunt, Keith J., 186, 398, 457 
Hunt, Raymond J., 179 
Hunt, Robert K., 172, 182 
Hunter, Hugh M., 349 
Hunter, James A., 534, 556, 570 
Hunter, Jerry, 171 

Hunter, Joyce A., 122, 123, 323, 457 
Huntington. William R., 126, 127 
Huntley, Richard A., 457 
Huntley, Robert D., 344 
Huntoon. Richard B., 457 
Huntwork, Mary R., 124, 151, 153, 

181, 194, 324 
Hupp, Norman D., 65, 176, 457 
Hurches, Richard, 146 
Hurd, Noel C, 296 
Hurelbrink, Gerald W., 104. 172, 

178, 338 
Hurley, John R., 75, 90, 194, 401 
Hurst, Roberta M., 304 
Hurt, Alice, 81 

Hurt, Barbara J., 123, 124, 317 
Husman, Richard H.. 129, 192 
Hutchings, Harriett E., 104, 160, 

181, 306, 457 
Hutchings, Robert F., 351, 457 
Hutchinson, Gayle, 528, 548, 559, 

Hutchinson. Harold D., 390 
Hutchinson, John W., 156 
Hutchinson. Paul I., 167, 457 

Hutchinson, Sue C, 289 
Huth, Barbara S., 296 
Hutson, Patsy I... 161, 244, 245, 

247, 306, 457 
Hutson, Richard E., 196, 363 
Hwa, Rudolph C, 195 
Hyland, Daniel A., 198 
Hyman, Carol A., 73, 293 
Hyman, Harriet R., 313 
Hyman, Marene R., 328 
Hynds, Martha M., 301 
Hysmith, Jowel F., 409 


Ibara, Kazuo, 554 

Iben, Icko, 123 

Icebuig, Sue, 314 

Idleways, 415 

Ihnen, Loren, 515 

Ihrig, John, 118, 339 

lida, Harry, 528, 548. 559 

Ikeda, Theodore, 550, 561 

Ikhtiari, Paul, 184 

lies, Marjorie, 185. 198, 318 

Iliescu. John, 528 

Illich, Milo N., 197 

Illi-Dcll. 400 

lllnu Board of Control, 62 

Illini Christian Fellowship, 195 

lllini Forensic Association, 115 

Illini Halt, 43, 106 

lllini Insurance Society, 183 

Illini Marketing, Club, 185. 

lllini Publishing Company, 106, 107 

lllini Rural Observer, 104. 106. 107 

lllini Sportsmen' s Club, 183 

lllini Technograph, 107 

Illini Union, 62, 80 

lllini Union Administration, 81 

lllini Union Social Directors, 83 

Illinois Agriculturist, 104 

Illinois Disciple's Foundation, 196 

lllio, 107 

lllio Business Stall, 98, 99 

lllio Committee. 585 

lllio Editorial Staff, 96, 97 

lllio Photography Staff, 106 

Illi-Sota. 572 

Illman, Stanley, 554 

Imber, Harvey, 548, 557 

Immonen, Helen A., 85, 289, 457 

Indeco House, 314 

Ingalls, Harold, 93 

Ingerman, Paula A., 123, 179 

Ingerson, Philip F., 382 

Inglette, George, 390 

Inglis, Lawrence D., 369 

Ingold, Charles C, 173, 457 

Ingold, John, 552, 560, 575. 585 

Ingold, John P., 457 

Ingram. Donald, 550, 556 

Ingrassia, Reginald, 383 

Ingwerson, Burt, 211 

Ingerman, Paula, 319 

Innis, Jean M., 291 

Inselberg, Alfred, 184 

Inskeep, Charles, 556 

Institute of The Aeronautical Sciences 

Interfraternity Council. 76, 77 
Intramural Sports, 240 
Ireland, Richard L., 348 
Ireland, Robert, 553 
Irish, Robert L., 528, 548, 566 
Irish, Wilfred R., 457 
Irvin, Jesse E., 376 
Irvin, William M., 534, 55 i 
Irving, Marie A., 321. -IV 
Irwin, David, 553 
Irwin, George D.. 181, 410 
Isaacs, Glen H., 31 1 
Isaksen, Victor E.. 137. 187, 381 
Isenberg. Dorothy T., 328 
Isenogle, James L., 346 
Issayus, Nerayo, 184 
Itahano Quartet, 6 
Ittenbach. Lee H., 365 
Ivers. Robert, 172. 405, 406 
[versen, Gordon E., 173, 188. 334 
Ivey, Ruth A., 515 
Ivria, 328 
Izbicky, Fiances, 71, 317, 457 

Jablonski. Beatrice T., 306, 457 
Jachec, Henry E.. 155, 163, 171, 457 
Jack, Donna L., 317 
Jackson, Chester, 160 
Jackson, Helen K., 179, 318 
Jackson, James E., 187, 458 
Jackson, James R., 185, 458 
Jackson, Mary I., 100, 330 


Jackson, Nancy G., 162, 168, 282 

Jackson, Ralph H., 403 

Jackson, Theodore A., 393 

Jackson, William T., 526, 548 

Jackson, William T., 349 

Jacobi, Jean P., 526, 548, 559, 575 

Jacobowitz, Herbert M., 370, 458 

Jacobs, Allan J., 146, 404, 405 

Jacobs, Anton G., 402 

Jacobs, Charlotte B., 458 

Jacobs, Donald G., 458 

Jacobs, Frank G., 126, 237, 388, 458 

Jacobs, Franklin A., 458 

Jacobs, Garrett H., 337, 458 

Jacobs, Joseph, 549, 557 

Jacobs, Kenneth, 360 

Jacobs, Melvin, 366 

Jacobs, Norman J., 380, 458 

Jacobsen, Roald A., 179 

Jacobsen, Robert, 77 

Jacobson, Jerome B., 407 

Jacobson, Robert D., 76, 165, 356 

Jacobson, Sheila, 315 

Jacobson, Shirley, 306 

Jacobson, Vera J., Ill, 168, 295 

Jacus. John M., 137, 143, 155, 413, 

Jaegfeld, Lucille M., 319 
Jaffe, Elaine, 293 
Jaffe, Gerald, 549, 557 
Jaffe, Jerome L., 388 
Jaffe, Stuart M., 144, 407 
Jaffee, Robert D., 77. 155, 380, 458 
Jahn, Harold A., 173 
James, Carolyn, 124, 291 
James, Daniel S., 340 
James, David R., 115 
James, George W., 123 
James, Jason E., 188 
James, Judy E., 298 
James, Larry G., 144. 334 
Jameson, Lewis E., 408 
Jamieson, Robert K., 185, 458 
Jamison, Harry N., 145, 413, 458 
Janata, Anthony J., 21, 23 
Jangarathis, James C, 134, 377, 458 
Janfca, Charles, 458 
Janka, John, 161, 392, 458 
Jankiewicz, Marianne J., 318, 458 
Jankus, Eugenijus, 161, 167, 177, 

189, 458 
Janney, Donald H., 515 
Janov, Barry A., 373 
Janser, George J., 175, 459 
Janusz, Albin, 556 
Janvey, Margery, 328 
Jaracz, Jeanne L., 123, 311 
Jareo, Dave J., 334 
Jarrell, James C, 137, 385 
Jarzembski, Phyllis M., 309 
Jasiczek, Chester, 548, 566 
Jasien, Leo J., 146, 392 
Jaskowiak, Edward, 341 
Janusz, Albin J., 534 
Jasper, James V., 352 
Jauch, Carl, 565 
Jauch, Karl E„ 534, 570 
Jaworski, Edward, 554 
Jaworski, Helen, 545, 572 
Jay, Seymour, 459 
Jayne, Syle A., 181 
Jeffers, James, 170, 459 
Jeffrey, Richard P., 177, 459 
Jekot, Edward, 562 
Jelinek, Arlene J., 323, 459 
lelinek, Donald, 549 
Jemilo, Mildred F., 319 
Jeneson, Sherrill A., 287 
Jenison, Edward H., 56, 100, 189, 

364, 459 
Jenkins, Leroy, 408 
Jenkins, Lillian I., 71, 311 
Jenkins, Robert T., 361 
Jenne, Geraldine S., 123, 197 
Jenne, Jewel A., 154; 170, 197, 459 
Jenner, Elizabeth K.. 247, 312 
Jennings, David M., 185, 383, 459 
Jennings, Mary V., 306 
Jennings, Sally C, 321 
Jensen, Donald E., 459 
Jensen, Harold, 565, 574, 576 
Jensen, Harold L., 367 
Jensen, Kenneth W., 75, 226, 405 
Jensen, Mary F., 181, 308 
Jensen, Patricia A., 318 
Jensen, Ralph H., 363, 367, 374 
Jerit, Ronald G., 346 
Jesson, Barbara J., 324, 459 
Jessen, Darrcll L., 155, 188 
lessen, Ronald C, 534, 556 
Jett, Lois R., 181, 306 
lettelson, Arthur, 337 
[ewell, David E.. 77, 348 
Jewell, Patricia J., 118. 144, 162, 

181. 291 
Icwsbury. Walter M.. 218, 220, 223 
Jimenez, Ernesto, 356 
Jiral, Raymond G.. 351. 459 
Firus. Richard A., 164, 227, 342 
Joestcn, Allen, 339 
[oestlng, Douglas F., 459 
Johannes, Robert P., 342 
Johannsen, Luclwig K., 350. 459 
Johanscn. Hetty R., 331 

Johansen, Thomas H., 383 
Jolianson, Edward W., 175, 459 
John, Paul, 115 
Johns, Charlotte N., 314 
Johns, Rev. Harry, 197 
Johns, Romaine L., 459 
Johns, Ted A., 409 
Johnsen, Richard N., 459 

Alan R., 192, 363 

Allen L., 138, 144, 406 

Athum E., 372 

Audrey M., 245 

Barbara B. 

Barbara J., 

Bernard E 

Bernette C 


460, 5 





Johnson. William. 583 
Johnson. William E., 372 
Johnsos, Dcanc R.. 189, 460 
Johnston, Charles B., 137 
Johnston, Eileen A., 308 
Johnston, Joan C, 306 
Johnston, Robin, 551. 556 
Johnstone, H. Fraser, 176 
Johnstone, Hal F., 157, 392 
Joiner. Paul D., 123 
Jolliff, Richard J., 129 
[onatat, Lory J., 319 
Jones, Carolyn B.. 168, 291 
Jones, Charlotte E., 118, 301 

71, 323 
195, 321, 459 
, 191, 397 
323, 459 

Betty J., 160, 181. 312, 460 

Clarendon L., 134, 237, 460 

Clifford, 409 

Craig C, 106, 365 

Cyrus E., 173 

David E., 460 

Denis E., 367 

Diane L., 51, 69, 87, 288 

Donald W., 75 

Dudley, 565 

Edward A., 392 

Edward T., 118, 164, 364 

Edwin O., 195 

Elwin L., 197, 402 

Ertha A., 294, 460 

Frank A.. 556 

Frank August, 197, 392, 

Frederick, 460 

Frederick D., 340 

Garland, 409 

Gerald N., 75, 144, 182, 395 

Gunnard, 554 

Harold, 550, 556 

Henry F., 196 

James T., 102, 146, 369, 

James W., 344 

Janene L., 311 

Janet A.. 312 

Jayne, 283 

Jeannine A., 331 

Joan M., 124, 168, 304, 

Keith R., 534, 556 

Kenneth S., 160, 393 

Lee, 134, 374 

Leland W., 144, 340 

Leo, 211, 234 

Letitia J., 129, 168 

Lois E., 303, 460 

Lois I., 160, 181, 306, 460 

Lowell B., 343 

Lynne C, 96, 297 

Margaret D., 519 

Marie L., 286, 460 

Marilyn F., 332 

Marilyn M., 123, 317 

Marion E., 195, 318 

Martha, 123 

Mary A., 247, 306 

Mary L., 310 

Merlan G., 402 

Norman L., 173 

Norman T., 460 

Quentin, 556 

Patricia A., 306, 317 

Paul A., 195, 460 

Paul E., 188 

Paul N., 393 

Peter, 553, 563, 575, 580. 

Randle E.. 


Richard N 

. 383 

Richard O 

, 123 

Robert A., 


Robert L., 

52, 372 

Robert L., 


Robert M. 

123, 195, 393 

Roberta A. 

, 294 

Rodger A. 


Roger C, 


Roger M.. 


Roy D., 1. 


Russell M. 

, 353 

Ruth A., 2 

19, 460 

Tom F., 460 

Vernon R. 

78, 339 

Walter, 62 

Walter N. 

183, 192, 415 

Wayne A., 

20, 21 

Wayne W. 

, 176 

Willard W 

.. 371 

Jones, David P., 340 

Jones, Dianne O., 308 

Jones, Dean, 556, 576, 580 

Jones, Dolores J., 309 

Jones, Donald W., 170, 181, 182, 

Jones, Dorothy L., 73, 304, 460 
Jones, Edith, 123 
Jones, Eugenie V., 71, 181, 325, 

Jones, Gilbert A., 411, 461 
Jones, Gloria J., 309 
Jones, H. Suzanne, 288 
Jones, Jacquelyn S., 166, 288, 461 
Jones, Jane E., 320 
Jones, Janet S., 96, 162, 305 
Jones, John A., 57, 74, 75, 132, 

139, 144, 397, 461 
Jones, John R., 554 
Jones, John T., 403, 461 
Jones, Joyce C, 461 
Jones, Marilyn H., 304 
Jones, Marilyn V., 320 
Jones, Norman D., 188 
Jones, Ralph L., 173 
Jones, Richard A., 123, 186 
Jones, Roger A., 405 
Jones, Rudard, 187 
Jones, Russell E., 356 
Jones, Susanna, 286 
Jones, Suzanne R., 545, 572 
Jones, Thomas S., 519 
Jones, Valjean, 286, 317, 461 
Jones, Walter R., 364 
Jones, William J., 385 
Jordan, Mrs., 298 
Jordan, Cynthia R., 151, 153, 316 
Jordan, Dorothy J., 286, 317, 461 
Jordan, Homer, 548, 575 
Jordan, Jack A., 343 
Jordan, Janice L., 72, 82, 156, 161, 

282, 461 
Jordan, JanisD., 317 
Jordan, John C, 392 
Jordan, Lois G., 313 
Jordan, Marilyn R., 298, 320 
Jordan, Robert S., 408 
Jordan, Rosemary A., 122, 282 
Jordan, Roy D., 409 
Jorgensen, Robert F., 64, 351, 461 
Jorgensen, Shirley, 198 
Joseph, Charles, 126 
Joseph, Gerson M., 337 
Joseph, Marcia, 126 
Josephson, Charles M., 188 
Josephson, Jeanne M., 123, 318 
Joy, Philip W., 144, 371 
Juckett, Janet T., 168 
Juckett, Robert S., 132, 133, 134, 

142, 146 
Judd, Nancy D., 181, 245, 312 
Judson, Paul B., 212, 216, 217, 367 
Judson, Phil B., 215, 367 
Juergensmeyer, John E., 50, 77, 117, 

145, 198, 339 
Juliussen, Constance I., 318, 461 
Juneau, Walter A., 192 
Jung, Edward F., 408 
Jung, Theodore G., 93, 461 
Junior Interjraternity Council, 78 
Junior Men' s Glee Club, 125 
Juntunen, John J., 407 
Jurasitz, Betty J., 306 
Jurgens, Dick, 68 
Jurkunas, Teofile, 528, 548 
lust, Lynn C, 282 
Justen, Jack, 146, 407 


Kabaker, Ray N., 379 

Kabel. Robert L.. 137, 176, 221, 359 

Kabins, Sherwin, 550, 567 

Kachiroubas, Louis, 228, 229, 461 

Kadaba, Lalitha R., 179 

Kadlub, Stanley C, 188 

Kadonaga, Tadashi, 550, 562 

Kaecker, Doris J., 324 

Kaegy, Merle L., 329 

Kaempfer, Fred P., 389 

Kaempfer, Mary E., 102, 283 

Kaeser, John, 549, 566 

Kahie. Keith A., 515 

Kahlc, Roslyn J., 322, 461 

Kahlert. James H.. 361 

Kahlert. Philip E.. 397 

Kahn. Eugene S.. 388 

Kahn, Hugo, 360 

Kahn, Sandra J., 302 

Kahl, Darrcll, 409 

Kains, Sherwood B„ 184, 353 

Kainz, Joseph A., 353 

Kaiser, Dale E., 358, 461 

Kaiser, Donald J., S84 

Kaiser, George C., 461 

Kalasa, Geraldine M., 321 

Kalcnda. Norman W.. 390 

Kaleta, Barbara F.. 329. 461 

Kalina, Margaret I., 319 

K.ihsh, Jerome B., 77, 373 

Kalley, Joseph J.. 11 
Kallhauge, tail W., 


Kallick, Charles A., 534 
Kalom, Miller H., 77, 379 
Kaloupek, Robert T., 179 
Kaltenbronn, James S., 159 
Kalvelage, Rosmarie. 553 
Kamaradt, Joanne, 317 
Kammeyer, Carl, 390 
Kamin, Carole A., 310 
Kamins, Clive D., 379 
Kaminski, John, 549, 550, 566 
Kaminski, John C, 550, 565 
Kaminski, Robert, 551, 562 
Kamm, Roxane J., Ill, 122, 151, 

Kammer, William E., 409 
Kammerer, Richard M., 146 
Kamp, James, 180 
Kamp, Ronald C, 177, 403 
Kampert, Emily G., 123, 311 
Kamykowski, Robert L., 335 
Kane, Donald G., 159, 164, 374 
Kane, Gerald S., 462 
Kane, Karol L., 310 
Kane, Patricia H., 123, 311 
Kane, Tirzah J., 295 
Kaneoka, George, 155. 462 
Kama, Kenneth J., 173 
Kanne, Robert M., 405. 462 
Kanneker. Peter, 176 
Kanter, Arnold, 366 
Kantola, Roger W., 375 
Kantor, Beverly, 315 
Kanzelbaum, Marsha S., 318 
Kao, Evelina T., 169, 318, 462 
Kapala, Marilyn C. 308 
Kaplan, Arnold, 552, 558 
Kaplan, Herbert R., 366 
Kaplan, Jerome, 550. 564 
Kaplan, Leonard, 380 
Kaplan, Melvin, 549, 557 
Kaplan, Phyllis S., 328 
Kaplan, Ronald B., 360 
Kaplan, Theresa J.. 123, 247, 408 
Kaplin. Alan W., 360 
Kapp, Lucien C, 344 
Kappa Alpha Psi, 355 
Kappa Alpha Thela, 296 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, 298 
Kappa Psi, 560 
Kappa Sigma, 357 
Kappmeyer, Keith K.. 159, 344 
Kaptain, Richard P., 462 
Karabutsos, Nick, 577, 582 
Karakourtis, Katherine, 311, 462 
Karas, James G., 180 
Karbowski, Walter M., 529, 548, 

559, 583 
Kareken, Ronald S., 123, 144 
Kareken, Sylvia F., 307 
Karges, Earl R., 398 
Kariher, Harry C, 137, 189, 382 
Karl, Peter A., 179 
Karls, Nancy L., 308 
Karkazis, Lambros, 550, 565 
Karmeier, Delbert F., 408 
Karns, Robert M., 366 
Karon, Michael J., 157, 388 
Karpinchik, Nicholas, 157 
Karzen, Carmelita, 181 
Karzen, Ronald M., 380 
Kashihara, Jack, 549 
Kasova, Raymond, 558 
Kaspar, Barbara A., 325 
Kasper. Charles B., 375 
Kasputis, Malvin A., 329 
Kassner, Anita, 293 
Kasson, Marlyn J., 51, 102, 247, 301 
Kastel, Gary I., 360 
Kastelic. Robert F., 165, 347 
Kastor, Frank S., 228, 343 
Kaswan, Jerry L., 515 
Katamay, Myron M., 397 
Katayama, Itoko, 331 
Katayama, Miyeko, 325, 462 
Katayama, Setsuko, 331 
Katch, Ronald S., 373 
Kattner, Henry A., 181, 410 
Katz, Arnold, 552 • 
Katz, Bernard, 558 
Katz, Horace, 553 
Katz, Howard G., 192 
Katz, Irwin M., 373, 462 
Katz, Jerome I., 534. 567, 576 
Katz, Marjory I... 313 
Katz, Rosalce. 284 
Katz, Sarah. 310 
Kautlman, Johanna, 310 
Kauffman, Larry T... J73 
Kauffman. Pauline K.. 162 
Kaufman, Arthur I... >73 
Kaufman. Bernard, 462 
Kaufman, Donald C, 75, 402 
Kaufman, Dot A.. 
Kaufman. Leila J.. 402 

Kaufman, Peter J.. 129 
Kausic, Helen I.. 18 s . hi 
Kauth, Richard N.. 162 

Kavanagh, Richard C, 184 
k,i\ , Catherine, 71 
Kay. Elian. >i (;., 162, wo 
Kay. Frederic A.. 17}, 

Kay, Joan B., 247, }17 
Kay, Kenneth C, 123, 1 !8 
Kaz. Sidney F... J66, 559 


Kazmer, Herbert, 548 

Kdell, David, 171 

Kearins, John G., 403 

Keck, Frank D., 137, 145, 18\ 

237, 359, 462 
Keefe, Harvard \V., 382 
Keefer, Gordon G., 409 
Keehner. Jimmie D., 129, 398 
Keeler Klub, 328 
Keeling, Hershell, 561 
Keen, Robert, 233, 572 
Keenan, Donald L., 157, 351 
Keene, Betty M., 297 
Keener. Robert P., 559 
Keer, Diane R., 319, 462 
Keesey, Louis W., 48, 53, 101, 189, 

352. 462 
Keevil, Dorothy, 327 
Kefalides, Nicolaos, 550, 556 
Kehle, Arwalt P., 195, 396 
Keim, Donald W., 129, 181, 410 
Keith, Ann M., 91, 153, 292 
Keith, Denis, 137, 187, 352 
Keith, Walter, 187 
Keith, Linton, 549 
Keith, Louis G., 406 
Keitzing, Jane, 306 
Kelehar. Brantley M., 409 
Kelin, Marilynn, 319 
Keller, Charles H., 144, 406 
Keller, Ronald G., 363 
Keller, Ruth A., 179, 318 
Keller, William, 551 
Kellerhals, Kenneth C, 343 
Kelley, John W., 462 
Kelley, Maurine F., 318, 462 
Kelley, Vergil W., 177, 462 
Kellhauge, William, 342 
Kellogg, Claude C, 406 
Kellogg, Milford K., 155 
Kelly, Donna G., 328 
Kelly, Edward L., 372 
Kelly, Frank B., 574 
Kelly, Jack P., 554 
Kelly, James, 552, 560 
Kelly, Lowell A., 123, 407 
Kelly, Patricia J., 311 
Kelly, Richard B., 356 
Kelly, Robert T., 462 
Kelly, Simon P., 463 
Kelly, William H., 343, 463 
Kemman, John, 556 
Kemp, Jeanette J., 318 
Kemp, John C, 124 
Kemp, John S., 392 
Kemp, Philip E., 409 
Kemper, Walter D., 534, 562, 576 
Kempner, Thelma L., 315 
Kendall, Jean E., 320, 463 
Kenigsberg, Hope E., 306 
Kenline, Alice, 197 
Kenline, Paul A., 197 
Kennedy, Darleen F., 305 
Kennedy, Gerald E., 406 
Kennedy, James R., 365 
Kennedy, Kathleen P., 185, 289, 463 
Kennedy, Kirk R., 144, 408 
Kennedy, Michael J., 371 
Kennedy, Phyllis, 64 
Kennedy, Myron E., 408 
Kennedy, Robert V., 335 
Kennedy, Suzanne M., 316 
Kennedy, William E., 97 
Kenner, Phillip L., 409 
Kenney, Arthur W., 171, 395 
Kenney, Charles, 551, 556 
Kennie, Bonnie, 311 
Kenroth, Jerry, 396 
Kenshalo, John M., 544, 560 
Kenston, Joseph C, 371, 463 
Kent, Stanley E., 185 
Kenyon, Richard J., 386 
Keogh, Jacqueline M., 319 
Keough, Robert J., 188 
Keranen, George, 562 
Keranen, John R., 382 
Kerce, Herbert M., 144, 194 
Kerchenfaut, Marilyn J., 123 
Kercher, Edward, Jr., 155, 414 
Kerchner, Orvall G., 104, 172, 178, 

181, 196, 463 
Kerkoch, Franck, 550, 561 
Kermicle, Jerry L., 128, 413 
Kermicle, Paul D., 128, 413, 463 
Kern, Dan D., 395 
Kern, Robert G., 188, 463 
Kerns, William B., 157, 384 
Kerr, Barbara J., 319 
Kerr, Edwin E., 158 
Kerr, John G., 58, 188, 212, 216, 

217, 463 
Kerr, John M., 174, 349 
Kerr, Nancy J., 294 
Kerridge, Jack, 93 
Kerrihard, George N., 534 
Kersch, Charles J., 158, 163, 347, 

Kerster, George, 158, 463 
Kesler, Don F., 105 
Kesler, Earl L., 115 
Kessler, Barbara, 247 
Kessler, Betty L., 245 
Kessler, Morris, 155 
Kessler, Nadine, 318 

Kester, Carl M., 534, 565 
Kestenbaum, Justin L., 515 
Ketcham, William R., 184, 463 
Kettelkamp, Karlyn R., 186, 295 
Kettlestrings, Joseph W., 398 
Key, Catherine M., 330, 463 
Keys, James R., 341, 463 
Keyser, Ronald L., 406 
Kharasch, Shirley, 572 
Kidd, Norman D., 368 
Kidder, Robert W., 123 
Kiefling. Larry A., 105 
Kien, Gerald, 552 
Kienst, Henry, 342 
Kiesler, Robert L., 373, 463 
Kiest, John C, 124, 163, 361, 463 
Kietzman, Maurene L., 310 
Kietzman, Sally C, 123, 322 
Kihn, Elaine F., 85, 308 
Kikoen, Eugene L., 380, 463 
Kilberg, Marjorie L., 308 
Kilburn, Lois, 126, 305 
Kile, Kathryn A., 296 
Killey, Patricia A., 290 
Killian, Thomas ]., 362 
Kilto, Judy, 314 
Kilton, Roger, 551, 565 
Kim, Harry, 559 

Kimbark, Marlene J., 49, 290, 463 
Kimberlin, Donald W., 195, 198 
Kimberlin, Louise, 195 
Kimmel, Ronald H., 185, 190 
Kincius, Margaret M., 155 
Kinder, Virginia E., 166, 307 
Kinert, Donald L., 412 
King, Alex S., 306 
King, Bismarck, 408 
King, Carolyn V., 123, 319 
King, Charles M., 124, 128, 356, 

390, 464 
King, David L., 154, 170. 172, 413 
King, Jane A., 124, 195, 320 
King, Leslie S., 409 
King, Nicholas S., 197 
King, Richard M., 412 
King, Robert, 211 
King, Roger W., 145, 369 
King, Wanda, 572, 580 
King, Wesley C, 145, 409 
King, William M., 372 
Kiniak, Stephie E., 464 
Kinklesperger, Ronald, 549 
Kinnear, Rose M., 123 
Kinney, Rosemary, 282 
Kinsley. Calvin H., 385 
Kinsley, William D., 385 
Kinter, Richard S., 198, 400, 464 
Kiper, Robert, 127 
Kipkin, Marshall, 360 
Kipnis, Leslie J., 370 
Kipp. Conrad W., 194, 401 
Kipple, Sheila, 313 
Kirby, Harry L., 406, 464 
Kircher, Elizabeth, 304 
Kirchner, Camille G., 49, 186, 290, 

Kirk, Richard, 389, 464 
Kirk, Sam M., 129, 334 
Kirkjian, John, 342 
Kirkpatrick, Allen, 238 
Kirkpatrick, Alice, 159 
Kirsch, Sondra, 319 
Kirschner, Stanley, 390 
Kirshenbaum, Sheila, 313 
Kirtland, Joy, 96, 288 
Kirts, Joan Y., 329, 464 
Kisinger, Everett, 128, 129 
Kissane, James, 549 
Kisten, Janice D., 79, 84, 292 
Kistenbroker, John W., 184, 409 
Kitch, John I., 136, 137, 138, 

143, 145, 195, 346 
Kjell, David A., 393 
Klaas, Joan M., 332 
Klafter, Diane R., 284 
Klaproth. William, 128 
Klapman, Howard J., 406 
Klaus, Caesar, 377 
Klaus, Robert. 78, 374 
Klausmeyer, Doris, 123 
Klawans, John A., 366 
Klaxter, Diane, 124 
Kleaver, Marilyn A., 319 
Klecinic, Edward P., 529, 548, 559 
Klecka, Robert A., 371 
Kleckner, Marlin D., 188, 464 
Klee, Florence, 577 
Kleeman, Jack W., 142 
Klein, Emerson D., 406 
Klein, Eva J., 315 
Klein, Hugh, 366 
Klein, Leita M., 302 
Klein, Melvin S., 379 
Klein, Ronald S., 143, 388, 464 
Kleinbeck. Allen A., 128, 334 
Kleis, Robert W., 176 
Klepitsch, Rudolph J., 173. 464 
Klesser, Sidney, 370 
Kleven. Roy J. R., 90, 194, 401 
Klier. William F.. 342 
Klindera, Louis C., 123 
Kline. Darrel W., 185, 464 
Kline, Douglas R., 128 
Klingel, Allen, 232, 235, 240, 241 

Klingensmith, Alice P., 303 
Klink, William D., 415 
Klinkey, Nannette J., 297, 464 
Klitzing, Jane L., 245, 247, 306 
Kloehn, John S., 529, 559 
Kloever, Roger A., 349 
Klooster, John, 548 
Klopatek, Ronald F., 378 
Kloster, Robert L., 125, 403 
Klouda, Robert G., 392, 464 
Klugman, Donald B., 370, 464 
Klyczek, Joseph A., 349 
Knaack, Donald F., 464 
Knapp, Joseph N., 144, 406 
Knickerbocker, Richard C. 351, 406 
Knight, Enola J., 123, 126, 464 
Knight, Geraldine C, 322 
Knippel, Richard E., 77, 351 
Kniznik, Sedelle, 328 
Knobel, John E., 398 
Knoblock, Frank, 548, 559 
Knoch, Joanne, I., 317 
Knock, Frances E., 537, 570 
Knodell, Sara L., 96, 153, 288 
Knoeppel, Donald, 548, 559 
Kn.illhoff, David R., 67, 349, 464 
Knop, William F., 129 
Knopf, Joanne L., 245, 247 
Knopp, Marvin I., 464 
Knospe, William H., 535, 556 
Knotek, Charles A., 392 
Knox, Doris A., 51, 122, 197, 322 
Knudsen, Kermit, 550, 556 
Knudson, Robert E., 354 
Knudstad, James E., 173 
Knudstad, Marjorie H., 290 
Knudtson, Derrilyn A., 306 
Kobak, Alfred J., 157, 159, 388 
Kobelt, Carl C, 535, 570 
Kobes, Herbert, 25 
Kobrin, Henry, 551 
Koch, Carleton L., 334 
Koch, Charles B., 535, 556 
Koch, Peter F., 352 
Koch, Susan M., 95, 295 
Kocher, David G., 129 
Kodish, Rhoda L., 317, 319, 465 
Koebler, Richard A., 124, 375, 465 
Koehler, David G., 396 
Koehler, Douglas P., 77, 359, 465 
Koeller, Alfred D., 343 
Koelling, Rebecca J., 61, 290 
Koenig, Francis J., 64 
Koertge, Noretta, 330 
Koester. Martin K., 377 
Koestner, Elmer G., 385 
Koffman, Harold S., 403 
Koga, Jack Y., 407 
Kohan, Stella, 319 
Kohl, Richard L., 406 
Kohlbeck, Anne E., 308 
Kohlhagen, Richard M., 211, 465 
Kohn, Arnold, 380 
Kohn, Michael R., 165, 360 
Kohout, Fred J., 335 
Koinonia, 401 
Kolar, Mrs. 412 
Kolmer, Donald, 549, 559 
Kominsky, Arnold B., 380 
Komosa, Grace L., 306 
Komyathy, David L., 129 
Koney, William J., 404, 465 
Konieczny, Joseph, 549 
Konnecker, Judith A., 159, 312 
Konneker, Peter A., 378, 465 
Konrad, Frank P., 189, 335, 465 
Konstans, Afrodite, 308, 465 
Konzak, Ronald D., 155, 180 
Konzen, Carmelita E., 51, 307 
Koop, Homer L., 334 
Kopecky, Kenneth E., 377 
Kopecky, Zeno, 176. 401 
Koper, Robert P., 126, 465 
Kopetas, Christine M., 319 
Korbus, William E., 347 
Korein, Sandor, 388 
Korey, Melvin W., 337 
Kornfeld, Roberta S., 293 
Korngiebel, John R., 77, 305 
Koscielny, Robert M.. 156, 177, 465 
Koshut, Joseph F., 408 
Kosinski, Henry F., 396 - 
Koska, Edward T., 393 
Kosova. Raymond, 544, 58} 
Koss, Donald A., 163, 341 
Koss, Robert A., 357 
Kost, Georgia, 552 
Koster, Patricia J., 323 
Kostner, Milton G., 411 
Kosturik, Thomas M., 341 
Kotarac, John P.. 535, 565 
Kotsiakos, Dolores A., 154, 247, 

306, 465 
Kottemann, George, 548, 559 
Kouba, Norman G., 356 
Koucky, Charles J., 535, 556 
Koucky, John R., 382 
Kovacs, Charles M., 173 
Kovacs, Martin F., 146 
Koval, David B., 144 
Koval. Joseph P., 184, 465 
Kovitz, Joan, 85, 161, 284, 465 
Kowaleski. Edmund. 548 
Kowalik, Edward. 559 

Kozak, Edward, 549 

Kozel, Barbara J., 515 

Kozelka, Robin, 173 

Kozelka, Robin B., 192 

Koziol, Edward, 560, 571 

Koziol, Edward T., 542 

Kozlocki, Conrad, 553 

Kozlov, Marvin, 529, 548, 557 

Kozora, Elmer J., 465 

Kraabel, Florence M., 122, 296, 465 

Kraas, June, 284 

Kraegel, Norbert E., 155, 375 

Kraemer, William, 408 

Kraft, Ronald L., 362 

Kraiss, Glenn, 552 

Krai, Karen, 551 

Kraley, Raymond L., 406 

Kramen, Audrey M., 153, 328 

Kramer, Dorothy F., 320 

Kramer, Michael, 366 

Kramer, Milton, 535, 552, 558, 564, 

Kramer, Raymond F., 184, 465 
Kramer, Raymond M., 392 
Kramp, Robert H., 157, 232, 347, 

Krantz, Gayle R., 338, 465 
Kranzow, Joy D., 306 
Krasinski, Benjamin S., 396 
Krasnowski, Frank R., 466 
Kratzer, John G., 367 
Kraus, Eleanor H., 297 
Kraus, Fred J., 172, 412 
Kraus, Harriet T., 328 
Kraus, Norman, 129, 404 
Krause, Carol A., 97, 160, 181, 

197, 292 
Krause, Lawrence D., 542 
Krause, Loren D., 363 
Kraut, Sandra F., 302 
Kraybill, Donald P., 406, 466 
Krebs, Francis J., 192 
Kreer, John B., 197 
Kreger, Jean D., 73, 273, 296 
Kreiling, Marianne, 294 
Kreiselman, Sheldon, 564 
Kre|cik, Bernard E., 173, 466 
Krempel, Mary L., 123 
Kreppert, Frederick W., 346 
Kreps, Ralph, 551 
Kresin, Richard H., 414 
Kretschmer, Vernon L., 24, 81, 82 
Kretshmar, Paul G\, 535, 562, 576 
Kretshmer, Vivian H., 247, 318, 319, 

Kreuger, William E., 123 
Krichilsky. Martin, 542, 558, 571 
Kries, Donald A., 146, 176, 466 
Kriesf, Richard, 552 
Krimen, Lewis I., 390 
Krings, Berthold F., 384 
Krischer, Kenneth N., 379 
Kristy, William, 551 
Krizan, Thomas, 160, 183 
Krizek, Edward, 548, 559, 580 
Kroger, Arthur, 568 
Kroll, Gloria, 300 
Kroll, Lois, 300 
Krolls, Siguarda, 549 
Krolopp, Rudolph W., 398 
Kromat, Helen E., 312 
Krone, Jerry, 567 
Kronenberg, Sheldon H., 370 
Krotenberg. Jack, 549, 557 
Kruchten, Robert L.. 375 
Kruckow, Marion, 554 
Krueger, Barbara, 273 
Krug, Myrna D., 316 
Kruger, Jean C, 123, 151, 168, 

245, 327 
Krukonis. Val J., 157. 398 
Krull, Doris A., 70, 158. 310 
Krull. Shirley E.. 118. 126. 153, 

190, 295 
Kiumhardt, Carl, 395 
Krumpe, Elsie L., 126, 162, 294 
Krupka, John F., 137, 138, 143, 145, 

161, 167, 358, 466 
Kruse, Lynn, 192 
Kruse. Sharon J., 466 
Kruzel, Frederick J., 79, 191, 466 
Krzywoblocki, Zbigniew, 178 
Kukacki, W. H., 559 
Kubalek, Emil E., 154, 183, 404 
Kucenda, Karen, 289 
Kucera. Marlene E., 310 
Kucia, Thaddeus J., 35, 466 
Kuczynski, Robert E., 184, 403, 466 
Kudlich, Barbara, 123 
Kudzma, Donald R., 364 
Kuebler, Arlene, 296 
Kuehne. Herbert W., 163, 406, 466 
Kuelher, Arlene, 124 
Kuetemeyer, June R., 192 
Kugel, Erhard G.. 466 
Kuhle, Mary S.. 319 
Kuhlmeier, Janet E., 71 
Kuhn, Paul A.. 358, 466 
Kuhne, Herbert, 127 
Kuhnen, Ted L., 104, 347 
Kukral, John C, 535, 561, 583 
Kula, Mary A., 60, 169, 297, 466 
Kull, Constance M., 301 
Kull, Donald H., 352 


Kullen. Carole J.. 123, 308 
Kuller. Dorothy J., 318, 319 
Kulov, Mike. 171 
Kummel, Marshall L., 408 
Kumoftami, 414 
Kunath, Polly A.. 320 
Kuncl, Jackson M., 146, 348 
Kung. Edward, 192 
Kunin, Samuel A., 379 
Kunis, Arthur, 535, 564 
Kunkel. August P., 154, 170, 

412, 466 
Kunkel. Christopher V., 178, 412 
Kunkel, Robert, 55 I 
Kunter, Joan E., 71. 330 
Kuntz. John \V.. 572 
Kuntz. Norma J.. J22. loo 
Kuo, Franklin, 198, 41 5 
Kupczyk, Lorraine H., 197 
Kurotsuthi, Roy, 561 
Kurrie, Nancy J., 29 I 
Kurth, -Walter R.. 165, 185, 539, 

Kurtz, Kenneth C. 341 
Kurtz, Sheldon, 373 
Kurtzrock, George H.. 177 
Kurz, Richard A., 179. 400 
Kurz. Richard J.. 343. 377 
Kurzrock, John W., 403 
Kusek, Stephanie H.. 294 
Kusenda, Karen J., 124 
Kuss, Bruce W., 404 
Kusy, Jean S.. 123, 327 
Kutemeyer, June, 294 
Kutilek. Audrey J.. 505 
Kutler, Shirley, 5^-4 
Kutsunis, George W., 336 
Kwatnez, Lee S., 373, 466 
Kwedar. Edward. 562, 585 
Kypta, Linton, 191 

Lahelle. Sarah K., 289 
Laccabue, Fred C. 163. 199 
Lacey, Richard J., 361 
Lachman, Anton E.. 467 
Lackey, Wesley R., 392 
Lackner, Lois M., 319 
Lacroix, Joseph G., 398 
Lacy, Elizabeth L., 321 
Laczynaska, Helen V., 317 
Ladwig, Donald, 552. 560, 573, 

Laff. Robert A., 192 
Laff, Sherwin, 549. 557 
Lagioia, Salvatore M., 467 
Lahendro, Robert J., 101, 385 
Lahey, Gerald F.. 364 
Lahey, Margaret E., 329, 467 
Lahne, Robert E., 154, 412 
Lahrman, William H., 174, 396 
Laible, James R., 390, 467 
Lain, Doris K., 467 
Laing, Earl R., 358 
Lakey, Frank S., 363 
Lakins, Franklin D.. 391 
Lakosil, John G., 408 
Lamar, Miriam E.. 102, 295 
Lamb, Jean L., 154, 245, 247, 307, 

Lamb, John H.. 228, 350 
Lambakis. Richard E., 86, 342, 467 
Lambda Chi Alpha. 358 
Lambda Kappa Sigma. 567 
Lambdin, Philip E.. 129 
Lamberty. Joan L., 123, 323 
Lambrakis, George, 561 
Lambrakis, Helen M., 122, 123, 290 
Lamet, Carolyn, 245, 309 
Lammon, Verley, 585 
Lamore. Donald L., 123 
Lamorticella, Donald L., 157, 363, 

Lamps, Darryl D., 180, 363 
Lance. Richard H., 161, 167, 371, 

Land, Carolyn E., 153. 181, 295 
Land, Claude A., 128, 401 
Land, Robert C, 183 
Lander, George R., 154, 170, 197. 

Landfield, Jerome E., 337 
Landgren, Paul W., 123, 144 
I.andis, Caroline J., 290 
I.andon, Howard A.. 115. 343 
I.andram. David M., 352 
Lane, Carl J., 363 
Lane, Harold. 556 
Lane, lames, 139 
Lane, James I... 535 
Lane, Richard W., 146 
Lang, Joseph J., 396 
I.jng, Lawrence }.. 196, [67 
Lang, Marilyn. 284 
Lang, Sidney 6., 542 
Langas, William J., 467 
Langdon, Lois M., 515 
l mgdon, Mary W., 153 
I angdon, Stuart H 123 
Lange, Robert G., 398. (6 
Lange, Ronald P., i !4, 467 

Langfahl, William A., 402 

Langham, Ruth, 308, 467 

Langille, Jack L., 363 

Langlois, John A., 336 

Langreder, William, 550, 556 

Lanier, Donald L., 124, 339 

Lannon, Richard J.. 159, 378 

Lanoff, Carole. 51 

Lanphere, Ralph C, 389 

Lanter, Harvey Y., 468 

Lanterman, Ralph F., 467 

Lantz, Edward. 123 

Lapaitis. Dolores L., sis 

Lapatinskas, Vytautas V.. 173 

Lapicola, Marvin J., 179 

Lapidus, Jules B., 542 

Lapin, Ruth, 307 

LaPorte, Chris, 554 

Lapp, Doris K., 317 

Lappin, Sharon L., 291 

Laraia, Frank A., 98, 124, 165, 365 

Large, James, 68 

Large, Martha R.. 160, 181. 312, 

Larimore, Mc-lvin O., 396 
Larkin, Leo R., 409 
Larkin, Mildred C, 319 
Larnino, Phyllis C, 319 
LaRowe, Jacqueline E., 127 
LaRowe, Peggy. 123, 190 
Larrison. Thomas R., 392 
Larsen, Andrew, 565 
Larsen, Betty, 195 
Larsen, George A.. 181, 405 
Larsen, Henning, 23 
Larsen, James S., 188, 195 
Larsen, Robert G.. 173 
Larsen, William, 554 
Larson, Charles B., 64. 150, 357, 

Larson, Charles W., 77. 372 
Larson. Donald A.. 157 
Larson, Donald D., 343 
Larson, Donna B., 123, 306 
Larson, Fritz W., 195, 393. 468 
Larson, Jay R., 361 
Larson, Jerry E., 395 
Larson, John M., 129, 159, 196 
Larson, Mary A., 316 
Larson, Paul L., 172, 468 
Larson, Phyllis D., 73, 247, 294 
Larson, Roy V., 468 
Larson, Sharon A., 329 
Larson. Wilbur M., 352 
Larson, William C, 372 
Lascasas, Joseph M., 221. 356 
Lasher, Anita, 325, 468 
Lasker, Norman, 551 
Lason, Barbara F., 468 
Lasser, Donald M., 64, 366, 468 
Lassiter, Herbert B., 404, 408 
Lassman, Joseph. 564 
Lathen, Joan C, 321, 468 
Lathrop, Donald, 143 
Latta, Duane H., 145, 405 
Lattner, Paul D., 350 
Lauchle, David C, 377 
Lauchner, Aden J., 163, 341 
Laue, Duane E., 414 
I.aufer. Peter J., 407 
Lauff. Richard C, 179 
Laughton. Charles, 121 
Launer, John E., 129, 172 
Laurel House, 315 
Laureys, Eleanor J., 71, 331 
Lauridsen, Karen I., 290 
Laurine, Charlotte, 308 
Laury, Reverend Raymond, 585 
Lauschke. Paul R.. 381 
Lauter, Yale H., 185, 380 
Lav, Donna, 307 
I.avelle. Faith, 574 
Lavender. Robert W., 343, 468 
Lavezzi. Madeleine M.. 71, 306 
Lavin, Adrienne J., 307 
Lavin, Bernice, 328 
Lavin, Renae L., 314 
Lavine, Estelle D., 307 
Laviolette, Paul E., 105 
Law, Albert G.. 413 
Law, John H., 390 
Law School Seniors, 184 
Lawder, Patricia A., 168, 291 
Lawfer, Irvin R., 50. 87, 100. 101. 

104, 172, 178, 182, 189, 354 
Lawfer. Ivan D., 85, 91, 172, 354 
Lawler, Frederick D., 124 
Lawler, Larry L., 165, 186, 339 
Lawless, David T., 529, 566 
Lawless, Philip, 551. 561 
Lawless, Richard S.. 403, 468 
Lawrence. Bonnie J., 179 
Lawrence. William R.. 5(1, 556, 

Lawrenz, Richard I., 468 
Lawver, Gene, 549 
Layman, Douglas. 550, 561 
Layman, Shirley M., 153. 310 
Layman, Thomas I 40 ! 
I. . i/. in. is, Audrey, 123 
Lazanas, George II.. 127 
l .i/.u. Thomas M., 579 
Lazarus, William, 549, 557 
l aznicka, Audrey B., 123, 171, 317 

Leach, Gordon L., 361 

Leach, James F., 369 

Leach, James L., 174 

Leach, John T., 28. 76 

Leach, Loren B., 359 

Leach, Marjorie J., 71. 101. 306, 

Leaf, Earl, 379 

Leaf, Josephine R., 84, 169, 468 
Leafgren. Frederick A., 349, 468 
Leahy, Mary C, 296, 468 
Learmonth, Anne S., 318 
Learnoma, Jean, 572 
Leasure, Arthur D., 346 
Leavitt, Gerald, 379, 468 
Leber, Serena S.. 32 3 
LeBlanc, Robert, 384 
Lebovitz, Sandra, 554 
Leckel, John L., 186. 342 
Lecocq, Frank R., 535, 565 
Lecocq, Kenneth R., 526, 566, 573, 

Lederer, Bonna G., 156, 284 
Lee, Barbara J., 123. 317 
Lee, Betty A., 181, 304 
Lee, Donald R.. 172, 371 
Lee, Gerald, 550, 564 
Lee, James L., 179 
Lee, James M., 542 
Lee, Laurence J., 78, (84 
Lee, Nancy G., 15 3. 318 
Lee, Phillip C, 386 
Lee, Rita S., 328 
Lee, Ronald N., 127 
Lee, Virginia J., 186, 306, 468 
Leeds, Richard G.. 106, 349 
Leeman Lodge, 316 
Leenerts, Elmer E., 176, 403, 468 
Leervig, Thomas N., 469 
Leetz, Paul A., 346 
Left, Roger E., 337 
Leffers. Lloyd A., 173 
Lefringwell, William A., 408 
Leffman, Peter L., 469 
Lefke, Louis W., 395 
Lefstin, Ina J., 319, 469 
Lefton, Norman B., 50, 86, 388 
Leftwich, Howard M., 128, 405 
Legault, Jeanne M.. 289, 469 
Legrande, Harold H., 343 
Lehman, Auguste E., 153. 168. 2 17. 

Lehman, Lloyd W., 78, 375 
Lehmann, John R., 198, 392 
Lehmer, Nancy C, 291 
Lehn. William L., 412, 469 
Lehner, Kenneth A., 381 
Lehrfield, Jack, 553 
Leichenko, Harold, 551 
Leifheit, Spencer E., 469 
Leigh, Robert D., 164 
Leiman, Alice H., 64, 185, 317, 469 
Leisch, Ronald W., 399 
Leisch. Sharon J., 197, 325 
Leiweke, Richard T., 123, 398, 469 
Lekan, Eugene, 549 
Lekas, Anthony S., 78, 346 
Leksander, Richard N.. 409 
Lelourt, Alarice, 409 
Lem, Darryl R., 366 
Leman, Eugene, 567 
Lemenager, Ronald R., 77, 78, 334 
Lemer, Sidney J., 408 
Lemker, Charles K„ 182, 338 
Lemp, Louis E., 469 
Lenart, Joseph M.. 127. 400 
Lendrum, James, 341 
Lendrum, James T., 23 
Lendrum, Peter A., 341 
Lenowick, George, 549 
Lentz, Shirley A., 319 
Lenz, Robert L., 402 
Lenzi, William A., 406 
Lenzini, Robert E.. 48, 54, 156. 202. 

210, 211, 223. 352 
Leonard, John, 550, 556, 582 
Leonard, Lewis, 408 
Leonard, Maria, 153 
Leonard, Robert W.. 146, .378 
Leonard, Thomas C, 344 
Leonardi, Joanne M., 329 
Leonardo, Gary J., 372 
Leondis, Paul G., 188 
Leonhardt. Robert E.. 152, (69 
Leoni, Ronald J., 350 
Leppert, Paul A.. 144 
LaQuatte. Ernest. 55 I 
Lerch. Herbert. 549, 557 
I.erman, Phyllis S.. 319, 469 
Lerner, Arthur, 366 
I.erner, Barbara A.. (30 
Lerner, Perry I... 535. 564 
I.erner, Richard H., 379 
Lerner. Robert, 554 
Lesak, Barbara, 554 
I.cscher. Dorothy T., 307 
I.eschuck. Paul A., lis, 469 
Lescure, Marilyn J.. (UK 
I csc.111.111. Ralph 1-',, 22 

Leskey, Barbara I... 71, (29 
Lesko, William, 551. 565 
1 .she. Robert IL. 128, 415 
Lesser, Marilyn, (.'H 
Lester, Jesse, 551 

Letush, Irene A., 317 
Leuchter, Marcia A., 64 
Levens, Philip, 529 
Levenson, Fae B., 469 
Leventhal, Dena A., 315 
Leveque, Joseph I., 367, 469 
Leverenz, Thomas C, 345 
Leverty, Carole A., 318 
Levey. Howard H., 407 
Levey, Ronald S., 337, 469 
Levi, Carol J.. 469 
Levien, Enid D., 318 
Levin, Carole J., 2S 1 
Levin, Edward M., 75. 82. 159, 

Levin, Howard A., 159, 372 
Levin, Morton L., 405 
Levin, Richard M., 404 
Levin, Sandra C, 300, 469 
Levin, Sandra L., 315 
Levin, Seymour R., 380 
Levine, Barbara J., 328 
Levine, Carl, 380 
Levine, Jerry, 544 
Levine, Joel, 550, 551, 580 
Levine, Lloyd S., 469 
Levine, Norma S., 153, 307 
Levine, Paul, 553 
Levins, Warren M., 337 
Levinson, Howard, 554 
Levinson, Kay A., 315 
Levinson, Monte, 551 
Levison, Marvin M., 542, 571 
Levison, Robert. 558 
Leviton, Joyce M., 51, 71, 309, 470 
Leviton, Marilyn A., 470 
Levoff, Arthur, 380, 470 
Levon. Ernest, 196, 390 
Levon, Ernest F., 470 
Levon, Richard R., 196, 392 
I.evsky, Morris, 553 
Levy, Enid. 314 
Levy, Maurice, 372 

Levy, Ronald T., 145, 152, 388, 

Levy, Sheldon H., 183 

Lewis, Anne E., 312 

Lewis, Barbara, 71 

Lewis, Charles E., 188, 410 

Lewis, Charles M., 408 

Lewis, Clyde, 191 

Lewis, David R., 530 

Lewis, Deborah, 122, 124, 284 

Lewis, Gene D., 189. 371 
Lewis, George J., 137. 155, 470 

Lewis, Jack L., 535, 564, 576 

Lewis, Jerry P., 550, 561 
Lewis, Jesse C, 409 

Lewis, Joan M., 300 

Lewis, (oanne E., 331 

Lewis, John R., 185 

Lewis, Nancy K., 303 

Lewis, Richard H., 556 

Lewis, Robert O., 531, 556, 574 

Lewis, Roger F., 360 

Lewis, Shirley A., 291 

Lewis, William W.. 407 

Lewis, Winfield H., 353 

Lewy, Beatrice, 284 

Lezan, Leslie B., 409 

Libanoff, Albert J.. 470 

Libby, Jack, 380 

I.ibby. Sheila, 572 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Council. 64 

Liberman, Harvey W.. 388 

Liberto, Marvin P., 409 

Libman, Wilma N., 71, 325 

Libnoch, Joseph A.. l->8, 406 

I.ihrach, Rosalie. 85, 86. 302, 308 

Library, 40 

Library School, 40 

Lichtenberger, Glenda L.. 122, 12^. 

I.ichter. Edward. 570 

Lichter, Robert J.. 362 

Lidberg, Richard U„ 189 

I.iddell. James W.. 173 

I iddi, Louis, 384 

Lidgard. Richard E., 408 

Lieb, Allan E.. 176, 470 

Liebelt, Robert. 551, "6 

Lieberman, Marvin S., 77, 300 

Liebman, 1 low. ml, 5 19, ssi 

I.iebowitz. Herbert A.. 407 

Liepins, Aija, 529, 548 

Lie-pins. Vija, 90, 308 

Lieske. Edward A., 348 

I ilschultz. Charles A., 535, s„ 7 . 

1 ilschultz. Charles S., 159 

Light. Gerald A . 3S9 

I ightbody, Dec- I... 170 

Lignell, John E., 1 12. 150, 190, 
196, (69, 470 

Likens. Darlene, 289 

1 iljegren, Tom R., 195, (93 

I.iljequist. Jon I ., (oS 

Limberg, I 01s R., si, 96, 162 
I.imest.tll. Joanne M . 52 1 
1 imosani, Joseph A . 529, 5 is 
1 null. Earl, 366 
Inn ulti Annul Residi m c. 
North, 517 


Lincoln Avenue Residence, 

South, 318, 319 
Lincoln Hall, 39 
I.ind, Robert M.. 172. 178. }54 
I.indaucr. Martin S., 470 
I.indbeck, Ement D.. 206, 207, 211, 

I.indberg, Chai les, 5 s . I 
I.indberg, Kermit E., 86. 170 
I.indberg, L. Eugene. 382 
I.indberg. Richard, 554 
Lindbliim. Janis R., 308 
I.indell, Stephen B., 129, 361 
Lindeman, Janice K., 86, 303 
I.indemann. John A.. 540 
l.indgren, Barbara A., 51, 95, 292 
I.indgren, Earl R., 41 1 
Lindgren, Ivan, 551, 562 
I.indgren, Richard A., 348 
Lindner. Alden I.., 196 
I.indrooth. Charles H.. 389 
Lindsay, Mary L.. 326 
Lindskild, John E., 382 
Lindstrum, Carol A., 320 
Line, John D., 154, 170, 350, 470 
Line, Ralph. 341 
Linford, Claude M.. 128 
Lingenberg, Paul, 407 
Lingwall, Ronald G., 401 
Linha. Darlene T., 291 
Link, Billy G., 129 
Link, Carol L., 304, 470 
Link, Robert, 180 
Linke, Warren. 554 
Linkow. Norma C, 124. 314 
Linne, Keller, 55j 
Linoner, Alden. 195 
Linsk, Robert. 409 
Linskold, Ruth, 326 
Linsky, Francine M., 328 
Linsley, James. 68 
Linsley, Richard C, 137 
Linster, Richard L., 123 
Linstrom, Ernest, 403 
Lipe, Lyle E., 359, 470 
Lipke, Barbara. 123 
Lipkin. Marshall E., 470 
Lipnicke. John M., 408 
Lippe, Philipp M., 535, 556, 570 
Lippman, Paulette M., 314 
Lipschultz, Barbara A., 319, 470 
Lipschultz, Marvin, 366 
Liptak, Thomas M.. 185. S62. 470 
Lirot, Daniel J., 227, 361 
Lirtzman, Leonard, 373 
Lisec, O. Theodore, 398 
Lisheid, Henry J., 144. 406 
Liska, Kenneth, 577 
Listeman, Judith L., 79, 298, 471 
Litherland, Dorothy, 155 
Litherland, Mary A., 51, 84, 91, 

Litman, Barbara A.. 317 
Little International Horse Show, 67, 

Little. Richard F., 77, 164, 361 
Little, Robert H., 124, 361 
Little, Roger D., 124 
Little, Wayne A.. 123, 408 
Littlemeyer, Jack W., 415 
Litvan, Robert D., 353 
Litwin, James, 180 
Liu, Ruey W., 167, 471 
Lively, David H., 367 
Livingston, Charles, 551, 556 
Livingston, Park, 21, 26 
Livingston, Philip L., 194, 401 
Loar, Helen J., 325 
Loar, Nelson A., 157, 359 
Locascio. Alphonso J., 409 
Locher, Fred F., 183, 384, 471 
Locke, John W., 394 
Locker, Harvey, 549, 557 
Lockhart, Richard B., 84, 87, 173, 

188, 346 
Locklin, Robert W., 344, 471 
Lockman, Anthony, 399 
Lockwood, Charles J., 539, 556 
Lodestro, Robert L., 393 
Loeb, Judith S., 302 
Loeb, Lewis J., 407 
Loeffel, Paul P., 389 
Loekle, Otto J., 471 
Loew, Frederic C 471 
Lofgren, George Q., 175, 471 
Lofgren, Gus R., 177, 195, 471 
Lofgren, James R., 158, 353 
Logan, David A.. 195 
Logan, Dorothy A., 124, 286 
Logan, Francis, 123 
Logan, John R., 407 
Lohbauer, Kenneth R., 375 
Lohman, Eugene C 515 
Loitz, Jeanne J., 471 
Loitz, Paul V., 165, 176, 354 
Lokay. Doris J.. 168, 244, 245 
Lokke, Jean, 123 
Loman. Alan M., 379 
Loman, Barbara J., 293 
Lombard, Richard M., 409 
Lombard, Samuel H.. 179 
I.omonaco, Vincent P., 471 
Lonart, Donald. 571 
London, Larry, 549 

Londrigan, Paul F., 123, 395 

Long, Clifford A., 115, 471 

Long, Dale, 549, 566 

Long. Robert D., 353 

Long, Winifred J., 299 

Longden. John, 364 

I.onhart, Glenn, 554 

I.onhart, Donald. 552, 560 

Lonk, Thomas E., 471 

Lookout Manor, 402 

Loomis, Donald H., 178, 181, 338, 

I.opaty, Ronald S., 379 
Lopez, Alfredo, 471 
Lopez, Edilberto, 177, 471 
Lord, Marvin D.. 157, 388 
Lorenz, Charles, 552 
Lorig, Max H., 177, 404, 405, 471 
Losch. Clarence W., 359 
Lothson. Marlys J., 181, 312 
Lotta, Duane, 171 
I.oucks, Margaret C 319 
Lough, Robert C, 67, 182, 471 
Louie, Susan C, 331, 572 
Loutos, Peter, 552, 558, 583 
Love, Carole J., 71, 331 
Love, Professor Elmer, 187 
Love, Yvonne L., 124 
Loversky, Thomas R., 345 
Lovestrand, Gordon L., 161, 471 
Lovett, William W., 77. 159, 338 
Loving. Robert E., 347 
Lowden. William H., 390 
Lowell, Dewitt J., 535, 570 
Lowenstein, James R., 352 
Lower, Joan P., 104, 199, 311, 

Lower, Richard L., 385 
Lowis, Barbara J., 159, 198. 320 
Lotvry Lodge, 329 
Lowum, David D., 344 
Lowy, Raymond, 472 
Loy, William M., Jr., 129, 184. 

Luallen, John C, 336 
Lubin, James, 225, 515 
Lucas, Jerry B.. 124, 355 
Luce, Howard. 550. 565 
Luce, Jacquelin J., 282 
Lucey, Joanne, 100, 151, 318, 319 
Luczak, Edward S., 371 
Luders, Richard D., 415 
Ludwig, Roger G., 134, 143. 472 
Luebkemann. Leroy, 4l4 
Luedke, Paul R., 172, 181 
Luedtke, John R.. 374, 472 
Lueking, Elinor C, 320 
Luensman, John R., 472 
Luettich, Richard A., 335 
Luhmann. Philip R., 472 
Luhring, Robert H., 353 
Luhrsen, Paul H., 185, 211, 374, 

Luinys, Ludovica A., 153 
Lukas, Robert. 55 1 
Lukasik, John, 539 
Luker, Thomas P., 144, 374 
Lukow, Herman E., 160, 472 
Lum, Carl H., 536, 565 
Lum, Mon A., 175. 472 
Luman, Charles J., 144 
Lumeberg, Gerald, 415 
Lund, Bruce, 160 
Lund. Randolph A., 174, 393 
Lund, Thomas E., 159 
Lundeen. Randolph G., 195, 359 
Lundergan, James A., 377 
Lundgren, Earl, 195 
Lundgren House, East, 407 
Landmen House. West, 407 
Lundin, Carol J.. 90, 91. 162, 301 
Lundine, Donald A., 357 
Lundstrom, Joan L., 84, 85, 87. 

153, 162, 292 
Lundy, Lois I., 307 
Luneburg, Gerald J., 472 
Lupton, Lou A., 472 
Lupton, Margaret L., 317, 572 
Lurie, Louise M., 293 
Lurito, Donald J., 159 
Lurito, Richard J.. 377 
Lurvey, Ira, 77, 84, 101, 372 
Lusk, Jack E., 381 
Luster, Philip E., 180 
Lustman, Seymour L., 536, 570. 

Lutchka. Dorothy A., 196, 310. 472 
Lutheran Student Association, 196 
Luttrell, Yvonna L., 95, 99, 297 
Lutz, Judith L., 299 
Lutz, Marvin L., 393 
Lutz, Robert L., 229, 393, 472 
Lux, Donald, 552 
Lyford, Cherie A., 190, 299. 472 
Lykins. John D., 188 
Lyle, Dorothy S., 123 
Lyman, Stella R., 194, 324 
Lynch, Charlene A., 86, 156, 310 
Lynch, Eugene D., 174 
Lynett, Margaret A., 297 
Lyngdal, Bernie J., 408 
Lynn, Donald J., 369, 472 
Lyon, Camilla S.. 71, 126. 307 
Lyon, Loren P., 379 

Lyon, Robert G., 380 
Lyons, James P.. 347 
Lyons, Vincent J.. 385, 472 
Lystad, Louis S.. 381 
Lytle, John R.. 129, 139, 382 
Lytle, Myra. 123 


Maas, Barbara L.. 291 
Mabry, Larry D , is, 
Mabry, Richard A., 142, 146, 385, 

Macapanpan,, 570 
MacCrimmon, Donald R., 166 
MacCrimmon, Joan A., 323 
MacDonald, Donald F., 231, 414 
MacDonald, Fred R.. 472 
MacDonald, Nancy I., 331 
MacDonald, Robert A., 377 
MacDonnell, John, 550, 561 
Mace, Elizabeth A., 49, 73, 298, 

Machin, Eleanor J., 298 
Macior, David P., 396 
Maciulis, Anthony V., IT'S, 17i 
Mack, Leonard R., 404 
Mack, Mary J., 325 
Macke, Charles D., 185, 473 
Mackenzie, Vincent V., 184 
Mackey, Gilbert D., 529, 548, 566 
Mackey, Lillian V.. 247, 309 
Mackler, Hyman, 536, 564 
Macklin, Buford A., 355 
Macklin, David, 583 
MacKnight, Julia P., 110, 186, 290, 

MacKowiak, Richard, 553, 560 
Mackris, Gus I... 211, 365 
MacLeary, Jack, 228 
MacMillan, Thomas L., 374 
MacNerland, Glen, 398 
MacShane, James E., 412 
MacTaggart, Clinton K., Jr., 183 ' 
Mader, Norbert, 550, 565 
Madden, Thomas E., 161, 163, 358, 

Maddrell, John, 549 
Madison, Robert F., 159, 198 
Madonia, Frank G., 367 
Madonia, Philip P.. 409 
Magana, Anita, 318, 473 
Magaw, Norma K., 319 
Magee, George E., 165, 341 
Magee, Richard F., 86, 146, 374 
Magid, Gail A.. 473 
Magier, Benjamin, 529, 557 
Magill, Julius, 554 
Magnan, Carol J., 159, 199, 318 
Magnisalis, Cleo. 282 
Magnuson, Floyd H., 341 
Magram, Avron B., 403 
Maguire, John T., 152 
Mahaffy, Dwight A., 65, 167, 177, 

178, 184, 473 
Maharry, Robert H., 395 
Maher, Ann C, 296, 473 
Maher, James, 551, 561 
Mahin, Irene D., 321, 473 
Mahin, Mary L., 123, 327 
Mahin, Philip W., 93, 334, 473 
Mahler, Alice V., 123. 127, 308 
Mahon, James M., 377 
Mahony. Joseph M., 391 
Maier, Thomas H., 124, 385, 473 
Main, Marjorie L., 181, 196, 283 
Main, Rolland E., 338 
Maisenbacher, Jerry R., 164, 364 
Maiac. Steven, 362 
Majer, James A., 353 
Makovsky, Edward C, 50, 212, 217, 

Maksud, Michael G., 160 
Malantis, Leo, 372 
Malantis, Mary. 287 
Malecki, Sandra A., 283 
Malina, Penelope A., 303 
Malkin, Howard I., 372 
Malkin. Stewart, 548, 557 
Malleck, Joseph W., 339 
Mallen. Michael B.. 379 
Mallires, Demetre, 544 
Mallory, Linnie. 31 1 
Malmgren, Richard W., 166, 339 
Malmquist, Richard A., 346 
Malnak, Allen B.. 536. 564 
Malone, Patrick D., 344 
Malone. Richard A., 144 
Maloney, Corinne, 321 
Malstrom. Howard L., 410 
Maltas, Diane S.. 319 
Maly. Francis. 549. 566 
Mamett, Aaron, 379 
Manachek, John P., 173 
Managlia. Dominic, 398 
Manalli. Fredric S.. 123, 382 
Manahan, Paul T , 334 
Mancuso, Marie A., 309. 310, 311, 

Mandel. Alice M.. 309 
Mandel. Seymour L., 373 
Mandeville. Merten, 190 

Manfred, John. 553 

Mangier, Barbara J., 86, 298 

M.imon, Carol A., 283 

Mann. Barbara E., 328 

Mann, David E., 128, 184, 473 

Mann, Johnathan, 554 

Mann, Lecie, 295 

Mann, Loren C, 50, 110. 186, 389 

Mann, Marshall, 55 i 

Mann, Randall. 561, 573, 580 

Mann, Viola. 28 1 

Mannhardt. Ann I... 73. 289 

Manning, William A., 77, 91, 371 

Manning, Wilma J., 181, 197, 283, 

Manowitz, Ellen L., 314 
Mansion, The, 402 
Mansbach, June M., 156, 293, 473 
Manson, Arthur, 554 
Mantas, James J., 86, 385 
Manthei, Donald F., 132, 136, 137, 

143, 145. 191. 374. 473 
Manville, Wallace C, 179 
Marable, Herbert E., 126 
March, Darrell D.. 335 
March, John E., 543, 563, 571 
March, Nancy I., 123, 287, 309 
Marcheschi, Leroy A., 384 
Marchese, Peter J. ,408 
Marchetti, Dorothy L., 156, 323, 

Marchione. Anthony F., 123 
Marchok. Marilyn E., 319 
Marcus, David. 564, 577 
Marcus, Joyce, 309 
Margolis, Jack, 388. 474 
Margolis, Stanley, 552 
Margolis, Tobey L., 477 
Margulius, Rissa D., 302 
Marinakis, Christ G., 155 
Marinakis, George G-, 155 
Marinakos, Chrisanthe, 307 
Maris, James R., 382 
Markbreit, Jerry I., 211, 380 
Markel, William, 562, 573 
Market, William, 580 
Markin, Alice R., 196 
Markow, Lew W., 356, 474 
Markowitz, Arnold M., 123. 405 
Marks, David A., 407 
Marks, James, 582, 583 
Markus, Ira, 337 
Marlin, Dorothy M., 247, 322 
Marling, Carol L.. 123, 129, 283 
Marmion. Mary H., 87, 290 
Marolf, Leo A., 173 
Marovich, George M., 184 
Marquardt, George 548, 559 
Marquardt, Robert, 230 
Marquis, Jack, 367 
Marrs, Joseph A., 346 
Marshall, Caralu J., 318 
Marshall, Clarence A., 381 
Marshall. Henry. 552 
Marshall, Janet C, 179, 319, 474 
Marshall, James. 374 
Marshall, John A., 348 
Marshall, John R., 348 
Marshall, Judith R., 95, 292, 474 
Marshall, Mary L., 287 
Marshall, Robert, 390 
Marshall, Wilbur, 561, 577 
Martes, Mathias, 571 
Marthaler, Larry J., 378 
Marthaler, Wayne A., 352 
Marti. Freeman D., 155, 194, 400 
Martin, Arnold A., 373 
Martin, Charles L., 183 
Martin, Dorothy B., 72 
Martin, Dorothy J., 295, 474 
Martin, Frank H., 474 
Martin. James A., 345 
Martin, Joan L., 327 
Martin, John D., 198 
Martin, Judy M., 304 
Martin, Larry D., 118, 364 
Martin, Lorenzo E., 355 
Martin, Marian, 184 
Martin, Mary L., 299. 474 
Martin, Maurice J., 536, 565, 570, 

Martin, Norma L., 289 
Martin. Sally S.. 311 
Martin, Thomas E., 345 
Martin, Wayne B., 378 
Martin, William C, 155, 474 
Martincevic. Joseph, 551 
Martinec, Barbara A., 159, 319, 474 
Martinez, Stanley, 133, 134 
Martinson, Helen M., 310 
Martson, Richard P., 65, 177 
Martynowicz, Edward J.. 384, 474 
Marvel, Mary C, 96, 298 
Marx, Gilbert L., 142, 385 
Maryn, David. 548, 557 
Mascott. Karl H., 373 
Mash, Jacqueline A., 156, 168, 169. 

288. 474 
Mashek. Ruth E.. 185. 289 
Mask and Bauble, 186 
Maslanka. Raymond A., 384 
Masliv. Alan. 5S4 
Mason. Arthur G., 392 
Mason. Elizabeth C. '94 


Mason, Joette, 306, 474 

Mason, John O., 164, 336 

Mason, John, 561, 570 

Mason, Leonard P., 404 

Mason, Sheila A., 318 

Mason, William, 68 

Masover, Gerald, 554 

Massa. August M., 369 

Massey, John V., 152 

Massie, William H., 355 

Massie, Martha A., 70, 71, 181, 312 

Mast, Robert F., 77, 159, 173, 363 

Masterson, Royce W., 90, 335, 474 

Mastoon, Paulette, 247 

Masuno. Ellen Y., 195, 326 

Matesi. Julius O., 544, 560 

Matheny, Jesse E., 174, 395 

Matheos, Christine C, 192, 321 

Mathews, Hoyt A., 374. 474 

Mathews, Janice, 168, 296 

Mathews, Jeannette M., 51, 238, 296 

Mathews, Terrance E., 211 

Mathis, James S., 78 

Mathison, Marilyn G., 155, 195. 318, 

Mathre, Dianne E.. 5 is 
Mathy, Wayne, 550. 565 
Matson, Richard O., 408 
Matsuguma, Harold J., 390 
MatSumotO, Yukio, 48, 56, 228. 229, 

Matteson, Phillip K., 96. 347 
Matteson, Richard E., 393. 412 
Matthews, Ann H., 322 
Matthews, Irene I... 290 
Matthews, John W., 170 
Mattingly. Elizabeth A., 318 
Mattson, Bertil E.. 52, 82, 84, 91. 

354, 475 
Mattson, Joan A., 318 
Matuga, Joseph, 549. 566 
Matz, Joseph L.. 184, 366 
Matzkin, Sandra L., 311 
Matzureff, George D., 475 
Maudlin, Thomas A., 155, 188, 415, 

Maulding, Rita, 551 
Mauney. Elmer L., 356 
Maurer, Raymond J., 536, 556 
Maurer, Ronald H.. 402 
Maurer, Sandra J., 95, 296 
Maurer, William, 549, 566 
Mautz, Robert, 107. 155 
Mautz, Ruth, 296 
Maw. Charles, 389 
Ma-Wan-Da, 48 
Mawson, James L., 67, 165, 172, 182, 

Maxedon, Leslie E.. 176, 475 
Maxey, Earl J., II, 339 
Maxey, Robert M.. 79. 371 
Maxwell, Frederick. 404, 475 
Maxwell, Richard E., 78, 367 
May, Allan D.. 181, 411, 475 
May. Chester T.. 403 
May. Donald M.. 402, 409 
May. Sandra H., 308 
Maybrook, William A.. 183, 388 
Mayeda, John T., 543. 571 
Mayer, Alice N.. 314 
Mayer, Carol. 310 
Mayer, David L.. 173. 195, 393 
Mayer. Georgia A., 123 
Mayer. Marilvn A., 314, 475 
Mayer, Robert, 82, 150 
Mayer. Sharlene R., 103. 287 
Mayerle. Fred C, 195, 393 
Mayfield, William E.. 397 
Mayhall. Sharon R., 49, 53, 60, 62, 

72, 301. 475 
Maylath. Donald O., 87, 346 
Maynard. Eugene E., 218, 220, 221, 

372, 475 
Mayne, Eleanor F., 118, 298 
Maynor, Harry D., 142. 378 
Mays. Charles G.. 389 
Mazer, Roger I.. 392 
Mizrim. F^ank R.. "2 
Mazur. Boleslaw, 549. 566 
Mazzetta. Oswald J., *91 
Mazzini. Andrea I. . 307 
Mazzoni, Charles A., Jr., 515 
Mazzini, Richard S.. 408 
McAfee. Floyd H.. 211 
McAllister, Sarah M., 475 
McAnarney. Kathcrine. 475 
McAndrews, Robert J., 475 
McAteer, Patricia A., 306 
McAuley, Jamc^ E., 3 15 
McBridc, Charles A.. Jr.. 385 
McBride. Joanna, 515 
Mi f .ill. Howard E.. 173 
McCall. Robert T.. 399 
McC.allcn. Richard A.. 536, 562 
McCan. Richard. 1 H5 
McCarthy, Carol A.. 98 
Mi ' utliy. Camlc I.,. ?X3, 291 
McCarthy. Daniel, "6 
McCarthy. David (... 11 1 
McCarthy. Irene F... 319 
McCarthy, Jerome J., 362 
McCarthy. John A.. 79. 543 
McCarthy. Richard P., 475 
Mc< arthy, Richard I... 361 

McCarty, Nancy J.. 297, 475 
McCarville, Marilyn I., 320 
McCaw, Richard W., 374 
McClanahan. Donald E., 403. 475 
McCiellan, James W., 342 
McClellan, Russell W., 368 
McClendon, Jerry, 194 
McClendon, Wesley P., 355 
McClintick. Richard J., 515 
McCloud, Dennis D., 348 
McClure, Norma J.. 179. 319 
McClure. Roh-rt, 184 
McCollough, Fred, 390 
McConnell, David A., 188 
McConnell, Philip A., 75 
McConnell, Richard E., 195, 393 
McConnell, Robert B., 357 
McCook, Joseph J., 185, 335 
McCord, Nancy K.. 290 
McCormack, Donald E., 515 
McCormick. James P., 348 
McCormick, Marjorie A., 49. 60, 62, 

70, 115. 475 
McCormick, Ralph. 350 
McCown. Frances M., 155, 159. 475 
McCoy, James D., 146 
McCoy, Janet E., 71 
McCoy, Patricia A., 319 
McCoy, Robert N., 475 
McCracken, Howard D., 374 
McCracken, Robert J., 476 
McCracken, Robert K., 335. 476 
McCradie, Carol J., 108, 124, 186, 

McCrary, Edward D.. 165. 368 
McCray, Michael, 164, 372 
McCready, Richard A.. 144 
McCreery. Evelyn A., 122, 296 
McCrimmon, Barbara, 123 
McCue. Mary A., 104. 181. 320, 476 
McCulIough, lohn T.. 339 
McCullough, Kathleen M.. 153 
McCune, lohn J.. 177, 352. 476 
McCune. William T., 382 
McCutchan, Harold C, 188. 515 
McDaniel, Kent I... 1*7. 400 
McDaniel, Mavis I.. 176 
McDivit, Joseph H., 189, 350. 476 
McDonald. Charlotte K., 162. 289 
McD maid, Gerald E.. 415 
McDonald, Mark, 408 
McDonald. Richard K.. 406 
McDonough, Charles L.. 175 
McDougall, Betty J., 90. 160, 273, 

288, 476 
McDowell. Fred W.. 1 42. 177. 383 
McDowell, lohn I... 157 
McDowell, Kathleen J., 282 
McDowell, Mrs., 315 
McDyer, Neil, 549. 559 
McEniff, Patricia, 573, 580 
McEwen. John, 180 
McEwen, John C, 476 
McFadden. Brvce H., 372 
McFadden, Wilbur, 551 
McFall. Robert A., 408 
McFarland, George E., 352 
McFarlane. John E., 395 
McFeron, Dean E., 161 
McFerran, Robert, 550. 556 
McGarrahan. Eugene T., 179 
McGarron. Dennis. 228 
McGath, Donna L.. 123. 330 
McGath. Patricia A.. 123 
McGaughey, John E., 343 
McGee. Alfred, 549 
McGee, Earl T.. 375 
McGee, Patricia A., 166, 320, 476 
McGee, William D.. 154. 334 
McGhee, Harold W.. 123 
McGhee, Harry L., 172, 182, 338 
McGhee, William H., 182, 338 
McGill, James A., 361 
McGill. Nancie, 68 
McGill. Roberta T.. 71, 318. 319, 476 
McGinty, Darby G., 316 
McGinty. David J., 172, 182, 338 
McGIothlin, John, 551. 556 
McGowan. Larry. 536. 556 
McGowan, Leah G.. 294 
McGowan, Marylou, 51, 110, 154, 

168, 186. 191, 247. 294 
McGrain. lames R.. 391 
McGrath, Mary I... 322 
McGrath. Patricia. 330 
McGrath. T^-mas. 550, 561 
McGuckin. Richard H.. 195 
McGuire. Patrick I.. 392 
McHcnry, Donald. 409 
McHenry, Ethel M., 308 
Mcllrath. Patricia, 169 
Mcllvain. William W.. 137, 145, 359 
McTnnes, Mary A.. 323 
Mc fnnes, Richard I... 399 
Mclntirc. Clifton N.. 185, 476 
Mclntire, Ralph, 142 
Mclulicn. Wesley I.. 405 

McKabney, Dwight A.. 181 
McKay, Arthui I '.. ill 
McKay, Gerald E., 38i 
Mi K.iv. lohn A.. 408 
McKee, Mary F., 166. 194, 324 
McKeever, Lestei II.. 355 
MiKcniic. Kciulia K.. 309 

McKenzie. Alice M., 123, 181, 327 

McKenzie, Jack H.. 127 

McKmley Hall, 320 

McKinley Foundation Student Council. 

McKinney, Charles D., 377 
McKinney, George G., 110, 375 
McKinney, James A., 544, 560 
McKinnie, Cato A., 77 
McKinnie, Mary E., 159, 304 
McKinzie, James, 561, 577, 583 
McKnelly, Larry O., 61, 96, 361 
McKnight, Ann I... J19 
McKuIski, George A., 348 
McLain, Myron D., 123, 127 
McLaughlin, Alan F., 402 
McLaughlin, Harriet A., 168, 301 
McLaughlin, John B.. 50. 79, 343 
McLaughlin, Margaret E., 319 
McLaughlin, Roy E., 415, 476 
McLean. Donald R., 357 
McLean, Mrs. John, 288 
McLethchie, Joan A., 126 
McLoughlin, David, 334 
McLoughlin, James N., 334 
McLure, William P., 25 
McMahon, Edward L., 199 
McManus, Bonnie L., 179, 195, 319 
McMaster, Hugh R., 176, 367 
McMasters, Donald W., 197. 407 
McMichael, Paul, 107 
McMullen, Charles E.. 78, 385 
McMullen, Paul M., 382 
McMullen, Rolla L., 382 
McMurray, Edward J., 398 
McMurray. Sheila. 83 
McNabb, Michael T., 543, 560, 571 
McNabb. Robert, 81 
McNabb, Ruth L., 95, 151, 153, 197, 

McNabey, James, 359 
McNair, William R., 166. *65 
McNally, Robert L.. 157. 165, 347 
McNamara, Kathleen M.. 288, 476 
McNamara, Thomas J., 392 
McNaught, Ross L., 142 
McNaughton, Bruce A., 382 
McNeil. Donald. 548, 566, 575 
McNeill, Barbara B., 292 
McNeish, Bruce. 375 
McNichols. Lynn P., 183, 476 
McNier, William H.. 144 
McNulty. loel, 218. 219. 220 
McPhail. Marv E.. M8. 476 
M-rOnaid. Richard C, 476 
McOueen, Ralph D., 188 
McQuilkin. Stephen E., 188. 354 
McTaggart. George D.. 174 
McTrusty. Robert L., 123. 409 
McVea. Jacqueline S.. 321 
McVicar. Shirley A.. 153, 298 
Meachum, Floyd T.. 77. 355. 476 
Mead, George C, 129 
Mead, Laurie K.. 287 
Meadows. David W.. 342 
Meadows. Richard K., 191. 374 
Meadows, Ronald F.. 76, 374 476 
Means, Jack, 374, 531, 556, 576 
Mear, Thomas, 547 
Meays, Barton R., 353 
Mebes. William J.. 156. 405 
Mecherle. George R., 184 
Mechling, Paul E.. 228. 476 
Meckenstock, Richard D.. 399 
Mecozzi. John J., 77, 350 
Medansky. Roland, 550. 567 
Medcalf. Dolores L.. 290 
Medcalf. Elbert. 374 
Medea Lodge, 403 
Medical Interfraternity Council, 573 
Medical Student Council. 'ylA 
Medicine I Class, 551 
Medicine II Clais. 550 
Mednick. Gerald. 553 
Meek, Flizaheth A.. 288, 477 
Meek, Harold L.. 173 
Meeks. Richard W.. 50, 145. 228, 

229. 363 
MerTord. Sarah L., 295 
Mehlenbacher, Marilyn A.. 508 
Mehlman. Elaine. 317 
Mehr. Robert. 150. 183 
Meier. Dorothy. 12^ 
Meierhans, Wayne A.. 137. 173, 197, 

Meilach, Hannah R., 31') 
Mcils. Donna E.. 181 
Meinhart. Wayne A., 1H5 35], 477 
M-islahn Richard B., 359 
Music 1. Jerome, 171. 477 
Melahn, Jo Ann, 311 
Melamed, Anne. 124 
Mclchcr. Hillard C, 385 
Meldrum, Anne- E., 329 
Melka. Frank R., 146, 228. 547 
Mell. Robert M., 7K. 370 
Mellen, William I... 178. .'28. 229, 

Meller. loc D.. 188. 165 
Melms, Robert I'., iss 
Melms, Shirley K.. 129, 520 
Mcloan, Ion J,. 577 

Mel. ..Ill, Sll/antl" M , 9], 16.'. 192. 


Meltzer, William, 551 

Melville, Al G.. 402 

Melville, Marie H., 186, 289, 477 

Menaker, Warren M., 57, 82, 91, 152, 

388, 477 
Mendralski, Melvin J., 477 
Menis, Sheldon, 553, 558 
Menke, William E., 155 
Men's Glee Club, 124 
Men's Independent Association, 74, 

Menz, Beverly J., 245, 295 
Mer, Sanford B., 159, 360 
Merboth, John A., 415 
Mergran, Herbert B., 20, 21 
Merhar, Dick J., 164, 352 
Merideth, Robert D.. 126. 127 
Merlo, Frank J., 144, 384 
Merrick, John W., 188, 371 
Merrill, Clayton, 477 
Merriman, Phillip A., 185, 334, 477 
Merriman, Robert, 551, 562 
Merritt, Joshua L., 392 
Mersbach, David A., 157, 232, 237, 

Mersbach, Virginia A., 244, 245, 296, 

Mertes, Mathias P., 560, 575 
Merz, Mary, 307 
Merzon, Jerry E., 409 
Messmore, Gordon D., 414 
Metcalf, Charles W., 538, 556 
Metcalf, Jed L., 195 
Meter, William, 406 
Metze. Gemot A., 369 
Metzel, Charles H., 128, 347 
Metzler, Ruth M., 477 
Meuller, Dixon M., Jr., 345 
Meuller, Roger, 211 
Meurlott, Kay B.. 145. 393 
Mevis, Malka, 314 
Meyer, Allen, 561 
Meyer, Anna L., 197, 312, 477 
Meyer, Bruce R., 403 
Meyer, Charles W., 477 
Meyer, Delwyn V., 188 
Meyer, Donald W., 229, 402 
Meyer, Dr. Ester, 577 
Meyer, Fred J., 146, 171, 400, 477 
Meyer, Fred M., 410 
Meyer, James F., 155, 197 
Meyer, James R., 188, 400 
Meyer, Jerry L., 342 
Meyer, Joe P., 342 
Meyer, Robert T., 357, 477 
Meyer, Shirley J., 331 
Meyer, Raymond, 549, 566 
Meyers, Jerold, 385 
Meyers, Sue Y.. 308 
Mezek. Frank W.. 377, 477 
Micari, Bruce, 189, 477 
Michael, Carol, 127 
Michael, Neil, 553 
Michael, Richard t>., 128 
Michaelis, Donald R., 341 
Michaelis. Dorothy L., 536 
Michaelis, Walter J.. 398 
Michaels, David, 551 
Michaels. Jerrold S.. 477 
Michalak. Richard S., 164. 371 
Michalova. Dagmar, 195 
Michel, John L.. 378 
Michels. Otis E., 159 
Michigan State, 224 
Michigan State Relays, 218 
Mickey. Robert R., 178. 192. 404. 477 
Mickloff, Nina P., 316 
Middendorf, James A.. 406 
Mieher, Marilyn L., 197, 312 
Mieher, Robert I... 167, 395, 478 
Mielke. Donald R., 402 
Migatz, Robert L., 185. 187, 404, 

405. 478 
Migdal, Norman B., 177. 404. 478 
Migely. Jean E.. 95. 295, 478 
Mihevc, Kay F.. 392 
Mihm. Robert P., 363 
Miti, Takefumi. 478 
Mikel, Rodney D., 144 
Mikitka. Robert W. 156. 478 
Miks. John A., 394 
Miksuka. Richard. 553. 554, 560 
Milann. John F.. 394 
Milhratz. William P.. 165. 180. 341. 

Miles, lohn. 189 
Miles. Robert. 524. 548. 566. 580 
Miley. David W.. 39". 478 
Military Ball. 9 
Millard, Ross I „ 392 
Miller, Aaron P.. 360 
Miller. Anne. 296 
Miller, Arthur, sst. m,i 
Miller, Carolyn I.. 90 
Miller, Daniel. 187 
Miller. Darlene I.. 247, in 
Miller. David M„ 37 I 
Miller, Earl 1 „ ill 
Miller. Edward 1.. 101 
Miller, Georgia 1 is. 162, 168, 297 
Miller, ( II. . 170 
Mill, 1, Gerald R . 159, 195 
M-'ller, Gilbert. 565 
Miller, Henry S., 128 192 


Miller, Ila K., 306, -478 

Miller, James R., 361 

Miller, Jean A., 298 

Miller, Jerome M.. 224, JJ5 

Miller, Joanne, 286 

Miller, Joel L., 78, 380 

Miller, John, 549, 566 

Miller, Keith R., 408 

Miller, Kenneth R., 205, 207, 210, 

Miller, Larry H., 369 
Miller, Leland B., 390, 478 
Miller, Lois S., 111. 306 
Miller, Lotus F., 310 
Miller, Lynn G., 301 
Miller, Madonna L., 153, 194, 311 
Miller, Marshall, 553 
Miller, Marvin, 379 
Miller, Mary L., 69, 156, 169, 282, 

Miller, Merle S., 60, 104, 172, 182, 

Miller, Mildred A., 327 
Miller, Morton, 366 
Miller, Myron, 187, 405 
Miller, Nancy L., 102, 118, 287 
Miller, Patricia A., 319, 572 
Miller, Paula E., 87, 301 
Miller, Phillip H., 123, 124, 128, 365 
Miller, Reta A., 325 
Miller, Richard E., 137, 375, 478 
Miller, Richard J., 343 
Miller, Richard W., 365 
Miller, Robert, 185, 377 
Miller, Robert, 556 
Miller, Robert D., 407, 478 
Miller, Robert E., 478 
Miller, Robert I.. 157, 360 
Miller, Ronald L., 560 
Miller, Ruth C, 304, 478 
Miller, Sandra M., 123, 306 
Miller, Sheldon, 567, 576 
Miller, Sidney G., 355, 478 
Miller, Thomas A., 211, 352 
Miller, Wilfred, 550, 556 
Miller, William L., 192, 196 
Milligan, Robert L., 412 
Millizan. John E., 519 
Mills, Albert D., 478 
Mills, Arthur K., 543, 571 
Mills, Doug, 234 
Mills, Gene, 115, 192 
Mills, James, 398 
Mills, John M., 412 
Mills, Kenneth R., 189 
Mills, Wayne I., 188 
Milstead, John W., 371 
Milstein, Idelle L., 307 
Milstein, Irving E., 534, 571, 585 
Milum, George E., 359 
Milum, Richard V., 359 
Minawa Lodge, 393 
Minda, Ronald L., 388 
Miner, Phyllis D., 168, 319 
Minerva, Vito P., 142, 392, 478 
Mines, Allan H., 408 
Minnich, John C, 124 
Minnoch, Dianne J., 331 
Minor, James R., 211, 378 
Minster, Frank J., 384 
Minton, Ruby, 324 
Mintzer, Diana F., 126, 328, 479 
Mintzer, Lucille H., 124, 328 
Miollis, Daniel C, 192, 363 
Mirsky, Howard, 552, 558, 571 
Misch, John A., 377 
Mischke, Jeannette M., 319 
Mishkin, Marshall, 564 
Mishoulam, Avis, 71, 327 
Mitch, Charles J., 164, 389 
Mitchell, Constance M., 247, 329 
Mitchell, Donald J., 345, 551 
Mitchell, Frank, 536, 564 
Mitchell, Howard A., 345 
Mitchell, James A., 79, 136, 137, 

343, 479 
Mitchell, James M., 356, 479 
Mitchell, Marie M., 96, 295 
Mitchell, Rodger M., 379 
Mitchell, Roscoe E., 146, 355 
Mitchell, Shirley M., 398 
Mitchell, Willa N.. 123, 181, 317 
Mitchell, William G., 395 
Mitcheltree, William, 549, 559 
Mitok, Donald, 553 
Mittelman, Maita H., 293, 479 
Miura, Richard T., 407 
Miwa, Terence M., 396 
Mize, Mrs., 299 
Mizera, Thomas E., 173, 384 
Mizock, Giles B., 406 
Moberg, Duane V., 399 
Moberg, Dwight A., 137, 178, 184, 

399, 479 
Mockus, Janet L., 86, 124 
Moderick, Naomi, 319 
Moe, Paul G., 197 
Moeckler, Mandel, 408 
Moehle, Raymond F., 174 
Moehling, Wayne A., 358 
Moeller, Janet H., 186, 247, 306 
Moen, Elsie J., 73 
Moessner. Jerry, 415 
Moews, Paul C, 407 

Moez, Mary, 185 

Motfett. Lois B., 108, 303 

Mogged, Charles G., 479 

Mohn, Thomas J., 408 

Mohr, Louis E., 348 

Mohr, William C, 375 

Moiseiwitch, Benno, 121 

Moizis, Milton R., 127 

Mokgpn, Newlin, 180 

Molan, Jack, 409 

Molinarolo, Virgil L., 412 

Moline, Marjorie A.. 283 

Moll, Richard M., 373 

Molloy, James, 553, 563, 585 

Molnar, Karoly, 412 

Monaco, Michael, 406 

Monaco, Vincent, 190 

Mongerson, John R., 352 

Mongerson, Nancy A., 98, 287 

Monka, Paul A., 379 

Monroe, Gerald E., 128, 415 

Monroe, Nancy M., 312 

Monroe, Patricia C, 192, 195, 479 

Monsell, Robert L., 396 

Monson, Craig A., 91, 152, 345, 479 

Montag, Walter, 339 

Montagnino, Frank J., 399 

Monteleone, James A., 385 

Montella, Dominic T., 134 

Monterastelli, Adele M., 73. 168, 288 

Montgomery, Clark, 551, 556 

Montgomery, Gary J., 397 

Montgomery, James D., 355 

Montgomery, Wilson J., 372 

Mooberry, Harold D., 367 

Moolin, Frank P., Jr., 403 

Moon, Donald W., 159 

Moon, Ernest, 561 

Moon, George R., 519 

Mooney, Robert T., 191. 359 

Moore, Mrs. Alma, 308 

Moore, Asbury C, 160 

Moore, Barbara F., 98, 283 

Moore, Barbara J., 308 

Moore, Charles A., 104, 172, 182, 

Moore, David J., 399 
Moore, Dennis T., 364 
Moore, Dwain E., 183 
Moore, Elliott R., 364 
Moore, George B., 143 
Moore, George C, 381 
Moore Hall, 403 
Moore, Jimmy N., 86, 90. 91, 335 
Moore, Marilyn J., 308, 572 
Moore, Mary M., 294 
Moore, Nancy L., 326 
Moore, Norman, 395 
Moore, Patricia A., 51, 292 
Moore, Peter J., 414 
Moore, Ralph B., 409 
Moore, Robert B., 223, 225, 559 
Moore, Robert C, 548, 580 
Moore, Roger S.. 408 
Moore, Ronald K., 192 
Moore, Ruth M., 322 
Moore, Sandra L., 283 
Moore, William R., 189, 372, 479 
Moorehouse, Henry L., 77, 377 
Moragne, Rudolph. 340 
Morales, Luis A., 479 
Moran, Joan M., 151, 168, 327 
Moran, Laurence J., 177, 383 
Moreland, Donald W., 122, 123 
Morelli, Cayetano J., 479 
Morey, Lloyd, 18, 19. 26, 155 
Morgan, Jane V., 123 
Morgan, John B., 128, 341 
Morgan, Sandra E., 319 
Morgan, Thomas N., 123, 341 
Monarty, Dorothy R., 305 
Morimoto, Paul, 550, 565 
Morine, Charles H., 154, 170, 412 
Morine, Marilyn J., 85, 181, 312 
Morley. Sam. 203 
Moroney, William P., 185, 411 
Morris, Arlene M., 192, 294 
Morris, Barbara A., 103, 118, 153, 

196, 287 
Morris, Beverly A., 328 
Morris, Carol J., 287 
Morris, Charles C, 347 
Morris, Clark E., 145, 154 
Morris, Don L., 405 
Morris, Edwin, 369 
Morris, Joyce L., 71 
Morris, Leslie M., 187 
Morris, Martin, 564. 576, 582 
Morris, Robert C, 188. 479 
Morris, Robert J., Jr., 479 
Morris, Robert, 551, 556 
Morris, Rodney E., 355 
Morrison, Hugh P.. 352 
Morrison, Natalia K., 190, 479 
Morrison, Ted, 123, 124, 127, 385, 

413. 479 
Morrison, Mrs. W., 195 
Morrison. William J., 190. 195, 479 
Morrow, Robert W., 536, 561 
Morse, William H., 536, 556 
Mortenson, Glenn R., 127 
Mortar Board, 49 
Morthorst, Janet M., 169, 289, 479 
Morton, Frank G., 386 

Moscovitz, Shirley R., 319, 479 

Moseley, Diana K., 325 

Moser, Dolores M., 297, 480 

Moses. Howard, 536, 551, 564, 570 

Mosetick, Francis E., 184, 353, 480 

Moskiewicz, John J., 157 

Moss, Seymour, 550 

Moss, Victor H., 408 

Mossberg, Joel R.. 536, 561 

Most, Mary S., 159, 480 

Most, Robert B., 64, 159 

Motch, Adrianne D., 71, 306 

Mother's Day, 12 

Motyka, Daniel J., 406 

Motz, Karen L., 321 

Moutray, William H., 378 

Mowry, Carmen L., 166, 480 

Moy, Walter, 185, 406 

Moyat, Ann, 572 

Moyer, Cecil, 155 

Moyle, Ruth A., 127, 190, 307 

Mozin, Sandra I., 314 

Mozinski, Melvyn I.. 380 

Mrjenovich, Mary, 323 

Much, Jerald, 380 

Muchman, Irwin P., 380. 480 

Mudra, Jacqueline L., 323 

Muehling, Donald R., 402 

Mueller, Barbara A., 198, 572 

Mueller, Donald D., 334 

Mueller, Eugene T., 412, 480 

Mueller, Howard A., 123, 414 

Mueller, John E., 345 

Mueller, Philip M., 167 

Mueller, Raymond A., 161, 168, 177, 

376, 480 
Mueller, Robert J., 556 
Mueller, Roger P., 365 
Muenter, Carol A., 96, 304 
Muerle, John L., 124, 392, 515 
Muerle, Richard N., 392 
Muhr, Torsten C. I., 145 
Muir, Lee E., 396 
Muirhead, Robert J., 359 
Muirhead, Sylvia C 169 
Muirhead, William III, 225 
Mulden, Gordon, 551, 556 
Mulhausen, Robert, 565, 573, 574, 

585, 580 
Mulholland, John H., 348 
Mullen, Kenneth V., 378 
Mullen, Paul, 171 
Mullen, Stanley, 550 
Muller, Hanse, 174, 390 
Mulligan, Donald J., 348 
Mulligan, John H.. 382 
Mulligan, Joseph P., 480 
Mulliken, Wallace D., 536 
Mullikin, Vernon E., 398 
Mullner, Barbara, 317 
Mum ford Hall, 31 
Mumm, Robert F., 124 
Mumma, Marilyn D., 292 
Mumme, Walter D., 188 
Mummery, David R., 397 
Munday, Thomas M., 396 
Mundt, Delbert D., 137, 480 
Munie, Clarence I., 75, 410 
Munnis, Judith, 298 
Munley, Gerald P., 411 
Munneke, Robert L., 128, 196 
Muns, Arthur C, 353 
Munsell, Robert F., 184 
Munson, Jack C, 543, 571 
Munson, James L., 382 
Munts, Darlene P., 303, 480 
Muntyan, Miodrag, 22 
Murdock, Roberta J., 124, 283 
Muren, James, 553 
Muret, Lenos G., 139, 367 
Murphy, Ann, 123 
Murphy, Carole A., 122 
Murphy, Clifford, 123 
Murphy, Daniel, 565 
Murphy, George, 551, 561 
Murphy, James A.. 480 
Murphy, John D., 550 
Murphy, John J., 77, 185, 346, 480 
Murphy, John T., 122, 362 
Murphy, Maureen E., 328 
Murphy, Maureen E., 330 
Murphy, Nancy L., 124, 126 
Murphy, Neil L., 375 
Murphy, Patricia E., 330 
Murphy, Phyllis A., 320, 480, 491 
Murphy, Phyllis C, 104 
Murr, Adele C, 104, 123, 172, 182, 

192, 310 
Murray, Allan W.. 375 
Murray, John, 367 
Murray, James C, 342, 396 
Murray, John N., 381 
Murray, John P., 164. 172, 176 
Murray, Robert W., 371, 480 
Murrie, Herbert, 337 
Murthy, Gopala K., 179 
Musick, Stuart, 77, 380 
Muskal, Gladys, 317 
Muth, Sheila, 553, 567, 571, 580 
Muzzarelli, Eugene J., 385 
Myers, David J., 480 
Myers, Eunice A., 314, 326 
Myers. Gerald L., 137, 143, 145, 228 

237, 346. 480 

Myers, James D., 536, 565, 576, 577, 

Myers, Jerold, 190, 480 
Myers, Lawrence, 548 
Myers, Paul L., 371 
Myers, Robert C. 183 
Myers, Robert, 570 
Myers, Robert T., 536, 565 
Myers, Sam D., 1 15 
Myers, Virginia A., 168, 328 
Myers, Walter K., 188 
Myles, Kevin M., 382 
Myrna, Theodore D., 537, 565, 570 


Naatz, James, 550, 565 

Nabor House, 410 

Nabonsol, Jerold S., 185, 373, 480 

Nace, William R., 537, 576 

Nachbar, Rosanne, 302 

Nachenberg, Robert H., 360 

Nack, Robert A., 386, 481 

Nadasdy. Nancy, 310 

Naden, David C, 398 

Nadler, Floyd N., 366 

Nadler. James H., 188 

Naef, Robert W., 357 

Naegele, Frederich D., 381 

Nagawiecki, Jerome J., 350, 481 

Nagel, Charles L., 77, 159, 198, 369 

Nagel, Donald M., 145, 361 

Nagel, James J., 185, 481 

Nagel, Loretta M., 128, 198, 331 

Nagele, Thomas, 566 

Nagle, James P., 221, 344 

Naiditch, Ethel, 309 

Nakamichi, Masumi, 560, 577 

Namy, Richard R., 481 

Nank, David E., 383 

Napoli, Matthew J., 78, 129, 387 

Nardini, Alvin V., 138, 398 

Narns, Richard, 406 

Narofsky, Howard, 337 

Nash, Charles R., 185 

Nash, Donald H., 158, 347 

Nash, Richard, 347 

Nashban, Carol, 317 

Nason, Tucker E., 106, 371 

Nathan, Robert J., 537, 567 

Natker, Adrienne J., 314 

Natkin, Cyril, 553 

Natof, Herbert, 537, 564 

Nauert, Charles G., 415 

Nauman, Arthur C, 381 

Naumann, Doris N., 123, 197, 316 

Nave, Barbara A., 122, 123, 319 

Navy Council, 139 

Navy, The, 139 

Navy Pier, 30 

Navy Sponsor, 132 

Naysmith, Standley J., 173, 404 

Neal, James S., 344 

Neal, Loretta K., 71, 322 

Neal. Marvin R., 481 

Near, Wilbur F., 78, 378 

Neary. Thomas D., 375 

Neathammer, Robert D., 398 

Neburka, Joann C, 128, 151, 195 

245, 247, 330 
Necherle, George, 364 
Nedved, Antonia E., 123, 313 
Needham. James E.. 132 133 134 

146, 339 
Nehrkorn. Walter. 188 
Neill, Robert L., 126, 127 
Neilson, Lorraine, 247 
Neiman, Robert A., 187. 481 
Neimanas, Margarita, 155 
Neimy, Alfred. 549 
Nejdl, Robert A.. 161. 365. 481 
Nelson. Allan D , 1 84 
Nelson. Audrey L.. 1 04. 181 
Nelson, Baibara A., 288 
Nelson, Barbara H., 153, 288 
Nelson. D inald I... 104, 413 
Nelson, Eugene H., 188, 413 
Nelson, Gene A., 400 
Nelson, Helmer J., 350 
Nelson. James A., 174 
Nelson, Joan D.. 331 
Nelson. Leo I., 409 
Nelson. Margaret E., 124, 298 
Nelson, Marian L., 96, 305 
Nelson, Marilyn D., 310 
Nelson, Marilyn L., 123, 327 
Nelson, Neal S., 188 
Nelson, Ralph W., 36l 
Nelson. Robert K., 481 
Nelson, Sherwin, 551 
Nelson, Stanley R., 179 
Nelson, Walter F., 171, 195, 393 
Nelson, Wilbur E., 172. 182, 338 
Nelson, William H„ 481 
Nelson, Zoe L., 287 
Nemec. George, 539, 562 
Nemecek, Betty M., 481 
Nemeroff, Ann, 293 
Nemiroff, Albert M.. 128 
Nero, Harold W., 77, 376 
Nesbit, Robert G., 361 


Nesbitt, John R., 170 
Ness, Lester H., 65, 76, 152, 

378, 481 
Nettleship, Harold R., 189 
Netzer, Doris C, 73, 303, 481 
Neuberg, Howard, 29 
Neuhaus, Caryl M., 321. 481 
Neuman, Adnenne S., 302 
Neumann, Alvin, 67, 182 
Neumann, Melvin C 197, 414 
Neumann, Nancy J., 330 
Neville, Donald C, 359 
Nevin. Robert L., 389 
Newall, John P., 363 
Newbery, Elizabeth A., 322, 481 
Newberry, Eugene R., 543, 560 
Newberry, Richard S., 375 
Newboe, Lut, 319, 481 
Newborgh, Baibara, 196 
Newborgh. Ruth R., 196 
Newburg, Dolores A., 283, 481 
Newby, Kenneth, 551, 556 
Newcomb, Rexford, 25, 35 
Newcomer, Hale A., 155 
Newell, Edward J., 368 
Newell, Hildreth A., 192 
Newlin, Robert. 369 
Newlin, Walter A,, 364 
Newman, Arline M., 318 
Newman, Carol R., 293 
Newman, Earl B.. 217, 379 
Newman Foundation, 199 
Newman, Harry D.. 180, 388 
Newman, Marshall, 583 
Newman, Marvin S., 173 
Newman, Mary, 553 
Newman, Melvin S., 366 
Sewman Residence Hall. 394 
Newman, Richard, 550, 565, 574 
Newman, Robert W„ 379 
Newport. Maxwell H., 75. 172, 178, 

Newton, Carol L., 305 
Newton, John S., 144 
Newton, Louis, 551, 556 
Newton. Nancy N., 325 
Newtson, Gary L.. 348 
Neymark, Jack J., 370 
Nicherson, Warren, 361 
Nicholas, Ann L.. 96, 129. 196, 297 
Nicholas. Frank E., 359 
Nicholls. Robert. 549 
Nichols, Alice B., 171 
Nichols, Fay E., 289 
Nichols, Robert A.. 152 
Nichols, Robert E.. 481 
Nicholson, Ann, 95 
Nicholson, Betty E., 313 
Nicholson, James P., 481 
Nicholson, Marjone A., 283 
Nicholson, Walter T., 482 
Nickel, Nancy C, 322 
Nickel. William E., 386, 482 
Nickell, Vernon L., 20 
Nickelson, Judith M., 332 
Nickerson, Warren R., 361 
Nickol, Nancy R.. 296 
Nicolai, Van O.. 127 
Nicoll, Gilbert M., 408 
Niebergall, Janet A., 305. 482 
Niebrzydoski. Johnny L., 407 
Nielsen, Conrad, 548 
Nielsen. Lorraine M., 168 
Nielsen. Richard E., 183 
Nieman, Coanne G.. 32 1 
Nicman, Robert, 405 
Niemann. Donald C, 375 
Nienstedt. Philip R,, 197, 348 
Nierman, Bonnie Z.. 284 
Nightingale, David J., 101, 378 
Nilsson, Nina, 196 
Nisenbaum, Raymond L., 373 
Nishida, Lillian M., 319, 572 
Niss, James F., 154. 237 
Nitsche, Arlys I., 290 
Nitzkin, Jack S., 366 
Noberg, Dwight, 163 
Noble. Dale E.. 129, 176 
Noble House, 408. 409 
Noble, Joan C, 49, 56, 60, 62, 108, 

109, 169, 295, 482 
Noble, I.oren R., 176 
Nock, Marcia, 1 23 
Noe, Fred J.. 348 
Noe, Melvin I... 409 
Nofsinger, Ronald E., 396 
Noffsinger, Jean, 182 
Nolan, Janus M., 75, I 15, 399 
Nolen, Dale I'.. 526, 5 in, 566 
Norby, Ruth J.. 123, 319, 482 
Nona, Daniel, 554 
Norcross, Liken E., 303 
Nordberg, Bert W.. 599 
Nordenberg, Aitl.... I)., 64, 366 
Nordin, Jack II., 367 
Nordlof. Kenneth ]•.. 393 
Nordquist, Kenned, E., 13 I. 228, 

229, 343 
Nordstrom, John I , (8 ! 
Nordyke, Andrew I... 106 

Norfleet, Harold I „ 182 
■ rorgi M,, Irene, 529, 548 
Norman, Royal, vih 


Normann, Raymond M., ISO, 183, 

185, 482 
Norris. Donald M., 366 
Norris, Joanna J., 318 
Norris, Richard C, 405 
Norsworthv, Richard G., 159, 392 
North, David E., 372 
Northcott, George S., 75, 391 
Northwestern University, 210. 565 
Norton. John B., 372 
Norton, John E., 143, 191 
Norton, Roger, 12} 
Norton, Walter G., 356 
Nosek. Stephen A.. 204, 207, 211 
Noskin, Gerald, 549, 557 
Novak, David. 550 
Novak, Donald W., 390, 482 
Novak, Joan F., 168, 306 
Novak, Joseph, 537, 556 
Novak, Mark S., 388 
Novak, Milan U., 523 
Novak, Paul A., 179 
Novak, William, 68 
Novick, Toby, 327 
Novit, Joy E.. 315 
Novosad, Anne, 319, 482 
Nowers, Henry D.. V>o 
Nil Sigma Nil, 561. 583 
Nudelman. Iris E., 73. 169, 300, 482 
Nugent, Gerard P., 391 
Null, William C, 369 
Nutty, Diane, 290 
Nydam, Carol A., 323 
Nye, Annabel L., 283, 482 
Nyka, James J., vis 
Nylen. Ronald J.. 375 


Oakes, Elizabeth J., 195, 310 
Oathout, Marjone L.. 159, 310, 482 
Obarski, Joan M., 283 
O'Beirne, Francis R., 381, 482 
Oberbeck, William D., 403 
Oberlander, Alfred B., 408 
Oberlander, Herbert I., 370 
Oberman. Charlene, 328 
Obermeier, Thomas, 363 
Oberto, Marguerite D., 64, 306, 482 
Oberzan, Margaret A., 123, 124, 321 
O'Brien, Charles, 560 
O'Brien, Dennis J., 482 
O'Brien, Jack, 565 
O'Brien, John J., 398 
O'Brien, Robert L., 78, 390 
Obrock, Edward, 548, 559 
O'Bryant, David C. 334 
O'Connell, Daniel K., 482 
O'Connell, Daniel M., 84, 87, 152, 

185, 186, 361 
O'Connell, Gene C, 159 
O'Connor, Francis E., 115, 139, 410 
O'Connor, Ricard, 565 
Oebker, Norman, 181 
Oehler, John L., 357 
Orf, Charles E., 371 
Ogan. Constance J., 126, 325, 483 
Ogasawara, Roy T., 124, 398, 483 
Ogden, Alice M., 123, 129, 305 
Ogen, Edward, 364 
O'Brien, Barry, 402 
Oh, Duck C. 320 
O'Hala. Dwight J., 228, 391 
O'Halloran. Clark, 363 
O'Hara. Thomas J., 483 
O'Haver, Delano L., 188 
Ohio State University, 204 
Ohlendorf, Louis F.. IKK 
Ohlrich, James M., 411 
Ohls. Richard, 211. 343 
Ohlson, Betty J., 321 
Ohlson, Larry E., 137 
Oie, Robert J., 378 
Olach. Milan A., 341 
Olbur, Hugh M., 337 
O'Leary, Arthur J., 134, 189, 362, 483 
O'Leary, Bernard G., 348, 483 
O'Leary, Richard E.. 64, 141 
Oleiniczak, Melvin J., 351 
Olesen, Floyd P., 409 
Oliver, Carol M., 86, 87, 325 
Oliver, Diane L., 323 
Oliver, Norwood D., 123 
Oliver, Thomas V.. 181, 182. 410 
Olivero, Louis, 137, 143, 150, 394, 

Olivien, Donald H.. 173. 405 
Olle, Esther W., 307. ins 
Olmstead, Susan J., 51, 64, 97, 296 
Olsen, No. man M. C ., lot. 393. S52 
Olsen, Stuart, 232 
Olsen, Warren (... 402 
Olson, Alan I'.. 128 
Olson, Andre B., 348 
Olson. Jack E.. 50, 240, 346 
Olson, James E„ 368, 483 
Olson, Janet B., 122, 245, 303 
Olson, Ferry, 415 
Olson, fohn R.. 350 
Olson, Leonard E., 177. 483 
Olson, Raymond V., 407 
Olson, Richard A.. 122, l.'l. 195, 

Olson, Robi it 1 101. 1 \ [89, 483 

Olson. Robert W., 483 
Olson, Roberta G., 298 
Olson. Sherle A., 51, 107, 151, 244, 

245. 247, 306 
Olson, William W., 123, 128 
O'Mara, James M., 179 
Omarzu. Charles A., 397 
Omega Beta Pi, 158 
Omori, Richard, 537 
O'Neal, Howard N.. 415 
O'Neil, Ruth A., 288 
O'Neill. Kevin J., 374 
O'Neill, Terrance L., 363 
Oneson, Lois M,, 111 
Onstad, Betty E., 90, 305 
Ontiveros. John S., 228, 229 
Oppenheimer, Rudolph, 551, 561 
Oratorio Society, 123 
O1ba1.l1. Hyman, 549, 557 
Orchesis, 186 
Ores. Harry. 551, 562 
Orga, Rita, 330. 483 
Organizations, 170 
Orham, Harlan L., 180 
Orita, Albert Y., 483 
Ormandy, Eugene, 121 
Ornellos, Marjone $., 295 
O'Rourke, Rev. Edward W., 384, 394 
Orput, Alden E., 90. 165, 238, .341 
Orr, Donna J., 190, 294 
Orr, Marcus W., 179 
Orsborn, Vera M., 310 
Ortlep, Gordon W., 128 
Orton, Alvin E., 362 
Orton, Mrs. F. D., 348 
Orvidas, Brigita N., 330, 483 
Osberg, Charles G., 406 
Oshorn. Carol J., 117, 295 
Osborne. Donald V., 188, SIS 
Osborne, Richard E., 161, 177, 375, 

Oscherwitz, Eugene, 551 
Osgood, Patricia A., 282 
O'Shaughnessy, Robert J., 163 
Osheroff, Marian, 86, 153, 162, 302 
Osheroff, Martin, 549, 557 
Osterberger, George R., 526, 548, 

566, 575 
Osthus, Jesse Lavern, 172, 178, 182, 

Ostrand, Carl W., 361 
Ostrin, Alvin D., 483 
Ostrom, Roy L., 515 
Ostrow, Robert H., 360 
Ostrowski, Caroline, 554 
Osvald, Irene M., 325 
Otis, Frances, 483 
Otsuji, Mitsuru, 483 
Otte. John O., 399 
Ottinger, Lester J., 335 
Otto, James W., 96, 365 
Ottwein, Merrill W. G., 188 
Ouska, Wayne J., 191, 378 
Ouverson, Joyce W., 126 
Overaker, David, 375 
Overaker, Jim T., 345, 484 
Overbey, John L., 158 
Overtoom. Harry H., 361 
Owano, Luis, 551, 556 
Owen. Gwendolyn E., 484 
Owens, Brian M., 173 
Owens, Carole S.. 292 
Owens. Gordon C., 64, 391 
Owens. Joan M., 188 
Oxman. Marvin J., 146, 373, 484 
Oyen, Dale, 554 
Oyen, William D., 128 
Ozhurn, William M., 372 

Pace, Clinton, 562 

Padden, Charles H., 192 

Padgett, Joann, 329 

Padorr, Alan J., 158, 176, 392, 484 

Paesani, Peter, 549, 566 

Page, Charles L.. 347 

Page, Dona